DGB Niedersachsen
20 hours ago

Morgen startet die dritte Verhandlungsrunde für den Tarifvertrag der Länder. Die ÖD-Gewerkschaft haben heute zum landesweiten Warnstreik aufgerufen. Über 5.500 Menschen haben in #Hannover vor dem Finanzministerium und auf dem Opernplatz ihre Forderungen lautstark unterstrichen.

Die Gewerkschaften fordern:

- Erhöhung der Entgelte um 10,5 %, mindestens aber um 500 € monatlich
- Erhöhung der Entgelte der Azubis, Studierenden und Praktikant*innen um 200 € monatlich

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2 days ago

Aktuelles: Die Gewerkschaft der Polizei Niedersachsen zeigt sich in einer Mitteilung „entsetzt“ über einen Kommentar der Braunschweiger Zeitung.
#polizei #gdp

Matt Maison
2 days ago

U.S. Economic Outlook: Expansion Continues Into 2024
RSM US - December 5, 2023

“We expect that policy tailwinds from both the fiscal and monetary authorities will set the stage for strong productivity and growth in the years ahead as inflation eases back to a much more tolerable 2.5% to 3% range.”

#Economy #GDP #CPI #Inflation #FederalReserve #RSM

5 days ago

India’s ‘Amrit Kaal’: Hunger, Inequity and a $30-Trillion Economy

A near ten-fold increase in the size of the economy and per-capita GDP is being projected to be achieved in the next 25 years in the backdrop of poverty, hunger and unemployment, writes MG Devasahayam.

#economy #GDP #unemployment #hunger #poverty #india

5 days ago

Aktuelles: Zwei Beiträge zum #demokratieschutz in der neuen Ausgabe der DP, der Mitgliederzeitung derGewerkschaft der Polizei. #GdP

Collage Titelbild und Berichte.




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ExTraders Global
6 days ago

#Fed Chairman #Powell;
Credit card use and #defaults mean #spending may slow. Based on the limited #data we have, we think #GDP is slowing. #US #Economy

Yusuf Toropov
6 days ago

1984 is often cited as a banner year for the US economy -- giving Ronald Reagan a landslide re-election.

In 1984, #unemployment was 7%, #inflation was 3.8%, and #GDP growth was 6.9%.

Today, unemployment is 3.9%, inflation is 3.2%, and GDP last quarter grew at a rate of 5.2%.



GDP growth just hit 5.2% under Biden

If recent adjustments in #ONS #GDP data & the ongoing reformation of its #labour statistics continue, then as #inflation falls, the UK may look less of a regional economic outlier than it has in the last few years... but the Q. is will this have a positive impact on inwards #investment (or any investment for that matter)?

The problems of #productivity stagnation & the UK's ineffective #management persist, which may mean investors will continue to have reasons to look elsewhere?

1 week ago

Death notices for the surge in #globalisation that started in the 1990s have been posted for about as long as the process itself. Covid-19, the US-China conflict, climate change and the struggle for green industrial supremacy are all being offered as reasons for globalisation coming to a stop. And yet it moves.

Now, it’s true that the era of “#hyperglobalisation” from roughly 1992 to 2008, where trade grew markedly faster than global #GDP, is over.

ExTraders Global
1 week ago

#GDP data from #Canada showed a slight contraction in the 3rd quarter. #economy #data #Quarter #Gross #Domestic #Product

1 week ago

Aktuelles: Terrorgefahr: "Gewappnet ist die Polizei gut"
Der Schwerpunkt läge momentan "auf dem religiösen Terrorismus", so Jochen Kopelke, Bundesvorsitzender der Gewerkschaft der Polizei. Dieser Fokus sei "notwendig."

1 week ago ゴールドマン・サックスも驚くインドの圧倒的強さとは?日本とインドを繋ぐMayo氏らが大激論! ゴールドマン・サックスも驚くインドの圧倒的強さとは?日本とインドを繋ぐMayo氏らが大激論! 【Sponsored by 日本タタ・コンサルタンシー・サービシズ株式会社】 今年4月には中国を抜いて人口世界一となったインド。およそ世界人口の2割を占め、今後経済にも大きなインパクトを及ぼすのではと注目が集まっています。 すでにGoogleやMicrosoft、スターバックス、アドビ、IBMなど、世界的大企業のトップにもインド人材が次々と就任し、ビジネスにおいて、インドはもはや無視できない存在です。今後インドは世界をリードする存在となるのか?強烈な経済的追い上げを見せるインドの「強さ」とポテン… #announcer #GDP #mayo #newspicks #TheUPDATE #アナ #アナ美人 #インド #ニューズピックス #古坂大魔王 #女子アナ #女子アナ美人 #河村綾奈 #経済成長

1 week ago

Bitcoin price fails $38.5K breakout as US GDP fuels Fed hard landing woes - BTC price encounters classic resistance as sellers refuse to let ... - #btcprice #bitcoin #gdp

Alex Bardsley :orangewine:
1 week ago

How is the US economy, really?
'GDP grew at a 5.2% rate in the third quarter, even stronger than first indicated.' - CNBC
Also, unemployment still under 4%; inflation is at 3.24%, compared to 3.70% last month and 7.75% last year. This is lower than the long term average of 3.28%. But much of the media is still talking like the economy is in trouble. That is simply not true.
#GDP #inflation #unemployment
"It's the economy, stupid"

ExTraders Global
1 week ago

On the #US side, we followed a series of #data releases. Among these, the first one to come to the forefront was the Gross Domestic Product data, which came in better at 5.2% QoQ in Q3, beating the market expectations of 4.9% QoQ. #GDP #Economy #Growth #Quarter

ExTraders Global
1 week ago

#OECD revised its GDP forecast for the #Eurozone to 0.6% in 2023,
0.9% in 2024 and 1.5% in 2025. The OECD's #GDP #forecast for the #US is 2.4% in 2023, with growth of 1.5% in 2024 and 1.7% in 2025.

