Zen :fox:
35 minutes ago

Happy Pride~!
Wonderful art by VampyBooXO! She does some wonderful stuff <3

#Furry #FurryArt #Pride

Zen in front of a rainbow background. A rainbow heart is painted on their face and a bi heart is on their shoulder.
DWC Marshal Arts
3 hours ago


Remember the Flowers's Lance "Cooper" Krager, fanart by DWC Marshal Arts

#furry #furryart #anthro #dwcmarshalarts #furries #furryfandom #vhs #painttooltsai #cooper #rtfvn #remembertheflowers

4 hours ago

Warmup sketch that I went a little too far with

#furryart #furry #sketch

4 hours ago

Some requests from back in 👀 2022, when i was experimenting with pixel art! Might try these again at some point, whaddya think?

#art #mastoart #pixelart #furry #furryart #digitalart

4 hours ago

Workin on a ref for my sona!
Its almost done

#DigitalArt #MastoArt #art #furry #furryart #fursona

Mink of the End
5 hours ago

Stuck between a rock-hard Rioluff and a, uh, pretty soft, squishy, burgeoning, boundlessly stretching cosmic displacement.

For and

#mink_art #furry #furryart #hyper #astronomical_hyper #cum_inflation #cum #riolu #rockruff #rioluff

Lewd cartoon drawing of a Rioluff (Riolu-Rockruff hybrid) with a cock and balls larger than himself inserted fully into a Riolu's rear. The Rioluff is grinning cockily, the Riolu looking worried, belly stretched out to the point it's translucent. The ground is cracking beneath the weight.
Alteration of the previous image with masses of cum bloating the belly to fill the entire frame, cum spewing from mouth, nose and rear.
Another alteration, now showing a cosmic bellyscape with glowing strands and orbs, plus a zoomed in of the two with even more cum spewing from every orifice.
Cairo Steele
5 hours ago

Sticker pack for Bytefast on FA!

#furryart #stickers

Cairo Steele
5 hours ago

Sticker pack for Bytefast on FA!

#furryart #stickers

Poll for the #FurryFediverse:

Hey there, I'm trying to get some feedback on a specific furry topic. It's not related to my instance, but in general:

What's your opinion on furry art / yiff reposting accounts on the fediverse?

#furry #furryfandom #fursona #furryart #yiff

6 hours ago

This is another take on coloring the seal sketch I got from Starwolfskin. This is courtesy of hectic_hermit on twitch.
I guess I can (sort of) call this my first fan art.
#furry #furryart #anthro #seal #tf

6 hours ago

finished ych for Salok + KB2001UwU on fa meow!

Tosho (dragon)- he/him.
Kb's kobold- they/them.
#FurryArt #SizeDifference #Kobold

KB's lava kobold seated at base of shaft of tosho, squeezing down at his balls and shaft like a cock ring while he holds lube (X-TRA SLICK LUBE) and plug in both hands. his pp peaks out. KB's kobold glows like nightlight from their lava belly, eyes and mouth.
6 hours ago

A story of the party toy

#furry #furryart #furryfandom #yiff #porn #nsfw #gay

6 hours ago

Maya asks you for help wyd?

#furryart #nsfw

Kurrikage :deifirev:
6 hours ago

Clear the streets! There's bats on the way.

Art by @AradorTD

#furry #furryart #Xander #bat #falsevampirebat

An image of a giant bat parade balloon being pulled along a highway between buildings.
7 hours ago

Aww she's trying to make friends...

Page 4 of Broken Sword

#comic #furry #furryart

7 hours ago

POV: Your neighbors invited Ahab to their rooftop barbecue

🎨: Excellent work as always from Essyx! #furry #furryart #macro #macromonday

A low-angle view of Ahab looking down at a rooftop barbecue with a happy and hungry expression on his beak. His huge hand is extended toward the roof, and a tiny person is offering a tiny plate piled high with food.
Intergalactic Doofus
7 hours ago

Mooood... 💚
#fatfur #furryart

Bloated fat dragon who absolutely loves how hefty he feels... Too big to fit his whole frame in a single canvas alone.
8 hours ago

Decided to do the #Barbie meme :blobfoxlaughsweat:

#FurryArt #MastoArt

Two mugshots of two anthro cats side by side; the one to the left, Alpha, looking confused; the one to the right, Ivory looking mischievous.
La Bête Nwar
9 hours ago

I now have a new purpose in life; improving all franchise with bunnies!

