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It's a funny thing about papaya and pawpaw - they are often confused as both fruits are called pawpaw in many regions. In truth they are not related botanically.

The confusion arises because in Australia and some other countries, they are different varieties of the same tropical fruit species.

Papaya is the one with orange to red flesh and is narrower than pawpaw. Pawpaw flesh is yellow and the fruit is generally larger than papaya.

Anyway, either make great salsas and salads, They also have green varieties that are great in summer for tangy dishes. In this not-so-good pic from the archives, we used ripe pawpaw for a delicious salsa.

Pawpaw (or is it Papaya?) Salsa

Take some chopped pawpaw and mix with Thai basil leaves, chopped fresh red chilli, shredded fresh young ginger and sliced shallots or red onion. Toss with green coriander leaves. Dress with a mixture of lime juice, jaggery or palm sugar, and toasted sesame oil.

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A slightly out of focus pic of the salsa with colours of yellow-orange and green, in a white bowl against a vibrant background.
Nicolas Fränkel
2 days ago

Given the current state of #Twitter, the following may be useful


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A bit of a tangle today. Coconut Pumpkin Curry - with rice, crispy fried onions and peanuts.

The curry can be made with either Butternut Pumpkin or Kent Pumpkin (previously called Jap pumpkin). It is delicious, so flavoursome, and incredibly easy to make. I paired it with coriander rice and scattered toasted peanuts and crispy onions over the top.

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This curry would also be good using tofu, fried tofu, paneer, tofu or paneer with green beans, or with just green beans.

#FromtheArchives - 1993 PM meeting to discuss threat of bans & decreased acceptability of smoking. Participants brainstormed possible newspaper ads for a European paper - ideas included:
"Life Causes Death!"
"Tolerance of Lifestyle/Human Habits: A Thing of the Past"
"The Hidden Minority"

Read the entire session at:

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Sweet Corn Fry with Chilli, Black Pepper and Lime

Sweetcorn is one of the treasures of Summer, so creamy, full of moisture and luscious. We love them raw and also grilled with lashings of butter. Sweetcorn soup is brilliant, and tangy chaat a perfect snack.

Another recipe we love is a spicy, peppery stir-fry of sweetcorn kernels. It is very easy to make, and a great side dish. The sweetness of the corn with the tang of lime juice and the heat of the chilli and pepper – flavours layered to perfection.

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An Indian serving dish with sweetcorn cooked as described.

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Dates and Saffron Soaked in Spiced Ghee

For millennia, dates have been considered an energy giving tonic by many cultures. Taken to the next level by Ayurveda (the Indian traditional medical system), dates are combined with other healing and energy giving substances – ghee, saffron, cardamom, cinnamon and ginger. Rich and sweet, Dates and Saffron Soaked in Spiced Ghee is said to nourish and revitalize your deepest tissues. This mixture is a classic rasayana, a tonic for rejuvenation. It is also an ancient love potion! Whether you want to love another person, or your life, or just find more happiness in your day, this is definitely for you.

Healing and love making, what more is need from a tonic that is more like a snack than medicine? It is said to strengthen immunity as well as aid digestion.

To make, take 36 – 40 good quality dates, and place in a large jar.

Melt some ghee, about 1.5 – 2 cups. Add a pinch of saffron threads, 1/4 tspn each of cardamom powder, ginger powder and cinnamon powder. Pour the warm ghee over the dates, put the lid on and allow to sit overnight.

Eat one date every morning for renewed energy, health and a little bit more love in your life.

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A handful of beautiful, plump dates.

#FromtheArchives -

1982 memo from Philip Morris Director of Research, TS Osdene, noting a 'quite strong' correlation between the use of chew and snuff and oral cancer.
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#FromTheArchives A form letter sent to registrants from the DEA details obligations under the Controlled Substances Act (CSA) and potential penalties for violation. The document can be found in the Ohio Pharmacy Litigation Documents.

A photocopy of a letter on Department of Justice, Drug Enforcement Administration letterhead to CVS Indiana, dated September 27, 2006. The letter describes the responsibilities of controlled substance distributors.
2 weeks ago

While I am struggling to digitise some negatives that I have developed and the (continuous) films pilling up to be developed I decided to go through my digital archives and to give @pixelfed a go

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Elizabeth David's Potato Salad

We can’t go past a great potato salad, right? Being a country girl, potato salads were at every community and family gathering – chunks of potato with creamy home-made mayonnaise (from home-produced ingredients) and garden-fresh herbs.

