Pinky Floyd
2 weeks ago
#roxanne #shante first diss track ever #girlpower

Roxanne Shante - Roxanne's Revenge
3 weeks ago

Get ready to be amazed Check out this incredible website where powerful women dominate and crush the competition. 💪 Dont miss out, join the Strong Woman Crushing revolution today! 🔥 #StrongWomen #GirlPower 💥

#Ripperoni v #Hypershock

Hypershock has a new driver, but she's hot stuff, and Ripperoni got beat up bad in the semi.

Girl on girl final! I love it! #GirlPower

Again, I don't foresee it going to the judges.


🤣🤣🤣 That did NOT go the way ANYone had anticipated, and it goes to the judges.

Ripperoni takes it. Pee! Za! Pee! Za!


Bart Louwers
1 month ago

@JoshuaKGoldberg Thanks for cross-posting here. Personally I would not call a mostly male line-up on a conference a *problem*, because what if, despite your best efforts, you can't get a diverse line-up due to the response? However I do think it is something that should be addressed. I was at FOSS4GNL ( last month, they did this in a classy way by calling the female speakers to the stage for applause and a small token of appreciation for their courage. #GirlPower

1 month ago

Japan is a sexist society and a society that's slow to change.
I think we all know this and I often point that out on social media.

So, let's be a little positive today.

Five years ago, when my daughter joined the local kid's shishimai (lion dance) group, things were done the "traditional" way.


"Because that's the way things have always been done."

This is Japan after all.

It meant, among other things, that boys were the only ones allowed to do the lion dance.
Girls were only allowed to play the drums.

Well, five years later here is my daughter holding the lion's head.

There is hope, people. There is hope.

On a side note, I'm so proud of her and all the other kids for yesterday. But especially her, because it was her last matsuri and the first one where she was the lion's head (if my memory is not playing tricks on me).

(my son kicked ass too, but that's for another day, this one is for her)

#Japan #traditions #sexism #girlpower #matsuri #shishimai #liondance

My daughter kicking ass being the lion's head during a shishimai (lion dance) performance at yesterday's matsuri, the biggest one in town.
2 months ago

🔥 L'attesa è finita! 💪 Assassin's Creed Red rivela la sua eroina femminile, pronta a conquistare il mondo dei videogiochi 🎮 #GirlPower #AssassinsCreedRed


2 months ago

She's the future President. #girlpower

2 months ago

Vous connaissez l'anasyrma ? Je ne connaissais pas non plus. Il s'agit (en gros) de sidérer un oppresseur masculin en montrant sa vulve 😵
La performeuse Deborah de Robertis explique la démarche (CW NSFW, nudité) :

poke @vagina_museum

#girlpower #FightPatriarchy

This is a Business Insider article republished on MSN (so anyone should be able to read it).

TITLE: "At age 12, I signed myself up for online astronomy classes under my mom's name. 14 years later I became the first Mexican-born woman to go to space."

" the classroom in the US, I would sit for hours and hours, but everything was nonsense to me because I didn't understand English. I started to fall behind, and was also made fun of. Knowing you're bullied but not knowing what it's about because you don't understand what they're saying — it just feeds into it more.

"Learning English became my number-one priority. If I was going to learn about space and science — which I'd always been curious and passionate about — I knew I needed to master the language. Everything in my life needed to be in English, from the books and articles I read, to the TV shows and movies I watched. I only spoke Spanish to my mom, who still hadn't learned English at that point."

#space #mexico #Immigration #nasa #coolstuff #girlpower

Next up: #Malice v #Hijinx.

Both teams are girl captained. Represent! #GirlPower

There's lotsa kinetic enegy involved with both spinners, but my money's on Malice.

Again, I anticipate carnage.


And that's how ya do it! Grab 'em by the balls with note one, and don't let go.

