John Patton
11 minutes ago

I did this for a class, but can't remember which one. Apparently I need to start making notes on the reverse side because the brain isn't retaining information as well as it used too. 🧠
Anyway, this is from a photograph of Monet's lily pond that I did in gouache. I tried to channel his style without copying the technique too much and think it worked out.
#MastoArt #Gouache #ArtJournaling #Monet #Copywork

A gouache painting of Monet's lily pond with stone walkways in the center, lilies in the pond in the foreground, and greenery in the background. The style of painting is Impressionistic.
22 hours ago

'23/6/9 Pastel Crushes for Ace and Rigg

Grabbing my gouache set and colored pencils, new and old for #PrideMonth

Ace and Rigg are mine.
Gouache on Paper

#2023 #alnair #orc #oc ace #oc rigg #bara #pride month #gouache

duskbunnie draws
1 day ago

Thinking I might try out gouache paints next… hm… any tips or advice? #gouache #painting #mastoart

Linette Moore
2 days ago

Work in progress from today #gouache #watercolor #painting #wip Hope to add these to my store soon! There are still a few paintings left at

gouache painting of flowers
gouache painting of jungle plants

I've added a sneaky bonus page to Skal, chapter 5 (my patrons and studio members know why 😂)

You can read the whole of Skal for free here:

#webcomic #comics #fantasy #MastoArt #TraditionalArt #gouache #comic #webcomic

A lady in fantasy garb (A hood and cloak), is sitting by a bar, filling up a small cup while looking thoughtful. She says "hmm."
Matthew Huntley
3 days ago

Finally home and unpacked after the magical, life-changing experience that was SizeCon! I met so many wonderful people and had a truly unforgettable time. This one debuted at the con: 5-Star Crash Test Rating!

Don't worry: the bus is empty! :P

#giantess #gts #macro #MacroArt #StrongWoman #art #GiantWoman #macrophilia #macrophile #painting #scifiart #cityscape #city #gtsdestruction #muscularwoman #tabletop #boardgames #illustration #gouache #giant #illustrations #artist #tabletop #boardgames

Gouache painting of a giant woman holding a bus as a weapon in a cityscape at night. A bright light illuminates the sky behind her while a massive fire rages at her feet. She stands in opposition to an unseen monster.
Linette Moore
4 days ago
night scene of a forest
desert scene
pink forest at night
Un Dibujo Manco
4 days ago

Un ejercicio de FREV, dibujar un motivo a témpera creando cinco partes, cambiando saturación y valores en dos, usar colores complementarios en la tercera y dejar las otras dos igual

#Tempera #ArtistOnMastodon #drawing #Gouache

A new #timelapse video is up on my youtube!

This time of the chill #cowgirl :artpeek:

#TraditionalArt #MastoArt #Gouache #Ink #Jenitales

A cute cowgirl with blushy cheeks and pink lips looks upwards. She's got the cow ears and horns, along with a cowbell around her neck. The background is a simple blue tone.
Jen C Mars
1 week ago

Red-crowned crane

A very long painting of a beautiful bird.

Gouache on 2x6" hotpress paper.

#Art #painting #TraditionalArt #gouache #birds

A long vertical gouache painting of a red crowned crane, beak tucked down against its long curved neck. The crane has long beak painted in muted yellows and blues and greens, dark gray-black feathers over most of its neck and face with white feathers coming up from its belly, around its eye and down the back of its head. The top of its head is bare of feathers and the skin is pebbled with a bright red "crown". Its large, brown eye is in sharp focus and ringed in yellow. The background is a flat blue color field.
The Wee Owl Studio
1 week ago

Thanks for the kind words! ★★★★★
"This is a beautiful little gem! So well painted and using gorgeous colours. Will get it framed and have the exact spot I want to hang it, where I can see it daily. Very well packaged and arrived safely, thank you very much!" H
#CowParsley #Artist #drawing #gouache #FediGiftShop #ScottishArtist #MastoArt #CreativeToots

A little gouache painting of cow parsley all dried up in autumn
1 week ago

A sketch of a Kestrel in gouache. I'm trying to get better at working opaquely

#watercolour #watercolor #gouache #painting #birds

A gouache paint sketch of a european kestrel looking over its shoulder, sitting on a mossy, grey rock
1 week ago

Une autre peinture fait en plein-air. Je crois que c'est meilleure cette fois-ci. Le nom de cet endroit est «The Plane Tree Way». #mastoart #pleinair #painting #gouache #planetrees #autumn

A gouache painting of a small path called the plane tree way. It is lined on both sides by tall plane trees. Most of the leaves have fallen onto the ground. In the middle in the distance is a little black cat walking away.
1 week ago

I went to Alfred Nicholas Memorial Garden again, this time with paints 😊 but didn't paint very well 💔 . #mastoart #pleinair #gouache #painting #ginkgo #garden

A gouache painting of ginkgo trees over a pond covered by the golden fallen leaves. There are a few bridges.
Linette Moore
1 week ago

Recent work in progress #gouache #watercolor #painting #landscape

work in progress pic of forest painting
painting of tree branches at night
painting of wildflowers with trees in the background
Jen C Mars
2 weeks ago

Ruby-throated hummingbird

We have frequent visits from these hummingbirds during the warmer months, and they particularly like the bergamot.

