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Doesn't really feel like summer yet down here in #SouthAustralia but the #grapes are certainly doing their thang 😋

Close up picture of a bunch of green grapes on the vine

Harvesting grapes is really time consuming that’s why wine is so expensive 🐴
#fyp #grapes #wine

szczobry winorośli a pod nimi nabitne jagody, że niby z ziemi są

Grapevine Red Blotch Disease impacts global wine production - what research knows about it

#wine #plantviurs #grapes #planthealth #research #dsmz

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VINEYARDS IN THE SUN 20230831132960

Close-up of a grape vine with the blue sky in the background and a ray of sunlight.Location: Alt Penedès, Catalonia, Southern Europe. Fine Art Prints

Buy your Fine Art Prints in:

#bluesky #nature #grapes #sun #vineyards

Christine Brösenhuber
1 month ago

I started harvesting the #grapes. What you see is the 1st batch. It's probably 1/4. Will be making juice + jelly.
Habe begonnen, die #Weintrauben zu ernten. Das ist die 1. Ladung. Ich denke, so ca. 1/4. Werde Saft + Gelee machen.
#gärtnern #gardening

glass bowl filled with seedless green grapes
red plastic bowl filled with seedless green grapes that still have to be taken off their stems
Christine Brösenhuber
1 month ago

We have one grapevine + it's flooding us with super sweet #grapes this year.
#gardening #gärtnern

many very full bundles of small green grapes on the vine
more green grapes from a different perspective
Adrian Morales
2 months ago

This drink is called 《must》from the Latin 《vinum mustum》meaning young wine. It's basically grape juice. 🍇 It's the only kind I like. It's super delicious with zero sugar and additives.

If you want to learn more:

#CloseUp #FoodAndDrink #Freshness #DrinkingGlass #Grapes #Juice #Wikipedia #SocialMedia #Mastodon #Megalodon #Tusky #Fediverse

A glass of vinum mustum, young wine, but it's basically grape juice.

A Bunch Of Grapes

There is certainly a joy living near one of the most famous wine regions in the world. A trip to the vineyards is certainly one of them.
I captured these not too far off from the harvest season at one of the local wineries. I really loved the complimentary colors of the green leaves and the deep blue/purple of the grapes. See the full image here: #ABunchOfGrapes #BillGallagherPhotography #AYearForArt #BuyIntoArt #Grapes #GrapeVines #Vineyard #Bunch

A Bunch Of Grapes

This is an image of a bunch of grapes hanging from a grapevine in a vineyard in Napa Valley. 
The grapes hang off of a brown stem to the right of the bunch. The grapes themselves are a dark blue/purple color and are close to being ready for harvest. 
The leaves of the vine are a lush green. Behind the grapes is a branch of the vine that is old and twisted.
Colin Purrington
2 months ago

Trying out some homemade Concord grape jam on fresh multigrain bread. #bread #sourdough #baking #toast #jam #jelly #grapes #food

Two loaves of bread resting on a wire rack.
Slice of toasted bread covered with butter and red jam.
Khurram Wadee ✅
2 months ago

It’s #autumn, it’s getting cooler and it’s harvest time. Here’s a batch of #grapes in a 5-litre bucket. I’d say it’s about 20% of the total we’ve had this year. On the negative side, we didn’t get too many tomatoes this year.

#MyWork #MyPhoto #CCBYSA #DSLR #Nikon #D7000 #Horticulture #Garden

Harvested grapes in a translucent bucket.

🍷 A weekend #wine read🍷

🍇 #Anthocyanin gives red #grapes their colour
🍇 The transcription factors which trigger its synthesis also cause molecular changes to aroma precursors, signalling molecules, and more
🍇 Darker berries = hotter microenvironment

Denise Gutzmer
2 months ago

Northern #Michigan is home to dozens of wineries and is a 'wine tourism' destination for people across the country.
This year, #drought over the summer stressed the grape vines, which leads to excellent fruit quality and fabulous #wine.
#grapes 🍇 🍷

Ruben Verweij
2 months ago

Last week, we've harvested buckets full of grapes, most of which we turned into a delicious and sweet juice. No extra sugar needed!

The grapes we left hanging on the vine were quickly and gratefully eaten by a flock of starlings.

#harvest #grapes

Four images of grapes. The first one shows a grapevine full of dark blue grapes. The second shows a large bucket full of them. In the third, they've been washed and then put into a pan and brought to a boil. After sieving, the final images shows a can and a glass full of a dark purple and very tasty grape juice.
2 months ago

And then grapes. I love #grapes


2 months ago

It's so #humid!

