B's Creative Life 🌈 🌱🌻
4 hours ago

#Found on the street, attempting to resurrect for use at one of the #schools. They need outdoor sitting areas near their #gardens. Might paint with designs if I can get everything solid. Was told these benches are 50 years old 🤷🏼, there are 3 that I brought to repair.
#Upcycle #reuse #volunteer #artist #WoodWorking

An old wooden sitting bench is hanging off the side of a deck getting repaired.
Barbara J. Hancock
6 hours ago

Thanks to The Lily Cafe for the feature! ☺️✌️✨ #Books #Blogs #Gardens #Orchards #MagicalRealism #Nature #Fantasy

The Lily Cafe’s curated bookshelf logo. Books and a steaming cup of tea. May 2023 theme: Gardens and Orchards. Wildwood Whispers by Willa Reece. Lush blackberries and vines. Three Luna moths and two glowing spell bottles.
6 hours ago

Diving into sea…ascending into sky…

Excited to delve into my latest read, titled, you guessed it…BLUE.

And from my garden, lovely in the morning sun, Evolvulus.

#BLUE #color #ColorHistory #science #flowers #gardens #FlowerPhotography #reading #KaiKupferschmidt

A sky-blue Evolvulus flower blooming in my garden.
A blue peacockand feathers,on cover
of the book,  BLUE.
7 hours ago

A day off in the garden. The attempt at a wild flower meadow weeded, the front garden tamed, the pond tidied and some new pots planted up.

All accompanied by the Great Tit chicks chirping away as their hard working parents bring them endless morsels
#gardening #gardens

A few newly planted flower pots sit on a patio
Rexx Deane 🏳️‍🌈
7 hours ago

Visiting Kenchester Water Gardens, Hereford

#gardens #plants

Man with a short greying beard, wearing a grey baseball cap with SpecOps Archaeological Survey on the front, a burgundy t-shirt and a camera bag slung over his shoulder. In the background is a red-leafted acer tree along with a very pale acid-green tree and several taller larger ones that look like sycamore. In the near background are purple irises.
The Chatty Gardener
16 hours ago
Orange martagon lily flowers with reflex petals that have small, dark red spots.
Christine Beeton
23 hours ago

Our hotel near the Arenal volcano has the most amazing gardens, full of wildlife. I got up at 5:30 am to take photos before breakfast. Each room was an individual cabin nestled in the garden.
Here are photos of some of the plants from this garden.

Arenal volcano, Costa Rica.

#Travel #CostaRica #TravelPhotography #Gardens #Flowers

1 day ago

Just some pictures of RHS Bridgewater on a very sunny day!
#gardening #gardens #RHSBridgewater

A border at RHS Bridgewater
A border and tree at RHS Bridgewater
A border at RHS Bridgewater
Jake Rayson
2 days ago

I have compiled all the resources that I use when designing #wildlife #FoodForest #gardens, and I have put them onto one page for you.


#NativePlants #WildFlowers #ForestGarden #Gardening #GardenDesign

Very green and floral verge
J. Martin
2 days ago

Mangroves, Singapore Botanic Gardens, Singapore. August 2019, Canon PowerShot.

#singapore #botanic #gardens #mangroves #park #nature #reserve #vintagestyle

Creeping Jenny certainly does!

All of this is from two 4-inch pots I put in 2 or 2.5 years ago. Soil isn't great here and I just stuck these into the ground.

#gardening #gardens #plants #CreepingJenny

Photo of the base of a tree surrounded by bright green plants covering the ground. They're almost lime green in color and have long stems with many leaves lining each side. The bed is edged with flat cement block.
Pots & Trowels
2 days ago

It's a pond plants masterclass on P&T this week, Martin chats to Dawn Fisher of Lincs Pond Plants about all the tricks of the trade!

#pond #plants #garden #gardening #aquaticplants

Live Show 6pm June 1st:

New gardening advice videos every Thursday!

#GrowYourOwn #gyo #blooms #sowing #GardenersOfMastodon #gardens #garten #growing #shoots #GardeningHelp #GardeningTV #GardeningHintsAndTips

TFW you get text updates from your wife about the status of the lilly in the pond! It opened today!! 🙌 🌸 Weeeee. #pandemicPond #Gardens #Pond #Flowers #LillyPads #PortAlberni

A white pond lilly flower is open amongst lilly pads. The petals are pointed and narrow triangles. The centre is yellow.
3 days ago

Dudleya pulverulenta? So other worldly and gorgeous.