ExTraders Global
1 week ago

The #OECD has lowered its global GDP growth forecast for 2023 to 2.9% (previously 3.0%), while 2.7% remains unchanged for 2024 and 3.0% (initial forecast) for 2025. #Global #GDP #Forecast

The ECB's future policy rates would be set at sufficiently restrictive levels for as long as necessary to meet its target of bringing inflation down to 2 percent.#EuropeanUnion #Euro #GDP #Economy #Recession #ChristineLagarde
Eurozone Economy to Stay Weak Through Year-End: ECB Chief
ExTraders Global
1 week ago

#oil #traders will be in #focus this week. #US Gross Domestic Product (#GDP) for the Third Quarter (#Q3) on Wednesday and Personal Consumption Expenditure (#PCE) #inflation data on Thursday will be closely monitored.

#LeidenUniversity has does some great work compiling the various metrics on socio-economic success that have been proposed either to complement #GDP or to replace it.

They've then arranged them in a large interactive venn diagram around three priorities:

* Wellbeing, Today;
* Inclusivty, Wellbeing for all;
* Sustainability, Wellbiign for the future

There is also a long list of national initiatives; If your thinking about alternatives to GDP this is a vital resource

1 week ago

📅 Key #Events this Week

🔵Nov 29

➡️ Q3 #GDP (preliminary revision) - Expected to remain unchanged at 4.9%.
📚 Release of the Beige Book (economic survey) by the Fed.

🔵Nov 30

➡️Meeting between SEC and #Ripple.
➡️Personal Consumption Expenditures (PCE) Price Index (Core PCE estimated to decrease from 3.7% to 3.5%).

🔵Dec 1

💬 Remarks by Federal Reserve Chair Jerome Powell.
🌍 Jerome Powell and Federal Reserve Board member Lisa Cook will engage in a discussion with local leaders in Atlanta.

Jack of all trades
2 weeks ago

What if economists are right and climate change will only cause a negligible drop in GDP this century? What if their amoral projections turn out to be correct?

As an example, the whole of Sub-Saharan Africa (where 1.2 billion people live) is just 2% of global GDP. If all these people were to disappear to economic models that's less than a year worth of growth.

#ClimateChange #economics #GDP

2 weeks ago

A Look at the Real Growth Figures Amid the $4 Trillion GDP Hoax Story

The news of a strong GDP can influence public perception and confidence that the ruling government is effectively managing the country's economy. But let's take a look at the real growth story, writes Taniya Roy.

#economy #GDP #FMCG #labour #employment #labor #BJP #DevendraFadnavis #GautamAdani #disinformation #india

ExTraders Global
2 weeks ago

#Eurozone is on the brink of weakly performing #GDP in major contributors such as #Germany and #France, a low #consumer #confidence data could lead to lower #spending and dampen #growth potential.

The Times Of India
3 weeks ago

India's economy has surpassed the $4 trillion-mark in nominal terms for the first time ever, marking a significant moment in the country's global presence. The achievement has been hailed by several BJP leaders, including Union minister Arjun Ram Meghwal and Maharashtra deputy chief minister Devendra Fadnavis, who praised the leadership of Prime Minister Modi. Billionaire Gautam Adani also congratulated India, predicting that it will become the third largest economy in the world within the next two years.
#India #GDP

3 weeks ago

Kurzbericht der #gdp zur Verleihung des Deutschen Personalrätepreis an den Polizeihauptpersonalrat Niedersachsen.
#polizei #demokratieschutz #personalrätepreis

Jason Perseus
3 weeks ago

“The United States no longer faces a growth challenge from China, which now has an economy around 62 percent of the size of America’s.”

#china #economy #gdp #growth #natsec #foreignpolicy #politics #uspolitics #uspol

TAP news agency
3 weeks ago

#Tunisia: #GDP growth in volume (adjusted for seasonal variations) fell by 0.2% in Q3 of 2023, compared with Q3 2022, while real GDP increased slightly by 0.1% Quartet on Quarter, according to preliminary estimates of @InsTunisia released Wednesday.
Source: @TapNewsAgency

The Japan Times
3 weeks ago

Japan’s economy shrank over the summer, pointing to the fragility of the country’s recovery in the face of uncertainties including currency weakness, prolonged inflation and a cloudy outlook overseas. #business #economy #gdp #japaneseeconomy #economicindicators #boj

The Japan Times
3 weeks ago

Japan’s economy likely shrank over the summer as the impact of trade weighed on the nation’s sputtering recovery, a result that would support continued caution at the central bank. #business #economy #japaneseeconomy #gdp #economicindicators #trade

Doug Belshaw
3 weeks ago

This article by Noah Smith gave me pause for thought. There’s plenty of people talking about ‘degrowth’ at the moment and, I have to say, that I don’t know enough to have an opinion.
It’s really easy to get swept up in what other people who broadly share your outlook on life are sharing and discussing. While I definitely agree that […]

DGB Niedersachsen
3 weeks ago

Weil es an Wertschätzung für die Arbeit in Verwaltungen und Betrieben der Länder fehlt und die Arbeitgeber bisher kein Angebot vorgelegt haben, gehen die Beschäftigten auf die Straße. In #Niedersachsen rollt die Warnstreikwelle diese Woche durch #Braunschweig, #Oldenburg, #Lüneburg und #Hannover.

