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1 day ago

It was beautiful. The fire sequence in the early part of the movie with the scratchy style is my favorite. The Eng cast did so well. I thought Bale was going to be the Heron, but no. Pattinson is quite the char actor.

The story is a bit trippier that usual. But not in how you lose reality. I'm still chewing on it. It-is-meaty. I recommend it. The main char is a bit distant, but you see why. It's a good #Miyazaki flick.
#Animation #Anime #Ghibli #cinemastodon
More in 🧵

Mahito faces off against the heron. The bird's yellow iris, and red out side of that focuses on the boy antagonisticly. As the bird speaks, its human teeth are exposed within its beak, which has a chork in its top beak.
2 days ago

Sitting down to see Miyazaki's new *The Boy and the Heron*. Yay!


Got these beauties today. 😍

Looking forward to some beautiful winter evenings.

Nausicaä is the whole story as manga, 1100 page.

#Ghibli #GhibliStudios #HayaoMiyazaki

Photo of three book covers, titled:

1. The Art of Castle in the Sky
2. The Art of Kiki's Delivery Service
3. NAUSICAÄ Of The Valley Of The Wind

All by Hayao Miyazaki
Robert Guillam
2 days ago

The story of #ghibli road to international distribution of their films. And standing up to Harvey Weinstein
"Alpert and Ghibli, in turn, would exercise their contractual rights to reject any alterations and resist Miramax’s persistent efforts to cut the film’s running time. As Alpert recounts in his memoir, Suzuki even presented Weinstein with a sword in New York, shouting, “Mononoke Hime, no cut!”"
#studioghibli #theboyandtheheron #hayaomiyazaki

I must try this strategy too

#miyazaki #ghibli

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4 days ago

#TheBoyAndTheHeron is out now, possibly depending on your #cinema. Also look at your showtimes carefully. There may be different showings with Japanese and English dubs.
#cinemastodon #movies #Animation #Anime #Ghibli #Miyazaki

IMAX poster for the movie. The main character looks out off to the side distance with furrowed brows. In the background a heron flies in the sunlight. Boats launch out from the wetlands. Gold clouds fill the sky with a bit of blue peering through.
4 days ago

🏞️ Europa - A Stunning Studio Ghibli-esque Sci-Fi Adventure Where an Android Explores A Fallen Utopia | @AlphaBetaGamer

#Indiegame #Ghibli #SciFi

Me alegra saber que #Ghibli no estaba dispuesta a aceptar el horrible DMR de #IMAX y que sigue fiel a mantener el grano y el detalle originales:
«They wanted to make sure there was the presence of grain to their satisfaction. They felt that the way the film was drawn, presented, and grain incorporated into it was all very intentional.»

Bree Manahan
6 days ago

I saw “The Boy and the Heron” (or “How Do You Live”) last night and I still have not recovered. #ghibli #howdoyoulive

1 week ago

Reminder: on Friday Dec 8th the new #Ghibli movie will be released

The Boy and the Heron

#StudioGhibli #TheBoyAndTheHeron

Movie Poster for The Boy and The Heron by Hayao Miyazaki
Terry Wallwork
1 week ago

Totoro Christmas cakes bring a dash of Ghibli magic to the Japanese festive season | SoraNews24 -Japan News-

> Cute range makes all our anime wishes come true this winter. 

#Japan #JapaneseCulture #Ghibli #ジブリ #Cake #xmas #Xmascake #totoro #ケーキ #トトロ

Meccha Japan
1 week ago
Eleanor Rees
1 week ago

Is there anywhere to buy Studio #Ghibli DVDs online (in the UK) that isn't Amazon or Ebay?

This one looked promising at first but all the links are dead
HMV and the BFI each have a couple of obscure titles, but I'm looking for the big hits (Totoro, Spirited Away, Kiki, Howl's Moving Castle...)
Zavvi has expensive limited-edition "steelbooks" but I just want bog-standard DVDs.
Are they genuinely rare now or am I missing something obvious?

1 week ago

En algún momento tendremos que afrontar que #Ghibli es más que #Miyazaki y que este además es bastante capullo, por no decir muchas veces gilipollas. Algún día hablaremos de que Recuerdos del ayer es la mejor película del estudio con diferencia.

