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Why not convert all #elevators to operate with #gravitybatteries? #Cities could power their #grids with the savings.

They’re also a great storage companion to rooftop solar.

Jaap Burger
2 weeks ago

Starting January 2024, new residential heat pumps and EV charging points in Germany 🇩🇪 will need to be able to temporarily reduce ⚡ on a grid operator's signal. Consumers benefit from quicker connection times (instant approval) and reduced grid fees.

#EV #EVcharging #heatpumps #grids #Flexibility

Jaap Burger
1 month ago

I'm looking forward to presenting how grid capacity transparency, price signals, and flexibility procurement are three tools in the toolbox to mitigate grid capacity constraints for heavy-duty vehicle electrification. This can benefit both grid and fleet operators.

I'm also excited about the other presentations on Dutch experience, the role of bi-directional charging in this segment, and the panel discussion.

Join us on 16 November 👇

#Grids #EV #HDV

Let's talk: mitigating net grid capacity constraint. The ZEVWISE coalition invites you to a virtual event exploring heavy-duty vehicle electrification and its impact on the electrical grid.
Organized by ZEVWISE partner ICCT>

16 Nov 2023
16oo CET | 1500 UTC
Jaap Burger
1 month ago

and some interesting insights from the UK's local flexibility markets, demonstrating the great potential (and actual flexibility contribution!) of smart EV charging.
#SmartCharging #Grids

Jaap Burger
1 month ago

The first tender for flexibility in Portugal's distribution system (electricity grid) has been successful: 623 bids from 21 service providers

Waiting for more news about the winning bids / suppliers.

Jaap Burger
1 month ago

The dreaded 'Dunkelflaute' has spread across Europe (and beyond) as a word, a Germanism, but not as a reality: periods of more than 24 hours in which wind & solar together generate less than 20% of their theoretical maximum did not occur at European level in the period analysed 2015-2021.

#Dunkelflaute #grids

Box 5
Dunkelflaute or 'dark doldrum' (a) indicates a meteorological condition when little or no energy can be generated using wind and solar power for a whole day or longer. Such events are difficult to predict but put large stress on a decarbonised energy system. Fortunately, they are mostly localised in specific regions and hardly ever occur on larger geographic scales. While Dunkelflaute periods can persist in individual countries, they have not happened at the European level in the analysed 2015-2021 period.
Notes: (a) Defined as periods when wind and solar generation present a capacity factor (electricity generation / theoretical maximum as per rated power) below 20% for at least 24 successive hours.
Jaap Burger
1 month ago

Last month, two 🇪🇺 EU agencies (ACER, the European Union Agency for the Cooperation of Energy Regulators, and EEA, the European Environment Agency) published this joint report looking at what countries should do to increase flexibility and resilience in the energy system: flexibility from all resources, large and small, and better interconnection for more cross-border flexibility.
#grids #Flexibility #DemandResponse

Infographic highlighting the main findings of the report:

EU Power System Flexibility Needs to Double to keep pace with renewables, say two EU agencies

Further enhancing interconnections
Demand response & savings
Jaap Burger
2 months ago

Renewable energy developers are increasingly experiencing delays in getting connected to the grid (IEA report on grids just out - more on that later). The Danish grid operator Energinet has got tired of having to say "see you later, alligator" and has taken the second part of the phrase literally. New solar and wind projects can now be connected to the grid years earlier, by connecting to the overhead lines via "alligator plugs" in advance of a proper connection.


alligator clip (image public domain via wikipedia)

“Governments need to open their eyes – if we want clean electricity, we not only need clean electricity generation, but we need to build #grids. It has been a blind spot of #cleanenergy
transition programmes,” says the #IEA

Jupiter Rowland
2 months ago
And the #OpenSimStatistics for September are in:

Metaworld Opensim Social wrote the following post Sun, 15 Oct 2023 18:31:28 +0200 OpenSim roundup

Land area records have been broken again, both for all #OpenSimulator #grids that have reported stats this time, for all those amongst them that are connected to the #Hypergrid and for some individual grids.

Not only is #OSgrid alone still bigger than #SecondLife, but it is so by almost 11%, even in comparison with Second Life's September 10th stats which I used the last time. For today, GridSurvey has reported that Second Life has slightly shrunk since September 10th. This does not change the fact that OSgrid has grown beyond 30,000 standard regions as well as beyond 2,000km².

The #WolfTerritoriesGrid is still hot on Second Life's heels at 94% of its land area. Now, while OSgrid is almost entirely hosted by the owners of the respective sims, all of #WolfTerritories was created and is owned by @Lone Wolf, and it runs on his servers. Granted, it helps that the grid mostly consists of large varsims which are made of multiple standard regions.

#Kitely is now larger than Second Life's Private Estates combined. Still, Kitely requires only a fraction of Second Life's server power because sims with nobody on them are automatically shut down and powered back up when someone wants to visit them.

As always, add #ZetaWorlds, and you've got three times Second Life's entire landmass. And the nine biggest #OpenSim grids, all on the Hypergrid, make up four times Second Life's landmass. Last month, this still required eleven grids. Down from there, grids quickly get smaller. The 13th-largest grid is already under 1,000 standard regions, and around the 40th place, grids have only 140 standard regions, so I'm not sure if five times Second Life's landmass can be amassed, especially if only grids on the Hypergrid count.

It's a pity that there are no stats on the actual number of sims. It'd be interesting to see their average size, and especially sailing grids would be way up this ranking.

#Metaverse #VirtualWorlds
Scientific Frontline
2 months ago

The researchers say that the occurrence of similar massive #solar #storms today could be #catastrophic for modern technological society, potentially wiping out #telecommunications, #satellite systems and #electricity #grids - and costing us billions
#EarthScience #Archeology #SpaceWeather #sflorg

Jaap Burger
2 months ago

TIL notes that the 🇸🇪 Stockholm region has three distribution system operators. It is good that they are working together in a single local flexibility market that is open, for example, to EV charging.
It's a winter-only market, with the next round running from 1 December 2023 to 31 March 2024. Applications before 1 Nov, minimum bid size (can be aggregated) 100 kW.

#Grids #Flexibility

CelloMom On Cars
2 months ago

#Decentralized Energy Production Shakes Up Traditional #Grids

– Power grids must adapt to challenges such as increased electricity #demand, #variable energy sources, and a more decentralized model.
#VirtualPowerPlants, formed by prosumers, are emerging as a resilient solution for managing power production and storage.
– Significant financial investments are needed to upgrade energy infrastructure, with the US Dept of Energy already allocating $100 million for VPPs.

Jupiter Rowland
3 months ago
Here's a premiere: the first #FollowFriday for #OpenSimulator.

For those who don't know what I'm talking about: OpenSimulator, also called #OpenSim, is a free and #OpenSource platform for 3-D #VirtualWorlds that uses largely the same technology as #SecondLife. It was launched as early as 2007. It mostly became a network of #federated, interconnected worlds (#grids) when the #Hypergrid was introduced in 2008. And "#Metaverse" has been a part of the standard OpenSim vocabulary since before 2010, too.

It currently measures about 420 public grids at various sizes from tiny to slightly larger than Second Life itself and countless private grids, the vast majority of which are on the Hypergrid.

So without further ado, here are some suggestions:

  • Shelenn Ayres
    #InfiniteMetaverseAlliance CEO. Co-organiser of the on-going #OpenSimFest #OSFest2023 that'll continue until the end of the month. Follow her now for the daily schedule. Also maybe your first #Friendica connection.
    → @Shelenn Ayres
  • Mal Burns
    Creator and main host of #InworldReview, also creator of several other YouTube video series about virtual worlds. One of the organisers of #HypergridInternationalExpo which will return next month after six years.
    → Main account: @Mal Burns Main
    → OpenSim account: @Metaworld Opensim Social
  • Thirza Ember
    Organiser of the weekly #HGSafari. One of the hosts of Inworld Review. Another one of the organisers of #HIE.
    → @Thirza
  • Tosha Tyran
    One of the four founders and owners of #CraftWorld, one of the five oldest grids. Another one of the organisers of HIE.
    → @Tosha T.
  • Kelso Uxlay
    Co-founder and co-owner of the #CreaNovale grid. Co-builder of the famous four-seasons varsim known as #Novale. And yet another one of the organisers of HIE.
    → @Kelso Uxlay
  • Lone Wolf
    Founder and owner of the #WolfTerritoriesGrid, the second-largest OpenSim grid. Might be the single person who owns the most virtual land in the world, but he offers it for rent. Also founder and owner of the OpenSimSocial #Mastodon instance.
    → @Lone Wolf
  • Hyacinth Jean
    Founder and owner of the #GroovyVerse grid and the GroovyToot Mastodon instance. Prolific #MeshBody maker; has forked Ruth 2.0 into #LuvMyBod and Diana and created her own private mesh body. Currently working on an alternative to #OpenSimWorld.
    → @Hyacinth 🏳️‍⚧️ ☮️
  • vrsimility
    Working on an authentic, detailed recreation of 19th century #Liverpool in OpenSim.
    → @vrsimility
  • OpenSimulator Community Conference
    The #OSCC is a yearly community event with a whole number of panels about OpenSim in particular and virtual worlds in general. Expect #OSCC23 to happen in December.
    → @OpenSim Community Conference
  • Finally, the OpenSim community on #Lemmy
    Not a user for a change, but a place on Lemmy for OpenSim users/avatars to meet and discuss.
    → @OpenSim