#succulents #plants #flowers #gardens #photo

Gray green rosette of succulent leaves with 7 or 8 salmon colored arms reaching upward, each with a burst of small, muted yellow flowers at the tip. In a garden setting.
T. Thorn Coyle 🖤
3 days ago

May you always have the things that nourish you, close to hand.

#abundance #bokchoy #gardens #photography

Looking down on an abundantly growing leafy green bok choy plant
4 days ago

I need some green today.

#green #gardens #breathe
#ferns #palms #mindfulness

A study in green- layers of palm leaves, ferns and other tropical foliage inside the New York Botanical Garden Conservatory.
Christine Beeton
4 days ago

I got home at 2 am, a little tired 😊.
This morning I went out to the backyard to check if my veggies had survived while I was gone, and... 😳😱

Eggplants, Armenian cucumbers, banana peppers, different kinds of tomatoes, green beans, Shishito peppers. Not shown, the herbs are also doing great.

I don't think I need to drive to Sprouts right away...

#Vegetables #Backyard #Gardens

Atlas Obscura
4 days ago

Sacro Monte di Varallo Sesia in Varallo, Italy

A 15th-century park that recreates a bit of the Holy Land in Italy.
Sacro Monte di Varallo Sesia

The Chatty Gardener
5 days ago

Looking around the Great Pavilion at RHS Chelsea is dangerous! I've added far too many things to my plant list. This iris is just one.

To read about it and the other things I found, head over to my blog:

#rhschelsea #gardens #gardening #plants #flowers #blogpost #photography

Bearded iris with pink petals and darker pink falls with veins. Part of a display of iris.
5 days ago

Shopping time. #Gardens

Multi-color plants crowd the garden center.

A little farm and garden update for the homies:

One of my favorite things about the #farm is that every day is pretty much a different experiment.

The mason jar filled with flowers is my attempt at making lilac oil using the #enfleurage technique. After steeping for a few weeks, it should be ready to go.

The meat photo? #capicolla! It's going to be vacuum sealed for a week, and then it shall go hang in my cellar with the #bresaola I've had hanging for two weeks now.

And the garden-- I've got everything in this photo planted except those buckets along the back wall. I'm building a raised bed for watermelons back there, but right now the buckets are back there as storage because I don't know what I'm going to use them for (or plant in them) yet. They'll probably end up going between the back fence and the big bed in the middle. If you have any ideas, let me know!

The next step aside from the watermelon bed is to finish laying cardboard out to kill weeds, and then cover it with wood chips and level everything, so it doesn't look, well, like it does in the photo.

Also, if you havent figured it out yet... I'm in my cottage core era now.

#gardening #gardens #homestead #homesteading #homesteader #dailyexperiments #experiments #experimenting #foodscience #food #selfreliant #selfreliance #selfsufficient #selfsufficiency #howdoesyourgardengrow #foodforest #wisconsin #southeasternwisconsin #farmtotable #healthy #growyourownproduce #growyourownfood #knowwhatsinyourfood #supportfarmers #supportyourlocalfarmer #supportyourlocalfarmers #federated #fediverse #outdoors

5 days ago

Exuberant azaleas showing off at Brooklyn Botanic Garden.
I’m more of a wisteria sort person…but the azalea show was undeniably dazzling!

#gardens #flowers #azaleas #wisteria #Brooklyn #gardening #BotanicGardens #color #LandscapePhotography #FlowerPhotography #dazzling

Hot pink, rose and fuchsia hued Azaleas and lavender-flowered wisteria in bloom at the Brooklyn Botanic Garden
Hot pink and red flowered azaleas, framed by  panicles of lavender-flowered wisteria at the Brooklyn Botanic Garden
6 days ago

The fog is ruining my sunrise.
#GoodMorning Usually I have breathtaking colors at twilight hours. But not today.
It's too early for running a rototiller, but I have a garden to prepare.

