Harold Jarche
2 hours ago

Before this pandemic, management was the key obstacle to telecommuting. It still is. Hybrid workplaces are an effort by management to hang on to power and privilege for as long as possible.

#RemoteWork #DistributedWork #FutureOfWork

Principle of Network Management — It is only through innovative and contextual methods, the self-selection of the most appropriate tools and work conditions and willing cooperation that more productive work can be assured. The duty of being transparent in our work and sharing our knowledge rests with all workers, especially management. —Harold Jarche
Avanti Kumar
1 day ago

Disruptive.Asia look behind the scenes of why Telekom Malaysia (TM) has chalked up new milestones on its transformational journey towards becoming a human-centred TechCo with the launches in Cyberjaya of TM Campus & new HQ.

#DigitalMalaysia #techco #telco #Digital #futureofwork #human #AI #inclusion #DisruptiveAsia

Santi Garcia
1 day ago

“When it comes to #AI, we need more than new rules: we need to recognize that this might be an entirely new game. And that will require an entirely new approach to public policy”

Gita Gopinath, First Deputy Managing Director, IMF, on the power and perils of the “artificial hand”


2 days ago

RemoteWork.Chat »Forbes Future Of Work Summit 2023: Leaders Talk Change In The Workplace« #RemoteFirst #RemoteWork #RemoteTeam #Collaboration #FutureOfWork

IT News
2 days ago

The case for letting workers live in the WFH la-la land - Work can be pretty stressful these days: globally tech workers have had to deal wi... - #corporatesandinnovation #startupsandtechnology #futureofwork

Benjamin P. Taylor
2 days ago

Me on the #futureofwork

"This morning at Heathrow Airport I saw a cleaning bot stuck on a rubber line on the floor. In what world is it better to have £30K robots than humans?" | TechFinitive

Peter du Toit
2 days ago

The ability to work from anywhere, effectively and long-term, will become increasingly important as we move deeper into the climate crisis.

Location independence will become a superpower.

#futureofwork #workfromanywhere #climateliteracy

IT News
2 days ago

Why the future won’t look like a sci-fi movie - This article features an interview with Nick Foster, former Head of Design for Goo... - #corporatesandinnovation #startupsandtechnology #futureofwork

2 days ago

There’s no future scenario that won’t see the dominance of remote work over traditional working methods.
Firms refusing to adapt risk facing their own moment of obsolescence, similar to Kodak and Blockbuster.
#remotework #futureofwork #workfromanywhere

Antonio Santos 🇵🇹
3 days ago

CEOs keep making false claims about in-office work being a driver of collaboration, creativity and innovation. After Farmers Group told staff last year they would be remote, some sold cars or moved to new cities. #WorkTrends #FutureOfWork

Thomas Krause
3 days ago

hab heute mit unternehmern und managern mittelständischer produzierender betriebe über die 4-tage-woche gesprochen.

war erstaunt zu lernen, dass sie diese bereits als kommenden fakt akzeptieren und die herausforderung annehmen, dies in ihren organisationen umzusetzen.

#futureofwork #futuresofwork #futureofoz

Mads Kristensen
3 days ago

Employers would probably be ok with the cost of Apple Vision Pro in exchange for less cost for other home office provisions and an increase in productivity.

Procastination is going to be an even bigger issue, isn't it?

#apple #visionpro #futureofwork #remotework

Mads Kristensen
3 days ago

Apple Vision Pro as the future home office? Why not?

You work from home. You're alone. You need a big screen. You don't want to spend too much room setting up for your work.

Would you be able to get all your work done using a Vision Pro? Maybe not. But then it's easy to step out of your office. Just remove the goggles.

Same goes with work-life balance: Just remove the goggles.


#apple #visionpro #remotework #futureofwork

IT News
3 days ago

Generative AI will help your business handle more customer issues, faster - There’s a lot of buzz around generative AI’s potential to push productivity into h... - #corporatesandinnovation #futureofwork #deeptech

4 days ago

"@amazon unfazed by #RemoteWorkers protesting #ReturnToOffice: ‘There’s more energy, #collaboration, connections’"

Not an awful take. #Innovation is a contact sport. But it's not all or nothing.

The #FutureOfWork for knowledge workers is #HybridWork.

