nuzcraft :godot:
4 hours ago

really jazzed about implementing this tileset from @MrmoTarius! It looks so good! This is a draft of the arena while I try to get a feel for all the tiles 😎 #GameDev #GodotEngine :godot:

pink character on a white grid of a 6x6 platform/arena, all on the left of the screen. On the right is empty slots for weapon, helm, armor, and an inventory of items. The Potion smells icky.
7 hours ago

Ура! Я закончил с системой инвентаря!
Она еще не внедрена в игру, но она работает!
По моим предположениям инвентарь для моей игры завершен больше чем на 50 %.

#Godot #GodotEngine #Devlog #GameDev

Alghost :godot: :linux:
9 hours ago

We're looking for another Godot developer to join our team working on Sunken Shadows, a 32bit FPS roguelike currently in development. It would most likely be a revenue share.

We're close to releasing our first trailer and demo of the first two biomes in the game, and could use some help building out more game mechanics like more enemy AI, boss fights, player upgrades.

If you're interested in joining or know someone that might be, feel free to DM me!

#Godot #GodotEngine #GameDev #IndieDev

Pandoria Falls :godot:
12 hours ago

I've split a music piece over two AudioStreamPlayer2D. But when I play the second one in the on_timeout() function of the first one, there is a little very tiny break inbetween. Is there a way to get rid of this break?
#Godot4 #Godot #Godotengine

Rafa Laguna - Game Developer
13 hours ago

Hoy en directo hemos hecho un #SuikaGame 3D.

Han sido 5 horas intensas, pero es totalmente jugable.

En el siguiente cerraremos el proyecto:

*Mejorar la iluminación
*Mejorar la interfaz
*Menú de opciones
*Juguito (efectos)

¿Quieres probarlo?

¿Quieres aprender Godot y formar parte de una comunidad creativa?

He puesto la descarga a la versión actual en el Telegram del canal:

¡Entra en la comunidad!
#godot #godotengine

Gabor Heja
14 hours ago

Clutter Rush, my game for the 20 Second Game Jam is online. Check it out if you have 20 seconds to spare.

The assets are all based on free ones (models by Bubble Tea and Zorro Infernal, music by Kevin MacLeod (Incompetech), sounds by Kenney ( @kenney), more on About screen).

It was a fun opportunity to learn animation with Blender and Godot, and to experiment with 3D graphics, I learned a lot.

#GameJam #GameDev #GodotEngine #Blender #20SecondGameJam #Godot

A screenshot from the game, showing a cluttered kitchen and guy trying to clean up the mess before the time runs out. The interface consist of several black dots, a timer (showing 16.683, in seconds), and a progress bar below it.
Dylan Bennett
14 hours ago

(Sorry, couldn't resist. Here's another for #GodotTipsTuesday.) I was so happy when I found out there are other versions of print(). Here's a few I find useful:

* prints() to print several things at once
* print_stack() to get the current stack
* print_debug() is like regular print() but with stack info attached

#Godot #GodotEngine #gamedev #GodotTips

Code screenshot showing the results of print(), print_stack(), prints(), and print_debug() in Godot.
Dylan Bennett
14 hours ago

Let's do this again! Time for #GodotTipsTuesday!

This visualization is perfect for showing why using lerp_angle() is great when trying to figure out how to rotate something to a new direction without that pesky "oops, spin all the way around in the wrong direction if you rotate past 0" problem. (Credit to reddit user /u/lamasaurus for the animation!)

#Godot #GodotEngine #gamedev

Animation of two arrows rotating toward different directions, but one moves as you'd expect because lerp_angle() is used, and the other sometimes takes a much longer route to rotate.
Godot Engine :godot:
14 hours ago

The #GodotEngine Foundation is now one year old, and what a year!

We launched our Godot Development Fund in September, which gathered a lot of support from the community.

Here's an update about where we stand, and what this new level of funding enables:

Jasper Flick
15 hours ago
Rihards Paskausks
15 hours ago

Anyone know what causes #godot editor settings to reset? Has happened to me a couple times now, and kinda frustrating to lose all the keyboard shortcuts, and whatnot.

#godotengine halp

EDIT: and what's interesting, not everything gets reset, like, not all shortcuts, for instance.

Dev Orion Games
16 hours ago

Going to give the #Godot #WildJam a try this month. Let’s see if real life can stay out of the way for 9 days.

Also: pleeeeeeeease don’t be a Christmas theme! 🤞

#godotengine #indiegamedev

17 hours ago

How many times did *you* compile #GodotEngine today?

