The ponds have never looked this clear with this kind of sustained warm weather. I guess it helps when you clean the filters properly after a long winter 😊. It’s so nice to be able to see them so well. #pandemicPond #garden

A slightly green tinged pond with rocks of different sizes visible under the service and lilly pads of different shapes and sizes.
2 hours ago

The very hungry caterpillar eating my Clarkia plants 🐛

#Insects #moths #pollinators #garden #Plants #Nature #Photo

Video shot from above of a caterpillar grasping the base of a leaf with several pairs of yellow feet and nosing around to find the tip. When the caterpillar finds the tip it proceeds to rapidly munch the leaf.
The Streets of Melbourne
3 hours ago

Hibiscus rosa-sinensis, known also as Chinese hibiscus, China rose, or Hawaiian hibiscus is a tropical tropical hibiscus, cultivated as an ornamental plant in the tropics and subtropics, but its native range is Vanuatu.

It isn’t tropic in #Melbs atm, but it kinda is for this time of the year, early #winter.

Just like the last few days, we’re heading for a top of 18 degrees (65F)!!

📸 - #ormond #australia


#urbanflora #flora #gardening #garden #melbourne #MostLiveable #aesthetichedonist #flowersofmastodon #gardeningAU #gardening #narrm #victoria #Australia #downunder #makesmehappy

3 hours ago

Ladybug (one of several) on the lemon thyme

#insects #plants #herbs #garden #photo #beetle #ladybugs

A spotted ladybug on a thyme plant with many tiny, pale, purple flowers
3 hours ago
Deb Oppermann
4 hours ago

It is so wonderful to see the Monarch butterflies as they are now endangered. This beauty was sipping nectar from the pink Buddleia in the summer garden and the morning light cast a lovely soft glow on the butterfly and bloom.
Available here
#InspirationalQuote #MotivationalQuote #quote #MotivationalMonday #butterfly #nature #wild #wildlife #Insect #photography #MonarchButterfly #butterflies #MastoPhoto #PhotographersOnMastodon #BuyIntoArt #garden #gardening

Monarch Butterfly nectaring on pink Buddlei with green background and quote
Deb Oppermann
4 hours ago

The tall beautiful bearded Iris named after the Greek Goddess who rode rainbows, comes in many magical colors. This Iris in burgundy,pink, yellow and purple is stunning in the spring garden!
Shop here
#Iris #MacroMonday #PhotoMonday #macro #flowers #MastoFlowers #FlowersOfMastodon #BuyIntoArt #photography #MastoArt #fediverse #GiftIdeas #garden #gardening #FotoMontag #MastoPhoto

Close up of the beard and center of the Iris flower with green background
6 hours ago

#Photos taken in my #garden earlier #today. I've selected these slightly soft focus images as they bring out the colour better at the expense of the shape or form.

All of these #roses are grown using #organic methods and never had a drop of weed or insect killer, let alone artificial fertilisers. I feed them using a nettle and comfrey mix grown in my #backyard .

#naturephotography #color #abstract #uk #eastanglia #permaculture

Full shot of a slightly soft focus yellow rose - giving the impression of being in the presence of the archetype colour yellow
Unfolding peachy orange rose flower, slightly out of focus to accentuate the abstract nature of colour.
This is a really creamy orange feast of a many folded blossom, slightly out of focus to take attention away from the detail and on to the sheer sensory experience of the colour itself
The detail at the heart of this deceptively simple pink rose bloom fades into shades of pastel pink and darker as the eye drifts to the edge of the bloom.
8 hours ago

What a difference 10 days make...

Habt ihr mal Vorher/Nachher-Fotovergleiche im Garten gemacht? Also dasselbe Motiv aus derselben Perspektive zu verschiedenen Zeitpunkten geknipst? Kann ich euch nur wärmstens ans Herz legen! 🙂
Guckt mal welchen Unterschied 10 Tage machen. Gerade jetzt, Ende Mai/Anfang Juni, wo alles explodiert, solltet ihr unbedingt mal öfter knipsen!

