project idea: git deadname-repo


Bryan Redeagle
5 hours ago

I am not very good at git. That is all.

#git #IAmBadAtIt

Michal 🇨🇿
23 hours ago

@xChaos Vlastni zmeny mam v par commitech, ktere cherry pickuji nad releasovou vetev/tag


Justine Smithies
1 day ago

So using hut on wasn't that painful at all. I've managed to get my blog published just need to edit it a little and change my DNS so it's served from #sourcehut now. Also if you're wondering ? Yes I am testing things before fully committing to Sourcehut.

CarK :python:
1 day ago

echo "\n# Last 3 commits:" >> $COMMIT_MSG_FILE

# run command
output=$(git log --oneline | head -n 3)

# prepend '# ' to each line
modified_output=$(echo "$output" | awk '{print "\\n# " $0}')

echo $modified_output >> $COMMIT_MSG_FILE

Next step is to bind the creation of that #git :git: hook to an alias to simplify adding it to a new repo.


CarK :python:
1 day ago


When composing a :git: #git commit message it helps me to have a look on the last commit messages in that project. Thus I added

alias git_log='git log --oneline | head'

to my .bashrc.

Today I figured out how to add this information directly to the comments of the prepared commit message (shown in ones editor):

I just addeded repo/.git/hooks/prepare-commit-msg with the following content:


1 day ago

WSL experts: Is it a good or a terribly bad idea to track a repository on the Windows host from #git in #WSL?

Windows terminal screenshot showing bash with the git init command in a mounted host directory.

If your repo has 105 files and 105 commits, but each (immutable )commit only modifies five files, then git-filter-branch will make you do 1010 modifications, despite only having (at most) 5*105 unique blobs
filter-branch does not work with diffs. You’re working with the “snapshot” model of commits here, where each commit is a snapshot of the tree, and rewriting these commits.

2 days ago

I'm not great at being consistent, but I was especially bad at having and internal-only personal wiki for my self-hosted stuff. So I'm making posts public! Hopefully the pressure will keep me going.

I'm not sure about the subdomain yet, but check it ou at I'll post stuff about #git, #neovim, #selfhosted, #diy, #cli, #python, and whatever else seems interesting.

Can we have a holy crusade against #Git submodules?!
Pretty please. :3

Scott Williams 🐧
2 days ago

I've had more contributions to (now) #Forgejo hosted repos than to #GitHub repositories over the past year. #git

The #Forgejo sites were all formerly #Gitea sites that were (very easily) migrated at some point earlier this year.

Richard Darst
2 days ago

#CodeRefinery workshop progres on day three as seen on the cheatsheet (green dots). This is probably the last update since we move to other tools next week and use this as a base.

Photo of printed cheatsheet, green dots are things covered in day 3.  Cheatsheet can be found from the CodeRefinery lessons and previous posts by @coderefinery.
Same but back side.

You coudl also use #Cadd yserver with the #git middleware that auto-pull and execute command from a remote git repo. You can even use a deploy key to a specific access to a repo. 159

2 days ago

"New #Git repository faces corporate #opensource doubts"

I get it, there's pros & cons in #OSS for @harnessio, but I am skeptical.

The awesome @PariseauTT added my thoughts to other truly excellent sources - you should read them too!

via @TechTarget

2 days ago

TIL `status.showUntrackedFiles` can be set to `all` to list untracked files inside untracked directories, nice 😌 #git

I'm finally writing an #introduction toot LOL.

I'm "JJGadgets" online, you can call me JJ, everyone does.

My life is #tech, nothing brings me more joy and zen than sitting in front of my screens. Maybe except for Japanese food.

I use and prefer #linux for both server and desktop use, despite its flaws. I live in the #commandline. Been that way since I first jailbroke on iOS 5 and installed MobileTerminal.

I study #infosec but textbooks and lessons don't even come close to doing justice to what #infosec is all about. I like to think that I live and strive to live the infosec life, including my mindset. (After all, that's why @truxnell started calling me the "tinfoil hat sensei" LOL)

I do #Kubernetes @ Home, and maintain my cluster state in #git then apply it with tools like #FluxCD. My #homelab repo can be found at (will always 301 redirect to my latest Git remote of choice, in the event it changes). I think using #GitOps/IaC to declare desired security-related state (policies, rules etc) makes managing security a lot easier.