This is a French Potato Salad recorded by #ElizabethDavid in her book #FrenchProvincialCooking. The potatoes are cooked then sliced and liberally dressed with oil and vinegar. It is absolutely divine. Here I have scattered it with dill.

The salad can also be dressed with a thin mayo if you are definitely the mayo-only-dressing for potato salads.

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White potatoes on a white plate, dressed with oil and vinegar and scattered with dill.

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Chana Madra - Chickpeas in a Spicy Yoghurt Sauce

Himachal Pradesh, a state in the North of India have some delicious vegetarian dishes despite being non-vegetarian over all. This is a dish that is very common, especially at festival time. Chickpeas are simmered in a beautiful sauce of yoghurt and warming spices.

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A bowl of chickpeas coated in yoghurt sauce, with a cinnamon stick, mint leaf and nasturtium flower placed on top of the chickpeas.

#FromtheArchives #tobacco collection spotlight:

The Gallaher Records =
12,000+ internal docs disclosed in a 2005-2008 lawsuit between Gallaher and their former Cypriot distributor Tlais. UK press investigation using the set of documents revealed, "complicity in facilitating worldwide #smuggling" & "sanction-busting in #Iraq"

3 weeks ago

Louis Prisock's 2003 article #FromTheArchives explores how African American anti-abortion movements strategize and mobilize their supporters. Prisock argues that by paying close attention to the Black anti-abortion movement, we gain a more complete understanding of the fluidity and complexity of Black conservatism at a grassroots level. Learn more about the intersections of race and reproductive justice at

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Aloo Wadiyan (Punjabi)

Wadiyan (also spelled Varian and Badiyan, and called wadi for short) are large balls of dried lentils, particular to the cuisine of the Punjab. They are sun dried spicy urad dal balls that serve to spice a dish and also to thicken the gravy. They are very spicy and each bite sends a burst of flavour to your tastebuds. They are also quite meaty in texture, and thus a good option for your non-vegetarian friends.

This dish cooks the wadi and potatoes (and sweet potatoes - my addition) in a tomato-onion-spiced gravy for a relative quick, definitely easy meal. Wadi go very well with potatoes, but can be cooked with other vegetables too.

Here I have used a mixture of potatoes and sweet potatoes, or you can use butternut and potatoes. These mixtures are not really traditional, but work very well in the modern kitchen.

Because the Punjabi wadi are extra spicy 🌶️ , not a lot of other spice is needed in the dish. I sometimes forget this and end up with an EXTRA spicy meal! 🥵 🔥

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Aloo Wadi with potatoes and sweet potatoes in an Indian serving bowl on a black background. The "meatiness" of the wadi can be seen in the pic.

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Kasa Kasa Payasam aka Poppy Seed Payasam

Poppy Seed Payasam is a nutty and creamy sweet dish made with white poppy seeds, coconut and saffron simmered in milk and topped with toasted cashews. Payasam is a typical Indian traditional sweet usually made for festivals and as a sweet treat in homes.

Poppy seeds are tiny seeds known as kasa kasa in Tamil. Indian recipes usually use white poppy seeds rather than the black ones, so look for them in your Indian supermarket. They are used for their flavour, texture and thickening qualities.

Did you know that poppy seeds calm the mind and stimulate the digestion? In Ayurveda the taste is pungent, astringent and sweet. Its heating action acts as a vata calmer. Used with nutmeg or valerian they can induce relaxing sleep.

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Zucchini (or use radish) with Soy and Wasabi

I am a great fan of wasabi – anything hot for that matter. Horseradish, mustard, wasabi. I like it when it gets up your nose and leaves you breathless with its heat. Now you don’t have to like it as hot and pungent as I do in order to like this snack/salad - you can temper the taste to your own preferences.

It is a lovely dish, put together in 3 or 4 minutes, perfect for Summer evenings or any time the weather has a bit of heat in it. Use zucchini or red or white radishes – they work equally well.

The idea came from one of my loved books – #JamTodayToo, by #TodDavies. A treasure trove of easy to make dishes with at-hand ingredients.

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Soy Wasabi Zucchini - very thin slices of zucchini arranged in overlapping circles on a wooden plate. The zucchini has been quickly marinated in a soy, mirin and wasabi dressing.

#FromTheArchives Visit OIDA’s Purdue Pharma Bankruptcy Transcripts Collection to find 51 transcripts of hearings conducted in Purdue’s Chapter 11 bankruptcy proceedings.