#MastoArt #legendofzelda #tearsofthekingdom #bunny #rabbit #furryart

A cartoon digital illustration on a furry bunny dressed as link from "tears of a kingdom".
Magz 🇿🇦
10 hours ago

Was stuck on redoing the shading multiple times for weeks as I kept not being happy with it and I honestly was thinking about scrapping this piece for now and finishing it at some other point but I kept going. I also didn’t plan to do soft shading, lighting, or a have a full background but as I went I felt better and better about this piece so wanted to add more to it.

#MastoArt #Queer #Furry #FurryArt #Animation

[Image ID:  Shown is a fullbody of an anthro lynx character. Notable  design features are her big ears, long fur, a big fluffy tail as well as  a butterfly motif throughout her design.  She is couching down, attempting to pick up an object that is  off-screen. She is looking at the viewer with heart eyes and is occasionally blinking.  She is couching on pavement with a fence on one side and road on the  other as well as mountains far behind her. END ID]
[Image ID:  Shown is a fullbody of an anthro lynx character. Notable  design features are her big ears, long fur, a big fluffy tail as well as  a butterfly motif throughout her design.  She is couching down, attempting to pick up an object that is  off-screen. She is looking at the viewer with heart eyes.  She is couching on pavement with a fence on one side and road on the  other as well as mountains far behind her. END ID]

Happy to announce my sticker pack now contains these two adorable stickers from !!

You can find my sticker pack over at:

#furry #furryart

Two stickers next to each other. The first one shows my character Purple wagging her tail. On the left there is a speech bubble calling her a good girl. 
The second sticker is her doing a dog trick, she's instructed "paw", in the sticker she lifts one paw and puts it on the paw of the instructor.

Halp, i got sacrificed to @/schlickwolf

Featuring @/EyeMaow
ripping my heart out and @/JellyBeanYeen
as a passive photographer who would not help me from being sacrificed.

#furality #furalitysylva #vr #socialvr #vrchat #chilloutvr #vtuber #furry #furryart #furryfandom #satan #dj

Espresso :bisexual_flag:
11 hours ago

Of course I had to make a matching icon for my boyfriend (who unfortunately doesn't use mastodon).

#pride #furry #furryart

💸✨ 2020 - Kangaroos!

Needed some kangaroo examples for my base, so I drew some roos from a few people on Twitter! Links to buy my roo base are on my website below!
🌸 Art © SukariDragon 🌸
🎍Character Credits in Image Description🎍
Please DO NOT repost or reupload without crediting me! Thank you!
✨ Follow my other social medias here:
💕 Support me on Patreon or Ko-Fi! 💕
#art #artwork #furryart

Character © Jomarie
Character © Shampoo_B
Character © TanoraSodaroo

The sale will go on till the end of Tuesday!

Furality was great! Sadly i got a bad case of concrud from Confuzzled, and was quite dead for most of it.

#furality #furalitysylva #vr #socialvr #vrchat #chilloutvr #vtuber #furry #furryart #furryfandom #sale

12 hours ago

Colored the dono sketch from @/WhenWolvesCryOut

#furry #furryart #digitalart #fanart

Red Panda poof tf
13 hours ago
Zenith Dreemurr
15 hours ago

sketch sheet june 5th, 2023


Mamath @ HOME
20 hours ago

@Znackish you're on masto!! Might I suggest #Furry and #FurryArt for tags! Also #DigitalArt and #MastoArt would be good

Great reminder during #PrideMonth "Be Gay, Do Crimes!" 🏳️‍🌈🧱🧱😘 did such an amazing job with this YCH, its super cute af! (Also first art of the new design!) 💜
#furry #furryart #pride

Xoddiel d'Croy
23 hours ago

You've been spotted by a stronk boi :3c

Another incredible artwork done by the amazing yali_yula!

