Brian McLachlan
5 hours ago

Sections of a long Ness Lee mural near Yonge St. #Toronto #StreetArt #Graffiti #MastoArt

A series of Rubenesque women in very simple black and white, long hair and pools of water interchanging along the length of all the images.
The Graffiti Express
1 day ago
Train car with graffiti rolling through Kamloops BC Canada
Roblexx - Carlos
1 day ago

Os dejo por aqui la segunda parte de mi galeria "Art on the wall", donde muestro varios #grafiti #graffiti pintados mayoritariamente por #Gijon #Xixon

Brian McLachlan
1 day ago

Poser and Sight revisit their work on a new condo, freshening it up, joined by Nick Sweetman's mongoose and cobra battle. #StreetArt #Graffiti #Toronto #MastoArt

A swirl of disjointed abstract shapes in green and blues, out of which pop splices of purple mongoose and golden and blue cobra (with glowing eyes)
Sight wildstyle, that used to be in orange and red, now with purple and black mixed in. Poser's trademark bunny looming over top.
Off to the side, another poser bunny, this on dark red with yellow eyes and signature.
2 days ago

Der Paritätische lädt ein:
Wir starten mit einem neuen Projekt für Jugendliche mit und ohne Behinderung!
Zusammen mit dem Künstler shaz spreadlove (Nico Lattermann) wollen wir im Rahmen eines Workshops unsere Wand verschönern.
#hameln #graffiti
Vorerfahrung? Braucht man nicht!
Kosten? Kostenloses Angebot!
Am 10. Oktober treffen wir für uns eine Vortreffen, wo wir das Projekt gemeinsam vorstellen werden und weitere Informationen geben.

Plakat. Einladung zum Workshop

Karl Marx and kittens
A mural in Buenos Aires, #Argentina via

Is that Marxism-Felinism?

#StreetArt #Graffiti #Caturday

A mural with many kittens (various colors) and flowers.
On one side is a portrait of Karl Marx...
2 days ago

"Police kill poor people"

MC Lowkey
2 days ago

Dans mon quartier:

T'es belle comme 1 émeute


Alun Kirby
2 days ago
Graffiti tag, black spray paint on a white door, dribbling paint from some letters. 
The tag reads 'HERPES GANG'
Derek van Vliet
3 days ago

riding bikes every day until I can’t for some reason, day 1123

#Cycling #BikeTooter #Photography #Nature #Graffiti

Photo of a red BMC roadmachine road bike, leaning against a tree trunk that has been picked clean of all bark. Behind the log is a small patch of wild growth, and beyond that is a line of trees that fills the view. Trees and wild growth are golden, yellow, orange, and hazy green.
Photo of a red BMC road machine road bike standing next to a pillar at an underpass. The pillar is covered in graffiti style art. amongst the art the word “subtext” stands out.
3 days ago

#Graffiti Anfrage. Taubenstraße 16.

📷 Au #tunnel des #Tuileries, ça a bien changé depuis les débuts de l’invasion du #streetart. Malheureusement en mal, les taggeurs du dimanche se substituant sans scrupules aux graffeurs d’oeuvres plus élaborées. On trouve tout de même quelques restes, et il y a de l’espoir au bout du tunnel (littéralement 😉). La vidéo :
#paris #graffiti #tags #art #urbanart #video #videography

Graffiti sur un mur du tunnel des tuileries, dépeignant le personnage d’Hulk en pleine rage.
The Graffiti Express
4 days ago
Train car with graffiti rolling through Kamloops BC Canada
Ernesto Durand
4 days ago

En algún lugar de #Antwerp 🇧🇪
#StreetArt #Graffiti

The Graffiti Express
4 days ago
Train car with graffiti rolling through Kamloops BC Canada
Atlas Obscura
4 days ago

Bolsjefabrikken (The Candy Factory) in Copenhagen, Denmark

A former smithy turned cultural hub with the capital's largest mural space.#history&culture #streetart #artoutside #graffiti #murals #section-Atlas
Bolsjefabrikken (The Candy Factory)

4 days ago

Saw the best graffiti ever on the train today after I missed my stop #cats #graffiti

A boarded up window with a cat drawn on
A boarded up window with two graffiti cats
5 days ago
Graffiti of ghost painted on window
Nadia Purge 🎵
5 days ago

Yesterday I saw graffiti I thought said "Be Happy" and "Hope"

Upon further inspection of the photos.. it says... "Be Happy, Hoe" much improved. Lol

#Graffiti #StreetArt

Attempted old english font graffiti, sprayed under a bridge on the horizontal supports. Undercoat sprayed in white. "Be" is in red. "Happy" is in yellow with black and red edges for contrast.
There's a "fuck like" sprayed in black over this, but here is "Hoe" in red on white background, an attempt at old english font style. Sprayed across the horizontal support under a bridge.

