Mr Brainz
3 days ago

DJ Cat Funt is LIVE in 10 mins on the supreme @subfm! Live till 5 playing weird noises over your packets. Join me.

#UKG #Garage #UKGarage #Bass #Breaks #DJMix #LiveStream

Gerard van Oel
3 days ago

Dit is geen #Huisje, dit is een #garage met aanleunwoning.

Roughly 2/3rds of this lakefront house that is “Beyond Perfection” is dedicated to space for their cars.
Daily Music
1 week ago

The Trudy — Outside Time (Mini Album)

When is an EP not an EP? When it’s ‘Outside Time’, the brand-new, 21-minute long, mini album by The Trudy.

#music #dailymusic #pop #classic_rock #folk_rock #garage #indie #indie_pop #post_punk

2 weeks ago

Un nouveau #S4U Slippery When Wet!
Cette fois, #TheOsees(Vol.1)
On vous parle ce mois-ci de Osees, The Osees, OCS, Thee Oh Sees,... bref, le groupe de #garage rock de John Dwyer, qui change de nom tout le temps et ne fait d'ailleurs pas que du #rock dans son garage !

Denzil Ferreira 🌳🍄
2 weeks ago

Built something today😁

#diy #garage #skis

Article sur Deuxfleurs & Garage dans le magazine 1024

Un super papier sur l'esprit de la création du logiciel #Garage, mais qui va aussi loin dans les détails techniques. 🌸🌸

ᴺⁱˡᶻ 🍸
2 weeks ago

Ok, in diesem Fall steht der #Wankpanzer noch in der Einfahrt...

Aber wieviel zusätzlichen öffentlichen #Raum #SUV wohl einnehmen, weil sie nicht nur breitere #Parkplätze brauchen, sondern viele einfach nicht mehr in die #Garage passen? 🤔

Ein Monster SUV steht vor einer für ihn viel zu kleinen Garage
2 weeks ago

#LeafsForever getting my hopes up, us #Toronto folks never learn 😆
Case in point, a new #OF #mix from yours truly:

LMK if it hits! #dnb #bass #ukg #garage #garageband #Mixtape #trap #TrapHouse #House #stutter #flutter #TikTokviral #tiktokhot #TikTok

Raymond Larabie
3 weeks ago

As a gentle breeze saunters in, the old fan stands guard, its blades a silent testament to the summer's past warmth. 🍂🔧 The doors are flung open, inviting the cool autumn air to dance with the echoes of engines once roaring to life here.

秋深し、名古屋の静けさの中でひっそりと佇む整備士の隠れ家。扉が開き、涼しい秋風がエンジンの響きとともに舞い踊る🍂🔧。昔ながらの扇風機が、過ぎ去った夏の暑さを物語るように静かに守り続けている。#streetphotography #streetphotographyjapan #griiix #ricoh_gr #ricohgr #ricohgr3 #aichi #nagoya #japan #jeep #garage #cargram #autumnvibes #chrysler #mechanicgarage

Imagine an auto-garage where the calm is only broken by the occasional clink of a wrench and the soft whirl of a fan. A Chrysler, a rare sight in this city, sits patiently, perhaps pondering its own tales of the roads traveled.
3 weeks ago

I thought this was my old garage, but I was one block east. 51st betw 10/ 11th Avenues, garage is breaking up; you can see through holes in the ramps! Parking garage closed w all the cars inside for now. Amtrak can't bring cars beneath it for fear of a collapse (don't tell the Co-Op built on top of the garage!)!
#NYC #parking #garage #collapse #again ? #NewYorkCity #cars #trapped #closed #parked #inside #oops #trains #rerouted #diverted to #Albany #NewYork #Amtrak

3 cool indie punk/garage type things for this week!

