Alan Au
9 minutes ago

I'm back on my bullshit when it comes to board game design. At this point I've all but committed to trying to implement my "Hunger Games But You're A Sponsor" game, but it needs a better title. Currently it's "Bidder Royale" but I'm unhappy with that. I dunno, maybe "Sponsor Extreme"? #gamedev 🎲✂️

2 hours ago

Недельный геймдев: #151 — 10 декабря, 2023

Из новостей : увольнения в «Трудный период» в tinyBuild, Mari 7.0, Baldur’s Gate 3 — игра года, вышла альфа GeoGen. Из интересностей: лучшие практики по Unity LTS 2022, отправил 72 питча и почти не получил обратной связи, как сделать игру на ChatGPT, музыка и семплирование в видеоиграх, почему у вашей игры не растут вишлисты.

#разработка_игр #gamedev #gamedevnews #новости #дайджест

Potato Mash!
2 hours ago

A little Monday reminder:
You can handle whatever this week throws at you!

#indiedev #indiegame #gamedev #pixelart #mastodon

2 hours ago

There are 15 tabs in the Blueprint Pattern Search and Replace toolkit window that I am making now. (maybe it could become more) I thought that It would be better if I made some enum class to find one within them. I can never remember the Tab IDs of those.

#unrealengine #gamedev #indiedev #indiegamedev

Savo Vuk
2 hours ago

Added some actual camera code this morning. The player can now peek again with the mouse.

Not quite sure about my implementation tho. I use tweens to create the smoothness. Does anybody know if it is a bad practice to create tweens every frame?

I wish everyone a nice start to the week!

#GodotEngine #GameDev #IndieDev

3 hours ago

A good friend of mine is currently developing a game for his son. A #SNES #metroid like game with #pvsneslib go watch it here :

#gamedev #retro #homebrew #nintendo

3 hours ago

im sick of people saying "i want to make games"


Shia Labeouf "just do it" gif

Making a immediate gui library from scratch for tools I'm making. Should also help with game ui too.
#raylib #GameDev
3 hours ago

ICYMI From the forums: jumping to documentation in VC++ #gamedev

Rachel Wil Singh ~ Moos-a-dee
4 hours ago

I added an HP bar to the player. Not sure what the fighting system will be like but it'll be pretty basic.

#ChristmasHorse #indiedev #gamedev

Screenshot of Christmas Horse 4: A log cabin like area with a Christmas tree and gifts beneath it. A chicken is in this room, as well as our hero, Christmas Horse. On the left side of the screen is the HUD and there's an HP bar, half full.
Steve's Place
4 hours ago

I had to turn off the noise from TV or radio. When I'm doing something repetitious or creative, it's relaxing. When I'm rewriting AI code, it's distracting.

Game has a Treasure House/bank. Shouldn't the first one cost the most? Lol. At the moment, 1 bank per customer.

Think I'll add friendsies. If there is only 1 human player, might need a friend. Or three. For when friends just can't be found.

Like a bridge over troubled botland,
I will slay thee down.

Sorry. A little.

#UE5 #GameDev #RTS

Steve's Place
4 hours ago

Wow. I took away all of the worker break time (which they spent gorging themselves on food) and now they are very efficient!

Oh, no! I am turning into a manager!

#UE5 #GameDev #RTS

Steve's Place
4 hours ago

We are not going to concern ourselves with why most of the AI worker bots have recently decided to wander while they gather resources instead of staying put where the resources are. No, we are going to champion the fierce independence of the worker class which will not bend a knee to the decision tree overlord and its many minions!

Power to the worker bots!!

✊ 🤓 🖖

#UE5 #GameDev #RTS

Steve's Place
5 hours ago

Decided there is no food collection allowed until a Treasure House, essentially a bank, is built. No loans for agriculture = initial conditions. AI bots won't starve. They just can't get health buffs from extra food. That way I can get them to stockpile what they really need to build stuff. When building is over (the bank should be it right now), they can feast.

Keeps them from getting ridiculously buffed before first contact.

Stockpiles can be sold. Haven't let AI. Yet.

#UE5 #GameDev #RTS
5 hours ago

ICYMI From the forums: Euler to Quaternion #gamedev

5 hours ago

Character sprites for my game.

