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Sven van der Meer ♾️
1 hour ago

The one who understands platform (and business) staidong enough in business to now challenge the one who understands logistics and the one who understands ads.
Interesting evolution of dynamics.
Later we'll see the European sovereignty clouds joining here.

How #Microsoft Fabric aims to beat #Amazon and #Google in the cloud war | VentureBeat

Both of these proposals are aimed at reducing the share of ad money claimed by tech, especially the ad-tech duopoly of #Google/#Meta. Ad-tech claims more than 50% of every ad dollar spent, thanks to their chokepoint on ads. The ad-tech market is a cesspool of fraud, abuse and creepy practices.


Antti Peltola
2 hours ago

More typical #Google bullshit. 5 GHz #Hotspot functionality is now broken after a software update in my Google #Pixel. If you mainly use your phone for hotspot functionality and live in an apartment building this will suck hard.

Oh well, i guess i have to buy a USB-C cable next to get a stable hotspot here until these clowns fix the bug. 🤦

#GooglePixel 📚
2 hours ago

Following up on #Google's rollout of #passkey support for #consumer Google accounts in May, Google has now extended #password-less login to Google #Workspace #business accounts.

3 hours ago

#GWB - Google One: Neue Premium-Vorteile für Google Meet werden reigeschaltet – längere Videoanrufe und mehr - #googlemeet #googleone #Google

Christian Schwägerl
4 hours ago

Quality of results given in my #Google searches gets worse and worse, with a large increase of irrelevant or seriously outdated links. Anybody else having this problem?

#Google glass. Niet geworden. #Hololens gaaf. Maar haalt het in #onderwijs ook niet. Nu de #Apple bril. Kortom veel geld. Gemiddeld 3500 euro voor speeltje die het niet haalt.

Marcel SIneM(S)US
5 hours ago
8 hours ago

█ Google fa perdre visites a dues de cada tres webs que tenen versió en català, segons un estudi ▓▒░ Segons l'Aliança per la Presència Digital del Català, que ha analitzat el trànsit de més de 600 webs, moltes de les visites que fa un any eren en català ara són visites al contingut en cast[…] #324cat #catala #google #internet

Well...the hard line #YouTube stance has pissed off a few friends so possibly the whole "warm room at #Gitmo for #Google execs" welcoming back #ElectionDenier vids just in time for #Election2024 is actually...effective ? Gonna do what it takes to make a federal case out of...oh wait. Damn. Bit slow off the line here. These guys are good.The question is Grand Jury Good ? We'll seeeeee

Lauren Weinstein
8 hours ago

@caseynewton #Google's decision to permit election denial videos back on #YouTube (but only in the U.S.!) is I believe the worst single decision they've made in the history of the company, and has the potential for the most danger and damage. And they will be responsible for the results. Ultimately it's a "follow the money" problem. As someone who has worked inside G twice, I sense that the C-suite is in a panic, as the political, regulatory, and competitive landscape shifts beneath their feet. And they're making a series of very bad decisions, which could ultimately send the firm along the same kind of dead-end path as, for example, Digital Equipment Corporation (DEC) many years ago. It's not too late for them to change course for the sake of the company and their users (and the world at large), but I would not place bets on their doing so in time.

Harvey Turing
9 hours ago

I wish #Gmail provided alias addresses. I shouldn't have to create a separate account, then manage settings in both accounts. Not to mention remembering to set "privacy" preferences for each account.


9 hours ago

Chrome gets new mid-tier compiler: Maglev

We’re bringing a new mid-tier compiler to Chrome. Maglev is a just-in-time compiler that can quickly generate performant machine code for all relevant functions within the first one-hundredth of a second. It reduces overall CPU time to compile code while also saving battery life. Our measurements show Maglev has provided a 7.5 percent improvement on Jetst


Hey Manu!!
10 hours ago

Me he vuelto un romántico del papel, ahora, evento en el que estoy, hago anotaciones en libretitas (de esas que regalan en congresos) y así las guardo para su posterior consulta, y eso que era fan de #evernote y #Google #Keep 😆

Lauren Weinstein
10 hours ago

Follow the money:

- #Google permits violent insurrection-provoking election denial videos back on #YouTube (only in the U.S.!)