Zusammen geht mehr!

#verdi #GEW #GdP #IGBAU #Gewerkschaft #DGB #TVL #ÖffentlicherDienst #Streik #Warnstreik,warnstreiks478.html

#經濟圖表 英國GDP趨勢圖



#投資 #理財 #經濟 #財經 #知識 #學習 #教育 #教學 #課程 #AI #AI數據分析 #數據分析 #mathai #英國 #GDP

Expect the government to crow about how wonderful they are that we're not yet in a recession.

That's bollocks, of course.

Yes, we are not technically in a recession, but that's going to be of little comfort to people sleeping on the streets in tents (if #LegionellaSuella doesn't confiscate them) or having to turn to food banks or switch off their heating because they can't afford the energy bills.

Whatever the #GDP figures say, the economy is in a poor state

Mary Nelson
1 month ago

GDP growth in the last quarter--under Biden--was 4.9%.

It's not a Ramaswamy dream of growth. It's arrived under Biden.

#GOPDebate #GDP

1 month ago

#US #GDP by city. Guess where #SanFrancisco ranks? 4. Not bad right. Silicon Valley. Home of FAANG.

Well would you ever #travel there?


We get the Q3 GDP figures on Friday, which will tell us whether or not we're heading for recession.

But honestly, I'm not sure it matters either way.

GDP has always been an imperfect measure of the health of the economy, but with the #CostOfLivingCrisis and rampant inequality we have now, it seems spectacularly imperfect.

I would like to propose we focus on a new, more meaningful, measure of economic health.

How about an index based on the demand for food banks?

#UKEconomy #GDP

#kabuki play #MacArthur were censored after consequence of #perlharbor
#zaibatsu of the nation was crushed and redistribution of lands took place
as the big brother then wanted to appear more noble than the communist #china and dreams of the fascist bureaucrats came true
even the ministry of finance which controlled #intrestrates ( price of money) didnt control #credit creation \allocation ( quantity of money \ value of loan and enterprise [1]) central bank
[1]: the goal was to encourage #consumerism at any cost
why does it sound so familiar to #softbank op in #india #startup ecosystem , although it didnt go a long way. Like in a #war #economy surviving enterprise wouldn't compete for profit , but for market share. This was excess competition , later dealt by window guidance in banks , to create cartels controlled by banks. #freemarket hypothesis failed. With the creation of national #bonds , national #debt grew . This d be followed by creation of a bubble handy to central bank and then liberalized the economy. Asset prices hit to roof, Then the people with money ( even from #manufacturing ) wanted to benefit from their own speculation and made #zaitech #hedgefunds . Land value\loan was ~300 pc in 87. It bought 75% of us treasury bonds .
#economists are idiots and so are ( i am sorry to say) most of their #books

  • #trade surplus is a powerful as gold standard , if a country has it, it can just print and print money and buy out the entities abroad #gdpthis does leadvto systemic #banking #risk non gdp loans\ total loans USA has once lent houses against stocks as collatoral, #stockexchange shot up then busted , #incomeinequality of course rises in such craziness#tax payer can only foot the bill and book lossesthis is #moralhazardat the end of the day does it curb #homelessness ?i mean securitisation of #realestate requires deregulationthis led to one party rule in #japan, which shifted the economic center of the nation from banks to stock market and productivity from manufacturing to #services. The message was> no recovery without structural reformthat also increases the gap between the rich and the poor , job loss and #foreclosurestrade surplus alone isnt sustainableif you re allowed to borrow from abroad ,local interest rates ll rise to favor that currency you ll be bound to peg your currency to that currency and your #forex reserves ll depleteGross current account balance, if its maintained by the loans from abroad, that counts as export not import
1 month ago

Wenn der Täter nicht Polizist ist, wird direkt wieder mehr Überwachung gefordert.

Fick dich Andreas Roßkopf von der Gewerkschaft der #Polizei (#GdP). (ungefähr bei 4 min)

Doug Belshaw
1 month ago

Making the world a happier, fairer, safer place seems like an idea that most people can get behind. But how do you do it? Although there’s a relationship between average self-reported happiness of a population and increased GDP per capita, there are notable outliers.
So, what to do? Focus on other numbers as well. This article talks about measuring […]

Chart showing GDP per capita vs self-reported happiness
Via Baltica
1 month ago

#Lithuania's real #GDP totalled EUR 53.2bn at current prices in M9/2023, which was down 0.5% from a year earlier. In Q3/2023, the GDP totalled EUR 19.2bn, which was up 0.1% on year.