Bearded white man with leashed bloodhound walks beneath the beam in a pebbly sandbar in a creek that runs under the bridge.

Anti-vandal paint.

Doesn't do what it says on the tin.

#Queensferry #graffiti #urban

Graffiti on wall with anti vandal paint.
zenlan :coffefied:
6 days ago

Duncan Age 50 brightens up the dullest places #Graffiti #London

Phone box with graffiti "DUNCAN AGE 50"
The Graffiti Express
1 week ago
Train car with graffiti rolling through Kamloops BC Canada
Cassidy Curtis
1 week ago
Zooming out from a single graffiti piece on a wall in San Francisco, to reveal that it’s a single slice of a timeline that spans years.
The Graffiti Express
1 week ago
Train car with graffiti rolling through Kamloops BC Canada

🌿 Artist: #VinieGraffiti in City: #BourgoinJallieu France 🇫🇷 - Title: untitled - (📷 by viconovak) - #Art #Streetart #Mastoart #Mural #Graffiti #GoodMorning ! ☕🥐🥐

Streetartwall. On the outside of a building with three garage doors is sprayed/painted an adorable mural of a girl in comic style. The girl is wearing a striped long shirt. She has big eyes, a small nose and a beautiful mouth. Her voluminous hair is made of grass and green leaves, in which there are also small colorful balls. She looks at us with wide eyes, head resting on one arm, the other casually draped over the garages.
1 week ago

18 Jaw-Dropping 3D Graffiti Pieces by Odeith: A Closer Look at the Master of Illusion:

#StreetArt #Art #Artiste #Graffiti #3D

Mimic wasp by Odeith

Ein Mann sitzt in einem Abrisshaus in einem Zimmer, auf einem Eimer. Er hat eine Sprühdose in der Hand mit der er eine überdimensionale Wespe, Fotorealistisch an die Wand gesprüht hat und anguckt.
Dave Dawkins
2 weeks ago

#Graffiti on the back of a gent's toilet door in Gowrie Park, #Tasmania:

"You," he said, "are a terribly real thing in a terribly false world. That is why you are in so much pain."

#hiking #Australia

Liera the space dragon
2 weeks ago

This is awesome! Never seen a pirate #train before. Train was painted over with #graffiti it seems

Too bad I didn't have my good camera with me but here is a picture of it anyways!

#ns #art

NS train painted black with a skull & cross ☠️

There are multiple question marks on the sides and 1 in both eyes
Anna Kukka
2 weeks ago

schöpfen - to create - sic!
Schöpfwerk - pumping station

#photography #color #graffiti #U-Bahn #Vienna #Wien #AmSchöpfwerk

Detail of a plan of the housing project "Am Schöpfwerk", with only the 2nd word visible in the upper left corner. The plan is heavily overpainted with strong colors so that the plan is barely visible. In the upper right corner is a small portrait of Che Guevara. In the lower left corner is written in a red box "StaDt + Wien. Wien ist anders."
Adrian Riskin
2 weeks ago

"In a neighborhood where the walls are covered with anarchist posters, beautiful radical graffiti stands alongside all the usual tags, advertisements never stay up for long, the windows of luxury cars, banks, and gentrifying apartments or restaurants are never safe, and people hang out drinking and talking on the street corners and in the parks, our ideas will be seriously discussed outside our own narrow circles, and the state would need a major counterinsurgency operation to have just the hope of uprooting us."

'Whenever we can break their little laws with impunity, we show that the State is weak. When advertising is defaced and public space is liberated, we show that capitalism is not absolute."

#Anarchy #Anarchism #Graffiti #Vandalism #Capitalism #Liberation

2 weeks ago

A change in perspective might reveal things. Such as your neighbors being fucking nazis.

#PhonePhotography #Spain #Valencia #Nazis #graffiti

Photo of a pink wall with a black and silver graffiti of a face: a toothy grin and two heart shaped black eyes.
same graffiti, shot from the left side. The light reflects differently, making a swastika shine on each eye.

Maybe the black hearts were painted to cover the swastikas, maybe the nazis were subtle about it, I wouldn't presume that intelligence of them.