- After partnering with 9/11 families to call out Saudis as terrorists, PGA secretly reverses and joins with blood-soaked Saudi golf league, stunning non-murderers around the world.

12 hours ago

The findings come as #cybersecurity firm CloudSEK disclosed it had identified the rogue SpinOK #SDK – which was revealed by Doctor Web last month – in 193 apps on the #Google Play Store that have been downloaded 30 million times.
#ransomware #android #cracks

13 hours ago #google #passkeys Early days. Limited functionality for Linux and Chrome OS. You’d think Google would have a better experience with its own OS, but you’d be wrong.

@thenewoil i quite like what apple do lately for privacy & security, their are not perfect of course, but at least they try not like other #google who try to be a white knight of open source by shipping proprietary chrome

13 hours ago

Google Cloud launches free courses to help users build their own GPT-style AI - The new corpus includes nine courses and a set of labs that stude... - #education #chatgpt #google #ai

13 hours ago

@GoogleAds I'm trying to fix our tax info for our youtube and your system won't let me. Please help us! #googleads #Google @Google @YouTube @YouTubeCreators

Anselm Flügel
14 hours ago

@reticuleena Von mir nimmt #gmail im Augenblick noch Mails an (war aber auch schon mal anders, als der Mond oder die #google-Aktienkurse gerade entsprechend standen). Wer nicht einen Fast-Monopolisten unterstützen will, der dem Rest der Mail-Welt seine Vorstellungen aufzudrücken versucht: #NichtsWieWeg von gmail!

14 hours ago

South Kaibab Trail in Grand Canyon National Park, #Arizona

The South Kaibab Trail is a popular hiking trail, renowned for its difficult terrain and steep descent while also providing breathtaking views of the canyon. The trail starts with switchbacks known as 'the chimney' that lead to a steep, narrow descent

Take a walk on the trail with #Google street view:

#Photography, #Nature #NaturePhotography

The South Kaibab Trail is a popular hiking trail, renowned for its difficult terrain and steep descent while also providing breathtaking views of the canyon. The trail starts with switchbacks known as 'the chimney' that lead to a steep, narrow descent
Estelle Platini
14 hours ago

'My normative lesson is, “Heed Marginalized People.” Fundamentally and foundationally. And, like, don’t include them necessarily in your training data, but include them in the questions that you ask at the outset, and who you think to ask about what you ought to do.
So to ask that question, “Who have we not thought about; whose harms, whose needs, whose voice has been, perhaps speaking, but unheeded, for a very long time? And how do we ensure that the things that they have called out as potential sites of failure, don’t go unremarked, don’t go unaddressed.'

Dr. Damien P. Williams, @Wolven #ableism #algorithms #bias #biotech #ethics #disability #facialRecognition #feminisms #Google #homophobia #machineLearning #misogyny #neurodiversity #phenomenology #racism #science #neutrality #sexism #cognition #surveillance #dataDon @ethics @dataGovernance @data #historyOfScience

@EposVox And yes I don't forgive nor forget #Google that shit since I literally followed their terms and conditions to the letter and they just decided to rug me as part of their collective punishment towards #SmallChannels cuz some #Daesh propaganda got monetized.

Danny Boling 🌈 ☮️
15 hours ago

🚨 YO! HEADS UP!! 🚨

That blue "#verified" #checkmark that Gmail has been using to validate the senders of #email has been #hacked. Don't trust it, at least for the time being!
New #Security #Warning Issued For #Google's 1.8 Billion #Gmail Users


Glenn Gabe
16 hours ago

Great series by Daniel Waisberg. Many started exporting to BigQuery from GSC, but I know there is still a lot to learn for most site owners -> BigQuery efficiency tips for Search Console bulk data exports

"There are no costs associated w/GSC to export the data; however, do read the BigQuery pricing to understand what you will be billed for. We'll discuss tips to help you take advantage of the new data w/out incurring significant cost"

#seo #google #bigquery

Brian Moakley
16 hours ago

Over twenty years ago, internet search engines were crap. You had to suffer tons of ads to find any meaningful content.