#Gardens #Gardening

A large square of brown soil, freshly tilled, for planting

"The Abundance" by Pietro Tacca and Sebastiano Salvini (1636), Boboli Gardens, Florence, may 2023. #sculpture #art #florence #italy #gardens #Art #publicart #artphotography #photography #artwork

A white marble statue is seen from an angle looking up the head of the statue has blocked out the sun giving her a glow about the head. Her arm is raised and some sort of object with leaves on it is being inspected
Jens Andermann
6 days ago

El 31/5 a las 12 hs santiaguinas lanzamos JARDIN y otros títulos de la colección Perdidos en el espacio! #jardines #gardens #books #libros #literatura #arte #arquitectura

1 week ago

Good morning. Well it's not Chelsea, but I love the explosion of sweet rocket and iris in the border at this time of year.
When we used to visit the Chelsea show, (the ticket price now!) I always noted that I had many of the plants in the show gardens, but not the design skills.
Foot is on the mend so a lot of catching up at the allotment to do.

A garden border filled with frothy white and lilac sweet rocket flowers and deep purple Siberian iris.
1 week ago

#gardens #EastDevon #phototuesday

My garden this morning at 6am. It’s a simply wonderful place.

maxmoon 🌱
1 week ago

Started to create my own #sustainable #zerowaste #garden and it's even #vegan because I do not use it as a toilet for the crap of animals from factory farming.

Currently working on the fourth bed, which is around 12m (~40ft) long and I am trying to put in stuff, which likes each other (#symbiosis) and all of it is #organic of course!

#gardening #growyourown #plants #gardens #soil #vegetables #mixedcultivation

#garten #pflanzen #erde #gemüse #mischkultur

A huge garden where you can only see a fence and soil at the moment.
The Chatty Gardener
1 week ago

I’ve had a busy first day of a three-day stint at RHS Chelsea. There’s lots to see. On the blog, my pick of the gardens. Read it here:

#gardens #gardening #rhschelsea #plants #flowers #photography

Pink and orange pergola with planting underneath in yellow and white
B's Creative Life 🌈 🌱🌻
1 week ago

Oh, what a day, what a day. The children's food #gardens are growing so well, as are their pollinator gardens.
Also started a rock pathway from the students' painted stones that have been resting under a redbud tree for a year. Tired but satisfied. ☺️

#volunteer #school #Gardening

Painted stones are formed into a path leading into a shaded garden
Planters of food plants are growing at a school garden
Pots of food plants are growing at a school garden

Our #lilacs are just lovely in Saskatoon too. Love their scents. They are just starting to bloom. Hardy enough to withstand Saskatoon winters too.
#gardens #gardening #canada #saskatchewan

My parents have spent 40 years building up the soil in their main garden which was clay with actual bedrock up on the top left. It now has a good 3-4ft of soil thanks to annual truck loads of horse manure and various other supplements and a lot of work. #gardening #PortAlberni #soil #gardens #pacificnorthwest

A large garden with rows of tomatoes and ominous. There is a patch of rhubarb to the left. A red rototiller to the left. Two houses stand in the background.
Looking in the opposite direction to the bottom of the yard. More rows of tomatoes and onions with a larger patch of rhubarb in the bottom left. There is bush and trees behind.
A small cherry tree that used to live at our house and was moved here in efforts to save it. It is full leaf.
1 week ago

Had a lovely post-breakfast taco stroll at the botanical gardens this fine morning. Here’s some pretty things we saw:

#Garden #Gardens #BotanicalGardens #bonsai #Austin #ATX

Brilliant pink blooms on a bonsai desert rose bush at a bonsai exhibit at the Zilker Botanical Gardens in Austin, Texas.
1 week ago

A selection of some of the garden flowers I take for granted will be there and I rarely take photos of. The nepeta, tradescantia, alliums and choisya.

#Flowers #Gardening #Gardens

Two moths on lilac nepeta flowers
Tradescantia flower just opening up
Purple alliums showing off their multiple flowers with some blurred forget me nots in the background.
White choisya flowers on show
Dahlia 🪷
1 week ago

Happy #WorldBeeDay everyone! On May 20th, we celebrate these tiny pollinators and their utmost importance to the ecosystem in #nature. Though our imprint is very small in my part of the world, it's been an absolute joy to see not just #bees but other #pollinators hum about our #gardens. We now see luscious lawns full of dandelions and the bees are loving it! Even as a city dweller, do your part and host a few plants outside with #flowers!

World Bee Day, 20 May 2023
"Bee engaged in pollinator-friendly agricultural production”
1 week ago

It's taken a while but the back garden is finally taking shape.
#NotMyGardenReally #PollokCountryPark #photography #garden #gardens

An ornate country garden with a knee high box hedge maze. Gravel path surround and 2nd level grass and flower areas.
2 weeks ago

The difference between #NightAndDay around our front yard/porch. We have lots of #SolarLights all around the #gardens & up porch stairs. Safer for walking at night.