1 week ago

Omg! Thanks for the heads up! Looking for it now!
I’m such a big fan of Joe #Hisaishi. And #Ghibli and Hayao #Miyazaki and collaborators that make the magic possible. Tickets for an early showing in #Pittsburgh on Wednesday for “Boy and the Blue Heron” ! Can’t wait! Thanks again for sharing! Have a great weekend all

Holland Albright ♫ 🌈
1 week ago

It's #BandcampFriday!! If you enjoy my music, today is a great day to support it by getting it from Bandcamp!

Here's a reel with some of my work. If you like fantasy music, VGM, piano, orchestral, Zelda, Ghibli sort of music, you might like what I write. :)
#composer #Bandcamp #fantasy #newmusic #fantasymusic #music #classical #vgm #videogamemusic #animation #zelda #finalfantasy #videogames #animationmusic #anime #animemusic #ost #soundtrack #rpg #rpgmusic #orchestra #orchestral #symphony #zelda #ghibli
1 week ago

Lucky Red presenta il primo trailer doppiato in italiano de Il ragazzo e l’airone, il nuovo film dello Studio Ghibli diretto da Hayao Miyazaki.

#ilragazzoelairone #ghibli #studioghibli #animazione #anime #film #cinema #hayaomiyazaki #nerd

Anna Anthro
2 weeks ago

'The Boy and the Heron' review: Hayao Miyazaki's beguiling anime fantasy : NPR

“Hayao #Miyazaki's beguiling new fantasy combines the excitement of a boy's grand adventure and the weight of an older man's reflection.

The hypnotic story is a partial self-portrait by an #anime master.” #ghibli

2 weeks ago

Kävin katsomassa uusimman Ghiblin, Poika ja haikara. Tulipahan taas todettua, että leffateatteri ei sitten niin ole mun paikkani. Paitsi sen jonkun kerran, kun salissa oli vain muutama ihminen, asiallisilla välimatkoilla tietty. Leffa oli taattua Ghibli-laatua, ja mukana oli paljon tuttuja hahmoja ja aineksia. Mun suosikkejani olivat tietenkin söpöt warawara-pallerot. En voi sanoa pysyneeni juonesta juuri kärryillä, mutta sellaista anime-ilotulitusta oli tämäkin, että kannatti. #ghibli #anime

Sean Bala
2 weeks ago


Absolutely love your work! Thanks for sharing - I had no idea about Ghibli November!

#ghibli #studioghibli #ghiblinovember23 #スタジオジブリ

Meccha Japan
2 weeks ago

My Neighbor Totoro Accessories - Brooches, Earrings & more. Check them out at the link below!
#Ghibli #MyNeighborTotoro

Robin Childs
2 weeks ago

I was commissioned to illustrate a coven of #witches in a #Ghibli #anime style. I loved how different each character was. A particular delight to include little nods to the #Tarot cards associated with each one. (Can you guess which major arcana each one is connected to?) #illustration #art #magic #fantasy

Three witches share tea together.
2 weeks ago

A friend made me a wonderful little #Totoro scene a couple years back. It's 3D printed, hand painted and glued. It's not an exaggeration to say that I love it, so when someone accidentally knocked it to the floor, I was sad. It might be too thin and fragile to glue back together, but I'm going to try.

#anime #ghibli #studioghibli #miniatures

A slightly damaged 3D printed scene of characters from My Neighbour Totoro.
Terry Wallwork
2 weeks ago

Studio Ghibli adds magic to your matcha with new tea ceremony whisk and bowl | SoraNews24 -Japan News-

> Anime characters from My Neighbour Totoro and Spirited Away are your companions for this special tea ceremony.

#Japan #JapaneseCulture #お茶 #Tea #Ghibli #ギブル

Ivre Rocher
2 weeks ago

Je viens d'aller regarder "Le garçon et le héron" au cinéma.
C'est à la fois drôle, mais gore, parfois extrêmement glauque, le tout dans un multiverse haut en couleur.