Google changed that overnight. The site was just a search bar and gave you amazing results.

These days, Google is just another mess of ads, resembling the search engines of old. No wonder they are terrified of AI.


Chemerinsky: Social media and internet companies likely face more free speech challenges at the Supreme Court

"Sometimes there is great significance in what the U.S Supreme Court doesn’t do, and that was definitely so for two cases it handed down May 18 about the internet and social media."

Dean Erwin Chemerinsky on Twitter v. Taamneh and Gonzalez v. Google, via ABA Journal

#LawFedi #LawSchool #LawProfs #SCOTUS #SocialMedia #Twitter #Google #SupremeCourt 📚
16 hours ago

#Google #Chrome 114 updated to patch the third #0day #vulnerability exploited in the wild this year. Update as soon as possible.

Explora el poder de las búsquedas en la terminal de Linux
Googler es una herramienta de línea de comandos desarrollada para #linux que permite realizar búsquedas en #google ...

17 hours ago

#GWB - GMail: Blaue Haken für vertrauenswürdige Absender ließen sich überlisten – Google erhöht Anforderungen - #google-mail #Google

17 hours ago

Google Chrome – CVE-2023-3079 : une nouvelle faille zero-day corrigée dans le navigateur ! #Logiciel-OS #Sécurité #Chrome #Google #Web

New by me at Forbes: another zero-day for the Chrome browser, the third for 2023, confirmed by Google. Exploit known in the wild.

#infosec #google #chrome #tech #news

Of course there's no native way to have #Android's and #iPhone's communicate via P2P Wifi connection because #Apple refuses to use the open standard maintained by #google.

Yeah, of course one should refuse big tech corps as maintainers, but if you already are a big tech corp you're equally trash. So stfu and support the god damn standard already you dimwits.

18 hours ago

It's still saddening (maddening?) that #Mozilla didn't take the lead in this, but we're getting unfortunately used to them not being the champion of the open Internet that they used to be.
Of course the question remains of what #Google will do with #Chrome, but the hopes are that #Apple (and hopefully soon Mozilla) throwing their weight behind the format will help it gain enough adoption to push the ad giant on the right path too.

19 hours ago

5️⃣ Turn off website trackers. Most websites use third-party cookies to track your behavior. If that third-party is #Facebook or #Google, they will end up monetizing your data. Stop them before they start by using an ad blocker like @protonvpn's Netshield.

Alexander Karn
19 hours ago


“I read/saw it on the internet” rapidly approaching “The oracle told me” territory.

#AI #truth #google

21 hours ago

@festal I’m kind of surprised that this wasn’t the first Google result for Girl with a pearl earring. LOL Of course this was done by an actual human, so that may have thrown then off. #Art #Google #AI

A painting signed Chapman of a round yellow BBQ grill with a “pearl” hanging from the handle & a wrapped blue & white headdress like the Vermeer painting
Aalaap Ghag 🇮🇳
22 hours ago

Hey #Google, can you access #Bard?
- Sorry, I didn't understand.


heise online
1 day ago

KI-Funktionen für Gmail und den Google Chat

Gmail sucht nun klug nach Begriffen, nicht mehr nur nach dem Wort. Googles Chat in Workspace macht kluge Vorschläge, wie es weitergehen soll.

