three word chant
9 hours ago

if my 60+-year-old mum and her 70+-year-old friend can manage to use my correct pronouns, I think anyone who can't might be facing a skill issue

#gender #trans

Stuart D Neilson
13 hours ago

In most medical contexts an “#ActivistLed” model of care would be praised as "#PatientCentred". One might cynically suspect the gatekeeper fears loss of his relevance.
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Jeroen SZ 🦣
13 hours ago

#Danish #dictionary to weed out #gender stereotypes | The Guardian

In a major review of the #language, ‘career women’ are now paired with ‘career men’ and manslaughter is a linguistic offence

Kai W.
13 hours ago

Ich hasse das "Frauen sind mitgemeint".
Mitgemeint ist wie Mitleid. Es verändert nichts. Erst Handeln wirkt.

Die Mehrzahl der Spender, Großspender, Stifter und Fundraiser mit denen ich zu tun habe sind Spenderinnen, Großspenderinnen, Stifterinnen und Fundraiserinnen.

Ich habe dazu gebloggt und dargelegt, wie ich es handhabe und empfehle:

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Jona lendering
14 hours ago

Een anoniem grafreliëf uit Zincirli, gemaakt rond 700 v.Chr., roept vragen op over #gender in het oude Nabije Oosten. Niets dramatisch, wel interessant.

Tucker Teague
21 hours ago

Judith Butler: "Who Is Afraid of Gender?"

I found this lecture excellent. It's long, it's academic, but it's also rich and thought provoking. I believe it's worth the listen — introduction, lecture, and Q&A, the whole thing.

#gender #JudithButler #lgbtqia #queer #fascism #freedom #socialism

Mo Ⓐ☭🇵🇸
1 day ago

By now I hope you've listened to the second part of the podcast series I did with the folks over at @animefeminist on abolition and anime. If not, you can check it out here!

#anime #abolition #gender #media #podcast

Dhyan Nada
1 day ago

Jens Jessen (Die Zeit) gibt den Klassenkämpfer, indem er #Wagenknecht antikapitalistische Motive unterstellt. #LGBT #Gender etc. - alles Talmi. Sein bourgeoiser Vulgärmarxismus unterschlägt, dass #Rassismus, #Patriarchat, #Kolonialismus, #Ableismus aufs engste mit der Zurichtung kapitalistischer Marktsubjekte verschränkt sind, also antikapitalistisch konvergieren. Beiden geht es um die Ruhigstellung Lohnabhängiger in der Volksgemeinschaft, aber bestimmt nicht um soziale #Revolution.


Testausschnitt Die Zeit 21. September 2023:

Von hier aus erklärt sich Wagenknechts Abneigung gegen die Grünen und gegen verwandte Positionen in der Linkspartei. Für sie sind Aktivisten des Antirassismus, Antisexismus, Antikolonialismus und so weiter nichts als wissentliche oder unwissentliche Helfer des Kapitals. Indem sie nicht an die Eigentumsfrage heranwollen, sondern an Sprache und Sozialverhalten, suggerieren sie eine Lösung für ungerechte Verhältnisse dort, wo gar keine zu finden ist. Arbeitnehmer und Arbeitslose zerfleischen sich in Genderdebatten, während die Arbeitgeber ungehindert ihren ausbeuterischen Geschäften nachgehen können.
Georg aus Bakum
1 day ago

Ich glaube, dass mit #Esperanto auch das Problem der #Gendersprache überwunden würde, weil es klare Regeln für die Beschreibung von #Gender gibt, nur ein Artikel für alle Geschlechter, etc.

1 day ago

Born This Way?

#RadioLab looks into the #BornThisWay idea—its history and how it is being questioned by “both sides”

#Gender #Sexuality #SexualOrientation

@ji7ro Mehr Beispiele gefällig? Allerdings etwas subtiler und stilvoller, soweit das überhaupt geht. #fotografie #werbung #sexismus #gender #humor

Ian Chard
2 days ago

Question for #GN folk: are there non-clumsy ways of talking about your relation to your parents? Obviously son and daughter are out, ‘child’ implies a young person, and ‘offspring’ is a bit biological. #gender

Vittoria Pirone 🇪🇺
2 days ago

As US Republican-led states have rushed to ban #gender-affirming for minors, some families with #transgender children found a bit of solace: At least they lived in states that would allow those already receiving puberty blockers or hormone therapy to continue.