I try to follow "Principle of Least Privilege" for my homelab, and especially for Kubernetes security, using tools such as network policies (#netpols), policy engines, secrets management, identity management, strong #authentication, and access control. For example, my homelab Kubernetes cluster heavily uses netpols everywhere to default-deny and only allow the necessary network traffic for any given app to work.

I am also very interested in strong authentication methods such as #passwordless #fido2 / #webauthn (#yubikey and #passkeys) and where possible, I only enroll FIDO2 MFA, and choose the passwordless variant if available.

I try my best to use privacy-respecting software where possible, as I believe in maintaining transparency and control over the #privacy of people, regardless of online or offline.

I also believe in #opensource, too many times we've been shown the consequences of relying on closed source software, so where possible I always prefer open source.

Outside of the screen, admittedly I'm terrible at life stuff, and it's very hard for me to be interested in much of anything other than stuff on or related to a screen/device (I basically only talk tech stuff LOL). I'm working on changing that in the event I burnout hard again (though I still haven't found a non-tech interest yet, as of writing). I've burnt out multiple times despite still being a student, and thus I now (try to) take as much necessary measures as I can to avoid over-working, over-stressing or over-exerting myself.

That's about it, let's chat (or toot?)!

Nicolas Delsaux
2 days ago

Si demain vous envisagez d'utiliser GitPython, utilisez plutôt cette surcouche, l'API est à mon goût plus agréable. #python #git #library #opensource

Benedikt Ritter
2 days ago

It was surprisingly easy to port all my custom fish and git config to home manager. The next big thing I need to figure out is how to manage multiple java versions and assign their directory to environment vars. Currently using @asdf_vm but it doesn‘t seem to work on @nixos_org. #linux #nixos #homemanager #java #fishshell #git #asdfvm #shell #dotfiles

Many people talk about #Gitness but they should better check their CLA before contributing

#opensource #cla #contributing #git

Issue about the CLA of Gitness
Ed Suominen
3 days ago

@scrivolical Not versioned, no, but a carefully written #rsync script that I checked with the -ni options first. The reason versioning isn’t part of this is that the files being backed up are fully versioned with #git including some binary blobs. (I don’t limit its use to just easily-diffed text.)

Jesień Linuksowa
3 days ago

#Git to najpopularniejszy obecnie rozproszony system kontroli wersji. Czy na pewno znasz go na wylot?
Dzięki prezentacji Marcina Fabrykowskiego "Git commit i push to nie wszystko - czyli proste i użyteczne, a mało popularne polecenia w Git" po #JesienLinuksowa na pewno będziemy wiedzieli o Gicie (jeszcze) więcej.

Więcej informacji:

3 days ago

congrats #github and #git on "winning" so that people teaching it don't distinguish between the two at all.

the world's shittiest code hosting website meets the shittiest VCS and we're teaching them as a monolithic pair.

great job go team.

we don't have to be like this.

Post your latest commit message. I'll start:

> Fixed a possible crash during the trophy cutscene that could happen if the stadium did not have a scheduled match and was not associated with an owning club.

#programming #gamedev #software #dev #development #git #cpp #cplusplus #javascript #python #rust #rustlang #go #golang #coding #c #clang #opensource #foss

Never noticed this:

$ man git

git - the stupid content tracker

...i do not disagree.


I'm thankful for merge commit squashing 🤭

#software #git #github

Hayden Stainsby
4 days ago

Your regular reminder that you should be reviewing the commit message as much (if not more) than the code.

You have tests to ensure that the code someone else wrote is correct, but only **you** can check that the commit message is correct.

#Gerrit did it right, #GitHub and #GitLab are differing shades of wrong.

#git #rant

4 days ago

Git IPFS Remote Bridge

Git IPFS Remote Bridge is the set of programs written in Python 3 which allow Git user to clone, push, fetch, self-host or release Git repositories over IPFS decentralized data storage system.

