Prav App
44 minutes ago

We are closer to our goal of registering a cooperative society in India. We need 6 more people from Maharashtra.

Background: To register a multi state cooperative society in India requires 50 members each from two Indian states. Kerala already crossed 50 and we are waiting to get 50 members from some other state for the legal requirement.

Number of members statistics are on this page and you can also help us by being a member now (if you are from India).

#prav #freesoftware #opensource #xmpp #decentralization #mastindia

Curtis "Ovid" Poe
1 hour ago

@Anachron Don't know their motivations, but I've often found that people who make decisions don't understand tech. They think free/open source means amateur.

Unfortunately, they're often right, so the amateur free/open source taints the good fee/open source by association.

#OpenSource #FreeSoftware #PostgreSQL

1 hour ago

«...the concepts of software freedom that Stallman formalized and promoted have turned the software industry upside down. Eric Raymond and Bruce Perens found a way to sell the idea to business people with the term "open source"...»

The GNU Project turns 40 this month • The Register

#GNU #FreeSoftware #OpenSource

Oliver Smith
13 hours ago

No matter how good AI image generators get, don't think I'll ever get tired of playing around with all the amazing features in @inkscape 😻

Made 3 new shirts ft. :postmarketos: / 🐧 / 🏳️‍🌈 for:

#postmarketos #inkscape #art #freesoftware #linuxmobile

The postmarketOS logo on top of a bunch of phones, displaying various UIs.
A penguin wearing sunglasses. One of the glasses has a small postmarketOS logo. The background says "postmarketOS" in what looks a bit like hard to read graffiti font. And to make sure you really don't miss what this shirt is about, below the penguin it also says "postmarketOS" next to the postmarketOS logo.
The postmarketOS logo in the middle of a circle, below the logo is the rainbow pride flag. Around the circle is text saying "postmarketOS", "All Creatures Welcome", "Good Vibes And Mainline Linux"

Chromebooks foisted on students? Teachers monitoring what children do outside of the classroom via nonfree software? Surveillance of children is common, and it's at your child's school, too. Support #FreeSoftware

Image that says, I want my child to learn about computers. I don't what computers to learn about my child.
Bernie The Wordsmith
15 hours ago

People of the #fediverse, what #RSS reader can you recommend that is #freesoftware (as in free speech, it's okay if not as in free beer)?

18 hours ago

Recommending #FLOSS ( #FreeSoftware #LibreSoftware):

#MuseScore: «MuseScore is a #music #notation program for #Windows, #macOS, and #Linux supporting a wide variety of file formats and input methods. It is released as #free and #opensource #software under the #GNU #GPL.» -

«The world's most popular notation app» -

In my experience: everything you could need to write music. ❤️

#sheetmusic #score #libre #softwarelibre

18 hours ago

The last updates of #Inkscape almost doubled my productivity with it. I am really impressed by how good this software is becoming!

I had a similar feeling with #Blender a while ago. Those are excellent examples of truly awesome #freesoftware.

A testimonial from a new FSF member: "The world, especially in its current state needs advocacy of the Free Software principles more than ever. I joined to help advocate that cause." Support #FreeSoftware

22 hours ago

Good gnus, everyone! New versions of Linux-libre are available: 6.5.4-gnu, 6.1.54-gnu, 5.15.132-gnu, and 5.10.196-gnu1. It's always an exciting day when we get to celebrate more free software. Let's keep the #FreeSoftware spirit alive and continue to celebrate in the #SoftwareFreedomFestival. Let's keep the momentum going! Who's ready to dive into these updates with me? #LinuxLibre #SoftwareFreedom #GNU #FSF

Jason Self
23 hours ago

Happy Day 6 of the Software Freedom Festival! Today, let's shine a spotlight on the fantatic upcoming celebration of the GNU Project's 40th-anniversary at the @fsf office! 🎂 🎉 Today let's celebrate the power of #FreeSoftware to restore the rights of the users and the #GNU Project's incredible journey! 🎉🐃 #SoftwareFreedomFestival #SoftwareFreedom #FSF #GNU

#today I #SignOn with my usual "Good Morning". I'm expecting a visitor soon. May join #LGBTQIA #Gay #GayMastodon online meeting. Depends on whether visitor is still here, and/or what game the chat group is playing. Backing stuff up as I write this. Went back to #Trisquel #GNU #Linux on the #ThinkPenguin laptop. Is the #FreeSoftware #FOSS #SoftwareFreedom festival still going? @jxself

The latest issue of the Free Software Supporter is live! Get a whole month's free software news delivered hot and fresh to your inbox at the start of every month by signing up here: #freesoftware for everyone!