But in some places the care has abruptly been halted because medical providers are wary of harsh liability provisions in those same laws.

2 days ago

C'est le livre que tous les chercheurs et chercheuses devraient lire ;

C'est le livre qui fait prendre conscience que les fonctionnements étranges, les petites humiliations, la hiérarchie entre les personnes qui font de la recherche à une histoire et que l'on n'est pas un cas isolé.

Je recommande.

#VendrediLecture #science #gender #recherche #herstory

Photo d'un livre, "Dans les coulisses de la science", "techniciens, petites mains et autres travailleurs invisibles" avec un dessin de femme derrière un microscope
2 days ago

“The idea that there is a single ‘normal’ #language, a common currency shared equally by all members of society, is an illusion. Any actual language consists of a highly complex range of discourses, differentiated according to #class, #region, #gender, #status and so on, which can by no means be neatly unified into a single homogeneous #linguistic #community.”

— Terry #Eagleton, “Introduction: What is Literature?,” Literary Theory: An Introduction

Centre for Population Change
2 days ago

📅NEXT WEEK - join us for a CPC-CG #webinar on 28 Sept ⤵️

Professor Stuart Gietel-Basten (Hong Kong University of Science and Technology), Dr Joy Cruz (University of Philippines), and Dr Tom Emery (Erasmus University Rotterdam) will be sharing some preliminary findings from the #HongKong #Generations and #Gender #Survey following the completion of the first full wave.

Register to join us online:

CPC-CG seminar series. Stuart Gietel-Basten, Tom Emery, Joy Cruz. The Generations and Gender Survey in Hong Kong: methodological innovations and some extremely preliminary findings. Online, 28 Sept, 13:00-14:00 BST.
Neil Hopkins (He/Him)
3 days ago

FASCINATING bit of #research here into #gender stereotyping & #socialmedia use:

So much to unpack. The socially constructed ideas of #gender, #masculinity and #manliness. The concept of #Femmephobia which does so much damage to so many people.

The lingering ideological construct of what makes one gender one thing, and another gender another thing lingers on.

I'm not surprised. I am sad.

And also curious, given that a former US President basically lived on socials - I'd love to know how the research participants rated him on "manliness" scale...

بكرا فيه مظاهرة ضد "أيدولوجية الجندر" في تورونتو، فأنا رايح على المظاهرة المضادة وهي يافطاتي:
Tomorrow there's a protest against "gender ideology" in Toronto, so I'm counter-protesting with these:

#Arab #Palestinian #Muslim #Gender #Protest #Toronto #عربي #فلسطيني #مسلم #تورونتو

A protest sign saying:
مش رح تمحونا!!
مثلييت . عابريت
You will not erase us!
LGBTQIA+ م. ع. ل.
There's a rainbow flag drawn on the margin, and two trans flags on the corners
A protest sign that says:
أنا فلسطيني عربي مسلم
أنا مثلي . انا موجود!
I am Palestinian, Arab and Muslim. I am gay. I exist.

A progressive rainbow flag goes through the word gay. A Palestinian flag is next to the word Palestinian. The symbol of the Arab League is above the word Arab. A crescent and a five-pointed star is above the word Muslim.

On the margin are the words:
I am here
* I am queer *
Get used to it
Learn about me
I am your son, friend, bro.

The lyrics to "change your mind" by Rebecca Sugar are on another margin.
R.J. Faas
3 days ago
Queer Lit Cats
3 days ago

Pink News: Most Americans agree politicians aren’t informed enough to make trans healthcare policies, survey finds #LGBT #LGBTQ #Trans #Lesbian #2SLGBTQ #Gender-affirmingcare #healthcare #survey #Trans #News #LGBT #US

Gay Old Time
3 days ago

#vintage #comics #hulk #gender

A panel from a vintage comic book. The Incredible Hulk is wearing a pair of golden bracelets and smashing them together angrily. Speech bubbles read: "Hulk ain't no sissy – won't wear bracelets! Gonna smash em right off!"
Centre for Population Change
3 days ago

📕New article explores the link between #education & #fertility in #Europe, and how it's shaped by factors such as #family policies, #macroeconomic shocks, and changes in #gender attitudes.

By Sindhu Vasireddy, Ann Berrington, Bernice Kuang & Hill Kulu 👇👇


Education and Fertility: A Review of Recent Research in Europe in  Comparative Population Studies.