#TheVoiceOfGermany #Justina #GirlPower

Turd Flinging Monkey
2 months ago

@Terry yassss queen slay! Girl boss! #equality #WomensDay #girlpower

Spoke 🏳️‍🌈
2 months ago

Sometimes girl power comes down to mastering the jolts and jerks of Northern Line. Way to exceed the expectations of the minoritized. #FeministFriday #GirlPower #eyeliner #NorthernLine #TFL

2 months ago

Now the way Vala (appropriately played by Claudia Black) beat the Hell out of the two would-be robbers in this "Memento Mori" episode of #Stargate: SG-1 is more like it! 😀 👏🏾 👏🏾 👏🏾 #GirlPower

2 months ago

🔥💪 Ready for some serious girl power? Join our exclusive community at to watch Gil Cunha dominate a balloon and doll! 💥💃

🚀 Don't miss out on the action, get your membership today! #StrongWomanCrushing #GirlPower #CrushingGoals #PowerfulWomen #JoinTheCommunity

Sé 🌸
2 months ago

@PhilippeBoey awel, heb vandaag hetzelfde gedaan als uw vrouw! Zware verkoudheid en bijna geen stem. Heb de uren afgeteld op het werk maar we made it!!
Vanavond ook vroeg mijn bed in zunne, kapot. 🤒 #girlpower

Go to hell, #Amazon .
A whole page of Marvel toys but where are the women?
Girls need heroes, too.

Hanno Cloudwatcher
2 months ago

#Koeln #Balkonien #Wetter #Sittiche
09:40 Uhr, 15°C bei 74% Luftfeuchte.
Bedeckter Himmel mit dichtem Hochnebel, leichter Wind.
Eine kleine Schar von Halsbandsittichen jagt laut krächzend unsere Strasse entlang. Ein kräftiges Männchen landet auf der Thuja, die 4 anderen reihen sich auf dem Dach gegenüber auf.
Plötzlich flattern die 4 weiblichen? Tiere zum Männchen und bedrängen es.
Es haut ab, die 4 hinterher.
Wünsche Euch allen einen angenehmen #Mittwoch 👋

Langsam wird es leerer auf Balkonien.
Zwei dürre Sonnenblumen oben, ein noch nacktes Knie unten. Links an Stelle eines Minzstrauches ein Pott mit kletterndem Kaktus. Wir haben 2 davon und wissen nicht wohin damit.
Hinten Mitte das wieder etwas gestutzte Gebüsch, links die Balkonkästen mit Gras, Klee und Kräutern und oben rechts der graue Himmel mit ein wenig Blau.
Ein kräftiger und gesund aussehender Halsbandsittichvsitzt auf einem Thujazweig und schaut in meine Richtung.
Ein jüngerer oder weiblicher Halsbandsittich (ohne Halsband) hat das andere Männchen vertrieben und startet gerade, ihn zu verfolgen.
Warszawska Formacja Ⓐ
2 months ago

Z racji faktu, iż była dziewczyna influencera o pseudonimie "GargamelVlog" ujawniła materiały pokazujące jego przemocowe zachowania pragniemy polecić zin "Browolucja Manarchistyczna i jak ją odczarować".

Pozycja ta zawiera przemyślenia autorki i kilka tekstów na temat tak zwanego "manarchizmu", czyli anarchizmu skażonego toksyczną męskością, gdzie nie występuje walka z patriarchatem, a wspieranie represji wobec kobiet i osób LGBTQ.

Jest to zaprzeczenie naszym ideom, dlatego musimy, jako anarchistki dbać, aby nie tworzyły się w naszym ruchu tego typu wypaczenia i reagować, gdy je widzimy ze strony naszych kolegów, którzy powinni walczyć z uciskiem, a nie go (świadomie lub nieświadomie) uprawiać.

Link do tekstu w komentarzach 👇

#Feminizm #GirlPower #QueerLiberation

🤘 The Metal Dog 🤘
2 months ago

“Even if I invite them, I’m not sure if they would really show up." Babymetal's Moametal wants to host a dinner party with Metallica, Maneskin, Tom Morello and Bring Me The Horizon
We'd love to be a fly on the wall for this dinner party, that's for sure!


