Anthony Goubard
19 hours ago

I've just released Dictaphone 1.0 ß.
Dictaphone is a free audio recorder for Windows, Mac or Linux.
#freeware #dictaphone #windows #recorder #java

Dictaphone icon
Anthony Goubard
4 weeks ago

I've just released Japplis Watch and Japplis Watch Pro 1.5. This is the first release of the 'Pro' version. Many time related tools in one app for Windows, Mac OS X and Linux.

#clock #calendar #alarm #stopwatch #timer #timezone #freeware #java :java:

Japplis Watch Pro starting on Windows
1 month ago
#midjourneyv51 , is extraordinary but even the new #Craiyon V3 is not that bad, indeed I would say that this still leaves room for imagination. #Freeware #opensource #AI #art
Anthony Goubard
1 month ago

📣Just released Japplis Toolbox (Pro) 5.5.
50 tools in one software.
What's new: Signed and notarized dmg, new Homebrew and winget install, bug fixes and small improvements.
#text #freeware #toolbox #utilities #software #java

JSON Formatter, one of the 50 tools of Japplis Toolbox

Freeware macht Gameboy Advance zum Musikinstrument

Die Software nutzt alle vier DMG-Soundkanäle der Handheld-Konsole. Später könnt ihr die erstellten Samples exportieren und zu einem Song zusammenfügen. Support für Midis soll folgen.

#Gameboy #Nintendo #Freeware #Musik

De Gameboy Advance in gelborange

bringing back "source available" shareware is correct and good actually

#shareware #freeware

"Is it Open Source?

Datomic binaries are provided under the Apache 2 license which grants all the same rights to a work delivered in object form."

No, without human-readable source code, and all the permissions to study, improve, and share with others, it is not Open Source.

It's OK for that FAQ to plainly say "no". It's OK for software to be "Freeware". Just don't confuse folks with FOSS licenses.

#FreeSoftware #OpenSource #SoftwareFreedom #FOSS #Freeware

Nicolas Delsaux
2 months ago

La liste des fonctionnalités de ce logiciel m'a l'air particulièrement intéressante.
J'avais utilisé Quicksilver et Launchy, mais ils ne permettaient "que" de lancer des programmes. Le but ici est un peu différent. Et si la capacité de personnalisation est à la hauteur des promesses (par exemple en me permettant de chercher dans Shaarli), ce sera vraiment chouette #software #freeware #opensource #windows #search #desktop

Nicolas Delsaux
2 months ago

La prochaine fois que je dois installer une machine Windows 11, j'utiliserai ce logiciel magique. #windows #intimité #software #freeware #opensource #sécurité

Nicolas Delsaux
2 months ago

Une façon marrante de transformer votre fond d'écran en fenêtre sur le monde (il choisit le fond dans une liste définie selon des critères de météo, d'heure ou de niveau de batterie) #windows #software #freeware #opensource #desktop #background #météo #battery

2 months ago

Fai pouco comprei un osciloscopio antigo que solo se pode actualizar usando disquetes. Para poder actualizalo, comprei unha chea de disquetes de segunda mao que parece que veñen con software que o mellor é interesante copiar e compartir. ¿Sabes dalgunha plataforma onde aprecien drivers e software antigo? 💾

#freeware #abandonware #floppy #retrocomputing

2 months ago

Hace poco he comprado un osciloscopio antiguo que solo se puede actualizar usando disquetes. Para poder actualizarlo, he comprado un montón de disquetes de segunda mano que parece que vienen con software que a lo mejor sería interesante copiar y compartir. ¿Sabes de alguna plataforma donde puedan apreciar algunos drivers y software antiguo? 💾

#freeware #abandonware #floppy #retrocomputing

2 months ago

So, I have bought an old oscilloscope that can only be updated via a floppy disk. To do so, I have bought a bunch of second hand old floppies. Some of them come with vintage software that may be interesting to back up and share. Do you know about any platform or webpage where old drivers and programs would be appreciated? 💾

#freeware #abandonware #floppy #retrocomputing

Nicolas Delsaux
2 months ago

Cet outil d'autocomplétion de texte m'a l'air aussi complet que générique. Ca va très bientôt être très intéressant. #windows #autocomplete #software #freeware #opensource #system #extension #autohotkey