Many folks stop their cars in front of our home to take photographs of our front gardens & also of my decorated little free library for community sharing 🥰🙌

#AsianMastodon #HomeSweetHome #Wsanec #Saanich #VictoriaBC #yyj #OurHome #YYJgardeners #Gardening #GardenDecor #vanisle #VancouverIsland #PNW #PacificNorthwest #OutdoorLighting

Our front gardens in the daytime. Many potted perennials & garden decorations, with solar lights mixed in.
Our front porch gardens in the daytime. Many potted perennial plants & garden decorations, with solar lights mixed in.
Our front gardens in the nighttime. Many potted perennials & garden decorations, with solar lights mixed in.
Our front porch gardens in the nighttime. Many potted perennials & garden decorations, with solar lights mixed in.
2 weeks ago

Today, a friend and I drove toHillsborough, NC, to a garden sculpture event.

"The sculpture gardens include acres of intimate garden settings, winding paths, and open spaces. The perfect setting for garden art and garden sculptures.  Smaller sculptures and garden art are uniquely situated in intimate settings, and larger sculptures are placed in more open spaces."

#gardens #gardening #art #sculpture #nature #saturday #northcarolina

Sculpture of a fox sitting amongst Greenery under a tree
A small pond lined with stones and Greenery with a trickling waterfall in the back and a sculpture of the upper half of a woman's body laying back in the water relaxing.
A sculpture of the back of a woman standing in a area full of multicolored Greenery and ferns, in the foreground are some twisty tall plant sculptures with knob like blossoms on the end.
In the foreground pale pink and white flowers growing in a massive Green leaves. In the background a stacked sculpture that is pale green with circles and cross bars. On the cross bars and on top are sitting black sculptured crows.
Louanne Cooley
3 weeks ago

You can grow Bougainvillea in Connecticut if you are willing to lug an 80lb pot in and out of the house twice a year.

#bloomscrolling #flowers #gardens #NewEngland

Close view of shocking hot pink bracts surrounding the inconspicuous flowers of Bougainvillia with a few new leaves and a large clay pot in the background.
Gene McKelvey
3 weeks ago

COMPLEX CORAL BELL HARMONY - The harmony of nature is challenged with this abstraction of a clump of variegated leaf Coral Bell. Is this more in tune with your home color palette than my Perfect Plant Puzzle? I appreciate both Jazz and Classical. Which suits your style? #BuyIntoArt #AYearForArt #HomeDecor #Gardens #WallArt #beautiful #photograph #AppArtist #JigsawPuzzle

What was a direct downward view of a clump of Coral Bell leaves has become an abstract blend of tans, burgundys, deep purple and pale blue-greens. Leaf shapes are barely distinguishable. The overall harmony challenges expectations while presenting a satisfying, warm color palette.
Gene McKelvey
3 weeks ago

BUTCHART DAHLIANCE -Butchart Gardens in British Columbia is a wonder of beauty, plant diversity and ecological reclamation. White and pink dahlias are the stars of this picture, but a photo-bombing cottage steals your attention and blends perfectly with the lush greenery. Prints of this and other beautiful art images are available at
#BuyIntoArt #AYearForArt #Canada #Butchart #HomeDecor #Gardens #WallArt #beautiful #photograph #AppArtist

You are looking eye level at a garden of tall Dahlia flowers. Mostly white, with a few pink blossoms and some other colors scattered among the dahlia leaves. Centered and partly hidden behind the flowers is a quaint cottage-style building covered with ivy. Red-orange curtainsin a pair of windows are photo-bombing and trying to steal attention from the Dallas show. The sky is deep blue in the upper right. Deep green tree leaves fill the upper right of the picture.
Gene McKelvey
3 weeks ago

A clump of colorful, variegated Coral Bell leaves provide interesting color in a shady garden. Delicate white blooms adorn a single stem in an effort to attract hummingbirds and other pollinators. #BuyIntoArt #AYearForArt #HomeDecor #Gardens #WallArt #beautiful #photograph #AppArtist #JigsawPuzzle

You are looking directly down on a tightly-cropped clump of colorful, variegated Coral Bell leaves displays unusual colors of gold to maroon and greens to deep carmine red. Delicate white blooms adorn a single stem in an effort to attract hummingbirds and other pollinators. The textures and colors have been modified for a more dramatic impact.
Roger Ward
3 weeks ago

12 years ago today, the French Compagnie Carabosse made Jardin Flambeau in a local park. The gardens were filled with giant moving fire sculptures and fiery installations, hanging ropes with burners, braziers and fire carrying jugglers. There were no barriers apart from the existing low fences, which were few. Fire was everywhere. The only concession to safety were a couple of signs saying 'Be careful'. It was wonderful.