Names, left-to-right:

Angen, Cerei, Aya, Crow
Margot, Rylie, Gumi, Kala
Miaku, Miaku (alt1), Miaku (alt2), Amy
Scya, Kiess, Gemini, Dismolly

#gamedev #pixelart #characterdesign #oc #originalcharacter

Now that Acronia development actually feels like making a game instead of building an engine, I'm being reminded of why I love this #gameDev stuff so much

7 hours ago

Been working on this little side project again 👀

#gamedev #indiedev #indiegame

Planning out weapon and monster progression for the rest of Acronia

Eric Drobile
8 hours ago

Around this time last year I decided to start learning Unreal Engine. Around March I decided to reboot an old story of mine into a UE5 game and document the process:

#gamedev #indiedev #independant #unrealengine #unreal #unrealengine5 #gaming, #design #animation #rhythm #parkour #surreal #experimental #adventure #platformer #puzzle

8 hours ago

Everyone in the #gamedev community should watch this video:

The Bitey Cat
8 hours ago

Started doing some tests for my Iron Lung clone and it seems like emission objects don't show up in the render targets. Indirect lighting thankfully does.

I think I'll be using the actual submersible to be moving through the cave system then... #gamedev #unreal

No glow from emission material.
Glow is definitely working from perspective view.
Lumen is enabled in Scene Capture Component 2D.
Gabriel Lima
8 hours ago

It is Sunday and here I am, working on some area intro animations for Wizabeasts.

#pixelart #pixelartist #gamedev #steam #wizabeasts

A high-tech slate materializes a tiny diorama of the surrounding area. As the hologram forms one can read "Ancient Road" in the center, as the text was parte of the place.
Working Class Games
9 hours ago

Busy making a winter level because I couldn't help myself :)

#godot #gamedev #indiedev #snow #raxxnor

Work in progress winter level of The Raxxnorian Alliance, with an enemy ship launching christmas tree balls, another launching speculoos people, and the player ship firing snow crystals.

There is a dark place where this mechanical lady is hidden, she was created to entertain everyone with music. This is a mechanical version of the jukebox

Starting your adventure, your ass will be on fire, but I believe in you

#gaming #retrogaming #gamedev #indiedev #pixelart #indiegame #ドット絵 #インディーゲーム #ゲーム制作 #ゲーム開発 #steamdeck

9 hours ago

Last night, the whispering from inside of my mind was continuing to make me uncomfortable. "Adding the public getter of NodeFactory will be better than adding an overloaded version of SetOwner" ... Yes Yes Yes. I modified, tested, and sent again the pull request this morning after I woke up. Ah. Living with this brain is not easy.

#unrealengine #gamedev #indiedev #indiegamedev

Bee O'Problem
9 hours ago


Adding a zoom feature to QuickAtlas. Drop in if you want to learn a bit about making Godot plugins

#gamedev #godot #godot4 #stream #livestream #twitch #live

10 hours ago

#7DFPS day one progress!

#gamedev #godotengine

Video of a wip game development project. Miley cyrus sings "I put my hands up" while I wave the camera around in the game and two arms smoothly follow the view to keep 2 hands in the middle of the screen. The arms and hands are a solid light blue in colour.
Louis Ingenthron
10 hours ago

Made a simple #gamedev roadmap tracker for the #Godot revamp of my #Unity game. Getting close to the first beta release!

Vildravn | Working on Starveil
10 hours ago

Today, we have officially launched the #Starveil playtest! This is a huge milestone for me and @SukkoyF. Special thanks to @coaguco, without you, it would be a lot harder :)

#madewithgodot #gamedev #mmorpg

Steve's Place
10 hours ago

I made a tweak, restarted the RTS, and both sides are feeding themselves instead of building stuff. Both built barracks, gave themselves 2 warriors each, and began the devouring. This was not the tweak I was looking for.

#UE5 #GameDev

Dave Dawkins (D. Harrigon)
11 hours ago

I miss the people in London more than the place, though there were some very cool places.

#London #BoardGames #GameDev #IYKYK

The upstairs section at the Jugged Hare pub in London, with its rich, red walls and faux, square pillars. The furniture is all dark wood and deep red leather with brass light fittings.
11 hours ago

Pixelorama: A free & open-source 2D sprite editor, made with the Godot Engine!