*"How humid is it, @muiiio?"*

It's so humid, my Studentenfutter #raisins have reverted to #grapes!


But seriously, I can't dry out after my #shower 😅

Harvesting generous bunches of grapes in the malvasia vine trellis....
#viticolture #grapes #harvesting

Large white grape bunches hanging from the top of a vineyard trellis on a sunny day.
2 months ago

Wine’s True Origins Are Finally Revealed

A broad genetic study has revised the prevailing narrative about how wine grapes spread around the world

#Wine #Science #HistoryOfWine #GeneticHistory #Grapes #FoodHistory

I f… love Reliance grapevine.
It tastes like Süßigkeiten but better.
#Uckie #graden #grapes

grapevines with grapes Reliance (burngundy colorrrrrrrrrs)
Alex Bardsley :orangewine:
2 months ago

You can see why it's called Roussanne.
#wine #grapes #cultivar

2 months ago

17Kg of grapes processed into approximately 10–12 litres of grape juice, ready for fermentation.
#grapes #wine #homebrew

Basket of grapes picked yesterday, ready for processing into wine.
10–12 litres of the processed grape ready for fermentation into wine
BomengidsNl TreeGuide Europe
2 months ago

Second batch of #wine from the vine is going to be started tonight. #grapes
First batch is already in fermentation stage 2 in the #canion or what you call that thing.
Big bunches of grapes this year in Netherlands

two buckets with grapes under water in backyard
grapevine along a long wall
wine in big plastic vessel with bubble thing on top. On an ikea cabinet in room
ArtBear on Firefish
2 months ago
North of England.
These grapes are from the grapevines of friends just down the road.
#gardening #food #climateChange #grapes #growYourOwn

2 densely pack purple bunches of red grapes sit in a white ceramic bowl on a wooden kitchen table.

12.5 gallons of picked grapes = 20 1 Litre jars* of juice done.

#homemade #grapes #canning

20 jars of juice are lined up on a wooden table. 12 are in a cardboard box, all but two are labeled "Grape Juice 2023. 8 more jars are on a cooling rack with no labels yet.

The last jar for this season of grapes. It'll be a good while before it fills but that's ok. It'll be worth it and I can clean up the rest of the kitchen while I wait. I like doing this job. Maybe one day I will actually graduate to proper processing/canning but for our purposes, this works just fine. #grapes #food #canning #Preserving #localfood #homemade

A 1/3rd full clear 1L mason jar stands atop a blue bowl that is upside down. The juice drips quickly from the silver spigot at the end of the clear tube.

ok, just one video. Cuz I love it when the jars fill. First jar up! 🔊 #juicing #juice #grapes #cooking

The video starts with the jar standing atop a round bowl which is upside down inside another bowl. The juice is flowing out of a small spigot at the end of a clear tube. The video then pans up to see the spigot more closely and finally the triple bowler on the stove.

And so it behind again. The last of the concorde grapes 🍇 have been picked. Another 5 gallon pail. 🪣 Should make eight 1L jars or so. No play by play tonight though. If you'd like to see the process, check out the full thread from a few nights ago linked below. :)
#Canning #Juice #Grapes #Homemade #PortAlberni #Preserving

A stand overtop the pail full of dark blue grapes. beside it between my fewt is the silver hopper from the boiler/juicer.
Two silver sinks from above side by side (but arranged vertically in the photo with the tap to the right). The top sink is full of water and six clear canning jars are on their sides in the water not quite fully covered. The bottom sink is empty of water but has seven more jars standing upright.
3 months ago

Skipley Farm, Snohomish, WA, USA #apples #chickens #upick #farm #grapes

Rows of small apple trees against a background of evergreens and blue sky with light clouds
Several adult hens inside a wooden shelf set outdoors
Brown grasshopper on a bright red apple

1/ Thread A nice person came over today and picked some of the (Concorde) grapes. This is probably about 1/3rd of the total on the vines. 5Gal 🪣 +

Time to start making juice before the fruit flies get at them!

First need to clean the jars and get them hot.(we don't fully can/process the jars. Just make sure everything is hot so they self seal)
#food #homemade #grapes #garden #PortAlberni

Two buckets of purple grapes sit on the floor in front of a small white stove/oven. There is a tall juicer boiler on the stove.
A dozen Bernardin jars sit waiting. Still partially wrapped in plastic in their box
Tom Shaw
3 months ago

My grapevine is trying to swim away.

#gardening #grapes

A short video showing a grape vine that has grown into the water. The vine is moving around in the waves that can be heard as the break up on the rocks. The shoreline is solid rock.

We do have healthy populations of raccoons, squirrels, and rabbits, but we don't usually see deer, although they are just across the way in the cemetery/golf course. We do see coyote and foxes, but I don't think they're that fond of grapes, despite what we learned from Aesop's fables.

But we also get the Minneapolis Mega-Murder stopping by fairly frequently, so I think that it is most likely crows.

Thread/2 of 3

#MNGrapes #UrbanVineyard #birdfood #wildlife #grapes #gardening

Close-up of a bunch of grapes stripped bare of all grapes.
Bryan Wright
3 months ago

The wild grapes are getting ripe. I don't know what species this is, but they have pea-sized fruit and they're EVERYWHERE. It's not unusual at all to find thigh-thick vines climbing into tall trees. The fruit has a sour-and-vegetable taste when fresh, but we've made it into fruit leather in the past and that's very grapey and delicious.

#grapes #plants #foraging #photography

A tall, thin bunch of pea-sized grapes. Most of the grapes are ripe and dark blue, but some are still bright green and others are already withered. They hang in the shade, but a beam of sunlight reaches them.  In the background, out of focus, are other similar bunches.
3 months ago

Produce News: "Unfavorable weather plaguing suppliers" Navigating hurricane season can be tricky for growers as Mother Nature continues to have her way with the nation's crops. Hurricane Hilary was “devastating and heartbreaking,” according to Kathleen Nave, president of the California Table Grape Commission, which expects California to produce fewer than 75 million 19-pound boxes for the first time since 1994. #grapes #supplychain #food #weather

3 months ago

Insufficient pulp to #grapes ratio for grape rollup recipe #1. Going to try both pulp and juice.

Miniscule amount of pulp from large quantity of juice.
Bryn Davies
3 months ago

Grape juice experiment with home grown Dornfelder grapes.
The first mash is quite a lot of effort but ok once you've burst most of the grapes. Simmering for 10 mins or so makes the 2nd mash much easier.
It's a great colour but I haven't tasted it yet as it's still cooling down at the moment.
Need to buy Mrs D a new wooden spoon as that one's purple now 😄
#GrowYourOwn #homesteading #grapes #gardening

Washing and de-stemming the grapes and putting the good ones into the pot
After an initial mash, simmering the pulp to soften it up for a second mash
Straining the pulp through muslin cheesecloth to remove the skins and seeds
The deep red juice bottled. Not a bad yield from 5 good size bunches.
Bryn Davies
3 months ago

Dornfelder grapes getting close to being ready.
Had no fruit in first year, 2 bunches last year and I've had to prune constantly to keep it to 10 bunches this year. They are very tasty but very seedy so will try turning them to juice this year.
#GrowYourOwn #Grapes #homesteading #gardening

Dornfelder grape vine with several almost-ripe bunches
3 months ago

~7 km, ~40’ beautiful steep #run to my brother-in-law’s #vineyards and back. Snack: delicious #grapes ripe for harvest!

4 months ago

red panda eating grapes...

#redpanda #eating #grapes #nom #animatedgif

Tom Shaw
4 months ago

I checked the OG Thompson seedless grape vine. Growing good, found 1 kg / 2 lbs of grapes to pick. They were 10 and 15 ft up in the tree. The California quail seem to have ate the few bunches that were down low.

It's growing about 50 ft or more up in an old Lombardy poplar tree. The lower part has a mulberry in it that needs pruned to a stub again.

The same grape you buy in the store but those are blossom thinned so grow bigger. Not thinned makes raisins.

#gardening #grapes

A half dozen bunches of Thompson seedless grapes sitting grape leaves on a weathered granite rock. They are green to yellow in color. The individual grapes are about 1 cm or 3/8 inch in size around and slightly longer. There is dried moss on the rocks and some lichen.
A vertical photo of a Thompson seedless grape vine that has been taken over by a scrubby mulberry tree that has to regularly be cut back because it is growing at the root base of the grape vine and can't be removed. Part of the grape vine is in the foreground growing on the ground, others parts are within the mulberry, and most of the vine is climbing up a very old Lombardy poplar tree. Vines are at the very top of the photo high up the tree and extend even further beyond the field of view. The edges of a pine tree in the shadows is on the right side. The sky behind the trees and vine is pale smokey blue. Not easily visible near the top of the photo is a large amount of grapes, they are probably 30 ft or almost 9 meters above the ground. They are ripe and look delicious but out of reach.
Birgit Moldenhauer Art
4 months ago

Shuimo painting or ink wash technic is a type of brush painting that uses black ink, as used in calligraphy, in different concentrations.

I used it for a pair of grape paintings.

#ChinesePainting #Ink #ChineseArt #BuyIntoArt #JapaneseArt #Ink #Wine #AYearForArt #Art #Asia #MastoArt #Painting #Grapes

Chinese ink painting of grapes
Birgit Moldenhauer Art
4 months ago

The second of my pair of grapes.

The paintingstyle does not put high importance on a precise depiction of a real object. As in Calligraphy, the brushstroke in Chinese ink brush painting is less a means of applying ink than an emotional statement.

#ChinesePainting #Ink #ChineseArt #BuyIntoArt #JapaneseArt #Ink #Wine #AYearForArt #Art #Asia #MastoArt #Painting #Grapes

Chinese ink painting of grapes
Tom Shaw
4 months ago

Some 'little pink' grapes getting ripe. Starts from the 100 year old vine that have a mulberry tree to grow up into. The small ones have no seeds, normal sized ones have seeds. I suspect it's a pollination thing that determines the seed. Last 10 years there's been more seeded ones so probably one of the volunteer vines around is a pollinator for it. Just a wild guess.

#gardening #grapes #harvest

Pink colored grapes hanging from a vine that is growing in a small mulberry tree. Granite bedrock on the shore of a river in the background. Some wild grass in the lower portion of the photo and dry hills with fruit orchards in the upper distance.
Pink grapes held in a person's hand. Some of the grapes are green. The stems of the grape are green. The weedy lawn in the background is green and brown.
Kerry Stevenson
4 months ago

My #grapes are almost ready!!

Khurram Wadee ✅
4 months ago

It’s bright and #sunny today and a quick stroll through the #garden shows it’s full of life.

The #grapes are ripening and there’s a good crop this year.

#MyWork #MyPhotot #CCBYSA #DSLR #Nikon #D7000 #Horticulture #Summer

Grapes ripening in the garden.
4 months ago

Grapes hanging over the fence from your neighbor’s garden always seem to taste a little sweeter than your own.
#grapes #grapesonthevine #gardening

A cluster of ripening purple grapes on the vine.
Visions of Napa
4 months ago
Close up of a couple cluster of grapes on the vine. The grapes are green and just starting to become more translucent to the morning light.

Wishing you a wonderful Lughnasadh/Lammas and a gorgeous beginning to the harvest season! #lughnasadh #lammas #bread #grains #harvest #harvestfestival #corn #apples #grapes #pears #pigs #oak #sunflowers #farm #celtic #art
Music is “The Harvest Home” (a traditional Irish song) performed by Katy Nickerson Music

Various artwork featuring 1. A harvest still life with apples, a pitcher, grapes, grain, and a pear in front of a window with a field of round bales; 2. A singing bluebird on a yellow mustard plant; 3. A close up of a sunflower; 4. A still life with various loaves of bread; 5. An ear of corn; 6. Three colourful pigs playing in the mud; 7. Two squirrels in an oak tree; 8. A sunflower with blue sky behind it; 9. Cow in a corn field; 10. Still life with zucchini squash and pears; 11. A field of golden wheat inn front of a grey barn; 12. Still life with basil, onion, garlic, and tomatoes; 13. Blue pig with pink ears and nose; 14. A stack of red/green/gold apples with apple slices in front of it; 15. Tall grass with tufts at the top; 16. A Dryad dancing with under an oak tree.

Grapes. Delicious af.

#Fruit #Noms #Grapes

Close up shot of bright purple grapes in a bowl with a little water on them from having just been washed

Oh no. This is too many. We need to learn how to make wine...

#grapeVine #grapes #needsPruning

A picture of a very prolific part of our grape vine. The many baby bunches of grapes are quite high up and in an awkward place.
Swede’s Photographs
5 months ago

Good morning. 🌄🌄🌄

As a teenager, I lived in a small California town in the San Joaquin Valley. At least during most of my high school years, late 60s and early 70s. The town and the area were surrounded by peach orchards and green grape vineyards. A series of canals fed the surrounding farmland. On lazy summer days, my friends and I would pile in my 1954 Chevrolet Station wagon and drive out on a canal bank and go swimming. Usually at a spot with a spill over that we called the falls. One of our things was to shoot the falls, which was incredibly reckless. This spot was adjacent to a vineyard and if the grapes were ripe, we would get a bunch of grapes and sit on the bank and enjoy them. They were the best tasting grapes and to this day, I judge all grapes based on those.

"You cannot eat a cluster of grapes at once, but it is very easy if you eat them one by one." - Jacques Roumain

#photo #photography #photographer #photographylovers #morning #canal #grapes #RustyBlackbird

In this photograph, a flock of rusty black birds (Euphagus carolinus) are darting around in the sky above a pine tree.  There were perhaps, hundreds of them, they were preparing to land in the tree, which they did.  They stayed only a few minutes. Maybe they were just taking a quick break.

I never know what to #write in this #introduction thing. Maybe because I don't really know who I am or maybe I'm a mixture of many things.

Anyway, my name is Gustavo and I live in #Jundiaí, the city of #grapes, in #Brazil. I am currently a #PhD student in #biochemistry and the #question I am trying to answer is:

Is it possible to use the knowledge of the #plant #circadianclock to increase the efficiency of #weedmanagement in #sorghum crop?

At the same time I trying to answer what is #time?

In between, I make #music and #dance to the #rhythms of #life. It's like @neilhimself says in his profile: "It is too late now!"

And that's it! I joined this instance because I like the #idea behind questions. @freemo seems to have created something special here. Thanks!

It will be a pleasure to meet you all!

A Bunch Of Grapes

There is certainly a joy living near one of the most famous wine tasting areas in the world. A trip to the vineyards is certainly one of them.
There are a number of wineries where my wife and feel like home at. I have got to know a number of wine makers over the years and have been given the opportunity to photograph a few vineyards unfettered.
See the full image here: #ABunchOfGrapes #BillGallagherPhotography #AYearForArt #BuyIntoArt #Vineyard #Grapes

A Bunch Of Grapes

Or maybe bunches of grapes? Anyways I was walking through a local vineyard near harvest time. These grapes to my eyes were ready for picking. 
The subject of this image is the beautiful blue/purple color of these grapes growing in a couple of bunches on the grapevine. The grapes are and the bunches are tight hanging off the branch of the vine. 
Also seen in this image are a couple of limbs from the vine, some of the leifs of the vine and the background truly is the ground.

Red Wine Grapes - Painterly
I love being 30 minutes to downtown Napa it's really hard to beat. I love to go wine tasting and taking in the atmosphere of Napa Valley.
I captured a series of images of some red wine grapes hanging on the vine very close to harvest time. In this image I applied a painterly effect to this image to give it a more classic look. See the full image here: #RedWineGrapes-Painterly #BillGallagherPhotography #BuyIntoArt #AYearForArt #Grapes #GrapeVine

Red Wine Grapes - Painterly

 This is an image of some grapes that will soon be pressed into red wine shortly.
The image is framed at the top by a thick limb from an older grape vine. 
There are two bunches in this view. The focus is on the near bunch with a shallow depth of field most other details in the image are soft. 
I enhanced that softness by digitally giving this image a painterly effect.
The image is bright and colorful with beautiful purple grapes and bright green leafs.

Grapes On The Vine

Living within a stones throw from California's famous Napa valley certainly has it's advantages.
I do prefer the late summer and fall for shooting any images at the wineries as the grape vines are full of foilage and bursting with fruit and color.
See the full image here: #GrapesOnTheVine #BillGallagherPhotography #AYearForArt #BuyIntoArt #NapaValley #Grapes #GrapeVine #Autumn #FallColors #Agriculture #Fruit

Grapes On The Vine

This image is a closeup of a bundle of grapes hanging from a grapevine in Napa Valley.
The image was composed to frame the in focus grapes with out of focus leafs from the vine. 
The foreground leaf is slightly blurry and is showing signs of the coming winter as the edge of the leaf is turning red, yellow and orange.
The grapes themselves are plump and full with a beautiful deep blue color. They are ripe and ready to pick. 
The background in this image is also some out of focus leafs from the vine.
Jim Wald
8 months ago

Fascinating bit of news from the intersection of #genetics, #archaeology, #history

#Israel the origin of the world's grapevines?

domestication of grapes began 11K ya in Israel & Caucasus

“The Israeli wild grapevines were found to be the source of domestication for all the cultivated group of table grapes"

“This initial group of grapevine varieties then were dispersed to eastern and western Europe, to form most of the known winegrapes”

#agriculture #grapes #wine

James Fine Art (.art)
10 months ago

Fruit by James McCormack

Acrylic painting with a bowl of fruit containing tangerines, kaki or persimmon, banana and grapes .