#GoogleMail #Google #MicrosoftOffice #OfficeSuite #news

gualdo :fsf: :cc:
1 day ago

Oggi a Milano inizia depreDATI, laboratorio di autodifesa dalla sorveglianza digitale

@quinta e il sottoscritto approfondiscono il capitalismo della sorveglianza e mostrano come ci si difende

Info e prenotazione sono qui:

L'incontro è in presenza e gratis

E inoltre regaliamo il fumetto ContraChrome

#GAFAM #Google #Facebook #instagram #meta #Amazon #Apple #provacy

1 day ago

#legal #Illinois #Google #lawsuits #LawsuitSettlements #privacy

'Illinois Google users who filed as part of a class action lawsuit can expect to see payments of about $95 each. The Chicago Tribune reported more than 687,000 current and former Illinois residents are eligible for the payment.'

Tim Richards
1 day ago

Mulling over how much worse Google has become with search results over the past year. What other search engines are people using and would recommend?

#Search #Google

1 day ago

As somebody who uses #android, i am getting more and more disappointed with #google. While #apple includes new features often, even if they are not groundbreaking in Google land you are not sure if the app you use will survive the next year. The last excitement I felt for an android feature was coarse location access.

Lasse Gismo 🖕
1 day ago

Warst Du nicht brav, oder wie?

#gmail #google

Chris Ely
1 day ago

Do you make iOS do anything?

#poll #Apple #iOS #Google #Android

1 day ago

#Google lässt übrigens keine Mails von mir an #Gmail-Adressen mehr durch. (Sowohl meine private als auch meine freiberufliche Adresse sind betroffen.) Wenn ihr also Bei GMail seid und die Option offen halten wollt, Mails von mir zu bekommen, solltet ihr euch nen anderen Mailprovider zulegen. Eigentlich solltet ihr das so oder so tun. Weil auch viele andere kleine Mailprovider/Selbsthoster betroffen sind und man hat ja schließlich E-Mail genau weil man damit für alle unabhängig vom Anbieter erreichbar ist. Nicht wahr?

Lauren Weinstein
1 day ago

Forwarded from my lists:

--- Forwarded message begins ---

Michael Loftis
2:21PM PDT

Google's really jumping the gun on passkeys

If you've used, or been using, the built-in security key present on iPhones alongside #Google Workspace you're being force marched into passkey on Google Workspace too. Drop dead date is December 1, 2023. Better still, the announcement (received by me on June 5th at 0716 PDT) states that today, June 5th, they're supported for Workspaces. However, when you go to attempt to do as they're forcing you to do, and create a passkey, that management page indicates they're NOT allowed on Google Workspace accounts.

Would've been a LOT smarter to make sure the rollout was completed to Workspace prior to mass mailing Workspace people. Even better is there was NO contact to admins about this, they just emailed all your users directly so now your support staff is going to get hit with questions they might not have answers for.

I guess we're supposed to just add it to the pile of not very well planned or thought out moves throughout this whole passkey rollout.

--- Forwarded message ends ---

Preston Maness ☭
2 days ago

@kristian Echoing others:

Why not to use #Brave:

1. Brave is based on Chrome. Contributing to Google's hegemony across the web is, in my opinion, a Bad Thing.
2. Brave have associated themselves with various cryptocurrency projects/schemes/shenanigans, which, in my opinion, is another Bad Thing.

Why to use #Firefox:

1. The only non-Chrome browser left standing in the way of total Google hegemony, which is, in my opinion, a Good Thing.
2. Makes greater efforts to respect users' privacy. E.g., none of the v3 manifest shenanigans, far less phone-home activity, DNS over HTTPS / #DoH (yes, I know some folks really don't like this) support.
3. Managed by a non-profit, Mozilla. They're hardly perfect -- being a part of the Non-Profit Industrial Complex -- but I'd rather struggle with them than Google.

Firefox (and #Mozilla) aren't perfect. And so long as they are dependent upon a massive conglomerate like #Google or #Microsoft or #Yahoo to underwrite their efforts, they won't be. But that, in my opinion, is really up to us to work to fix. If there's any software that people would pay for, and *have* paid for in the past, it's:

1. Their operating systems
2. Their web browsers

2 days ago

Pro-tip for 📽️ #YouTube watchers who are concerned about #FreeSoftware and #privacy:

Try #Invidious <>.

This is an alternative YouTube frontend for the web with all the bullshit of YouTube cut out. What is important to me, it avoids the JavaScript Trap because all code of Invidious is free software.

Probably not for complete web beginners, but I still recommend it for those who want control. 👍

#Google #DataLeech

Rui Carmo
2 days ago

I'm positive #google is devastated at #RCS being absent from the #iMessage makeover... #WWDC2023

Lauren Weinstein
2 days ago

Upset over #Google's decision to permit dangerous 2020 election denial videos appear on #YouTube again is so high that I wouldn't be surprised if someone creates the most horrific video(s) possible in this genre just to test Google's comfort level with this decision when the video goes viral.

@deirdresm @unixmercenary
#Google & #coffee are tied for being my worst daily habits... :(
I now have two great little chromebooks that Goog abandoned.
Definitely my bad for being nearly all in with their products.
That's what I get for living #Apple free. The rest of my family are on the digital Apple tree. :(

Mike (Multiverse of Badness)
2 days ago

I've posted a lot recently about how awful the #Google search engine has become, especially in regards to hyper specific #coding queries

The enshitifying of #StackOverflow was already a burning ember, but that house appears to be in immediate danger as well

As a guy that learned to #code from magazines and books, I truly value the these tools. To see them dumbed down by weaponized #MachineLearning (faux #AI) #bots is heartbreaking.

#coding in 2030 will be shit

Garry Knight
2 days ago

A host of malicious Google Chrome extensions with 75 million installs have been removed

'Late last week, Google confirmed removing 34 malicious extensions from its Chrome Web Store. The extensions were capable of injecting ads into pages and exfiltrating sensitive data from compromised endpoints. In total, the extensions were downloaded more than 75 million times.'

#technology #tech #Google #Chrome #security #privacy #hacking #malware #phishing

Hacker News 50
2 days ago

Google just released a 100% free learning path on Generative AI with 9 Courses



Steffen Voß
3 days ago

#KI: Big Tech nutzt unser aller Inhalte, um ihre Systeme zu trainieren, rückt aber ihre Ergebnisse nicht heraus. #Google #OpenAI 📚
3 days ago

Over the next 15 days, #Gmail users will begin to see “top results” when they #search their inboxes, featured above the “all results” section. The new category is fueled by #Google’s machine learning models.

Lauren Weinstein
3 days ago

***** Google's YouTube policy change to permit dangerous election denial videos apparently only applies to the U.S. *****

#Google's #YouTube policy change to permit dangerous election denial videos apparently only applies to the U.S. Their blog post announcing this change explicitly only applies to the U.S. 2020 election and past U.S. presidential elections.

If we look at the actual YouTube help page related to "elections misinformation policies" -

we find a notice at the top saying that:

- - -

On June 2, 2023, we updated how this policy applies to past US election outcomes. Learn more in our blog.

- - -

But looking further down this page, we see that prohibitions still apply in other countries:

- - -

Election integrity: Content advancing false claims that widespread fraud, errors, or glitches occurred in certain past elections to determine heads of government. Or, content that claims that the certified results of those elections were false. This policy currently applies to:

- The 2021 German federal election
- The 2014, 2018, and 2022 Brazilian Presidential elections"

- - -

It appears that Google is much more concerned about other countries' election integrity than they are about our own, where election lies triggered an insurrection.

Google has lost its way. -L

Lauren Weinstein
3 days ago

***** Google's worst decision *****

The decision for #YouTube to allow 2020 election disinformation denial videos, a decision already being celebrated among the supporters of the Jan 6 insurrection, is in my opinion the single worst and likely most negatively consequential decision in the history of #Google.

Lauren Weinstein
4 days ago

***** Why is Google making such bad decisions? *****

So I'm being asked why #Google has been making these awful, ultimately self-destructive decisions lately (most recently, now permitting 2020 election denial videos to return on #YouTube, which many observers, including myself, feel could lead to new violence as they did for the Jan 6th insurrection).