🔥 Le #LightningTalk donné par Clémentine Hemmel à la #NextcloudConf a été cité par #Nextcloud dans son blog : "UX design is important because it allows us to find the pain points and understand what users struggle with, in order to determine where issues are coming from and how to solve them."
#OpenSource #LogicielsLibres #FreeSoftware #UX #UI

Ade Malsasa Akbar
1 day ago

Thank you my friends for boosting my post above Laptop Brands with GNU/Linux Preinstalled.

Let's spread more information so all people run their computing with #FreeSoftware and GNU/Linux.

@grossjonas @pippin @infosec812 @gothpanda @wakingrufus @EvanHahn @stephane_klein @DreamGryphon

#GNU #Linux #Laptop #Hardware

Islamic Audiobooks Central
1 day ago

@limepeep @thomasfuchs It could be argued that 3rd party #ads are by their very nature, unethical.

If website owners agree to display ads which they have no control over and which could be promoting the exact opposite of their values, doesn't that mean that they care about $$ more than the products/causes the ads are promoting?

Or do the ad platforms let content creators choose what ad topics and keywords to disallow?

#adsense #ethicalads #ublockorigin #adguard #pihole #freesoftware

2 days ago

@fanta No sé si ya lo mencionaron (perdón en tal caso), pero #qBittorrent es lo que recomiendo/uso hace décadas: tiene motores de búsqueda incorporados que revisan muchos trackers, de ahí mismo pones a descargar, es básicamente todo lo que un ser humano necesita. 😉 Ojalá le sirva a alguien. ¡Saludos #P2P!
#torrent #floss #freesoftware #softwarelibre #gpl #copyleft

Paolo Melchiorre
2 days ago

GNOME Python binding 👣🐍

PyGObject changes for GNOME 45:
- drop GTK2 and Python 3.7 🧽
- support Python 3.12 ✨
- GTK4 and Libadwaita documentation 📚

Info 👇

#Gnome45 #Gnome #Python #PyGObject #FreeSoftware #ReleaseDay #Gtk4 #Libadwaita

CC @gnome

2 days ago

My first impression of #GodotEngine is so good that I actually think I might create at least one major game with it. However, probably not anytime soon because I want to complete #Repixture and/or #HadesRevisited first.

#GameDev #Gaming #Minetest #FOSS #FreeSoftware

2 days ago

I've been working through a #GodotEngine #tutorial in the last few days. So far I've been quite impressed what it can do. I like the node/scene system a lot.

#GameDev #FreeSoftware #FOSS

2 days ago

📢 New GStreamer 1.22.6 bug-fix release for our stable 1.22 series!

Includes security fixes, bug fixes, stability improvements, memory leak fixes, and performance improvements.

Details at

📦 Binary packages for Windows, Android, macOS and iOS will follow soon.

#GStreamer #Release #opensource #FreeSoftware #Multimedia

2 days ago

I've gone live!

Checking out Hypersomnia and maybe some STK later in preparation for onFOSS!

#gaming #freesoftware #linux #owncast #videogames #hypersomnia #supertuxkart

Live stream preview

Apple Inc. releases new products every year, but the latest versions are even more restrictive and privacy-invading than prior iterations. We've been cataloguing the issues here: #BoycottApple #Apple #iOS #Mac #MacOS #Privacy Please stay informed, and, for your freedom's sake, choose #FreeSoftware instead!

Gianmarco :archlinux: :kde:
2 days ago

#Telegram strikes again with documents from Dutch authorities saying that they can request hidden phone numbers and IP addresses at any time. Again, Telegram still claims on their homepage that they never gave up any data when that's not true at all, also for past requests like the one from the German police a while back.

#Security #Privacy #OpSec #FreeSoftware #OpenSource

Last week, 🇪🇺 Commission President stated that "the trick is to build public digital infrastructure, that is interoperable, open to all and trusted"
What exactly does this mean? What about the role of #FreeSoftware?


Map of the world interconnected

Think #Linux can’t handle #gaming? Guess again.

From the #Valve handheld #Steamdeck with 16GB of RAM to the #ProtonDB revamp of #WineHQ, compatibility and quality running your favorite titles with #FOSS is better than ever.