The Dwarves new record Concept Album comes out this Friday (November 17) and they just put out a KILLER new 2nd single and video from it, "Terrorist of Love". See/hear it here:

Nix and the Nothings released a new single called "I Believe in Lies" that's here:

Roda Lits released a new single/video called "Real" last month (here:, and they've now put out a new single called "Like That" this month, which is here:

Great stuff!

#punk #PunkRock #garage #GarageRock #TheDwarves #NixAndTheNothings #RodaLits #indie #IndieRock #IndiePunk

4 weeks ago

Maragda & Zen Bison, DJ Eggs Delicious, Sector7G Visuals

1 month ago

#OTD November 4, 1987

Sonic Youth released the EP “Master-Dik”

This is a strange album. It feels self indulgent, hastily produced and lazy. A lot of caterwauling and carrying on. The KISS sample in the title track was cool to hear though.

For me, the only track I liked was their cover of “Beat On The Brat ''.

It’s really well done and was a welcome change from SY’s traditional sound.

#ExperimentalRock, #Garage Punk #NoiseRock #AlternativeMusic #music #80s

adingbatponder :nixos:
1 month ago

@wimpy Great #podcast #linux #NAS using #fanless #skullcanyon #NUC6i7KYK (?) #nuc with #akasa case. Details from 19:03 onwards and from 27:36 talks about NAS setup and #services #nixos especially #samba which was easier than usual. Planning to try #borg and #binarycache for #nixos rebuilds and using #garage . See notes under (when they are up)

Peter M 🎯
1 month ago


Jarenlang heb ik #egels goed behandeld door het kattenvoer in mijn #garage te zetten. Aten ze altijd ongestoord op.😍😂

Bobber Brothers
1 month ago

What's the one burning question or topic you've been dying to discuss about riding? 🤔

🎥 by thorntonhundredmotorcycles

#triumph #biker #chopper #motorcycle #bobberbrothers #custom #bobber #bobberstyle #build #garage #customized #respect #freedom #bobbershit #bikelife

Bobber buddies, unite! 🤝
IT News
1 month ago

DIY Shredder Creates Insulation - Plenty of us have experience with paper shredders, but there are all kinds of mach... - #solarenergy #greenhacks #fiberglass #insulation #cardboard #shredder #ceiling #garage #roof

1 month ago

New garage winch for lifting heavy things, like the ridiculous motor for the wave runner.

#waverunner #diy #garage

Peter M 🎯
1 month ago


#projectontwikkelaars in #huizenbouw gaan hun plannen aanpassen. Vanwege de stijgende #rente zijn er te weinig #kopers voor #nieuwbouw. Dan maar kleinere huizen, geen #garage bij het huis en geen #dakkapel is het idee nu.
Ik vermoed dat #ikea meer stapelbedden in de #aanbieding gaat doen voor jonge gezinnen. 😂

2 months ago

Boosting Shows (Top 3 Favourites!)



I'm now into my top 3 favourites and most long known about shows. I've been listening to the Record Roulette Club since I believe 2015, back when it was hosted on TheGaragePunkPirateRadio. Now-a-days he's on mixcloud and still pumping out some of the coolest shit you'll ever hear. Seriously, this show is insanely good

#Rock #Punk #Weird #Garage

Anchor Radio
2 months ago

It's time to spin the wheel again. Join Matt for 3 hours of musical discovery on the colour wheel. #TripHop #DeepHouse #Electronica #Alternative #Metal #Rock #Reggae #Soul #Hip-hop #Grime #DNB #Dubstep #Glitch #Garage #R&B

Peter M 🎯
2 months ago


Als #leaseauto rijder moest ik vaak tegen de #receptie van de #garage aanpraten. Mijn huidige #garagehouder is zelf de #monteur. Dat is zo #verfrissend. Hij zegt gewoon eerlijk hoe de staat van de #auto is. En de kosten vallen mee, want hij heeft geen #receptie. 😍 🙏 🙏

