Un traductor automático en Ubuntu y otras actualizaciones n
Translate Assistant es una extensión para #GNOME Shell que te permite tener un traductor automático en #Ubuntu y otras distribuciones de forma fácil


Neil Brown
3 hours ago

It seems that porting an extension for an older version of #GNOME shell to GNOME 43 is harder than I had expected.

Oh well, worth a try!

Emmanuele Bassi
5 hours ago

Embloggeration happened:

In which I explain what desktop developers, distributions, and users can do to configure sandbox portals

#flatpak #gnome #portals

Blake Leonard
5 hours ago

I'd kinda like the #Bottles app to integrate with #GNOME's search, so I can quickly open apps from the Library with search (without having to add them).

On a related note, I'd also like for more things to not use ~/.local/share/applications and similar, but instead point to some package manager folder (added to a PATH?). Primarily just to keep things organized, but it also can help prevent collisions, figure out where these quintillion desktop files came from, and hide/remove a source...

omg! ubuntu
7 hours ago

[Re. @omglinuxtv]
This App Lets You Apply Dither Effects to Images on Linux #opensource #gnome #dither

12 hours ago

GNOME z pełnym jasnym motywem? Nowość już nadchodzi!


17 hours ago

Once a payment system gets added to flathub for flatpaks,

The next cool and useful thing they can add is a cloud save/sync option.

I'd totally pay a few bucks a month to have files, game saves, highscores etc. automatically saved onto an account, so I can easily access them on different devices. 🤔

#linux #flathub #flatpak #gnome #opensource

18 hours ago

Mageia 9 in einer zweiten Beta-Version

Das Mageia-Projekt hat eine neue Beta für Version 9 freigegeben. So sieht der Stand der Entwicklung aus.

#Mageia #kde #Xfce #Gnome #Linux

Fabian Schaar
1 day ago

Ich habe einen Blogeintrag zu meinen freien Lieblingsprogrammen geschrieben, die mich täglich durch den Alltag begleiten. Welche Software nutzt ihr Tag ein, Tag aus?

#FOSS #FLOSS #Desktop #PC #Computer #Software #Linux #GNU #KDE #Gnome #LibreOffice #Matrix #Tipp10 #Terminal #Vim #Firefox #Thunderbird #Web #EMail

adham :emacs:
1 day ago

An update on my journey with hopping between window managers, I got #Sway setup with #GNOME a while back and it worked fine for two monitors, up until I needed to screen-share and none of the two guides[0][1] on the matter were able to help, nothing against the authors, maybe I messed something up without knowing. Then came the mess of trying to run my laptop monitor with my two monitors and it just doe not work, maybe it's a #T480 issue? maybe it's a #wlroots issue as it does not appear in GNOME, for now, too time consuming..

At last I found myself at home #i3wm, adding picom fixed the tearing problems, screen sharing just works. I *really* wanted to use #Waydroid but it's unstable at the moment and doesn't always work properly (Does not even launch in a VM for some reason) I'll check that later, for now, #i3wm just works. Even if #X11 is now abandoned, it works.

I want to give #EXWM a try but I read that it's broken with Emacs 29 and my experience confirms it, again maybe it's just a me issue.



2 days ago

Interessante Erweitertung für die #GNOME Shell endeckt.

Hot Korner. Einfach mal ausprobieren.

#GNOME4 #GNOME44 #GNOMEShell #Linux #Desktop

2 days ago

It's now shipping with custom dconf settings à la bluefin (though with different/fewer things changed)

there are some minor UI tweaks + enabling tap-to-click on touchpads by default, but the main thing is changing workspace navigation keybindings.

They're now basically a match to what elementary OS uses, since I feel those are more intuitive for horizontal workspaces like GNOME has had since v40, vs GNOME's defaults

#uBlue #Silverblue #GNOME

Bruce Bruce
2 days ago

So my poll ended 50/50, EndeavourOS and Fedora. I booted into #Fedora Plasma and was greeted with a 1.2gb htop output #Gnome is a non-starter for me, can't stand it. I know the LXQt spin would be lighter, but I have a weird adversion to #Fedora for some reason. I've been down the #EndeavourOS path a few times now, and I might end up there, but looking at #MXLinux XFCE as an option also for this old clunker.

Fabian Schaar
2 days ago

Ich freue mich schon sehr auf die neue Debian-Version, die in Kürze veröffentlicht wird. In diesem Blogeintrag habe ich beschrieben, warum:

#Debian #Linux #FLOSS #FOSS #KDE #Software #GNU #freiesoftware #xfce #gnome

gnutux بالعربي
2 days ago
هو امتداد غنوم لشريط المهام متعدد الإمكانات.


#gnutux #gnome #linux #ubuntu

No estoy 100% de acuerdo, pero desde la mayoría de puntos de vista podría ser... Y está gracioso 😅

Yo habría puesto a Mystique detrás del letrero de KDE :blobcatsip:


2 days ago


J'aime bien l'application #Cartes de #Gnome dont j'ai parlé il y a peu (qui ne dispose pas du mode hors ligne à ma connaissance).

Également disponible sur le Flathub.


2 days ago

Disabling Touch Screen at Login: 20.04 Broken touch display: Gnome Desktop #gnome #desktopenvironments #touchscreen

3 days ago

I'm confused about @Purism latest blog post

> make Phosh as convenient and fast on a big desktop screen as it is on a small mobile screen

GNOME Shell is already there. Why waste (precious?) resources.

Don't get me wrong, Phosh is great and works better on older devices but GNOME Shell is awesome on all devices that Purism ships.

#LinuxMobile #GNOME #Librem5 #Purism

#TechBite - Zainstalowałem sobie dziś #KDE, wywaliłem #Gnome, na razie wszystko fajnie działa.

Chociaż Gnome miał tylko jedną rzecz fajnie zrobioną: Powiększenie tekstu globalnie na cały system niezależnie od aplikacji

3 days ago

If you use #Gnome, what #extensions have you added?

One is missing in the screenshot : GSConnect


Screenshot of a list of Gnome extensions
Jae 🐧 ☕
3 days ago

I think I've come to understand that I prefer the desktop experience of #KDE and a number of the #GNOME apps.

دانیال بهزادی
3 days ago

Support color-scheme setting for default stylesheet (!2324) · Merge requests · #GNOME / gnome-shell · GitLab

💙 I Bleed Blue 💙
3 days ago

Getting too hot to camp for us. Time for hobbies...acrylic painting and crochet.
#painting #crochet #portraitpainting #petportrait #gnome #bee

L-R: Acrylic painting of candy canes (on 6 inch wooden ornament), crochet lovey, acrylic painting of a black-vapped chickadee, crocheted bee stuffy, crochet bear lovey, acrylic pet portrait, acrylic Chrisymas gnome couple, acrylic portrait pairing and acrylic horse painting.
Rafael Rigues
3 days ago

@vndmtrx @augustocc A Ximian começou a vida como Helix Code, e foi digerida pela Novell. Era a melhor versão do #Gnome na época.

Me lembro do dia em que juntamos umas 4 pessoas numa sala na CNC pra ligar pra Helix Code e pedir licença pra incluir o Helix Gnome no CD da RdL. Uau, uma LIGAÇÃO INTERNACIONAL em inglês! Nesse dia me senti importante 😅

Não lembro se a gata foi ideia minha ou se veio do ilustrador (o Spacca). O conceito geral foi do Paulino Michelazzo.

Felix Häcker
3 days ago

A new issue of #ThisWeekInGNOME is now online!

#97 GNOME Latam 2023


Screenshot of Tube Converter
GNOME Latam Banner
Screenshot of "Pods"
Screenshot of "Cartridges"

@Charky84 Lo de las distros, depende de cual. Lo de oficialmente es muy relativo. En #archlinux no hay nada oficial. Ahora, si instalas #Gnome vas a tener #Wayland (excepto con los controladores privativos de #NVIDIA). Esto último no sé si es algo de Mutter / Clutter / GDM que tiene en una lista negra a este controlador por lo que sea. #Fedora, distro clave, es Wayland a cuchillo desde hace muchísimo e incluso dando pasos a eliminar todo rastro de X11 (excepto de XWayland).

Be part of Linux App Summit 2024! We are already looking for the location of our next event. What about near you? Send in your proposal and let's get things rolling!

#LAS2024 #LinuxAppSummit #opensource #KDE #GNOME

GIF of the earth rotating
Cleo Menezes Jr. :verified:
3 days ago

Chiquillos, mañana (sábado 26) a las 19:00 UTC estaré en #GNOMELatam dando la charla "Como tornarse un contribuidor".

Será mi primera vez haciéndolo y espero que sea genial.

Link para la charla:


Banner de GNOME Latam
Aral Balkan
3 days ago

Very happy to see this issue closed via commit and very much looking forward to seeing the new fully-light light mode in GNOME :)

#GNOME #design #colourSchemes #accessibility #usability

James Westman
3 days ago

I graduate in August, which means I'm looking for a job! I have almost 5 years of experience with #GNOME/#Linux desktop development and over 2 years part-time professional experience with full-stack development (#dotnet, #angular, #ionic). Plus I've dipped my toes in a ton of other things over the years.

Looking for something remote or in the #neworleans area. If you've got anything let me know! DMs open, boosts appreciated.

#GetFediHired #LookingForWork

Hay un fallo en #Firefox en #Wayland (no en #XWayland) donde PiP no recuerda posición y, lo más molesto, no se queda siempre encima. Es un fallo conocido. En el mismo "bugtracker" un usuario informa de una extensión (para #Gnome) que sirve de apaño.

@federicomena hablando de accesibilidad en #gnome durante #GNOMELatam #gnomelatam2023

Federico Mena sobre el escenario sosteniendo un micrófono con una pantalla de proyector atrás

@vixalientoots @hemish Clearly you did not notice in video that my distro does not use any themes but #LibAdwaita Dark. No matter what you or anyone says, reality is that users will be users, and still use themes. It is what it is. No one can stop them. What my video says is, if you want to use themes regardless, do it right. I agree with you 100% though that's why my Distro will never use themes out the box.. I am on #Gnome now without any themes. As intended.

Manuel Quiñones
3 days ago

já estão transmitindo! GNOME Latam 2023

que boa oportunidade para ouvir palestras sobre o GNOME em português (e espanhol, ou portuñol)

- track 1:
- track 2:


Manuel Quiñones
3 days ago

¡ya están transmitiendo! GNOME Latam 2023

qué buena oportunidad de escuchar charlas sobre GNOME en español (y portugués, o portuñol)

- track 1:
- track 2


Federico Mena Quintero
3 days ago

Ya en la sede de #gnome latam.

Cartel de GNOME-Latam dentro de la sala de conferencias.

Lo malo:
Por motivos de fuerza mayor no pude caerles al @GNOMELatam

Lo bueno:
También van a hacer transmisión del evento en linea:

#GNOME #LATAM #Zacatecas #GNOMELatam2023

DJ Mao Mix
3 days ago

#ViernesDeEscritorio #Ubuntu #Gnome #GNULinux mostrando el primer riel de programas instalados.

Tobias Bernard
3 days ago

@krafting No idea what either of those are, I'd recommend asking in #gnome-hackers or something

Linux ☑️
3 days ago

::: Wine & Wayland to work together :os_windows: 🍷 :linux:

...for next gen performance to play Windows-only games on Linux (which Wine enabled to begin with).

This merge means that Wine / Proton, in Steam (to play Windows-only games on Linux) are to be run NATIVELY via Wayland.

Wayland is a next generation multimedia framework for Linux with minimal latency.

For now Wine uses old X11 framework, and anything Wayland is run through "XWayland" - the same X11 running UNDER Wayland (for compatibility - not added efficiency, which is now coming!).


#Wayland #Wine #gaming #Linux #Gnome #Plasma #Windows #games #multimedia #framework

4 days ago

This is Rebel, my first gnome, named for the company I got the yarn from, Rebel Woolworks (RIP). The gnome turned out… ok. I would do certain things differently next time (stuff with more poly beads and less fluff; attach the arms lower down). The gnome is a gift for my neighbor though. I hope she likes Rebel! #knitting #fiberarts #handmade @knitting @fiberarts #gnome

Knitted gnome with a pink hat with teal tassels, grey nose, teal scarf, purple multicolor body with pink pockets, and arms with hands in pockets
R. L. Dane
4 days ago

Kinda wish I could ask kwin to force window decorations on all windows, even on top of CSDs.

Because CSDs are hella fugly. They don't look like the platform I'm running (#KDE #Plasma), and they have very poor active/inactive contrast.

Man, Mr. Thanos, I just need to borrow that blingy glove for like five whole minutes. I'd fix ALL the UIs. X-P~

(For shame, #Gnome, for flerpin' shame. Ruin your own DE, don't make me regret using your apps on other DEs.)

Periodic reminder of how great a (hidden) feature the Linux (or maybe just Gnome) compose key is.

You assign a key on the keyboard to be your compose key, and you can type all kinds of characters and symbols in an intuitive way:

[ Cmp o / ]: ø
[ Cmp a e ]: æ
[ Cmp c , ]: ç
[ Cmp ? ? ]: ¿
[ Cmp ^ 0 ]: ⁰
[ Cmp x x ]: ×
[ Cmp - > ]: →
[ Cmp - - - ]: —

I've assigned Right Ctrl to be my compose key. I hardly ever use it anyway. 😊

#Linux #Gnome #I18n #Keyboard

4 days ago

VC: "Move fast and break things"

AWS: "Make things that scale"

Startup: "Make things that don't scale"

GNOME "Make things that last"

It's 25 years old, sure there are some cruft but contributing to / working with #GNOME is very refreshing in that sense compared to industry standards.

4 days ago

libmanette documentation is back online 🎮 🌐

I also sent a patch to include the docs in `org.gnome.Sdk.Docs`.

It's a good opportunity to (re-)rediscover it.

I will look into getting a demo in Workbench.

I'd love to explore Steam Deck/Big picture like UI with GTK4. Maybe even GNOME Shell gamepad support? ✨

Thanks @KekunPlazas and contributors

#GNOME #development #GTK #libadwaita #SteamDeck

Felipe Kinoshita
4 days ago

An update on Flash Cards! I got everything mostly working, you can now add an emoji as the deck's icon and go through a deck's cards making it actually kinda useful. :D

Once I figure out how to save everything to disk I'm unstoppable!!!

#GNOME #GTK #libadwaita

A Libadwaita application called "Flash Cards", the first page is an welcome page showing the app's name and how to start using it, after clicking on a button labeled "Create Deck" the user goes to another page with an emoji icon selector and a text entry for the deck's icon and name respectively, after that the user goes to the decks list page and clicks on the newly created deck, the user goes to another page that displays each card's front and back content.
5 days ago

You can consult the GNOME dev doc for a specific platform version with

> flatpak install org.gnome.devhelp
> flatpak install org.gnome.Sdk.Docs//44
> flatpak run --runtime-version=44 --nofilesystem=host org.gnome.Devhelp

#GNOME #Flatpak #development #GTK #libadwaita

A screenshot of DevHelp presenting GNOME 44 development documentation.
Cleo Menezes Jr. :verified:
5 days ago

Something I've always wanted in #GNOME #Weather is for it to have a bigger window. The other day, talking to @fkinoshita, he told me about implementing a feature to remember the size of the window that was closed.
Well, here goes my attempt to contribute:

James Westman
5 days ago

It's been a little while since I posted an update about libshumate vector tiles, so here's what I've been up to!

#GNOME #Linux #mapstodon

Greg Walker ✅
5 days ago

I was with you until you mentioned #gnome
A single package manager to me means no snaps or alien .
Linux from scratch anyone?

Aral Balkan
5 days ago

On GNOME, live coding during a presentation and need quick access to snippets? (e.g., that URL for something, etc.)

Check out the Copier GNOME extension. You set it up with the path of a directory where you have .txt files stores and it lets you select them from a system menu and copies the one you selected to the clipboard.

Simple. Beautiful. Love it! (Took me ages to find this.) )

#GNOME #liveCoding #snippets #systemMenu #copier #extension

5 days ago

So... how is there an 'Applications' screen in Gnome that does not show ALL installed applications?

How do I get to a menu of all the installed applications? #linux #gnome

MsDropbear 🌈♀
6 days ago

@forteller @cslinuxboy Personally, i'm really glad that #GNOME exists. It exemplifies just how fabbo #KDEPlasma truly is!


6 days ago

Ok, maybe my rage is irrational here, but holy s*** I'm so done with the app-search in #GNOME. I write quickly the three letters of an app I'm trying to open, but for a split-second it hasn't completed the search. So when I write them quickly and press enter, it opens an entirely different app 🙃 I wish it would just... wait for the search to complete or something before launching an app?!

#Linux #Annoyed #Frustration #Venting

Børge A. Roum
6 days ago

Possibly controversial #Linux opinion:

I think #Gnome should seriously consider moving the top bar to the side. 2 reasons:

1. Vertical space is more valuable than horizontal in most cases, because there's less of it (especially as the number of ultra widescreens increases) and probably most things you look at while not in full screen mode is taller than wide.

2. By moving the bar to the side the hot corner can be moved to the bottom, significantly decreasing the distance to the dash/dock

6 days ago

@ranfdev contributed import maps support to gjspack 🎉

It's a great step towards better interoperability and http imports similar to Deno and Bun.

`import _ from "https://lodash.example"`

What is gjspack?
A resource bundler for GNOME JavaScript (GJS)

What is import map?

#GNOME #JavaScript #development

Børge A. Roum
6 days ago

Sorry, is this file saying it was created in 2022 and modified in 2021? Is it a time traveling file?

#Linux #Gnome #MSOffice

Properties window of a .xlsx file, it says Created 23. august 2022 and Modified 20. december 2021.
1 week ago

I don't know if this is a bad idea:
What if Gnome or someone made GTK compatible with Android. I don't think it is currently. There are so many great Apps built with GTK, which could or would be popular on Android phones. #Linux #Android #gtk #gnome

Felipe Kinoshita
1 week ago

Working on Flash Cards, a repetition learning app, you can use it to study languages or anything you want to remember!

If anyone has some tips to make working with models easier please let me know. :D


A desktop application called "Flash Cards", the first page is greeting the user showing the app's name and a button to start, the second page is showing how you can create new decks and new cards and the third page is showing a list with the decks the user created
1 week ago

#Tuba v0.3.0 is now available, with many new features, performance improvements and bug fixes!


- Custom emoji support :blobcatpat:
- Ability to select post language 🌐
- Media Viewer can now zoom & pan 🔍 🍳
- Performance has improved significantly, you'll notice it right away ⚡
- Found and fixed > 5 memory leaks
- Link preview cards (with native #BookWyrm and #Funkwhale :funkwhale: support (:peertube: is WIP))

There are too many changes to list here, if you're more interested, check out the full release changelog:

#GTK #GNOME #Vala #mastodev

Screenshot of a thread in Tuba in dark mode between megalodon at and xorgfoundation at, where both users use custom emojis, showcasing that Tuba can now show them. Additionally, the post by xorgfoundation is 'expanded', showcasing the alternative layout for expanded posts, where the post content takes the full width of the container and the post indicators move to the bottom left of the container.
Screenshot of a post by blender at (peertube) with the following content "BLENDERHEADS - Ep. 2". The screenshot showcases that Tuba shows a big preview card (since it's a video) with the video thumbnail at the top and the video title and platform at the bottom. The thumbnail has a "play" icon at its center.
Screenshot of Tuba's BookWyrm page in dark mode. The active book is "Some Desperate Glory" by Emily Tesh. The book cover, title, description and ISBN are visible, as well as two button with the labels "BookWyrm" and "OpenLibrary".
Screenshot of Tuba's media viewer in dark mode. The visible media is a picture of some sunflowers zoomed in. This screenshot showcases that Tuba can now zoom and pan images as well as that its layout is similar to Loupe's with the zoom in/out buttons at the bottom right and the carousel arrows at the bottom left.
Felix Häcker
1 week ago

A new issue of #ThisWeekInGNOME is now online!

#96 Polished Settings


Screenshot of "Document Scanner"
Screenshot of Fractal
Screenshot of Settings app showing "Sharing" menu
Screenshot of new Fractal media menu
1 week ago

We've reopened the search for our next Executive Director with an updated job description and a new application deadline!

Think you or someone you know would be a good fit? Submit your application by June 2, 2023.
#GNOME #opensourcejobs

Topher 🌱🐧💚
2 weeks ago

Why every other DE can play fine with any other DM but #GNOME loses its mind and can't function unless it has GDM3


Topher 🌱🐧💚
2 weeks ago

In case it wasn't clear, I'm not angry at #GNOME; I'm angry at Apple and Microsoft and Google and all these unfathomably shady tech companies whose operating systems & other software routinely sell out our privacy and compromise our safety so they can make more numbers for their shareholders.

I'm frustrated that instead of focusing on the most mind-numbingly uninspired, boring, seamless drop-in replacement for those enemies products, we have more learning curve chaos with huge entry barriers. 🧵

Topher 🌱🐧💚
2 weeks ago

I really, really, really don't want to upgrade to #Bookworm, and the reason is GNOME.

The only reason is #GNOME.

It's always ~~DNS~~ GNOME.

Daudix UFO 🦆
2 weeks ago

Reading all those news about #GNOME dropping Console from core in favor of Terminal is very sad, as I personally use and love Console because it's pretty and doesn't have all those configurations that I don't need

Por cierto ¿Si saben que #GNOME va a tener un evento para latinoamerica? Nada menos, en la ciudad de Zacatecas 🎉

Del 26 al 28 de Mayo del 2023.

Cáiganle, con suerte terminamos haciendo una reunión del fedi por allá 😄