Jasmine Mangalaseril 🧁
2 days ago

It took TOO long for me to get my brain dump down, but it's down. Am not looking at it until tomorrow.

Until then: Coffee. Doughnuts. Cats.

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Fly Boy
3 days ago
Alex Standiford
3 days ago

Please boost for reach

I'm gearing up for WordPress side projects this season. Seeking teams managing complex WP sites needing tech help. I have experience in technical site audits, custom RESTful integrations, and plugin feature work. Check the post for more information, links to relevant case studies, and how to get in-touch.


Banner image featuring a recent photo of Alex, the contractor in-question. Text beside him reads "WordPress Developer Available for Contract Hire"

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I have a friend who's looking for #CreativeWriting roles. They've done it a lot for work but are looking to make a career change. They have their cover portfolio page over at and are actively looking for contract roles!


Anyone happen to be looking for / know of someone looking for a freelance web developer at the moment? I have some availabilities in October and November. 😊

Here’s what I do:
Backend: PHP+Laravel, Sveltekit
Frontend: JS/TS, Svelte, Vue, SCSS or Tailwind (if necessary)
CMS: Kirby CMS
I’m based in Germany, fluent in German and English and work remotely.

You can find my previous works here:

Boosts appreciated 💖
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Deja Nick
4 days ago
Jasmine Mangalaseril 🧁
5 days ago

Looked at the date (how is it the 24th?) and I need to shake a tailfeather on this next piece.

Alas, I didn't realise I put two teabags into my cup.

Unsure if this is a good sign (strong!) or a bad sign (bitter!) for this piece (there's nothing bitter about what I'm writing about).

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6 days ago

Je viens de faire un devis avec 90% de majoration parce que OK j'ai besoin de boulot mais j'aime pas qu'on me dérange le week-end. #VisMaVieDeTraductrice #Freelance
EDIT : 110%, j'ai mal compté 😅

1 week ago

I'm open to taking on a new remote client!

* Golang, C, Python, Java
* Linux, POSIX, Unixen
* performance & scalability
* tuning
* troubleshooting
* Heisenbugs
* code reviews
* tech due diligence
* architecture
* prototypes
* MVPs
* tool-making
* core/cross-cutting tech
* virtual/standin CTO
* FOSS author: latlearn





Der Unglaubliche Holg
1 week ago

Oh, klar - nach 2 Monaten will eine Recruiting Bude, die mich bei einem anderen Dienstleister vorgestellt hab, mit dem ich direkt einen Vertrag gemacht habe, Rechnungen haben. Klar, gern. Darf ich meine Kontoauszüge gleich mitschicken?! #developerlife #freelance #recruiterfail

Fablab Eirlab Community
1 week ago
Archimuse est à la recherche d’un ou plusieurs #photographe ayant déjà capturé l’essence de #Bordeaux

⁉️ Qui sommes-nous ?
L’association Archimuse-Bordeaux est une association étudiante affiliée au Master Patrimoine et Musée de l’Université de Bordeaux Montaigne. Cette association a pour but de promouvoir, par diverses actions de médiations, la mise en valeur du #patrimoine #Bordelais et régional. En effet, chaque année, les promotions se voient offrir l’opportunité de monter, gérer, et présenter un projet d’exposition et de médiation autour d’un thème proposé par l’équipe enseignante de la formation.

🖼️ Notre #exposition, pour l’année 2023-2024, portera donc sur “Le 150ème anniversaire de la Société Archéologique de Bordeaux : #Patrimoine, #Art et #Histoire”. Cette dernière viendra clôturer notre saison culturelle et elle sera montée par tous les membres de l’association Archimuse. Pour cela et afin d’organiser au mieux notre travail, les étudiants membre de l’association sont répartis en différents pôles : logistique, communication, médiation, régie et scénographie.

Votre mission consistera à capturer l'âme de Bordeaux à travers vos photographies, en mettant en lumière les éléments pertinents liés au thème de notre exposition. Vous serez chargé de photographier les sites, les œuvres d'art et les détails historiques qui enrichiront notre projet.
Vos photographies seront alors susceptibles d’apparaître dans notre exposition.

🔎Nous recherchons des #étudiants ou des professionnels en #freelance. L'essentiel pour nous est que vous ayez un n°siret au travers duquel vous recevrez votre rémunération. Merci de nous fournir un portfolio ou des exemples de vos photographies dans la région.

⏳ Nous ne prenons plus de candidatures après le 20 novembre. La période d’exposition est prévue du 29 janvier 2024 au 10 février 2024.

📞 Si vous êtes intéressés ou que vous connaissez quelqu’un susceptible de l’être n’hésitez pas à partager l’annonce et à nous contacter à l’adresse suivante :
Debarko ☑️
1 week ago

What's a good #opensource #software for setting up a multi seller #ecommerce platform? My usecase is to build the seller side so that people can upload their products etc easily. I want to connect this to an in-house #storefront.

#foss #freelance

1 week ago

I need to add timespans (like “5h23m + 8h16m”) often enough that I’ve now built a small Python script that allows me to do that. As a bonus, it displays the result in fractional hours. Good for writing #freelance invoices. 😁

$ 5:39:03 58:6 51:58 30:49 1:14:1
5:39:03 + 0:58:06 + 0:51:58 + 0:30:49 + 1:14:01 = 9:13:57 (9.23 h)

#Python #dotfiles

Nefertiti Matos Olivares
1 week ago

Descriptive Video Works is seeking #freelance native #Korean #AudioDescription #Narrators for TV, movies, advertisements, PSAs, games, educational videos, and more. Vancouver-based talent preferred but we are open to working with #remote narrators too. #Job

David - Libre
1 week ago

#freelance #ia #programacion
# ahora
# argentina
# mundial
# libertad
# economía
# política
# política
# controlar
# muerte
# dólares
# brics # salud # pandemia

Flávio Heleno
1 week ago

welp, if you need (or knows someone who needs) help with #PHP, #Docker, #RabbitMQ, #Redis, #PostgreSQL, #SoftwareArchitecture let me know, I'm looking for #freelance work or a #job :) I work with PHP since 2000 and have plenty of experience in Team #Leadership, Tech #Recruiting and #Startups

Did a quick introduction (Mainly for twitch), but if you're curious about what I do, you can look here:

#comics #selfpublished #freelance #indie #webcomic #twitch #TraditionalArt

Jude Marr PhD (he, they)
2 weeks ago

Positive reinforcement :)
Y'all, I won't lie. My recent surgery cost a lot and I could use more freelance clients. I'm an excellent editor with lots of experience. Check out my website for more info plus testimonials. Tell your friends! All contributions gratefully received.

#poetry #editing #freelance #academic #writing #trans

I'm in my home office which is also my bedroom, standing under a 17c beam and an attic window. I'm wearing a tee shirt that says, "Caution My awesomeness may be infectious" I found it in a thrift store. I guess the former owner was feeling less awesome when they gave it away.
Alexis Bushnell
2 weeks ago

I have 3 Notion templates available from £5 to £9 in my shop.
They are the Freelancer's hub (which comes with video explainer of how to use it), a testimonials database, and a course tracker:

Boosts super appreciated.
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2 weeks ago

Let’s embark on a journey to uncover the essence of being an exceptional travel writer, transcending into the realm of a proficient freelancer and, perhaps, a digital nomad.
#lifestyle #freelance #travel #writer #workfromhome

Dmitry Kudryavtsev
2 weeks ago

@DanielBerezhnoy It’s not only tweets, but also sorting my home country bureaucracy, finding #freelance contracts, etc.

I just feel like getting rid of it first thing in the day, leaves me more free to focus on my side project.


2 weeks ago

My concept poster for "Killers of the Flower Moon". Properly Glazed.

#posterdesigner #keyartdesign #movieposter #filmposter #posterart #photoshop #3drender #freelance #graphicdesign

Dmitry Kudryavtsev
2 weeks ago

By the way, given my circumstances, a good portion of my day is now spent on research and networking—to secure my future employment option.

I’m still going to #buildinpublic my newsletter platform, but expect some posts related to #freelance, #consulting and #jobsearch

Bahman M.
2 weeks ago

Hey #Fediverse 👋

I'm open to #freelance work w/ a focus on #SoftwareEngineering (~25 years in the field.)

I think of myself as a problem solver who invariably finds a solution to your team's most *complex/blocking* challenges, irrespective of the #technology.

Diagnosed w/ a crippling #ADHD, the harder the problem the more engaged I am 💪

#Programming #DevOps #Architecture #API #Algorithm #Optimization #Database #FOSS #Linux #OperatingSystem


Dmitry Kudryavtsev
2 weeks ago

Dear community, I need your #help!

As you know, I’m trying to build a sustainable business. But things don’t work as fast as I expected.

Therefore, I’m in need of an income. I’m looking to get into #freelancing, or #consulting. I have vast experience (check out my website).

I’d appreciate any help such as: recommendations, introductions, reposts, tips, etc.

Thank you very much!

#helpneeded #freelance #advice

Ernie Smith
3 weeks ago

Periodic reminder that I am a #freelance journalist and am always hunting for the new thing.

If you have needs with technology, culture, B2B, or nonprofits, I’m your guy. Can also do some design and email stuff if you need help in that department.

(Boosts nice, not required.)

There is no procrastination like that when you need to set a price for your services. It checks off every anxiety possible to the point that for lower dollar items, I want to do it for free because the amount of time I'll lose in minutes and agony of trying to figure out how much to ask for just isn't worth it.

Ask on the high end and it triggers the conversation about if you're good enough. Ask on the low end and wonder if anyone would respect you coming out of the bargain bin. Set the price somewhere in between and realize you wasted so much time procrastinating that you'll end up no better off than if you had just set a low-ball rate and moved on.

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Ángeles Buzón
3 weeks ago

I have sent my first non-payment e-mail to a client 🥰 #PleaseKillMe #xl8 #freelance

Today I'm delighted to launch Freelance Availability Widget Version 2.1!

This is a small update that will allow you to change the display text on the shortcode from a month/date to something more urgent to encourage people to contact you should you be available.

(Short) launch post -

Boosts Welcome 🙂

#wordpress #freelance #remote

Freelance Availability Widget WordPress Plugin Logo
Konstantin 🏳️‍🌈
3 weeks ago

Does anyone know if I can subscribe to Final Cut on iPad with my business Apple ID while still being signed in with my personal Apple ID on the device? It's so hard to make Apple give a VAT invoice 🙄. How do you deal with apps that you buy "for work” purposes?

#iosDev #Swift #FinalCutPro #Freelance #SelfEmployed

Ross McKay
3 weeks ago

I know that I am inherently an optimist, because I keep looking in the list of recently opened projects when opening a project I worked on only a week ago. It's not there of course, it's been pushed off that list.

#Freelance #WordPress

4 weeks ago

Moi chaque année à mes enfants : « Ttttt, on garde ses fournitures scolaires d'une année sur l'autre. »
Aussi moi : « Hiiiii c'est la rentrée, je vais pouvoir utiliser mon nouveau carnet, et mon nouveau stylo 🤩 »

#daronnie #freelance

#freelance #remuneration #escroquerie
Je vois passer des annonces d'emploi en freelance, c'est n'importe quoi.
1- il ne suffit pas de prendre 50% de la facture pour faire un équivalent salaire. Les cotisations des TNS ne donnent droit ni aux arrêts maladie ni au chômage. Sans parler du niveau minable des retraites.

1 month ago

Are there any illustrators and #Inkscape / #Illustrator folks online who can help me tidy up a logo, please?

I lack the patience and finesse, so I am happy to *pay* somebody with less #ADHD (or better control of it) ;D

#paidwork #freelance #quickjob

1 month ago

Woah!! Just noticed it’s been one year since I stepped away from my full-time #library job to spend more time with @SolidarityHistory, @mappingtransjoy and other projects.

I’ve been keeping myself afloat with #freelance #consulting and #webDev work

I have never been happier, more grounded, less stressed, and more intentional in my life and relationships. I’m so glad I made this move. 💜💜💜

Ich bin zwar noch bis November ausgebucht, aber wie man so schön sagt: Der frühe Vogel fängt den Wurm, also falls jemand für Nov/Dez/Januar ein Projekt in der Pipeline hat und #PHP #Laravel #Svelte #JavaScript #Vue #Livewire Unterstützung braucht, bitte Bescheid sagen!

#freelance #projektsuche #jobs

Jasmine Mangalaseril 🧁
1 month ago

My editor wants to know why I only have 369 words down.
#foodwriter #Freelance #amwriting #Cats #CatsOfMastodon

Nigel, my fluffy tangerine kitty, sits on the chair next to me looking at me with a “well?“ expression. The dining room table we’re at is cluttered with the detritus of writing:notes, notebooks, coffee mug, eyeglasses.
Steve Woodson
1 month ago

One last "Going Independent" post to wrap up the first two months of my freelance journey.

Quick 3 minute read full of bulleted lists like the previous posts. Covers a handful of the bigger things I've gotten done and a few I'm excited about for the next month.

#collaboration #consulting #entrepreneurship #freelance #networking #opportunities #process

1 month ago

Jour 2 : malgré les travaux des voisins qui installent la clim, les enfants ont dormi jusque 10 h. J'ai donc pu relire et commenter 85 pages d'un rapport 💪.

Ensuite, dès le réveil, les questions difficiles sont arrivées :
- Enfant 1 : « Maman, tu connais un mot avec 3 C ? »
- Enfant 2 : « Maman, il est où mon dessin de panier de fruits ? » (ndlr : dessin fait il y a 2 mois environ, probablement à la poubelle car ON NE PEUT PAS TOUT GARDER)

#freelance #daronnie

Jasmine Mangalaseril 🧁
1 month ago

Had a hard time focussing today. Really wanted to organise my notes and sketch out one article. Hoped to do a bit more work but Nigel decided he should be my laptop tonight.

#Cats #CatsOfMastodon #Freelance #foodwriter

Nigel, my fluffy tangerine kitty, is lying on my lap, gazing at the camera with a very sweet expression.  We’re on the Chesterfield, and my laptop is leaning between us and the chair arm.
1 month ago

Our Partner web developer, Ed Cupaioli, uses CloudCannon’s Visual Editor to provide his clients with an intuitive & user-friendly CMS 🤩
Find out more about Ed’s user-first approach to web development here:
#freelance #webdeveloper

1 month ago

J’ai lancé Kiki la petite sorcière, ce qui devrait me laisser le temps de faire le sprint planning
#jonglage #daronnie #freelance

1 month ago

C’est la reprise ! (En tout cas, c’est ce que j’ai annoncé à mes clients. En oubliant que on avait pas eu de place au centre de loisir pour les enfants 😬. Cette semaine va donc être… intéressante !)

#freelance #jonglage

1 month ago

does anyone need a website?
I'm a middle (nearing senior) frontend dev that is looking for someone to make a website for. Not for hire.

If you have an offer, message me, or reply right here. (with "Only people mentioned" visibility)

please boost for better reach.

#freelance #webdev

1 month ago

Mon petit site de freelance est enfin là :

Je l'ai voulu à mon image et sincère dans ce qu'il retranscrit : ma façon d'être et d'aborder le monde, ses différents enjeux...

J'espère que la (courte) visite vous plaira 😍 Et si faire un bout d'aventure à mes côtés vous tente, tous les outils sont à votre disposition là-bas pour gravir la montagne - on peut même en discuter avant, quand même !

#communitymanagement #freelance #gamedev

1 month ago

My tribute poster to "Blade", that celebrates its 25th anniversary this week.

#posterdesign #keyart #movieposter #photoshop #filmposter #freelance #graphicdesigner #blade #marvel #wesleysnipes #keyartdesign #film #horror

Madita 🙋‍♀️
1 month ago

#freelance #stories #reallife #joblife #ux #uxdesign #userexperience

I want to implement this feature to see how the target group reacts to it.

But why? What is the purpose (for the user) of this feature.

It's up to date technology.

#advice Never mix up your personal development with the users' needs.

1 month ago

#Rust #Job #Freelance

Need Rust developer(s) with WASM and PostgreSQL experience to help me build a prototype CRUD app. Well spec'ed project, clear deliverables, greenfield, please get in touch. 🙂

Brighton Farm
1 month ago

Tomorrow we're having our freelancers meet up in the Battle of Trafalgar near Brighton Station. Come along and chat about finding work, tech, tax, and complete randomness. We'll be there 8pm-11

Read about last week:

Map to the pub:

#freelance #sussex #brighton #event #networking

Steve Woodson
1 month ago

Hi! 👋 I'm Steve

A web developer that has a ton of fun building accessible, performant, and future-proof marketing web sites & custom web applications that enhance your brand, streamline your processes, and improve customer engagement to help you scale your business

✨ Need help with your next web project? ✨
🖥 Book a discovery call, let’s see if I can help you bring it to life! 😁


So a few months ago I quit my job to go freelance. I love animating, and I have a lot of experience making 2D motion graphics in After Effects. I don't have any definite jobs lined up yet - just started 'client acquisition' and it's pretty draining 🙃 If anyone on here is in need of motion graphics work, or knows someone who regularly hires motion graphics freelancers, views + shares of my online portfolio would be muchly appreciated:

#MastoArt #Freelance #Animation

Animated gif of the name 'Robin Swift' being drawn in alongside a rainbow graphic.

Over the past three months that I have been looking for a job, here are the main rejection reasons I've encoutered:
- We don't do a 4-day week, you lazy turd
- We don't do full remote, we're serious people that do actual work in an open space
- We don't work with freelancers, they are unreliable

I'm still waiting for someone to tell me that I suck at what I do, so I'll take that as a good point. I guess.

#freelance #contractor #rust #rustlang #typescript #nodejs #fedihire #hireme

After 2 months of looking for a freelance job, all I can see in job ads now are endless lists of bullshit buzzwords 🫠

What about "We're looking for an experienced engineer to help us takle some interesting problems we have" instead of "We want you to know everything in that gigantic list of tech buzzwords because you surely are too slow to learn quickly on the job"?

#rust #rustlang #nodejs #typescript #fedihire #forhire #freelance

Andy Carolan :prami:
1 month ago

I don't want to blow my own trumpet (so to speak), but these people think that I'm pretty good to work with!

#LookingForWork #freelance #contract