My gf has started using "they" when talking about me to other people. Not always, and that's totally fine, but uts spilled over to her other partner now, and I gotta say... its refreshing.. I haven't 100% committed to it, but the more often I hear it, the more comfy it feels... still low key terrified to throw it out there to most folks, despite only really associating with queer and queer-friendly people, but we're getting there lol
#gender #agender

"In 2017, Viktor Orbán, the fascist prime minister of Hungary, banished Central European Uni from the country, forcing it to relocate to Austria. Becker and others have noted that DeSantis’ educational takeover mirrors Orbán’s."

“We’re committed to young people’s education and academic freedom, which are all under threat”
--- Prof Jonathan Becker, vice president of academic affairs. DeSantis has been curbing lessons on #race, #gender, and #sexuality. #highered

4 days ago

#Culture #CulturalAnthropology #CulturalStudies #gender #SingleMoms #Family #PurityCulture

the situation in korea seems to be equally abysmal in terms of cultural acceptance and support of single moms.

here's a video by canadian expats living in korea, with many stats and some stories:

here's a video by the news channel "asian boss" about being a single mom in korea:

korean documentary profiling a charity called "babybox":

al jazeera documentary about single moms in korea:

the screenshots below are from the al jazeera documentary. the mom is talking about how jobs wouldn't want to hire her if they learned she was a single mom. she says: "since i didn't take proper steps in life, i'm considered problematic. to put it bluntly, i'm dirty. that's how it is. i am lucky to qualify for $120 a month in government aid. some single mums only receive about $70." here, she brings up similar issues about conformity that the japan youtuber brought up about japan: anything that marks you as "different" makes you a "problem", especially if you deviated from norms in an "irresponsible" way. and she also brings up purity culture when she says "to put it bluntly, i'm dirty" (in the eyes of the employer). which is huge huge huge huge and common across many cultures.

another issue that makes being a single mom in japan & korea so tough is that babies are registered with the government not as individuals, but on a family registry. that registry includes divorces with a big fat red X as well. it goes back multiple generations, and as they discuss in the babybox documentary, many babies are given up for adoption because the family doesn't want a father-less baby on the family registry. i don't know if china or other countries also have this family registry system, but it definitely seems like one of those ways that the concept of "family" is weaponized against any perceived "deviants" from the rules for what a family should be. it would be good for me to learn more about the history of the family registry system - where, when, and how it came about.

anyway, it may not surprise you that i have some strong thoughts about the concept of "family" as well. and let us remember that some of the most important critiques of "The Family" come from feminist scholarship, going way way back. because, as many women know, doing things "for the family" or "because of the family" is a major way that women get put down and kept in line. (ask me about the things i've been pressured to do "for the family"...go ahead...ask... 💀​)

anyway, if you're sensitive to these issues, please consider not watching the videos because it's a severely awful situation.

screenshot from al jazeera video showing a mom and baby and the caption "since i didn't take proper steps in life, i'm considered problematic."
screenshot from al jazeera video showing a baby and the caption "to put it bluntly, i'm dirty. that's how it is."
screenshot from al jazeera video showing a mom and the caption "I am lucky to qualify for $120 a month in government aid."
screenshot from al jazeera video showing a mom and the caption "some single mums only receive about $70."

new #gender just dropped: diverse

a webpage form that says "Finally, we would like to ask you questions on your demographics to understand whether our study participants are typical Internet users: Your gender" with a dropdown that says "male", "female", "diverse", "no answer"
4 days ago

#Culture #CulturalAnthropology #CulturalStudies #gender #SingleMoms #conformity

do y'all like youtube cultural studies as much as i do? i especially like the "cross-cultural explanation" genre where people who are fluent in multiple languages help bridge the gap in understanding about what a place or people are like. a lot of them veer into the "what you should know if you're going to date a russian girl!" arena, but some are very nice.

this particular channel is run by a japanese returnee (someone who was born in japan, grew up or spent time in another country, and then returned to japan). he makes english language material about japan.

this is a video about conformity in japan (a major interest for me because i was also badgered by conformity pressures growing up, but from the old school eastern european direction. for me, conformity is one of those cultural values like gender norms or racism that i just cannot stand because of how much it has been weaponized against people and how little sense it makes to me).


my commentary:

i'm not sure how much i buy his natural determinist arguments that because japan has a higher share of natural disasters compared to its land area, it was imperative for everyone to work together and so anyone who was lazing about and not helping ("being different") was a huge detriment to the village, etc. i'm not into most forms of natural determinism, so eh.

i like his historical analysis more, where he talks about social structure in the edo period. but i'm ignorant of this history so i have no way to judge whether this makes sense or not.

from a cultural perspective, the part that was most mind-bending was the idea that a single mom is "troubling others" and so is to be shunned. i'm still wrapping my head around that one.

basically his argument is that the #1 cultural priority in japanese culture is to not trouble anyone else more than you absolutely have to. he talks about how it's the #1 thing kids are taught and it's framed as "being considerate to others."

i don't know if it really is the #1 priority, but under that frame (and with the general pressures of conformity), a single mom creates a burden on others because she can't support herself and doesn't have a husband who would support her (which is only a reality because of how strict things are in japan wrt the work culture & gender divide, right?).

in that worldview, *choosing* to become a single mom is like "ho ho, i'll just have ~other people~ solve my problems for me. here's another mouth to feed!"

i guess that's pretty similar to the "welfare queen" logic. but i guess it also applies at the family scale, not just at the societal scale.

maybe i'm just used to massive cultural diversity where some families might kick out a teen gal who comes home pregnant, but other families would be like "well, guess we're about to have another baby to welcome to the world!"

but yea, to call a woman who has a child without having a father locked-in as "selfish"....that starts sending me into pure rage.

especially when you consider all the ways that an unmarried person might become pregnant..

or the fact that even if you *do* get pregnant with a husband and do "everything right", half the time he'll leave you anyway! or be abusive and so even worse to have in the house... with some men, you can't get them to leave even if you want them to. (and that, my friends, is the premise of the 90s comedy "practical magic.")

yea, it makes my heart rate increase in the bad way...the way where i start to think about whether my daggers have been sharpened lately. (full disclosure: they are imaginary daggers.)

maybe i'm a little sensitive on this subject because i've known many single moms. and last i checked, pretty much every single one of them wanted the best for their child and in order to provide that, they do things that other people could never imagine themselves doing. which, in my mind, is about as selfless as it gets.

in conclusion, down with conformity. hate it!

4 days ago

Stable, happy, reasonable people don’t go out of their way to punch down on others, whether about gender or sex or race or masking…

#canada #canpoli #onpoli #trans #Gender

Jeffrey Yost
4 days ago

CBI Image of the Day:

Iconic image of Kay Mauchly (AKA: Kathleen Rita McNulty Mauchly Antonelli), one of the original programmers on the ENIAC during WWII, with husband John Mauchly, ENIAC co-inventor, and Arthur Draper, as they look over the UNIVAC LARC in 1960.

#computer #technology #tech #science #programming #ENIAC #gender #history #sociology


Black & white image of two men and a woman looking at interior of the UNIVAC LARC computer.
Jeffrey Yost
4 days ago

CBI Image of the Day:

Iconic image of Kay Mauchly (AKA: Kathleen Rita McNulty Mauchly Antonelli), one of the original programmers on the ENIAC during WWII, with husband John Mauchly, ENIAC co-inventor, and Arthur Draper, as they look over the UNIVAC LARC in 1960.

#computer #technology #tech #science #programming #ENIAC #gender #history #sociology


While I was on Warframe doing trades, I noticed at least 50% of the people after trades would say, "thanks, bro" :blobfox_nauseous:​

Before, I just said my usual, "Thanks a bunch~ <3" bit and left, but after a while, I got kind of curious...what would happen if, every time I was addressed as "bro", I automatically addressed them back as "sis"? :zerotwo_learn:​

So far, after 15~20 instances of it, I've had a few people be confused or be weird about it, but haven't had anyone go on a full-on tirade :leafeon_giggle:​

#Games #Gaming #MMO #Warframe #Language #Gender

#Gender in #Manga: A #Brief #History.

You know the difference between 内 and 僕 and 私, but how much do you know about the history of gender in manga? Here’s a brief #overview from a #nonbinary #writer and #CertifiedWeeb.