#art #furry #furryart

An orca (Xoddiel) flexing his bicep while teasingly raising his tank top, revealing his abs.
Felis After Dark :over18:​
1 day ago

Fill er' Up!

Colored sketch for feat. my OC, Aylyn
#nsfw #art #cumflation #feline #sergal #furryart

Espresso :bisexual_flag:
1 day ago

Happy pride month from your local gay goat!

#pride #furryart #furry

A profile of a goat in front of the gay male pride flag. A smaller flag is held in his mouth. He's giving the viewer bedroom eyes.
Intergalactic Doofus
1 day ago

Seems like I won't be sleeping again tonight... Might as well take a stroll!

*Keeps everyone awake with tremors and stompy sounds*

#furryart #fatfur

Just taking a midnight stroll downtown as I have nothing better to do this kind of hour... Why am I so excited though??? XD

Releasing my June Patron lineart early this month for everyone to enjoy!

Colors included are:
Progressive (rainbow), pan, ace, bi, enby, lesbian, gay(MLM), trans, intersex, and genderfluid. There's also a blank layer for you to add your own pride colors ^^ 

#furryart #Patreon #pride #pride month #splash #lineart #june

digital art of a colorable lineart for Pride Month~ Has several different pride flag colors

Finally decided to finish this one that was lying around for months #furryart

bunny girl with a big belly looking to the side and blushing
1 day ago

Took me month to get around to post that one. it's probably one of my favorit art of all times!!!! This is what interesting themes and artistic liberty does!

#furryart #horror

1 day ago

Here's a WIP of a sequence featuring Jasper swelling up into a blueberry (as usual).

I've got quite a few WIP sequences like this now. It's just a matter of inking them at some point (which is why I haven't finished a lot of them as that's far and away the hardest part for me).

#furryart #belly #butt #fat #weightgain #blueberry #buttflation #inflation

A sequence featuring an anthro deer slowly swelling into a massive blueberry getting rolled into a tunnel by tiny workers.
An anthro deer crosses his arms with an annoyed expression as he starts to chew an experimental gum, his stomach soon swelling until the belt and buttons all pop loose, face and butt both fattening up as well.
A pear-shaped, massive anthro deer protests that he''s full, limbs sinking into his spherical form as he continues to swell, the workers observing him, surrounding him.
Now a giant blueberry, the massive anthro deer is rolled out of the room through a tunnel.

On my way to your neighborhood for this #KaiJune
Make sure to watch my step~

Amazing YCH by @Boyonomo over on Birdsite

#Furry #FurryArt #Macro #MacroMicro #Paws #Animation

A 3D animation of my fursonas paws walking through a city. Each step causes a camera shake.
1 day ago

Since many of you know, but Bella and I had our great wedding celebration yesterday. It was one of the best days of my life. And I was truly blessed to be able to share this day with so many of my closest friends.


A wolf and a dog are sitting on a cliff, close together, holding paws. Behind them is a lake surrounded by mountains and a night sky above. All the colours, except for the canines, are pink and purple.
Wiki Silence
1 day ago

Since I have been drawing a lot of arts over the past month, I thought it would be good to settle down and create some more chill art. I therefore decided to draw my OC Jack, I update his design and create a small reference sheet! I'm happy how he turns out! 😄
#art #artist #artwork #drawing #illustration #digitalart #digitalartist #digitalartwork #digitalIllustration #digitaldrawing #oc #OCartwork #ocdrawing #originalcharacter #furryart #furryartwork

Devourer (comms open)
1 day ago

Everyone knows that canines like to sniff and eat ass, and Wulver, a werewolf, is no exception to this rule.
Seems like he's loving my gooey tailhole, really digging in deep with his snout and tongue and causing me to murr and moan~

Art by mzmrt or -Imperax- on FA
Featuring @Teethboy

#rimming #ass #furryart #furrynsfw

🎨 Wiener Dog Works 🎨
1 day ago

Art Fight is next month! Time to get excited! 🤩🔪

Here's some pieces I did last year for Art Fight that I'm super proud of!