En vrai j'ai bien aimé, sauf les voix japonaises... jsp pourtant j'aime bien les animés mais là... 🤷‍♂️
Ceci les dessins sont toujours d'une très bonne qualitayyyyyyy 💅💅💅

#ghibli #legarconetleheron

Boules de Fourrure
2 weeks ago

Il y a une semaine je voyais le Garçon et le Héron de #miyazaki
Il faudrait que je le revois deux fois de plus, au moins.
Mais bon là je fais des radios en me demandant si je pars en chirurgie.
#Ghibli #vet #veterinaire #xray #urgence

Radio de profil de l'abdomen d'un grand chien. On voit un rond blanc dans l'estomac, c'est un liquide radio opaque que j'ai fait boire, et il ne passe pas dans l'intestin. Cette nuit a l'écho j'avais déjà de la péritonite et une suspicion de néoplasie, par définition inopérable. Oui mais, si c'est un corps étranger ?
2 weeks ago
El 90% del GRAN arte anime comenzo y termino con los Estudios #Ghibli
2 weeks ago

Finally released in #Norway and I just came out of the cinema. What a movie, I can’t wait to see it again. There were so many details, it was filled with emotion and it was an amazing experience.
The only regret, as expected, is that my children (10 and 11) were probably overwhelmed, even though they didn’t complain.
#ghibli #miyazaki #theboyandtheheron #anime

2 weeks ago


Rewatching just the first few minutes of Mononoke Hime/Princess Mononoke, and the animation quality is still, to this day, absolutely incredible...

💡 The Legend of Zelda in versione Studio Ghibli
Un suggestivo omaggio animato per celebrare il 25° anniversario di The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time che trasporta il classico mondo fantasy nell'immaginario poetico dello Studio Ghibli

#Ghibli #nes #nintendo #ThelegendofZelda #gaming #videogiochi #rwanlink #zelda #animazione #unrealengine5 #UE5 #zeldaoot25 #zeldaoot #ocarinaoftime #ghibli @00RwanLink00

2 weeks ago

Per celebrare il 25º anniversario del gioco “The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time” un fan appassionato ha creato un cortometraggio nello stile Studio Ghibli del popolare videogioco. Lo YouTuber RwanLink ha realizzato l’ambiente e i personaggi in Unreal Engine 5, impiegando oltre 600 ore di lavoro in 4 mesi per realizzare il progetto.

Su YouTube è

The Legend of Zelda


Wenn Ihr einfach mal für ein paar Stunden oder Tage, Urlaub in einem Film machen könntet, welcher wäre das jetzt gerade? (Kann später ja schon wieder ein anderer sein ...)

Ich würde Familie Kusakabe aus "Mein Nachbar Totoro" besuchen. Natürlich nachdem die Mutter aus dem Krankenhaus zurück ist.

#Cartoon #Redewendung #Wortspiel #Film #Ghibli

Cartoon von braincolor: Zwei Filmstreifen liegen nebeneinander. Im ersten bedroht ein Monster einen Menschen, im zweiten ist eine ruhige Landschaft zu sehen. Der bedrohte Mensch klettert aus seinem Film rüber in den anderen Filstreifen. Titel: "Ich glaub, ich bin im falschen Film!"
3 weeks ago

Tatsuo Kusakabe tucks his youngest daughter Mei in for the night. From "My Neighbor Totoro". An anonymous suggestion.
#Ghibli #loli #incest #MyNeighborTotoro

Emo Sabe 🖤🕴️
3 weeks ago

So, ive never really gotten into #anime but I have some time the next couple weeks. I've watched most of cowboy bebop which I enjoyed and also some of the ghibli films.
What are some recommendations?

I plan on watching:

- akira
- steinsgate
- serial experiments lain
- finishing cowboy bebop

I also dont know whether to watch sub or dub?
#lain #cowboybebop #akira #ghibli

I had the please to do all things design for my brothers and his now wife's (👋) #wedding this summer! They wanted it to be like a nice #evening around the #campfire with friends (and it totally was! ^__^) so I tried to capture that feeling in this #illustration.

Their #cats are named after #Ghibli characters, so obviously I had to include that ^__^

#FediArt #MastoArt #CreativeToots #JfmlArt #art #creative #DigitalArt #VectorArt #AdobeIllustrator #party #night #stars #anime #StudioGhibli

Vector illustration in violet and blue of a nature scene with a villa and a lake in the background and animals sitting around a campfire, talking, in the foreground. There's a giant black cat behind the villa.
Dr H
3 weeks ago

Close up views of Chibi San on Wolf.

I added a cloak with epoxy putty, merged it into the figure's hair and painted it white to create the fur cloak she wears.

The bow and arrow of the stock figure was removed and I created the knife and spear from plasticard and a length of wire (drilled through her tiny hand).

#MiniaturePainting #PrincessMononoke #Ghibli #Art

Side view of the Chibi San on wolf figure.
Rear view of the Chibi San on wolf figure.
Front-right view of the Chibi San on wolf figure.
Side view of the Chibi San on wolf figure.
3 weeks ago

They played the soundtrack of Howl’s Moving Castle at our local sauna. How awesome is that? Had to sketch Sophie and Howl.

BTW: There’s a new hashtag aimed at artists from German-speaking countries: #de_artists Lasst uns netzwerken :)

#howlsmovingcastle #ghibli #anime #MastoArt #pencilsketch #TraditionalArt #fanart

Photo of a rough pencil sketch of Sophie and Howl from Howl’s Moving Castle. A rubber/eraser, pencil and pencil sharpener are placed on the drawing.
3 weeks ago

I went to see The Boy and the Heron yesterday.

The animation and music were absolute top.

The opening scene very intense and moving.


#Ghibli #animation #HayaoMiyazaki #JoeHisaishi

Sean Bala
3 weeks ago

Look who I found at our local library - TOTORO from "My Neighbor Totoro" at the Sulzer Regional Library in Chicago.

#StudioGhibli #Ghibli #スタジオジブリ #Miyazaki #Totoro #MyNeighborTotoro #Anime #Craft #Paper #Library #Libraries #Chicago #CPL #ChicagoPublicLibrary

A paper statue of Totoro from Studio Ghibli's My Neighbor Totoro. Totoro is holding his iconic umbrella. The statue is on the top of a metal book shelf in the Children's section.
Terry Wallwork
3 weeks ago

New Studio Ghibli gloves will warm your heart and hands this winter | SoraNews24 -Japan News-

> Enchanted anime characters make even the coldest days a magical adventure.

#Japan #JapaneseCulture #Ghibli #Totoro

4 weeks ago

Dinking around with some generative AI, and WOW, my takeaway here is that I wish #Ghibli would make a Christmas movie. I think such a movie could easily become a yearly classic.

AI generated picture of a Studio Ghibli Christmas movie. A child stands in the middle of a village in the snow. The village is decorated in many Christmas lights.
AI generated picture of a Studio Ghibli Christmas movie. A child is building a snowman, about to place the second eye on. They stand in front of a Christmas tree and lights in the snow.
AI generated picture of a Studio Ghibli Christmas movie. An extravagantly-decorated village street. Lights and banners are everywhere as snow softly falls.
A group of four AI generated pictures of a Studio Ghibli Christmas movie. Each featured villages on a snowy evening, all decorated with trees, Christmas lights, and garland.
Jo Mendacium
1 month ago

Do you remember when I said I‘ll draw these medieval ugly cats as Ghibli characters?

Well… I finished two today :blobcatgiggle:

#MastoArt #artistonmastodon #traditionalart #watercolor #aquarell #ghibli #catsofmastodon

Water colour painting in a tiny golden frame. The painting shows a white cat stretching. the proportions are off- but at the same time it’s also Haku from spirited away in his dragon form
Water colour drawing in a golden frame. It shows that one medieval cat that’s sticking its tongue out but it’s also dressed like Howl from Howl’s moving castle
Anime Animals アニメの動物
1 month ago

Anyone been to Ghibli Park yet? Was wondering how the experience would be as an adult fan when a lot of stuff there is kid focused. Probably going to do the adult thing and BUY ALL THE MERCH :leafeonmoney: .