#Women #Transgender #LGBTQ #LGBTQIA #Entertainment #TheArts #Literature #Books #Manga #Comics #Reading #Representation #Culture

Sex Ed for Bi Guys :heart_bi:
4 days ago

Realizing you're attracted to multiple genders means you might end up #dating people whose #gender is different from what you're used to. Many #bisexual and bi+ #men find that challenging, whether they've dated people before or not. Here's a guide to finding your bearings in the dating world.

Stuart D Neilson
4 days ago

“Round by where the old flyover was, there’s an #underpass and it’s a quicker route [to the #city centre] but at your #peril."

“I find that most ways to get into #town you have to go through some shady #alleyways, so it is hard, especially like as a young #female, to walk in those areas. And when winter comes around it gets darker and harder to walk around safely so I get a friend to accompany me.”

#inequality #gender #walking #footpath #city

Davie Dean
5 days ago

What do we think about the Australian Government Guidelines on the recognition of Sex and #Gender? See

As a #nonbinary person, I have thoughts about the X label.

Michael Reeder LCPC
5 days ago

This I'm having some heartburn over.

Yes, there are good reasons to collect such information.

I also fear what the US Federal government could do in a worst case scenario with such information in the hands of a Republican government in 2024?

#lgbt #lgbtq #sexualorientation #orientation #transgender #gender #genderidentity

@psychbot @PsychResearchBot @psychotherapist @psychotherapists @psychology @socialpsych @socialwork @psychiatry

Mark McElroy
5 days ago

Okay, #Tarot people. How does better contemporary awareness shape how you work with traditional Tarot's assumptions about #gender?

First, you have the gender biases built into Emperors and Empresses, Popes and Priestesses. Then you have the imbalanced court cards, with their three males and single female per suit.

How do you get past talking about masculine and feminine energies? Active/creative vs. passive/reflective? Controlling vs. collaborative? Genuinely curious.

Gay Old Time
5 days ago

Why is it only men who are confident in their masculinity? Here’s Doris Day being confident in her femininity.
#vintageAd #DorisDay #gender

Vintage ad for International Harvester brand roller-compactors. Actor Doris Day is shown riding a massive compactor in polka-dotted capri pants. Tagline reads: “The only road roller endorsed by Doris Day”
Texas Observer Lives!
6 days ago

Hermajestie the Hung told us, “I was given spaces to explore the real me, not the me that I had to be in order to stay alive. #Drag is so healing.”

In Digital Editor Kit @oconnell's #Culture feature from our magazine, the performers of #Austin celebrate their art in defiance of persecution:

(📸 #Photography by Cindy Elizabeth, with Kit O'Connell)
#culture #DragQueens #trans #transgender #transphobia #politics #USpol #gender #homophobia #LGBTQIA+ #dance

Ray Ray Topaz, an older Black drag queen who looks like Tina Turner, performs in a black outfit with pink and black jacket, standing with her arms spread wide behind her proudly, the microphone in one hand. The sign language interpreter stands to one side.
Hernajestie the Hung, a muscular, skinny Black drag queen in a sea green mermaid costume, makes an elegant gesture while holding an oversized prop fork. Her hair features bright red braids and shaved sides.
A Black woman with a very tall up-do and big hoop earrings, wearing a leopard print coat. She's holding a blue costume bra top in her hands as she stands in a backstage area.
An older Black drag queen, who looks like Tina Turner, adjusts her black wig with her hands, as she looks at herself in a lit backstage mirror decorated with a garland of pink fake flowers. Her lips are pursed and her eyebrows drawn in perfect arches.

"The first thing to say about the New Right is that it can get weird. Its ranks are composed almost entirely of men. They inhabit a social-media cocoon where they talk a lot about manhood, and strength, and manliness, and push-ups, and masculinity, and virility, and weight-lifting, and testosterone."

~ Matthew Continetti

#rightwing #gender #patriarchy #MaleEntitlement

John Colagioia
6 days ago

Ancient texts depict all kinds of people, not just straight and cis ones

LGBTQ-like individuals have always been here, although modern conceptions of self, gender and sexuality cannot be mapped directly onto the past.