Git IPFS Remote Bridge is written in Python 3. It provides the following programs:
- git-ipfs - the user interface program intended to be invoked by Git via wrapper program with git ipfs abbreviated command. This program act like a frontend solution allowing the user to install/remove IPFS remote, maintain the settings dedicated to communication with IPFS node. Also it provides the instrument to prepare a release snapshot ( from the given tag or commit, and immediately publish it separately on IPFS network.
- git-remote-ipfs - the remote helper program. It normally should not be invoked by the end-user directly. Git invokes it maintaining the IPFS node address used as remote URL, which has format like: url = ipfs://<node-id>. The program addresses push, fetch, and list commands of Git protocol to IPFS HTTP API of local node (by default) or remote node located somewhere in the network. The Git repository published on IPFS network is an immutable entry, so in the simplest case the program just calls git remote set-url to set the new CID ( as remote URL after pushing the data to IPFS. Otherwise, the IPNS ( cryptographically-signed entry key could be specified as remote URL. In this case, the program automatically invokes IPFS node API to automatically associate the obtained immutable CID calculated from the pushed repository data, with specified IPNS key.

#IPFS #Git

Anybody know any good reasons to use #AWS #CodeCommit instead of #GitHub?

#tech #git #webDev #programming

4 days ago

This might seem #obvious but I'll say it anyway:

If you're high when programming, do not commit to main.

(End of public service announcement.)

#git #github #gitlab #programminglife #programming #branch #devlife #devs #drugscene #drugs

Richard Darst
4 days ago

#CodeRefinery and here are the cheatsheets with learning progress after lunch. Blue=day 1, red=day 2. Day 3 is a bit more from here (bus mostly using what we know with real work on collaborative projects), then next week is other topics.
#teaching #git #RSEng

Photo of printed git cheetsheet as described in the text.
Photo of printed git cheetsheet as described in the text.
4 days ago
Hacer que git no pida contraseña. #Git

FWIW made #UML fn again

just a little disappointed by the import/export extension
it's not that good and should, really, be part of the app itself
and it could use some additional shortcut keys

it's very light weight (unlike many other bloated java apps), it looks great (comes with darkmode!!) and it's snappy

file is JSON and can be versioned in #GIT
and there is a #CLI, but need to see if I can use it to generate #GitLab pages with clickable documentation in HTML

4 days ago

What is the best tool to find secrets in git based repositories?
Open source or commercial solutions.
#infosec #appsec #secrets #keys

Johan Bové
4 days ago

At least once a month:

git branch list
git branch -D list

Sal Ferrarello
4 days ago

Extending the multiverse analogy for #git, I look at how `git rebase` allows us to modify history in the multiverse in this blog post.

heise Developer
4 days ago

Sofort Updaten: Kritische Lücke in Gitlab

Eine kritische Sicherheitslücke bedroht die Enterprise-Anwender des Repository-Diensts Gitlab. Kunden sollten unverzüglich ein Update einspielen.

#Git #Hacking #Sicherheitslücken #news

Christophe Porteneuve
4 days ago

Chez @DeliciousInsights on commence à pondre des bandes-annonces pour nos #formations, avec #Git Total et #React #PWA… et les autres arrivent bientôt !

Retrouvez-les sur nos pages formations ou notre chaîne YouTube, et n'hésitez pas à partager ! 😉



#teaser #video #trailer

Sharon Machlis
5 days ago

The git workflow you don't want as a data professional, Colin Gillespie CTO at Jumping Rivers, tells #PositConf2023 😅

Diagram showing 6 different branches and a lot of tangled workflows between them
Sharon Machlis
5 days ago

Resources to learn more about using CI/CD GitHub Actions with R. Shared by Trevor Nederlof at @Posit during #PositConf2023

* shinytest2:
* GitHub Actions:
* r-lib GitHub Actions:
* Posit Connect GitHub Actions:
* CI/CD Pipeline Examples:

#rstats #git #GitHub

Learn More
* shinytest2:
* GitHub Actions: 
* r-lib GitHub Actions: 
* Posit Connect GitHub Action: 
* CI/CD Pipeline Examples:
Sébastien NOBILI
5 days ago

#git is a priceless companion for (distracted) developers 🤩

You deleted a branch that wasn't merged? You've lost many hours of work?