Check out the guide from #Morrolinux:

#LPI #opensource #UpgradetoLinux #GamingonLinux #WineHQ #Lutris #freesoftware Arch Linux #Steam #SteamOS

Drew Naylor
2 days ago

Pro tip: call it "FOSS/free and open source software" to annoy #stallman.

#FOSS #OpenSource #FreeSoftware #RMS

Aylam 🏴‍☠️
2 days ago

To FLOSS projects but also individuals: Please stop relying on GitHub, Discord or other proprietary services. What happened to Twitter and Unity WILL happen to them as well.

Also people shouldn't have to use proprietary software or services to contribute to FLOSS projects, that just doesn't make any sense.

E o tão esperado convite chegou!

Sim... #Latinoware 20 anos vem aí em Foz do Iguaçu/PR. Bacana demais!

O evento ocorre de 18 a 20 de outubro de 2023, no Centro de Convenções de Foz do Iguaçu – CECONFI em Foz do Iguaçu/PR.

#freesoftware #SoftwareLivre #OpenSource #codigoaberto #congresso #PR #paraná #itaipu #PTI #tecnologia #tech #robótica #empreendedorismo #design #dev #networking #maker #Latinoware2023

Arya Kiran
2 days ago

I am Arya, a Libre Software Enthusiast and Student from Chennai

My interests are #freesoftware #history , #geography and #biology

I am a sysadmin for, and also maintain, which is a privacy frontend for many translation engines.

All other contact details can be found at

Moved from Project Segfault Akkoma since we are shutting it down due to resource constraint.

We love free software. With much thanks to the talented @SachaChua @sachac for illustrating the reasons. See for emacs news and more! #FreeSoftware

A comic about "Why I love free software" by Sacha Chua: Free software is like having more gifts that I can even imagine (with image of person reaching for presents). Each first is a building block that I can have fun with (image of blocks). More than that -- each block is a glimpse into someone else'e life (image of same blocks with talking people inside). I can combine things with bubblegum and string to make something that fits me so well (image of blocks combined with gun; then image of glove). [...] at the end it says, "So, bit by bit, we grow. Free software."
2 days ago

Heute spreche ich mit @ralfhersel im Podcast darüber wie du dein Android Telefon ein wenig freier machen kannst. Viel Spass beim reinhören :

#freesoftware #freeyourandroid #android #podcast

Jason Self
2 days ago

It's day 5 of the #SoftwareFreedomFestival. Have you ever contributed to a free software project? Please share your experiences! 🌐💻 #SoftwareFreedomFestival #SoftwareFreedom #FreeSoftware #FSF #GNU

2 days ago

ITA dopo l'inglese. :gnu:

Free software is the nemesis of non free software.

Pick the definition that suit us better.


1]A source of harm or ruin.

2]Retributive justice in its execution or outcome.

3]An opponent that cannot be beaten or overcome.


Il software libero è la nemesi del software non libero.

Scegliete la definizione più adatta a noi.


1]Una fonte di danno o di rovina.

2]La giustizia retributiva nella sua esecuzione o nel suo esito.

3]Un avversario che non può essere battuto o superato.

#GNU #FreeSoftware #SoftwareLibero #Privacy

Prav App
2 days ago

Good news: we are one step closer to the Prav public beta release!

Earlier we had to create an account manually on the server and people had to explicitly request us an account by filling a form on the website. This is not required anymore 😀

Prav app now supports SMS registration via OTP. Thanks to Jishnu, Siddharth, Arya, Kiran and Akshay. We were unable to send SMS via OTP earlier because the Quicksy Server only supported the older deprecated version of Twilio (PravServer is based on Quicksy Server) and we had to update Prav Server to work with the newer version of twilio API. We sat together at debconf 23 in Kochi and fixed this. Thanks to debconf 23 for this opportunity.

You can download the app from Once installed, enter your phone number in the app and get an OTP to register an account.

However, remember that the app is still in private beta. This means it is subject to changes and may need more bug fixes. We still don’t recommend using Prav as your primary communication medium but we hope to be able to reach there sometime soon.

In the next step, we hope to upload on F-Droid app store which will make it easy for you to install the app. Going forward, we want to upload the app on Google Play Store and Apple app store too.

Feel free to test and report issues if any or get in touch with us.