#FOSS #FLOSS #Decentralized #Decentralization #Decentralised #Decentralisation #VirtualWorld #WolfTerritories #WolfGrid #Ruth2 #OSFest
Jaap Burger
5 months ago

Increasingly flexible energy production and consumption requires distribution system operators to look for new tools to manage their networks.
Market-based procurement of distributed flexibility facilitates a granular response to grid needs. The Portuguese🇵🇹 DSO E-REDES has now launched its first call for a flexibility auction in 8 regions, open to many: specifically including residential customers and charge point operators.

#grids #flexibility #SmartCharging

Jaap Burger
5 months ago

and therefore shows the urgent need for countries such as Germany to move forward with the planning of truck charging infrastructure


Countries in central Europe, such as Germany and Belgium, have many trucks passing through (about 50% of trucks on German
highways are just traversing the country) and are thus more important for inter-European long-haul transport. These countries have the highest utilization rate for their charging areas, with over 100 BETs stopping at their areas daily, demanding over 53 MWh on average. Large investments are required to allocate and install chargers and develop the power grid and electricity supply to meet demand from charging areas. Developing charging infrastructure in these countries as soon as possible is essential for BETs with long travel (i.e., long trip chains). Thus, there is an urgent need to start planning since the deployment of the charging infrastructure network will depend on other processes such as grid development, permitting, and land use.
The power supply and the grid are major limitations when planning for charging regions, which might impact our charging region allocations.
Kadri Simson
6 months ago

RT Eurelectric
Commissioner @KadriSimson sharing views on last years' measures & next steps at #PowerSummit23:
⚡We need incentives for #wind, #solar & #grids. Electricity makes up 20% of energy use – will reach 50% by 2050
⚡Investments should now replace emergency measures


Jaap Burger
6 months ago

Overview of several European countries / regions and the factors that influence the existence of alternative connection agreements

#Grids #Flexibility #DSO

figure showing key factors impacting the regulatory application of alternative connection agreements as a tool for DSOs to access flexibility, mapping some European countries/regions
6 months ago

#Design #Concepts
4 levels of grids for web designers · How structure brings stability, clarity, and consistency to a layout

#Layout #Grids #IxDesign #UiDesign #WebDesign #WebDevelopment #WebDev #Frontend #Columns #Alignment #Spaces #VerticalSpacing

THOPAN :mastodon:
8 months ago

Oy, es gibt für #Inkscape eine #Erweiterung, mit der #Hilfslinien für (unter anderem) #Layoutgrids erstellt werden können! Mal ausprobieren, ich mag #Grids.

Julia Hildermeier
9 months ago

Our 3⃣ learnings from #cities when planning for #emobility
💡Think Big, and smart
✍️Plan for #EVs and #grids at the same time
🤝Collaborate and optimize

New article @RegulatoryAssistanceProject with #EUROCITIES inspired by
USER-CHI H2020 project
Published in #GreenMobilityMagazine (p.28)

@BruceWoodrow and I are back in #Toronto after time in rural & suburban #Ontario.
#CorktownCommon across the street, #Nature on our doorstep.

Passions: #LogicPuzzles, #Grids, #Tapestry, #HomegrownDatabase, #Coding, #LifeLongLearning.