#經濟圖表 美國個人消費支出 ( #PCE )趨勢圖


#投資 #經濟 #財經 #美國 #圖表 #AI數據分析 #數據分析 #學習 #知識 #教學 #課程 #教育 #研習 #講座 #經濟筆記 #mathai #GDP

EU Economy & Finance
1 month ago

RT by @ecfin: Euro area #GDP -0.1% in Q3 2023, +0.1% compared with Q3 2022: preliminary flash estimate from #Eurostat


[2023-10-31 10:00 UTC]

DGB Niedersachsen
1 month ago

Was der Boss sagt! 🎸

💪 Wenn du noch nicht Teil unserer starken Stimme bist, jetzt unbedingt nachholen:

#DGB #Gewerkschaft #IGMetall #IGBCE #verdi #GEW #NGG #IGBAU #EVG #GdP

John Refior
1 month ago

"The welfare of a nation can scarcely be inferred from a measure of national income"
— economist Simon Kuznets, who created the GDP measurement for the Commerce Department in 1934

"the keepers of GDP have had pressure to change GDP from this measure of the market economy to one that measures economic welfare"
— economist Steve Landefeld, who ran the Bureau of Economic Analysis, which publishes US GDP

#economics #GDP #welfare #SocialWelfare

1 month ago

Article: Economic growth so strong, Republicans are literally speechless

#uspolitics #gop #Republicans #economy #US #gdp

Mary Nelson
1 month ago

GDP growth at 4.9%
Unemployment at 3.8%
Inflation falling to 2.4%
336,000 jobs added in September

Why all the economic doom and gloom?

"When will Americans stop worrying and learn to love the U.S. economy?"
Opinion by Catherine Rampell

#Economy #Inflation #GDP #Growth

1 month ago

GDP is not a valuable indicator of a successful society

#economics #degrowth #gdp #wagetheft #profit #profits #corporatism #welfarefortherich #prosperity

Homer Simpson front (thin): Record GDP Growth

Homer Simpson rear (fat tied back): Literally every U.S. corporation committing wage theft while marking up prices for goods and services by 200%
1 month ago

The #US #economy grew by an annual rate of 4.9% in the 3rd quarter, the strongest pace since 2021, as spending — by families, businesses & the government — accelerated, even in the face of fast-rising borrowing costs.

New govt data released Thurs by the Bureau of Economic Analysis shows that #GDP expanded between July & September, capping 5 straight quarters of growth & eluding a long-feared #recession.

1 month ago

Fresh #GDP data shows U.S. #economy grew at blistering pace in third quarter - ABC News

Matt Maison
1 month ago

GDP Report Shows Economy Grew at 4.9% Rate in Third Quarter
The Wall Street Journal - October 26, 2023

“Economists estimated gross domestic product grew at a seasonally- and inflation-adjusted 4.7% annual rate in the third quarter—more than double the second quarter’s 2.1% pace.”

#Economy #GDP #WSJ

DGB Niedersachsen
1 month ago

Ganz genau!

Und deshalb sind #Gewerkschaften und Betriebs- und Personaräte so wichtig, um die Interessen der Beschäftigten zu schützen und ihre Arbeitsbedingungen zu verbessern.

Jetzt mit dabei sein:

#Gewerkschaft #IGMetall #IGBCE #verdi #EVG #GEW #IGBAU #NGG #GdP #DGB #Mitbestimmung #Tarifvertrag #Betriebsrat #Personalrat

1 month ago

In 2023, Japan's GDP will contract, and will drop to be the just the 4th largest economy and will be overtaken by Germany.


1. United States
2. China
3. Germany ⬆️
4. Japan ⬇️

#Japan #MaiNichi #Asia #GDP #Ranking #Economy #Business

CelloMom On Cars
2 months ago

"#ExtremeHeat this year may have cost the #Texas #economy $24 billion, or reduced the state’s nominal gross domestic product, or #GDP, by about 1 percentage point in 2023.

Texas is twice as vulnerable to heat-related economic slowdowns as the rest of the country."

Tell me again how it's #climate action that's so "expensive".

Since it was always unlikely that world trade would even approach 100% of global #GDP, the fact that international trade peaked at 60% in 2008 & since has fallen back slightly is likely not to be a major indicator of global economic crisis.... even if some commentators seem to be reading it as such.

What this looks like to me is the beginning of a period when global trade sits in the range of 50%-60% depending on short term issues.

But, this isn't to say signs of crisis don't lie elsewhere!

Chart: World trade peaked in 2008. Total trade as % of global GDP.

Charts shows growing from 25% in 1970 relatively smoothly to 60% in 2008, and then oscillating between 50%-60% since
Donald Roy
2 months ago

#WorkingTime variations between countries can affect measures of #productivity markedly.

Was looking today at rankings at the back of #theeconomist for a number of relatively rich countries in 2022. The piece I read covered #GDP per head in $ at the prevailing exchange rate, the same adjusted for cost and price differences and the latter adjusted for hours worked. Some #European countries do very much better on the third measure whereas #Asian countries like #Japan and #Korea do much worse.

2 months ago

«During the 1960s, #US public and private R&D investment accounted for almost 70% of the global total. Today is less than 30% of the world’s total. Twenty nations now match/exceed US R&D intensity, with public and private spending near or in excess of 2% of #GDP per year. In absolute dollars, #China spends approximately the same amount as the US. China has nearly 2 million full-time equivalent researchers now, compared with the United States’ 1.5 million.»
#research #dev

Mark Burton
2 months ago

He says #GDP growth trumps #climate and #EcologicalSafety
"I’m mindful of the fact that if there’s one thing that has killed growth in the last 13 years – and it has been killed – it’s the chopping and changing lack of strategic thinking. And therefore, as a matter of principle, we will accept, as it were, the baseline that we inherit from the government if we win that election.”

#Starmer and #Sunak: genocidal maniacs.

Dave Rahardja
3 months ago

Two economists are walking in a forest when they come across a pile of shit.

The first economist says to the other “I’ll pay you $100 to eat that pile of shit.” The second economist takes the $100 and eats the pile of shit.

They continue walking until they come across a second pile of shit. The second economist turns to the first and says “I’ll pay you $100 to eat that pile of shit.” The first economist takes the $100 and eats a pile of shit.

