River ΘΔ
2 months ago

Put together a board to celebrate my first ever #furry convention, an experience that has literally changed my life 💛

#FurEh #FurEh2023

A corkboard with souvenirs: a con badge, pins, a volunteer's emblem, fursona badge and "furry nutrition facts" label, and a "furry trash" sticker. Con lanyard with Fur-Eh! Logo is on top of the frame reads "Broadway Tails".
3 months ago

Got some photos from #FurEh to share now

Last one is featuring @frozenfoxx, can confirm they were very fluffy to hug! 🙂

Breakfast at Cora before we hit the road for me. See you later Edmonton #fureh #fureh2023

A photo of a plate containing a fruit filled crepe topped with whipped cream, 2 eggs over easy, breakfast potatoes, and bacon.

Corg and I went bowling at the West Edmonton Mall. We did lots of wandering around most of the day. A nice post #fureh wind down day.

A photo of me looking at the camera. I'm half out of frame. Behind me is a bowling alley lit with black lights. Corg is doing a bowl.
3 months ago

Seems the #FurEh musical was so good it now has its own meme!

a photograph of a dog with large eyes looking at the camera, with shots of a flaming helicopter crashing in the background. overlaid is the text “When you hear someone say / ‘I love furry art’”
3 months ago

🎵 oh it’s such a perfect day,
I’m glad I spent it with you
oh it’s such a perfect day
you just keep me hanging on
you just keep me hanging on 🎵

Thank you to everyone I met and saw at #FurEh. You’ve made my first ever furry convention a memorable one, and I’m grateful I went!

(Photos will come later once i ask people if it’s okay)

Last day of the con. Been a fun one so far! #fureh #fureh2023

A photo of me looking at the camera. My glasses are partially tinted. I'm wearing a t-shirt with a cheetah face on it. I have a number of lanyards around my neck with one tag that looks like a warning yellow nylon harness strap that says "NERVOUS".
Knewfy Gryphon
3 months ago

Chirp chirp! BIG floofy birb on the loose!


#furry #fursuit #Fureh

This little box fan has been a lifesaver this con. It has kept our room reasonably cool. The AC isn't terrible but the fan in the unit doesn't do a good job circulating the air. #fureh #fureh2023

A photo of a hotel AC wall unit with a box fan sitting on it. A couple of tails and suitcases are littered around the AC.

Chee out wandering. #fureh #fureh2023

A photo of me looking at the camera. I'm wearing a leather cheetah mask. I'm also wearing several badge lanyards over a t-shirt that says Chromatic coffee.
3 months ago

Got this awesome picture from Softgobliin at Fureh! Artist is at

#furry #furryart #fureh

Went to Rogue Wave for a coffee. The Espresso Tonic was delicious. #fureh #fureh2023

A photo of a bag of coffee and a plastic cup with sparkling tonic water, ice and espresso floating on top.
3 months ago

Had a real fun first night at the thursday dance. Quite a few liked my doom that I was in :>

#fureh #fureh2023

Going for a wander #fureh #fureh2023

A photo of me in my leather cheetah hood, wearing lanyards.

Coffee station is set up. #fureh #fureh2023

A photo of a hotel desk with a bag of coffee, a scale, a hand grinder, travel cups, and a collapsible pour over device.

Dinner first night at the con since Corg has a thing he wants to do in an hour and we don't have time to go out. #fureh2023 #fureh

A photo of two large New York style pizzas one is cheese and the other is pepperoni.

We have made it #fureh #fureh2023

A photo of a hotel night stand with a leather cheetah mask and a set of car keys set atop it.
3 months ago

Will be at #fureh this weekend, so if you see me around hit me up and I'll give you one of these lil guys :3

3 months ago

I am now at #FurEh! Anyone else going there?

About to be on the road headed to Edmonton. #fureh #fureh2023

Altara noodle
3 months ago

off to Fur-eh tomorrow !!! the merch grind is real omg. so cant wait to see what sells. its our first booth!!
#fureh #convention #dealersden

Hey folks! I've had to cancel my #fureh and family trip, this means I'm out some funds and missed income from the event itself.

