2 weeks ago

We're thrilled to announce that CloudCannon's support for
out of beta 🤩🎉
Making a smooth experience for developers who already have React UI components!
Read more here 👇

3 weeks ago

For a new webseite I am thinking about using gatsby. Didn't use it for quite some time. I need that mix of built time rendering and runtime rendering. While looking around, I stumbled upon Astro. Does somebody here use that and can tell my if it's a good idea to try that?
And another question: Can 11ty do that mix of built time / run time rendering?

#gatsbyjs #astro #11ty

Alex C.
4 weeks ago

Launched my first Eleventy site for a future project. Not sure how I feel about this particular SSG yet, but it sure is faster than Gatsby. I used @lene's starter known as “eleventy-excellent”.

#eleventy #gatsbyjs #ssg

Maryanne Wachter
1 month ago

And it’s finished! Paired with @nebkor to squash some bugs and simplify the Bloom filter implementation a bit.

Blog post👉

@adafruit #neotrellis #hobbyelectronics

Unfortunately my #gatsbyjs site is eating my gifs and inline code formatting is borked but I don’t have time to fix it right now

Video of a small led grid lighting up as tests progress in the background on a computer
2 months ago

Looking forward to meet new colleagues, have new challenges, and learn a lot along the way!

#gatsbyjs ➡️ #Netlify

Almost done rebuilding my portfolio site and all this was possible with #gatsbyjs, sass, and graphql.

In the next few days, I will write a detailed blog post on why I decided to rebuild it.

#tech #javascript

@aspiringcat I'm quite happy with my #gatsbyjs web site / blog. Content is generated using MD files.

I host it on #netlify using their free tier.

Jason Wise
3 months ago

So after playing around with a few different options I finally settled on #gatsbyjs for my blog. There will be a blog post in the next week about how and why I came to this decision. Until then happy holiday and #buildinpublic

Tushar Chauhan
3 months ago

Asking folks doing web-dev: do you know of an easy, FOSS way to implement a simple rudimentary commenting system in a gatsbyjs blog ? I have tried staticman ( which has a perfect workflow for my needs, but found it very hard to configure given my hobbyist skill level.

I wanted to avoid rolling my own, but perhaps that is the best way to go? Thoughts?

#webdev #gatsbyjs #staticman #comments #website

Jason Butz
4 months ago

It's nice when you remember to keep your dependencies updated and you manage to catch things when there is only a single major version change. #gatsbyjs wasn't bad going from v4 to v5, but that GraphQL dependency issue was nasty. `npm dedupe` fixed it for me once I thought to try it

Tim Nolte
4 months ago

@rtcunningham based on your first statement are you referring to deploying a static site, like #GatsbyJS or #NextJS, that is using #WordPress or just a static site? If it's still using a WordPress install then a database/#PHP/server is still required for that bit, unless you are building it all locally based on a local WordPress instance?

D. Moonfire
4 months ago

@lstavrinides Yep, specifically designed to handle arbitrary calendars from fictional worlds.

I originally wrote it to create two culture-specific calendars from my blog series "Creating a Messy Calendar" which needs to be moved to my garden before I can link it but the calendars with notes are at:

I need to hunt down the source files for that, things got a little messy and I still need to write 6.6k words before the end of the month before I should start refactoring.

I wrote a little fiddle for it on my website at

I also had it set up so every calendar/date on had a tool tip that showed you the same date in different calendars. Sadly, GatsbyJS is horrible for, so you can't see anything and I haven't migrated that over since last month's book release (that is the next step though).

There are some npm packages to handle it include a CLI. I still need to port it over to CSharp and Rust, but they both have BigDecimal implementations so it should be backwards compatible (or dump the files into the fiddle to play with it).

#WorldBuilding #CSharp #Rust #gatsbyjs

Because my thought is — to make a sample website, then custom the contents to make many websites for projects / small businesses.
#hugo has templates, lots of tutorials.
#11ty everyone say it’s simpler.
#gatsby #gatsbyjs i found it snappy, smooth and many big name websites are built with it.

Vince Aggrippino 🇺🇸🇲🇾
4 months ago

I'd recommend considering one of the static site generation tools like #Jekyll or #GatsbyJS

#WordPress has some issues including:
- unexpected maintenance work keeping WordPress core, plugins, and theme up to date
- It can be difficult to get code snippets to show just how you want them
- huge target for malicious actors
- poor performance unless you spend a lot of time tweaking and experimenting with different plugins

4 months ago

I get that #NodeJS 18 is an LTS release but isn't deprecating both Node 14 e 16 a bit too soon #gatsbyJS?

I'm currently without a way to know when I can deploy gatsby 5 to #Vercel 🤔

Andrew Moore
4 months ago

Upgrade to #GatsbyJS 5.0.1 complete for both and . Also, both are now verified on #Mastodon !