TIL: a canadian construction company once bribed Gaddafi's son with a ticket for a Spice Girls show


LOL. I don't need help changing my oil. But a lot of the old guys are surprised to see a woman changing the oil on a 300 hp diesel engine. #GirlPower

3 months ago

I also love that SG-1 didn't kill "Lord Mott" in that "Prophecy" episode of #Stargate: SG-1 - this girl did when he tried to kill her brother. "Foolish girl" my ass. #GirlPower

3 months ago

I'm probably the last person to "discover" Conquer Divide - but this all girl metal band slaps!

#music #metal #GirlBand #GirlPower

3 months ago

And remember. Playing with excavator is not exclusive to boys. Grils can rock it as good. Take the power back and have fun! #girlpower #feminism

Loki the Cat
3 months ago

Looks like these cyber-harassers messed with the wrong gals! These badass women took matters into their own paws and taught them a lesson. Meow, that's what I call cat-astrophic justice! 😼💪 #CyberHarassment #GirlPower #PawsomeJustice

3 months ago

The High Sierra is where teens can find their power. #girlpower #summer #backpacking #California

4 months ago

Rechtzeitig zu #doro wieder zurück. Zur kieler woche hatte ich es noch verschusselt, schnief.
#girlpower #wacken

Surly Amy
4 months ago

Just posted two new necklace in my etsy shop. Including this one with an amethyst crystal, stoneware base and upcycled adjustable silk cord. Check out more of my work here: link also in my bio. #etsycreatorco #bohostyle #crystals #love #bohofashion #womanownedbusiness #summervibes #girlpower #original #ShopUpdate #maker #artist

Me modeling one of my new crystal and stoneware necklaces
4 months ago

I am pretty sure my Guild credentials will come under review.

I havent seen the Barbie movie yet.

However, I am sure that it will become part of my regular “fierce girls” movie library, which includes:

Legally Blonde
Bring It On
The First Wives Club
Miss Congeniality
Mean Girls
The Coven

#Gay #fierce #fiercegirls #girlpower

Fabric does not define how much respect a woman deserves. It doesn’t make me easy, I’m not asking for it, doesn’t give you permission to harass me. I’m free and deserve to live my liberty.

#nudism #nudist #naturist #naked #empowerment #girlpower #freedom #freewoman #nudeisnormal :verified:
4 months ago

Dopo #BarbieTheMovie arriva #PollyPocket al #cinema. #Girlpower ma non solo: una intera operazione #nostalgia canaglia rischia di portare al cinema un pacchetto di proprietà #Mattel, da #Uno alle #HotWheels al cinema. Forse più per i genitori

Beth Beinke
4 months ago

I haven't seen the new #Barbie movie yet due to unpacking, but I've been reflecting on my experiences growing up with Barbies with my two younger sisters and telling a wide range of stories with them.

I saw the Barbie movie soundtrack on Spotify and I was all of a sudden brought back to this Barbie cassette tape that my sisters and I would blast all the time. Did anyone else listen to this cassette? It was very 90-00's "#GirlPower 🌸☮️💪♀️ " vibes.

From what I've gathered so far about the Barbie movie - my partner and I are going to love it when we get a chance to see it. 🥰

Silver, Light, and Skin
4 months ago

"Feminismus dreht sich nicht darum, Frauen stärker zu machen. Frauen sind bereits stark. Es geht darum, die Art der Welt zu ändern, diese Stärke wahrzunehmen."
— G. D. Anderson

Background pic on :patreon:

#GDAnderson #SilverLightAndSkin #SanitySunday #Inspirational #QuoteOfTheDay #MotivationalQuote #QuotesToLiveBy #Mindset #DailyMotivation #QuotesOfMastodon #PositiveVibes #Feminism #GirlPower #WomenPower #LoveYourself
#MastodonAustria #MastodonVienna

Black and white photo of white woman facing away from camera, with a quote superimposed on the image: 

"Feminismus dreht sich nicht darum, Frauen stärker zu machen. Frauen sind bereits stark. Es geht darum, die Art der Welt zu ändern, diese Stärke wahrzunehmen."
— G. D. Anderson
Black and white photo of white woman facing away from camera, with a quote superimposed on the image: 

"Feminismus dreht sich nicht darum, Frauen stärker zu machen. Frauen sind bereits stark. Es geht darum, die Art der Welt zu ändern, diese Stärke wahrzunehmen."
— G. D. Anderson

Allow me to introduce you to Australia’s Arisa Trew. She’s the first girl in the world to pull off a 720 in a female competition. And, oh, yeah—she’s 13.