#garten #garden #gartnern #gardening

Zwei Fotos eines Gemüsebeetes aus derselben Perspektive, mit 10 Tagen abstand geknipst. Man kann deutlich erkennen, wie alles gewachsen ist.
9 hours ago

Today I was sad so I went to a (new to me) #garden center. They had begonias for the front stoop & mint that I'll probably kill by the weekend. Got a couple of basil #plants because something keeps snacking on ours in the garden. I'll put these where I can keep an eye on them. Do I feel less sad? No. But it felt sweet to be close to beautiful things & it felt good to be somewhere besides my living room or bed. #VaguelyAgoraphobic

Jane 🌍
10 hours ago

An attempt to take a photo of this lovely little (red-tailed I think, his bottom was orange coloured) bumblebee. Moving with great urgency between flowers. #photography #bees #nature #garden

A little, flurry black and yellow bumblebee anchors himself under a frond of small pinky orangey coloured flowers to feed, his wings beating so fast they are blurry.
Khurram Wadee ✅
10 hours ago

It’s a hot late #spring day and I was sitting the conservatory as #birds were flitting around the back #garden. Here’s a verdant scene of the #flowering #potato #plants I took while waiting with a #telephoto lens for any #sparrows to show up.

#MyWork #MyPhoto #CCBYSA #DSLR #Nikon #D7000 #Spring #Horticulture

Potato plants.
10 hours ago

Noch eine #Fotografie zum Abend: Eine Honigbiene weiß die unscheinbaren weißen Blütenstände unsrer Winterheckenzwiebeln zu schätzen. Allein das ist schon ein Grund, diese Staude weiter im Beet zu lassen.

#Garten #Natur #Apis #Bienen #photography #nature #garden #FotoMontag

Eine Honigbiene bestäubt sie weißen Blüten in der kugeligen Scheindolde einer Winterzwiebel, Allium fistulosum. Im Hintergrund sind unscharf gelbe Blütenkörbe eines Habichtkrauts (Hieracium maculatum) zu erkennen

#Iris tall bearded 'Tangerine Treat' (Chuck Chapman 2021)

#garden #gardening #flowers #horticulture #photography #bloomscrolling

Alt: a single iris flower + bud on white BG. The flags are pure white; the falls are white striped and specked and washed with caramel and gold; the beard is bright tangerine.

John G Fitzgerald
12 hours ago

In our city garden, Auden's wonderfully lyrical lines come to mind;
Out on the lawn I lie in bed,
Vega conspicuous overhead
In the windless nights of June ...
But it's afternoon & there's a slight breeze, open-air, natural air-conditioning. I wonder; are we mad to leave this place? Then I think of future days in the mountains with another lawn, other afternoons.
No moment lasts forever. We've had the best of this urban space. It's time to move on & find new challenges, new discoveries & friends yet to be encountered.

City garden, mid afternoon.
13 hours ago

This is what we do it all for... #polytunnel #volunteer #garden #gardening #Glasgow #Scotland

Wooden palettes on red stone with beans and peas planted in them. A barrel planter in the foreground with runner beans in with a cane support teepee style. On the right a glass cabinets laying sd own, used as growing cloches, white metal and glass, door opened upwards
A blue glazed container white white "snow in summertime" plant in. Small flowers with grey blue stems that spreads and casdades
Raided polytunnel beds showing broad beans, staked and two beds of runner beans each with a tent like arrangement of garden canes
Close up of nearly full grown broad beans
Thomas Rigby
14 hours ago
I believe this is a periwinkle. a white star-shaped flower against a backdrop of green leaves
Rachael Hare
15 hours ago

Having a breather
#bumblebee #peony #garden #nature

Bee resting on a white peony
Karl Schwartz, Artist advocate
17 hours ago

#news #garden

The deer ate our tomato plants - previously thriving in grow bags behind our cottage.

Our garden peas are resplendent ... but the rest: not so good, bad, and very bad ...

- Bad seed (infected / old / damaged)?
- Bad soil (nutrients, ph, texture)?
- Bad luck: viral / bacterial / pests / weather?

The science-naive, racially biased insists on one cause: inferior plant variants. A belief system that leads to #fascism.

Artists Garden
17 hours ago

Surprising how quickly the first herb harvest of the year comes around. Air drying herbs is the best way to preserve them. From right to left: Lovage, Greek oregano (x 2), Savoury, Marjoram and Moroccan mint.

#artistsgarden #garden #gardener #gardening #kitchen #artist #wolfkettler #gardenwiltshire #wiltshiregarden #wiltshire #growyourown #NoDig #herbs #herbgrowing #lovage #greek #oregano #GreekOregano #savoury #marjoram #moroccan #mint #MoroccanMint #HerbHarvest #harvest #OwnProduce

The photograph shows six bunches of freshly harvested herbs hung up to dry from the cream painted wooden ceiling of my kitchen. They are tied to a bamboo cane, which is suspended from the ceiling.
The Streets of Melbourne
20 hours ago

It is a #ViburnumTinus, the laurustinus, laurustine or laurestine… sounds akin to a mouthwash huh (Oz audience will understand!)??