"Pixelorama è un editor di pixel art gratuito e open source, creato con il Godot Engine da Orama Interactive. Se volete creare pixel art animata, grafica di gioco, tiles e qualsiasi tipo di pixel art, Pixelorama offre una varietà di strumenti e funzioni. È gratuito per tutti, per sempre!"

#gamedev #pixelart #godot

Schermata del programma Pixelorama
Hyperlink Your Heart
11 hours ago

I have expression evaluation working on the set node. Finally I can increment my ints :blobcatcoffee:

#GodotEngine #Godot #Gamedev

Screenshot of the cutscene graph editor I'm working on, showing a number of set nodes, which set variable values, with the new "expressions" UI determining the values to set them to in a number of dynamic ways that were not possible previously. The first is just adding 1 to an integer.
Another screenshot showing more set nodes with different types of functions specified to determine the value, such as negating a boolean and lowercasing a string.
fletch 🦆
12 hours ago

Made great progress on the little poetry viewer I decided to work on today! (context here:

Poems can be loaded by click-n-dragging a .txt file onto the app. Stanzas are detected by two consecutive newline characters.

The next steps include adding animations, and a few QOL features like changing the foreground/background colors, changing text size, and better controls!

#love2d #lua #gamedev

On the left is a poem by Robert Frost open in a text editor. On the right is the "Pico Text" program Fletch created. The Robert Frost text file is dragged onto the Pico Text window, and the program begins to display the poem in pages. As Fletch clicks on the Pico Text window, the poem advances pages.
12 hours ago

I'm looking for some new job opportunity, preferably #gamedev related, but I'm also open to many other #software development type of work, or anything else that can be done remotely. I'm open for working in a #cooperative

My GitHub:
Languages: C, C++, C#, D, Java + I'm willing to learn new ones

#FediHire #coop

Brian Ambrozy
13 hours ago

This rabbit hole led me to this fascinating article from 1999 (caution: dated language), about a number of trans game devs from the 1980s, and loved this bit:

"I think being transgender does give you a gift of imagination" ... "There's another factor, which I call the nerd factor. When we are growing up, Transgendered kids tend to be socially isolated. They deal with this by both learning and seeking recourse in their imaginations."

#gamedev #retrogaming #trans #lgbt

Brian Ambrozy
13 hours ago

Side note: the creator is a trans woman, Cathryn Mataga, who went on to work on Neverwinter Nights. Early #trans #gamedev pioneer!

Larry O'Brien
15 hours ago

#Doom was released OTD 30 years ago. It, and Wolfenstein, were so mind-blowingly good from a technical perspective that Xander Antoniades wanted to just flat-out interview Carmack and Romero. _Software Development_ magazine didn't do "interviews," and "business numbers." I wrote an editorial calendar, clipped potential advertisers, commissioned some articles, and the first issue of Game Developer hit the streets in April 94. #ComputerMagazines #GDC #gamedev

The cover of the premier issue of Game Developer magazine
Working Class Games
15 hours ago

Right, this post got shared a lot and since I'm a small indie game dev: my vertical scrolling space shooter Raxxnorian Alliance is part of two holiday bundles full of cool indie games:

the holiday indie super bundle:

and santa claus 'round the world:

if you can, support indie devs! Every little bit helps us survive and make even more weird games! :)

#indie #indiegame #indiedev #gamedev #itchio #bundle #sales #holidays #godot #godotengine

Screenshot of the game The Raxxnorian Alliance, with a player space ship confronting lots of enemies.
Screenshot of The Raxxnorian Alliance, with the player ship confronting an enormous boss space ship shooting a massive laser beam and multiple projectiles.
Michael Dashow
16 hours ago

This week I modeled the main spaceship for the sci-fi visual novel I'm working on. The ship won't be 3D in the game, but I plan on using it to draw over. Here are some color schemes for the ship, along with the final colors.

#indieGameDev #gameDev #gameArt #spaceship #coceptArt #vizDev #sciFi

A series of spaceships - all the same ship - with different vibrant color schemes. The final color design - larger than the rest - features teal, green, orange and yellow.
Philip Drobar 🎮🎬
17 hours ago

COGITO - my first person immersive sim template for Godot Engine 4 is now public! Happy Sunday!

Grab it here:

It's still Alpha, so there are still some bugs, please check the known issues and bugs. Other than that: Have fun and please let me know if you use it in any way. Feedback is also always appreciated.