Projects: converting #Needlework designs from #GraphPaper to #PixelArt, animating some of them with #processing. Still a beginner.

Opinions: #AgingWithTech, #CityLife

Energy4Europe 🇪🇺
10 months ago

US🇺🇸 is an ally in supporting Ukraine🇺🇦.
EU synchronised #grids with UA to make it independent from RU🇷🇺 and we are providing emergency support to repair & replace the UA #energyinfrastructure by coordination, logistics and financial help. 🗨️@JorgensenJuul!GTNH9C


Julia Hildermeier
10 months ago

Yes, our #power #grids will manage #electric #trucks provided early planning and #smartcharging are in place. My review of policies needed to support ambitious #HDV #CO2 standards on @euractiv

10 months ago

👏 #USDA announces $2.7 billion for #rural electric #grids

The investment comes in the form of the Rural Development Electric Loan and Loan Guarantee Program that allocates funding to 64 electric cooperatives to expand the grid in unserved and underserved areas.

The funding will bolster and secure critical #infrastructure and support the expansion of high-speed #Internet capabilities to rural areas. #news

Scientific Frontline
10 months ago

#Coronal Mass Ejections (#CME), which are #solar #eruptions from the #Sun, can send plasma hurtling towards Earth at high speeds. These #space #storms can cause severe disruptions to power #grids and #communication systems.
#ArtificialIntelligence #AI #SpaceWeather #sflorg

Desktop users who’s a instagram member…
#Grids app. Worth the limited use of apps for this site.

Carlo Grosoli
11 months ago

#Genuary Day 17: A grid inside a grid inside a grid

Playing around with different subdivisions of a grid inside a grid inside a grid. This is my favourite so far.

#genuary2023 #genuary17 #grids #generativeart #genartclub #genart

Hundreds of colored horizontal and vertical planes rotated 45 degrees arranged in a grid structure.
Jaap Burger
11 months ago

Pressure makes diamonds: programs and tariffs for flexibility 🪩, smarter 🧠 grids

"Growing demand puts EU electricity grid under pressure" on @euractiv with quotes from @bram, @andreasjahn and me

#grids #EnergyFlexibility

#Instagram/Desktop users, if you dont like the webpage option try Grids. So much better. You can filter out the stuff you dont want to see. It’s chronological order or you can chronologically order your favorites. I hate the webpage option. And I know 3rd party apps are rare when it comes to Instagram. #Grids is on the #AppStore and in…

Referral Key bc who doesnt want to earn a free month?

my daily drawing for 20221229
#drawing #grids #pattern

A Bill Miller
1 year ago

Daily Drawing!
#artwork #drawing #grids

1 year ago

Dear #WrappingPaper companies: I know there are lots more important things in the world, but please, please, please if you would all just print #grids on the reverse sides of your paper, it would make our lives so much simpler. Thanks! #holidays #Christmas #Hannukah #Kwanzaa #NewYear #GiftWrap

ag-grid boasts to be the best JavaScript Data Table for building Enterprise Applications. Supports React / Angular / Vue / Plain JavaScript.

#grids #datatables #FrontEnd #WebApp #components #libraries

Lu 🇦🇲
1 year ago

Lucas, aka Lu or luppano

Live #video director, but debuted in live drama/performance shows as a technician, still feels like home.

I live in #France near #Lyon

I'm pretty far left, politically.
Interested in civil #nuclear (especially from a #CO2 emissions ↘️, and #energy sovereignty standpoint).
Really into #infrastructures in general, my fav kind being electric #grids.

I'm involved in a vintage electric locomotives restauration non-profit. #railway

En gros l'article compare les performances entre des pages faites avec #Grid et #Flexbox. Et en résumé #flexbox est plus efficace que les #grids lors du stress test avec 10000 éléments ou des mises en page très complexes, toutefois pour des mises en page courantes c'est assez comparable en termes de ressources utilisées.

Et conclue par dire que la mise en ouvre avec Grids est plus concise et nécessite moins d'efforts.

#StressTest #CSS

Andreas Sander
5 years ago

Gestern war #Webdev Stammtisch in #Saarbrücken mit zum Thema #CSS #Grids. Aufzeichnung gibt es unter