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It's cold.

Greylag geese (Anser anser)
Olympus E-M1 II, Sigma 30/1.4
f/1.4, 1/1250s, ISO 2500

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A greylag goose lands on a snowy bank. More geese swim in a canal behind.

Since we couldn't go out earlier in the day, Kengo and I went to the George H. Sparks reservoir in GA, USA close to sunset. It's amazing how #autumn colors are still entertaining us.
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A lake view with blue sky and clouds, colorful leaves on trees reflected on the water
A white and brown dog sniffing around a park bench
A lake view with many geese on the water. Blue sky and clouds, and a short contrail at the top in the middle. Colorful leaves on the other side of the lake
A white and brown dog's face close up by a tree and in front of a lake
4 days ago
pen sketch of an anthropomorphic goose,with a bloody scarred face in a somewhat clowny spiked rogue outfit, jumping towards the viewer
5 days ago

Calendrier jour 2 : petite famille de Bernaches du Canada au bord de Deer Lake.
#AdventCalendar #geese #Zonzonn8Advent

2 oies adultes avec 3 oisons sur une plage se dirigeant vers le lac. L’adulte en arrière tourne la tête vers moi.
Janet Foggie
6 days ago

#ViewFromTheGate hard frost and sun. Today’s news, two of the #geese have escaped from the field, have left out feed buckets to lure them back! 🤞

A red gate between two stone walls with a frosty field beyond in partial sunlight. Light clouds and blue sky above.
1 week ago

Geese Is New York’s Next Great Band — Just Don’t Say They’re Saving Rock ‘n’ Roll
#Variety #News #Geese

Imagery by Rihilism
1 week ago

Gosling attempting to extricate itself from its breakfast necklace and head kerchief.

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Image of a Canada goose gosling with water plants and algae draped across its neck and head and swimming in brown-green water with out of focus grass in the foreground. Canada geese goslings have light brown and yellow body and head feathers, longs necks, dark eyes, black bills, and black legs and webbed feet.

TFW city folks longing to nature and brak about it on social media finally meet nature IRL
#goose #geese #funny

goose attack a city gal and her city boy tryies to help by flapping hand
Kevin Krebs
2 weeks ago

Next time you see a flock of Canada Geese, look carefully and you might find a Cackling Goose (Branta hutchinsii) or three.

They're significantly smaller than their larger cousins, and have a higher-pitched call.

#birds #geese #Vancouver

A smaller, cuter Canada Goose standing in a grassy field, giving a mean side-eye.
2 weeks ago

Migrating Snow Geese covering the skies of Marysville, near Yuba city, California, Nov 2023
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Thousands of Snow Geese covering the sky as they take off
Paul Jackson
2 weeks ago

On my walk around the lake this group were blocking the path.
In two minds whether to turn around or not, I opted for a slight detour onto the grass off to the side of the path.
There were a few wary sideways glances from them and me I can tell you.

#Photography #Photo #Birds #Wildlife #Geese

A group of fifty or more geese are standing on the edge of a lake. There are two types of geese gathered here. They stand on the grassy lake edge, which is covered in autumn leaves, and spread up the bank and across the paved pathway. Each one is warily looking at the photographer who wants to continue his walk around the lake but is not entirely sure if the geese will approve.
The grassy edge of a lake with a clear blue sky reflecting on the lake making it look equally blue and vibrant. Two different types of geese and a few other water birds are all looking towards the camera. The few trees at the waters edge have lost all their leaves which scatter the ground.
perverted lyrebird
2 weeks ago

#introduction i am a multitude of #rocks slowly shifting through the sand of their own accord. i am 6 years old and also 60. i like #geese and #ontology

George Steffanos
2 weeks ago

Just passing through. Migratory Canadian geese taking a dinner break on a rainy autumn evening. Scoville Reservoir, Wolcott, Connecticut. October 13, 2020, 6:10 PM.