In this screenshot from the first day of hearings, September 17, 2019, Marshall Huebner (an attorney for Purdue) notes the significance of the case.

Full 9/17/19 transcript here:

Explore the collection here:

Screenshot of a court transcript from September 17, 2019, in which Marshall Huebner notes the significance of the Purdue bankruptcy case.

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Chilli Beans!

Years ago I used to make a chilli dish – the recipe comes from a dear friend who lives in the Grampians. It was a chilli that is often called “Mexican” although it is not, and includes coffee, chocolate and red wine. I gave up making it when I adopted a vegetarian diet. Much later another friend reminded me that chilli without meat is possible – and also delicious.

Elwyn’s Chilli Beans was such a no-fuss recipe – a few essential ingredients cooked at the barely simmering heat level for hours until all was infused with chocolate, coffee, wine and chilli.

The success of a Bean Chilli, with our without meat, is the deep, dark richness of the sauce. I took Elwyn’s recipe and added favourite spices to deepen the flavours, a variety of vegetables to enrich the dish, and some walnuts – I often made enough to feed our street! Luckily it freezes very well. It is quite a “meaty” dish with the walnuts adding a great texture.

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Chilli beans with lemon slices and a bowl of guacamole.

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Purslane, Portulaca Oleracea, is an edible succulent that spreads vigorously. The leaves are crunchy with a tangy lemon-peppery flavour. It pops up from late Spring through to Autumn. It is prolific in my garden, and I pull the whole plants out when young, nip off the root and use the stem and leaves. For larger plants, stems are picked and leaves removed. You should always wash it really well as it is such a ground-hugging plant.

Pick them early in the day for best flavours. If I need to pick them later in the day, I will cover them in water for an hour or so until they perk up and lift their heads. Don’t soak any longer, they turn to mush (being a succulent).

In some countries you can buy Purslane in green groceries but in Australia that is not the case. You can forage alongside footpaths and in parks/ green areas, but always be careful that it has not been sprayed. The best way is to purchase some seed, or gather it from flowering foraged plants, and grow in your own garden. Once you have planted it in your garden you will always have it. It grows best in warm to hot, dry climates.

To store purslane pop in a plastic bag right after picking and put it straight in to the refrigerator or a cooler bag. It will keep fresh for a week. Don’t wash it until just before you are ready to eat.

It is used around the world eg Greece, Mexico, South Africa, India & Turkey. It is a nutritional medicine cabinet with remarkable amounts of minerals, vitamins, antioxidants and omega-3 fatty acids. It is mainly used raw but is also cooked in some places, eg India.

It is used in salads and can be used to replace other sour or lemony ingredients such as sorrel in salads and other dishes.

It is great in smoothies and home made juices. Add to your herbal teas, toss with pasta, add to sandwiches and wraps, use as a garnish for any dish, add to salsas and toss into Pudla mixes.

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A salad of feta, orange and purslane. Gorgeous and delicious.

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Way back in Covid lockdown time everyone was baking bread. I was a bit of a laggard – we don’t eat a lot of bread so it was not my first thought. But, 4 months later than everyone else, I saw a recipe that had me visiting my secret supplier of bakers flour and fresh yeast (everywhere else was out of good quality product), and this beautiful loaf was born.

The recipe that excited my bread-baking genes was one from Nigel Slater that includes spelt flour and dry cider! The cider gives it a lovely, almost sour dough, tang. It is mixed with milk for a beautiful soft crust. This was Good Bread!

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Nigel Slater's Spelt and Cider bread, fresh from the oven.

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Pear and Apple Salad with Cucumber Dressing

I have been in love with pears in more savoury applications since last century’s fascination with putting them in salads, soups and baked dishes. Here, pears and apples come together in a salad with a creamy yoghurt and cucumber dressing. A crunchy salad that will brighten anybody’s day.

The dressing is a nice combo of grated (and drained) with yoghurt, turmeric, cumin, mustard, sugar, chilli powder, fresh lime juice, and a little sea salt. More chilli powder sprinkled on top.

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The salad on a plate that has blue circles on it, reminiscent of grapes. The salad is as described. It sits next to a salad of green beans and chickpeas.
Joshua Haller
1 month ago

I was reading another photographer talking about black and white landscape photos and I decided to look at my #blackandwhitephotography portfolio and came across this image from Lake Karakul in Xinjinag. I do love how you can play more with textures and contrast when editing in black and white. I was looking at another photographer's long exposure composite with a bird and thought that would work for a composite that wasn't 'working' for me in color. Will post when that's done.