#Brighton #BrightonFestival #Fire #park #gardens #artinstallation #art

Brighton Festival 2011. Fire ropes hanging between the trees in St Anne's Well Gardens
Brighton Festival 2011. Giant mechanical moving fire sculpture St Anne's Well Gardens
Brighton Festival 2011. Sparks fly from a pathway brazier in St Anne's Well Gardens.
Brighton Festival 2011. Giant mechanical moving fire sculpture St Anne's Well Gardens - opening.
3 weeks ago

I love this border this time of year. Genistas in flower attracting the bees with the clematis and honeysuckle foliage out of sight higher in the background and nepeta growing in between with a screen of chamomile. A few white and yellow irises dot the foreground. Elsewhere in the garden the spent daffodils and tulips are being replaced slowly by the growth of the daisies, flox, delphiniums and salvias.

#Gardening #Flowers #Bees #Gardens

Mass of yellow genista flowers either side of the green foliage of clematis, nepeta and chamomile. White and yellow iris in front
The Chatty Gardener
3 weeks ago

Another tulip for Cheering Up Mondays but I couldn't resist this - spotted on a recent trip to Great Dixter garden. Read more here on my blog:

#tulips #flowers #plants #gardens #gardening #photography #CheeringUpMondays #MondayMotivation

A parrot tulip with wavy petals of cream, edged with pink and orange and with a green stripe.
excited for the mastodon rise
3 weeks ago

New plants in!

Added 3 to types of goldenrod, 2 to types of chokeberry, a mountain laurel, a low red cedar, an iris, a lupine, a pussytoes, an inkberry, sunflowers, and an early meadow rue.

#NativePlants #PioneerValleyMA #Gardens #KillYourLawn

Peggy Collins
3 weeks ago

This is one of a few versions of irises I've done with a stained glass effect. (Not real stained glass!)

Artwork is here =

#flowers #iris #art #color #flowerart #floral #gardens AYearForArt #ArtMatters #MastodonArt #FediGiftShop #MastoArt #FediArt #BuyIntoArt #PeggyCollins

Artwork of bearded iris flowers with a stained glass effect, by artist Peggy Collins.
Fiona Grahame Orkney News Ltd
3 weeks ago

"At the start of the 19th century the Laird, William Watt, employed Lochaber man and experienced gardener, Hugh Ross, to lead the team of gardeners at Skaill House. The gardens had to be not only pleasing to the eye but also productive growing fresh fruit and vegetables for the Laird’s table." #Orkney #gardens #gardening #gardeners

the double stone curved stairs with the 17th century Skaill House in the background.

A neighbor down the block described my front yard as "kind of a garden".

What say you?!

#Garden #Gardens #Gardening #GardenStyle #GardenDesign

The Gotelli Garden at Harrison Park Towers in East Orange (the gardens are actually across the border in Orange) is a great little hidden gem! Perfect weather for a tour today. 😍

#NewJersey #gardens

Gotelli Garden at Harrison Park Towers view across the main lawn.
Garden path
Garden paths with various plants in the middle.
Knowledge Zone
3 weeks ago

#KnowledgeByte: In #Bangladesh, farmers are planting native #Floating #Gardens - to combat against floods and build climate resiliency. #Climate #Solution #Adaptation

1 month ago

Now that I'm retired, I list things that need to be done in a small spiral notebook - stuff in the house and in the yard. Looking through it I realize the yard and garden items are crossed off very quickly! The things like "follow up on your denied Dental claim," or "clean the bathrooms," sit there for a long, long time. 😂 😂 Priorities, right?

#gardening #gardens #priorities

The Aforementioned W
1 month ago

I've been so focused on taking care of my seedlings, and harvesting, I completely missed what else was going on in the garden. 😮

#gardening #gardens #flowers

A white rose lightly ringed with pink, against green leave. It's fully in bloom, with ruffled leaves
A red rose bud, partially open. This is a Mr. Lincoln rose and it smells amazing!
A blooming water lily and many water lily leaves in a man-made pond. The water lilly has yellow frons in the middle and light and dark pink leaves.
Marcia Nelson Pedde
1 month ago

not wanting to
remove these eyes from wonder
spring gardens

#amwriting #nature #observations #haiku #senryu #3lines #10WordJournal #spring #gardens #wonder

The Conversation U.S.
1 month ago

Food forests – essentially, edible parks – are small but impactful gathering spaces that can transform cities for the better.

#climatechange #conservation #environment #foodsecurity #gardens

Petra van Cronenburg
1 month ago

The wild herb #Geranium robertianum was introduced early in #gardens because of #FolkMedicine. It's rich in tannins and essential oils. Therefore I love it for #EcoDyeing and #EcoPrinting. As a child, I believed that its seeds can fly like a bird. In German it's named stinkender #Storchschnabel, stinking stork beak, for the form of the fruits. Geranium's #cranesbills are also bec de grue (crane) in France, but in Alsace bec de cigogne (stork)! #florespondence #WildHerbs #NatureMatchCuts

The pink flower and leaves of the plant show a filigrane beauty. This plant has pale rose flowers, growing in full shadow. The flowers colour more reddish in sunlight thanks to sun protecting pigments.
Makro if the reddish and haired fruits in an early stage. Their form looks like a very long beak.
1 month ago

2/ I learned about a new #tree the Katsura. What a truly beautiful beast!

And then the little glimpses of semi-open privacay: a little bank of tulips; the many lovely lilacs; the cherry laurens in crazy bloom.

This is a community where #gardens really matter and #gardening is meaningful.

Manicured Japanese garden in front of a long block of flats in Zurich
Curving ultra modern terraced houses with a long hedge in front of the gardens
Looking up into a Katsura tree
A mess of bluebells and tulips
Sheila M. Averbuch - Author
1 month ago

The pond corner. The barrel will hold #peas later, but now it's #tulips (starring the double orange Orca), plus purple honesty that I dug up from where it had self-seeded. Behind it, #hellebores obscure the tiny pond, which is tucked into the corner and supports a few #frogs and #newts. A neighbor offered me her Victorian fireplace surround so I put it here with a mirror tucked behind, a trick from garden designer Mirabel Osler.

#floweraday @plants #mygarden #gardening #gardens

Bright orange tulips in a barrel next to a clump of leaves that's reflected in the mirror behind it
Keith D Johnson
1 month ago

This Woman Built 17 #Gardens for Her Community and Isn't Stopping!
"Grow #Black Hudson, #NY, is a Movement to re-introduce Black and Brown Community to the importance, and ancestral healing, that comes with #growing our own #food. #permaculture #UrbanAg

Nkoula in one of the gardens she created in Hudson, NY, to feed her food-desert community. Visible are squash, cucumbers, and cannabis. Medicinal needs are being included and isn't that nice?
1 month ago

I built a mini JohnsonSu bioreactor this morning to have biologically rich compost ready for this time next year. It has an outer skin of wire mesh covered in mypex. This is placed on a pallet and downpipes with air holes drilled in them are placed over the gaps in the pallet.

Then add each layer of compostable material and regularly water it as you go. I alternated wood chip layers with grass cuttings and garden weeds.

Tomorrow I’ll remove the downpipes to leave air holes where they were in the pile to allow air flow throughout.

I’ll monitor the temperature over the coming days. It should build to above 55°C and above for at least a few days then start to fall.

When the temperature drops below 27°C I’ll add two or three hundred worms from my worm bin. Then it’s a question of keeping it watered.

#Compost #JohnsonSu #Allotment #GrowYourOwn #GYO #Gardening #Gardens #Compostodon #Allotments #SoilHealth #Soil #SoilLife #Biodiversity #Fungi

Layer of garden weedings and glass clippings inside the bioreactor. Downpipes in place have air holes drilled in them for air flow
Mini JohnsonSu bioreactor full with downpipes in place for the first 24 hours
Circle of wire mesh wrapped in mypex is placed on top of a pallet to form the shape of the bioreactor
Layer of wood chip over the previous layer of grass and weeds.
Damon Young
2 months ago

The tomato plant I put in our garden: [dies]

The tomato plant that grew from a seed in a roadside drain:

#garden #gardening #gardens #gardensOfMastodon

A photograph of an extremely healthy looking tomato bush coming out of a stormwater drain.
Jane 🌍
2 months ago

I had 2 to 3 bees yesterday, this evening I count around 30 in my new bee bath. I’m so happy it has worked 🐝. I’m no expert by any stretch, but it goes to show that small things can make a big difference. #bees #gardens #nature #environment #photography

A small white tray filled with pea gravel and then topped up with water so the pea gravel is half submerged, many bees can be seen drinking from it. The tray is on the green grass of the lawn.
2 months ago

First sprouting seeds of the season!