🌸 Artist: #MorrisGreen / #MorrisGreenArt in City: #PortAdelaide Australia 🇦🇺 2023 - Title: - untitled - #Streetart #Art #Mastoart #Mural #Graffiti #Artwork

Streetartwall. On the outer wall of a modern two-storey building is sprayed / painted impressive portrait mural of a long-haired blonde woman with flower. She wears a gray men's hat, a white dress looks at a pink flower in her hand.

Having come from #SanFrancisco (where people famously leave their hearts, as the classic song commemorates) here to #NewYorkCity specifically because of love (to be with my sweetie, who I met online), this just feels amazingly appropriate.

Found on a sidewalk in Boerum Hill, #Brooklyn.
#graffiti #StreetArt

Sidewalk graffiti written in black, reading: I found my 💘 in NYC, @PersianPoet

⚪ Artist: #INOEXPO #Athens Greece 🇬🇷 2016 - Title: "Snowblind" - #Streetart #Art #Mastoart #Mural #Graffiti #Artwork #Classics

Streetartwall. On an approximately four-story modern building, the portrait of a man surrounded by three flying banknotes is sprayed / painted. The mural is designed in gray-blue. The facial expression of the man is just a white area. He wears a white shirt with a black tie and has his hands clenched into fists. His head is turned upwards. A straight cut goes through the figure and a blue jagged color element is on the gray and white mural as if by chance.

Some sweet new #graffiti #art under the train tracks. I like it!

Concrete pillars and beams between a trail & creek spray painted to look like birch and spruce trees
Yannick Rochat
3 weeks ago

Agréable rencontre sur le chemin longeant l'un des canaux de la Suze, à #BielBienne : des graffeuses et graffeurs présent.e.s en nombre. Musique chill, odeur de peinture fraîche, et les œuvres qui s'alignent sur environ 200 mètres. Vous y étiez, @thgie @loise_b ? #graffiti

Donncha Ó Caoimh
3 weeks ago

Have you stopped growing?

Graffiti on the hoarding around the derelict site on Sullivan's Quay asks the profound questions. "Have you stopped growing?"

#photo #photography #Cork #Ireland #graffiti #StreetPhotography

Graffiti on the hoarding around a derelict site says "STOPPED". The tops and bottoms of other characters are visible in the top and bottom of the photo.
The background is a mixure of blues, purples and grey
1 month ago

Haven't been out as much lately, but my man sent me this awesome new work from #clops!

#graffiti #atlgraffiti

Graffiti on a highway wall showing a series of eyes, with the eye on the far left looking toward the rest.
Brian McLachlan
1 month ago
A pink pyramid with a smiling face, holding a piece of paper with CALL ME written on it. The edge of a phone book hanging from an adjacent payphone can be seen in the photo as well.
A grey pyramid character with raised arm with hand making a peace sign
White pyramid person with red outline. Arm raised in peace sign. Has a black halo.
Brian McLachlan
1 month ago

This pyramid character has been popping up around Graffiti Alley. Don't see an artist name on any of them to credit. #Graffiti #Toronto #StreetArt #MastoArt

Graffiti of a cartoon pyramid giving the peace sign and holding a #6 beside a yellow bird giving the thumbs up on side and a blue boxy robot waving hi on the right.
A peach pyramid person  in a white t-shirt with a gold owl hieroglyph on it. They give a thumb's up and raise an arm, up with a flat palm.
Graffiti of a blue boxy robot and a light brown cartoon pyramid person both holding a markers. Above them are black outline drawings of themselves in slightly rougher style.
On a door is a white pyramid cartoon person with the top of their point orangey red, like its on fire. They are smiling.

🐦Artist: #PEZ & #DannyRecal in City: #Amsterdam Immanuel Kanthof 1, Street Art Museum (SAMA) Nederlands 🇳🇱 2014 - Title: untitled (📷 by 33_philip) - #Streetart #Art #Mastoart #Mural #Graffiti #Artwork #Classics

Streetartwall. On the outer wall of an approximately two-story modern building is sprayed / painted a mural of two artists. In the center is a painting with a frame that shows a peasant woman pouring out a milk jug. She is wearing a white hood, a yellow dress with a blue apron hanging out of the painting. It is modeled after an oil painting by Vermeer, "The Milkmaid". Around the painting are over 30 cartoon birds painted in light blue and dark blue with yellow beaks. They look like little vultures, all looking in one direction and grinning.
Thomas Rigby
1 month ago

When you know you went to the right bar!