They’re in early bloom and there were half a dozen healthy looking specimens growing in this front yard in #Mckinnon #Austrlia, so I expect these to be in full bloom in the next week or so.

Delicate, small and pretty looking flowers. Just gorgeous.


#urbanflora #flora #gardening #garden #melbourne #MostLiveable #aesthetichedonist #flowersofmastodon #gardeningAU #gardening #narrm #victoria #Australia #downunder #makesmehappy

Well that was an unexpectedly quick end to the night… Benadryl is kicking in 🥱 🥱 🥱. Looks like I have 3 stings but the swelling is not too bad and the ice has helped. No pain. Just time for sleep… 😂 😴 See ya in the morning! Danger of allergic reaction should be passed.
#wasp #sting #sleepy #gardening #garden #rude

1 day ago

This friend ate up all the Clarkia elegans in one part of the garden and then got lost in the white sage, which they didn’t like at all. I moved them to another patch of Clarkia, where they are now chowing down again happily, as you can see here. This friend will grow up to be a White-lined Sphinx Moth, a.k.a. Hummingbird Moth, with a 2 to 3 inch wingspan. I hope it leaves me a few Clarkia plants because I do love their bright pink flowers. #garden #insects #Caterpillar #Photo #moth #plants

A photo of a plump green caterpillar with a black line along its back and black markings in two rows, along inside, munching on flower buds
The Streets of Melbourne
1 day ago

Snapped this #treedhalia yesterday arvo in the glorious afternoon we had. Looks like an equally grand day is ahead of us today!

These grow between 8–10 metres tall. It is native to Mexico, Belize, Guatemala, Honduras, El Salvador, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Panama and south into Colombia and Ecuador.

I’ve noticed a few more during school drop offs today, so it appears they’re all coming out to play, on cue.

#bee visiting, see pic 1 🐝


#urbanflora #flora #gardening #garden #melbourne #MostLiveable #aesthetichedonist #flowersofmastodon #gardeningAU #gardening #narrm #victoria #Australia #downunder #makesmehappy

1 day ago

for the past ten years i’ve daydreamed about having my own #garden.

our little home came with a desolate front bed that had been covered over with landscaping fabric for twenty or more years.

we tore it out and planted the beds with all kinds of perennials last autumn. with the unprecedented heat of the past month on the prairies, an unexpected benefit is that our #flowers are blooming and building seed pods early 🤩

A very large iris flower, in white and bright purple, with hints of yellow throughout the center.
A delicate pastel yellow poppy that has a seed pod mushrooming out from its center.
Karstan 🚲🍑💨⛵
1 day ago

The daughter of my good friend/surrogate grandmother, Ms. Georgia, gave me this old gazebo. It needs to be painted. What color would YOU paint it for your #garden? It has a white/cream canvas top.

Photo of a squar-ish gazebo/trellis about 11 feet square. It's been painted brown. Standing on a footladder in the center with his head and arms out the top is a white middle-aged man with a blond/gray beard looking confused.
1 day ago

I got a yard full of de blooms! Brandy Roses blooming hard in the yard. #gardening #garden #bloomscrolling #roses #bloom #blooms

Peach colored rose in a garden
Peach colored rose in a garden
Peach colored rose blooming in a garden
Peach colored rose blooming in a garden
Leigh Dodds
1 day ago

I think the solitary bees has stopped laying now as we are in to June and I think they've died off.

Doing a final count on the filled in cells in my little bee house.

I make 28. So that's between 28-560 eggs to hatch next year I think?

#bees #garden

Close up of a garden bee house. Visible are the cut ends of bamboo canes. 28 of them are plugged up, indicating a solitary bee has laid eggs in it and sealed it up.
Gene McKelvey
2 days ago

EMERGENCE - A pink peony blossom opens to reveal its yellow inner petals and creating a ripple effect of beauty. Prints are available at #BuyIntoArt #ayearforart #artmatters #mastoart #AppArtist #peony #nature #garden #blossoms #beautiful #artwork #photography

This square picture features a round  peony blossom at the center with pink outer petals surrounding slender yellow inner petals. The blossom is viewed from above with a background of green leaves. The many shades of delicate pink and yellow flower petals are in sharp focus and appear to be emerging from ripples similar to those from a stone thrown in water. This is the ripple effect of the emergence of beauty.
2 days ago

Might have stayed out too long in the sun doing some #gardening, but managed to get the last of my ginormous pile of hedge cuttings pared down and into the garden bin. That's the worst of #garden neglect dealt with at long last, so I can move on to all the other garden neglect!

This year I think is just going to be getting it all under control after years of growing wild, so even if I can't
#plant anything new till next year it will still be satisfying to have it sorted.

Benjamin Spider 🏳️‍🌈
2 days ago

Organ Pipe Cactus (Stenocereus thurberi)

Native plant, grown from seed.

On a scale of 1 to 10 in regards to horror of transplanting, I give it a 3 at this size. 20 if it should ever get a chance to out grow the pot beside it.

#cactus #gardening #garden #sonorandesert

Deb Oppermann
2 days ago

Poesie is a tall bearded Iris, Iradaceae, that has lovely soft, amethyst rose edging on nicely ruffled falls and standards and a bright tangerine beard.
Available here
#iris #flowers #IrisFlowers #MastoFlowers #FlowersOfMastodon #MastoPhoto #macro #garden #gardening #fediverse #FediGiftShop #BuyIntoArt #spring #SpringFlowers

Close up of bearded iris in orange, pink and tangerine beard
2 days ago

Die Amsel macht sich die Schwanzfederspitze nass, hüpft dann schnell auf den trockenen Rand. Ich mag diese Amsel.

#Amsel #birds #blackbird #garden

Ein Amselmännchen sitzt auf dem Rand eines winzigen Vogelbads.

Here are some #tree tops in my #garden, taken this evening.
My entire garden is surrounds by very old, established #trees, each is 20+ feet tall

tree tops against a clear blue sky
2 days ago

This Pine Warbler never catches a clue to the abuse & exploitation...

I finally got a shot of the Brown-headed Cowbird fledgling being catered to by the Pine Warbler just this morning, I'm going to publish more of them later but thought I would release a sneak preview

#Birding #Birds #Photography #Garden #Backyard

A large light gray bird with baby streaks on its underparts is sitting on a steel feeder hook with a much smealler yellow bird above it trying to feed it a small snack. This is a Pine Warbler feeding a Brown-headed Fledgling that just fledged a few days ago & has been seen being fed by its adopted parents many times since. Photo with Nikon Coolpix P610 by peachfront. June 3, 2023.
2 days ago

How draining are my weekends? (work): this collage was ready last week, but didn't get it posted then nor yesterday lol
So a really late #FlowersOnFriday photos taken the week of #May 12. These are all long done now, some even in seed already! Except the Glechoma/Ground Ivy- you don't easily achieve invasive/weed status with a short flowering period 😆
Most of the plants grown from seed/divisions from friends all over!
Details in replies. #Alberta #Garden #BloomScrolling @plants #florespondence

Photo collage, 5 panels, framed in greeny antigue gold in centre, blending to a muted plum top, bottom, outside.
Top left a partly open yellow anemone over roundish compound leaves made of feather shaped leaflets. Right a single yellow 4 petalled flower coming from a bare woody stem with leaf buds.
Centre large patch of low growing whitish daisy flowers over green grey foliage in rock garden.
Bottom left tiny purple flowers reminiscent of mint (cousin) or snap dragons, with medium green roundish scalloped leaves. Right several vertical  clusters of pinky purple mixed with paler small tubulr flowers with ferny bluish green foliage.
Evan Heisman
3 days ago

Never in a million years did I think my #nativePlant #garden would be on a tour, but here we are!

(Tour organized by the Columbia Basin Native Plant Society, #WallaWalla chapter)

Small paper sign in front of a garden bed overflowing with wildflowers.

Sign reads:
Tour stop garden K
JUNE 3 2023 11am to 4pm
Blue flax in bloom in the foreground in front of raised veggie beds and other wildflowers in bloom.
Partially sun lit mock orange shrub against a deep blue sky
The Bee Guy
3 days ago

‘Take a step back from the lawnmower. Keep your green-fingered hands where I can see them. And don’t even think about going for the strimmer…’

It’s June.
You’ve done the #NoMowMay thing.
But the little creatures need more from you.
Think before you mow!