Peter M 🎯
2 months ago

(1) #auto #Verhaaltje

Vorig jaar bracht ik mijn Ford Fusion Automaat (een #bejaardenbak, zoals ik dat noem) voor een beurt met #apk bij mijn #garage. Mijn #garagehouder houdt blijkbaar van een schoon gewassen #auto, want hij ging die van mij persoonlijk nog even wassen. 😂 Dus ik moest even wachten en stond te kletsen met een vriend van de #garagehouder.
'Ja, zo is die' zei die lachend. 😍
Toen ik de #auto gewassen en al terugkreeg, liep de motor volgens diezelfde vriend weer als een..(2)

2 months ago

Old review.

FAITHLESS - Insomnia

So everyone knows this one, and probably got a single of it somewhere down the line. But... do they have *this* particular version? Okay, aside from the cover art, it's not that different from any other. Still, unique cover art!
#ElectronicMusic #AnthemHouse #Garage

Rare things in this photo: inclusion of Jamie Catto, Sister Bliss smiling, picture of Rollo in general.

Qué gozada el canal de #Youtube de Alcalà Technology.
Un centro de restauración de coches clásicos de Girona que trabaja con clientes de todo el mundo (les envían coches en containers desde Macao).
Qué buena calidad de video, qué buen montaje, qué maravilla de trabajos hacen... Y en Girona, no hace falta irse a la West Coast.
Me da pena que tengan todavía tan pocos seguidores, estoy seguro que esta gente se va a convertir en un éxito:
#coches #restauración #garage

Peter M 🎯
2 months ago

En nu moet ik mijn auto (laten) wassen voor ik die naar mijn #garage breng, Vorig jaar wastte de garagahouder mijn auto. 😖 Wat een schaamte voor mij. 🥴

2 months ago

In my part of the world, we're entering the season where this happens:

Me, to myself: "Oh wow, it's cool in the
#garage #gym tonight. Is this the night I don't need the fans?"
A single trivially light warm up later
Me, to myself because I'm the only one here: "Fans still needed."

Tac O'Cat
2 months ago

Merco's just finished up with car work and getting that sweet break in before tidying the garage up! I hope he has a nice shampoo to get all that oil out of his fur. 

I really like how I went with a more humanoid-body, but with digitigrade legs - while still having it be toony. 

Sketchy lineart and colors for Ruser

Full-resolution -

#fox #merco #mechanic #garage

a white and black anthropomorphic fox, splattered in oil after working as a mechanic in a garage
Jennifer | Sidewalk Safari
2 months ago

Sharing my Top 10 #doors from the month of September.

#8 This is technically a #garage #door but I love it so much. Those flowering vines really make the composition for me in Monsanto #Portugal

#Travel #TravelPhotography #Doortrait

Wooden garage door with a metal gate in front. The stone facade is surrounded by pink flowers.
Gabriele Pollara
2 months ago

Interesting story on an often ignored aspect of #F1 race team development: the #garage

"An unusual #Haas upgrade ends its 'lipstick on a pig' situation - The Race"


Pruned and cleared around the #garage #roof. #Exhausted

The flat roof of my garage, now exposed by tree pruning, and sporting a stain in one corner where once lay a six-inch-deep pile of composting tree material.
The angle makes the nearest roofline parallel to the frame and the rest of the roof a crazy irregular quadilateral.
A three-foot-deep pile of discarded branches in the area between a brick garage side wall and a branch-covered fence, with a maple tree trunk on the left, a white downspout on the right, and a wooden fence in the back.
2 months ago

Forgot to post this yesterday for #Fensterfreitag, but seeing how today is #Caturday, it still seems appropriate.

Not my #cat, not my #window.

#WindowFriday #CatsOfMastodon #GrayCat or #BlackCat or maybe an #AlleyCat because this is a #garage. IDK

A gray or black cat sitting on a stucco garage window sill.
2 months ago

#OTD Sept 23, 1981

Suburban Lawns release their one and only full length, self-titled album.