#Gender #Classics #LGBTHistory

Cleo of Topless Topics
1 week ago

Today's #YouTube #tiktok #Instagram short video:

(again) why women don't go #topless even where #toplessEquality is legally allowed"


I wanted to reprise this subject for those who haven't seen my previous videos about it--even in the very few areas in the #UnitedStates that allegedly have legalized #topFreeEquality, there's no guarantee cops won't arrest you anyway. Even if they don't, it's guaranteed aye-holes around you will record you on their phones and put the footage online without your consent, opening yourself up to all sorts of consequences for daring to have "female looking nipples" visible in public, from losing your job or getting ostracized by family, to getting stalked, or worse. Of course, if #mainstreammedia #socialMedia platforms like #tiktok #Instagram #facebook #YouTube #tumblr etc-forever allowed #femalePresenting #women like me to go topless on these platforms EXACTLY LIKE ANY "MALE-LOOKING PERSON CAN," but I'm not holding my breath on that ever happening. If you happen to be a male presenting person who supports topfree equality, I implore you, use your #malePrivilege by recording yourself without a shirt (which WON'T get banned as" sexually explicit nudity ") to point out how insane the #misogynist #sexist #puritanical #doubleStandards #hypocrisy of #gender based #censorship, and maybe someday we can galvanize enough others to speak out about the blatant sexism that we convince the mainstream social media platforms that they'd make more money if they DIDN'T apply #censorship "based on what gender you look like". (and once we establish topfree equality online, establishing it in public meatspace will follow)

T. T. Perry
1 week ago

If you are wondering what the heck I'm on about when I advocate for genital autonomy and against gender-imposing surgical interventions on children, today is your chance to hear from leading activists about the connections between homophobia and forced genital surgeries like circumcision.

It's happening today in a few hours.

"What lessons can intactivists learn from the successful campaign to de-pathologize homosexuality?"

#Gay #Queer #Gender #LGBT #Homophobia

1 week ago
BlackPixelDust: Art :autism:
1 week ago

Remember kids.
Transgender people are valid and acceptable.
Until they minorly inconvenience or embarrass you by existing.

Then you don't have to put up with that annoying trans bullshit. Cut that shit out. I thought that was a phase? Grow up.
Now's not the time or place for that nonsense.

This is what I've learned from many cisgender people. From strangers to family. Especially family. 👍🏿

#queer #gender #trans

Stan Carey
1 week ago

Nice examination of how gender and pronoun use evolved in SFF over the last century, with David Lindsay, Ursula Le Guin, and Ann Leckie as mini case studies. By @ergative @NerdsofaFeather: #SFF #ScienceFiction #gender

Steven Saus [he/him]
1 week ago

From 15 Sep: Kansas will no longer change trans people’s birth certificates to reflect their gender identities - TOPEKA, Kan. (AP) — Kansas will no longer change transgender people’s birth certificates to reflect ... #ap-top-news #gender #general-news #health #kansas #ks-state-wire #laura-kelly #politics #u.s.-news

Mx. Kit O'Connell
1 week ago

Topping off my reservoir. #MeowWolf #gender #nonbinary

Kit is smiling and holding a can of 'Gender Fluid' in lavender and lemon flavor.
Ricardo Harvin
1 week ago

45 years later and #ADreamIsSomethingYouWakeUpFrom, 1978, directed by #LarryBullard and #CarolynJohnson, is as relevant now, as then.

Part #documentary, part narrative #film, it focuses on particulars of the #Black experience in the #US, yet it's relevance spans across all races and #cultures in regards to #capitalism and #economics, #gender roles and gendered #violence, #family, and the realities of the "#AmericanDream".


If you want to be a girl, you can be a girl.

If you want to be a boy, you can be a boy.

If you want to be something else, you can be something else.

If you don't want to have a gender, you don't need to have a gender.

You be you, boo. ❤️ Fuck what anyone else thinks.

#LGBT #gender #love #equality #acceptance #BeYourself #LoveYourself #LGBTQIA #trans #gay #lesbian #agender #queer #YouAreSafeWithMe #BeKind

Bethany Berger
1 week ago

Excited to announce the @ConnLRev symposium,
Haaland v. Brackeen: Family Regulation, Constitutional Power, and Tribal Resilience, virtual and free, October 6, 12-2:30 EST. Chairwoman Andrews-Maltais, #SCOTUS attorney Ian Gershengorn, and #Law Profs Greg Ablavsky, Seth Davis, Kate Fort & Gerald Torres & #Gender studies Prof Laura Briggs will examine the decision and context of attacks on #ICWA. Please boost! #Brackeen #Indigenous

Two young Native women holding sign reading EVERY CHILD MATTERS in front of Supreme Court

Tori Otten reports on a new poll conducted by ChangeResearch which finds that, in the 18–34 in age group, 64% of women are politically left of center, as are 86% of trans and nonbinary people. Just 39% of men identify as liberal or progressive.