This clip is from a run that earned her 1st place in Tony Hawk’s “Vert Alert.”

More Arisa badassery:

#FemaleEmpowerment #Skateboarding #TonyHawk #VertAlert #Skate #Australia #Skateboarders #GirlPower

Two clips from different angles of Arisa on a huge half pipe in a small arena, with her 720 in normal speed then slow motion

🥰 So fulfilling! 🥰 A friend just brought their little daughter over to my place, because she had a journal with a 3 wheel combination lock on it, and she'd forgotten the combo.

I showed her how to decode it, and eventually she got it open! We changed the combo and locked it again so she could practice more.

After a bit, she was asking about other kinds of locks, so I happily brought out an assortment of antique and miniature locks from my collection.

A couple hours later they had to leave, and she was beaming! Today she had picked 2 warded locks, a pair of police cuffs, raked open a 4-pin tumbler, and decoded a combination lock!

I sent her off with a smiley yellow binder clip and a minuscule warded lock to practice on.

They asked to come back next week to learn more. 💜

I feel like the Yoda of lock-sport. 🙂


Update: Friend just texted me to say their daughter is thinking of starting a YouTube channel to document her growth in lock-sport, and wanted advice on gear/setup stuff.


#LockSport #Locks #Adorable #Teaching #LockPicking #Security #Hobbies #GirlPower

9 tiny locks locked to the shackle of a slightly larger tiny lock.
A pink elephant-shaped paperclip and a blue binder clip with a grumpy face on it.

In the right hands, these are powerful tools.
Syphon Continuity
6 months ago

I repeat, the Republicans severely underestimated what they unleashed.

#GirlPower #GOPWarOnWomen

RT of a tweet saying “girlies are showing up for Janet” and a photo of a piece of paper used by organizers to engage and commit voters. The top says “Let’s make a plan to vote!” and the columns indicate “where” and “with who?”  What the poster is drawing attention to is the column “with who?” has “my girls” or “girls” written in.
Jons Mostovojs
8 months ago

First time I'm playing JA (as you can guess by the fact that I have a lot of unspent cash and just one merc with me to compensate for Medic 0... I think I'll restart the campaign as soon as I learn the hotkeys during this run).

Absolutely randomly I ended up with an all-female team of mercenaries fighting for the freedom of the oppressed people. Ironically given that Miguel says "Enrique has sent *men*" .

#GirlPower #JaggedAliance #Stracciatella

Dr. Zalka Csenge Virág
9 months ago

Every year I write a blog post for #InternationalWomensDay about women in folktales.

This year's theme is: Folktales about women who slay monsters! 🐉 ⚔️ 👸

People often criticize traditional stories for having "passive female characters." So, I made a list of tales and legends about women who are definitely active. In defeating dragons, ghouls, and giants.

Read it here:

#women #WomensDay #folklore #folktales #storytelling #GirlPower

Heidi Burdett
9 months ago

Priviledged to be able to support some fantastic #WomenInSTEM this #InternationalWomensDay: Caroline Lancaster, Iona Paterson, Connie Simon Nutbrown & Inna Yaneva-Toraman! 💙

All doing fantastic work to make our oceans a better place. Find out more here:

#geodiversity #oceanscience #HabitatModelling #marinebiology #ConservationGenetics #PlasticPollution #MaerlBeds #Maerl #Rhodolith #saltmarsh #mangrove #aquaculture #fishing