They’d gained popularity in LA thanks to their previous singles, “Gidget Goes To Hell” (featured on SNL) and “Janitor” (released in 1980 and played often on local radio stations). So this LP was eagerly anticipated.

I first heard “Janitor” on KROQ sometime around ‘83. I loved the surf guitar sound and silly lyrics sung in a deadpan fashion by Su Tissue. So I got this album and was happy to find that Janitor wasn’t a fluke.

Other favorites include the opener “Flying Saucer Safari”, the groovy, funky track “Gossip”, and the truly ridiculous “Unable”.

I eventually got the “Gidget Goes To Hell” 7”, which has the wonderfully demented b-side track “My Boyfriend”, and then the VHS of The Best of New Wave Theater, the first time I actually saw the band playing live.

#NewWave #PostPunk #surf #garage #ArtRock #music

@metronaut das Problem ist dass die #Verfettung des #Autos leider auch diejenigen Modelle erfasst die am kleinsten sind.

Als Beispiel:
Ein 1978er #Datsun1200-Pickup passt geradeso in eine #Garage die 1953 gebaut wurde.

Ein 2007er Opel Corsa D dagegen schon nicht mehr...

Und beide sind vergleichsweise schmal und kurz...

3 months ago

#derelict #garage #photo #photography #AnaloguePhotography #FilmPhotography Taken with a 1980s #Praktica MTL50 with a #Helios44M lens using #Fomapan200 and developed in an #ArsImago #monobath solution using a vintage #Agfa #DayLightTank. My current #dslrscanning set up (still) leaves a lot to be desired. I'm working on it (honest) #darktable #gimp #OpenSourcePhotography #FossPhotography

A grainy black and white image of a derelict garage with graffiti on the walls and rubbish scattered around
3 months ago

Free #garage door with electric opener.

Located in the #danish #dansk #jylland #billund area. Works well to protect bicycles from the rain :-)

Description in the first photo.

Facebook buy nothing group, screenshot of text and garage door:

Ever since the paleolithic period us humans have looked for enclosed living spaces to protect ourselves from wild animals, weather and, frankly, for hygge.

In our modern world of triple-A-batteries and TikTokking cats equipped with GPS trackers that is still as true for us, as it was for Ötzi the iceman circa 3500 BCE.

So with all that it will come at no great surprise here's a garage door + electric (remote controlled) garage door opener. If you have a hole to fill, or merely a cave with a door that could do with some electric automation, this can be your lucky day!

It's all in good state (on the photo the door doesn't close well; that is as some overconfident idiot tried do to a quick adjustment on the evening before a two week work trip). The electric unit comes with one remote and appears to be universal with other brands of doors.

I will disassemble the door some time over the next month. Timing depends on when the replacement (a different setup) arrives. The doorpanels have some scribbles on them that can be removed easily.

It's fine if someone only wants certain bits. I guess the doorpanels can make for a cool goat-bridge or so. If you take all we have a trailer you can borrow :-)
Door. Buncha white panels
The inside. Metal frame and springs.

I feel depressed, I feel so bad
Cuz you're the best girl that I've ever had
I can't get your love, I can't get a fraction
Oh little girls, psychotic reaction
And it feels like this

I feel so lonely night and day
I can't get your love, I must stay away
Well, I need you, girl, by my side
Oh little girl, would you like to take a ride now?
I can't get your love, I can't get satisfaction
Oh little girl, psychotic reaction
10 Sep 1966 🔥💯
#garage #psychedelic #popmusic

psychotic reaction
psychotic reaction
3 months ago

Somehow Boxcutter never really got on my radar, but wow, he made some good stuff.
Typical UK electronic stuff, but not original and excellent IMO.
Makes me think of Squarepusher, Apex Twin, Vex'd etc. Lot's of jungle, dubstep, dub, 2step, garage influences in there.