Want to know who's driving the Republican-Trumpian attempt to break democracy as it appears democracy no longer serves Those Who Count?

This. 👆🏼

#gender #GenderRoles #patriarchy #MaleEntitlement

Gay Old Time
2 weeks ago

Before the Marlboro Man, the same product was marketed as a feminine luxury item with lipstick-red tips. Because gendered branding is just made up.
#vintageAd #gender #tobacco

Vintage ad for Marlboro cigarettes. A woman in a dramatic yellow and black dress holds a cigarette as she reaches for the keys of a piano with her other hand. Tagline reads: “Marlboro – America’s luxury cigarette”
Megan (hi)
2 weeks ago

🧏‍♀️Me, to a scheduling assistant for my kiddo: Yeah, could you please update their pronouns, kiddo uses 'they/them.'

👩‍⚕️Assistant: Sure, I'll get that noted for her. Does she have any nicknames she likes to be called?

:blobcattableflip: #LGBTQ+ #Gender #Parenting #TheyThem #misgendering

David Megginson
2 weeks ago

I wonder if the CBC would call parents talking to kids about cis gender identities "a sensitive discussion."

#gender #news

Screenshot of a news excerpt in an RSS reader.

Headline: "Are you ready for a family talk about gender identity? How to handle a sensitive discussion"

Teaser: "Between school policies and political rhetoric, many parents may soon find themselves talking to their children about a topic that could make them uncomfortable"

Photo: People waving trans/non-binary Pride flags in front of the New Brunswick provincial legislature building.
Tucker Teague
2 weeks ago

I found this video excellent. I know it just scratches the surface, but there's still a lot of fundamental ideas and questions in it. I've been wanting for years to read Butler's "Gender Trouble," but haven't yet. Someday soon, probably.

#gender #freedom #justice #sex #genderTheory #feminism #gayRights #sexuality #person #human #JudithButler #socialNorms #queer #sociology #psychology #philosophy #deconstruction #performative #transRights

2 weeks ago

The sweeping #redstate drive to roll back #CivilRights & #liberties

by Ron Brownstein

Since 2021, #Republican-controlled states have passed a swarm of #laws to restrict #VotingRights, increase penalties for #public #protest, impose new restrictions on #transgender youth, #BanBooks, & limit what #teachers, #college #professors, & #employers can say about #race, #gender, & #SexualOrientation.


2 weeks ago

Bengaluru police arrest two trans women under controversial Anti-beggary Act

These arrests are emblematic of a larger issue: the arbitrary enforcement of a law that was ostensibly designed to address begging but has instead become a tool to penalise individuals facing socio-economic hardships.

#karnataka #bangalore #transwomen #KarnatakaPolice #AntiBeggaryAct #transgender #poverty #gender #TransgenderRights #india

2 weeks ago

People need to realise you can't change a trans person's gender identity. No matter how much society, parents or family try to force it. No matter how much trans people damage their own mental health by trying to erase their own gender identity, it's impossible. Do you think trans people don't try to change it themselves? We learn, eventually, the hard way, it isn't possible.

#mentalheaIth #trans #family #gender #society #transphobia

Jennifer Moore 😷
2 weeks ago

Lee Shevek a.k.a. butchanarchy has a zine out!

"A Woman Can Be Any Gender He Wants To Be is a zine by trans butch anarchist Lee Shevek ... exploring patriarchy, masculinity, and gender liberation."

#zines #gender #butch #anarchy #patriarchy #masculinity #liberation

“Half of Mexico’s Congress is #female. The cabinet is #gender-balanced. And now, #women have won the primaries of the two leading political blocs—making it likely that this traditionally macho nation will elect its first female president, ahead of the United States…

#Mexico ranks fourth in the world in female participation in national legislatures, according to the Inter-Parliamentary Union. The US ranks 71st—just below Iraq.”

#equality #WomensRights #voting #feminism

Fedo ¶
3 weeks ago

Is Fediverse a friendly place for all genders?
Let’s find out

Please BOOST for more accurate results!

#poll #gender #Fediverse #boostAppreciated

Judd Legum reports today on the attempt of the North Carolina Judicial Standards Commission, packed with judges appointed by Republican chief justice Newby, to silence Supreme Court justice Anita Earls, the only Black woman on the court.

