Azul Buho
6 months ago

#GiacomoBalla – 'Dynamism of a #Dog on a Leash' - 1912

All over Europe RIGHT NOW, dogs are waiting for their humans to get home so they can go out for a wee.

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A little dog! With whirring legs! It's a sausage dog, black with a but of brown on the face, out for a walk with its person. Its little tail is wagging like mad, and its legs are almost a blur. Its ears are flopping around, and it looks happy. The pavement is just a blur, and of the human we see just the swishing bottom of a dress. All is movement.
Azul Buho
6 months ago
A dazzling (literally and metaphorically) painting of a lamp post at night. Well, I think it's a lamp post; it's quite hard to tell through the beautiful light it is casting around itself. The light rays are depicted through concentric circles of carefully mixed red, white, yellow and orange v-shapes, which fly to our eyes in loose columns. Around them is an irregular border of green-smudged black, suggesting that no other lights are nearby. Through the dazzle we can see a crescent sliver of yellow new moon.
Maria Luisa Franciolini
7 months ago

Giacomo Balla (Torino, 18 luglio 1871 – Roma, 1º marzo 1958) è stato un pittore, scultore, scenografo e autore di "paroliberi" italiano. Fu un esponente di spicco del Futurismo firmando assieme agli altri futuristi italiani i manifesti che ne sancivano gli aspetti teorici.

Giacomo Balla : Le Quattro Stagioni in rosso, L’estate 
Foto Ugo Ramella
Guggenheim Museum
9 months ago