Just dig the `git reflog --all` output and you'll recover it in a few minutes!

Christophe Porteneuve
5 days ago

Au passage si c'est trop court ou que ça reste trop élevé comme tarif, mardi prochain y'a notre prochain #workshop #Git #Masterclass qui distille notre cœur de valeur Git sur 1j pour seulement 249€ TTC !

Un vrai cadeau 🎁 !

Christophe Porteneuve
5 days ago

DERNIÈRES HEURES pour booster votre #Git-Fu cette semaine à prix réduit !

La session de #formation Git Total distancielle de demain à vendredi, pour seulement 750€ au lieu de 1500€, ferme ses inscriptions à 18h aujourd'hui.

Sans doute la meilleure formation Git au monde, si on en croit les retours…

C'est remboursable par votre OPCO, profitez-en MAINTENANT !

Yann Büchau :nixos:
6 days ago

@orsinium Nice list, I didn't realise there were so many #Python formatters!

Interesting take on formatter opinion. What I personally dislike about black is how it vertically blows up non-fluent functional-style nested call-chains like filter(...,map(...,filter(...,...))).

That said, I am very happy that it is so opinionated so there is absolutely no room for ambiguity in formatting. Helps immensely with #git workflows and preventing unnecessary merge conflicts due to formatting.

John-Mark Gurney
6 days ago


Do you have a link to what you've done so far? Any design documents?

#github #enshitification #p2pgit #git #p2p #gitbug #git

Alien BOB
6 days ago

Liveslak 1.8.0 – more filesystems supported, lots of fixes

Liveslak updates! Quite soon after my August ISO refresh, I used some free moments to implement a request of sorts and fix some longstanding bugs.
Version 1.8.0 of the liveslak scripts is now available, containing these enhancements and fixes.
Links to the liveslak git repository and download locations

#Software #Slackware #daw #git #liveslak

Stefan Hajnoczi: Git Forge Apps: Why #git forges are serverless computing providers

"Data storage is available to jobs because they are allowed to manipulate their own git repository thanks to an authentication token. On GitHub GITHUB_TOKEN allows jobs to push to their git repository. This gives jobs a way of storing data.

There are other forms of data storage besides the git repository. Artifacts are files produced by a job that can be downloaded via a URL. Artifacts are subject to expiry time and file size limitations. Caching is available to temporarily store files between job runs, although this data can be lost at any time.

At this point you may be thinking that this is nice but there is no way to store private data if the git repository is public. Git forges offer a secrets mechanism where variables can be stored privately and only made available during job execution.",at%20any%20time.

Stefan Hajnoczi: Git Forge Apps: Why git forges are serverless computing providers

"You can view the #git forge as a Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) or serverless computing provider. The app doesn't need to be deployed elsewhere, because the git forge itself is the execution environment.

A GFA must be able to:

Process data.
Store data.
Interact with the outside world.",the%20outside%20world.

6 days ago

Estoy pensando en empezar un proyecto nuevo para programar algo de optimización multiobjetivo, pero no se donde alojarlo.

Voy a abandonar GitHub por quién hay detrás (Microsoft) y la movida que hubo con el tema de no respetar las licencias de los proyectos

He pensado en Codeberg aunque están teniendo problemas por la cantidad de gente y peticiones, lo que me echa un poco atrás.

También tengo la opción de GitLab, que lo tengo por ahí como mirror de mis repos antiguos de GitHub.

¿Alguna opinión/recomendación?

#git #gitlab #codeberg #github

Yoav Lavi
1 week ago

What do you use for #git merges? I've recently transitioned from #vscode to #helix and still use VSCode for merging but would like to know if there's something dedicated. Wondering if there something terminal based.