Walking a little more, the first economist looks at the second and says, “You know, I gave you $100 to eat shit, then you gave me back the same $100 to eat shit. I can't help but feel like we both just ate shit for nothing.”

“That's not true”, responded the second economist.

“We increased the GDP by $200!”

— u/kspacewalk2 on reddit

#capitalism #economics #gdp

the “US economy going strong under Biden” thinkpieces feel like gaslighting.

housing and food costs are through the roof, wages mostly stagnant, but corps are posting record profits so gdp goes up.

if Biden loses this it’ll be in part because he failed to reign in corporate profits.

#Economy #UnitedStates #Neoliberalism #GDP #Inflation

3 months ago

Weil die Polizeigewerkschaft #GdP mal wieder #Videoüberwachung incl. #Livezugriff in allen #Zügen fordert:

video von Volker Pispers
North West Bylines
3 months ago

Professor Chris May discusses the implications of the revisions made to the UK’s GDP data and reasoning behind the revisions.

3 months ago

The Index of Sustainable Economic Welfare (ISEW) is an economic indicator intended to replace the gross domestic product (GDP).

ISEW = personal consumption
+ public non-defensive expenditures
- private defensive expenditures
+ capital formation
+ services from domestic labor
- costs of environmental degradation
- depreciation of natural capital

Naively wishing humanity to 'make decisions' for things to get better won't make things get better.

#Inequality #GDP #ISEW

3 months ago

Is green growth happening? An empirical analysis of achieved versus Paris-compliant #CO2#GDP decoupling in high-income countries

The decoupling rates achieved in high-income countries are #inadequate for meeting the #climate and equity commitments of the #ParisAgreement and cannot legitimately be considered #green. If green is to be consistent with the Paris Agreement, then high-income countries have not achieved green growth.

#Capitalism #ClimateCrisis

Empirical data and future scenarios of consumption-based CO2 emissions (expressed as percentages of 2022 levels) for the 11 high-income countries that have recently achieved absolute decoupling (thin curves), and their population-weighted average (bold curves) are shown. Data for the absolute decoupling period (2013–19) are shown in dark grey, with data and estimates for the recession and rebound period (2020–22) shown in light grey. The dashed red curves show projected future emissions for a continuation of country-level 2013–19 average GDP growth rates and decoupling rates (business as usual). The dashed blue curves show emissions pathways that would limit the cumulative future emissions of countries to their respective fair-shares of the remaining global carbon budget for a 50% chance of a maximum increase of 1·5°C. Differences between different country pathways (thin curves) reflect differentiated mitigation achievements and fair-share mitigation requirements (not uncertainty as such). GDP=gross domestic product.
CelloMom On Cars
3 months ago

"The rapidly growing African continent of more than 1.3 billion people is losing 5% to 15% of its #GDP growth every year to the widespread impacts of #ClimateChange, according to [Kenya's President] Ruto. It’s a source of deep frustration in the resource-rich region that contributes by far the least to global warming."

3 months ago

#wages #gdp #capitalism
The only way #ai won't be a tool to further this trend is if AI itself is used to dismantle capitalism.

Workers produced much more, but typical workers' pay lagged far behind.

Disconnect between productivity and typical worker's compensation 19%48-2023

Line graph shows productivity and compensation. The two lines ate roughly overlapping up to 1973, then diverge from there, with productivity continuing the linear upward growth and compensation flat lining (with a few very minor lifts since turn of century). By the end, the two lines are verv far apart.

Well #RishiSunak has just had a lucky break... #ONS data revisions suggest that while the UK was still in the lower part of the distribution of #GDP recovery after the #pandemic, it is now not an outlier.

To be clear, while this is welcome news for the #Tories, the recovery was still among the lowest in the G7 & nothing to be celebrating in absolute terms.

But you can bet this will be treated as a vindication by the #Tories in their nascent #election campaign (& miss-reported in the media)!

Chart: After revisions, the UK is no longer likely to be a G7 outlier with the worst pandemic recovery.

real GDP index 2019 Q4 = 100
Grey lines show other G7 countries

line for UK old data shows considerable distance between it and grey lines, with rovers only just achieved to 100 this year.

line for UK new data shows revery to 100 reached in 2021 & within the lower limit of the overall G7 distribution
Patrick Breyer
3 months ago

Die Gewerkschaft der Polizei #GdP fordert mal wieder #Vorratsdatenspeicherung. Diesmal ist der Vorwand … 🥁 … Schleusungskriminalität. Nein, Massenüberwachung aller ist in Demokratien keine Option! Die Lösung lautet: gezieltes Ermitteln. @EP_GreensEFA

Verschwommenes Foto eines Bahnhofs. Im Vordergrund ist vage ein Polizist zu sehen. Im Hintergrund sind verschwommene Menschen zu erkennen.

@jackiegardina yeah, that's what I thought so too...

Not that it's exclusive to the #USA but considering it's (quite skewed it it's favour) #HDI and #GDP per capita it should have like free healthcare, childcare and education!

After all, far "less off" nations do that...

Philipp Krüger
3 months ago

"Wir brauchen keine immer neuen Debatten über #Clankriminalität."