From seeds collected of last summer’s Hyacinth Bean Vine… looking closely, the foliage and stem color hues are already there…

#gardening #FlowerPhotography #spring #seeds #UrbanGardens #flowers #vines #gardens #PayingAttention #MyJoyfulPlace

Hyacinth Bean Vine flowers and the foliage in my summer garden
Sprouting seeds from Hyacinth Bean Vine
Damon Young
2 months ago

Friends, please welcome FILOSOFÍA EN EL JARDÍN, the Spanish translation of my PHILOSOPHY IN THE GARDEN.

It’s been ten years since it was first published in English, and it’s so gladdening see new editions still appearing in the world.

Thanks to my agents at Zeitgeist Agency for their continued support of my work, and to translator Julio Hermoso Oliveras.

#booksInTranslation #newBook #literature #philosophy #gardens #gardening #translation #espanol #español #research #writingCommunity #writing

A book cover illustrated with blue leaves and white flowers, drawn symmetrically. The text: Damon Young Filosofía en el jardín LA NATURALEZA COMO INVITACIÓN AL PENSAMIENTO Y ALA ESCRITURA Ariel
2 months ago

I walked through Tucson Botanical Gardens yesterday. Here is your #thicktrunktuesday #trees #gardens #Arizona #photography

Looking up at the smooth light bark thick trunk of a tree, branches reaching towards a light blue sky with streaks of clouds.
Babs E. Blue
2 months ago

Happy Thursday

"When the world wearies and society ceases to satisfy, there is always the garden." -Minnie Aumonier

Babs E Photography

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2 months ago


We had a #homesteading mindset from 1977, when we married, but not until 2009, when shonin retired, was it possible for us to expand the #gardens and #orchard to cover even half of our acre. These images are from 2008, and represent some of our best effort from when we were still both working full time (in libraries). It was a much easier climate to #microfarm in, for sure.

Broken Thread!! Part II:

Lean-to greenhouse made from found materials, with flats of spring seeds sprouting.
Turning sods with a utility five tined fork.
Lettuces, herbs and flowers in a polyculture bed.
Polyculture beds and a view of the north side of the old farm house
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Raised-field agriculture has also been used in countries like #China, #Mexico, and #Morocco.

#WaruWaru also stems #desertification and could create a cooling #microclimate when combined with the #SolarPanels, similar to the #irrigated #gardens created by the Muslims, e.g. in the #Alhambra in #Andalucia. In combination with the solar panels. Jointly with the building of #Roman type #cisterns, #agriculture might even be extended to years without rainfall for some time,...

Escalera-de-Agua (Staircase of Water)
Alhambra-palace-Generalife Gardens

small Aqueduct bridging the Cuesta del Rey Chico in the Alhambra in Granada

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Close up of white dahlia in full bloom surrounded by the green of 5he plant. The bloom is thick and lush with multiple layers of small petals.
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Good gentle morning peeps. 👋 :ablobcatcoffee:

Still getting organised so a cheeky recycle of this gorgeous pansy for #SilentSunday.

Have a good day.

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Close up of a pansy with others blurred in background. The pansy is bright orange with yellow at the centre and a lighter tone towards the edge of the petals. It's possible to see the veins of the petals adding texture and interest. 
Some petals 
are yellow with deep burgundy stripes.
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Woo, yeah, let's hear it for inertia!

This pot of Iris reticulata Katharine Hodgkin, planted in late 2021, completely failed to grow last year. At all. Not a shoot.

Being me, I did nothing whatsoever about it. And now look!

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A round, squat, terracotta pot full of dwarf irises, pale blue with yellow throats and darker blue-purple markings on the petals. It sits on a pink side plate, which in turn sits on a truly filthy tiled garden table, oops. The pot also has some random green stuff growing in it, because I rarely weed.
Close-up of the iris flowers, showing the intricate spotting and veining patterns on the petals.
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"Scientists have urged people to stop “spraying their gardens with poison” in order to halt bird decline and adopt instead wildlife-friendly practices."

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