#bees #nature #wild #insects
#insectapocalypse #garden

(via @thejournal_ie)

Journal dot IE on-line article with the headline
‘All we are saying is give bees a chance - ditch that lawnmower.’
Image of a meadow with long grass and musk mallow wildflowers accompanies.
laura lemay
3 days ago

Oh no I have too many dahlias to plant I don't have any idea how that happened it is a mystery 🤔🤔🤔

#gardening #garden

Shantell Powell
3 days ago

I found these cute little slime moulds in my garden. At least, I think that’s what they are. They are super tiny. That whole patch is smaller than a dime. #SlimeMold #SlimeMould #Garden

Bright green flat splats with little gooey centres. Like green eggs without the ham.
Deb Oppermann
3 days ago

The Bleeding Hearts Flowers are often called the Flowers Of Romance and are a traditional favorite in the garden. The outstanding characteristic of Bleeding Hearts is the shape of the flowers from which a drop of "blood" dangles at the bottom. Simplicity is the "heart" of this image.
Simply Hearts available here
#BleedingHearts #Dicentra #flowers #FlowerFriday #MastoFlowers #FlowersOfMastodon #garden #gardening #BuyIntoArt #nature #MastoArt #fediverse #macro #artwork

Close up of the single hearts in a row of the Bleeding Hearts flower on greyish background
Deb Oppermann
4 days ago

Spring isn't spring without the wonderful, fragrant and petite white blooms of the Lily Of The Valley. In the language of flowers the Lily of the Valley symbolizes the return of happiness. According to folklore, Lily of the Valley is said to protect gardens from evil spirits.
May Bells And Shadow available here
#LilyOfTheValley #flowers #spring #MastoFlowers #FlowersOfMastodon #photography #fediverse #FediGiftShop #BuyIntoArt #garden #gardening #MastoPhoto #macro

Lily of the Valley close up with green leaves and dark shadow in vertical
Deb Oppermann
4 days ago

Waiting for the beautiful orange and black spotted Painted Lady butterfly to grace my flowers with their beauty. This beautful orange and black spotted #PaintedLady butterfly nectars on the bright pink fall blooming Zinnia in the garden in Guelph Ontario Canada.
Available here with #FreeShipping North America
#butterfly #butterflies #insect #nature #wild #wildlife #NaturePhotography #BuyIntoArt #PhotographersOnMastodon #NatureMastodon #photography #garden #gardening

Close up of the Painted Lady butterfly nectaring on pink Zinnia in my garden with green leaves and brownish background
Amelia Bellamy-Royds
5 days ago

Still raining, but the sun is low enough to sneak in under the clouds, so time for a #garden update…

Recently opened flowers:

The purple-pink blooms (with blue pollen!) of the spiky echium plant I bought as a root last year, which survived nicely in a very exposed corner.

The frilly purple pirouette petunia, one of 2 survivors of the dozen seeds I started. Which is infinitely more survivors than last year. 🙃

Recently transplanted:

Coleus & wax begonias into the shady garden under the lilac.

A plant with long slender leaves and 40cm tall flower spikes each with more than a dozen 1cm purple-pink cone-shaped flowers. It's growing at the end of the garden strip in between the back wall of the house and two concrete walks, with some geraniums at its base and plenty of other green plants behind. They are all glistening wet in the sunshine lighting up the wall.
A loose pompom of flower petals, purple with white edges, layered and frilly like petticoats in an extravagant dance. The petunia is growing in a large planter crowded with assorted other flowers on the back porch.
Looking down from the front porch through shiny wet lilac leaves at the ring of plants around the shrub's base: Coleus with burgundy and lime coloured leaves;  Solomon's seal with its arching stems of paired leaves; one silver-leaved Brunnera; lots of little wax begonias with their thick succulent leaves and a few flowers; and also two big begonias covered with flowers, one in pink and the other white. All in contrast against an orange-brown carpet of pine needles.
5 days ago

any #azolla enthusiasts out there? azolla are tiny aquatic ferns that can be used as green mulch, animal feed, & more.

they double in number extremely quickly, so can overtake a pond. we grow them in buckets & kiddie pools. they like shade & can happily share space w/water spinach.

the other day, i started a new azolla pond using just a handful of azolla from the orange bucket in pic 2. i arranged some ferns over it for shade. now it'll just go!