Call me crazy, aber ich finde nicht, dass wir uns von der #Polizei darüber belehren lassen müssten, oder sollten, worüber wir als #Demokratie politische Debatten führen. #GdP #GdPNRW

A new era for BRICS: the five-nation bloc has invited six new members.Joining Brazil, Russia, India, China & South Africa in 2023 will be Argentina, Ethiopia...
What will a bigger BRICS mean? | Inside Story
Leaders of the BRICS alliance of five nations have invited another six countries to join next year.South African President Cyril Ramaphosa made the announcem...
‘A wall of BRICS’: The significance of adding six new members to the bloc
3 months ago

“The #IMF analysis found the total subsidies for #oil, #gas and #coal in 2022 were $7tn (£5.5tn). That is equivalent to 7% of global #GDP and almost double what the world spends on #education.”

#ExplicitSubsidies, which cut the price of fuels for consumers, doubled in 2022 as countries responded to the higher energy prices resulting from Russia’s war in Ukraine. Rich households benefited far more from these than poor ones,”

CelloMom On Cars
3 months ago

"Sweltering temperatures fanned by #GlobalWarming will cost [#Australia's] economy up to $423 billion over the next four decades, reduce the nation’s production of wheat, and leave taxpayers footing the bill for more expensive natural disasters."

In GDP-speak: This is about 0.44% of #GDP every year.
(For comparison, GDP growth averages about 2.2%)

Climate action is not expensive:
Doing nothing is.

Saudi Arabia and Iran are among six nations set to join the BRICS group of nations, which positions itself as an alternative to Western-led alliances. The ex...
Saudi Arabia and Iran among new members invited to BRICS bloc
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Leaders of BRICS member states gathering in South Africa for second day of alliance's annual summit
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Russian President Vladimir Putin talks about Russia’s growing isolation & global economic turmoil
Let's take you back to the BRICS summit now in Johannesburg where Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi is speaking.Subscribe to our channel
Indian PM Narendra Modi says greater cooperation in tech field will make members 'future-ready’
Jack of all trades
4 months ago

Consumption-based CO₂ emissions per capita vs. GDP per capita show a very strong correlation.

Notice how the bottom right of the chart is empty. There is not a single country that has high GDP with low emissions.

Perhaps it is impossible to optimize for high #GDP and lower #CO2 emissions at the same time, at least in the timescale necessary to prevent catastrophic #ClimateChange. Nations would do better focusing on other metrics of wellbeing.

#economics #degrowth

4 months ago

“Accounting for increased health costs, supply-chain problems, falling crop yields, reduced exports and more, it estimated that the #costs of #ClimateChange will knock more than five per cent from the national #GDP by 2095, compared to what it would be in a world with a stable #climate. ..At that point, the #AnnualCost of dealing with disaster after disaster, and the hits to health, productivity and more will add up to $100 billion annually.”

Chris Riddell (Observer) sums up my view(s) one this week #GDP announcement....

Cartoon. a young Britannia with shield & trident turns to say: 'OK, so the air in our cities is choking, our beaches & rivers are full of sewage & Sunak has bought back prison hulks... but our economy DID grow by 0.2%...' to which the Lion next to her responds (looking downcast) 'Good times'

UK's second Q 'growth' in #GDP = 0.2% - while allowing the UK to continue to avoid a 'technical' #recession, for those thinking growth is the answer, things look pretty grim....

Whether this is the right measure for #economic 'success' is fo course another matter - here is something I wrote in response to earlier Q. announcement of GDP figures - really we might be better advised to think differently about our economic plight....

Daniel Huppmann
4 months ago

These models are used to compare reducing emissions options (#mitigation) given specific policy goals (e.g., limiting warming to 1.5°C). In contrast to cost-benefit #IAMs, they do *not* include a feedback from temperature change on population or economy (GDP).

The only effect on GDP are costs from #ClimatePolicy - benefits from avoiding flooding or fires are ignored *by assumption*.
It's a one-way street: #population & #GDP to baseline-vs-mitigation scenarios (i.e., different #warming levels).

Schematic illustration of main steps in developing the SSPs, including the narratives, socioeconomic scenario drivers (basic SSP elements), and SSP baseline and mitigation scenarios.
From Riahi et al., 2017,
4 months ago

It's just the #Climate collapsing, not the #GDP. Nothing to see here, move along... 🙈

Daniel Huppmann
4 months ago

To review the (draft) update of national #SSP projections for #GDP and #population, you can...

1. View the data via our interactive #ScenarioExplorer hosted by the #IIASA #ScenarioServices team
2. Download the full dataset as xlsx
3. Access the data via our #Python or #Rstats API

And with our #opensource package #pyam_iamc, it's as easy as the snippet below...
... to get something that's just like a #pandas #DataFrame - but better!

#ReadTheDocs at

Python code to query the IIASA SSP-Review database for analysis & data visualization:

import pyam
df = pyam.read_iiasa("ssp",  model=...,  scenario=...)
Daniel Huppmann
4 months ago

The #SharedSocioEconomicPathways (#SSP) are the foundation of #ClimateChange #Mitigation research - but the underlying national projections 📈 of #GDP and #population are outdated...

So the #IAMconsortium & #ICONICS are starting an update & review 📝 process! Please contribute and comment on the review-projections!

Screenshot of the SSP-Review Scenario Explorer at

There's an overlap between the people who hate capitalism but insist that we need economic growth.

If you're one of these people, did you know that GDP was designed to measure the welfare of capitalism? *Welfare* of capitalism

What the heck are we doing?

#Capitalism #DeGrowth #Economics #ClimateCrisis #ClimateChange #EconomicGrowth #GDP #LessIsMore #JasonHickel

6 months ago

In 2012 the #IPCC concluded that #ClimateChange causes more economic loss (in absolute terms) in the global #north and more economic loss (as a percentage of #GDP), and more #death, in the global #south.

PS: I assume that's still true. But if it's changing, could anyone point me to research on how it's changing?

Jack of all trades
6 months ago

I know this all sounds counterintuitive, but #GDP doesn't really measure how well people in a country live or how efficient the system is. All it measures is how fast the cogs in the machine turn, regardless if the machine does any useful work.

Jack of all trades
6 months ago

Recently I've been thinking about how #climateChange is going to affect the #economy. First measure I wanted to look at is #GDP.


#economics #debt #collapse

European Research Council (ERC
7 months ago

At the #BeyondGrowth conference, ERC grantee @g_kallis goes as far as advocating a #degrowth model to replace the one based on #GDP, saying economies can – indeed must – prosper in a way that reduces #inequality & improves #wellbeing



7 months ago

I can't recommend this short #film enough.

The Great Simplification - Film on energy, environment, and our future.

"We're all alive during the #carbon pulse" 🛢️ ⛽

We are draining Earth's "energy battery" 🔋 millions of times faster than it was trickle charged by photosynthesis ☀️ 🌳.

#history #future #FossilFuels #EnergyBlind #GDP #power

#wisdom #sustainability #degrowth #EnergyEfficency

#biology #psychology #tribalism

#consumption #AI

Flipboard News Desk
7 months ago

The U.S. economy slowed in the first quarter, with GDP growing only 1.1%, compared to 2.6% the previous quarter.

The AP explores the question: How will we know if we're in a recession?

#Economy #Business #GDP #Recession

After Ronald Reagan was inaugurated in 1981, US debt as a percentage of GDP rose precipitously. It had previously fallen and had leveled off.
#uspol #uspolitics #RonaldReagan #neocon #USDebt #GDP #Republican #FiscalConservativeMyAss #MilitaryIndustrialComplex #TaxCuts #TaxTheRich

Graph titled United States Debt in 2014 Dollars and as Percent of GDP shows that after Ronald Reagan was inaugurated in 1981, US debt as a percent of GDP, which had been falling and had leveled off, began to rise precipitously.
10 months ago

Immigrants make countries richer: the economist David McWilliams writes #Immigration #GDP #GNP #Ireland
He writes: "In the 1850s, an anti-Irish political movement called the Know-Nothing party emerged in America as a response to the 990,000 Irish who emigrated to the US between 1851 and 1860 – 83 per cent of all immigrants to the US.
"We would do well to remember that."

The false story being told - quite widely, unfortunately - is that these people, immigrants, are scroungers leeching off the rest of us. The reality is different. Immigrants add enormously to economic growth and, over time, their taxes and ingenuity will pay for Irish people’s retirement.
The most recent arrivals are highly educated, with 70,300 (58.2%) holding a third-level qualification. EU immigrants account for 9.6% of the workforce here, while those born outside the EU account for 4.9%. Now here’s where it gets interesting. Seventy-seven per cent of all immigrants go to work every day, as opposed to just 63% of people born in Ireland. Only 18% of immigrants are not making themselves available for work, as opposed to 24.1% of Irish people.
Despite the fact that Ireland has among the highest percentages of people with third-level qualifications in the EU, the immigrants of working age are even more likely to have a third-level education than their Irish-born counterparts. So Ireland is getting qualified people, whose education has been paid for by someone else’s taxes, not ours. This is an obvious advantage for the country.
Immigrants from Asia and North America are more likely to occupy professional/managerial class jobs than their Irish counterparts. Although immigrants from EU countries find it easier than those from non-EU countries to get a job here, those from outside the EU, when they get a job, are more likely to work in higher-skilled jobs.
‘We know that small businesses can become big businesses. In the United States, 40 per cent of Fortune 500 companies were founded by first- or second-generation immigrants, while 18 per cent of fast-growing tech companies in the UK were created by a foreign-born founder, according to Tech Nation. This figure is about 25 per cent in the US, and a quarter of all US- based Nobel laureates were foreign-born.
These entrepreneurial and talent statistics suggest that host nations often get the best and brightest the world has to offer. Recent studies in the American Economic Association (the holy of holies for economics) highlight that an immigrant in the US is about 80 per cent more likely to found a firm compared with people born in that country. Since 2016, 25% of all Irish start-ups have been founded by foreigners. Immigrants are “job creators” not “job takers”.
Globally, it is estimated that 270 million people in the world today are migrants and their worldwide economic contribution came to about $6.7 trillion. This means that these people, just 3.4 per cent of the world’s global population, contribute about 9.4 per cent of the world’s income.
Obviously the issue of immigration is a huge national debate. Some people are afraid of “the other”; I get that. Strangeness can be discombobulating. Some argue that the country’s infrastructure - particularly housing - can’t handle the strain. I understand that too. However,  the evidence is overwhelming: immigrants make a country rich.
Ten years ago, nearly half - 46% - of all the workers here who were not European were employed in what the ESRI describes as “high-skilled occupations”. Meanwhile, the National Skills Council maintains that Ireland is short of IT technicians with foreign languages, software developers/engineers and IT analysts/engineers. Where do we think these workers are going to come from?
Already in the ICT sector in Ireland, 34% of workers are non-Irish. If we desire a high-wage, high-skill society, we need to have this talent; otherwise opportunities will go elsewhere.We tried the low-wage, low-skill option in the 1950s and it didn’t look too pretty.
Immigrants’ take-up of welfare benefits is lower than that of the locally-born population, according to a report  by the European Foundation. The actual data indicates that “our own” are more likely to be benefiting from social welfare.
Immigrants were also less likely than Irish people to use the health system, either going to the GP or consulting a specialist doctor. According to the Irish Universities Association, there are more than 32,000 international students studying in Ireland and there are also well over 100,000 international students in Ireland studying English. Think about how much they add to the economy every day.
Like my own grandparents, people who come to the country (from Scotland, in their case) without contacts are much more likely to start their own small businesses or be self-employed
Extinction Rebellion Global
10 months ago

A meta analysis of 850 peer-reviewed papers by Tim Parrique and others supports what Zoe Cohen writes in the @TheGuardian

#GDP, resource use, and #GHG emissions cannot be decoupled.

Much like a malignant tumor...

...Growth = Death.

Mark Copelovitch
10 months ago

It’s Jan 2023, so it’s time for some benchmarking about the US #economy

Remember how you’ve been told nonstop by the media about all the Suffering From #Inflation™️? Well, here is <real> consumption since 2018 & compared to the Lost Decade

Remember how the Oracle of Summer(s) & co railed against #Biden & the ARP, saying it would cause “overheating” & was “the least responsible economic policy in 40 years”? Well, here is real #GDP, back on trend after only 2 years, again compared to 2008-18


Steve Herman
10 months ago

U.S. GDP rose 2.9% in the fourth quarter, more than expected even as recession fears loom

10 months ago

"The problem here is that we need to update our analysis of the relationship between productivity growth and equality. They once grew together: as the economy grew, so did workers’ share of a rapidly growing pie. But that link was broken in the 1980s. Whether the economy was stagnating or growing, the rich have been taking a bigger slice of the cake for decades now"

#UKPolitics #UKEconomy #Growth #Productivity #GreenEconomy #GDP #Inequality #Redistribution

1 year ago

Ok die #GdP kann definitiv auch weg. Ich dachte, populistischer Müll ist nur was für die #DPolG? /MS #LetzteGeneration #Endloshaft
RT @MDRAktuell
Gewerkschaft der Polizei fordert bundesweite Vorbeugehaft gegen Klimaaktivisten - nach Vorbild Bayerns. Gewerkschaftschef Kopelke sagte, es sei ein wirksames Instrument der Gefahrenabwehr. Gleiche Standards seien notwendig.

1 year ago

Hello! I have lived a long time and paid close attention.

I Studied Mathematics, Physics and Molecular Biology at Oxford and the O&U, and am passionate about human rights and justice especially with reference to the evils of capitalism, ecological destruction and religious fundamentalism.

As a species we progressed from individual to family and then to tribal survival and selfishness. We didn't make it to global cooperation and that means that the majority of our current crises are insoluble.

My conclusion is that the Capitalist paradigm on top of the worst features of human nature, especially greed, present an existential threat to humanity and the planetary ecosystem. The question I ask everyone is:

"Is there an ecological economic alternative to capitalist growth that can gain political traction?"

The best plank of a solution to many, but still not all, of these problems is #Degrowth However it is both necessary and politically impossible at present, so we need a transition catalyst. There is no value in the continual re-statement of the blindingly obvious issues of climate change and inequality. We need practical solutions, urgent massive and global, for all our children and grandchildren.

My list of urgent problems we face, some existential, is:

Political: No Global cooperation. Degrowth transition policies absent from Manifestos. Dictators and Populism. Fossil-Fuel and other Capitalist lobbying. Green-washing.

Military: Conflicts. Technologies including L.A.W.S., WMD.

Economic: Capitalism & Growth. GDP as driving metric. Greed & Inequality. Over-consumption by the 1%. Corporations & Company Law. Subsidies for fossil fuels. Debt.

Industrial: Plastic production and waste. Chemical Pollution including from Solar PV production. Steel & Concrete use including in renewable energy. Material Footprint coupled to GDP.

Agricultural: Beef & other meat production. Soil Degradation. Fisheries collapse. Climate change forcing crop changes. Food Miles. Crop failure.

Climate & Ecology: Carbon footprint & GHG emissions. Deforestation. Species extinction. Sea-level rise. Desertification. Coral reef destruction. Inertia of Climate change in the pipeline. IPCC compromise. COP failure.

Projections: Computer models tuned/sanitised to ~linear scenarios, feedback loops and Tipping points underestimated, e.g. permafrost and ice-sheet melt, methane clathrate gun ~2000 Gt. Tipping points and cascade.

Health & Social: Poverty & famine. Refugee crises, from war, famine, sea-level rise. Discrimination, by race, religion, colour. Zoonotic Pandemics. Child Mortality. Antibiotic resistance. Mental Health. Climate stress. Drug abuse. Religious extremism.

Information & Computing: Intellectual property including crops, medicines and vaccines. AI and the Singularity. Surveillance Society. Mis-information and Conspiracies.

Population size and growth: 8bn, forecast 10.9bn by 2100, stabilising at ~12bn.

(more here )

#HumanRights #Justice #Equality #AntiCapitalism #GreenNewDeal #GDP #Inequality #EcologicalEcomonics #GlobalWarming #ClimateChange #ClimateCrisis #ClimateEmergency #PaleBlueDot #JustStopOil #Coal #Pollution #MicroPlastics #Renewables #RenewableEnergy #EnergyCrisis #EnergyTransition #AntiTheist #Linguistics #PoliticalScience #Consciousness #FreeWill #Introduction

"Oh, there is hope, an infinite amount of hope - just not for us." Franz Kafka :earth: