23 minutes ago

(Was working on the next iteration of my website and...)

This is satisfactory.

And I need to sleep.

#webdev #github

Justine Smithies
5 hours ago

I've not tried this but for those who wish to try #Hyprland on #VoidLinux go take look at this #GitHub repo.

Alex Nedelcu ☕️
9 hours ago

#StackOverflow is an excellent case study into why public resources shouldn't gamify the user experience in order to get contributions.

SO was already full of bad content from people trying to raise their score. The new threat is now ChatGPT spam, with moderators being now disallowed to moderate such content.

When you provide a score that's a proxy for showing skill, people will game it until it destroys the service. You know what other service keeps growing its gamification? #Github.

9 hours ago

started working on a #java #swing client for #spacetraders #spacetradersapi - this of course needs refinement: the tables are from my JBFF framework, done just as a collection of beans and there are no actions to be performed on the entities. I will now see that the project(s) will be put on #github and I am looking for interested parties to collaborate on that - next milestone will be special GUIs for certain types waypoints (marketplace, shipyard,...) - final goal is a web version #retoot

screenshot of some windows showcasing lists of waypoints, contracts and ships obtained via the SpaceTraders API
Michael Eaton
11 hours ago

It's Monday, and time for another Interesting Links post. This is the 23rd for 2023 and contains a lot of excellent links.

#leadership #agile #azure #dotnet #csharp #github

Ondine Bruch
13 hours ago

I recently got a bunch of new followers on Github - bots. It seems that all the profiles give stars to everything related to "Aplus Framework". Is this the best way to increase the popularity of a project? Doesn't Github filter this kind of thing?
Just blocking all bots 😠

#github #spam #bots

Agnieszka R. Turczyńska
16 hours ago

Sweet Jesus on The Skateboard. #Github Enterprise is so lame...

iX Magazin
16 hours ago

Experiment gescheitert​: AWS macht Schluss mit Dokumentation bei Github

AWS veröffentlicht die Dokumentation für seine Cloud-Produkte nicht mehr bei Github. Der Fokus liege nun stärker auf interner Dokumentation und Nutzerfeedback.

#Amazon #AmazonWebServices #CloudComputing #CloudDienste #GitHub #LinuxundOpenSource #news

Linux & OpenSource News deutsch
16 hours ago
AWS veröffentlicht die Dokumentation für seine Cloud-Produkte nicht mehr bei Github. Der Fokus liege nun stärker auf interner Dokumentation und Nutzerfeedback.
Experiment gescheitert​: AWS macht Schluss mit Dokumentation bei Github
Rune Dancer
17 hours ago

This is an open source alternative to pastebin.

#hastebin #pastebin #github #opensource

Ben Hardill
18 hours ago

Anybody else seeing GitHub Actions running slower than normal today (and having less memory recently)?


19 hours ago

🆕 Retiring the AWS Documentation on GitHub!

After reviewing the results of the project and considering the overhead of manually keeping the internal documentation in sync, #AWS decided to retire most of its public repositories:

#InfoQ #GitHub #Documentation

Es ist Frühling - oder eventuell auch schon Sommer!
Das bedeutet nicht nur Frühjahrsputz im Haus sondern eventuell für die Entwickler unter uns auch auf GitHub.

Ich habe einmal meine Top-Tipps auf @drwindows niedergeschrieben.

Was haltet ihr davon?

#github #opensource #entwickler #nerd #geek

Romano Roth
23 hours ago

🚀 We have just released a brand new video on @GitHub Scheduled Pipelines!

🎥 In this our 11 video, Padi and I will show you how to configure a Schedule Pipeline for our #DevSecOps pipeline in #GitHub so that the pipeline runs at regular intervals.


1 day ago
Comfortably Numb🦋
1 day ago

GitHub Copilot X chat feature is pretty cool

#GitHub #GitHubCopilot #GitHubCopilotX

Visual Studio Code IDE, a snippet of JavaScript code is selected. Also on the side a chat window open. There is prompt in chat window "Write unit tests for selected code." Below is the generated code for the unit tests.

I'm slooowly getting productive in #GitHub Actions development department but I find the onboarding experience a bit chaotic.

At least I'm glad nektos/act exists.

Sid O'Knee
1 day ago

Just uploaded a new #javascript Code to #github It is a scheduled Toot sender 🤓 You can see it here --->

Loki the Cat
1 day ago

Looks like AWS is "retiring" its open-source-and-on-github documentation. I guess they realized that it's hard to herd cats! 😸 #AWS #GitHub #Documentation

Diving into #GitHub Actions.

PS. @nhoizey and @cory, wish me luck because something's going on. :eyes_opposite:

1 day ago

I've added a sort of "grep" like program for testing now, and updated the README - would appreciate any comments/feedback on it 😊

#regularexpressions #github #python #programming

Steffen Voß
2 days ago
2 days ago

On #GitHub: privateGPT boasts 26.6k stars ✨, h2oGPT has 1.9k 🚀. But stars don't tell the full tale. h2oGPT, the original innovator, comes with a fancy UI and more.

Lesson learned: Stars don't always reflect innovation or quality! 😌

Ironically, let's give h2oGPT a star? 😉🌟

#llms #dataprivacy #generativeai #DontJudgeAProjectByItsStars

2 days ago

I can't believe #Github has a "For You" feed as the default front page now. Do you know what platform does not and never will need an algorithmically-determined timeline: Github.

Dave Hall
2 days ago

From the bastard with too much free time on their hands dept:

#softwareengineering #github

🫣 Well, I knew this day would come…

I just opened my first #bug report issue on the #dotnetMAUI repo on #Github.

#devproblems #sigh

Mark Carter
2 days ago

👍🏻 View repository pushes on the new #GitHub activity view. We've now made it easier to understand changes to your repositories with the new activity view. Historically viewing pushes to a repository required contacting GitHub support. This new activity view gives users with read access the ability to self-serve insights to a repository and all of its changes.

Jeff Sikes
2 days ago

Any devs that work with both #GitHub and #Codeberg repos? How are y'all setting up #Git to work between projects on the different sites?

I feel like the simple solution is to create two OS accounts on my Mac and switch between them, one is "Codeberg" work and the other is "GitHub" work.

Or...push everything to GitHub and have it sync over to Codeberg? That seems to completely defeat the purpose.

Or maybe I'm making this too complex. That's been known to happen.

Ian Littman
2 days ago

So, #GitHub used to have tooltips on per-file diffs in a PR showing how many lines were +/-. The information is still in the page, but now it's only available to screen readers.

C'mon, y'all.

Martijn Smit
3 days ago

When you see this badge on a #Github repository of an app, package, or other code that you use; click it 👉 🖱️

It's saving you time in some way or another, which is worth something!

3 days ago

Simple Linux Kernel Picker

I run Fedora in my home-lab as the base OS for my server. It works well for me but I do occasionally run into an issue where Fedora will make a new kernel available before the ZFS project has support for it. {...}

#BASH #Computers #GitHub #Linux #BASHScript #Fedora #GitHub #Kernel #Linux #ZFS

Axolotat :verified_gay:
3 days ago

Hello ! I just created an awesome list of resources for staying up-to-date with the latest webdev frontend trends! Check it out and feel free to contribute if you've got something to add. blobfoxcomputer

#OpenSource #GitHub #frontendEnd #dev #awesomeList

@ligniform Ever heard of #GitHub?

cuz I do use it for that.

So, just found out:

If you upload a .zip file (or i assume any compressed archive format) to #github that was signed earlier, when you retrieve the file later on and try to validate the file with the signature - it does not check out(!)

Something is being done server side with compressed files.

Renato Losio
3 days ago

AWS Shifts Strategy: Public GitHub Documentation to Be Retired
#aws #documentation #github

R. L. Dane
3 days ago

#FOSS Programmers: "AI is terrible! We should avoid any company rolling out this crap."
Also FOSS Programmers: "Hey, check out my repo on #GitHub!"


Craig Mcgee
3 days ago

just found a great #github #script that can pull #posts to a #mastodon and other #fedi #fediverse #server #servers from other #servers from users you're following or who follow you or who are in your home timeline, notifications etc, exactly what ive been looking for!
thank you @michael @abnv

Is there a way to clone a #git repo, and in a single, step set both the origin and upstream remotes? Every single time I clone a repo, I have to rename one remote and add another remote. I would be great to say here's origin, and upstream and each remote URI. #github

Dennis Faucher :donor: :mastodon:
4 days ago

TIL: #FauxPilot. Run your own private #GitHub #CoPilot clone while keeping your data private.

4 days ago

I created a classic token for #GitHub because I couldn't easily tell which "new token" permission allows me to push code...? With the classic token, it's the first option at the top.

This seems like a miserable attempt to scare people into using the official GitHub app. Password authentication has been disabled for almost 2 years now, but the token creation webpage is barely different and (IMO) deliberately designed to look intimidating.

IT News
4 days ago

What is GitHub Actions? Automated CI/CD for GitHub - GitHub Actions is a platform built into GitHub that automates software building, testi... - #softwaredevelopment #opensource #github #ci/cd

Clayton Tyger
4 days ago

It’s Read-Only Friday, have any #PowerShell script/module documentation that needs updating? If not, why not jump on to #github and help someone else out. #Microsoft is always looking for help for their documentation too 😀

I have both #snyk and #renovatebot configured for some of my #github repos and neither one managed to open any PRs this week. Synk reports a depency I should be upgrading to fix something, no PR yet and Renovate took all week to run at all and never opened a PR either.

erin mikail staples
4 days ago

Open Source folks here — looking for a tool that will help me triage and visualize issues on GitHub by label, contributor, or even branch.

Anyone know of anything?

#OpenSource #GitHub #BuildInPublic #Stats #OSS

4 days ago

🧵 [1 / 10]

So, #Reddit is now taking a page out of #Twitter 's book by attempting to crush 3rd party clients with unreasonable API costs.

How does that work technically and why would you even give Reddit a billing address in the first place? Let's have a look at a little monstrosity, called OAUTH2, that is used by all websites that allow you to login with your #Google, #Facebook, #Github,... account (it also powers #Mastodon).

5 days ago

Can someone help me?

#GitHub recently attempted to charge me $9.68, but I have no clue what for.

My Billing Overview shows $0.00 for everything, and their Support hasn’t responded.

Does anyone know how I can figure out what the charge was for?

Patrick Masson
5 days ago

...and the #OpenSource skills for those ^^ (and other) #EdTech, #HigherEd, #jobs

#Python, 2,023
#Linux, 932
#Java, 600
#Wordpress, 394
#PHP: 369
#Moodle, 362
#MySQL, 239
#Drupal, 234
#GitHub, 204
#Apache, 110
#Kubernetes, 75
#Sakai, 49
#CAS, 8
#uPortal, 2

Aral Balkan
5 days ago

Just moved Tap Monkey from GitHub to Codeberg.

What’s Tap Monkey? It’s a tap test runner that’s also a monkey, of course ;)


¹ @Codeberg

#tap #tape #js #nodeJS #test #tdd #testRunner #tapMonkey #GitHub #Codeberg

Screencast of Tap Monkey in action. Terminal window. Command: npm -s test. Progress of tests being run is shown by a single-line animation of the emoji monkey heads alternating between see no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil poses as the titles of test collections being run and passing tests are shown alongside. At the end, an emoji banana is shown next to “All tests passing. Total: 163. Passing 163. Failing 0. Duration 14.19 secs.
5 days ago

I *think* #GitHub just changed the monospace font family in their web UI. It was recently changed to #Cascadia, I think?, the new font designed for #VSCode? And now the stack is:

ui-monospace,SFMono-Regular,SF Mono,Menlo,Consolas,Liberation Mono,monospace


Andrew Leahey
6 days ago

Somehow missed the opulent tech story that was Github's office, until now. Come for the full size replica of the Oval Office, stay for the downfall.

#github #tech

6 days ago

A little warning about the #Mastodon import lists for #academics:

Most of them are not active here at all. And yet they added their names to the lists.

Yes, there are worthwhile accounts that are helpful to follow, but the majority are dormant. I don't understand why they haven't deleted their Mastodon accounts if they are not going to use them.

There are many accounts that post exclusively in another language.

#academia #academicchatter #github #twittermigration

Joe Lanman
1 week ago

Anyone else find #github's main menu navigation fairly useless?
Pull requests Issues Codespaces Marketplace Explore

Mark Gardner ‍:sdf:
1 week ago

@randomgeek @sjn Curtis’ blog mentioned this, but I guess you’re also OK with furthering #Copilot’s #LicenseWashing and #copyright violations?

(So cool that #GitHub provides significant #OpenSource contributors like @ovid free reign to violate their colleagues’ wishes.)

vansari ✅
1 week ago

Today I tried to setup a PHP ecosystem on my MacBook Pro M2 with Podman. It was a little bit difficult but I have done it ☺️

Now I have a isolated pod where my #php fpm #nginx and #postgres are running. The only published port is 8080 for the nginx.

But the best benefit is: Each container runs rootless ! #podman #devops

Here is the link to the #github repository:

TauriApps :ferris:
1 week ago

We noticed a naive attack on our websites the morning, attempting to exfiltrate #netlify env vars.
Because our websites are simple docs websites this was largely pointless and we have no reason to assume anything valuable got stolen. We still took precautions and rotated *all* of our keys & credentials.

Many others were similarly attacked, and after we informed #github security, the user account has been suspended.

#security #cybersecurity

A GitHub screenshot showing the offending users activity. It appears they automatically attempted this attack on 230ish large OSS projects
Curtis "Ovid" Poe
1 week ago

Since I've been using #GitHub #CoPilot heavily the past week or so, I thought it was time to write up my experience. You might find it surprising.

#software #OpenSource

I predict with Nordic pessimism that the software field near future will look like this:

People will take #GitHub #CoPilot and similar tools into use, and quickly forget how to write boilerplate and basic algorithms from scratch.

Companies will still continue with #LeetCode style interviews with now a noticeable drop in "qualified" candidates. They will continue to complain about shortage of engineers.

Once people are hooked, free and cheap services for automatic coding will become expensive. People will grumble and either pay or try to switch to self-hosted open source alternatives with somewhat different characteristics.

Companies will finally make a move to completely embrace these tools also in recruiting processes. However, they will only provide access to the expensive tools for which they have some special almost-free start-up subscription, which people can't afford to pay personal licenses for, except in universities which provide free licenses for students. They act as if open source alternatives don't exist.

Ultimately our general insanity will be taken over by #AI politely pushing humans away from whatever "gainful" activity we believe we are doing.

Jeremiah Lee
1 week ago

I just spent 20 minutes writing a bug issue on GitHub, navigated away from the page when previewing it, accidentally closed the tab instead of going back, and lost the draft.

Whhyyy does GitHub not have a local storage saved draft…


Benjamin Brandmeier
1 week ago

When #github is down:
Keep committing, push later. 👍

#focus #productivity

Trolli Schmittlauch 🦥
1 week ago

#Github hat wohl mal wieder Verfügbarkeitsschwankungen.

Matthew Martin ☑ ✅📛
1 week ago

I updated most of my #pypi project to use "trusted publisher"

I can't figure out how to get an "environment" to only allow deployment from tags (which bizarrely #github treats as "branches") so I instead add an approver step and potentially all builds can be deployments, but only if I click OK.

Completely invisible...

Curtis "Ovid" Poe
2 weeks ago

OK, now I'm totally sold. Turns out that because of my history of building open source projects, I get to use #github #copilot for free. Kind of hard to beat that deal. I am *definitely* going to hype this project, even though I know some are not happy with it.

I can't believe how easy it is to get stuff done.

I got access to #github #copilot chat 🎉

Now I can ask it to help me with some code where even #Rust's #clippy does not help 😅

Asking GitHub Copilot Chat to help me rewrite an if statement to a shorter version
Michal Špondr
2 weeks ago

Používám #Github Copilot, ale uvidíme, co na to řekne naše IT oddělení, jestli to neporušuje nějaké firemní NDA. Protože přece jen to posílá kód někam na servery Microsoftu.

Joe Lanman
2 weeks ago

in #GitHub Projects, can you create a new issue using a template from a linked repo?

Steven Harman
2 weeks ago

TIL: GitHub Markdown supports "Note" and "Warning” highlights in blockquotes. This is a great little improvement. #GitHub #Markdown

Example of GitHub Markdown show the markup and rendered result of highlighting a block of text as “Note” or “Warning,” including a little visual symbol.
2 weeks ago

Next, GitHub will be removing support for Python 2.7 from actions/setup-python in under a month, on 19th June. 🪦

"Breaking changes

"Hello everyone. The Python 2.7.x will be removed from python-versions and it won't be possible to set up Python 2.7.x by setup-python.

"The motivation for the changes

"Python2.7 is not supported since January 1, 2020."

#GitHub #GitHubActions #Python #Python27 #CI #EOL

Evie (SleepyCatten)
2 weeks ago

Genuine query

How do I try to get the attention of Mastodon devs to look at a simple QOL & accessibility suggestion about character limits?

& just to pre-empt the thought, I cannot code, nor have I ever been able to successfully learn, so I cannot offer to contribute to the code.

#Mastodon #GitHub #accessibility

2 weeks ago

Kann hier wer #github #actions? Ich hab hier das Problem, dass ein Step `pip3 install pretalx` macht, und der step danach dann django nicht findet, obwohl django mit #pretalx installiert wird?

Wo ist der Fehler?

2 weeks ago

For example, this is now on codeberg. Choose a non-profit "forge" and move projects there ... #github = #msft = #heistware.

The Cybersecurity Librarian :donor:
2 weeks ago

This weekend PyPi, the python software repository, suspended new accounts: the level of malicious activity has become unmanageable.

But this story is not just about Python: the level of risk from software dependencies has risen unimaginably: not a little, not a lot, this is big enough that it is hard to communicate and comprehend.

Python (pypi), Javascript (npm), Java (maven), Ruby, and even VS Code extensions are all under constant unrelenting attack. When a single package is trojanized, that threat is inherited by every application that include the compromised package.

The number of methods being used for these attacks is growing, and developers are now a "target of choice" for many criminal groups.

For example, in 2022 there was a sudden increase in the number of an effectiveness of "Phishing as a Service" (PhaaS) offerings in criminal markets. These services are effective at bypassing MFA. However, you may not know that these services are being used to target developer accounts, including repositories of private and open-source software. They want to trojanize the code and create the next big software-supply-chain compromise.

PhaaS is just one method. This weekend's announcement from PyPi was the result of criminals creating a large number of developer accounts so that they can publish malicious clones of existing packages. Typosquatting of packages is not a new phenomena, the constant stream of attacks is new.

You might assume that the repository hosts or managers must have a solution. They do not. The problems are diverse and many: from the management of repository hosting, to the security/trust verification features of packaging systems, to the security of repositories and the developers themselves.

There is no one solution, but solutions are needed.

My action item for you is this. Do not read cybesecurity about software repository compromises in isolation. Look at the forest and not the trees. Big risks are harder to understand that little ones but need the most urgent action.

Below are a small selection of stories in the comments to get you started. This is just a tiny fraction of the stories I have read and analyzed in the past year. The "hits just keep on coming".

#SoftwareDeveloper #GitHub #PyPi #NPM #Java #Python #CyberSecurity #PhishingAsAService #ThreatIntelligence #CTI #PhaaS #TypoSquatting #VSCode #Malware #SoftwareSupplyChain

Screenshot of an announcement from the PyPI python repository that they are suspending registration of new accounts due to malicious activity.
Dave Mackey
2 weeks ago

#question of the day: is there a way to create #redirects on files in a #GitHub repository?

For example, say one has:


But one wants to move it to:

But folks have bookmarked the former. Is there a way to create a redirect?

I'm fairly confident there isn't...but you never know.

3 weeks ago

This initial release includes:

🚀 Next.js starter project with #MUI for rapid prototyping

🐳 Custom #Docker image, optimised for Next.js, to run in 🤗 Spaces

1️⃣ Our first component called "summarization" using `@huggingface/inference`

📥 Predefined workflow to sync your #GitHub repo with your 🤗 space

☀️ Dark / light theme based on system preferences

heise online
3 weeks ago

Mögliche Preisgabe von Interna: Apple schänkt Benutzung von ChatGPT & Co. ein

ChatGPT & Co. kann die Arbeit mit Text oder das Programmieren erleichtern. Wegen des Risikos, dass darüber Interna abfließen, schränkt Apple die Nutzung ein.

#Apple #ChatGPT #GitHub #KünstlicheIntelligenz #Programmierung #news