#prav #freesoftware #xmpp #mastindia #decentralization #opensource #privacy

Nico Rikken
2 days ago

@krakenbuerger & @tarakiyee rocking the #OSSummit keynote on the @sovtechfund with a clear message about supporting the public interest and highlighting their amazing activities. Very much worth rewatching from the livestream We need other governments and foundations step up their game too. #FreeSoftware #OpenSource #FOSS #SovereignTechFund

Fiona Krakenbürger and Tara Tarakiyee on stage
List of first projects supported by Sovereign Tech Fund
Exanded list of Sovereign Tech Fund
Fiona Krakenbürger and Tara Tarakiyee on stage
Ade Malsasa Akbar
2 days ago

Thank you @ramin_hal9001 @cobweb @jbzfn for boosting my posts above Laptop Brands with GNU/Linux Preinstalled.

Let's spread more information so all people runs their computing with #FreeSoftware and GNU/Linux.

Space Tux
3 days ago

First time I heard of this: it's a "N-Body Integrator". I'm not sure I need this for anything, but I kind of wish I did. Just the thing for doing real-physics simulation of a solar system or protoplanetary disk.

Serious astrophysics software, and under the GPL v3:

[Thanks to @sundogplanets for this link]

#Astronomy #FreeSoftware #OpenSource

3 days ago

GStreamer Conference 2023

Schedule, Talk Abstracts and Speakers Biographies are now available!

#GStreamer #Conference #GstConf #opensource #FreeSoftware #Multimedia

Banner of the GStreamer Conference 2023 with a photo of the seaside of A Coruna

Forty years ago, it started with the four freedoms; today, the GNU Project, GPL and other GNU licenses, and copyleft is still going strong; on September 27 and October 1, we're celebrating those hard-won freedoms in Biel (Switzerland) and Boston, MA (USA). Read more about our hacker history and these upcoming events: #GNU40 #GPL #FreeSoftware #Copyleft #HackDay #Hackers #HappyHacking #FourFreedoms

Jason Self
3 days ago

Happy Day #4 of the Software Freedom Festival! Today, let's honor free software's 40 year legacy defending the rights of the users. Software freedom empowers us, and restores the rights taken away by proprietary software. Let's stand together for a free digital world, one line of code at a time. #SoftwareFreedomFestival #SoftwareFreedom #FreeSoftware #FSF #GNU

4 days ago

#HP #Linux Imaging and Printing (HPLIP) 3.23.8 Drivers Are Out Now with Support for #Fedora 38, #Ubuntu 23.04, and #openSUSE Leap 15.5

#OpenSource #FreeSoftware

HPLIP logo

🐧💿 The internet has already forgotten them (read: .iso files are nowhere to be found), so it's time for us to revive them: Pingo Linux 4.0, Slo-Tech Linux 2.0, and FeriX 2.1... 3 successful Slovenian Linux distributions. Attention: We are still searching for Pingo 4.1 ⚠, slix, Slobuntu, and Slonix!

#computermuseum #computerhistory #slovenia #ljubljana #softwareheritage #digitalheritage #sloveniancomputerhistory #vintagecomputing #linux #gnulinux #gnu #foss #opensource #floss #freesoftware

Old Linux screenshot
2600 Madrid
4 days ago
Martin Owens
4 days ago

Hard: #Software Development
Harder: #FOSS Software Development
Nightmare Mode: Paid FOSS Software Development


#OpenSource #FreeSoftware #Programming

We love freedom 2, the freedom to redistribute copies so you can help others. Boost this post if you LOVE this freedom, and want others to know about it, too! Read about the four freedoms of #FreeSoftware:

Image of laptop with heart eyes that says, "I love free software" at the bottom and "It's free as in freedom: learn more at"
Cassidy James :eos: :gnome:
4 days ago

If you've ever wondered about Endless OS, this person made a video all about it and it seems that they fundamentally understand (and highly praise!) what we're doing. It's a great overview of the product and the rationale. Give it a watch:

#EndlessOS #OpenSource #FreeSoftware #FOSS #FLOSS #EdTech #KeepAllKidsLearning

Interested to help #freesoftware users find freedom-respecting programs by updating the Free Software Directory (FSD)? Please consider joining the upcoming FSD meeting on IRC. Read more at: #FreeSoftwareDirectory

An image of the FSD with a floating gnu thinking, "I love free software."

Need to know whether a piece of hardware is supported by free software? #hNode has you covered! Its search engine will help you verify #freesoftware compatibility.

Screenshot of h-node's search page.
Jason Self
4 days ago

Today is Day 3 of the #SoftwareFreedomFestival. For Day 3, let's remember that free software isn't just for techies. It's for writers, artists, teachers, students, and anyone who wants to take back control of their computing. #SoftwareFreedomFestival #SoftwareFreedom #FreeSoftware #FSF #GNU

Have questions about possible violations of GNU licenses? We have answers! Check out all the questions and answers on our FAQ page at #GNU #GPL #freesoftware #softwarefreedom #GNUGPLFAQ

A screenshot of the "FAQ about the GNU licenses" page

Want to help #GNU? There are many ways to help #freesoftware to grow:

We love freedom 0, the freedom to run the program as you wish, for any purpose. Boost this post to share the message with others! Read about the four freedoms of #FreeSoftware:

Image of laptop with heart eyes that says, "I love free software" at the bottom and "It's free as in freedom: learn more at"

Have questions about possible violations of GNU licenses? We have answers! Check out all the questions and answers on our FAQ page at #GNU #GPL #freesoftware #softwarefreedom #GNUGPLFAQ

A screenshot of the "FAQ about the GNU licenses" page

Watch our 'What is #FreeSoftware' video in 🇩🇰!

🎉Special kudos to our amazing volunteers who made it happened! 👏

Support us to make it available in other European languages!


Illustration showing the Free Software 4 freedoms

Watch our 'What is #FreeSoftware' video in 🇩🇰! 🎉Special kudos to our amazing volunteers who made it happened! 👏

Support us to make it available in other European languages!

The latest issue of the Free Software Supporter is live! Get a whole month's free software news delivered hot and fresh to your inbox at the start of every month by signing up here: #freesoftware for everyone!

How do I use GNU licenses for my own software? We are glad you asked! Please see our "GPL how to" page for the full answer and thank you for making the ethical choice! #softwarefreedom #freesoftware #GNUGPLFAQ

A screenshot of the "FAQ about the GNU licenses" page
6 days ago

We are having a ton of fun here ❤️

@fsfe @dpresutti

#FreeSoftware #FSFE #AdaAndZangemann

A kid drawing stuff about Free Software
A drawing of Ada thinking about ice cream
Sticker with label “cool kids use free software”
Selfie on me and my soon-to-be coworker Dario

Happy Software Freedom Day everybody! Thank you everyone who supports #freesoftware by using it, studying it, sharing or improving it.

#SoftwareFreedomDay #FOSS

#ThankGNU! to David Harding, Donald Haase, Antoine Mercadal, Sondre Steinsland Hegdal, Blue Systems, Mr. Pete Batard, and Eric Lewis for helping the FSF continue its goal of educating the public about #freesoftware

Image that says "Thank GNU" with a GNU by Vijay Kumar Bagavath Singh
Stefan TRMSC | eduBW
1 week ago

Was für ein cooles Programm! 😯🥰

Mit #ferdium lassen sich #websites als eigene #apps in einer eleganten Oberfläche zusammenstellen! 🧩

Insb. mit Seiten, die man regelmäßig ansteuert, lässt sich so eine saubere, praktische "Zentrale" - sogar mit verschiedenen Workspaces und vielen, optionalen(!) Einstellungsmöglichkeiten - erschaffen! 🗃️

Und das alles #opensource #freesoftware #plattformübergreifend für #linux 🙌 #windows und #mac!


CC @_DigitalWriter_

1 week ago

What does open source mean to you on this #FollowFriday? Give a follow and boosts for #OpenSource on the #Fediverse!

- AntaresSQL @AntaresSQL
A modern, fast and productivity driven SQL client.
- ESLint @eslint
Find and fix problems in your JavaScript code.
- Godot Engine @godotengine
Advanced, feature-packed, multi-platform 2D and 3D game engine.
- Silex website builder @silex
An open-sourced, community backed website builder.

#ff #oss #foss #floss #FreeSoftware

A microphone sits on top of table next to a wall with a message asking, "What does open source mean to you?" On the bottom right of the table text says, "Support open source software".

Did you know that the FSF has a #WorkingTogether fund? You can donate to assist projects such as GNU Guix, GNU Mailman, GNU MediaGoblin, GNUstep, GNU Toolchain, and/or Replicant. Read more, and, if you can, please donate: Let's work together for #FreeSoftware #SoftwareFreedom #GNU #Replicant #MediaGoblin