#fruit #tangerines #kaki #persimmon #banana #grapes #illustration #stilllife

Acrylic painting with a bowl of fruit containing tangerines, kaki  or persimmon, banana and grapes .
10 months ago
A doodle of a bunch of happy grapes slowly leaving behind a lone grape who is shouting in despair...
Visions of Napa
1 year ago


I like to call the #grapes left on a #vine, "The bird's share."

Ana Tudor 🐯
1 year ago

Pure #css simple ⭐ #pattern:

✨ all values computed, no magic numbers
✨ can control `background-size` square dimensions (`$e`, length value)
✨ can control size of star in `background-size` (`$f`, value between `0` and `1`, `1` being the max)
✨ only 3 gradients

Bonus: how it starts on paper & tonight's dinner 😋

#maths #geometry #drawing #fruit #fruitArrangement #raspberries #grapes

Pattern. Shows a grid of golden stars on a dim grey background.
  conic-gradient(from -54deg at 50% 2.07em, 
      gold 108deg, transparent 0%) 0 3.07em, 
  conic-gradient(from 126deg at 50% 5.15em, 
      dimgrey 108deg, transparent 0%), 
  conic-gradient(from 162deg at 50% 1em, 
      gold 36deg, transparent 0%) 
background-size: 8em 8em
The geometry of the 5 point star, hand drawn.

We start with a circle of radius R. In this circle, we can inscribe a regular pentagon and a regular pentagram, both having the same vertices.

Since any n-polygon can be split into n-2 triangles if we connect one of its vertices to all other non-adjacent vertices via diagonals and the sum of angles in a triangle is 180°, it results the vertex angle of a regular polygon is (n - 2)*180°/n; that is, 108° in the case of a regular pentagon.

The base angle corresponding to a regular pentagon edge is 360°/5=72°.

The circumradii (of length R) to the vertices are perpendicular on the pentagon diagonals/ pentagram edges and split them, as well as the vertex angles, into equal halves.

From the right triangle formed by a circumradius, half a pentagram edge/ pentagon diagonal and the piece of next circumradius perpendicular onto the previous edge (this is also the inradius of the small pentagon whose vertices are the pentagram edge intersections), we get that the third angle is 180°-90°-72°=18° and that the third edge is ri=R*sin(18°).

From the right triangle formed by the small pentagon circumradius, inradius and half an edge, we have that the small circumradius is ri/cos(36°) (where 36° is half the base angle as the inradius bisects it).

Knowing all these values we can compute the coordinates of the points we have the three conic gradients making up the pattern at.
@use 'sass:math';

$e: 8em; // edge length of square background box
$f: .75; // relative size [0 to 1] of star in square background box
$c0: dimgrey; // background
$c1: gold; // star

$n: 5; // number of vertices
$va: ($n - 2)*180deg/$n; // regular pentgon vertex angle
$ba: 360deg/$n; // regular pentagon base angle
$pa: 2*(90deg - $ba); // pentagram vertex angle
$r: .5*$e; // half the background-size square edge
$rb: $f*$r; // circumradius of regular pentagon/ pentagram
$ri: $rb*math.sin(.5*$pa); // inradius of small inner pentagon of pentagram
$rc: $ri/math.cos(.5*$ba);  // circumradius of small inner pentagon of pentagram
$ty: $r - $rb; // offset of top pentagram vertex from top of background box
$dy: $r - $ri; // offset of horizontal pentagram edge from top of background box
$oy: $r + $rc; // offset of bottom pentagram edge intersection from top of background box

html {
		conic-gradient(from -.5*$va at 50% $ri + $rc, $c1 $va, transparent 0%) 0 $dy, 
		conic-gradient(from 180deg - .5*$va at 50% $oy, $c0 $va, transparent 0%), 
		conic-gradient(from 180deg - .5*$pa at 50% $ty, $c1 $pa, transparent 0%) $c0;
	background-size: $e $e