Cindy Weinstein
3 hours ago

Tomorrow is the last day of the #JohnsHopkinsUP sale. 30% off and free shipping on order $50 or more. The discount code is HMOR23, and the #memoir I wrote with #UCSF #neurologist #BruceMiller is available. Readers have said it's helped explain what happens (or doesn't) in a brain with #Alzheimer's. Bruce is an expert on #dementia, especially #FTD, and discusses the #neurology behind dementia. I talk about #grief, #literature, my #brain, and my #love for my #dad. #EndAlz

Cindy Weinstein
3 hours ago

Tomorrow is the last day of the #JohnsHopkinsUP sale. 30% off and free shipping on order $50 or more. The discount code is HMOR23, and the #memoir I wrote with #UCSF #neurologist #BruceMiller is available. Readers have said it's helped explain what happens (or doesn't) in a brain with #Alzheimer's. Bruce is an expert on #dementia, especially #FTD, and discusses the #neurology behind dementia. I talk about #grief, #literature, my #brain, and my #love for my #dad. #EndAlz

1 day ago

The local small forest area I love going to walks in has in the last years been seeing more and more outbreaks of the European spruce bark beetle.

This is an area where old mighty spruce trees have been saved from logging and allowed to grow and also decay in peace, allowing for the coarse woody habitat to exist in peace. This has made this small forest a treasure for fans of mushrooms, fungi and just biodiversity that is rare to see these days in a country like this where violent monoculture logging is the norm.

Seeing this destruction with the beetle getting worse year by year as the summers get warmer reminds me of the words my ecology professor said to us my first year of uni in 1999 on how the Nordic spruce tree will die off due to global warming.

It's the year 2023, this is from my hike today. A few years ago this group of trees was still fine.

How does anyone manage to close their eyes from this?

#ClimateChange #Grief #nature

A group of tall spruce trees with their bark peeling off mostly from the bottom and middle of the tree,  needles dying or falling.
Linda Sgoluppi Artist
1 day ago

I cut the first rose that flowered on the rosebush given by our old friend after my late husbands funeral. It is a divine red and beautifully scented. I have the single rose on the main living/dining/kitchen table. Having bloomed and given so much, it is now going over, losing it's petals, I leave this first one until the petals have dropped to the table. Makes me sad but seems right somehow. #Memorium #Rose #Grief #Mastodon #Fediverse

Poetry News
1 day ago
Robert Roy Britt
2 days ago

The mythical Five Stages of Grief was developed in the 1960s to explain how terminally ill people come to grips with their impending death—not how you might handle the loss of a loved one or other types of loss.

Therapist Giana Porpiglia says dealing with #grief is not a linear process, so be careful not to over-identify with any of the stages, and don't worry if they happen in a different order.

Compelling story.

Next Thursday will be thirteen years since my wife Barbara passed from this world to the next. That was an incredibly traumatic time for me. In one moment I lost the greatest love of my life, and my faith. I wrote about that some ten years later, after I truly began to recover from that loss.

The price of great love is great grief. But I am recovering. I still cry, but only when I talk about it. Like now. 😢

#faith #loss #grief #recovery

2 days ago

My grandpa has Alzheimer’s leading into dementia. He fell a couple weeks ago and had to be hospitalized, so I came home. It’s likely the last time I’m going to see him alive, and the last time I’ll be able to go into my grandparents house that I grew up in. During my time home, I photographed him and his house, spent hours talking about his military service, and grew to accept what will inevitably happen next.
#photography #grief #monochrome #foto #photo #BlackAndWhite

A black and white photo of my grandfather’s boots with a leg brace on the right boot to support the leg he was shot in.
3 days ago

It‘s a funny thing the way words work
i spend most of my words on grief and loss
they come so easily to me
alas, you never need words to describe peace.
but grief fills my mind with words
floods it with emotion
i feel like van gogh painting his starry nights
knowing it is a gift and a curse
to feel so deeply about this world

#thoughts #vangogh #grief #loss #writing #writingcommunity

3 days ago

„My whole body aches from the grief
my lungs and breath are
no longer mine to control
my heart bursting from all this love
that can not be given
all these words
that will forever remain on my tongue
i hate this feeling
of sheer helpnessless
of loneliness
of having to miss you from now on.“