19 hours ago

I mean, I guess?

An orange brick is hovering over a large grid floor and a ring with a banked turn.
Rafa Laguna - Game Developer
20 hours ago

¡Vamos a hacer un Suika Game pero en 3D!


Ven a aprender a hacer juegos, a preguntar sobre lo que te apetezca y a probar el juego en exclusiva.

#gamedev #indiedev #godot #godotengine #madewithgodot #hechocongodot #suikagame

Pandoria Falls :godot:
21 hours ago

I'm curious about how the different engines are represented over here. So please boost.

Which engine do you use the most (others in comments)

#gamedev #indiedev #godot #gamemaker #unity #unreal #unrealengine #godotengine #unityengine #gamemakerstudio

dbat :godot:
22 hours ago

#godotengine #tip #gdscript

If you are writing a tool and want to provide a link (or whatever) to the documentation for it, here's the trick:

var _ed = EditorInterface.get_script_editor().get_current_editor()
_ed.request_help.emit(&"testObj") # search help dialog
_ed.go_to_help.emit(&"testObj") # direct to help!

Works in Godot4.2

h/t to @efi for putting me onto the answer!

wiki link here:'s-Help-Page-in-Godot-4.2

Charles Corbett
1 day ago

In a dramatic twist and pivot I decided to implement my addon-management idea in #gdscript as a #Godot addon itself.

I had a need for this myself - with several addons supporting 4.x only in branches or addons not in the asset-lib.

This addon attempts to solve this by providing an easy way to fetch and install addon contents into a project and then update just as easily.

It's still fairly early in dev but it does the thing.

#godotengine #godot4 #indiedev #gamedev

dbat :godot:
1 day ago

#godotengine #question

Where is the *best* place to influence (or try to) the features of the Graph Nodes in Godot?

I have a list of ideas and things that could be improved, but I don't want to waste time sharing it in the wrong forum/github thing.


Supernova Files :godot:
1 day ago

Hey godoters, just a question: what's the difference between Vector2() and Vector2i()? It's the integers for the second option? When should I use one or another?


1 day ago

I migrated Zweifisch to #godotengine version 4.2. Overall the process was kind of smooth, but some 3d mesh/lightning stuff broke. And it made some workarounds apparent. Should not have done them in the first place. 🌚

It's time for a new #Stream this Friday :)

sideprojects w/ bram on Friday 8th of December 7PM Central European Time!

in this #GodotEngine 4 steam, we're working on #BATTLEofTAROT, a digital card game

join the nice & cozy stream, where i chat a bit about #GameDev, life, player damage and win- & lose conditions

follow @watch to stay up-to-date, and when we go live! (or @sideprojects_with_bram for VODs after the stream!)

✨ boosts appreciated 🙏 ✨

Pandoria Falls :godot:
2 days ago

Fellow #Godot4 users, when releasing a game for a jam on #itchio, how do you handle the web browser issues (e.g. Firefox blocking the page).

#godotengine #godot

Rafa Laguna - Game Developer
2 days ago

¡Sólo faltas tú...

...para que esté toda la gente bonita de Twitch en mi canal!

Vamos a seguir un ratito más con el RPG, que le he dedicado pocas horas, pero está siendo divertido😽

#gamedev #indiedev #godot #godotengine #madewithgodot #hechocongodot

Hyperlink Your Heart
2 days ago

A bit ugly as yet because I haven't integrated into any nodes or applied any custom styling, but this is what the expressions UI looks like now.

I think it will work ok... I even got the drag and drop working to a degree!

#Godot #GodotEngine #GameDev

Screenshot of a UI from my cutscene graph editor for specifying a boolean expression.
dbat :godot:
2 days ago

#godotengine #question

In a @tool, is there a way to make the docs for a given class (a custom class) open in the editor?

dbat :godot:
2 days ago

#godotengine #plugindev

New error message for weird moments:

For some arcane reason,
the plugin will not plug.
Restart Godot..
Make offerings to your
Eldritch gods.
****** /|\(;,;)/|\ ******

Coming soon to a plugin near you! Gotta do what ya gotta do.

dbat :godot:
2 days ago

#godotengine #question
The sitch:
class_name testObj
extends Object

const pls = "pls!"

func _init() -> void:

static func _static_init():

..and we get 'pls!' printed.

I restart G and no _init messages are printed. So, there is a sense in which testObj exists and can have its const read, yet— it's not been new()ed by me (at least).