Black and white image of Lake Karakul
1 month ago

Foreshadowing the January 6th Capitol attack, Spencer Sunshine examines, in his 2016 article, the ebb and flow of the Patriot movement's popularity and how Trump's presidential campaign has opened the door for the group's ideologies to infiltrate mainstream political discourse. Learn more at #FromTheArchives

#FromtheArchives 📽️
Former Philip Morris CEO, Joe Cullman III, recounting how Marlboro became PM's best-selling brand starting w/ early marketing campaigns & ending w/ its intro into international markets.
#cigarettepackaging #advertising #marlboroman

Nicolas Fränkel
1 month ago
2 months ago

Fascist or Mainstream? In his 2005 article, Jérôme Jamin discussed the fascist and neonazi parties in Europe that had begun integrating into mainstream politics. Analyzing this shift, Jami wrote, “As power went from democratic hands to these new parties, the words used to describe these parties were changed: the neonazis became ‘parties with extremist trends;’ the fascists became the radical Right or national Right.” To learn more visit . #FromTheArchives

2 months ago

In her 1994 article, Jean Hardisty highlights Fredric Jaher's analysis that "tolerance and defamation toward Jews [has] coexisted" throughout U.S. history, and grounds us in "the reality and potential of antisemitism in the U.S." Learn more at #FromTheArchives

In this slide laying out “Project Tango,” McKinsey proposed that #addiction treatment would be a
“natural step” for Purdue:

2 months ago

Cole Parke unveils the truth behind the Christian Right’s performative fight against human trafficking in this article #FromTheArchives. Learn more at

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Black Pepper Garlic Broccoli with Mustard Seeds and Curry Leaves

You know how much we love broccoli. Particularly pan-roasted broccoli. Remember pan-roasted broccoli - throw in a really hot pan, cover and cook for 3-5 mins, with a shake in between?

This time I turned it into an Indian style dish, with black pepper as its major flavouring. It was delicious!

#TemptOrInspire #FromTheArchives #FromTheKitchen #vegetarian #eggFree

A bowl of pan roasted broccoli - there is half of an Asian single clove garlic on top. This garlic is wonderful and I buy it whenever I see it in the Asian shop.
2 months ago

@LifeTimeCooking Is this orange and hazelnuts with green beans a specific recipe? or is it just an impromptu salad? If it's the former, do you have a reference?

I sent a link to your post to family, and one would like a specific recipe if there is one.

#TemptOrInspire #FromTheKitchen #FromTheArchives #vegetarian #EggFree #AsianFood #IndoChineseFood #food

To tempt or inspire .....

Urad Tamatar Dal | Urad Dal with Tomatoes and Purslane

Purslane is abundant in our garden during Summer, even in Autumn. All season, starting early December, it appears in different parts of the garden. We follow it around, pulling out the plants and using the leaves. A nice way to keep it under control.

Here I used it in a tomatoey urad dal, and it added that beautiful lemony flavour to the dish as well as a little texture against the creamy urad. Loved by all.

#TemptOrInspire #FromTheKitchen #FromTheArchives #vegetarian #EggFree #IndianFood #food

Nice, creamy urad dal with purslane, topped with a tadka of spices and dried red chilli
Derek Bruff
3 months ago

Planning a podcast assignment for the fall? Here’s how I revised my podcast assignment back in 2019:

#StudentsasProducers #FromtheArchives

To tempt or inspire ....

Cauliflower and Parmesan Farinata

I love Farinata but don't make it enough. It is made with a chickpea flour batter. I like to bake them, although some people will cook them on the stove top. Baking gives a different experience. This one is with cauliflower, onions and parmesan.

Farinata tastes a little like an omelette, and cooked right, it will slide right out of the dish. Served in wedges or squares with a salad (and some Celeriac Chips!), it makes a lovely lunch or light evening meal.

The idea for this farinata came from #Ottolenghi’s recipe for Cauliflower Cake in #PlentyMore. That recipe uses eggs and I wanted to make something with similar flavours. So this recipe for farinata was created.

Ottolenghi says that cauliflower needs more attention. He says that it’s one of the most magnificent of all vegetables and is as versatile as potato. I reckon he is right.

#TemptOrInspire #FromTheArchives #FromTheKitchen #vegetarian #eggFree

Cauliflower and parmesan (and onion) farinata, just out of the oven.
3 months ago

In this article #FromTheArchives, Jean Hardisty discusses how the Right has used the anti-feminist women's movement to support their agenda for several decades. Hardisty points to the success of anti-feminist groups like Eagle Forum who played a crucial role in rolling back the social changes of the 1960s and 1970s to warn us of the threat these groups pose to the feminist movement along with other social causes like racial justice. Learn more at

To tempt or inspire....

Baked Peppers Stuffed with Buttery, Cheesy Vegetables

Fondant is a word that is associated with icing these days. But it comes originally from the French, a cooking term meaning to melt. Fondant Potatoes is the most well known dish where the method of cooking is applied, but it can be used for other vegetables. They are cooked in butter, or in butter and stock, until achingly tender. Sometimes, as is the case with the Fondant Potatoes, an external crispy layer is achieved.

#Ottolenghi has a great recipe in #PlentyMore for capsicums stuffed with fondant swedes. . So I twisted and turned his recipe to make it work with what I did have on hand – Kent Pumpkin, Parsnips and Cabbage. Absolutely delicious.

Ottolenghi has two versions of this dish. The one in the Guardian column ( uses gruyere cheese and does not par-cook the capsicums before stuffing. The one in Plenty More uses parmesan and goat’s cheese, and bakes the empty capsicum halves before stuffing and returning to the oven. I prefer this one as the capsicum shells are more tender.

#TemptOrInspire #vegetarian #eggfree #FromTheArchives #FromTheKitchen

Stuffed capsicum with pumpkin, parsnips and cabbage.

To tempt or inspire....

I have been collating recipes for whole mung beans for my daughter who has a surplus of them. This is one of my favourites.

Khar: garlic-flavoured mung beans with greens

Khar is a unique Assamese dish, traditionally served as a starter.

Khar can be made with a variety of ingredients – pulpy vegetables such as gourds, papaya, pumpkin, zucchini, eggplant and cucumber, as well as lentils and a variety of greens. Here we used Mung Beans although toor dal and urad dal are also common. I have seen it made with rice flour and no lentils.

The greens can be any mix you like, and I often use mustard greens with chilli leaves (when I can get them). I have even addes some betel leaves (when available).

The recipe has a lot of garlic in it which softens its raw bite due to the cooking and adds a lovely umami flavour.

Don’t confuse this dish with Lebon Khar, which is a Middle Eastern dish of cucumber and sour cream or yoghurt with a vinegar and mustard dressing.

#TemptOrInspire #FromTheArchives #FromTheKitchen #vegetarian #EggFree #cookingAU #cooking #IndianFood #AssameseFood

A dish of khar, an Indian dish of greens, garlic and lentils.
EUPublicationsOffice 🇪🇺
4 months ago

It’s #InternationalArchivesDay! The perfect time for our archives team to hunt out items #FromTheArchives! Do you know what is the oldest document in our archives? ... have a guess, educated or wild, and we'll tell you later! #IAW2023 #EUarchives


The cartoon image shows four people looking for publications in either paper format or digitally. The person on the right is standing on a laptop and looking at the EU flag on the screen. On the left it says 'International Archives Day, 9 June'.

To tempt or inspire ....... Cabbage Bondas

Bondas are a popular street food in parts of Indian like Mumbai. Bondas are little round dumplings made from chickpea flour and generally filled with potatoes (but here I use cabbage). They are sold from street carts or footpath stores, and in those little working-men’s canteens that have wonderful, very cheap food.

It is not so hard to make them at home. We were given this recipe for cabbage bondas and they are delicious. They can be made flat into a patty, or round to resemble the potato bondas.

Serve them with a chutney, or layer them in a sandwich with chutney, tomato, lettuce and other salad type ingredients.

#TemptOrInspire #FromTheArchives #FromTheKitchen #vegetarian #EggFree

Cabbage Bondas on a plate, surrounding a bow of chilli sweet-sour pomegranate quince chutney. Delicious! The main ingredients are cabbage, onion, coriander leaves, chilli, turmeric powder, chickpea flour.

To Tempt or Inspire .....

There are not many traditional cuisines in India that include soup, with an exception of shorba's in North India and Rasam's (not really a soup) in South India.

Indeed, many Indian people I have mentioned it to have averred there are no soups in India.