- a #poem by me

#poems #poetry #poetssociety #grief #loss #lettinggo #emotions #poetrylovers

Angelo Madrid
3 days ago

WIP: For an upcoming animation for @piatpod
#cartoon #animation #art #grief

Mary-Frances O'Connor
4 days ago

My graduate student Roman Palitsky and I published a new study demonstrating that not only does blood pressure rise during a wave of #grief, but those with the most severe grief have the the greatest increase. If you are #grieving, be sure to have your regular physical, especially if you have been neglecting #selfcare and focused on #caregiving

4 days ago

It's been a week and a half and I feel numb. I feel like I should be crying and thinking about my dad more. I'm not sure if this is the drugs or natural.

#grief #mouring #bereavement

Queer Lit Cats
4 days ago

Pink News: Reverend Richard Coles opens up about finding new love three years after tragic death of husband #LGBT #LGBTQ #Trans #Lesbian #2SLGBTQ #RichardColes #Celebrity #Culture #dating #grief #love

5 days ago

where have You gone, Child?
now lost to Time, forever.

#Haiku #Grief #Childrearing #Children #InnocenceLost
#Parenthood #Teenager #AgesAndStages #Haikoot

Flipboard Culture Desk
5 days ago

In 2021, actor Richard E. Grant lost his wife, dialect coach Joan Washington, to lung cancer. Here, he talks about loss, sorrow, love and life's pleasures — subjects that are covered in his award-winning memoir, "A Pocketful of Happiness."

#Culture #Books #Acting #Grief

DaN McKee
5 days ago

I’m excited to announce my new book, Anarchist Atheist Punk Rock Teacher is now available to pre-order everywhere:

Out June 16th on Earth Island Books, as the blurb says: it’s a memoir exploring the various ways in which anarchist philosophy, atheism, and a background in DIY punk rock influenced one conflicted teacher's approach to the classroom over twelve turbulent and thought-provoking years.

‘Anarchist Atheist Punk Rock Teacher' is more than just a memoir of some teacher you've never met. It is philosophy of education, of anarchism, of authenticity, and of life. Throw in some personal history, the deaths of both of his parents to deal with on top of juggling all the professional absurdities that come with the job (not to mention having to teach through a global pandemic), and you have all the earmarks of a biographical classic.

Sharing frontline insights which help explain why currently one in three teachers in England plan on quitting the profession, and the first-hand experience of being one of those very statistics, this memoir of struggle, grief, philosophy and hope tells a story of why, despite all its endless frustrations and inherent contradictions, there still might be no better job in the world than being an 'Anarchist Atheist Punk Rock Teacher'.

#AnarchistAtheistPunkRockTeacher #Anarchist #Atheist #Punk #PunkRock #Teacher #Teaching #Education #Writing #Memoir #Grief #Book #NewBook #DaNMcKee #Anarchism #EarthIslandBooks #PreOrder

5 days ago

wondering again,
“How did we end up like this?”
The Silent Treatment.

#Haiku #Haikoot #Relationships #Teenager #Parenthood #Grief

5 days ago

Stranger in the Nest.
I don't know You anymore.
Fruit of Our Labor.

#Haiku #Parenting #Teenager #Observations #Life #Grief #Loss #Haikoot

Kit Muse
6 days ago

@BZBrainz @actuallyautistic There's an anthology still seeking submissions on #grief and other topics specifically for #neurodivergent individuals.

We're currently reading for grief & #burnout with an #AutiGender deadline coming on September 30.

elizabeth veldon
1 week ago

I have never understood people saying that 'it gets better' after someone suffers a loss.

it does not, it never goes away, we carry the loss with us as an act of love and remembrance but we also carry the joy that the relationship brought us.

When in nursing i sat with a number of people while they died and would not take a single moment of that back, would not ask for that to be cancelled out as the privilege of having a connection with another being is worth every instance of loss.


Robert J. Tiess
1 week ago

My poem "To a Dandelion"
for a "letting go" poetry challenge.

If you read this, thank you.

If you enjoy this poem, I invite you to explore my other poems and my upcoming book, May We Learn from the Earth (July 2023).

Poem text link:

#poems #poetry #poetrylovers #poetrycommunity #nature #flower #flowers #plants #death #grief #lettinggo #acceptance #lifeisshort #survival #afterlife #rebirth #metaphors #deathisnottheend

1 week ago

Evie was the most beautiful little soul. It's been a week and the grief is crushing me.

#cats #death #grief

A calico cat with a half black and half white face with green eyes looks meaningfully over her shoulder at the camera. She is very small.
1 week ago

After 3 years and the loss of 3 people, my cat is what finally broke me.
I've never been able to process the loss of someone. I don't move through it. I don't know that it would have helped me, but we aren't taught these things. One of the largest inevitable events of a life and we're grasping for anything. Directionless.
I live mostly in my bed (on normal days due to chronic illness) and now I am truly alone in this room.

#death #grief

Babu Menos 💬
1 week ago

I’ve started a new series of videos on YT and IG and I will also share those here. It’s called “Rekindling”, and I opened it with this one:

This is an older song that I thought needs a little rekindling.
“The Fall” is part of the album “Make Me Do” which you’ll find on my Bandcamp page,

Vocals, piano, and synth by me.

Video footage:

· Ekaterina Roshchina via
· Matthias Groeneveld
· Matthias Groeneveld via

Font: Montserrat by Julieta Ulanovsky,

#Music #NewMusic #BabuMenosRekindling #IndiePop #HandMade #Piano #Vocals #Ballad #Loneliness #Loss #Grief #Sadness #Melancholy

1 week ago

I can't get my head around the crushing loss and grief. She was the most beautiful little soul.

#cats #grief

A calico cat with a half black and half orange face with green eyes is looking at over her shoulder at the camera. She is small and tilts her head innocently.
Nona Rose
1 week ago

A friend of mine’s mum died yesterday. He couldn’t be with her when she passed because they live in different countries, it was unexpected, and happened quickly. He is currently flying home to be with family but I felt bad that there was nothing I could for them before they left because it was all so quick.

You never know what the future is going to bring, so tell people that you care about them when you have the opportunity, whether it’s a friend, a partner, a child, a parent, or another relative.

Don’t hold on to it because one day it will be too late.

#Love #Grief #TellThem #Death #Regret

Primadonna Boy🏳️‍⚧️✨
1 week ago

I am about to be very mentally ill about Kesha's Gag Order and I mean that as the highest praise to the album

#kesha #GagOrder #music #album #mentalillness #grief #trauma #mentallyill #obsession #obsessed #ilovehersomuch #newmusic #art #newalbum #streamgagorder

1 week ago

Names read, and “Taps” played.
Defilades, C-4, Mine Fields.
Sometimes, just Bad Luck.

#Haiku #Haikoot #MemorialDay #Memories #Grief #Loss #Death #Luck

Dr Annetta Mallon
1 week ago

Absolute mood.
Three weeks yesterday.

My sense of time is all over the shop, I'm tired even though I'm sleeping ok, I'm sad, I'm often not sure of what I'm feeling, sometimes I'm simply numb.

#grief #sorrow #DeathOfAParent #MyMumDied #mourning #feelings

A four panel cartoon with a grey background, a teal dinosaur and a yellow dinosaur talking to each other face to face.
1  "Are you good?"
2 "In what sense?"
3 " Generally"
4 "Oh definitely not"
Killer Boots
1 week ago

I’ve been saying “there’s no wrong was to grieve,” but I may have found it.

I walked past a display of mugs in the drugstore today and one of them said “the best dads get promoted to Grandpa”. I was instantly angry that this mug would imply my father-in-law wasn’t a best dad. I wanted nothing more than to smash that mug.

This is a small town. People would talk.

Edit: my in-laws have no grandchildren.

#Grief: A #MentalHealth #Crisis for #LGBTQ #people

#Journalists are taught to keep themselves out of the story. But when I was rushed to the #hospital on May 12 with a possible #heartattack, I became part of the story of a #hidden #mentalhealth #problem for LGBTQ people: grief.

#Women #Transgender #LGBTQ #LGBTQIA #Relationships #Grieving #BrokenHeart

John Ager
1 week ago

My mother died four years ago today. This post may help you deal with grief you may be experiencing...

#Bereavement #Grief #Loss

"So beautifully written! So impacting!"



Quoth the Raven:

#gratitude #grief #guilt #loss #recovery #essay

2 weeks ago

Bankers forced their Hand;
Foreclosure, then Estate Sale:
Unexpected Death.

#Haiku #Haikoot #Farmer #Observations #Debt #Suicide #Legacy #Grief

Poetry News
2 weeks ago

Mass shootings plague us still
Memories linger in grief
Robb Elementary

#massshooting #robbelementary #uvalde #grief #haiku #poetry

Killer Boots
2 weeks ago

Went to the funeral home to pick up my father-in-law’s death certificate, dropped the dogs off at various place, and now gathering stuff to spend a few days with my mother-in-law.

Everything feels very surreal right now. The new normal seems very quiet. Too quiet. I preferred the old normal.

2 weeks ago

In my #LegendOfKorra Fanfiction (it's the sequel to my rewrite/AU of Book 2), I wrote a chapter that dealt with grief:

The grief described here is loss of life in a war, but the main focus of the chapter was the acknowledgement of not being okay and crafting a grief ceremony to help one heal.

I think #grief ceremonies can be quite powerful. I'll quote a bit from my notes for that chapter:

"The Grief Ceremony here is loosely based on some of the Trans Day of Remembrances ( #TDOR ) I helped organize in the past. TDOR is held on November 20th to remember all the trans people murdered. A few selfless individuals scour through reports to find their names, but if names cannot be found, we still honor them by stating where they are from. The names are recited, then we have a moment of silence. Then some of us organizers would speak.

I think it was either 2017 or 2018 that I asked why we didn't also celebrate their lives. Why not have a line or two about who they were as people? And then we all collectively work on a piece of art to display all the lives lost. That's when I came up with the tree. The Unitarians painted the tree on this large roll-up-able canvas, and I brought it to the event. We pinned it up, and we laid out the photos of all the people who died (along with a line about their life) and if we couldn't find a photo, we spelled out their name, location, and if possible a sentence about their life. We also had a bunch of notecards.

Trans people then got up on stage and recited poetry, sang songs, (I played my bongos as I recited a poem I wrote), and shared stories about living our truth, about grieving our lost, about what a better future would look like. By the end of the event, the tree had been fully decorated - people went up to it to tape the pictures and names like leaves. Some people drew things on the notecards and taped up those. I folded a peace crane and taped it to the top of the tree. It was beautiful by the end. We'd created something with our grief.

And that is the crux of this scene. To use our grief and create something beautiful with another person to honor those who died. We are all people, and we all are stories waiting to be heard.

So when I was thinking about ways to heal from the trauma of war, I decided the Southern Water Tribe would have had their own grief ceremony because of how much they were brutalized in the One Hundred Year War. They'd have so much to grieve because of all that loss. And since they are a Water Tribe, water is the core of their ceremony. However, since Asami isn't of that heritage, Korra offers something else to add to the water part. Earth and fire, upon which Asami asks for air to be used too. To show that the deaths are not in vain.

No matter what side people are on in the war, the people involved are still people. That's the crux of it; war is brutal and horrifying. Sometimes it cannot be avoided, but many times it can and should be avoided. The hope is that at the least we learn from that. To make sure it Never Happens Again.

A historian - can't recall her name - wrote about how history doesn't repeat itself, but it often rhymes. Today we're seeing our present rhyming with some pretty awful parts of human history. But it doesn't have to be that way. Standing up, speaking up, fighting back against the tide of hate is needed. That's what Team Avatar did - fought against Unalaq's arrogant hate and pride that harmed so many. But those that died in the battles were still people. We're all people. There's no such thing as "the other" like some people claim. *We are all people.*

By holding a grief ceremony for all who was hurt or killed can help one find the strength to heal and keep going, keep up the fight toward justice and love. So that's the reason I chose to write the grief ceremony like this.

Even in our darkest moments, when all hope seems lost, someone like Jinora comes to hold out light. To illuminate the way. Each person we meet, each person we share our story with and listen to theirs in turn - all offer a nugget of light. Illuminating the path of our journey. So remember that when things are hard. Remember that even when we feel utterly alone, a helping hand exists and that we are loved."

This is why I believe Grief Ceremonies should be annual ceremonies that our communities host in order to collectively process our grief and complex emotions around the myriad situations, events, and hurt we often face.

Oppressive systems are traumatizing and grief-filled, and as we tear them down and replace them with something better, we will still need grief ceremonies to help us transition, process the anger and pain, and move forward.

So I guess, what sort of grief ceremonies do other people do?

Author Sharon E. Cathcart ✅
2 weeks ago

A while back, I decided that Walt Dress Wednesday was a thing; I was having a severe morale crisis at the time, and thought that wearing my vintage-inspired Disney dresses might help.

Today, I'm wearing a simple popover dress with Cinderella's mice and the things they used to make her pink dress.

Why does this matter? Well, it was my dad's favorite part of the movie. We lost him four years ago, to health complications caused by his exposure to Agent Orange during the Vietnam war ... where he had also been a POW. Our relationship was sometimes complicated, to say the least, but I've missed him unbelievably since he passed.

#Grief has its own timetable, for sure. Most of the time I do all right, but sometimes it just hits me. I am wearing the dress today because I've been thinking about Daddy a lot.

Poor Frank Raw
2 weeks ago

If you missed the first print run of the most excellent book-based-on-embroidery by @Felixthefemale, you're in luck - the second edition is now on sale. "A Little Book of Grieving":

#grief #embroidery

2 weeks ago

Punko’s #Haikoot Thread.
Experiment: Going to post and collect my #Haikoots here, in a thread that I will build upon by responding to this initial post.
I will be reaching back into my collection and reposting #Haiku I am fond of that were flushed with the #TooterRooter as well as new material.

I hope you get something from these.
Note: I do not #CW my haiku; addressed are (among other things)- #Suicide #Death #Loss #Grief #MentalHealth #Observations #Religion #Climate - fair warning.

Jonathan Kamens
2 weeks ago

My wife's cousin just died, and the non-religious daughter is having it out with the religious son about whether to honor their mother's verbal wishes expressed to the daughter—cremation + no funeral—vs. a religious funeral.
PSA: Parents, WRITE DOWN YOUR FUNERAL WISHES and make sure your kids know where that document is.
Also, you need a will, a healthcare proxy, and advance directives.
Don't leave behind a mess for your kids to deal with at a terrible time.
#death #dying #grief #parenting

Yasha Hartberg
3 weeks ago

One of the most frustrating parts of #grief is how you can wake up feeling fine, ready to tackle the day--right up to the moment you start trying to work, at which point your brain completely shuts down.


Peggy Collins
3 weeks ago

I created The Rainbow Bridge to memorialize our pets who have passed on. It shows 3 cats, 2 dogs, a bunny and a budgie, all happy and content in a magic land at the end of a rainbow, waiting for the day when we will join them.

Art is here -

#rainbow #pets #grief #cats #dogs #rabbits #AYearForArt #DogsOfMastodon #CatsOfMastodon #MastodonArt #FediGiftShop #MastoArt #FediArt #BuyIntoArt #peggycollins

Colorful artwork of the Rainbow Bridge, where two dogs, three cats, a bunny and a budgie are happy and content in a magic land at the end of a rainbow, by artist Peggy Collins.
S t a c i e
3 weeks ago

So I cried a little bit when I arrived at the office but managed to keep it at bay until now.

Happy birthday, Dad! Miss you! As you used to say to me, I’ve always loved you and I always will. 🥹😘


S t a c i e
3 weeks ago

Tomorrow is my dad’s birthday. Grief showed up just after 4 PM today while I was still working from home. Since I was already crying, I decided to listen to the saved voicemails I have from him so I could hear his voice. I did the full ugly cry. 😭

Tomorrow will be the first time I work in the office on his birthday since he passed.