#COGITO #Godot #GodotEngine
#GameDev #IndieDev #IndieGameDev

MrLParker - Game Dev!
18 hours ago

Now up to parity between the gdscript and c# implementation of #strongandstable

Got to sort out some flat stuff and then it's time to make some shitposting assets. #gamedev #indiedev

nuzcraft :godot:
18 hours ago

#ScreenshotSaturday I'm working on a writeup on my #Godot :godot: #Shader project that will be posted to my website (link in bio) and my new newsletter,

I'm working on a new game and will be crossposting in both places #GameDev #IndieDev

Depth-based edge detection * For each pixel, figure out how far away the object it’s rendering is from the camera * Do the same for each of the 8 surrounding pixels * Calculate the dot product of the matrix of depth values with the horizontal and vertical Sobel Operators * The sobel operator will accentuate any differences in depth across the horizontal and vertical mid- line of the 3x3 group of pixels * The result is a decimal where a higher value is more likely to be an edge * Re-color all the edge pixels in one color and all the non-edge pixels with a different color 

image of a dungeon scene with the edges in white and everything else black

Example of ejection mechanism so that the character does not get stuck in the ceiling

#gamedev #madewithunity #unitytips #unity

Yo Soy Freeman
19 hours ago

Here is my first question on the Godot forums! Is about mouse input quality in #godotengine!

I been fighting with this for a long time now and i would love if you could share it or check it. Here it is:

#gamedev #indiedev

Kim Hu
21 hours ago

Hi, I am Kim.
Freelance Illustrator & Concept Artist 🥤💀

portfolio :


ko-fi tipjar:


#Illustration #ConceptArt #IndieComics #GameDev #MastoArt #introduction

Lineup of my original characters, from my personal, yet unpublished comic project.
One of my environment illustrations.
Another of my environment illustrations.
My characters Fritz and K9, the dog.

This is supposed to be just for a mini-boss but it's going way harder than I was anticipating

#indiedev #gamedev #gameaudio #screenshotsaturday

22 hours ago

First results for Köppen-Geiger #climate classification of my #procgen world. This is before adding seasonal effects, so I'm kind of surprised that there's so much variation already.

A procedurally generated planet using colour to indicate local climate. Also showing wind streamlines.
Curious Dynamics
22 hours ago

Any tips on how best to find a long-term artist collaborator?

I'm an indie #gamedev making a prehistoric 4X strategy game and looking for an artist 🎨


22 hours ago

Another #PixelArt daily done! :) Spanning the abyss.

You can grab the full-quality versions (for free) here:


#mastoArt #digitalArt #fediArt #art #landscape #wallpaper #creativeToots #gameDev

Pixel art of a time-worn bridge boldly arching over the abyss, its stones clinging to the cliff's edge as if defying the void below. The air resonates with the silent echoes of footsteps that once tread upon its path, now surrendered to the embrace of oblivion. Beyond this tenuous crossing, a mansion looms, its once-stately walls now a mere echo of opulence, succumbing to the relentless siege of time. The edifice, draped in the cloak of abandonment, stands menacing under the heavy sky, a hollowed relic whispering tales of faded splendour. Its vacant eyes, the darkened windows, peer out like the forlorn gaze of a stranded spirit, watching over the chasm with a quiet malice. The structure's silhouette, a stark contrast to the wild beauty of the precipice, creates a haunting juxtaposition that stirs the soul. Encapsulated in this scene is a symphony of loss and endurance, the bridge and mansion together weaving a narrative of eerie desolation. The image has a CRT filter applied.
Pixel art of a time-worn bridge boldly arching over the abyss, its stones clinging to the cliff's edge as if defying the void below. The air resonates with the silent echoes of footsteps that once tread upon its path, now surrendered to the embrace of oblivion. Beyond this tenuous crossing, a mansion looms, its once-stately walls now a mere echo of opulence, succumbing to the relentless siege of time. The edifice, draped in the cloak of abandonment, stands menacing under the heavy sky, a hollowed relic whispering tales of faded splendour. Its vacant eyes, the darkened windows, peer out like the forlorn gaze of a stranded spirit, watching over the chasm with a quiet malice. The structure's silhouette, a stark contrast to the wild beauty of the precipice, creates a haunting juxtaposition that stirs the soul. Encapsulated in this scene is a symphony of loss and endurance, the bridge and mansion together weaving a narrative of eerie desolation.
Lord Olle W
22 hours ago

Lucka 10 - Stjärnglitter

Den andra advent firar vi med att lägga till ett stjärnfält till spelet vi bygger i Agicals spelmakarstuga. Med hjälp av en färdig pixel shader ändrar vi bakgrunden till blinkande stjärnor som rör sig för att ge en effekt av att skeppet flyger genom rymden.