On one of my last trips, tho, we were served tiny cups of soup at the end of the meal - they were simple, unspiced morsels of deliciousness (and we'd often have 2 or more). A "shot" of soup, a bit like the tiny cups of chai on roadside stalls.

But the Goan Portuguese/ Catholic cuisine is another exception - there are simple, home-fare soups full of flavour. In fact you can say that the flavour goes beyond what you expect from the ingredients. These are cheap and every-day dishes, quickly and easily made, yet comforting and filling.

This #soup, Sopa de Legumes, is a vegetable soup that is pureed and then greens and dried legumes added – chickpeas or white beans or any dried pea or bean that you have on hand.

When I made this one, I used a stock that included mushrooms, so the dish is a little darker than normal. Usually it takes the colour from the vegetables you use – varying from white if only potatoes are used, to yellow-orange from carrots and pumpkin.

It is also probably meant to be eaten in small amounts, but I eat it Western style.

Honest, healthy, home-cooked deliciousness.

#TemptOrInspire #Vegetarian #FromTheArchives #FromTheKitchen #cookingAU #eggFree #cooking #IndianFood #GoanFood

A plate of Goan vegetable soup, from the Catholic-Portugese cuisine of Goa (one of several cuisines in Goa).

To tempt or inspire....

You will adore these green pea croquettes – how spectacularly coloured they are, especially for Winter when foods can be darker hued. They make great snacks, dipped into the creamy sauce. They will become a favourite, I am sure, and the croquette/fritter mixture can be made and shaped the day before you want to cook them. Keep them in the freezer to help with the shaping of the croquettes, and bring them out 30 – 60 mins before cooking.

This is sort of an Ottolenghi dish from Plenty More. But his recipes use eggs and we do not cook with eggs. The eggs are replaced with chickpea flour and a little cream, and I used a chickpea flour batter. It is a change that worked extremely well, and the result is amazing. We did not crumbed our croquettes, but you can do that. (I did use a little polenta on some to give extra crispness.)

Here is his recipe, but I think mine look better 😊

#TemptOrInspire #FromTheArchives #FromTheKitchen #vegetarian #cooking #CookingAU #food #Ottolenghi #EggFree

Green pea croquettes, deep fried and with a gorgeously green interior, with a yoghurt and mint dipping sauce.

To tempt or inspire...

In one episode of Master Chef some years ago now, the contestants had a mystery box that contained pineapples and green peppercorns. We were yelling at the TV screen “Kerala's Pineapple Curry!!!”. Sadly, they could not hear, and I don’t recall that anyone paired them together.

Kerala uses pineapple a lot in savoury ways, and this is one of them. So, to all Master Chef contestants, this is how you enhance the flavour of pineapples with chillies, coconut and green peppercorns. Pineapple Pulissery with Green Peppercorns.

(Spending time on a spice farm in India has been one of the highlights of my trips to India. And oh the food I had during that time!)

#TemptOrInspire #IndianFood #cookingAU #food #cooking #vegetarian #KeralanFood #FromTheArchives #FromTheKitchen

A dish of Pineapple Pulissery with Green Peppercorns. A beautiful sambar chilli sits on the side of the dish.

To tempt or inspire....

Chickpea Flour Pancakes - perfect quick meals – topped with any imaginable toppings, from curries to sautés to Wintery salads. These are not like wheat-flour based pancakes or crepes, quite different in flavour and texture in fact. But so delicious and full of protein.

These pancakes are made around the world with little twists depending on the region. They range from the Dosa, Cheela and Pudla of India to Socca and Farinata in France and Italy, to a variety of the French Panisse. In Gibraltar, there is the Calentita, in Spain, the Caliantetorta, and in Algeria and Morocco it’s the Calentica (or Kalantika). Various places can call it Karanteta, Karantita, Guarantita or Garantita.

There are yeasted versions, egg based versions, baked ones and pan-cooked ones. Toppings for the pancakes are endless. They can be studded with roasted red bell pepper, fennel, salty olives and fresh herbs. Or topped with pesto and creamy ricotta cheese. Spread with caramelised onions or fennel jam, toasted cumin seeds and a harissa-tossed mix of salad leaves. Spread with a tahini-eggplant puree and topped a wild rice and walnut salad. Or just a drizzle of herb oil will do for an afternoon snack. I love to use the pancakes like a soft tortilla, wrapped around the filling.

Enough to inspire you?

#food #TemptOrInspire #FromTheArchives #FromTheKitchen #cooking #vegetarian #cookingAU #mastonom

A chickpea pancake with a herb oil topping.
Ganga (also) ...
5 months ago

To tempt or inspire ....

When I first made Za'atar Bread, the recipe (Roden) said "Roll very thinly", so I did. I ended up with these beautiful crispy, za'atar encrusted breads - not quite right but still *very* good. I still make them this thin sometimes.

#food #TemptOrInspire #FromTheArchives #FromTheKitchen #cooking #vegetarian #cookingAU

A pile of large saucer-sized flat crispy breads topped with za'atar.

To tempt or inspire.....

Spinach (or other greens) with chickpeas, and a glossy carrot salad. Heavenly healthy food.

#vegetarian #FromTheArchives #cookingAU #cooking #FromTheKitchen #TemptOrInspire

Two terracotta bowls sit on a dark background. One has a carrot salad - carrots are julienned and are mixed with sultanas. The other has chickpeas mixed with garden greens and cherry tomatoes.

To tempt you or inspire you today in the heat.

A strawberry frappe, with chocolate topping. Perfect for hot hot hot weather. Frappe's are a bit old fashioned, but very very good.

Cold milk, strawberries, icecream, honey, few drops lemon juice. Blend. Serve in a glass full of crushed ice. Optionally top with whipped cream, dark chocolate

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The top of a strawberry frappe with grated chocolate topping.

11 décembre 2010 - Il y avait les petites routes entre les villages du Cachemire où nous nous rendions pour nos interviews et le soir, Siraj, ses collègues et sa mère et nos discussions autour d'une lampe à gaz.

December 11, 2010 - There were the small roads between the villages in the mountains of Kashmir, where we went for our interviews, and in the evenings, Siraj, his colleagues and his mother, and our talks around the gas lamp.

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Sur une photo en noir et blanc, une route de montagne, bordée d'arbres secs d'hiver, on roule à gauche et sur la droite passe une carriole à cheval.
La photo est en noir et blanc, on est sur une route étroite qui aborde un village. On devine des maisons et un bus garé sur la gauche.
Une photo floue, on passe sur un pont couvert dont on devine les poutres métalliques. La silhouette d'un passant s'évanouit sur la droite.
Intérieur en noir et blanc, dont l'éclairage provient d'une lampe à gaz sur la droite. Une femme en robe -- le phéran -- sourit, à sa gauche, son fils, un homme barbu, écoute attentif.

26 novembre 2015 - 300 mètres sous terre, après avoir convaincu le directeur de la mine de charbon de Breza, près de Sarajevo, de nous laisser descendre dans les puits pour notre reportage sur les femmes mineuses de fond.

Novembre 26, 2015 - 300 meters underground, after convincing the director of Breza coal mine, near Sarajevo, to let us go down for our story on women miners.

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Dans un tunnel éclairé à la lampe frontale, deux femmes mineuses discutent avec un mineur au centre. Un autre mineur attend sur la gauche.
Au bout d'un tunnel de cables se tient un mineur de face.
Dans une galerie, un mineur de trois quarts dos fait un geste d'arrêt avec sa main gauche.
Trois mineurs dans une galerie, en avant-plan, l'un d'eux a quasi retiré son casque et s'essuie le front, les yeux clos.

21 novembre 2021 - Toujours en commande au Maroc, cette fois au sud, où je chasse les couchers de soleil à Aït-ben-Haddou

November 21, 2021 - Still on assignement in Morocco, in the south where I chase sunsets in Aïtbenhaddou.

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Une colline ocre, cinq petites silhouettes se dessinent et se détachent du fond rouge orange sur la pente.
Un panorama, avec vue sur la forteresse (ksar) en contrebas et la palmeraie, et au premier plan, un coussin rouge sur la gauche et un jeune chat blanc, à taches brunes et noires, est assis, profitant de la chaleur du soleil.
L'horizon est une montagne plate, et les derniers rayons de soleil au dessus, de face, atteignent une terrasse tout en haut du ksar, deux femmes assises sur des banquettes y prennent le thé.

9 novembre 2016, record de chute de neige à Stockholm pour le mois de novembre. Tout le monde sort ses skis de fond.

November 9th, 2016, record breaking amount of snow for the month in 110 years.

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Une table de pique-nique avec des bancs est recouverte de 20 centimètres de neige. Tout est blanc, la vue sur Sodermalm est bouchée par la brume.