#hiking #photography #landscapephotography #hikingadventures #nature #Connecticut #autumn #October #forest #foliage #autumnvibes #naturephotography #trails #birds #geese #lake

We see glimpses of the rainy overcast sky between the trees and mirrored on the lake surface. A small inlet of the lake with numerous lily pads is visible with a flock of 13 Canadian geese swimming on its surface. in the background are trees with bright gold, green orange and red foliage.
2 weeks ago

In der #Leinemasch steht endlich wieder Wasser auf den Wiesen und die Gänse feiern eine Riesenparty.

#Blässgans #Gänse #birds #whiteFrontedGoose #geese

Ausschnitt aus einer Flutwiese im Gegenlicht, auf der tausende Blässgänse landen.

Geese are finally heading south. Someone warn the States that the murder chickens are on their way.

#YEG #Geese

A blue sky with a faint V of geese flying overhead. The roof peak of a house at the bottom of the picture.
Close up of the V of geese. Probably around 70 or 80 in the formation.
3 weeks ago

A Greater White-fronted Goose, normally found in the western half of North America, and uncommon in our area.

#waterfowl #geese

"A medium-sized, heavy-bodied goose with a small bill, thick legs, and a short neck. Adults are mostly brown with white feathering around the base of a pinkish-orange bill. Black barring marks the belly and the undertail is white. In flight a white "U" at the base of the tail is visible. At rest, a thin white line stretches across their sides. Juveniles lack the belly banding and white feathering around the bill. Both juveniles and adults have orangish legs." (AllAboutBirds).
3 weeks ago

Look at these little feet! 😍 #birds #ludwigsbird #geese #birdsofmastodon 2/2

3 weeks ago

Today I paid a visit to the #SwanGeese at the #Neckar river. They are fluffy, like to eat #Swabian #Pretzels (not good for them :-( ), and they are really loud, when the food is out or when dogs pass by. #birds #ludwigsbird #geese #birdsofmastodon 1/2

3 weeks ago

there was a lot of flight traffic today. Flocks of #geese, #whooper's and #bewick's swans heading south-west since the frost arrived in the baltic states. Some landed around my village to have a snack in the fields. Number's of common #cranes are increasing too, many of them will stay here for the winter.
#LowCarbonBirding #cycling #Birding #Birds #BirdsOfMastodon #SchleswigHolstein #NABU #OAGSH #Fahrrad

Collage of 6 Pictures showing geese and swans flying over. 
One picture shows whooper and bewick's swan on a field, there are some roe deer around too. 
Last picture is a Haibike Trekking bike with some birding equipment.
The Wee Owl Studio
3 weeks ago

My original pastel painting of white geese in a field is available in my Etsy shop. They won't be any trouble and I promise they aren't grumpy...
or you can search for 'TheWeeOwlStudio' on Etsy.
#FediGiftShop #ScottishArtist #MastoArt #CreativeToots #geese #WhiteGeese #SoftPastel #painting #artwork

Original soft pastel painting - Geese in a Spring Field
White geese in a field of grass and wildflowers. There are trees with a hint of pink blossom in the background and a soft yellow light from the sky. The painting is A4 landscape format.
Materials: soft pastel, Sennelier La Carte sanded paper
Width: 29 centimetres
Height: 21 centimetres
3 weeks ago

One Snow Goose (Anser caerulescens) arriving with 50 Greater White-fronted Geese (Anser albifrons) at Salt Plains National Wildlife Refuge in Oklahoma, United States on October 16, 2023

Some of the camera settings I used to make this photo are at:

#geese #birds #flying #Anser #SnowGoose #SaltPlainsNWR #Oklahoma #wildlife #wildlifephotography #photography

One Snow Goose (Anser caerulescens) arriving with 50 Greater White-fronted Geese (Anser albifrons) at Salt Plains National Wildlife Refuge in Oklahoma, United States on October 16, 2023
3 weeks ago

Also ran into a few feathered friends on our walk. #geese #birds

A photo of a Canadian goose standing at the edge of a pond with fallen leaves behind him.
A pretty Canadian goose floating in a pond on a beautiful Autumn day. Reeds near the edge are in the foreground.
A closeup of a Canadian goose with his head turned to the right but looking straight at me.
A bunch of Canadian geese standing on a log in the middle of a small pond.
3 weeks ago