Gouache with a small amount of colored pencil on 11x14" 300lb hotpress paper.

#art #illustration #birds #TraditionalArt #painting #gouache

Vertical painting in an illustrative style of a male ruby-throated hummingbird approaching a wild bergamot flower. The painting is done in gouache, with the background in a soft, green watercolor-like wash. The bird is in bold colors, wings raised and out of focus to show motion, with tail feathers spread and long beak pointed towards the blooms which is nearly as large as he is. The flower is purple with many tube-like faces emerging from its center, and an unopened bud is detailed below the bird.
Matthew Huntley
2 weeks ago

New tiny painting of a giantess for the Vigilant Lioness tabletop game! This is but a taste—see Lillian and her (vacant) bus right now on Patreon, where I've simplified the tiers and added new rewards! She'll also be with me at SizeCon, 6/2-6/4!

#giantess #gts #macro #MacroArt #StrongWoman #art #GiantWoman #macrophilia #macrophile #painting #scifiart #cityscape #city #gtsdestruction #muscularwoman #tabletop #boardgames #illustration #gouache #giant #illustrations #artist #tabletop #boardgames

Cropped teaser image of a gouache painting of a giant woman holding an empty bus with its headlights on. Nighttime, bright white light behind her. Fire illuminates the buildings around her.
2 weeks ago

after all those 3D artworks I really enjoyed sitting in the sun and doing this #lineart #drawing.
I used a #ballpoint pen only, reduced the blue saturation out of the image as I like black and white more.
But I wonder, if anyone following the #watercolor hashtag can tell me if I can just draw watercolors over the ballpoint pen lines. or maybe rather #gouache colors? or a different pen so the wetness will not dissolve the lines...

lineart drawing of an older house
La Griffe de Maho :verified:
2 weeks ago

Digital + Gouache ! 🦖🐭🐈‍⬛🦁🐶

#illustration #painting #gouache

2 weeks ago

#watercolour #copicmarkers #gouache mini paintings I did at the monthly meet up for this afternoon.
I also dropped off my two 12”x12” ( 30cm x 30cm ) pieces for the Emergence showing happening for the month of June at the Art House Cafe on Somerset.
I will be missing the opening night June 8th, but I hope some folk can attend- and I’ll let folk know when I will pop over in June and invite folk to join me! #arting #ottawaartists #floralart #miniartcards #Artawa #ArtMatters #art

A single five petal flower in purple and fuchsia with green and yellow leaves on a blue and gold background painted with watercolours, gouache and Coptic market
Two white and pink flowers on a gold, blue and  brown background. Painted with watercolours, gouache, and Coptic markers

First mocha bubble tea post-op :artaww:

Bonus #Jenitales #cowgirl
#MastoArt #TraditionalArt #Comics #Gouache

Bubble tea being held over a painting of a cowgirl. She's looking up at it like: uwu, for me?

:ablobfoxbongohyper: :ablobfoxbongo: :ablobfoxbongohyper:

Slowly getting back on the art-making horse post surgery :artaww:

#MastoArt #TraditionalArt #Gouache #aink #Comics #OC

Portrait painting of a gruff man character from my fantasy webcomic Skal. He's leaning forward with loose fitting clothes on.
Douglas Gorney
2 weeks ago

Foghorn 1 - Golden Gate Foghorn
The San Francisco Sound

Gouache and ink

Illustration for B0ardside zine Issue #5 - coming in June - more info soon
Giclée print -

A painting of a foghorn with a large bell bolted to the side of the Golden Gate Bridge

#gouache #painting #ink #sf #sanfrancisco #sfart #sfartist #sfba #print #artprint #prints

2 weeks ago

More #practise with the added advantage I can make a meal when I’ve finished. Vegetable sketches in #gouache. The potato was first when I was warming up, the leek was last when I was tired and hungry. The onion seems most successful to me. Never made three paintings in one day - a new first! Images hidden because food related. #gouache

A gouache painting of a onion looking like it’s been recently dug up.
A gouache painting of a leek with neatly trimmed leaves forming a fan shape
A gouache painting of a potato. It looks like it’s got a face (by accident) and is looking up and back at the viewer. It looks a bit grumpy!
Joel Pedersen
2 weeks ago

The second of a pair, this stanza ruminates on far-off planetary bodies and the impossibility of hope.