Her alleged misconduct? She has criticized the state Supreme Court for its handling of issues of racial and gender discrimination. So the court wants to make her shut up.

#NorthCarolina #court #discrimination #race #gender

Step 1: as part of EU Retained Law Bill, rights to #equalpay were scrapped;

[#Tory support among women continues to fall]

Step 2: Labour says it will introduce #gender pay equality laws early if they are elected;

Step 3: Suddenly, #Tories make a public commitment to introduce a law to protect gender equality rights to pay in the Autumn.

But, announcing the reintroduction of equal pay legislation is likely to be more declaratory politics;

I'll believe it the I see it & not a moment before

1 month ago

Cara Daggett
Petro-masculinity: Fossil Fuels and Authoritarian Desire

“The concept of petro-masculinity suggests that fossil fuels mean more than profit; fossil fuels also contribute to making identities, which poses risks for post-carbon energy politics.”

"It is no coincidence that white, conservative men – regardless of class – appear to be among the most vociferous climate deniers, as well as leading #FossilFuel proponents in the West”.

#gender #ClimateCrisis

Jen Sorensen
1 month ago

What if we branded environmentalism as "masculine"?
#climatechange #climatecrisis #environment #gender

1. For decades, the right has tried to brand environmentalism as "effeminate" and weak.

"MANLY": Fossil fuels
"Feminine": Renewable energy

M: Diesel pickup
F: Prius

M: Trashing
F: Recycling

M: "America First"
F: Paris Accord

2. What if we branded environmental awareness as masculine?

It's hard to be a tough guy... when you can't breathe

Tough-looking guy in front of factory belching smoke: I'll punch you in the face! *gasp! wheeze!* As soon as I find my inhaler.

3. Trucks are for wimps. Real men use real muscles.

Guy on bicycle yelling at guy in giant truck: Outta my way, softie!

4. Don't be a "climate cuck"!

Military sergeant-type guy pointing at a Koch brother in the background giving a suitcase full of cash to the GOP: This is a battle, and fossil fuel-addicted weaklings are running from it. Time to man up!
1 month ago

Thank you for the article.

An editorial note: The headline and continued usage of the term “wrong bathroom” is wrong(misleading).

Sumptuary laws are themselves wrong(unethical). Where one has to use #gender segregated bathrooms, the wrong(incorrect) one is the one that is not designated for their gender.

The framing of “wrong bathroom” functionally cosigns a belief(incorrect) that their gender and identity is not theirs, but is something external authorities assign. (illegitimate)

Gender Census
1 month ago

"The prevalence and pronunciation of the title Mx"

Over 6,000 responses, and several juicy graphs!

#Mx #nonbinary #gender

Graph title: Pronunciation of Mx among people whose title is sometimes or always Mx.

Bar graph, Mix in the lead with over 60%.
Graph title: Is the title Mx gender-inclusive or gender-exclusive?

Bar graph showing that people whose title is Mx are more likely to say the title is gender-inclusive.
Table showing pronunciations by country.
1 month ago

PSA: #Gentoo is called Gentoo, because it's about building your #Gender from source, too -- instead of downloading the binary!

Sarah Gelbard, PhD (she/her)
1 month ago

My #bookreview of Gendered places: The landscape of local gender norms across the United States, by William J. Scarborough is now up on Journal of Urban Affairs website.

Just in time for syllabus writing if you're teaching a class in #gender and the #Geography / #UrbanPlanning / #TownPlanning / #Sociology of #Place

Jen Sorensen
1 month ago

Latest comic: Self-parodic Sages

#gender #racism #transgender #media #feminism #patriarchy

Self-Parodic Sages

1. Bill Maher: "Barbie" is man-hating and patriarchy is a zombie lie! Why does everyone keep talking about this remnant from the past?

Arrow pointing to Maher: Remnant from the past

2. Young right-wing pundit: America is a white nation and slavery wasn't so bad. Why does everyone keep talking about race?

3. Older right-wing figure: A man will use a ladies' bathroom over my dead body! Also, why does everyone keep talking about the trans people?

4. Woman to guy from previous panel: Maybe if you stopped provoking people with ignorant bigotry they wouldn't need to talk about race and gender so much.

Man: How dare you say I can't talk about these things?