Can you see the missing tree?
Right there, at the bottom, center.
Now do you see it?
Missing Tree Tuesday.
No, you didn't see it, it's gone.
I cut it down so you could see my invisible geese, that were screaming in the first light.. well, you can't see them, Silly, they're invisible.. #LISTEN do you hear them?
Stop looking for the tree. There's no tree, see? And you don't see, #geese.
But they see you, sitting invisible on the sea, silently judging us.
Are you still reading 🤣 #Video

Listen, it's a noise video 
The former location of a tree, that blocked the view. Two gardens, with the ocean beside them. Orange reflection on the smooth surface of the water
3 weeks ago

I love seeing and hearing the #geese fly over in the evening. Such a serene sound.
🪿 🪿🪿🪿🪿🪿

Tom Shaw
4 weeks ago

Changed the batteries in my temperature sensor in the pasture today. It has a 3D printed radiation shield around it made out of PETG and it's been hanging in the apple tree there for 4 years. I modified one I found to hold my existing 433 mhz sensor. This one just feeds the indoor unit and not my weewx station and is part of the daily recorded weather on the calendar.

Goose approved!

#3dprinting #geese #wx #weewx

A photo of a 3D printed raditation shield for a temperature sensor hanging in an apple tree. It is white and consists of 6 pieces with a rectangle center to hold the sensor, a top cover that has the sockets for the three threaded rods, and a base that has standoffs for the rods, a center hole if you were to mount it on a pole, and nuts which have printed thumb screw covers.

It hangs from green braided polyester cord that loops around all three rod sockets in the top and then come together above it where a single strand is used to attach it to a tree limb by looping it over a small dead branch and over the top of a living limb to prevent strangulation of a part of the tree.
Two white male pilgrim geese. They have gray markings on their wing tips and below their wings on the side near their legs. They have blue eyes.
4 weeks ago

I used to name them, Starting in 2008, with Gail and Gordon, I'm not sure if the original pair is still alive, and they have been prolific and several large flocks of 20-30 #Geese each, from the original parents.

Except this one. She's lost her mate, even the three goslings she raised, have moved on. And she sits alone. On a rock, behind my truck, or hiding in the weeds. How long do they mourn, I wonder. Has she become sick? Outcast? Lonely #Goose #Nature #Birds #Ocean

A lone Canada Goose swims by in the harbour
Janet Foggie
4 weeks ago

Good Morning geese. Sometimes it is good to stretch your wings. #Hope #Geese #Smallholding #photography

Two geese running with wings outstretched to their sisters in bright winter sunlight across a green field with blue sky above. A sycamore with bare branches stands against the blues sky in the background.
Big Jesus Trashcan☑️🏴
4 weeks ago

#Birds #birdsarentreal #birb #Geese #AI cobra chickens invade the states

1 month ago

Sie sind größer als heimische Gänse. Sie sind braun statt grau. Und sie tragen eine Brille.

Heute zum ersten Mal diese beiden Nilgänse am "Langen Teich" gesehen und bin fast schon sicher, dass sie ihn aus Dauer erobert haben.

#Nilgans #Gänse #birds #geese #egyptianGoose #nature

Zwei Nilgänse schwimmen aneinander vorbei.
David de Groot 📸
1 month ago

While I'm posting baby birds, I found this family of Greylag Geese in the Tamar Island Wetlands too. According to my bird guides, they're not even meant to be in this state, but they are migratory, so here we are (or possibly they're escaped domesticated birds?)