#FediArt #Terrestrial #Gouache #Painting

A gouache painting depicting, in circles, planetary bodies. Red textured circles on a field of textured white.
A gouache painting depicting, in circles, planetary bodies. Red textured circles on a field of textured white.
A gouache painting depicting, in circles, planetary bodies. Red textured circles on a field of textured white.
2 weeks ago

A much smaller set up for miniature painting ! This one fits in a small bag with everything I need ! Very cool for walks when I don't want to take the big setup with me !

#miniaturepainting #painting #mastoart #art #gouache #pleinairpainting

little painting of leaves
a small bag with painting equipment
Joel Pedersen
2 weeks ago

The first of a pair, this stanza ruminates on stellar bodies and our ceaseless efforts to understand them.

#FediArt #Celestial #Gouache #Painting

A gouache painting depicting, in angular, square fashion, stellar bodies. Yellow and orange squares on a field of deep blue.
A gouache painting depicting, in angular, square fashion, stellar bodies. Yellow and orange squares on a field of deep blue.
A gouache painting depicting, in angular, square fashion, stellar bodies. Yellow and orange squares on a field of deep blue.
3 weeks ago

Made some progress but have to stop. Turns out foreshortened pointing fingers are quite a challenge (who knew). Time to let this one dry before any more hand management. Wish I’d taped all down before starting but I was supposed to be doing quick sketches of vegetables but found this photo in my notes and got distracted. His smock is golden but when finished it will be darker. I have an urge to paint with oils now. #wip #gouache

A loose sketch in gouache of Derek Jacobi playing King Lear. He appears as an old man dressed in a peasant smock, wearing a tattered crown of dry wheat and grass. He is propping himself up with his right hand while his left is raised before him pointing at someone we can’t see, off to our left. He is looking in the direction of this person and appears to be speaking.
3 weeks ago

Work in progress. Derek Jacobi as King Lear #gouache #wip

A sketch in pale tones of golden yellow and pinkish brown of an old man in a crown of straw and peasant shirt. He is half reclining on the ground looking off to his left. His left hand is raised as if underlining something he’s saying to someone we can’t see. Although a sad he is also beautiful and still regal.
3 weeks ago

Tried a new setup for plein air painting! This is at home so I can be more used to it and see how I can improve the setup. I quite like it so far so I'll need to try outside later!

#art #painting #gouache #mastoart #pleinair #pleinairpainting

gouache painting of leaves and a house
plein air setup
3 weeks ago

Been experimenting with metallic effects for the background of the collage. Someone in art group kindly let me try some Schminke aqua bronze metallic powders, which I hadn’t come across before. If you add a little water they behave like metal ink. The results are pretty! #gouache #metallic #schminke

A page from a notebook with six sample panels filled with different combinations metallic water mixable powders (bronze, silver,gold) and gouache paint (purple, pale blue). Alongside each panel is a handwritten note describing how the panel was painted: “Poured on and mixed with water”, “damp brush dipped and painted”, “dusted onto wet paint   opal glue”, “ colour first then streaks added”, “mixed with paint”, “clustered onto damp paper plus water drops”
3 weeks ago

Small experiment in #gouache. I overworked it and it went grainy but I did better than I expected - not least a credible (and intended) expression. Will keep trying. Was fun. Also no prelim drawing - jumped straight in with paint. Used planes of the head model I assembled previously for reference When I get it right it will become part of the collage project. #beginner #pacticeMakesProgress

Small sketch in reddy brown gouache of an androgynous face (no hair). They are looking up to their right at something we can’t see that is lighting their face. They look happy to see this source of light. They are set against a dark background so our attention is on their lit face and expression.
Douglas Gorney
3 weeks ago

Crossed Lines
22nd Ave at Kirkham

#painting #urbansketching #usk #usksanfrancisco #thesunset #sf #sanfrancisco #sfart #sfartist #sfba

Multiple utility wires cross at right angles against a blue sky as two phone poles stand witness at the bottom of the frame.

Catherine Grace Artist
3 weeks ago
Painting of a border terrier and border terrier next to it for comparison
Final painting of border terrier
Border terrier in need of some grooming
3 weeks ago

4th attempt at a #gouache #portrait. Can see how my base drawing is off now but enjoying the highs and lows of the process. Going to let it rest for a day and review. Loving getting to know #gouache and making progress in general #beginner #wip (marked sensitive as implies shirtless)

Close up portrait of male looking slightly down  to the right. Short dark hair, light brown skin, dark complexion and eyes. His expression is distant and thoughtful.

