1 hour ago

"Republicans, right-wing judges and MAGA activists have set out to trample on free speech and individual rights...

If they don’t like what teachers say about history, gag them. If they don’t like certain #books, ban them. If they don’t like a corporation defending #LGBTQ rights, retaliate against it. Their crusade has become an expression of not only white Christian nationalism but of contempt for the Constitution and the #FirstAmendment."

#GOP #Republicans #News #USA

News headline and photo with caption.

Headline: Opinion  Drag queen ban struck down in a First Amendment victory
By Jennifer Rubin
June 5, 2023 at 7:45 a.m. EDT

Photo with caption: Jade Foxx, center, and other drag queens at the June 3 Miss Gay Days Pageant in Orlando. (Joe Raedle/Getty Images)
Democracy Matters :verified:
1 hour ago

Holy shit! I had no idea until today that Marsha Blackburn was convicted in the murder of her girlfriend, an aspiring actress, or that she was responsible for producing enduring hit records, from "You've Lost That Lovin' Feelin'" to "River Deep,Mountain High.”
#Tennessee #GOP #MarshaBlackburn #VoteMarshaOut

Senator Marsha Blackburn (R-TN) as Phil Spector in his murder trial.  Marsha's fright wig is similar to Phil's hair.
Jay Reding 🇺🇦
3 hours ago

It pains me to write these words, but Trump is right here. DeSantis' whole campaign is based on being "anti-woke" a concept that 1) is very poorly defined and 2) almost no persuadable voters give a shit about. When you have a poorly-defined term like that the opposition will define it for you.

DeSantis is such an awful political strategist that even a shitgibbon like TFG can see right through his campaign.

#Trump #DeSantis #GOP #Woke #Election2024

3 hours ago

Trump Loses Endorsements After Viciously Attacking His Former Press Secretary

#Politics #Trump #MAGA #GQP #GOP

3 hours ago

The #Trump Investigations are Becoming a 2024 Landmine for His Primary Opponents
As possible #indictments loom, rival #GOP candidates have to stake out a position on the legal challenges facing Trump

Preston MacDougall
6 hours ago

Mary #Trump offered some advice to #RepublicanParty presidential hopefuls; bring a #BowlOfMashedPotatoes 🍚🥔 to the first #GOP debate! 👉

11 hours ago

The Hollywood Reporter revealed that Showtime pulled a special by Vice News that went into detail about Gov. Ron DeSantis (R-FL) and his time working as a JAG officer at Guantanamo Bay...#DeSantis..#GOP..#Empire..#torture..

14 hours ago

Lauren Boebert CAUGHT LYING after NEW VIDEO of her SURFACES

#Lies #Politics #MAGA #GQP #GOP #Boebert


Biden may not be a spring chicken, but he's a hell of a lot smarter than pretty much ANY Republican extant and he has played the game for a LONG time.

#USApolitics #Biden #GOP

Humanist Engineer
15 hours ago

The big question facing the #GOP today is this: which of their fascist hatemongers will be least unpalatable to the Americans whose human rights they wish to squash?
#UsPol #Politica



#BlueMissouri is trying to make sure EVERY seat has an alternative candidate to #GOP


Andrew Leahey
17 hours ago

The Week in Insights for this week touches on the cutting of funding to the IRS and why the Democrat's "no big deal" take may be problematic.

Thanks for your eyes and brains, as always!

#lawfedi @law #gop #taxfedi

Democracy Matters :verified:
17 hours ago

We've been through so much, with so many bad actors, that it's easy to forget that Susan Collins is still a piece of shit.

#SusanCollins #GOP #POS #VoteBlue

Photo of Senator Susan Collins (R-Maine).  Caption: JUNE 24 is NATIONAL SUSAN COLLINS IS A PIECE OF SHIT DAY.
Richard Sparrow
17 hours ago

1) This reinforces the #GOP as a death cult. It implicitly encourages actions to expedite that afterlife.

2) The quote “The ends justify the means is sort of the rules for radicals” is classic deflection. How much of the GOP playbook has been 'power for the sake of power'? Consider the recent credit crisis or the throwing of sand into the machine of democracy. The former endangers the entire country; the latter the legitimacy of their own elections.

Democracy Matters :verified:
17 hours ago

Rep. Lauren Boebert (R-CO) claimed that she skipped the debt limit vote as a “no-show protest” but CNN has video showing that she actually tried to make the vote but got there too late.

#Boebert #TardyLiar #GOP

For your Sunday reading pleasure:

“Fear of difference. “The first appeal of a fascist or prematurely fascist movement is an appeal against the intruders. Thus Ur-Fascism is racist by definition.”

#fear #fascism #fascist #authoritarian #gop #republican #democracy #law #intolerance

18 hours ago

Child Labor Is on the Rise, Because #Republicans Are Always Thinking About The Kids | Fuck the #GOP

19 hours ago


It's time for Disney to move on from Florida, loch stock and barrel!!!

They need to bit the bullet and dismantle Disney World & move it.

I suggest they go to a place who would truly appreciate them like Puerto Rico. I'm positive Puerto Rico would love all the hundreds of MIllions of tourist dollars Disney would bring to the island.

Plus I think it would also go a long way to helping Puerto Rico a state, which it should be!!!

Remember this?

"Taxation Without Representation"

Steve Thompson
20 hours ago

Excellent. Mormon cult content to be kept from kids? In Utah. Do it!

"Utah school district that removed Bible from libraries now reviewing Book of Mormon" #GOP #BookBans #cults #SatLake #BookOfMormon

Claudia Zahn
20 hours ago

Many #republicans who’ve had The Great Awakening are fleeing to the #Freedom of #Russia where #woke is nowhere to be found.

Hurry up! Space is limited.

#GOP #Wokeness #USA #Putin

Steve Dustcircle ⍻
21 hours ago

#Republicans KEEP LOSING More Supporters with Recent Moves
#GOP #qanon #KKK #maga

21 hours ago

Saying the quiet part out loud

Article: Fox News’ Rachel Campos-Duffy: Why Save Earth When Afterlife Is Real?

#ClimateChange #ClimateCrisis #evangelicals #gop #republicans #foxnews #pollution #uspolitics

📰 @guardian headline causes "Ewwww"-trauma in some readers who visualize what a "Trump-shaped hole" is, then realize they can never unsee it.

#humour #humor #Headlines #GOP #USPolitics #Trump #DeSantis #Pence

screenshot of Guardine headline and subhead.

Roast and Ride: Republican primary reves up with bikers, BBQs and a Trump-shaped hole.

Aspirants including Ron DeSantis and Mike Pence rally the crows but none mention the ex-president by name, giving the impression of a party in denial.
Democracy Matters :verified:
21 hours ago

Rudy, babe! Quit while you're behind. Please, for the love of God, lock this fucker up soon! #RudyGiuliani #GiulianiForPrison #GOP

Rudy Giuliani compares Biden to gay 'deviancy'

Democracy Matters :verified:
21 hours ago

The 2024 GOP candidate called on Ukraine to make “major concessions” to end the war. Vivek, we hardly knew you. #VivekRamaswamy #GOP #NeverRamaswamy2024 #GOPTraitors #EnemiesOfDemocracy

Vivek Ramaswamy Takes Putin’s Side in Heated Exchange With ABC’s Martha Raddatz 04-JUN-2023

Hot Dog Water
22 hours ago


#GOP elevates their predators and monsters. I'm sure Ken Buck of Colorado would dig going bowling to troll for new friends with Boebert's soon-to-be-ex-groomer/husband.

Republicans are the pro-white crime and pro-rape party, without hiding from it anymore. Make sure Ken hears about this if the greasy fucker ever shows his crime-sucking pointy rat face in his district, Coloradans!

Democracy Matters :verified:
22 hours ago

Wait—you mean the same Pat Fallon who failed to properly disclose $17.53 million in stock trades? #RepPatFallon #GOPSedition #GOP #GOPTraitors #TexasIsForTraitors #Texas

Fox News host nails 'squirming' GOP Rep. Pat Fallon (R-TX) who won't say FBI docs could 'exonerate' Biden 04-JUN-2023

***Dave Hill
23 hours ago

As #Trump 's #GOP rivals for #election2024 dog pile on him for congratulating #KimJungUn, they're managing to do so in ways that demonstrate why they, too, ought not be #President. Remarkable.

#Trump si congratula con #KimJongUn per l'ingresso della #CoreadelNord nel consiglio dell'OMS e attira le critiche del #GOP.
Il probabile dittarore USA Trump ammira i veri dittatori...

MugsysRapSheet Blog ☑️
1 day ago

THE REASON Republicans 💓 #TeflonDon despite all his criming is b/c of the way he keeps getting away with it... infuriating his critics (whom they despise which is what they love about him.) It doesn't matter that the ONLY reason he keeps getting away with it is thx to a #GOP that LET'S HIM skate (see: his impeachments.)