Planning to burn miles that I accumulated during covid for next year after the Valley of Witches opens. :abunhdowohop:

#ghibli #StudioGhibli #GhibliPark #Japan #Nagoya

Je suis déçu, j’ai pas du tout accroché au dernier Miyazaki, je suis pas rentré dedans, ça m’a endormi pendant les 30/45 premières minutes (sauf une magnifique scène, cf pouet suivant sous spoiler) et après c’était foutraque mais pas plus impliquant pour autant… :(

#Miyazaki #Ghibli #LeGarçonEtLeHéron

Tom Février
1 month ago

Il faut dire que c’est ce chef-d’œuvre de Paul Grimault (ou plutôt sa première version sortie en 1953, désavouée par son réalisateur), qui avait donné envie à Hayao Miyazaki et son compère Isao Takahata de se lancer dans l’animation et de fonder le studio #Ghibli !

Miyazaki et Takahata travaillent sur la série télévisée Lupin III (1971-1972)
1 month ago

Armored personnel carrier from the future - what Bladerunner would have driven.

#catbus #Ghibli #plush

catbus, plushy with human at the driver seat, Studio Ghibli museum
Midnight Eye
1 month ago

Ghibli’s Bookshelf 2010 ‘ジブリの本棚’

This August 2010 #NHK #documentary explores the influence of selected children’s literature on Miyazaki and #Takahata body of work and on Studio #Ghibli as a whole. Also included is a conversation between #Miyazaki and #Japanese author Sawako Agawa. #Film #Cinema #Anime #Animation #Books

1 month ago

How come I never knew that Ghibli's anime Whisper of the Heart (Mimi wo Sumaseba) was actually manga-based? I wonder why I always thought that it was an original script.
The manga seems so adorable though. And it already has a different vibe from the anime. Relations between the main characters seem feistier and more emotional, Shizuku's facial expressions are hilarious and I can't wait to see where it's all going

#Ghibli #shoujo #MimiwoSumaseba

Manga cover of Mimi Wo Sumaseba
Screenshot from Mimi Wo Sumaseba anime: Shizuku is talking to Seiji who is looking from the window, a fluffy cat is sleeping on the window sill

Oh man. I was planning to watch the subbed version of the new #Ghibli flick when it came out, but the English dub cast is stacked. Def going for the dub now. 👀

#StudioGhibli #Miyazaki #TheBoyAndTheHeron

The cast list for Miyazaki's "The Boy and The Heron," which includes Luca Padovan, Robert Pattinson, Karen Fukuhara, Christian Bale, Gemma Chan, Dave Bautista, Willem Dafoe, Florence Pugh, and Mark Hamill.
Tony Cliff
2 months ago

Channelling a little #Ghibli for this panel, apparently (with all that inexplicably rising hair).

Pencils for Chapter Four of PRACTICAL DEFENCE AGAINST PIRACY 🏴‍☠️ are done! 🎉 See more in tomorrow's Patreon post -

Apparently you can also join Patreon campaigns as a free member? Maybe you always could. Anyway, you CAN, but all the sneak-peek process stuff is for this project's wonderful paid subscribers. Gonna start inking tomorrow!

#mastoart #GraphicNovels #drawing

A rough pencil drawing of a girl gripping a dagger, from the graphic novel PRACTICAL DEFENCE AGAINST PIRACY
Galmesh Rosewood
2 months ago

Kiki teenage witch. I got my copy of Joe Hisaishi's latest album yesterday so it was Ghibli time. Kiki as a teenage witch is unimpressed by whatever Tombo is doing to impress her on his bike.
#MastoArt #art #illustration #DigitalArt #procreate #ghibli

Kiki a teenage witch with a reb bow in her black hair, wearing a crop top and a black skirt in front of clouds.
Procreate video making of kiki
Vinyle record album for Joe Hisaishi.
3 months ago

I think Mastodon is better for artists than Instagram, at least, I get more interaction with people who truly like my art. Thank you so so much and have some more of my art! :ablobmeltsoblove:
#embroidery #jewelry #lgbt #lgbtq #SuperMario #Totoro #Ghibli

Beaded Brooch in the colours of the progressiv flag
Cross stitch brooch in the form and colours of totoro from Ghibli studios
Cross stitch embroidered brooch of two super mario mushrooms, one in red and one in green.
cross stitch embroidered black heart and a rainbow dripping from the top onto the black colour.
Christian Frank
3 months ago

The Boy and the Heron

A new film from Hayao Miyazaki and Studio Ghibli!

#Anime #Boy #Heron #Ghibli #StudioGhibli #Miyazaki #HayaoMiyazaki