Meld on macOS seems nice but isn't really a first class citizen when installed via #nix (shows Linux UI and no icon), FileMerge seems a bit too basic

CarK :python:
1 week ago

Does anyone know a tool which acts as a bidirectional bridge between a #git repo :git: and an #etherpad (alternatively: #hedgedoc #cryptpad)?

(I am thinking about building a text based webservice service that should be low-barrier like a pad but persistent and branchable like a gitrepo)


Ben Tasker
1 week ago

You know, whilst I'm sure it's technically legal, "We've scraped your email address out of #Git commits and are using AI to point sales people your way" just doesn't feel like it's really in the spirit of #GDPR.

Akash Goswami
1 week ago

Question for programmers?

Does anyone actually use Bitbucket for personal code repos or is it aimed at more for orgs?

#programming #git #github #opensource

1 week ago

Every time I see people inventing new tools to manage #git monorepos I can’t help but wonder if they’ve considered simply not using monorepos? You wouldn’t have all these problems if you managed your code in a normal way! You’ve done this to yourself!

Marcel Bootsman
1 week ago

Ok #Git pros. I have challenge.
I have a Laravel app in a git repo. This generates static files when deployed. For some reason I want these static files to be in a different repository (keeping the code repository clean is one of the reasons) when I generate the static files.

How would you tackle this challenge?

2 weeks ago - #Git branch and hash information injected into #MSBuild and #dotNET generated file. Nice work How would I use these vars in shell scripts to set the DevOps build number?

Sal Ferrarello
2 weeks ago

The "Multiverse" is a really good analogy for #git 😀

Aral Balkan
2 weeks ago

@fribbledom Wait, why?

git remote set-url origin <codeberg>
git push --set-upstream origin main


#gitHub #codeBerg #dev #git #scm #versionControl

2 weeks ago

@staltz if I got the spec right, that might be a job for #etckeeper
#linux #git

Scott Williams 🐧
2 weeks ago

Hey you there, reading this whole wondering what next to do with your #homelab. It's a great weekend to setup a #forgejo instance for yourself then we it to mirror some #git repos, and store some #helm charts in it for your home #Kubernetes, setup repo webhooks to automate things with #Ansible, etc. It's useful, free, fully #opensource, and very well maintained!

Emelia 👸🏻
2 weeks ago

Ooooh, that's nice! If you're working on a git project that has a “non-main” default branch, you can do:

git symbolic-ref refs/heads/main refs/heads/<default-branch>

And then you can do: git checkout main

You may also need to do:

git branch --set-upstream-to=origin/<default-branch> main

#git #DevTips

Neil H Watson
2 weeks ago

TIL git show <branch|commit>:path/to/file to view a file from another branch or commit. #git #devops #programming

Duncan @ Bookhouse Games
2 weeks ago

#gamedev #indiedev folks: what #git hosting are you using? Thanks!


Doug Parker
3 weeks ago

@changelog As a Googler I 100% agree. #Git is way too complicated and difficult to work with. #GitHub is decent, but is quite far off from internal tools.

CodeSearch and code indexing are a big piece. Stacked diffs for code reviews, remote clients, comprehensive build system, all add on top of this.

I have personally advocated for literally selling the google3 development model and all its tooling as a service, but I'm not high enough in the org chart for my opinion to matter.

I do struggle to see how you could build an equivalent in OSS. Certainly individual features can be implemented, tools can be built. But the real "secret sauce" to Google is the integration. Everything connects to everything else because we can make assumptions about the other tools you're using. You can't really replicate that in an open ecosystem.

Uh oh look who just showed up at your desk to ask why you haven’t rebased your PR #git #ootd #selfie

Me, a trans woman with curly brown hair taking a selfie in a bathroom.
Zhian N. Kamvar
3 weeks ago

@b0rk I feel this! To me, #Git often feels like an RPG where I learn the basics of add, commit, push, and pull but then as I go along with my adventures, I encounter new abilities (like stash, restore, and worktrees) that reveal more and more of what git _is_, allowing me to face new and interesting challenges with confidence.

One of the fun things I found in my adventures was Git's "magic date" for patches: