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I see generative.


Close up photo of a white dishtowel with a series of grey threads making a hexagonal pattern. Many of the grey threads are coming loose, disrupting the continuity of the pattern, creating areas of solid white and dense clumps of grey.
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An exercise in transformation of ccordinates. Thanks to #Python Image library (#PIL / #pillow).

Two parallel 5 by 5 layers of pale blue stars rotating around a vertical axis.
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Stable Diffusion for the prompt: "Gingerroot Rogers & Fred Cucumber dance on the kitchen counter"

It's exactly what it says on the tin. Except they look like muppets.
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The Singing Ringing Tree

AIART credit Lanny Quarles

#ai #aiart #genart #fairytales #poetry

Generative art surreal scene of otherworld characters  part animal part alien with three tiny human musicians, alien instruments and a skeletal tree with dangling bell like shapes and ghostly beings suspended in the air
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This is doing something.

Trying separate the growth axis. The reaction diffusion pushes in the normal direction and I increase edge length in the transverse direction.

I'm weighting the growth using the principle directions of curvature that I get from local quadric fitting. It works OK.

#mathart #GenerativeArt #GenArt #algoart #algorithmicart #sculpture #algorithmicsculpture #SciArt

Its a 3D bunny, stripes and spots start growing on it.  OH NO!  The bunny starts bursting out like a really really bad fungal infection!  I'm sorry bunny!
1 week ago

I'll be generating a lot of #KoruTawa configurations over the next few weeks as part of a larger project. I'm experimenting with lots of different driving parameters, trying to meet different abstract criteria. It'll be challenging, so I'd like to share some unused ones that catch my eye over this span occasionally, and hopefully you all can help me to keep my momentum going.

#genart #GenerativeArt

The colors on this one really pop from this background. The patterns and structure are fairly simple, but the balance is pleasing to me.
Having the large dots as the same color as the mat creates an illusory contour where the lines are cut away. We tend to see it as a round shape over the lines, rather than sharp jagged edges. The combination of row fade gradient and side dot gradient combine well on this one. There are a several apparently simple elements combined here, but they only work together due to weeks of coding effort.
B side, showing the elliptical inner dots on their own.
3 weeks ago

Here are some traces of the path of a sort of triple pendulum. No masses or gravity or friction, just constant angular velocity for each arm.

I was expecting more symmetry out of this system, but alas no. I'm guessing my code isn't quite right. Still, maybe these are more interesting?

#GenArt #Processing #CreativeCoding

White curves on a black background swirl around the center of the image. The curves nearly form symmetrical patterns, but not quite.
White curves on a black background swirl around the center of the image. The curves nearly form symmetrical patterns, but not quite.
White curves on a black background swirl around the center of the image. The curves nearly form symmetrical patterns, but not quite.
White curves on a black background swirl around the center of the image. The curves nearly form symmetrical patterns, but not quite.
Guido Schmidt
3 weeks ago

Computer animation "demo" from 1980s by Larry Cuba (who worked on some of the Star Wars VFX). Imo still works very well visually, even today

#GenArt #genartclub #animation #StarWars

Also, don't confuse generative art with AI-generated images. "Generative Art" / #GenArt doesn't involve training a neural network on data samples. We 100% allow generative art here.

For examples, see by @ohiofi , by @sohan , by @jeffpalmer , and by @Az which shows a GIF of the code at work and includes a link to the github project to try it out yourself!

2 months ago

OK, here's the whole thing together. Going to stitch 6 of these together for a submission to little group show. Not sure how to display the sequence, probably just s monitor or something. I have notes, but I think it will look out pretty nice, looping the day away.

#mathart #GenerativeArt #GenArt #algoart #algorithmicart #sculpture #algorithmicsculpture #SciArt

Its a 3D bunny.  It spins around once, then starts to morph into a knotted bundle of curves.  Kind of looks like it got a nice perm at the salon.  Then it dramatically reconstitutes into the bunny to spin again.  I'm sorry bunny.
Andrea Quaro
2 months ago

Hi, I'm Andrea - I make games and pixel art and occasionally collect inspiring #bugs when things inevitably go wrong in the process.

#PortfolioDay #Introduction #PixelArt #GameDev #GenArt #MastoArt

a bug in the puzzle script visual editor window. several misaligned sprites, forming a sort of architectural scene.
a bug in the puzzle script visual editor window. the scene consists of misaligned pixel art sprites and has a vaguely haptic, embroidery-like quality.
a bug in the puzzle script visual editor window. a dense array of graphic, blocky shapes, resembling experimental print making techniques, a bit like the 2010s dutch "ugly" graphic design.
a bug in the puzzle script visual editor window.  several misaligned pixel art sprites, among them a violet octopus, a golden coin, a person with their hands raised, a skull, a clock, a sliced piece of melon. where's waldo, basically.
2 months ago

I've been wanting to move out from babylon to rust for my #genart projects recently, but without losing the comfort of hot-reloading and no compile time.
Fast forward a bit and here it is! A #rust #wgpu template project with:
- native and wasm export
- shader hot reload
- rust hot reload
- egui integration
- wgsl preprocessor with imports
- three demos: a simple polygon, boids, and 3d raymarching

Feel free to try it out and play with it. Any feedback is welcome! ❤️

A split screen with an editor on the left, the project window on the right showing a 2d boid system made of triangles. The video shows how shader and rust files are hot reloaded, modifying the colors and the speed of the boids. Then using the ui in the app, the three rules of a boid system (cohesion, separation and alignment) and modified with an immediate feedback from the boids.
3 months ago

Life trajectory so far, seemingly, starting from the center and spiraling outward.

#genart #processing

White lines on a black background. A spiral starts at the center and works its way outward. The points on the left side of the spiral get more and more "noisy" the farther they are to the left, so that the inner loops of the spiral only have a little bit of messiness, but the leftmost ~20% of the picture just looks like a jumbled mess of random lines. If you make it through that hell, you come out on the other side with a smooth path ahead--for a while, until it gets messier yet again. This is the way of life, it seems.
4 months ago

Messing around with distance from mesh calculation on the curve.

#sculpture #GenArt #algoart #algorists

Guido Schmidt
4 months ago

Got my hands back on some rdom/rstream based #thingumbrella UI tools to control a minimalistic turtle graphics drawing application.

#genart #MastoArt #GenerativeArt #CreativeCoding #CreativeToots

George Savva
4 months ago

Still working on this, I don't usually spend so long on individual pieces but maybe I should. I get the feeling there is something really good in here but I haven't quite found it yet. #rtistry #mathart #genartclub #genart

A mathematical artwork.  Coloured flowers are arranged in arcs on a dark teal background, with an equal density across the page.
4 months ago

Experimenting with efficiency in physics sims in @stackblitz using #threeJS and #cannonJS. Thinking about writing an article comparing different methods.

1st two look similar but the 2nd one has an efficiency boost. The 3rd has a big boost with a high style tax.
(See thread)

These all use sleeping to activate certain changes. Anyone got any other techniques they tend to use?

#CreativeCoding #Javascript #GenArt

Guido Schmidt
5 months ago

A generative system inspired by Mobilés.

Changed the wires to be rendered as bezier splines, which really adds an impression of weight, as curvature increases for longer wire segments.

a few stills.

#thingumbrella #GenArt #generative #GenerativeArt #rendering #webgl #p5js #thingumbrella #sculpture

A generative system inspired by Mobilés. 

A generative system inspired by Mobilés. 

A generative system inspired by Mobilés. 


Synthwave album cover? #genart #genartclub

Guido Schmidt
5 months ago

Preparing the last lecture for the summer term...

#colors #GenArt #genartclub #edgeofchaos #pattern #sunday #SundayVibes

Guido Schmidt
5 months ago

Few visuals of my #thingumbrella #edgeofchaos system, I've used the system to create thumbnails and cover images for my summer term lecture at HAWK Hildesheim, going from simple 2 state lowres visuals up to complex patterns as the lecture content got more complex 🤗

#genartclub #genart #CreativeCoding #CreativeToots #PixelArt #pattern

Guido Schmidt
5 months ago

@toxi Very nice, thanks for these details. Really cool to see all these creative tools from that domain.

Another knit project I really loved was from Etter Studio in Zürich, Switzerland:

Unfortunatelly I only got a sweater in S back then, so I always have to wait for my wife to wear it 😅

#genart #knitting #generative #TextileArt

Guido Schmidt
5 months ago

Stoked by @presstube latest project KRILLER:

checkout the project description at @creativeapps

... nice little nostalgic detail in the copy text: "for many still Flash" 🙃

#GenArt #CreativeCoding #illustration #newmediaart #mediaart

A bit of #GenArt. Trying to make something nice from some really unfortunate data. The Xs are suspicious datapoints :(

Gonna spend some time looking for a non-nefarious explanation.

circles, triangles, and Xs

Luminessence #p5js #genart

grow() #p5js #genart 🌱

Generative landscape #GenArt no idea how to take this further though 🤔

Guido Schmidt
5 months ago

@admin I just wondered what's an appropriate way to support the instance? Who's paying for server cost and maintenance, any possiblity to support?

#genart #genartclub #mastodon

Guido Schmidt
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@gorillasun bluebird seems to be slowely dying after all, I hope more #genart people going to join in here 🙃 today we got @patrikHuebner onboarded 🚢 ⚓

@patrikHuebner btw. @gorillasun has a neat #mastodon intro over at:

Hello Mastodon, I should start posting on here more again. How do we all feel about what's going on, over on the bird site? #genart