I can't get into the minds of the "well-bonused" Google C-suite.

However, I think it's fairly clear that they're in a panic. The political, regulatory, and competitive landscapes are shifting beneath their feet. They know the fate of other large tech firms that went from forces of nature to nothing in a matter of a handful of years. They don't want to vanish into the ether like those others did.

They see the current situation as an existential threat. And like so many past executives at so many firms who were in a panic, they're making mainly short-term decisions out of fear, that are setting the stage for even more problems and instability down the line.

As I've said before, this does not bode well for Google, its employees, its TVCs, its users, or the world at large that all depend on Google to such an enormous degree.

And I find this all to be extremely sad. -L

Martin Owens
4 days ago


But #reddit, #google, #twitter and many other proprietary apis are not nature or social services. They are dressed up to look like these things. I think to better trap the industrious software developer.

But these interfaces are not natural resources to be exploited. They are relationships where you hold none of the power. A bargain that you didn't get a say in drafting.

Any api you don't naturally or socially control can not be depended upon.

Ruby Sinreich
4 days ago

"As North Carolina’s 12-week abortion ban is due to come into effect on 1 July, an analysis from the non-profit Center for Political Accountability (CPA) shows several major corporations donated large sums to a Republican political organization which in turn funded groups working to elect anti-abortion state legislators."

Amazon and Google fund anti-abortion lawmakers through complex shell game

#abortionBans #NCpol #Google #Amazon #abortion

Lauren Weinstein
4 days ago

***** How #Google employees are reacting to YouTube permitting 2020 election fraud videos *****

Just FYI, I'm hearing from numerous Googlers I know who are absolutely dismayed and embarrassed by the decision to permit 2020 election fraud videos back on #YouTube. These denials led directly to the Jan 6 insurrection and the violence that resulted -- not to mention almost destroying our democracy -- and they feel, as do I, that Google's claim that this is just ordinary political speech is self-serving, hypocritical, and vastly dangerous.

Google has been making a series of serious unforced errors lately in this toxic political environment. This does not bode well for its future, for its users, or for the world at large. I find this extremely distressing. -L

Aral Balkan
4 days ago

Amazon and Google fund anti-abortion lawmakers through complex shell game - The Guardian

#google #amazon #BigTech #SiliconValley

4 days ago

Today at #Google's SF office - along with our #shareholder resolution, we staged an action challenging the company's plans to partner with #Saudi Aramco. Here's local news overage showing our life size cutouts of #Pinchar and #MBS who holds a bloody bone saw with signs reading No Deals with Murderers. Presenting our proposal at today's annual meeting was a Saudi activist who has lost friend's to the government's brutality.

Dr Bob
4 days ago

#AI Poses ‘Risk of Extinction’

No worries, #Nvidia stock up, trillion dollar cap🤯

“Leaders from #OpenAI, #Google #DeepMind, Anthropic and other A.I. labs warn that future systems could be as deadly as pandemics and nuclear weapons.”

Text Shot: “Mitigating the risk of extinction from A.I. should be a global priority alongside other societal-scale risks, such as pandemics and nuclear war,” reads a one-sentence statement released by the Center for AI Safety, a nonprofit organization. The open letter was signed by more than 350 executives, researchers and engineers working in A.I.
John Scott-Railton ☕
4 days ago

3/ The #SEO PDF spam is still all over. Including many gov sites.

Want to help?

1️⃣ Google search:

"site:[pick a top-level domain e.g. etc.] instagram hack followers filetype:pdf"

2️⃣mix in terms e.g. "Tiktok" & "fans."

3️⃣ Cry

4️⃣Gently notify administrators

#spam #seo #cybersecurity #IT #networking #google

Marcus "MajorLinux" Summers
4 days ago

The both sides argument is starting to wear thin especially when one side will continue to lie.

And shame on Google for not further explaining why they made this choice.