In lieu of this and the fact that I was planning to put Fur-Eh income towards a new mobile tablet (on top of some I'd already saved for it) I am now opening up a variety of things to try to make up for this.

Full post with all info, transparency, etc at

#CommissionsOpen #Furry #FurryArtist #icon #telegramsticker #discordsticker #portraitart

Fundraiser advert, showing 1k of 3k needed, with Icons $50CAD, Telegram/Discord Stickers $18+CAD, Portraits $85+CAD, woth examples of each. I focus on furries but can do animals, my little pony and other fantasy/mythical critters.
Toboe Coyote
4 months ago

I don't have much in the way of stuff with my furry identity, but I do have this awesome #hockey jersey from #FurEh #PawsVegas #2018

A mirror selfie of me with my tongue out, and pointing to the reflection of the back of my FurEh hockey jersey which is red in color and has Vegas themed design elements and says TOBOE with the number 82
Richard K Niner
4 months ago

So, what furry cons have you been to? Here's my list:

C-ACE 2006
#MFF 2007
#FurnalEquinox 2010-2023
#WhatTheFur 2010, 2017
#Anthrocon 2012, 2013
#FurCon 2015
#ANE 2016, 2019
#CanFUR 2016-2022
#FurEh 2019
#NordicFuzzCon 2020
#Vancoufur 2022
#FurPoc 2022
#Scotiacon 2023

#LongListOfFurryCons #Furry

Badge preorders for pickup at Fur-Eh ( are now open to the public! Slots are limited. These & upcoming merch preorders guarantee you art/merch at the event as I'll have limited stock (flight baggage weight limits.)

Starts at $25 CAD
Order here: (Badge category)

#MastoArt #CreativeToots #SmallBusiness #Artist #Furry #Badge #Convention #Fureh #Dragon #Avali

#temrin #anthro #furry #sfw #WildElement Studios

Text says "Fureh Badge Preorders open". a collage of badge art, digital and traditional. top left is a grey and blue dragon that has glow paint. Top right is a black and blue avali. Bottom left is a doodle badge of a wolf, middle is a Mask and Vax badge of an eastern dragon character, and the right is a meowscarada and lucario mix.
7 months ago

maybe if I just add #FurEh someone will see this lol

A take home Badge commission for vilegoo ( ) of their character Terra, ordered at Fureh 2022~ A fun, cute, goopy boi!

#fureh #furry #anthro #goo #fantasyart #creature #mastoart #creativetoots

A badge done at Fureh for Ryujin. The font I wanted didn't come out quite as i'd hoped (was basing it off a future-y font with slices taken out of some corners) but really happy with the badge art~

#badge #furry #dragon #fureh #mastoart #creativetoots

Doodle badge done at Fureh, for Cyrus~

Get Behind the scenes content, guaranteed commissions, early access to finished works, vote on projects and more on Patreon ( )!

#fureh #mastoart #doodle #badge #creativetoots #dragon

Was at #Fureh this weekend. Crazy busy, first irl events for me since March 2020. Glad the con required masks in the DD (and vax or negative test), but disappointed at the lack of masks outside of (con staff cant control this since hotel doesnt mandate it), including friends. Only stuck around for den hours to work then left but it was a good weekend overall. Some art I completed during it:

Last thing i wanna do today, but limited time Shop opening before it's closed until end of July (visiting family now that my dad has recovered from cancer/treatment and all sales will help woth travel cost.)

Comment "fureh pickup" on order, I'll refund shipping and have at my #fureh table for pickup.

Shares help a lot!

Like Paws? It's time for a Poll! What Paw badges do you want to see me make for the initial release for Furality (and i'll probably have more from this list made for Fur-eh as well.) Vote at

#paws #pawbs #peets #badge #furry #animal #furality #fureh

Back on #PawDay I was inspired to start the long awaited PAWS badge set! More species coming but I'd love suggestions in the comments. Will be available in my sh0ps for #furality & IRL at #fureh.

Customs available at

#pawbs #peets #toebeans #mastoart #creativetoots