#rust #RustLang #gamedev #game #programmering #AdventCalendar #macroquad #spel #spelutveckling

Ett datorfönster med svart bakgrund med stjärnor. Olika stora gröna fyrkanter och en gul cirkel är utspridda över fönstret. Nere till höger är en bild av Ferris the Rustacean med tomteluva och spelkontroller. Uppe i vänstra hörnet står det ”Poäng: 0”. I övre högra hörnet står det ”High score: 1389”. Överst är texten ”Spelmakarstuga från Agical”.
23 hours ago

Kobold Miner sprites are now available on my ko-fi and patreon pages!

#pixelart #gameart #ドット絵 #gamedev #indiedev

Cosmic Void
23 hours ago

Ever seen a crab with a jetpack?! 🦀🦋

I'm working on Twilight Oracle, a comedy fantasy point and click adventure that's coming out in January! 😃

The two fish by: @DeathDefyin & Dan Hansen.

#retro #indiegame #indiedev #pointandclick #adventuregame #gamedev #indiegamedev

1 day ago

Damn, some interesting looking game networking libraries, unfortunately it's C# :( #GameDev

Ted :pmgpurple:
1 day ago

Missed me and Alan Dang's session earlier today? Want to listen to two old farts talk about building games in a sustainably and responsibly? Here's a link to the GameDev.World VOD, timestamped for our session (though you should watch them all!)

#GameDev #GameDevWorld #IndieDev

1 day ago
Pixelart platformer: In a forest, the player finds a very fast moving block and uses it to perform a very long jump
📄 Mehdi.doc
1 day ago

Gamedev World is finished, and it closed on this very important from Rami and Myriame

See VOD and future events here :

#gamedev #gamedevworld

Closing statement of Rami and Myriame at Gamedev World, addressing the massive layoffs and how badly it affects the industry.
Pedro Medeiros
1 day ago

Getting home late and cooking instant ramen in Neverway
#gamedev #pixelart #screenshotsaturday

happening right now!

" is the global game developer conference. Featuring 30+ speakers from all over the planet, all talks will be close-captioned and translate into Arabic, Brazilian-Portuguese, English, French, Hindi, Japanese, Simplified Chinese, and Spanish."

#gameDev #indieDev

Pandoria Falls :godot:
2 days ago

What's your take on #ChatGPT in #GameDev and everything related to it?
#GameDev #IndieDev

📄 Mehdi.doc
2 days ago

Next up :
The advantages of using your own game engine and publishing your own games

A talk by Is Daouda
Creator of "Is Daouda Games"

#gamedev #gamedevworld

December 9 8:20PM CET
The advantages of using your own game engine and publishing your own games

Is Daouda
Creator of "Is Daouda Games"
Pixel Cowboy
2 days ago

Sometimes I wish I could turn into a small ball of light with wings and just... fly off.

However, I am not the Fairy Queen. *sobs softly*

Go wishlist the game! It's a cool mix of JRPG and Tomogatchi. You know you want it! (I hope)

#gamedev #pixelart

2 days ago
Alien 👽 Max | 🇺🇦 gamedev
2 days ago

When you spend 5 years of your life on one project, you start to very carefully and pessimistically evaluate new ideas for the next project

#gamedev #indiedev

Ted :pmgpurple:
2 days ago has been running for a few hours now. Do yourself a favor and tune in to some amazing talks!


2 days ago

Hey I feel like not enough #indiedev #gamedev people know about

It's on now, it's free. Here was a description from @tha_rami :

"December 9th our team will be hosting the second-ever global developer conference. With ~30 speakers from all over the world, the goal of the event is to democratize developer knowledge, break the invisible language barrier, and do it at no cost to viewers"

Rémi Vansteelandt
2 days ago

Lately I've been working on remastering one of my old games, Ninja vs EVILCORP, using the engine I wrote for #EarthsGreatestDefender

One cool feature that I got as a result is the ability to replay solutions, allowing me to replay a simplified tool-assisted speedrun.

Game is still a work in progress but available to play at (feedback more than welcome)

#gamedev #indiedev

2 days ago

Hello! We're so happy to be here! So here's our #introduction:

We're the Portland Indie Game Squad! We serve as a platform for indie game devs in Portland and surrounding areas. (And now globally!) We provide events, resources, networking activities, and more.

One of our favorite things to do is host #GameJams, especially our #SummerSlowJams.

We're happy to have a presence here in the #fediverse and look forward to seeing and boosting what all of you create! 🥰🎮

#GameDev #IndieDev #PIGSquad

The organizers of PIGSquad on a video call, all waving and smiling.
Will Morris-Julien
2 days ago

She waited as the colossus past (rough sketch) #sketch #gamedev #conceptart #indiegame #procreate #gameart #art #mastoart #noAi

The creature past
And she watched
2 days ago

Howdy! I'm proud to introduce MockLite LED, a free art tool that allows you to create and edit digital images which display on a simulated LED panel. Please check it out and let me know if you make anything with it!

#indiedev #gamedev #gamemaker

The tool's name on a simulated LED board
A sprite of Monica from Cosmogelica on the simulated LED display
A drawing of a house on a hill with some nearby trees on the simulated LED display.
A sprite of Lance from Shield Cat spinning on the simulated LED display
Adrian Segar
2 days ago

There is a gulf between playing games and the gamification of events. Playing games is deeply human. Gamification is a way to make money.

#design #play #gamification #education #learning #improv #GameDev

games and gamification: an illustration. At the bottom, two people play a game. Above them, the "not equal to" sign. At the top, a large number of puzzled people are receiving awards, scores, trophies, certificates, and prize cups.
3 days ago

Exploring forests with a steampunk lift or driving a rigged Ford? Heavy vehicle models offer various adventures!

#b3d #BlenderKit #Blender3D #3Dmodeling #3Drendering #GameDev #ArchViz #3Danimation #DigitalArt #CGI #OpenSource #ArtWithOpenSource #3DAssets #GameAssets

Sos Sosowski
3 days ago

Yeah, Sos, that's right. Great fucking job.

#cprogramming #gamedev #indiedev #retrodev

3 days ago

In Folge 11 zu Eingabemethoden hatten wir auch über den selbstgebauten Arcade-Automaten gesprochen.
Wer jetzt Lust bekommen hat, auch einen zu bauen, findet nun auf unserer Website eine Bauanleitung:

#GameDev #GameDevNachFeierabend #Arcade #diy

Andrew Wooldridge 🌱
3 days ago
Robert Kingett
3 days ago

I don't just do authenticity editing for books! I do consulting for fiction podcasts and video games too! Learn more at #GameDev

Coukaratcha | クカラッチャ
3 days ago

Si vous voulez revoir l'annonce avec le trailer suivi d'une petite intervention du directeur du studio Dinga Bakaba, c'est par ici (2:20:15) :

#jeuxvidéo #gamedev #videogames #blade #arkane

Coukaratcha | クカラッチャ
3 days ago

Arkane Lyon a annoncé son prochain jeu aux Game Awards cette nuit.

Je suis super excité et fier de travailler sur ce projet, notamment sur cette licence très populaire et que j'ai adoré découvrir via la trilogie de films (1998-2004).

J'espère que vous apprécierez autant que moi et partagerez mon enthousiasme !

#jeuxvidéo #gamedev #videogames #blade #arkane

Brian Ambrozy
3 days ago

Watching #TheGameAwards, I love being in this industry, but I can't help but think of the number of people bitterly watching this tonight, who put their heart and souls into these games and then got laid off before the show. #gameindustry #gamedev

Brody 🚀 Brooks
3 days ago

The game I’ve been working on for about 4 years is:

🎶✨ Harmonium ✨🎶

A musical adventure game from the studio that gave you King’s Quest (2015). #games #GameDev #IndieDev

Boosts = 💜

Jan Orszulik
3 days ago

This is also a stepping stone for tree destruction. Ignore that leaf density is connected to the amount of snow, I will decouple that next, as it has to be per instance data.

#pixelart #gamedev #indiegame #vfx