#IWD2023 #GirlPower #EmbraceEquity

9 months ago

Softwareentwicklung ist nicht nur Programmieren! Beim INNOQ #GirlsDay 2023 in Düsseldorf zeigen wir, wie wichtig Ideen, Konzepte und ein Verständnis für die Nutzer:innen sind, um ein erfolgreiches digitales Produkt zu bauen. 🚀
Jetzt anmelden! #GirlPower

Ola's Kool Kitchen
9 months ago

#London 2nite #Friday Ola's Kool Kitchen DJing at Chequers E17 from 9pm-1am back in a green and pleasant land spinning #rock #indie #retro & electro! Free entry!#e17 #walthamstow #walthamstowevents #gogogirlpower #girlpower

Greg 🇳🇿 🇨🇵
11 months ago

Um, best film, 3/4 pissed, need loud sound, sex, drugs & rock 'n'roll...with a bit of #GirlPower

Jeffrey K. Walker
11 months ago

Behind the shit storm that is the Speaker of the House election today, another historic first for women in America.

Senator Patty Murray of Washington becomes the first woman President Pro Tempore of the Senate, putting her third in the line of presidential succession.

Until the House manages to elect a new Speaker, the line of succession is Harris, Pelosi, Murray. #girlpower

Runemeisterin Incognito
1 year ago

@joshuatopolsky And people wonder why women-led companies out perform those run by men almost every time. #ManagementStyle #DoBetter #WomenLed #girlpower

M Ralph Susskind
1 year ago

The Miss Judaline Scholarship is open to women, ages 19+, who are in the first year of a union apprenticeship in the building trades, and currently live in the United States or Canada. One scholarship recipient will be selected & awarded $1,000.00. [Apply] until Friday, December 23, 2022 at 11:59pm (EST) #JobsDontHaveGenders #ToolsandTiaras #workingwomenwednesday #nonprofit #scholarship #plumber #unionplumber #womeninconstruction #tradeswomen #girlpower #futureisfemale

This is my first #PhotoMonday I hope you like it. Description in the photo itself.

#Austin #Texas #WonderWoman #DC #Comics #Unite #Fem #GirlPower #Mask #PhotoMonday

The photo, taken from the passenger side of a car, shows 2 side of a 12-story building in downtown Austin, Texas, U.S.A. On one side of the building has row after row of windows (12 stories worth.) On the broad side of the building is a huge urban mural of a retro looking Wonder Woman, from the thighs up, breaking a thick linked, gold chain with her hands. Behind her is red and blue abstract art and a seal of the United States of America. 

Below Wonder Woman, is most of a collage of women's faces, one part with brown skin, one part with light skin. The face is wearing a COVID type face mask which has the pattern of the American flag and the word "UNITE" across the bridge of the nose.

In front of the building is a large tree and two white SUVs, all of which are dwarfed by the enormous building.
1 year ago

Give me your best positive #female #rolemodels in culture for young girls! I'm thinking #EnolaHolmes, #WonderWoman, #GhostSpider and the like...keen to hear anything offbeat or mainstream that is not sexualised and powerful. She's only little, I have time, but I'm keen to start accumulating cultural texts to get away from the status quo. #comics #film #girlpower

Ghislaine Maxwell is the ultimate girl boss #feminism #girlpower #queen

I am not actually international superstar Geri Halliwell aka Ginger Spice of the Spice Girls!

i am actually Jessica Sapphic-Giraffic, well known lesbian giraffe and mastodon poster of online.

it was my goal to Spice Up Your Timeline by bringing love and #GirlPower, hope y'all enjoyed the bit.

reverting soon. love,
JESSICA :giraffic:​

giraffe picrew qvp lesbian flag icon

Buona giornata e buon divertimento a tutte 💪!
Dispiace di non essere lì con voi a condividere la bella giornata 😢


#DjangoGirlsPalermo è iniziato con che ha introdotto alle nostre ragazze la community e di come abbiamo deciso di collaborare per portare il workshop a Palermo! 👭 #GirlPower #womenempowerment #womenintech