#geese #goose #GreylagGoose #AustralianWildlife #WildOz #tassie2023 #bird

A fluffy almost white Greylag Goose gosling, pulling out some grass to eat on a muddy bank.
The male Greylag Goose flapping its wings. Maybe as a warning, maybe just to dry them out. Hard to tell, I wasn't close.
Another gosling feeding with the mother goose behind (also feeding)
Father goose stands guard while two of the three goslings graze behind him.
The Wee Owl Studio
1 month ago

Original soft pastel painting - Geese in a Spring Field
Available in my Etsy art shop. Don't forget to buy early for the holiday season if you are outside the UK!
or you can search for 'TheWeeOwlStudio' on Etsy.
#FediGiftShop #ScottishArtist #MastoArt #CreativeToots
#geese #SoftPastel #painting #artwork

Original soft pastel painting - Geese in a Spring Field
White geese in a field of grass and wildflowers. There are trees with a hint of pink blossom in the background and a soft yellow light from the sky. The painting is A4 landscape format.
Materials: soft pastel, Sennelier La Carte sanded paper
Width: 29 centimetres
Height: 21 centimetres
1 month ago

It's those rude birds from Canada


Hundreds of Canadian geese honking in the meadow


The #Geese #SayWhat...?

🧙🎈​🤖🐺🤖🎈​🧙 | 🐲🎠🦆🦄🦆🎠🐲

#CanadianGooseses #NotInCanada...
Steve Henderson Fine Art
1 month ago

Come autumn, the nights grow cooler . . . and longer. But on those early evenings, those shorter days, the lights of home glow all the more warmly, inviting the traveler home.

Autumn Dreams art print --

#autumn #fall #home #farm #house #evening #trees #stevehenderson #art #artwork #mastoart #fediart #buyintoart #ayearforart #cozy #welcome #inviting #ranch #country #rural #painting #oil #thanksgiving #colorful #weather #geese #pond #travel #thoughts #nostalgia

Art print of an original oil painting by Steve Henderson depicting a country farmhouse in autumn, with a large tree in the foreground.
Sylvia Wright
2 months ago

This #rain should jump-start the #waterfowl winter habitat in the northern #California Central Valley #wildlife #refuges. Yay!

My photo from Jan 2015 at Colusa Natl Wildlife Refuge. Great place to visit, especially later in the year when there's standing water. 1000's of waterfowl.

#Accessible viewing deck and bird-from-car auto-tour drive. Not so much a #hiking destination.

#CAwx #Ducks #geese #birds #SacramentoNWR #ColusaNWR #GrayLodgeWildlifeArea #naturephotography

Photo of a Snow Goose flying in front of winter-bare trees. Its body is white. Its bill and feet are orange, and its primary feathers on its wing tips are dark black. Its face, throat and belly feathers are white but stained with a rusty color, from iron in the earth where they forage.
A screenshot of California weather radar at 2:11 pm Oct 22 shows widespread rain showers over most of the north state
Simple Nomad :verified:
2 months ago

After lunch dog walk. Gateway Park in Arlington, home to a ton of ducks and geese.

#ducks #geese #WalkInThePark

A huge amount of ducks between myself and my EV way off in the distance.
A number of geese with ducks off in the background.
2 months ago

Mein Herbst beginnt mit der Ankunft der Blässgänse auf dem Kiesteich. Noch sind es sehr wenige, aber die großen Schwärme komme schon noch.

#Blassgans #whiteFrontedGoose #Gänse #geese #birds #flying #nature

Sechs Gänse fliegen nach links, einige davon erwachsene Blässgänse, die anderen sehen eher nach Jugendlichen oder Saatgänsen aus.
2 months ago

Hätte ja kaum gedacht, dass dieses Jahr noch ein Herbst kommt. Aber seht selbst: Die Blässgänse aus der Arktis kommen an, um hier zu überwintern. Genau jetzt ist Herbst.

#Blässgans #whiteFrontedGoose #Gänse #geese #birds #nature #water

Drei Blässgänse landen auf einem See direkt neben einer Graugans, ein paar Blässhühnern und unterschiedlichen Entenarten. Die Blässgänse sind per Schärfefilter etwas hervorgehoben.
The Wee Owl Studio
2 months ago

Original soft pastel painting - Geese in a Spring Field
This artwork is available in my Etsy shop. A special gift idea. Remember to shop early for seasonal gifts if you are outside the UK!
or you can search for 'TheWeeOwlStudio' on Etsy.
#FediGiftShop #ScottishArtist #MastoArt #CreativeToots
#geese #birds #SoftPastel #painting #artwork

Original soft pastel painting - Geese in a Spring Field
White geese in a field of grass and wildflowers. There are trees with a hint of pink blossom in the background and a soft yellow light from the sky. The painting is A4 landscape format.
Materials: soft pastel, Sennelier La Carte sanded paper
Width: 29 centimetres
Height: 21 centimetres
Ænðr E. Feldstraw
2 months ago

There's #geese flying by my house. This happens regularly this time of year. Worth mentioning that while we fight our oppressors, geese don't care at all and just continue their yearly migration. Next time around, please let me reincarnate as a goose?

The Wee Owl Studio
2 months ago

These ladies are looking for a new residence, a good quality home where they can be provided with the lifestyle they are accustomed to. I don't know their names, but I imagine they have posh ones like maybe Dame Sybil Barnacle-Smythe.
Can you think of names for them?
or you can search for 'TheWeeOwlStudio' on Etsy.
#FediGiftShop #ScottishArtist #MastoArt #CreativeToots
#geese #birds #SoftPastel #painting #artwork

3 months ago

#morningwalk today was #predawn but I still caught some #geese chilling and my #cuteCyclingGuy in action (@WTL )

Framed by the white metal lattice of the Minto bridge that forms a diamond shape, the calm Rideau river  has a slight orange glow and 3 Canadian geese are snoozing in the foreground
A cycling in a helmet and orange jacket are coming towards the camera on a paved path, waving joyfully
The Coding Beard
3 months ago

Life advice - always try to be the goose in the #middle. #geese #greatideas #lifelessons #SpicyStuff

3 months ago

Canada geese flying into sunset crowds. The colorful sunset was a surprise after a gray day, and I abandoned my family at dinner to rush out in my paddleboat to catch the light.

August 25, 2023. Wolverine Lake, Michigan.

#sunset #sunsets #photography #michigan #puremichigan #naturephotography #goose #geese #canadageese #bird #birds #birdphotography #birdsofmastodon

Four Canada geese in silhouette flying into pink and orange sunset clouds.
George Steffanos
5 months ago

Just hanging out atop the dam. Baby geese and family, New Britain Reservoir, Wolcott, Connecticut. June 4, 2020, 6:00 PM.

#hiking #photography #landscapephotography #hikingadventures #nature #Connecticut #trails #lake #forest #June #geese #candiangeese #spring #springtime

An extended family of Canadian geese hang out atop an earthen dam beside a rocky point on the shore of a reservoir. Five adult geese are watching over nine baby geese still covered in fluffy down. Part of the wooded shoreline is visible beyond the point.
5 months ago

Well, hello! Looks like I ought to do an #introduction here.

Hi! I'm Adam. I recently drifted into the Fediverse with the Great
#RedditMigration of July 2023. I've already dabbled with Mastodon and kBin. Now I'm dipping my toes into Calkey.

I'm originally from
#Iowa but live in #Wisconsin now. Like, far #northernwisconsin.

My wife and I have a tiny farm where we have a small
#garden and are mob-ruled by our flock of #chickens, #ducks, and #geese. We've also employed the help of the tiniest herd of tiny Nigerian Dwarf #goats to help us fight back some of the invasive honeysuckle and buckthorn that seems to have taken over our little homestead.

We also have two
#cats, two #dogs, and a very independent, "wild" #rabbit that my wife actually rescued from a food bank garden.

My interests include, but are not limited to;

• Current events/politics
• Culture/history/language
• Food

6 months ago

Bit of a traffic delay...

#yeg #geese #honk

A photo of a family of geese and many goslings blocking an active transportation path. A couple of goslings have decided to stop for a sip of water from a tiny puddle in the middle of it.
George Steffanos
7 months ago

Sunset dining, Scoville Reservoir, Wolcott, Connecticut. October 23, 2019, 5:41 PM.

