Niko C
2 hours ago

“J’aime respirer les odeurs de l’été” a-t-il affirmé au moment où je l’ai shooté.
Fuji X-T5 Sigma 18-50 f/2.8
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Mittlerweile ist das Wortspiel mit #FotoMohnTag zum #FotoMontag etwas abgenutzt, oder? 😅

Die #Fotobombe der #Schwebfliege habe ich erst später bemerkt. 🙈

#fujifilm #xt1 #35mm #Mohn #schwebfliege #poppy #hoverfly

Nahaufnahme einer Blüte einer Mohnblume, der Hintergrund ist unscharf. In der Blüte sitzt eine Schwebfliegen.
Steve Heller
12 hours ago

Going up?

I don't know why I like this photo so much, but I was just drawn to this person waiting by the elevators at Kabukicho Tower.

📸#XPro3 #Fujifilm

#Photography #PhotoOfTheDay #Streetphotography #Japan #Shinjuku

Gary James
12 hours ago

On the Bude canal in Cornwall #photo #photography #canal #travel #fujifilm

A Person
17 hours ago

I hate pachinko, but I love old #neon, and I miss this crazy sign that used to be next to Shinjuku station. I've used it as a backdrop for portraits on many occasions. I strongly object to the bladerunnerification of Tokyo that is a lie, but at the same time, documenting what really was and really is there is an important thing that people should do. #FilmPhotography #analog #photography #FujiFilm #Superia400

taxis driving past the Jumbo pachinko parlor that used to be in front of Shinjuku station
17 hours ago

The new Fujifilm XApp is a vast improvement for transferring photos to a smartphone on the fly. But the app’s notifications alerting to the camera’s request to transfer photos are a bit aggressive. #Fujifilm

Jacob Tender
18 hours ago

I just ordered my first “real” camera. A #Fujifilm X-T5 is on its way. 🙂📸

Bruce Fulton
21 hours ago

I biked on some Iowa backroads today and here are a few pictures. #Photography #Fujifilm #Cycling #CyclingLife #GravelCycling #BikeToots #Iowa

A green field visible from a gravel road. There is a simple wooden fence running along the road and a grove of trees in the background.
A small white country church located on a gravel road. The church is surrounded by a rail fence and a cemetery.
A small truss on a gravel road in central Iowa. The girders are painted green. The bridge spans a small river (not visible) and is surrounded by dense green bush.
View of a river from the deck of a bridge looking through some of the bridge girders. The river is enclosed by dense bush.
22 hours ago

Air Tractor N802WW was overflying rice fields this morning. I think they were practicing seeding the fields. #AvGeek #Fujifilm

Oblique view of a yellow and black single propeller Air Tractor plane against a pale blue sky with cirrus.
Underside of a yellow and black single prop aircraft. There’s a fan shaped seed spreader mounted under it.

תמונות יפות ומטעמים לחובבי המצלמות והעדשות

1/2 First set of Howe-Sound pictures this year. Photos attached, but if you like lens geekery (note the focus issues), the blog is here:

#photography #fujifilm #SilentSunday

Tim Bray
1 day ago

1/2 First set of Howe-Sound pictures this year. Photos attached, but if you like lens geekery (note the focus issues), the blog is here:

#photography #fujifilm #SilentSunday

Looking across a body of water at a wooded green piece of land, perhaps an island, backed by a couple of small mountains, in shadow. Sky is cloudy.
Abstract photo of wooded mountainside with some of the trees lit up in a golden color.
Looking up at a big Douglas Fir tree, surrounded by other evergreens, against a blue sky.
A wooded cape with nice dusk lighting; some cottages and boats in the picture. Focus is poor.
1 day ago

Sunnutorg, a old small shop that might disappear. Shoot on #film in #iceland #ishootfilm #yashica #reykjavik #analogphotography #35mmfilm #fujifilm #fuji400h #urbanphotography

Harald Huxley
1 day ago


#weeklyhux 21/2023
Every Sunday I post my favourite photo I took that week. With this edited collage I'm really pleased. 😊
Pls. open to expand. It's a vertical image.

#experimental #photography #self #butterfly #legs #fujifilm

3 colored shapes on top of each other that look like butterflies. In reality, they are mirrored images of moving legs.

I told someone there's no such a thing as too many #dog pictures. So...More from this morning in #statepark GA, USA. Drake's servant is also present.
#dogs #DogsOfMastodon #rescuedogs #FujiFilm #photography

A white and brown Jack Russell Terrier standing on a sheet of rock by a creek
A man with a green cap holding his white and brown Jack Russell Terrier in front of a creek and trees

A very cool and dry last Sunday of May for GA, USA, making our weekly walk pleasant. A rare shot of a squirrel, too. #statepark #photography #FujiFilm #dog #dogs #DogsOfMastodon #rescuedogs

A squirrel perched on a tree stump
A white and brown Jack Russell Terrier with morning sunlight, with a creek and trees in the back ground
A white and brown Jack Russell Terrier on a pavement of a park, with grass and trees in the background
A shot of a creek with rocks, trees
1 day ago

Hey all! So lots of reasons why I haven't posted in a while. Mainly, my scanning light is broken still (about 8-9 months later) so I haven't scanned new shots in. This has caused a lot of film burnout.
Thankfully, I purchased a Fuji GFX 100s and have been taking it out on a walk around the lake almost every day!
So for now, I'll be slowly uploading photos I've enjoyed from my walks.
#fujifilm #photography #wildlifephotography #naturephotography