YouTube changes misinformation policy to allow videos falsely claiming fraud in the 2020 US election | Engadget

#YouTube #Misinformation #Google #Elections #TechNews

The YouTube logo,
John Scott-Railton ☕
4 days ago

2/ SEO operations like this are a bit like opportunistic infections for Content Management Systems.

They show up when there are bugs, misconfigurations & permissions issues.

#CISA rapidly pushed out notifications to affected orgs & the content is coming down all over.

#cybersecurity #spam #SEO #google #CMS

John Scott-Railton ☕
4 days ago

NEW: I found 1000s of shady PDFs hosted on .gov websites of states, universities, defense contractors, etc.

It was a clever SEO spam operation, but the access could have been exploited for more nefarious things. 1/

@lorenzofb has the writeup

#cybersecurity #spam #SEO #google #instagram #tiktok #fraud

Lauren Weinstein
4 days ago

I've long been accused of being something of a #Google fanboy. But actually, I just call 'em as I see 'em. Google has made enormous strides since its earliest days where I was highly critical of various of its practices. Now I view it as a world class example of best practices in privacy and security.

That said, I will remind everyone that evil can flourish both from active actions and omissions, particularly when evil surrounds us waiting for any weaknesses through which to strike.

I am concerned that in a difficult competitive and regulatory environment, Google is forgetting some aspects of this truth.

Lauren Weinstein
4 days ago

***** Google is now implicitly endorsing the violence and worse of the Jan 6 insurrection *****

Let's be clear about what #Google's decision to permit election fraud videos to return to #YouTube really means. Election denialism led DIRECTLY to the horrors of Jan 6. By claiming that such videos are just like any other form of political speech, Google is wittingly or unwittingly ENDORSING that violence into the future. Unfortunately, it's that simple. And as someone who loves YouTube, I am both disappointed and disgusted. -L

Stefan Bohacek
5 days ago

So I tried Google's new AI powered search experiment that supposedly gives you code snippets in response to programming related questions.

The answer was at best incomplete, but all in all unusable. I don't think we're on the right path here.

#google #ai #GenerativeAI #bard #ChatGPT

Marcus "MajorLinux" Summers
5 days ago

Is it weird that all those developers were cheering on the thing Google is building to replace them?

The MajorLinux Show: Google I/O Keynote (05/10/2023)

#AI #Android #Google #GoogleIO #Technolgy #Twitch #YouTube #BlackMastodon #Blerd

A split thumbnail featuring an anthropomorphized duck mascot costume that has lips at the end of its bill and wearing a purple jacket and green beanie on the left and the MajorLinux logo on the right.
Stephen Shankland
5 days ago

Google's Bard, sadly but perhaps not surprisingly, doesn't know there's a difference between dog vomit slime mold (Fuligo septica) and dog sick slime mold (Didymium mucilago).

#AI #LLM #Bard #Google #SlimeMold

Pratik Patel
5 days ago

Urm. This takes the reliability issue to a whole different level.

#Pixel Watch where the backs of some are falling off for no reason!

#Google #Android

Peter Kaminski
5 days ago

Welp, my daily driver search engine is #Google, and I've turned on #SGE (Search Generative Experience). It's fine, and sort of helpful, while feeling like they've bloated the tight search experience a bit with bolted-on SGE. (Not complaining, too much, it probably had to be done, and it's not bad, just not great.)

It's helpful, just not great. And #Bard? Really not as smart as #ChatGPT / #GPT4, and that really detracts.

Mike Blazer 🇺🇦
5 days ago

Does #Google itself follow #EEAT in the SERPs? #seo

Glenn Gabe
5 days ago

To clarify, this is not the Perspectives feature Google spoke about at I/O. This is what was originally called Perspectives in the mobile SERPs, where Google provides multiple sources for a featured snippet. It's been live on mobile for a pretty long time. Now being tested (or rolling out) on desktop. via @rustybrick

If you have the featured snippet on desktop, you will need to learn to share the spotlight. :)

#google #seo