Upgrading my main site was a journey due to the number of breaking changes I had to deal with while upgrading dependencies.

Stay tuned, I'm currently working on an article about my choice to ditch #AdobeCreativeSuite .

Andrew Moore
5 months ago

I have multiple web properties running on #GatsbyJS. Every single major update, without fail, there is a week where I'm stuck in dependency hell trying to get everything working again.

Meanwhile, I have no such issue with #NextJS. The only thing preventing me from migrating everything over is the sub-par support for server-side static generation ( #SSG ), specifically the lack of static generation for next/image.

So I'm spending my weekend migrating my personal site to Gatsby 5.0.1, from 3.0 😬

Markus Tacker
5 months ago

The two remaining issues before I consider this done are:
1. development with this amount of pages is simply not possible, I need to research how you are supposed to work around this with #GatsbyJS
2. The archive page is way too large for a regular user. So I'll split it up in a top-tweets page and link from there to per-month pages of the tweets.

Markus Tacker
5 months ago

Whoever believes that cloud IDEs are the future must not have had the pleasure of working on a fast workstation, yet?

I am currently on Windows, working with GutHub CodeSpaces on a #nodejs project (#gatsbyjs to be precise) which does heavy I/O during development and this setup yields a terribly slow experience.

D. Moonfire
6 months ago

After six hours, I finally got building correctly with the old #GatsbyJS system. It is slow compared to Nitride, but it is working now verses in a few weeks.

I can only say, thank the technology that NixOS lets me pin everything to an old version before everything went to hell and I could manage to pin everything to the "way it was" back before Gatsby went through two major sets of breaking changes that I have no intent in updating.

This fragility is one reason I want to move from GatsbyJS. I feel I have to keep updating my site just to keep up with the changes and things keep breaking if I do so it just sucks out time.

(Also why I don't do RedHat or Gentoo anymore.)

I'm still going to migrate to Nitride, it just breaks the high priority task out of that item and gives me a bit more breathing room.

2 years ago

Wir haben gerade entschieden, dass wir unsere Webseite mit #GatsbyJS in die Tonne treten.
Sie ist nicht wartbar für uns, jedes Mal, wenn wir etwas ändern wollen, kämpfen wir mit #npm und #Javascript Gedöns, so haben wir uns das nicht vorgestellt!

Hat wer Meinungen zu #Hugo?

2 years ago

How to set-up RSS feeds on your #GatsbyJS static website

Hippo 🦀🦀
3 years ago

@strypey yup! Or they'd at least make it work so you can browse it as a website, and perhaps have a slightly more efficient experience if you *happen* to be seeing it in an app browser (I'm thinking of the sites SSGs like #GatsbyJS and #Gridsome make).

Dmitry Borodaenko
3 years ago Why not #ghost, which already works headless with #gatsbyjs?

3 years ago
Marquis Kurt | Now on Ko-fi
4 years ago

Lucky I found #GatsbyJS. Works like a charm!

Hyperspace site made with Gatsby
Dr Hitchcock
4 years ago

Has anyone in the Fediverse tried #Gridsome? It’s a #VueJS based #GatsbyJS alternative.

Dr Hitchcock
4 years ago

Who’s had a play with #GatsbyJS and #CraftCMS? I’m about to dive in. Wanna come along for the ride? #JavaScript #JAMStack #Ponicorns 🦄

Jörg Kantel
4 years ago

Gatsby? The Big Gatsby!

Ich habe mir vermutlich selber ins Bein geschossen und auf meine letzten Tage am Institut noch ein Projekt aufgehalst. Ich möchte ein paar verwaiste Forschungwebsites zu statischen Seiten umwandeln, um sie wartungsarm und (hoffentlich) für die »Ewigkeit« ins Netz stellen zu können. […] Da die Welt aber nicht stehen bleibt, möchte ich nun gerne herausfinden, was es mit Gatsby auf sich hat. #GatsbyJS #StaticSites #SSG

Steve Streza
4 years ago

Phew! Finally ripped the bandage off and upgraded my website to Gatsby.js version 2. #gatsbyjs #javascript

Jörg Kantel
5 years ago

Für ein offenes und freies Web

Dave Winer ist sauer, stinkesauer. Und das zu Recht! Er hat nämlich bemerkt, daß Googles Browser Chrome sein Blog als unsicher einstuft, nur weil er HTTP statt HTTPS verwendet. Er erinnert daran, daß ein Browser im offenen Web HTTP unterstützen muß, sonst sei er kein Webbrowser. Und darum hat er beschlossen, einen eigenen Browser auf Basis von Electron zu bauen, um Googles Macht etwas entgegenzusetzen. #StaticSites #GatsbyJS #Blogdown