So say, I have "testObj" and want testObj, so I can get testObj.pls

dbat :godot:
2 days ago

#godotengine #question

I have a script like:

class_name Foo
extends Object
const thing = 10

Later on, I have the string "Foo".

How do I go from "Foo" to Foo and thence to Foo.thing?

(I'd rather not load or new() the script.)


Filip Rachůnek
2 days ago

Hi everybody! I have recorded another video tutorial about shaders in Godot. This time, we will demonstrate how to create a spectrum analyzer that responds to music played by the Godot audio system. This is a nice effect known from various music applications and can be useful for enhancing your game. Let's do it.
#Godot #Godot4 #GodotEngine #shaders #GodotTips #devlog

〽️ɪɢᴜᴇʟ 💎⛏️
2 days ago

Monday morning 6am 🥱

Time for another #beehave release to fix some bugs around null blackboards.

#godotengine #godot4

dbat :godot:
2 days ago


Someone, please write a plugin for #godotengine that somehow makes fractal sounds like this:

Some kind of class that spits-out these epic sounds with methods to tune and tweak.

Pretty please!

2 days ago

free asset, probably the last one for this year, go get them furnitures

#gameassets #IndieDevs #gamedev #GodotEngine

2 days ago

@dulvui did a great job with his game #Ball2Box. It's easy to learn, and hard to master. The levels are well designed, too. #GodotEngine #Games

Patrick / 🔥 Lizard
2 days ago

Progress on porting my many blend modes from my visual shader plugin to #GodotEngine 4.2. Looking forward to a cleaner UX for users. This change is possible thanks to Chaosus who implemented my proposal in this PR (also linked in the 4.2 blog post)

2 days ago

Теперь персонаж умеет одеваться и раздеваться через шейдер. А еще одежда может иметь кастомный цвет.

#Godot #GodotEngine #DevLog #GameDev

Dreamy Seal :pmgBlue: :godot:
2 days ago

Realized i can make vertical screen games.


Also here's my custom GODOT intro (not splash screen, though).

#GodotEngine #indiegamedev

2 days ago

I have a super strong urge to learn C++ so I can contribute to #GodotEngine. Like it would be so nice if I could fix the problems I have myself instead of just submitting a feature request or something that probably no one would look at.

Jack C.
3 days ago

Working on another tool for playfield design, this time it's a curve-based wall generator. By simply defining a bezier curve, a mesh and an associated collision shape will be generated.

More work to do, but this is another promising step towards being able to author my own pinball designs in Godot. I hope to extend this to generating ramps and wireforms as well.

#Godot #GodotEngine #Gamedev #Pinball #OpenSource

Video showing a ball launched with various velocities at a curved ball guide. The guide was generated with a polygon extruded along a 3D path using the CSG features of godot, and my node extends this by automatically generating a static mesh and collision shape.
Charles Corbett
3 days ago

So here is the public repo for my first-pass on solving the problem of managing out-of-band #godot addons (ones not in the asset library)

It's still early in development and I have plans to possibly add a UI to it - but it does the thing right now.

The intent of this project is just to inject addons from their source repo - something that can be run in github actions as an integration step etc.

It's a WIP so don't expect the world.

#godotengine #gamedev #tooling

new VOD of this week's stream is up! ✨

go watch me do some #GodotEngine #gameDev-y stuff if you missed out and want to catch up :)

i'm currently working on moving the VODs to a new more #fediverse-y platform for the future, until then, youtube'll do 😫

Supernova Files :godot:
3 days ago

hey godoters, a little help with tweens, please.
When I create a tween using create_tween() method, will this keep a node in the tree? Should I need to queue it after using the tween? I'm not sure where should I create the tween. Maybe in ready function?


3 days ago

We just finished an online meeting with the Liblast team - long time no meetings! This one was over 2 hours long :D

I'm very excited about new people and the ideas bouncing around!

I think we're getting back into it and soon there will be no stopping us!

Huge thanks to all attendees! :)

- unfa

#Liblast #IndieDev #GameDev #IndieGame #Godot #GodotEngine

An  whiteboard (in dark mode)  filled with notes, frames, little drawings, memes and Godot editor screenshots showing Liblast's Character scene and script.
Mark Walters
4 days ago

The sand slowly fills up with half sunken bodies as you keep dying. Cool feature or too grim? 🤔

#RhythmRabbit #Steam #rhythmgame #indiegame #gaming #gamedev #indiedev #GodotEngine #screenshotsaturday

4 days ago

Hello , the Gameoff Gamejam 2023 just ended and we submitted our charming platformer , we would really like your feedback on the game

#gamedev #gamejam #platformer #godot #GodotEngine #githubgameoff

dbat :godot:
4 days ago

#godotengine #question
With a (resource) class like this:

class_name Artsy
extends ImageTexture

Is there anyway to persuade it *not* to store its `image` to disk?

i.e. I want to use it at run-time but not to store its data into its tres file.

I have tried all kinds of property_list voodoo and nothing seems to work. 😔

Any help would be grand!

i'm streaming right now! come join! #GameDev #GodotEngine #BATTLEofTAROT

boosts appreciated :)

Fábio Fontes
5 days ago

Something something death from above... and I think that's it for the moveset? The one you had in the old Endless Road at least. Expect some new shit.
#gamedev #indiedev #indiegame #GodotEngine

Marcus Skov
5 days ago

Hope folks like reading, 'cause a shiny new documentation site for a certain #godotengine addon is up ✨

Wish I could take credit for it, but gotta love the fast and accurate search functionality!


Git repo for those curious:

A screenshot of the Path Follow page on the Phantom Camera's documentation site. The left-hand side shows the site navigation links and the right-hand side shows a page outline.
5 days ago

I wanted to better highlight where fossil chunks are within an assembled skeleton, so the chunk icons are now clickable. It's neat!
#gamedev #godotengine #indiedev

A video showing a muttaburrasaurus being inspected, and several different bits clicked on in the Specimen Info HUD, which zooms the camera in on the relevant parts of the assembled skeleton
5 days ago

¡Muy bueno este addon de #godot para hacer point and clics! Se llama #popochiu y está buenisimo.

Acá una serie de tutoriales para hacer cosas básicas

#godotengine #tutoriales #aventurasgraficas

Hyperlink Your Heart
5 days ago

I did a bit of rambling about what I'm currently tackling in my cutscene graph editor for #GodotEngine - basically implementing parts of the scripting language as UI. It's a lot of work to allow things to be defined that are very easy to write as code.

#GameDev #Godot

5 days ago

Godot 4.2 is here!🎊
I made a video with my favorite new features😍

#indiedev #gamedev #GodotEngine

TimKrief IndieDev
5 days ago

I am excited to share with you a behind-the-scenes look at how I created real-time dynamic clouds in Octahedrone using #GodotEngine. In this video, I walk you through each step of the development process and showcase the results along the way.

5 days ago

Godot can play videos.. but sadly only ogv. Still allows me to enjoy some of my favorite shows in vr though.

#godotengine #funny #gamedev #opensource #foss

Allen Pestaluky :godot:
6 days ago

#GodotEngine 4.2 was released today! With it comes a new GDScript feature to enforce static typing — This is extremely valuable for C# programmers who are looking to try out GDScript.

Here's an article with details:

#godot #godot4

Project Settings for enforcing static typing in GDScript. 🚀
6 days ago

@godotengine And that wraps the major stable release of #GodotEngine for this year, kudos for all the contributors! 🥳 I've personally contributed a dozen of commits on this #Godot 4.2 version, nowhere at the level of the big bois 🎂 but I'm ecstatic nonetheless.

#gamedev #indiedev

6 days ago

Ho, ho, ho, it's time for Godot!

Godot 4.2 that is. An early XMas present, #GodotEngine 4.2 was just released. We go hands-on with a dozen of the best new features in this release.

#gamedev #indiedev

Godot Engine :godot:
6 days ago

We did it! 🎉 Our third feature release of the year, Godot 4.2, is out now 🤖

Over 350 contributors helped to build this release, submitting more than 1800 improvements to the engine.

Learn how #GodotEngine makes your gamedev journey more fun:

1 week ago

#PixelOver 0.14.5 just released ! Improving depth displacement for 3D images. Also added Japanese translation and other enhancements/fixes.

Detailed changes

#GodotEngine #madewithgodot #indiedev #pixelart #gamedev

i tried real hard, and i kinda dig this kind of syntax 👀✨

its a Label node that registers the signals passed through the methods shown here, and shows itself based on the parameters set by the programmer!

every method returns `self` which allows for method chaining!

#GodotEngine #gdScript #GameDev

code reading:

	$HitGlowingPartsHint \
		.dont_show_if(ingot, 'hit_correct_side') \
		.dont_show_if(hammering, 'manual_stop') \
		.do_show_after_n_seconds_of_no(5.0, ingot, 'hit_correct_side') \
		.do_show_if(ingot, 'hit_incorrect_side') \

its really annoying that whenever you switch branches, #GodotEngine keeps some weird state outside of my view as a user

the project.godot file seems to completely have it's own mind, causing certain global class_name scripts to not be available, causing the game to not even launch :///

kind of a core issue is it not? how is this still an issue 😩


sideprojects w/ bram on Friday 1st of December 7PM Central European Time!

we're gonna do more #GodotEngine 4 stuff on #BATTLEofTAROT, a digital card game!

join the nice & cozy stream, where i chat a bit about #GameDev, and just some day-to-day life stuff.

follow @watch to stay up-to-date, and when we go live!

✨ boosts appreciated 🙏 ✨

Aviv Levy :godot:
1 week ago

Troubled Turtles Post-Jam Update is live! With mobile support, better controls and the ability to undo moves, as well as some QoL improvements.

#indiegamedev #pixelart #godotengine

turtle pixel art sokoban style game
1 week ago

Squishy button made in #godotengine

#indiedev #gamedev #uiux #ui

Bigaston 🎮 :godot:
1 week ago

Okay, I try to do something like Pokemon Snap, where you can take picture of elements. It's not perfect for now but it's a beginning!

#godotengine #gamedev #indiedev

2 weeks ago

I made Santa's hat smooth following when walking. #screenshotsaturday

#godotengine #xmas #christmas #gamedev #santa

Rémi Verschelde
2 weeks ago

New Release Candidate for #GodotEngine 4.2!

This has been a busy week for the team, triaging, debugging, and fixing regressions reported after our first RC.

This may be the one? 🤞
Please test it through and through!

2 weeks ago

It's done. After months of development, I released one of my biggest hobby projects: Zweifisch, a competitive local multiplayer game. :)

Check it out on itch:

Feedback is highly appreciated.

#godotengine #gamedev #indiedev #multiplayer #indiegame

2 weeks ago

I am making a Godot game dev tutorial series,
creating a Slay the Spire clone with GDScript...

Ep. 01 is out!

Special shoutouts to @uheartbeast for the idea, @kenney for the awesome assets
and @caseyyano for being an inspiration! :)

#gamedev #tutorial #godotengine #godot

2 weeks ago

🎉💻 It's a double celebration! Our 100th(ish) stream + a Charity Fundraiser! Join us as we build cool stream things with #GodotEngine. Let's celebrate milestones and give back together! 🚀❤️ #StreamForACause #GameDev #MilestoneStream #CharityGaming 🎮🔥

2 weeks ago

I may still be on death's door, but at least it's slightly less than yesterday.

Actually able to do a little bit for #GameDevFridays today, which was nice!

Of course I really do mean "a little bit". See that new tile indicator down in the bottom left? It's now a progress bar that fills up as you get closer to unlocking a new tile.

That's it. That was my day 😅

#GameDev #GodotEngine #CityBuilder

Screenshot from my low poly city builder game that is suspiciously identical to a ton of other screenshots I've posted recently, except now the hex tile icon in the bottom left is half filled up with colour instead of being fully coloured in.
Bigaston 🎮 :godot:
2 weeks ago

Some upgrades:
- A little bit of UI
- A tutorial! (Need some rework but heh)

And I've started to do some playtest!

#godotengine #gamedev #indiedev

Tilt Five
2 weeks ago

The @godotengine team joins us on stream tonight.

We're LIVE:

#indiedev #godotengine #devhour

2 weeks ago

my shader works! I made a tricky shader from scratch! yay learning new things! 😁

This thing takes tile data in the form of a tiny image where each red pixel represents a tile ++ what kind of edge it is in the green channel (making it look yellow) and the shader turns that into a smooth bordered shape.

So the battle engine can now generate one of these tiny pixel-data images for weapon/movement range and get a nice way to show that range.

#Godot4 #godotengine

A yellow field with a thin white line with curved corners.
A bunch of blown-up red and yellow pixels in the same shape.
Bigaston 🎮 :godot:
2 weeks ago

More progression did on stream tonight!
Some storage building, a rocket, better terrain, and progress on the drone control!

#godotengine #indiedev #gamedev #funpv

Godot Engine :godot:
2 weeks ago

Submissions for the #GodotEngine 2023 Showreel are open! Read more on our blog 👇

Awf Ibrahim
2 weeks ago

One of the things I really like about #GodotEngine is how flexible it is to setup everything so it works for YOUR project. Here is a simple level system I setup in roughly 2 days. Just drag everything in, draw the map and it works right out of the box.
#gamedev #indiedev

njamster :godot:
2 weeks ago

Weeell, so much for "making it in time"! 😂 Released the game on @itchio, still had 1 minute to submit (yeah, I know, I know...), but didn't factor in that they require you to fill in a brief questionnaire about your game as well. 🙈 Long story short: The game is *not* part of the #GodotWildJam, but if you want to you can still give it a try here:


#GameJam #GameDev #HonestGameDev #Godot #GodotEngine #MadeWithGodot

The title screen of my game, called "Ratonera" (after the Spanish word for mousetrap). It's very minimalistic, picking up on the colors and fonts of the Godot Wild Jam itself. There's only the game's title, a smaller note below that reads "A game by njamster with music by vacuumbeef" and two buttons labeled with "Play" and "Exit".
A screenshot of the actual gameplay. It shows a top down view of a cat walking through a lush garden full of green bushes, chasing after a cute little mouse. At the top of the screen is a progressbar, labeled with the word "Hunger" and already filled by approximately 75%.
One possible game over screen for the game. It reads "Well. At least you got... one."
Another possible game over screen for the game. It reads "You ate a whopping total of 8 mice before your hunger overwhelmed you..."
Bigaston 🎮 :godot:
2 weeks ago

And new update! A little time after the last one because I've a lot of struggle to find a correct way to generate my terrain in Godot. But today I discover Terrain3D and ProtonScatter and with just some basic configuration it work not so bad!

#godotengine #indiedev #gamedev #funpv

Hendrik Mans
2 weeks ago

I ranted a little about #godotengine yesterday, as I sometimes do.

I would like to add -- and emphasize! -- that if I were to make a list of things that I think are great about Godot, and a list of things I (maybe even strongly) dislike about it, the former would be several orders of magnitude longer than the latter.

The Godot logo superimposed on top of a blurred-out screenshot of the engine. Image from the official website.
njamster :godot:
3 weeks ago

Alright everyone, here's the current state of my #GodotWildJam project after ~3,5 days of work. Shaping up nicely – maybe I'll actually make it in time! :)

Music by @vacuumbeef!

#ScreenshotSaturday #GameJam #GameDev #Godot #GodotEngine #MadeWithGodot

A gameplay video showing a top down view of a cat walking through a green garden full of bushes. It leaves cute little footprints wherever it walks, that slowly fade out after a while. If you look closely, you might spot a few mice scurry around from bush to bush. The cat seems to have noticed that as well, and disappears in one of them. No luck though: Those mice have supernatural vision, still spot it from miles away and quickly run away!
3 weeks ago

So. TV done for the night, back to gamedev mode. And I have news!

After a bit of a run-up, and a lot of being tempted to scrap the whole thing and hide, I've officially done the scary thing.

It's just a short intro video, with all those things you hate like intro sequences and unnecessary exposition👍

Idk why this was so terrifying when I literally already have another YT channel but whatever. Brains, eh? 😅

#GameDev #Devlog #GodotEngine #YouTube

YouTube thumbnail mostly taken up with a screenshot of my hex-based city builder, with me doing a weird hand thing off to the side. Text reads "city builder Devlog #0"
Tilt Five
3 weeks ago

Interested in learning how to use #GodotEngine for Tilt Five? The #Godot team will join us on a special 'Dev Hour' next week. #XR

📅 Tues. Nov 21
🕔 5 pm PST
🖥️ LIVE on Twitch

dardasaba ❄️ Frozen Fractals
3 weeks ago

❄️ finished the saving & loading system!

It saves everything from current level, relevant game mode and modifiers info, unlocked achievements, and more!

#IndieDevs #GodotEngine

A video of my fractal bullet hell game. After progressing a few levels, I quit to the menu, and on returning to the game I spawn back at where I left off.
Yuri :godot:
3 weeks ago

If you're one of the people running Linux on ARM, we now have official editor and export template builds provided for your platform!

The last couple of #GodotEngine 4.2 releases, RC1 included, are waiting for you to give them a try 🦾

Yuri :godot:
3 weeks ago

🏁 One last turn, and the checkered flag is in sight! #GodotEngine 4.2 reaches its first Release Candidate today, so make sure to download it and give it a good shake.

Read more:

I've done another Art Pass on my game, it's coming together!

#gamedev #godotengine #pixelart

A 2.5D scene of a lab, a person in a hazmat suit is pushing items around.