#music #idm #jungle #garage #uk #bassmusic

@Bildrauschen @SheDrivesMobility @Jenny_Nass

#Parkraumschutzgebiet — das geilste Wort des Jahres 2023!

"Erst wenn der letzte #Parkplatz abgeschafft,
das letzte #Parkhaus abgerissen,
die letzte #Garage geschlossen,
werdet Ihr feststellen,
daß man auf #Fahrrad​streifen nicht parken darf!"

(Weissagung der #Cabrio)

3 months ago

Starting with the culture I can't escape from (See mechposting), @kvtvlv's 3-track release "Borrowed Wings" is a 15-minute, cinematically orchestrated #dnb, #garage, and #breaks fusion, based around Armored Core VI. Washy, industrial synths with perfectly machined drums, it scratches my bass music itch and then some- highly recommended for anyone with a love for the grime

Yoni Den
3 months ago

If you missed @skysonix and @Sakti EP "Choose Your Own Connection" upon it's release last month, today is a great day to remedy that.

It kicks off with some mellow #DownTempo and lifts constantly on the journey through these four beautiful tracks, to a head nodding #DNB closer.

Def a journey worth taking. And it's a name your price release, which is nice!

Check it Out!

#BandCamp #BandCampFriday #DNB #House #Electronic #ElectronicMusic #Dance #BreakBeat #Garage

3 months ago

Already working on next week's episode, and here's a little preview:

From the 80's #Psychedelic #Garage scene,

The Fuzztones - Just Once

3 months ago

I play a variety of #Rock, #Punk, #Garage, #Oldies, #Soul, #BluesRock, #CountryRock, and sometimes: #ClassicRock, #90s, #90sHipHop, and #90sTechno. I also play fun and weird audio clips between songs, and I use the change-your-voice-a-matic-3000 because I lack a working microphone at the moment. I also do themed episodes, and the last Friday of every month is my Blank Generation Punk Show, where I play the best, the worst, and the most mediocre punk crap that I have in my library.


Replacement drawer is taking shape.

I'll be re-using the plywood bottom from an old, rotted rawer (with a bit of patching up), because it's still sufficient and I haven't got any other :)

This is for a garage workbench, so it doesn't need to be spiffy, only robust!

#Garage #Workshop #DIY #Woodworking #Carpentry

An old wooden drawer with some tools that is being used as template. A new frame, squared and cut to length is on top.
Test fit for the plywood bottom on a groove cut into a scrap piece.
The four sides, cut to length and with sawn grooves to hold the bottom.
3 months ago

Coucou, l'un⋅e de vous a déjà fait une migration de #Minio vers #Garage ?

** Please don't watch this if you're photosensitive - lots of flashing, etc **

I'm usually a fan of very short songs. But when done right, a long song can be amazing. This video is amazing too. The actual song itself is over 9 minutes long.

What a ride.

#psych #PsychRock #garage #GarageRock #punk #PunkRock #FrankieAndTheWitchFingers

Lock the heavy door
Float over to her
Eternal as you are
Dark sorcerer, dark sorcerer

#psych #PsychRock #garage #GarageRock #punk #Punkrock #FrankieAndTheWitchFingers

Garage gloves seem to come in two varieties: Too stiff and too flimsy!

These were my nice tactile ones, which obviously were of the flimsy type. The stiff ones (not pictured) are still alive, but you can't really feel much in them.

#Gloves #Garage #DIY

A hand with a disintegrating blue dipped nitrile glove where the nitrile has worn off on two fingers and the thumb.

Have I talked about Frankie and the Witch Fingers here before? I hadn't heard of them til recently, they have a LARGE Insta following & lots of fans, apparently. Their first album was in 2015. I REALLY dig their sound. Garagey and kinda psych too- there's kinda like, heavy garage rock bits but also some Pink Floyd or Kinks influence in there? It's pretty wild.

And it's GOOD - I find it really listenable. Catchy, fast-ish songs you can just kinda let groove. If you're into 60s style garage or psych, check em out. They're from L.A. and they have an album coming out next month, too - 'Data Doom'. A couple of the tracks are up for preview here:

#garage #GarageRock #psych #PsychRock #IndieBands #punk #PunkRock #LosAngeles #CaliBands #FrankieAndTheWitchFingers

Here's a great garage punk band I've never talked about here before-- DOPE SWEATER, garage kings of Indiana! Anybody a fan? It's herky, jerky, loud, insane, and CATCHY. Punk and sometimes maybe rockabilly or bluesy? After all, who's NOT 'Feelin' Kinda Strange'.

I'm just loving having the lyrics yelled at me via these great songs.

#garage #GarageRock #punk #PunkRock #GaragePunk #DopeSweater #rockabilly #blues #BluesRock

5 months ago

Procédure NON-OFFICIELLE pour passer à une configuratioin NON-SUPPORTÉE et NON-RECOMMANDÉE de #garage

Michael Freed
5 months ago

It's been too smokey and/or too hot for me to hike lately. So I'm undertaking some over due home projects. This weekend I sweated it out in the garage. I insulated the bare exterior wall and added insulation panels to the metal garage doors. I can feel the difference already. I plan to do drywall this fall.

#garage #homeimprovement #insulation

5 months ago

This Hexstatic track just randomly dropped in my foobar2000. It's from a free download, and it has such a nice summery garage bassmusic vibe to it.

Here's the full EP :

#music #bass #garage #dnb

5 months ago

#OTD July 3, 1980

The Flesh Eaters - “No Questions Asked” LP

An LA-based horror-themed punk band! Named after a horror movie and singing songs about horror. 😱 Punk raaawwk!!

This is their debut full length album, and it features a few different drummers, bass players, and other musicians. 8 in total, including John Doe and DJ Bonebreak from X playing bass and drums respectively on a few tracks.

I usually break out The Flesh Eaters for my Halloween mixes, but they’re a good time year round. Here’s the opening track 👇

#punk #rock #horror #garage #music #80s

5 months ago
5 months ago

The Jack Cades - “Flip Flop Fly” (2023)

This album has been growing on me lately. Kinda reminds me of The La’s. A mix of ’60s garage rock, snotty 70s punk, and sweaty rhythm ’n’ blues.

Straight outta Stratford Upon Avon! 🇬🇧

#rock #alternative #garage #IndieRock

Zap Productions
6 months ago

Abandoned • Austin, Texas, USA

Rolleiflex SL66 • Kodak Tri-X 400 • 2023
#FilmPhotography #Kodak #TriX #ATX #TX #Film #Camera #120film #BWfilm #Photography #Austin #Texas #Rolleiflex #SL66 #Monochrome #Exterior #Abandoned #Gus #Garage #Signage

Listening to this band Cafeteria Dance Fever that I just discovered and just lost it laughing to the first track on their album 'Man the Lifeboats', the beautifully titled "Puke Overboard". 😂

#garage #GarageRock #punk #PunkRock #weird #psych #Bandcamp #BandcampFinds

Because OF COURSE The Hives have YET ANOTHER BANGER of a song and a killer new video for their upcoming album.


🔥 💣 💥

#TheHives #garage #punk #PunkRock #GarageRock #GaragePunk #CountdownToShutdown #Maslov #Ponzi #TheDeathOfRandyFitzsimmons

Muro deGrizeco :toad:
6 months ago

Now under the counter, with power, water, and drainage hooked up.

The flooring under there is crumbly particle board, and because the dishwasher needed to come up, I just cut a couple lengths of slat to tuck under the dishwasher feet.

At the top of dishwasher's front, there are two straps with holes. Two wood screws through them, into the bottom of the counter.

Plastic drip trays under the hose connections for monitoring.

Then load dishes and start a run!

#garage #repair #dishwasher

Dishwasher with first load of dishes after repair
dishwasher running
Muro deGrizeco :toad:
6 months ago

There were a couple problems that might have wedged this dishwasher:

The service manual said that the controller board could enter fault state if a ground fault was detected. The power cord was just a 2 wire ungrounded lamp cord! Ugh! That's not good. I replaced it with a proper grounded cord with 3 prong plug.

The other problem was that soup had been poured into the buttons at the top of the door. Ew. So I disassembled and cleaned it out.

Whichever! Works now!

#garage #repair #dishwasher

2 conductor lamp cord
disassembled dishwasher control circuit board
Muro deGrizeco :toad:
6 months ago

On the inside of the door, there was a model number and a QR code. Scanning that got me GE's product info and access to user manuals.

Not what I needed though.

I needed info about this problem, of the control panel not lighting up.

But Internet people are talking about this very problem:

"If the dishwasher has detected a CSM fault , this can be cleared by pressing Cycle Select and Start for 5s, then..."

That worked!

Testing now!

#garage #repair #dishwasher

dishwasher control Start button, with green LED lit up
Muro deGrizeco :toad:
6 months ago

The fellow whose house it was, he came out. He said that it just stopped working. Control panel wouldn't light up anymore.

After saying thanks, I drove off.

Each time I passed by, I debated with myself if I should take it. Finally, I stopped to get the make and model, to look up parts prices.

The tub was made of plastic. It weighed nothing.

"Heck, if it's like dead-dead, I can just Sawsall it all into bitty bits and chuck them!"

So I brought it home.

#garage #repair #dishwasher

GDT545PSJ2SS GE Dishwasher
Muro deGrizeco :toad:
6 months ago

A house I drive past each day had a dishwasher out by the curb. I kept looking at it.

"Stainless facade? Relatively new? Then why are they throwing it out?"

My family's current dishwasher is about to die. Maytag from 1996. The racks are rusty in places, have broken tines. The door interlock failed, so you can open the door and it keeps running, sprays you right in the face.

So I gave into temptation and stopped my car. Should I take this thing and try to fix it?

#garage #repair #dishwasher

Cartoon of man staring greedily at his neighbor's cast-off dishwasher.
7 months ago

Bon voilà, comment grapher l’usage des buckets #garage dans #munin avec un simple script shell :

7 months ago

TEN #downloadcodes
Firnwald - Black Fortuna

#bandcampfriday ends but #idm #electronica #garage ... never stops .. pffff .. (or so...)

if you like my music, write me a nice comment. it's good for (my) motivation.


7 months ago

It's #BandcampFriday and there is probably no better day for me as an artist to release an album.

"Black Fortuna"

Eight tracks with dense atmosphere, #garage #IDM breakbeats between 130 and 140bpm, wide pads, handpicked vocal samples, eight single coverartworks.

The album is and will remain #freedownload. So be so kind and share this in the network that brings you luck. Boost !

The cover artwork is based on depictions of goddesses from the late romantic period. These usually stood in very empirical places, staring lethargically into the distance. I gave the ladies (Fortuna, Demeter and Flora) a time out and replaced them with polygon entities. Mostly black. Black happiness.
8 months ago

Bilan garage après 6 mois d’utilisation :
* ça marche au global vachement bien ;
* en mode simple instance, il faut vraiment avoir du stockage ultra fiable derrière si on ne veut pas de mauvaise surprise ;
* en mode multi-instance, c’est hyper résistant même si le stockage/réseau ne sont pas particulièrement fiable derrière.

#rust #garage #s3

Skysonix ☾
8 months ago

There are some pretty awesome artists here, putting out some pretty awesome #music, so I made a #Mastodon inspired #DJ mix 🎧 …featuring just a handful of the musicians that I’ve crossed paths with here :) …(containing various beats & unique elements of #DrumAndBass #Garage #Electro #Ambient)

One of the greatest rock songs from the 60s that you’ve probably never heard: “7 and 7 Is” by the band Love.

Love nestled comfortably into the music of their time. Still, their sound was like no other. Their record “Da Capo” gets regular rotation in my world. Mostly because of the aforementioned song.

Low-fi video:

#Music #Rock #PsychedelicRock #Garage #60s #Love

10 months ago

Someone presented #garage (or #garagehq - an S3-compatible object store) to @nova after her talk on Sunday afternoon at #FOSDEM, if you read this message could you DM me ? :blobfoxthink:

11 months ago

Bon voilà, la méthode exhaustive, pas du tout scriptée parce flemme pour migrer des données d’un stockage local à un stockage S3 pour Nextcloud.

En fait, par rapport à la version qu’on trouve le plus souvent sur le net, il manque essentiellement ce qui se passe dans la table `oc_mounts`.

J’aimerais tester pour voir si c’est possible de migrer compte par compte (à vue de nez, c’est impossible mais on ne sait jamais…).

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11 months ago

I'm not sure what your asking. You mean a description of the product?

It's distributed S3 compatible object store, self hosted for a redundant solution.

For example, for a
#Fediverse information store, say, a #PeerTube live and #VoD #streaming server, you can use #Wasabi and purchase affordable storage space to stream your videos from on their S3 compatible buckets, or you can purchase inexpensive Storage VPSes and deploy your own distributed #S3 storage solutions using #Garage for much less than paying for additional HDD storage space on your own compute instances.

All of your videos can be kept and streamed from your S3 storage space much more affordably than paying for larger HDDs on your
#VPS or it costing you an arm and a leg with Amazon (ewww, yucky).

Garage provides the distributed high availability and is more affordable than even discount commercial
#S3 storage providers like Wasabi.

There's additional use cases on the project's website, which is more descriptive than their download page for the latest release at their git repo.

Purchasing additional VPSes with fewer computing resources that are really cheap and optimized as storage servers as opposed to adding additional HDD space, or purchasing extra volumes, on your existing VPS is much cheaper, and Garage provides that distributed high availability. You can create buckets and your other VPSes can also take advantage of that additional space, instead of, for example, creating NFS volumes on one (by comparison, expensive) server for your other VPSes to mount.

You can further distribute that storage space globally with
#Garage, which is self-hosted S3 compatible and #FOSS.

So you have 4 VPSes with lots of RAM and CPUs in each one, but they have small HDDs too keep costs down. You can easily outgrow your storage needs with fresh
#Friendica (, #Calckey(, #Forĝejo (, and #NNCP ( servers, and upscaling those virtual machines with additional HDD space or attaching attaching additional storage volumes from your provider is expensive, and geographically homed.

In that scenario, you could purchase a single storage VPS with a huge volume, deploy Garage with a few S3 buckets to accommodate your Fediverse, Forĝejo, and NNCP servers, and meet all of your storage needs very affordably.

If those VPSes are scattered about the globe in different data centers or providers, you can deploy additional Garage instances, distributing those existing S3 resources globally, and increasing availability while reducing latency.

I suppose you could also embrace
#Cloudflare to address that last issue (I'm kidding, of course. Cloudflare == Satan).

I know you're primarily playing with a lot of
#smallweb, #IoT, and Home #LAN based projects - a single Garage instance in the cloud could deliver your content at scale and speed.



11 months ago

#Wasabi and #Garage are two solutions I can recommend for new instance admins.

Garage just released version 0.8.1 last night and I published a post announcement that if you want to take a look - it's self-hosted

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11 months ago

Seminal 2002 album Original Pirate Material & in particular this track did push things forward.

Fusion of Reggae, Garage, Drum n Base with an unapologetically UK spittin style full of storytelling & commentary. It carved out some new musical space. A lot of grime writing followed after as social commentary, turning away from garage 2step club/party scene.

The Streets - Let's Push Things Forward

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