A frog mostly submerged in water reflecting bright sunlight.
1 day ago

Went to this hidden gem of a field only 5 mins or so drive from where I’ve lived for 20 years and I’ve never seen it. Taken with my experimental setup, a Fuji x-E2 fitted with a manual Helios 44M lens. #photography #fujifilm #xe2 #helios

A photo of a field with wild flowers and trees in the distance
A photo taken through overhanging leaves of the Clifton suspension bridge
A close up of some yellow flowers against a green background
A field with a horse and a small corrugated iron building

Für das Thema #Romantik bei der #52WochenFotoChallenge von @norberteder wollte ich ja eigentlich etwas aus der gleichnamigen Epoche fotografieren. Hat sich aber nicht ergeben, also doch was anderes…
Ist generell Blümchen pflücken und im übertragenen Sinne auch gemeinsame Zeit "nach der Blüte" nicht auch #romantisch? 😉

Und es passt noch zum #SilentSunday. 😁

#fujifilm #xt1 #nikon #seriesE #darktable #gänseblümchen #daisy #daisies

Schwarz-weiß Aufnahme zweier Gänseblümchen in einer kleinen Glasvase. Der Fokus liegt auf den Blüten, die Vase und Hintergrund recht dunkel und unscharf. Eine der beiden Blüten ist schon stark verwelkt.
2 days ago

Stopped at a local camera store and in their used case was a WCL-100, the wide angle conversation lens for the Fuji X100 series of cameras, for a third off retail. Pretty nice snatch, rare to see a niche accessory to an already niche camera in a used case like that, and I love the 28mm focal length it opens the camera up to! Software correction of the SOOC JPGs is perfect, no loss of sharpness that I can see either! #fujifilm #fujifilmX100V #photography #cameras

Fujifilm X100V with the WCL-100 wide angle converter lens attachment
Fujifilm X100V with the WCL-100 wide angle converter lens attachment
Chris Freitag 📸
2 days ago

I think this one is my favorite from today’s walk around the Platte River area in #Denver

Really captures what I was after with the Voigtlander 23mm f1.2 manual lens and the Kodachrome 25 recipe.

#photography #fujifilm #street

Blue flowers in front and red flowers in back of a bistro patio. There is a slight reflection of me taking the photo.
Tim Bray
3 days ago

Downloaded the much-ballyhooed new #fujifilm “XApp” which is said to replace the much-hated “Remote” app that would connect to the camera successfully maybe one times in five. New app connected to my X-T30 instantly on Bluetooth, totally refused to connect on WiFi (which you need for all the interesting stuff). I love the cameras but I guess Fuji is just bad at software. Pfui.

4 days ago

@ericajoy so much is of “best” is subjective, but I’m partial to #fujifilm for build quality, controls and colors.

Daily Notes for 2023-05-25
The Leica Q3 and some absurd back-of-napkin X100v comparisons, Denote silos.
#daily #denote #emacs #LeicaQ3 #fujifilm

Dave Mason
5 days ago

I recently bought a used Fujinon XF 55-200mm F3.5-4.8 R LM OIS telephoto zoom lens. Soon after I bought it, I noted I had no "feel" for the lens. A month later, and I still feel that way.

One of my first observations is the zoom level isn't as great as I thought it would be. I've not gotten the level of detail I was hoping for. I end up cropping photos and losing clarity.


#Fujifilm #Photography

Also, someone on the #Fujifilm web team seems to have realized what a perplexing mess firmware update downloads were -- the workflow on the website is much more clear.

*ALSO* they've finally started calling bugs "bugs" and not "phenomena" in their release notes.

*ALSO* I think it's finally safe to put the XF35mm/F1.4 on it for the season.

📷 Updated the firmware on my #Fujifilm X-T5 so I could try out the new X-app. So much better than the old Camera Remote thing: Faster, more reliable connections, faster downloads.

The one glitch so far: Doesn't seem to download full-sized JPEGs no matter what you tell it in the camera settings (where you can disable "resize for mobile") or the app itself.

I'm an SD card reader person anyhow, but for quick sharing this is great, and as a remote trigger it seems to be more reliable. Nice!

5 days ago

Today's Fujifilm update to the xt5 autofocus/bird detection is a big improvement for bird photography! Yay!
It also includes insect detection which I have yet to try.
#fujifilm #BirdPhotography

5 days ago

AAAAAAH Nice ! Parce que Cam Remote c'était vraiment caca 💩

Nobody but me excited about #Fujifilm X-Summit tomorrow then? Ok

Predicting an all new X-T40 with internal 10bit 422 recording and F-Log2

But there’ll probably just be a new X100 to please the masses.

1 week ago

Here are some scenes from this evening at Falls Lake Dam in north Raleigh, NC. #Photography #Fujifilm #NorthCarolina

Sunlight filters through trees onto a curving dirt path ascending the dam
View down the middle of a completely empty road over a dam
View from top of dam overlooking the water flowing into the Neuse river, surrounded by forest.
A heron stands on a rock in the Neuse river just past Falls Lake Dam.
Gilly 🐈
2 weeks ago

On the outside the thing's a normal Panda Trueno, but on the inside it's a beast like you've never seen.” - Koichiro Iketani
Shot on #FujifilmXT5

❤️@ 🙏

#asundaycarpic #fujifilm #photography #japan #tokyocameraclub #tokyo

A Toyota AE86 shot at a crossing in Tokyo