#Art #Drawing #Artwork #Furry #Furries #FurryArt #FurryFandom #Fursona #AnimalArt

A feral sparkledog dachshund girl with cactus ears, wearing a sweater and backwards baseball cap. She looks sassy.
A basset hound boy with extremely long floppy ears wearing a rainbow T-shirt and holding brontosaurus dinosaur plushie.
A Dragonite Pokémon fan character wearing a T-shirt that says Day Dream, and has a super curly tail and antennas with stars on the tips.
A cosmic brownie dalmatian, the sprinkles of the brownie are the spots.
Imp! [3/4 SLOTS OPEN]
2 days ago

Anyway, I did some goat studies just to draw stuff like this.

#furry #furryart #furryartist

Mamath @ HOME
2 days ago

Dragon (Paladin??) commission for St James :D

#FurryArt #Dragon #PenAndInk #InkDrawing #InkDrawing

A black and white ink drawing of an anthro dragon with a tattered coat over their shoulders and holding a sword
2 days ago

🎨 Art Stream! [NO MIC this time]
Dont worry, i'm playing some nostalgic music. maybe you'll find your new favourite song...
Come vibe🎶

#TwitchStream #Twitch #Art #FurryArt #ArtStream #Furry

A blue cartoon dog eating away and giant text that reads "STREAM"
Work-in-progress commission of a cartoon African WildDog
2 days ago

My friend Cyric's inkblot character Damien chillin on his tail.

#furryart #artwork #anthropomorphic #artist #drawing #furries #toon #cartoon #digitalart

Toon dragon sitton on their tail holding a big bottle of what seems to be alcohol. Inkblot toon style.
🔞 Za-owl 🦡
2 days ago

🔞 El in bikini and in the nude

Based on a sketch made during a boring remote meeting...

#NSFW #Explicit #yiff #furry #furryart #nsfwfurry #female #solo #nude #bikini #cat #anthro #abs

Magz 🇿🇦
2 days ago

Done with school stuff for a bit so finally was able to draw something for pride month! Happy Pride Month Everyone! Including my fellow closeted/not openly out as queer siblings!!

#MastoArt #Furry #FurryArt #PrideMonth

[Image ID:  Shown is a fullbody of a pink and black anthro demonic feline character. They are holding a large 9 Stripe Gilbert Pride flag in one hand and small nonbinary and bisexual flags in their other hand. They are looking at the viewer. Background is a photo of a piece of lined paper.  END ID]
Monster+ / +2020
2 days ago
🎨 Wiener Dog Works 🎨
2 days ago

A completed badge made for Mazz for the Conbadge Exchange on FurAffinity!

Featuring their son's moth cryptid character, named, well, Moth! I rarely ever get to draw bugs! 🦋

#Art #Drawing #Artwork #Furry #Furries #FurryArt #FurryFandom #Fursona #AnimalArt

A digital con badge of a moth character named moth. They look very fluffy and adorable, and is smiling while holding a PokéBall. The background is Pokémon related and is patterned with characters of Pikachu, Pichu, Meowth, Bulbasaur, Squirtle, Charmander, Jigglypuff, and Eevee.
Koodie Collie
2 days ago

I make mistakes and end up hurting the ones I love, it is the worst feeling.

Art gave me an outlet I never had before, and prevented me for hurting myself.

I’m doing better now, don’t be alarmed.

#MastoArt #FurryArt #sad

A crying otter, presenting its cracking heart, only lit by the faint light coming from it. A text on the right says “Please give me another chance”
The Gneech
2 days ago

I need to find me some more active cute-and-fanservicey-but-mostly-SFW furry artists to follow. @tigerknight is a master of the craft and an art-making machine, but expanding options is always good.

Any suggestions, .social? #FurryArt

2 days ago

Nur is always up to date with the newest advancements in military technology and tries to always have the best equipment available. This model uses cartridges containing the lead ball together with an already set amount of powder, considerably reducing the loading time. The wheel-lock mechanism sometimes gets jammed, but he's certain at some point someone will solve the issue.

#anthro #furry #furryart #TraditionalArt #medieval #fantasy #graphite #pencil #sketch #drawing #comic

3 days ago
A cheetah character with red hair licking a lollipop coloured in the same way the non binary flag is. The background is also the nonbinary flag, but patterned with leaves between each colour
3 days ago

The answer is "maybe“ but said with pride.

I’m proud of this shitpost.

Info regarding yesterday’s raffle:
There have been exactly 6 participants. So everybody who replied, wins.

Congrats to:
Mad kiwi and Artuniverse01 on twitter
Stupity and Alienwarek on Furaffinity
SpitzyTheClown and JackOTerrier on Deviantart

#furry #furryart #furryartwork #anthro #digitalart #comic #joke #kiwi #bat #fruit #fruitbat #pun #shitpost #meme #LGBTQIA #pridemonth

BLUR 🔜 Anthrocon
3 days ago

Looks like Kassy does pretty well under pressure~

Sketch for Irvine and kclt10

#FurryArt #MacroMicro #SizeArt #Paws #UnderPaw

Irvine, an anthro bat, stepping on Kassy, an anthro sheep. POV is seen from below with Irvine looking down smugly and Kassy partially under paw, blissfully hugging one of the toes
DWC Marshal Arts
3 days ago

Someone to wake up to.

“Good morning, Louis Percival...”

Louis Percival, Kirk Laklan, The Constellations of Louis Percival, and the Percivals series by DWC Marshal Arts

#furry #furryart #furries #furryfandom #dwcmarshalarts #thepercivals #louispercival #kirklaklan #anthro #digitalart #illustration

3 days ago

Bark! Say hi to the NEW Scatterplot! This is a remake of a suit I crafted back in 2012. So fresh!

#furry #fursuit #furryart #dog

Kinetic Fox
4 days ago

A snazzy new icon for a very good fennec! I wonder what he could be plotting… #MastoArt #Anthro #FurryArt #Furry #Fox #Fennec #Procreate

4 days ago

Nice weather, rainbows everywhere, it's pride month !
A good time to publish this great drawing of my Ethyos by @NamelessCoyote
#furry #furryart #pride #pridemonth

Drawing of my fursona Ethyos, an Ethiopian Wolf.
He he is looking at the viewer, smiling, blinking an eye, and have a large rainbow pride paint streak on the face.

Mid-effort sona pixel art for Pride Month!! That's all I got! lol

#DigitalArt #PixelArt #FurryArt #Pride #PrideMonth #MastoArt

Pixel art of my raccoon fursona Mint. Her hair has transgender flag colored highlights and she has bisexual flag colored face-paint across her cheeks.

Art done: June 1st, 2023
Meru Snowmew
4 days ago

Time to do the Pride thing. Here's a 2021 icon by
💙 💜 ❤️ #FurryArt #Pride

Pride headshot icon for a snow leopard, with a bi flag background and those colors splashed across his face in paint
Null 🐌
4 days ago

Happy to announce that books are open for digital illustrations, with a twist: For June only, I'm offering avatars and vignettes with color schemes inspired by pride colors of your choosing!

Books close June 18th, or earlier if slots fill sooner.

For commercial work, please use the email in my bio. :]

Form, Pricing, etc:

Thank you!

[ #FediArt #MastoArt #ArtistForHire #FurryArt #Pride ]

An animated illustration with text reading "Commissions Open". In the corner a little demon character draws on their digital tablet.
An illustration of a bipedal chimera character climbing up a pole to a crows nest. Lighting streaks across the sky above as the character gazes down past the viewer with a smarmy expression.
An illustration of a weird snail with tiny horns and a flame floating above their head. They are adorn in the non-binary flag colors.
An illustration of a punky possum adorn in the trans pride colors. Their expression is a little cocky and mischievous.
La Bête Nwar
4 days ago

Lancelot Shadow, all my current obsession in one character!