Ich will mal für ein kleines feines Forum werbung machen, das sich mit freier, ja sagen wir mal Freeware befasst, es ist unter
zu erkunden. Da sind manche Perlen vorhanden. Das Forum gibts schon seit gut 20 Jahre und auch solange bin ich da Member, nein ist nicht meines *gg Obwohl ich sowas mal geplant hatte, aber halt für Linux, die Domain ist noch vorhanden .. na vielelicht werde ich es mal umsetzen ..
#freebies #freeware #shareware #opensource

3 months ago

so, ich weiß dass es hier hin und wieder schon mal mal Thema war, aber ich finde in meiner Hashtag-Suche gerade keine Antwort, daher:

welches #CAD-Programm könnt ihr empfehlen?
Auf Lohnarbeit arbeite ich mit #AutoCad, suche aber für meine #Montageaussichten ein #Opensource Programm, was auch unter Linux läuft.. mir reicht 2D zeichnen völlig aus...

#AskFedi #followerpower #Freeware

3 months ago

Hey, If you’re an #iPhone user, check out this completely free app that uses AI to detect what you’re pointing your camera at. #iOS, #Freeware, #AI. It is simple & elegant: just point your camera & you get 2 possibilities with a confidence percentage.

@lispi314 Yeah...

For example, there are a lot of #ReleasedSourcecode and #ReadableSourcecode releases done - either for academic & preservation [i.e. ancient versions of Microsoft Word] or as a means of transparency and providing an easy way to port to other platforms [i.e. Tarsnap's Client]...

Not to mention a ton of #Freeware and #OpenSource that restrict #commercial use or reselling it.

3 months ago

Tip of the day: DEVONtechnologies has several applications available for a variety of purposes. From a simple freeware thumbnail generator to our flagship apps #DEVONthink and #DEVONagent. For whatever application you’re thinking, “I’m ready to try this application out”, the first step is downloading and installing the app. (…) #devonsphere #freeware #macos #pkm #productivity #research #tipoftheday #websearch

Nicolas Delsaux
3 months ago

Complément intéressant à mes différentes solutions d'assistance à l'entrée. #windows #autohotkey #software #freeware #autocomplete #opensource

N.A. Ferrell
3 months ago

Now in the latter stretch of my project to review nearly 30 freeware Japanese visual novels translated in 2005, 2006, and 2008 - I cover Flood of Tears. This is one of the better ones (in my view) thanks to the strong rapport between two of its three main characters. It has distinct Kanon vibes (FOTS was originally published in 2001), but it is an all-ages affair. While it has its flaws, I concur with the translators that it has a great amount of heart -- and it is one of the better al|together VNs of the 18 I have reviewed to date.

(Note for Linux users: I explain how to run the Windows .exe for FOTS natively on Linux using ONScripter-EN in the post.)

#insani #visualnovels #visualnovel #freeware #doujin #onscripter

Ænðr E. Feldstraw
4 months ago

Let me point you to a wonderfully useful little application that makes working with #MSWindows window-based #GUI s a lot better: #sizer by #brianapps:

This little widget sits in the taskbar, and allows you to resize most windows to whatever size you want, with 2 mouse clicks. It lets us configure presets. Very useful with ill-made GUI applications.

It's #freeware!

@libreoffice I've been using LO for about 5-6 yrs, great stuff.

#libreoffice #software #freeware #opensource

6 months ago

My current favorite #freeware #LinuxAudio #plugins for #musicproduction

Freeware Software


Xhip synth
Nil’s K1v (Kawai K1 Emulation)
Vital - Basic Edition (No Patches)
Tyrell N6
Xhip effects
Decent Sampler
Speedrum Lite
Triple Cheese

7 months ago

anyone who was coding #freeware #dos #indiegames in 2001 in C featuring #tracker music gets my instarespect.

thank you for your service @hollerpots

heise+ | Nützliche Tools für Windows: Das können Microsofts PowerToys

Die PowerToys sind kleine Tools, die nützliche Funktionen in Windows nachrüsten – und das sogar kostenlos. Wir erklären, was sie bewirken.
Nützliche Tools für Windows: Das können Microsofts PowerToys
Ian Kenway
1 year ago

#IT #freeware #linux #linux_mint #timeshift #tony_george #xapp

A significant feature of Linux Mint is its use and development of Timeshift. Sadly Tony George has decided to discontinue its development because of other projects. It will now be maintained by XApp.