And when this (below) is the best the #Jan6Committee can come up with when it comes to charges, it'll only get worse. 🤬 #WeakSauce

Steve Silberman
1 day ago

Good news: Chuck Todd, who came to embody the failure of mainstream journalism to track #GOP's descent into outright #Fascism, to yield #MeetThePress chair to the show's first-ever Black woman host, Kristen Welker.

Democracy Matters :verified:
1 day ago

Vivek Ramaswamy is out of his fucking mind.

Vivek Ramaswamy to call for end to US support for Ukraine and Nato exit from Eastern Europe 02-JUN-2023 #VivekRamaswamy #GOP #NeverRamaswamy2024 #GOPTraitors #EnemiesOfDemocracy

Paul Chambers
1 day ago

New #GOP hopeful enters the race:

BoBo the Clown will have its clearest opportunity yet to distinguish itself from the growing #Republican presidential field, and make the case that it is both the best candidate to upend #Trump in next year's primaries and defeat President Joe #Biden in the fall


Two Clowns
Aure Free Press
1 day ago

Republican Lauren Boebert missed the debt vote... She later tried to make an excuse for missing the vote and just lied some more...typical!
#News #Breaking #USA #Politics #GOP

Darnell Clayton :verified:
2 days ago

@tchambers Fair point. However, I would not be surprised if #Mastodon variant sites like #Brighteon & #CounterSocial embrace the #Fediverse, albeit as a premium option.

I believe #TruthSocial’s future is chained to #Trump winning the 2024 election against #Biden.

If #DonaldTrump loses the #GOP primary or loses to #JoeBiden in the general election, then the site will shut down as they were allegedly not paying their server bill last year:

Aure Free Press
2 days ago

Grand jury in Trump classified documents case expected to meet this coming week after hiatus

A grand jury that has been hearing evidence in the case against former President Donald Trump is expected to meet this coming week in Washington after a lull.
#News #GOP #Politics #USA #Trump

Where did anyone ever suggest #GOP includes an element of leadership?

@HistoPol @DoesntExist @RitchieTorres

It seems to me that the #GOP are putting a lot of effort into reversing the population increases with their love-buddy the #NRA.

Democracy Matters :verified:
2 days ago

'He really wants to hurt people': Anthony Scaramucci calls Trump a grifter worse than most #Trump #Grifter #GOP

Democracy Matters :verified:
2 days ago

Trump is so focused on the Islamic Republic that he reportedly kept a document about it that he knew was classified after he left office. With global concern mounting over Iran's nuclear program, his volatility poses serious risk. #NeverAgainTrump #War #Iran #GOP

Donald Trump Is Promising Peace In A Second Term. War With Iran Seems More Likely.

Democracy Matters :verified:
2 days ago
KrissyKat 🏳️‍⚧️
2 days ago

King James Bible banned in school library after parent complains about sexuality in its passages.

#censorship #bible #gop #bookbans #irony #moralpanic

Democracy Matters :verified:
2 days ago

Imagine wanting to live in Ron DeSantis's world. How fucking grim. How fucking dull. How fucking painful. #NeverRonDeSantis #NoJoyRon #GOP #Fascism

Image from Disney's Mr. Toad's Wild Ride.  Caption: Ron DeSantis's Joyless Ride.
Democracy Matters :verified:
2 days ago
Jan 6 scaffold and noose with caption, "Pence for president."
Steve Thompson
2 days ago

Haha on Tennessee's governor.

Judge: "The Court finds that — despite Tennessee’s compelling interest in protecting the psychological and physical wellbeing of children — the Adult Entertainment Act ("AEA”) is an UNCONSTITUTIONAL (sic) restriction on the freedom of speech." #GOP #Nashville #sleepyheads #freespeech #1A

Democracy Matters :verified:
2 days ago

Let's end the GOP.

#GOP #Fascism #Trump #DeSantis #Florida #HumanRights

The GOP’s evil plans for 'The Little Mermaid' and fascism have surfaced

Aure Free Press
2 days ago

Extra Trumpy’: Atlantic profile of CNN chief Licht details town hall disaster

Network chief executive reportedly wanted New Hampshire event to be ‘extra Trumpy’ but broadcast prompted wide condemnation
#News #GOP #Politics #USA #Trump #cnn

Democracy Matters :verified:
3 days ago

LOL. Rachel then reverts to the Hebrew calendar, which "has a couple weeks of May left." #RightWingNutJobs #GOP

RT: Right Wing Watch
Rachel Hamm is "super frustrated" that the "death angel" didn't kill a bunch of people at the U.S Capitol like she had prophesied, but she's holding out hope: "We're praying that it's still gonna come. We're praying that it's soon. We're sad that it didn't already happen."

maeve harris
3 days ago

60 Minutes investigation revealed "private corporations are drastically overcharging the Defense Department for weaponry and other equipment, resulting in hundreds of millions of dollars in excess taxpayer spending and huge profits for the arms industry." #Gop protecting the price gougers. I advocate a sharp reduction in military spending, base closures overseas

Democracy Matters :verified:
3 days ago

Good news, #GOP!

For only $599, the GOP can supply each kid in America with rifle-rated flexible backpack armor. Census Bureau estimates 77M K-12 students X $599 = $46,123,000,000. A bargain!
Then just ask mass shooters to aim for the backpacks.

Aure Free Press
3 days ago

Pence will not face charges over classified files found at Indiana home

Gee - they found a few documents at his house and he IMMEDIATELY turned them over - the complete opposite of Trump, who moved and hid the classified documents he stole ahead of a subpoenaed search of Mar-a-Lago
#News #GOP #Politics #USA #Trump

Democracy Matters :verified:
3 days ago

Way back in 2015, Trump showed us all how little he knows. Imagine handing over the nuclear codes to a man with the comprehension skills of Donald J. Trump. Do you honestly believe he would understand the consequences of using them? Trump is obsessed with tough-guy machismo. How much provocation does he need to press that button? #NormalPeopleAreRepulsedByTrump #TrumpIsACriminal #GOP

Trump’s Terrifying Nuke Answer at the Debate Should End His Campaign 16-DEC-2015

Aure Free Press
3 days ago

An Atlanta-area investigation of alleged election interference by former president Donald Trump and his allies has broadened to include activities in Washington, D.C., and several other states, according to two people with knowledge of the probe — a fresh sign that prosecutors may be building a sprawling case under Georgia’s racketeering laws.
#News #GOP #Politics #USA #Trump #MAGA#TrumpCrimeFamily

Aure Free Press
4 days ago

Gov. Gavin Newsom and other top California officials Thursday cautioned school administrators against restricting what students read and learn about marginalized groups — marking their most forceful response to a spate of conservative-led book challenges to date.
#News #GOP #Politics #USA #democrats #Republicans

@e_urq @tzimmer_history
Culture wars are the #gop strategy to avoid addressing actual policy issues, on which they have nothing to offer but tax cuts for the rich. Nixon started the racist Southern Strategy. Karl Rove put gay marriage on the ballot in Ohio to help Bush win. #Trump just stoked hatred of anyone not white and straight. Racism can't be openly admitted, Americans support gay marriage, Roe has been overturned...That leaves #trans persons as the next culture war targets. Despicable.

4 days ago


#SCOTUS has already started eroding women's #BodilyAutonomy by revoking the right to #Abortion. A number of Republicans are already talking about revoking a woman's right to #BirthControl (and to vote).

The #GOP wants to return to the era when #women were the property of men, to be used for purposes of procreation, male pleasure and/or housekeeping, unable to control their own bodies or their own lives without male permission.

#WomensRights #USA

Text from article:
Right to contraception
The Supreme Court has held that states generally cannot bar or place serious burdens on the public’s access to contraceptives. The right was established pursuant to a legal doctrine called substantive due process. According to this doctrine, the Constitution’s due process clauses generally bar the government from infringing on rights the justices have deemed “fundamental,” even though the text of the national charter does not mention them. Substantive due process underpins numerous other rights, like the bygone federal right to abortion access and the right to same-sex intimacy.

Key Cases: Griswold v. Connecticut (1965), Eisenstadt v. Baird (1972), Carey v. Population Services International (1977)

1 justice has questioned some aspect of this right
Clarence Thomas

In Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Organization, the 2022 case that eliminated the constitutional right to abortion access, Justice Thomas — long a critic of substantive due process — authored a concurring opinion in which he called on the court to undo the right to contraception in a future case.

2 bills have been introduced in Congress related to this right

2 federal court cases are challenging this right
4 days ago


"If McCarthy’s “child … with no job” comments were made in error, it was an error that McCarthy appeared to make twice — in the same context, on the same day, on the same network (Fox News)."

#GOP #Republicans #McCarthy #ChildLabor #USA #News

Text from article:
If McCarthy’s “child … with no job” comments were made in error, it was an error that McCarthy appeared to make twice — in the same context, on the same day, on the same network (Fox News). In Rupar’s video, McCarthy was seated in a studio, and he said:

[begin block quote]
… but we also did something different in this family. We may have a child that, uh, able-bodied, not married, no kids, but he’s sitting on the couch collecting welfare [laugh].

We’re gonna put [laughs] work requirements on that individual, so he’s gonna have work requirements — he’s gonna get a job! And it’s gonna make their life easier.
[end block quote]
Kat ♾️
5 days ago

Who had “The Tapes, a Sequel” on their #Republican crimes bingo card?

#Trump #GOP #Watergate #DOJ

brad m
5 days ago

“In #Florida, about one in five residents are immigrants and hundreds of thousands of US citizens live in mixed-status households”
“In one year, the state’s GDP could drop by $12.6 billion”
“traveling to #Florida is dangerous”
“truckers have called for a boycott of shipments to #Florida#BoycottFlorida
“It’s an attack on our systems of trust, of neighborly everyday interactions—on our
#democracy #farright #rightwing #authoritarian #GOP #republican

Tom Sullivan
6 days ago

In any "catastrophic default" preciptated by #Republicans' debt ceiling hostage-taking, the #GOP views its own supporters as collateral damage. Acceptable casualties. Expendables.

It's the same with their vote suppression measures.

CelloMom On Cars
6 days ago

Why are we not surprised to find out who is fanning the anti-#ESG flames:

"The documents obtained by #InfluenceMap — which date back to the first attempts to craft anti-ESG legislation — reveal #FossilFuel companies’ role as the major driver in the fight against sustainable #finance."

Not only finance:
"Eighteen #GOP-controlled #state legislatures have passed bans of ESG."

Steve Silberman
6 days ago

Prominent organized-crime boss Donald #Trump, who is still at large, seeks the names of federal agents investigating him so he can plot revenge. #GOP

Aure Free Press
6 days ago

Why Florida's new immigration law is troubling businesses and workers alike

Pressure is growing for a boycott of Florida, including Latino truck drivers who vow to stop deliveries across the state and calls for an immigrant labor strike on June 1.

Businesses are pledging to shutter their doors for the day to protest Gov. Ron DeSantis' sweeping new immigration law.
#News #GOP #Politics #USA #Trump #Desantis


Forcing cruel and unnecessary work requirements on an essential program that helps 42+ million Americans afford food is horrific

Millions will lose that money and it will make the hunger crisis so much worse. It will also hurt the economy. It won’t help the fabricated “labor shortage”

Without SNAP, my family, and many others, will struggle to find food. I guarantee food banks will empty FAST

NEVER negotiate with terrorists

#debtceiling #gop #politics

1 week ago

Per the ACLU about DeSantis' new state military:
"...the Governor will appoint the director of the state guard who serves at the pleasure of the Governor – meaning there will be no checks and balances on when and how this force is used.

Additionally, the Governor can order his State Guard to take action in other states. "

DeSantis Signs Bill Creating $100 Million State Military - Joe.My.God.
#florida #gop

Steve Thompson
1 week ago

Call it what it is: Insurrectionists supporting insurrectionists.

"Jan. 6 rioters are raking in thousands in donations. Now the US is coming after their haul" #Jan6 #insurrectionists #GOP

Kevin LaRose He/Him
1 week ago

@GottaLaff For me the only pertinent question is what was sacrificed on the altar of compromise? I know the #Dems are in the true definition of a no-win situation, but I have this sinking feeling that they wound up giving away much of the store, only to have the #GOP not follow through, i.e. playing Lucy with the football to the Dem's Charlie Brown. I have seen this movie before, after all.

ᴚ uɐᗡ
1 week ago

Ask not for whom the Baby Bell tolls.

It tolls for thee, Texas Attorney General, Fraud, & Notorious Pen Stealer Ken Paxton.

#BrieBest #KenPaxton #impeach #fraud #gop #criminal #cheeze #CheezeEmAll

Ken Paxton mugshot & Fraud warrants from 2015.

His sneering face has been hit with a slice of American cheese.
MarcinW 🖥️🚀
1 week ago

A day after #DeSantis launched his US presidential campaign on #ElonMusk 's #Twitter, he signed a law in #Florida that "gives tremendous leeway to private spaceflight companies, specifically shielding them from lawsuits relating to 'injury to or death of a participant or crew resulting from spaceflight activities' "

#Musk's #SpaceX already reaping the benefits of their CEO pushing #GOP left and right.

Steve Silberman
1 week ago
MugsysRapSheet Blog ☑️
1 week ago

Once you accept that the #GOP is a #DeathCult, it all starts to make sense.