#gardening #garden #TropicalAg #tropical

new azolla pond in a large metal container
azolla bucket with 2 kinds of azolla in it. this bucket was the source for the new azolla pond.
original azolla bucket with new azolla pond in the background. both are among ferns and are mostly exposed to dappled sunlight & shade.
Byron Miller
5 days ago

3rd batch of cucumbers already and i got these ones about a day too late - they’re growing so fast #garden

cucumbers from backyard garden

My #pumpkins are doing well but I'm afraid I might have packed them in a little too tight.

Oh well, dirt is heavy, and they all came from the same #pumpkin so they are siblings and will just have to learn to get along.

I put a LOT of plant food on them, and they have no competition in these #garden tubs so I'm hoping it won't matter.

four purple tubs full of green pumpkin leaves
The Wee Owl Studio
5 days ago

Some new flowers have appeared! Don't remember what this green baby is called, it's got a label but I'm lazy.
#flowers #garden #gardening

A little pot with white flowers in my garden
1 week ago

Oh FFS... I just saw a determined daddy Pine Warbler feeding my suet to a begging fledged Brown-headed Cowbird...

Don't feed the trolls, dude!!!

There's a small picture of a similar event at Tom Driscoll's Feeder Watch here

It was too early in the morning for me to get my own pix, haven't even drunk my coffee yet...

#birds #birding #warblers #cowbirds #parasites #garden

1 week ago

Drinking notwithstanding, still making some more progress in the #garden. Planted #Dahlia seedlings in the bed outside after hardening them off. Same with tomatoes. More of my Dahlia tubers are showing sprouts. Planting more #Asclepias seeds in the hope of having something that will be established enough to last through and bloom next year and benefit the butterflies.
The aggravating thing is knowing that I will still feel I've done too little when we get to October.


Edwinek 🌍
1 week ago

The garden really did its best today

#photography #garden #salvia #lilac #californiaLilac #summer

A small suburban garden. There's salvia in the foreground and on the other side of the lawn a California lilac and a regular lilac.
1 week ago
1 week ago

Last summer we had an anole #lizard that lived on our #sunflower #plants in the front #garden. It was there night and day, sleeping, catching bugs, hanging out, for many weeks. Maria Eva decided it needed a name - Lorenzo. Now we have a new set of #sunflowers growing and have been waiting for the return of this year’s Lorenzo. Yesterday, there he was, or possibly an offspring, so Maria Eva dubbed this one El Niño.

#gardening #UrbanWildlife #photography #nature #MacroPhotography #suburbia

Close up macro color photo of an anole lizard clinging to an upright green sunflower stalk covered with short hairs. The lizard has a bright green back with tiny scales and a creamy white belly.  The area around his eye is blue-greenish in color.
Close up macro color photo of the head and upper body of an anole lizard clinging upside down to a white surface. The lizard has a bright green back with tiny scales dotted in places with blue-greenish spots, and a creamy white belly.  The area around his eye is has the same blue-greenish color as the spots. (This is a different lizard from the other two photos.)
Close up macro color photo of an anole lizard clinging to an upright green sunflower stalk covered with short hairs. The lizard has a bright green back with tiny scales and a creamy white belly.  The area around his eye is blue-greenish in color.
AndThisIsMrsPeacock 🏳️‍🌈
1 week ago

Cripes, how did it get this late? Here's a Just-Got-It-In-Under-The-Wire edition of THREE GOOD THINGS™️!

🏞️ Halfway through 4 whole days if relaxation in #Berkshire county with the fam. (We refer to it as "the #Shire", because farmers markets, flowers, easygoing friendly people... come visit!)

🌱 Got an incredible workout catching my parents' #garden up on pruning and weeding.

🎣 The Domestic Partner is off to #Cuttyhunk for #striper #fishing and is SOOOOOOO excited!

#ThreeGoodThings #3GoodThings @3goodthings #fish #StripedBass #ElizabethIslands #TheBerkshires #LongWeekend #ILoveNewEngland

Deb Oppermann
1 week ago

The delicate, dainty white native Gaura blooms, move like a cloud of small butterflies in a breeze. They are wispy, airy flowers that are tinged with pink and are on long stems that dance in the wind.
White Gaura is here, #FreeShipping North America
#flowers #MastoFlowers #FlowersOfMastodon #garden #gardening #gardener #nature #photography #macro #PhotographersOnMastodon #walldecor #interiordesign #wallart #FlowerPhotography #BuyIntoArt

White Gaura flowers in macro with green background in vertical