#MastoArt #furryart

Lancelot Shadow from the Sonic franchise is riding a horse with a golden armor.
4 days ago

Happy Pride Month, y'all! Make sure the whole city knows that you're proud of who you are.

Thanks to @godbirdart for this wonderful pride sticker!

#furry #furryart #pride #pridemonth

Ahab as a macro, standing in a city, waving a bi pride flag. The buildings he's leaning on are lit up in bi pride colors.
5 days ago

Wearing the colours of the Pittsburgh Pirates, it's Cojo!

#furryart #art

Illustration of a fox character, Cojo, wearing MLB team Pittsburgh Pirates' outfit, posing with one hand on the hips, leaning against the bat with legs crossed.
La Bête Nwar
5 days ago

Illustration I did for Numpad0. Thanks a lot for trading with me :)

#MastoArt #furryart

A capricorn furry character is underwater. He is inside a wrecked ship full of treasure.
5 days ago

Here’s the full page btw:
(Sorry about the bad handwriting)

#playdate #gamedev #furry #furryfandom #furryart

Some raccoon drawings with a panic playdate

There is some writing around it describing who they are.

Species is raccoon and then there is a list of attributes.
- gamedev
- likes playdate
- is small
- is a nerd
- androgynous 
- dork 
- will cuddle for snacks
- is cute but will bite

💸💕🤝 2020 - Werewolves!

Some art done on my werewolf base! Link to my bases in my bio ✨ The last two examples have custom edits that are not included in the base files.
🌸 Art © SukariDragon 🌸
🎍Character Credits in Image Description🎍
Please DO NOT repost or reupload without crediting me! Thank you!
✨ Follow my other social medias here:
💕 Support me on Patreon or Ko-Fi! 💕
#art #artwork #furryart

Character © SukariDragon
Character © BrisketRaccoon
Character © LycanRaptor
Character © LycanRaptor
Null 🐌
6 days ago

Alrighty folks, I know we don't like ads but I have to inform you that there's only a few days left before pre-orders close. And once it closes, you won't be able to get these!

Profits will be going to help me cover some medical expenses coming my way this Fall, so every bit is greatly appreciated. :]

Get them here!

And if you can't order one but still want to help, telling your friends also helps out a ton!

Thank you!

[ #furry #furryArt #lgbtq ]

A graphic with a bat holding a colorful Pride ribbon. In front are two shirts with that illustration imposed on it. Text: Preorder now!
A graphic with info and social icons. Text: Ways to help for free! Share. Boost. Engage. Every bit helps!
Koodie Collie
6 days ago

Pawfessor Koodie Collie is here to teach you all about dog things, especially balls!

Also will probably double as my pride month icon. :3

#Art #MastoArt #FurryArt #collie #dog #ball #ArtWithOpenSource #Krita

A black and gray, with purple nose and purple round glasses, cartoon border collie.

They are holding a ball with ace flag colors in their maw, looking on the right, and standing in front of a blackboard with various formulas about spheres
Kenai Ulfr
1 week ago

Been posing a lot of foxes and wolves. Here’s a blue cat instead for a change. #vr #vrchat #vrchatfurry #furry #furryart #3dart

The back of a blue anthropomorphic cat with symbols that curve up from the spine and a rune center of the lower back.
A side view of the right side of the same anthropomorphic cat with a sky blue diamond on its arms and a smaller rune on its hips and chest.
The front view of the same blue cat with a rune on the center of the chest roughly resembling a triangle with a circle in the center.
1 week ago

@Curator @loren
Here you go! :ms_squirrel:

Although, looking at the other submissions I might have taken it too serious :blobfoxlaughsweat:

#FurryArt #MastoArt

Drawing of an anthro squirrel with a "pear" body shape, sitting on the ground with several pears strewn around them.
Silver Sebastian🦊
1 week ago

I don’t take on very many commissions, but a local wanted to take a gift to a friend in Finland, Sika the Marten and that sounded like a lot of fun.

#watercolor #FurryArt #MastoArt

A watercolor painting of a happy pine marten character with blue eyes, front paws resting on the edge of the window
🎨 Wiener Dog Works 🎨
1 week ago

A stupid doodle that I liked enough to finish, that ended up being stupidly cute.

It's me on most occasions. Empty-headed dog.

#Art #Drawing #Artwork #Furry #Furries #FurryArt #FurryFandom #Fursona #AnimalArt

A bust drawing of Jordan the chihuahua. They are looking at the viewer with a blank expression, and their tongue is sticking out in a little blep.

Ready for #pridemonth2023 with this cute new icon! 🏳️‍🌈

🎨 @azsharakletete


A vibrant drawing of a head-shot of Colto Fox  wearing a rainbow bandana. He's peeking out of a circular window and behind him is a pride rainbow.
2 weeks ago
Acrylic painting of a rainbow coloured wolf, looking directly at the viewer with white eyes. The painting is leaning against a bench with plants growing behind.
2 weeks ago

Complete redesign of my sona cause the old Koda just didn't vibe with me anymore.

#MastoArt #furryart

A digital drawing of a fluffy raccoon with piercings wearing a hoodie.
🐱 AussieKitten 🎨
4 weeks ago

Gift for SnowyFoxxie!

☕️𝚂𝚞𝚙𝚙𝚘𝚛𝚝 𝚖𝚢 𝚠𝚘𝚛𝚔
⭐️𝙵𝚒𝚗𝚍 𝚖𝚎 𝚑𝚎𝚛𝚎 𝚝𝚘𝚘
💬𝙹𝚘𝚒𝚗 𝚘𝚞𝚛 𝚌𝚘𝚖𝚖𝚞𝚗𝚒𝚝𝚢
🎁 𝙶𝚒𝚏𝚝 𝙰𝚞𝚜𝚜𝚒𝚎

#furry #furrys #furryarts #furryart #furryartwork #furryfandom #furries #furrycommunity #furryartist #anthro #fox

4 weeks ago

the better linux mascot
#furry #furryart #linux #xenia

Drawing of Xenia. An anthropomorphic fox, holding a Thinkpad with a transgender sticker standing next to the Linux logo
Keeper of the orb
1 month ago

Hi hello anyone want me to draw for you?! Im trying to build a fund buffer for the yearly vet visits (its a little pricey bc ren is a senior)

Dm, email or use my form:


Boosts appreciated!

#mastoArt #furryArt

Art of kat the rat prepping for a stream
Art of sudaksis the kuviak listening to music on headphones
Art of luna the cat inspecting a stick
Art of kent the capybara amid a flower called snowdrops, enjoying his coffee
Freya Holmér
1 month ago

doodles from stream last night 🐱

do we use hashtags on mastodon? I forget


Lughaidh, the 🐅
1 month ago


It’s been nearly 4 months since I drew my first ever reference, and I’ve learnt a LOT in a time about drawing and have tweaked my sona’s design over that period. So I thought I would make a new reference sheet as I wanted to make something that would stand out a bit! #furryart #fursona #oc

Reference picture for anthropomorphic tiger named Lughaidh, an orange tiger with brown markings, with a front and back view and two optional clothes references. Text reads: Pronouns: he/they; height 5’9 (175cm) weight 200lb (90.8kg); tiger; gay; inventory: three icons, one of a mug of tea, one of an iPhone, and one of a Brompton fold up bike. Likes and dislikes: 80s J-pop, dark chocolate, tube socks, trains, dancing, humid weather, dentist visits,
extra layers of clothing. Social media handles: (Mastodon); gogotigerguy (Twitter). In the two smaller reference pics, he wears a tee, jeans in one outfit and a tank top and shorts with tube socks in another. Help text alongside the outfits from top clockwise : comfy tee plus jeans combo equals heart; gold chain; wears lots of athleisure wear plus has no idea what a sport is; no shoes (sometimes wears socks!); tail always fluid
Lughaidh, the 🐅
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Love playing round with papercraft ❤️

caffeinated bull boi (char not mine) #furryart #procreate

Illustration with some papercraft with an anthropomorphic bull in half tone print holding a coffee cup. The text beside him reads “once I get my coffee I get mooving”.
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Another 360-degrees panoramic picture! This time, 's Piper and are running the pre-flight checks before going on a fun weekend trip for some fishing in the mountains!

Pic is, as usual, on Kuula, and works best if you're seeing it on a phone <3 enjoy!

#art #furryart #panorama

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Here's ~the guy,~ Mortis! Crafted for Will Toledo of Car Seat Headrest. This is one of my fave projects ever, it was just such a fun design and a real trip (and surprise!!!) to see it being worn for performances. :3

#furry #fursuit #furryart

Super love how @vateo draw up my charr/yeen. Very happy with it :dragnheart:​

Always love seeing what they draw up def check them out

#Art #Furry #FurryArt #MastoArt #Charr #Yeen #Hyena #Gw2 #GuildWars2

Drawing of a charr/yeen on a purple and pink background by

Got this amazing art a while back done by Mr Lemur (twitter)

Very happy with the out come :dragnheart:​ If ones like seening cool yeen art I would def check them out.

#Art #Furry #FurryArt #MastoArt #Charr #Yeen #Hyena #Gw2 #GuildWars2

Drawing in picture frame of a charr/yeen hybrid. by Mr Lemur
Drawing of a charr/yeen hybrid. by Mr Lemur
Arvo 🔜 AC
1 month ago

Another commission I just got from Yorozumaru. I love how this outfit looks on my fursona.

Yorozumaru's Twitter:

#art #furryart #furry #commission

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Some fanart I made not too long ago from the warriors cats books! I'm not too involved in the fandom but I get some good nostalgia from them on occassion. #warriorcats #furry #furryart #digitalart #warriors

a sketchy cartoon drawing of a slender gray tabby cat, Jayfeather from the Warriors cats books, with faded feather shapes in the background
BLUR 🔜 Anthrocon
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Up on cloud 9000(ft)~

Sketch for iskar_h

#Furry #FurryArt #Bat #Macrofur

A large anthro macro bat, lying on his belly, relaxing on some clouds high above a city

💀This is old 2019 art!💀

While working on a sergal base, I put our sergal designs in the line art to test it out! I also tweaked Sirius's design a little, with permission from my husband of course!
🌸 Art © SukariDragon 🌸
🎍Character © SukariDragon & SiriusSergal🎍
Please DO NOT repost or reupload without crediting me! Thank you!
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#art #artwork #furryart
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commission from 🖌️ StarDustShiba #furryart #furry

a bust shot of my snow leopard character, looking coyly at the viewer
Lughaidh, the 🐅
1 month ago

[22/30] Timely!! - Anri (1983)

Wanted to do a bit more of this detail wise, but battling a storage issue on the iPad so may have to wait to redo!

A track off this album is a great start to ANY good City-pop mixtape that you can find. Give me that Pacific breeze any day, which is what this tiger and bull boi are enjoying on the beach :ms_pinched_fingers_paw_d2:

Love this palette so much!

🎵: #furryart

An illustration of an anthropomorphic bull and tiger, on a beach which appears windy. The tiger wears a pair of neon pink speedos, looking towards a bull, wearing a blue shirt and lilac shorts. The bull as he runs with a kite, flying in the air.
The album art for Anri’s 1983 album Timely!! The artist stands against a white brick wall, hands to their brow as if looking out.
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I've been wanting to have a keychain with a picture of my sona on it for a while now, and now I finally have the artwork I want to put on the keychain ^^

Art by OggyTheFox (

#furry #furryart

Polarie faces the viewer and forms a heart with his paws in front of his chest. The background has different shades of blue