Made some more #art; just finished up not too long ago. This is what we'll be ending the morning with.
#mixedmedia #carandache #neocolors2 #gouache #artonmastodon #mastodonart #blackmastodon #blackfedi #blackart

Sketch of a girl with flowers blooming out of her face where eyes would be
Sketch of a black girl with flowers blooming out of her face where eyes would be; painted and outlined
Jen C Mars
1 month ago

The i'iwi or scarlet honeycreeper is a nectar-feeding bird native to Hawai'i.

Acrylic gouache on 2x3" hotpress

#art #TraditionalArt #gouache #birds #painting

Stylized painting of a red iiwi bird portrait, landscape, in bold colors. The bird has a long, curved pink bill and red feathers around the eye. The background is dark green with brighter green leaves framing the bird.
Jen C Mars
1 month ago

Horned grebe with chicks

From last summer's Avian August challenge. I used this challenge as a way to transition back into doing more traditional art, and it was really very satisfying. This was one of the early paintings.

Acrylic gouache on 2x3" hotpress

#art #TraditionalArt #gouache #painting #birds

Painting of a stylized, brightly colored horned grebe looking directly at the viewer with two small chicks peeking out from behind the wings.
The Wee Owl Studio
1 month ago

A little painting of cow parsley all dried in autumn, one of our loveliest wildflowers.
Original gouache painting - Late autumn cow dried parsley via @Etsy
#QueenAnnesLace #CowParsley #Painting #Gouache #FediGiftShop #ScottishArtist #MastoArt #CreativeToots

Original gouache painting - Late autumn cow dried parsley
A painting of dried wildflowers in autumn.
Materials: Surface: Paper
Width: 21 centimetres
Height: 14 centimetres
Jan McCartney
1 month ago

Celebratory Feast
by Chris Dunn
Watercolour and gouache

Enjoy UK illustrator Chris Dunn's animal whimsies at

#Art #Illustration #Animals #Watercolor #Watercolour #Gouache

A variety of animals - mice, hares, owls, badgers, squirrels and more - enjoy a feast in the style of the Mad Hatter's tea party.
Jesse Roe
1 month ago

#AYearForArt #watercolor #gouache #tradionalart #art #painting #artgallery #ArtistsOnMastodon #Artist #ArtCollector #gallery #MastoArt
#fediart #vaneyck

Count Arnolfini (after Van Eyck) watercolor & gouache on wood. From the mid 80's.

A portrait of Count Arnolfini from the Wedding of the Arnolfini's by Jan Van Eyck. Painted on an old round wooden piece with a handle. It includes the famous convex mirror behind the subject.
1 month ago

Getting back to gouache ! My main goal is to be more confortable with this medium so I can try plein air painting later !

#gouache #mastoart #painting #art

gouache painting of a garden
1 month ago

First day being creative in a while. Felt clunky but happy with results.

First attempt at painting a picture of something with gouache. It resembles a pear so that’s a win! I wanted to practice mixing colours. Had to add the white highlight at the end as forgot to leave the paper clear when I painted. #gouache #beginner

Still life: a gouache painting of a pear lying on its side on a plain light coloured paper. Pear is a mix of greens, yellows and reds.

It's been 8 months, but I can finally again say:

A new Skal page has been uploaded!

Thank you to my patrons and site members for the support!

#webcomic #comics #fantasy #TraditionalArt #MastoArt #Gouache

A comic page done in gouache showing a tavern scene where two characters are having a brief convo before deciding it's time to get fresh air. It's early morning and judging by the surroundings, the tavern isn't open to regular punters yet. Some staff are milling about, cleaning in the background.

Doing finishing touches on Jenitales pages...

Spent a long time on the sofa yesterday so trying to catch up on work :artsweats:

#comics #TraditionalArt #MastoArt #Gouache #Jenitales

Part of a comic page in gouache, showing a nightclub scene where a woman in red is accosted by a drunk person
Becky & Frank
1 month ago

Hey everybody! It's us again!! We moved from to to find a more active art community. It hasn't imported all the people we follow yet, but hello! #painting #gouache

Gouache painting of a deer using a donut to powder it's cheeks by artist Becky Dreistadt
2 months ago

Je viens de peindre à la gouache en plein-air. Le jardin était très beau en automne. #pleinair #painting #gouache #tree #garden #mastoart

A plein-air gouache painting of a golden tree in Autumn.
2 months ago

midnight wanderer 🌙 #MastoArt #gouache #painting

gouache painting of a longhaired figure walking through a moonlit night, clouds swirling behind and waves of fog covering their feet. In their hair stars are shining and they have a serene expression
Coralie Mercier
2 months ago

I filmed a time lapse! That’s why I took so few photos!

Here’s the video process of the #moebius #gouache #painting I made in November 2019 🤩

#art #TimeLapse #VideoProcess

Time lapse of painting in gouache a night scene where people sit around a fire in the desert in front of a tall dune, their tents, under a starry sky.
Linette Moore
2 months ago

some of the paintings that will be available later this week #gouache #landscape #painting

painting of a blue and green jungle
painting of an abstract city
painting of trees obscured by snow
Coralie Mercier
2 months ago

I thought I had photo-documented the process but nope! I probably was fully in the flow. There are only the two.
It’s a #gouache #painting after #moebius that I made in November 2019.
I love it 😍
I remember thinking I wouldn’t manage to paint it, so was mighty pleased how it turned out!

Sketch in pencil on an art book. There are three paint tubes visible next to a mixing palette.
Final piece representing a group of people around a fire at night in the desert in front of a large dune and their camp, under a starry sky.
2 months ago

Got some new #art supplies! Any tips for #gouache?

A rainbow of paint tubes
2 months ago

I saw this glowing fruit in a dream and painted it late last year

but the first scan came out blurry and then I just put it off and forgot to re-scan and upload until now

there are still so many paintings left unfinished too...

#watercolor #gouache

Elf reaching out to a glowing fruit in a dark forest
Jen C Mars
2 months ago

Saw-whet owl

A small, adorable owl native to North America with a wonderfully expressive face.

Gouache on coldpress illustration board, 15x20"

#art #painting #gouache #birds #BirdArt #TraditionalArt #illustration

Painting of a saw-whet owl, a small, brownish red owl with large yellow eyes and a very cute, expressive face. The owl is perched on the branch of a jack pine tree, surrounded by lush green foliage.

Feels gud to paint me sum Jenitales~ 😝

#MastoArt #Comics #TraditionalArt #Gouache #Ink

Photo of a comic page being painted. The borders are being done with a pinkish red. The page depicts a club scene where a drunk person annoys a woman
2 months ago

Anyone on here doing #pleinairpril? I'm gonna do my best, hopefully my future paintings this month will only go up from here :P

#pleinair #gouache

A small square painting rests on a boardwalk structure; the camera is pointed down to show the water reeds in the shallows of a pond - the painting is an attempt at the scene in the background
A hand holds a paint palette with a small square painting of some green plants in front of a scenic pond in the background

One of the things I love to do the most in terms of art is to paint urbanscapes. So much complexity and level of detail is exhausting but at the same time pleasant 😍💖 :Mona_kiss:

#gouache #painting #illustration #mastoart #art #urbanscape
#ayearforart #artistsonmastodon #traditionalart #creativetoots #landscape #artreference #artbooster
#FediArt #MastodonArt

Painting inspired by "Au vieux Paris d'Arcole" a beautiful restaurant built in 1512. Paris,  France. Technique: gouache on thick grain watercolor paper.
3 months ago

Hello 👋

Starting over on here because the other server I was on disappeared

I'm bad at social media and I always forget to upload #artwork so here's a couple of old pieces so that my timeline isn't completely blank

These are #watercolor #gouache & #ink

#art #painting #MastoArt #fantasy

painting of a game character
painting of a game character
painting of a merman
3 months ago

Now I have added some color to my #wolf 🐺 from last week.
I hope you like him also in blue.🔵

#art #mastoart #traditionalart #gouache #sketchbook

Potrait illustration of a blue wolf with long swirling fur and many dynamic lines. He also wears a gold earring.
Same image of a blue wolf as before, but with the camera angle slightly tilted so that the other drawings on the sketchbook page can be seen better.
Sonia Sulaiman
3 months ago

After watching too many Japanese gouache demos, I decided to try my hand at a Palestinian landscape using the same techniques.

#CreativeToots #FediArt #Gouache #Landscape

Palestinian landscape in gouache.
3 months ago

Here’s an idea for an #Artist #Introduction - share your mediums and art styles as hashtags so we can all find each other and marvel at the cool stuff being made out there in the Fediverse! Maybe share a sample photo of your work too! Here are mine:


And here’s a recent Gouache study I did! #MastoArt #ArtistIntroductions

A gouache painting of a path through the woods in greens and browns with bright light peeking through the trees and casting dappled Light on the path
Linette Moore
3 months ago
winter landscape in gouache
moon shining through trees in gouache
sunset landscape in gouache