We Are Open Co-op
4 days ago

S06 E02 of our podcast 'The Tao of WAO' is now live! @epilepticrabbit and @dajb talk to Emily Goligoski, Head of Research at Charter. Emily is wicked smart and thinking about the future of work, what we really need from work, mentorship in the workplace and so much more.

Listen on SoundCloud or wherever you get your podcasts!

#podcast #mentorship #FutureOfWork #UserResearch #wellbeing

Antonio Santos 🇵🇹
5 days ago

Henrique Garcia, one of the most experient Portuguese journalists was fired from TVI TV Channel at the age of 70th. 1/3 of Europeans have been discriminated against because of age. It happens mainly at work and the main victims are women. #FutureOfWork #Portugal

Antonio Santos 🇵🇹
5 days ago

ChatGPT took their jobs. Now they walk dogs and fix air conditioners. Technology used to automate dirty and repetitive jobs. Now, artificial intelligence chatbots are coming after high-paid ones. #WorkTrends #FutureOfWork

Man looking the the window. Eric Fein at his home in Bloomingdale, Ill. Fein lost many of his writing jobs to ChatGPT and plans to attend the College of DuPage technical school in the fall to study heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems. (Taylor Glascock for The Washington Post)
Karthik S
5 days ago

4/4 PS: Highly recommended watch - the 2012 Swedish sci-fi TV series 'Real Humans', or its British adaptation by Channel 4, 'Humans', from 2015. The series is set in an alternative near-future version of Sweden/Britain where consumer-level humanoid robot workers and servants are widespread, and explores the social, cultural, and psychological impact of such anthropomorphic robots called "synths".

#AI #artificialintelligence #chatgpt #robot #robots #futureofwork

6 days ago

From Critics to Creators: Channeling Energy into Constructive Ideas for a Collaborative Future via ayeletb on %40Thinkers360 %23FutureofWork %23HealthandWellness %23Leadership via @ayeletb on @thinkers360 #FutureofWork #HealthandWellness #Leadership

Harold Jarche
1 week ago

Knowledge artisans provide an opportunity to reconnect humans and work. Industrialization compartmentalized tasks and jobs. Artisans work the entire creative process. Yes, we can use tools like GPT and LLMs, but it’s our humanity that creates something unique, and not an iteration of what has been scraped by machines from that which has already been created and shared by people.

#AI #LLM #KnowledgeWork #FutureOfWork

Principle of Network Management — It is only through innovative and contextual methods, the self-selection of the most appropriate tools and work conditions and willing cooperation that more productive work can be assured. The duty of being transparent in our work and sharing our knowledge rests with all workers, especially management. —HJ
Antonio Santos 🇵🇹
1 week ago

A baby boomer who quit his 6-figure job rather than return to the office says managers are threatened by remote work and just want people back so they can see them working #RemoteWork #FutureOfWork

People inside a bus. Commuters.
IT News
1 week ago

How to deal with an egotistical CEO - Here’s the thing, it doesn’t take long for an outsized ego to manifest itself in t... - #futureofwork

Steve Bogner
1 week ago

If you are involved in or interested in Enterprise Computing, check out Diginomica - they provide a good perspective on it that you won't find elsewhere. I've followed them for years and found it valuable.

#EnterpriseComputing #HRTech #FutureOfWork

2 weeks ago

Psychology: regression.
Key: monumental failure of leadership.
Return-to-office mandates aren't a testament to remote work's failure, but rather a retreat to familiarity amid economic volatility. Remote work has proven its worth; the pivot back is more about seeking the comfort of old norms than dismissing new efficiencies.
Return to office is “regression to office”.

#FutureOfWork #remotework #regression #returntooffice

2 weeks ago

Facing the future with curiosity and courage, let's delve into the intersection of #AI and the job market. Is the fear of job loss due to AI real or perceived? And where does #GPT4 stand in all this? @rizonesoft unveils the truth behind AI's intimidating mask in our latest article. We invite you to read, share, and discuss! Let's embrace the future of work, together. 🤖🚀 #ArtificialIntelligence #FutureOfWork #Rizonesoft -

CEOs thought the return to office debate was over. It looks like they were wrong - taking a sudden hard line on return-to-office policies isn't necessarily going to work, and in fact, can be bad for talent retention and recruitment efforts. #FutureOfWork

Two people. View of a city.
IT News
2 weeks ago

Want do the EU’s new gender pay gap rules mean for your startup? - It’s been 66 years since the EU first introduced the principle of equal pay for ma... - #governmentandpolicy #nextfeatured #futureofwork

Dion Hinchcliffe
2 weeks ago

New Post: My Analysis of
#Microsoft's #AI and #Copilot Announcements for the Digital Workplace

I explore the AI news at #MSBuild, plus make recommendations for #digitalworkplace and #employeeexperience teams.

#FutureOfWork #GenerativeAI #LLMs #cio

Curious about what skills are required to work in an empowered way?

If you're at NDC Oslo, join me tomorrow, 🗓️ May 26th, at 9:00 in Room 8.

I'll be doing my talk "The Empowered Engineer" and sharing what we need to change in how we approach our work, from building good software to building great products customers love.

#NDCOslo #empowerment #futureofwork

2 weeks ago

Cracking the Code for Effective Leadership | Alain Hunkins via @HireAuthority on @thinkers360 #Leadership #HR #FutureofWork

Nike CEO John Donahoe says brands need to stand by their values amid DeSantis, Disney feud and pointed to racial and social justice, youth sports and sustainability as Nike’s most important values. #WorkTrends #FutureOfWork

Nike CEO John Donahoe in picture says brands need to stand by their values amid DeSantis, Disney feud
Heather Croft (she/her)
2 weeks ago

#UVic Co-op students have contributed to several recent research publications. Big shout outs to first author undergrads Andrew Rodd, who designed plasmids for cloning in B. subtilis at the University of Victoria, and to Colten R. Hodak, who studied the effect of antimicrobial growth promoters on chicken microbiota at Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada!!!

#FutureOfWork #WorkIntegratedLearning

IT News
2 weeks ago

Workplace surveillance in the EU: Here’s what you need to know - Last September, Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella identified an issue that was eating aw... - #futureofwork #insider

2 weeks ago

German Federal Chancellor, @OlafScholz , extends a warm welcome to all at the opening of the #ETUC50 Congress in Berlin.
European trade union leaders will exchange views on the #FutureofWork and Europe and on a stronger ETUC.


Dion Hinchcliffe
3 weeks ago

The only hierarchy of digital #employeeexperience that you really need.

Empower workers to reach their full potential with the a contextual, enabling #digitalworkplace.

Must tackle the fundamentals well (access, usability, etc.) first. But can be done w/ today's #tech.


Hemerson Paes
3 weeks ago

What collaboration barriers do you face more frequently? What keeps you from expressing your skills and working collaboratively?
Last month I talked on the Living Room Conversations about obstacles at work. I listed process, self-imposed barriers and cultural barriers.
#humanocracy #futureofwork #HumanCapital #Collaboration

Once darlings of investors, Africa’s B2B e-commerce startups are struggling to survive. Amid the global funding crunch, B2B startups are scaling back operations and laying off employees. #Startups #Africa #WorkTrends #FutureOfWork

Text Shot: Once darlings of investors, Africa’s B2B e-commerce startups are struggling to survive
Amid the global funding crunch, B2B startups are scaling back operations and laying off employees.
Peter du Toit
3 weeks ago

Every country will have its own emissions profile. (US shown)

There is SO much we can do RIGHT NOW to change these numbers! Let’s look at what we can do to slash transportation emissions:

🚶‍♀️Walk to work if you can
🚲 Cycle to work if you can
🚝 Use public transport
🚙 Use an EV if you can
🏡 Work from home 3 days per week
✈️ Meet/Present online instead of flying

May 20th 2023:

CO2 423.58 ppm
Global temp. +1.27°C

#futureofwork #climateliteracy #mitigation #leadership

Pie graph showing emissions breakdown by sector in the United States:

Transportation 28%
Electric Power 25%
Industry 23%
Commercial & Residential 13%
Agriculture 10%
Erik Sagen
3 weeks ago

Intrigued by the discussions on AI's potential to replace 'lower-level' jobs, I delved into Kurt Vonnegut's Player Piano. It's astonishing how the echoes of the past in Vonnegut's writing now resonate more profoundly than ever before. Brace yourselves for a future where his prophetic vision may become our reality. #AI #FutureOfWork #PlayerPiano

Pratik Patel
3 weeks ago

Oh look at this. No wonder banks and other institutions want people to work from their offices rather than from #remote locations.

Bankers are better behaved when they work from home and engage in an astonishing amount of financial misconduct when they work from the office, report finds.

#Work #FutureOfWork

Upol Ehsan
3 weeks ago

Weekend reflections: equity in the workplace

Scheduling calls with international teams is a challenge. Making the solution unjust only adds to the problem. But how can scheduling be unjust?

Here's a real-life example: the team is distributed in US, Germany, and Bangladesh. Almost all calls prioritize US and Germany time zones.

See the problem here?

A 🧵 👇

#futureofwork #collaboration #work #teamwork #strategy #academia #mastodon


Did you know? While most companies believe only 4%-7% of their workforce have disabilities, a recent study by Boston Consulting Group discovered that an astonishing 25% of employees self-identify as having a disability or health condition.

Graphic created by AI. Woman in a suit in a futuristic office
IT News
3 weeks ago

5 ways Europe can reduce the risks of AI replacing jobs - It seems barely a day goes by without reports of artificial intelligence replacing... - #governmentandpolicy #nextfeatured #futureofwork #insider

3 weeks ago

"Spacetop is an #AugmentedReality laptop for #RemoteWork on the go"

Awesome!! #Innovation like this will help adapt to #WfH & #WfWW!

Also exposes those demanding #ReturnToOffice as lacking the imagination needed to lead the #FutureOfWork

HT @engadget

Dion Hinchcliffe
3 weeks ago

The trend towards converging the design + realization of #customerexperience + #employeeexerience, which I predicted years ago, has now become a major one in 2023.

Known now as #TotalExperience, reflects fact that all experience is connected, part of a continuum.


Artificial general intelligence, a system in which computers have human-level cognitive abilities, could be achievable within a few years, said Google DeepMind CEO Demis Hassabis. #WSJFUTURE #FutureOfWork #WorkTrends

Demis Hassabis
1 month ago

"@Airbnb #CEO: Bosses demanding office work likely 'going to Europe in August'"

x 💯!!

There are good reasons to want staff in an office - and leaders too.

But most #ReturnToWork is just lousy managers panicking.

#WfH #WfWW #FutureOfWork

Thomas Krause
1 month ago

how to work in such teams?

how to cope as a human?

how to organize and manage such teams?

#futuresofwork #futureofwork #futuresofoz

1 month ago

"@Microsoft #Teams getting animated backgrounds for your meetings"

Coz that'll fix #RemoteWork & #HybridWork issues for #WfH staff living a dystopian #FutureOfWork, right? 🙄

Tho @MicrosoftTeams could hardly get worse.

I'll take my downvotes offline.

IBM could replace 7,800 jobs with artificial intelligence, CEO says #WorkTrends #FutureOfWork

Google employees complain about CEO Sundar Pichai's pay raise as cost cuts hit rest of the company #WorkTrends #FutureOfWork

European workers: 7% worked long hours in 2022 - Iceland had the highest share of workers with long hours, followed by, Greece, France, Cyprus, Italy, Portugal, Belgium, ireland, Czechia,Austria, Poland and Sweden #WorkTrends #FutureOfWork #axschat

Top countries: Iceland, Greece, France, Cyprus, Italy, Portugal, Belgium, ireland, Czechia,Austria, Poland, Sweden
Simon Ives 🇦🇺
1 month ago

This is a nice review, now I really want to read this book by Jenny Odell!

#FutureOfWork #Economics

Code Division
1 month ago

The cost of living is rising, and for disadvantaged communities access to quality skills programs and employment opportunities is more important than ever.

Code Division are committed to providing transformative digital skills programs that empower people to thrive, but we rely on the support of businesses and organisations across the UK to make it happen.

Will you help us create a brighter future?

Get in touch today via email: 🌟

#Digital #FutureOfWork

Infographic for Code Division's appeal for support. The post contains purple graphic elements, a picture of a sunflower and the Code Division logo. 

Text reads: 

"appeal for support - Digital Empowerment for Ukrainians.

At present, there are over 150,000 displaced Ukrainians in the UK. Many live in unsuitable temporary accommodation and struggle to find meaningful work. Over 80% of displaced Ukrainians are educated to degree level or above, but struggle to find resources that will support them into employment, as there is currently no funding available.

As the cost of living rises, Code Division are calling on the support of businesses and organisations across the UK to help fund transformative digital skills programs for disadvantaged communities, including refugees, women, and those on low income.

Will you support us in our effort to combat digital inequality in the UK?

Get in touch:"

The U.S. economy is losing $26.6 billion a year due to lost productivity and health expenses resulting from employees who are managing menopause symptoms, according to a new report. How Does Menopause Affect Women in the Workplace?

#FutureOfWork Putting out of office on, because of you’re going TO the office. Going there is for stuff you can only do in person, so no opportunity to respond to messages.

Harold Jarche
1 month ago

The constraint of the #job and the #FutureOfWork

JOB is a four-letter word (2010)

The post-job economy (2013)

A job is just a role that cannot change (2014)

As routine & procedural work gets automated, human work will be increasingly complex, requiring permanent skills for continuous learning & adaptation (2017)

We don't need no stinking jobs (2021)

Microsoft will reportedly unbundle Teams from Office - It hopes to head off an EU investigation, but ‘a deal is not certain.’ #DigitalWorkplace #FutureOfWork

Peter du Toit
1 month ago

"Business as usual"

🛰️ CO2 423.64 ppm (Apr 23, 2023)
🌊 Global Sea Surface Temperature 21ºC (Apr 23, 2023)
🌡️ Global Average Temperature above preindustrial +1.27ºC (Apr 25, 2023)

#futureofwork #climateliteracy #climatecrisis #leadership

Image showing all aircraft in the air at any given time.

Discover the Path to a Sustainable Future: Join Me in Exploring Maja Göpel's 'Rethinking Our World – An Invitation to Rescue Our Future' 🌍🌱
#Sustainability #FutureOfWork

Generative AI picture p a human exploring nature. A Forest and a lake near by. Buildings merged with nature emerge at a distance.
Code Division
2 months ago

Don't miss out on the opportunity to boost your brand's online presence with the help of talented fresh minds from Code Division Courses! More information via the link 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿⭐️

#business #opportunity #technology #innovation #career #digital #tech #talent #freshgraduates #nonprofit #leadership #recruitment #SkillsForTheFuture #EducationForAll #DigitalSkills #Training #DigitalLiteracy #Courses #FutureOfWork #DigitalEmpowerment #WomenInTech #WomenReturners #DigitalMarketing

Grand entretien dans Le Grand Continent, où je parle des recherches de notre équipe #DiPLab sur l'IA et les travailleurs de la donnée au Venezuela, en Égypte et à Madagascar—ainsi que de la violence symbolique des data scientists. En français👉 #intelligenceartificielle #crowdworkers #datawork #automation #futureofwork

Meta paid #VR developers salaries of up to $1 million. Facebook’s owner is now in financial trouble. Programmers’ high pay is just a sliver of the company’s multibillion-dollar metaverse investment. #WorkTrends #FutureOfWork #Metaverse

Meta event
Code Division
2 months ago

Watch how Aileen successfully switched careers & found balance with Code Division ⭐️

We’re on a mission to help more people like Aileen find quality work that suits them, but we can’t do it without you!

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#FutureOfWork #Digital #Transformation

This is a short narrative video containing animated images of a woman at work. 

The text reads as follows: 

Aileen was an accountant by trade. After the birth of her first child, she realised that her current role didn’t offer the flexibility that she needed to thrive in both her professional and personal life. 

Code Division’s Digital Marketing Essentials program was the perfect fit for her. With flexible hours, online classes and personalised learning, Aileen was able to develop her Marketing skills at her own pace. 

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At the end of the video, there is a prompt to visit to read our latest report and collaborate on solutions that help Women like Aileen into quality careers.
Markus Tacker
2 months ago

This is pretty significant: one of the largest unions in Germany (IG Metall which has two million members) demands a 4-day work week.

Code Division
2 months ago

We've moved servers! Happy to be here 🙌

To all who don't know us: we are Code Division, a non-profit learning centre based in Glasgow.

We're committed to fighting digital inequality and building a more equitable tech sector, we do this by running as many free community courses as we can!

We fund these courses by providing IT Services & Consultancy to SME's, and also with help from some of our fab funding partners.

Check out the site for more info!


Harold Jarche
2 months ago

Five ways that people can adapt to automation & intelligent machines.

• Step-up: directing the machine-augmented world (creativity)

• Step-in: using machines to augment work (deep thinking)

• Step-aside: doing human work that machines are not suited for (empathy)

• Step narrowly: specializing narrowly in a field too small for augmentation (passion)

•Step forward: developing new augmentation systems (curiosity)

#ML #AI #GPT #FutureOfWork

The VR office is currently being tried and tested as a tool for remote work, and the results prove its ineffectiveness.

An experiment at a German university found that, from a whole week working entirely in VR, task load increased by 35%, frustration shot up by 42% and anxiety by 19%. Therefore, it perhaps is not the most exciting prospect to imagine a world where we are so intensely immersed in the stresses of everyday business.
#FutureOfWork #Metaverse

Theodora Lau
3 months ago

Professors published a paper on AI with a ‘plot twist’ — ChatGPT wrote it

#Academic #futureofwork #ChatGPT #AI via @WashingtonPost

A recent study at the University of Birmingham found that 52% of managers agreed that working from home improves concentration, 60% said it improves productivity, and 63% stated it increases motivation.
#FutureOfWork -

Someone working from home. Books, coffee, gadgets. Laptop on the Lap.
Peter du Toit
3 months ago

We are going to have a Covid repeat with the #ClimateCrisis.

We have had ample warning, yet adaptation remains slow. The IPCC lists the following as barriers:

1) Limited resources
2) Lack of private sector & citizen engagement
3) Insufficient mobilization of finance (including for research)
4) Low climate literacy
5) Lack of political commitment
6) Limited research and/or slow and low uptake of adaptation science, and
7) Low sense of urgency

#futureofwork #climateliteracy #leadership

Peter du Toit
3 months ago

Soon every action we take:

- working from anywhere
- not having a physical office
- not flying for business meetings
- having out of town speakers on a screen
- etc.

Will be driven, not by the latest fad, but by what produces the least carbon.

My suggestion to leadership teams is get ahead of this while you still have time to do this in an orderly fashion. The longer you wait the more urgent and thus painful the transition will become.

#FutureOfWork #ClimateLiteracy #Leadership

Datacenters still a boys' club, staffing shortages may change that - Fifth of server warehouse operators polled didn't employ a single female worker - #WorkTrends #FutureOfWork

Itamar Medeiros
3 months ago

The #pandemic has forced organizations to recognize that they need to address #ProximityBias to adapt their #WorkCulture to the #hybrid and #remote #FutureOfWork through creating a culture of “excellence from anywhere.”

#RemoteWork #HybridWork #HRPolicies #HRStrategy #TalentRetention #TalentAttraction via @Forbes

Harold Jarche
3 months ago

Most of our #leadership models and practices belong to yesterday.

Connected leadership is based on temporary hierarchies and strong networks. It requires work structures that are transparent, diverse, and open. Networked contributors are supported by servant leaders who actively listen, question the context, and sense & review. These leaders suggest responses, build consensus, and propose changes in order to get things done.


Connected leadership model as described

#FourDayWeek the #FutureOfWork

The vast majority of companies taking part in the world’s largest trial of a four-day week have opted to continue with the new working pattern, in a result hailed as evidence that it could work across the UK economy.

Of the 61 companies that entered the six-month trial, 56 have extended the four-day week, including 18 who have made it permanent.

🙋🥳Oyez braves gens, j'ai une super-nouvelle! L'appel à communications du 6e colloque de notre International Network on Digital Labor (INDL-6) est disponible ici👉 Cette année, rendez-vous à Berlin, du 9 au 11 oct. 2023. Deadline pour envoyer vos abstracts: 3 avr. 2023. #futureofwork #platformeconomy #digitallabour #algorithmicmanagement #artificialintelliegence #automation

Researchers estimate that nearly three-quarters of employees have some form of caregiving responsibility, but many of them fly under the radar at the workplace - quiet caregiving #FutureOfWork #WorkTrends

Message Ann - (Caregiving)