#graffiti #ToiletGraffiti

graffiti that reads "we are descending into authoritarian fascism ♥️ This is your sign to organise and resist"
1 month ago

Ausstellung meines Bruders in Rüsselsheim. Kommt gerne.

Ausstellung: So. 20.8. bis Do. 24.8. jeweils von 10-18 Uhr.

Vernissage Sa. 19.8. ab 16 Uhr Open End, mit HipHop und DJs Memotheone, Straight, Tukan Rider, Strategee, Zit.

#HipHop #Streetart #Graffiti #Art #Kunst #RheinMain #Rüsselsheim #Vernissage

Ein Veranstaltungsplakat mit HipHop-Motiven im Hintergrund. Es zeigt die Veranstaltungstermine.

⚽ Artist: #DaniellesArtwork in City: #BondiBeach Seawall, #Australia 🇦🇺 - Title: "Play unstoppable" Detail, (Go Matilda's) - (📷 by CyclingWithTricia) - #Streetart #Art #Mastoart #Mural #Graffiti #Artwork #GoMatildas #FIFAworldcup #Football 🏆 #FIFAwomensworldcup2023 🦘

Streetartwall. On a street wall is the mural with 5 heads of the female national soccer team on a yellow background. In addition, the lettering "Play unstoppable". The bicycle handlebars of the photographer is also in the picture.

☔ Artist: #MrG / #MrGhoeteArt in City: #Liverpool New South Wales Australia 🇦🇺 - Title: "Prince" - #Streetart #Art #Mastoart #Mural #Graffiti #Artwork #Prince #PurpleRain

Streetartwall. On a white street wall is a mural with the portrait of pop singer "Prince" sprayed / painted. The background is in purple and provided with raindrops, as a tribute to the song "Purple Rain". Prince's head is depicted on the side and with closed eyes.

🚪Artist: #MisterThoms in City: #SantaVittoria di Montereale
Porte d'Artista, #Aquila Italy 🇮🇹 - Title: "Occhio PISCHE" - #Streetart #Art #Mastoart #Mural #Graffiti #Urbanart #Artwork #DoorArt #GoodMorning ! ☕🥐🥐

Streetartwall. On an old door in a niche is sprayed the mural of an abstract male figure.
In the colors of gray, black and white is a grimace. It has big red eyes and wide eyebrows. The white rings of the door hang on the eyelids. He has red cheeks, a full beard, a very long red nose, a rectangular mouth with many teeth and a cigarette in the corner. A finger is digging into his left eyelid and wrinkles are forming on his forehead. He does not look very happy.
Faith Humphrey Hill
1 month ago

Honored to be a participant in the Graffiti Fest at the Firehouse Community Art Center in Chicago. I did a memorial portrait mural of a leader in the Little Village Hunger Strikes.
#art #MastoArt #artist #spraypaint #graffiti

Graffiti artists creating positive murals at Graffiti Fest
Doctor Popular
1 month ago

Trust Your Struggle.
#graffiti #SanFrancisco

A trash can on the sidewalk. Someone has tagged on it in a green chalk or streak marker. It appears to say "Trust Your Struggle" in a very fancy cursive.
Lime Bar
1 month ago

#alleyway #graffiti #hart #stag

🧵 6 of n (until I get tired)...

a trippy mural in an alleyway showing a portal(?) forming(?) on a cinderblock wall to a green landscape and an ethereal stag or hart outlined in blue
Lime Bar
1 month ago

#alleyway #graffiti #windVane

🧵 5 of n (until I get tired)...

geometric painting with colorful shapes on a dark background in an alleryway near fountain square with a window in center in which a wind vane is reflected
Lime Bar
1 month ago

Here comes a thread of #murals and #graffiti in #Indianapolis. Mostly crap photos, sorry. Done from car driving around during lockdown. Just a fun look around the city.

We'll start with this one by Muck Rock near the Second Helpings hunger relief agency.

I think this is my #silentSunday offering. #mural #art #streetArt

🧵 1 of n (until I get tired)...

mural depicting a yellow/white/black caterpillar, a green chrysalis, and orange/yellow/black butterfly
Sjoerd Levelt
1 month ago

Se beul a labhras...

Iomairt as Gaeilge an taobh tuath na h-Èireann.

The tongue as a cultural weapon.
@blindboyboatclub @kneecapceol

#Gaeilge #MastoDaoine #Gaelic #Gàidhlig #languages #Graffiti #Ireland

Text from news article on Irish-language graffiti in Belfast and arrest of activitst who refused to speak English.
1 month ago
Graffiti on a wall that reads "riot crew". There is buddleia behind the wall.