Migrating Canadian geese take a late October dinner break on a secluded little cove at the lake while the two outside geese stand lookout (swim lookout?).

#hiking #photography #landscapephotography #hikingadventures #nature #Connecticut #autumn #October #forest #sunset #sunsets #sunsetphotography #trails #lake #autumnvibes #geese #birds #Canadiangeese

Standing on the shore of a small cove on a large lake. A narrow peninsula is maybe 50 feet away across the water. It is covered with tall trees, as is a second peninsula beyond to the right across a small channel of water. These two peninsulas form the cove. There are a few hemlocks on the peninsulas, the rest of the trees are hardwoods that have lost most of their leaves. Those that remain are brick red or golden brown past peak colors. A gaggle of ten geese is swimming on the cove. Eight of them are feeding, their heads below the water. The two geese on the right and left are keeping watch for danger. A bright golden sun about to set burns through the trees on the left. The sky is a pale gray blue.
7 months ago

Canada Geese are such a beautiful waterfowl and fortunately for us, we have many of them that have chosen to make Florida their year-round home. No migration for these avians. These three were down by the lake near my home when I photographed them. Two were sipping as one stood guard.
#CanadaGeese #geese #goose #waterfowl #birds #Florida #PhotoArt #photography #MastoPhoto #BirdPhotography #BuyIntoArt #SupportIndependentArtists #fediverse #FediGiftShop

Available here:

A photo of three Canada Geese down by the lake on a sunny afternoon.  Two are sipping water and the third is standing guard watching for any problems.
7 months ago

Look at this ball of fluff!

Greylag goose (Anser anser)
Olympus E-M1 II, Panasonic 100-300 II

300mm, f/7.1, 1/500s, ISO 800

#goose #geese #gosling #goslings #AnserAnser #GreylagGoose #bird #birds #BirdPhotography #UrbanWildlife #photo #photography #darktable

A closeup of a gosling's head, facing the camera
Dr. Scott Ford
7 months ago

I started working with Alaska Dept Fish & Game to surgically place trackers in emperor geese in 2019. Since then, we've implanted 189 over 8 different trips, mostly to remote areas with no electricity. It's been a fun challenge with a lot of hard work by many people. Our survival rates have been phenomenal. The data collected has already taught biologists a lot about this remote species, helping to make informed decisions for conservation and for management of an important food resource for Alaska natives. Slowly, the transmitters that were designed to last 18-24 months are starting to blink off after almost 4 years of faithful service. Seeing those dots on a map, moving around, living their lives has been really cool. It's a little sad to lose touch but they've more than "earned" the chance to live the rest of their lives in privacy and peace, swallowed up in a vast wilderness where they rarely see humans. Good luck to them!
#birds #research #geese #tracking #conservation

Our team at Shemya Island in January, 2023 with the Bering Sea in the background.
Me holding an emperor goose, just before release, at Shemya Island in January, 2023. You can see the transmitter antenna protruding from the bird's tail near my left shoulder.
Me performing a transmitter implant surgery on an emperor goose in a warehouse in Kodiak, Alaska.
Universal Hub
7 months ago

Bolling Building crisis that's for the birds

Update: Animal Control came and removed the geese

#Boston #birds #geese #NubianSquare #Roxbury #ledges

Goose and goslings on third-floor roof at Bolling Building in Nubian Square
Janet Dane
7 months ago

The outlook today. I hear #turkeys gobbling and #geese getting restless as early dog walkers get too close. And song #sparrows.
#Hills #Mulmur #Nature #Trees #Scenic #Trail

Kate 🏳️‍⚧️
7 months ago

I'm getting a little into #photography now and today I took my first pictures of #EgyptianGeese ! Still have to learn a lot, but I like how these turned out. Definitely a lot better than my previous pictures from my phone camera

#bird #birds #goose #geese #duck #ducks

A egyptian goose chicken standing on dirt
A egyptian goose parent and three of their chickens close to water
Three egyptian goose chickens picking on the ground for food
Three egyptian goose chickens, one swimming in the water, two standing on the ground drinking from the water