If you've used Timeshift, believe in freeware and don't believe that the Internet should be dominated by Google, Facebook, Twitter, Apple etc (not to mention the likes of Mark Zuckerberg and Elon Musk) then please leave Tony George a very small 'thank you' present' (Of course I have no financial interest here whatsoever!)

heise+ | Freeware-Perlen für den Mac: Kostenlose Problemlöser und Helferlein

Wir haben aus dem Meer der Gratis-Tools 28 Anwendungen herausgefischt, die das Arbeiten mit dem Mac angenehmer und komfortabler machen.
Freeware-Perlen für den Mac: Kostenlose Problemlöser und Helferlein
1 year ago

#Windows #freeware

Vous utilisez des alternatives à bginfo pour afficher clairement des infos d'environnement sur le bureau ?
(c'est histoire de rendre bien visibles les environnements)

heise-Angebot: Mac & i 6/2021 jetzt im Handel

Fotosammlung sichern • Speicherplatz gewinnen • MacBooks für Profis • iOS 15.2, macOS 12.1: Nützliche neue Funktionen • Apple Watch 7, AirPods 3 • HomeKit
Mac & i 6/2021 jetzt im Handel
heise-Angebot: Mac & i 6/2021 jetzt vorab im heise-Shop

Fotosammlung sichern • Speicherplatz gewinnen • MacBooks für Profis • iOS 15.2, macOS 12.1: Nützliche neue Funktionen • Apple Watch 7, AirPods 3 • HomeKit
Mac & i 6/2021 jetzt vorab im heise-Shop
LadyIcepaw (Linda)
2 years ago

For #ScreenshotSaturday, have some lines from #Frightwood. Which came out on Itch yesterday, if you missed it!

#freeware #game #renpy #visualnovel #screenshot

Moth: "Speaking of monsters that demoralize me, we should get going unless we want my parents to notice my absence."
Moth carefully approaches the water's edge, as if afraid of what he may or may not see in his reflection.
The manifested curse grins at Aleth. "You're Aleth, the filthy Liar, and I'll make sure that you stay this way."
Blossom, surrounded by Moth, Aleth and a funky pumpkin man: "He's some kind of freaky demigod who bullies innocent people for fun. Don't tell me to go easy on him!"
LadyIcepaw (Linda)
2 years ago

My game jam project is out now! 🥳

Frightwood is a Halloween-themed visual novel about a group of fairy teens in search of a mysterious treasure.
You can pick it up for free and there are builds for Windows, Linux and Android. Enjoy!
🎃 :boost_ok: 🎃

#gameDev #visualNovel #game #freeware #halloween #renpy #creativeToots #indieDev #indieGame #frightwood

The illustration shows the four fairy teens backlit by the full moon at night. Mini Linda is also doodled in there and the text above says "Frightwood is out on!"
2 years ago

I made this video to help everyone understand why free software is important. Share it and help spread the good news of computing!
#unfa #FOSS #OpenSource #Libre #Linux #GNU #Freedom #Freeware

Hey fedi, anyone got a good #free (at least #freeware, if possible #floss) PDF editor?
I found scribus but it's very complex, doesn't look very comfortable
(for instance to make a red object (circle, line, text...), you need to do:
Edit -> Colors and fills -> Solid Colors -> Add -> *Picture* -> Ok -> Ok -> *Select Object* -> *Right click* -> Properties -> Colors -> Stroke -> Red -> *Close Properties window*

At least that's the only way I found by fiddling with the program)

Color Picker
LadyIcepaw (Linda)
2 years ago

Lovewood is now available for free on! There are versions for Windows, Linux, macOS and Android. Maybe give it a try and tell me what you think?

#art #game #gameDev #visualNovel #creativeToots #freeware #indieDev #lovewood #renpy #indieGame

The image of the six potential love interests grouped around the protagonist, except that I'm also in the background in a beautifully mismatched style and tooting a party whistle. The text says "Lovewood has released on".