Yasha Hartberg
3 weeks ago

Damn. A single strand of gray hair on a towel and I’m back at the side of my mother’s deathbed, administering morphine and atropine and suctioning mucus from the back of her throat. #Grief sucks.

Catherine Friess
3 weeks ago

Daddy & Me, Side by Side is a poignant, heartwarming #picturebook about a father & child’s outdoor adventure – similar to the one that #Daddy went on with his father…
#piercefreelon #ariadelsole #DaddyandMe #Bookstodon #ChildrensBooks #Grief #FathersDay #LittleBrownsBooks

Daddy & Me, Side By Side
Daddy & Me, Side By Side
Daddy & Me, Side by Side
:blobS2xenogender: they/it
4 weeks ago

Just numb to it all.
Which stage of grief is this one?
I wish I could feel.

#DailyHaikuPrompt #Haiku #grief

Sharon Cummings Art
4 weeks ago

what is grief really?
a journey of love and hope
With no place to go...

#DailyHaikuPrompt - grief

*I consider my grief work a calling. When people tell me how it has helped them in their healing journey, I feel honored.


#art #mastoart #fediart #AYearForArt #poetry #writing #writingcommunity #haiku #smallpoems #healing #colorful #artwork #writer #writers #grief #grieving #death #celebration #love #feather #birds #family #friends #life

Colorful feather with a poem about grief and loss titled "Always Remember" by artist and poet Sharon Cummings.  Haiku in post.
Mary-Frances O'Connor
1 month ago

"These neural maps inked from our experiences with someone frame the brain's predictions of our world that guide us through life"--I love this quote from @axios about how #grief follows #love. #TheGrievingBrain #neuroscience

Sharon Cummings Art
1 month ago

grief ages with us
we contain the lives within
For those we have loved...

#MastoPrompt - contain

*I consider my grief work a calling. When people tell me how it has helped them in their healing journey, I feel honored.


#art #mastoart #fediart #AYearForArt #poetry #writing #writingcommunity #haiku #smallpoems #healing #colorful #artwork #writer #writers #grief #grieving #death #celebration #love #feather #birds #family #friends #life

Colorful feather and birds with a poem about grief and celebration of life by artist Sharon Cummings.  Haiku in post.
S t a c i e
1 month ago

My flight has been booked for next month’s visit to see my family in Kelowna.

I can’t stop crying. 😭

#anxiety #grief #CovidIsNotOver

🤘 The Metal Dog 🤘
1 month ago

The Best Heavy Metal Power Ballads About Death And Depression
Mental health issues are important components to heavy metal. And the music can be the best form of therapy. Here are the best power ballads about death and depression.


ChatGPT making things up about the article:
Power ballads are an integral part of both rock and heavy metal, and this article looks at the best of them focusing on death and depression. From Metallica's "Fade to Black" to Slipknot's "Snuff", the list looks at how different bands have dealt with fans' struggles related to death and depression. With lyrics that evoke pain, emotion and love, these heavy ballads are more than just rock numbers; they offer an escape and conduit for emotions that fans identify with. Every fan of rock and heavy metal will find something to love in the range of power ballads featured.
Yasha Hartberg
1 month ago

I think I just paid off the last of Mom's debts. Yay?


1 month ago

Our society has a problem with grief.

For one, our society's institutions don't teach much about grief or how to support others through it or how to deal with grief in a healthy way.

Second, our society doesn't provide time for grief. People are barely given any leave for a death of a loved one, and there's no time given at all for grief that stems from other issues like: grief from discriminatory laws that harm us, grief from mass death and disablement, grief from people failing to treat disabled people as worthy of life, grief from my continuing loss of physical activities, etc.

Grief requires us to be present in the moment. It requires us to acknowledge our emotions. It requires us to seek the source of the grief and acknowledge its existence. It requires us to be kind to ourselves and allow space for the grief. It requires us to adjust our life to heal from the source of our grief. It requires us to act to address the harm that caused the grief.

All of these actions oriented around grief makes us more aware, more conscious of the actions done to us and what we do to others, and pushes us further down a path toward liberation.

Acknowledging, addressing, giving time for, and acting upon grief makes us Less productive for the capitalist machine. Because grief strips away the distortions that muddle our ability to see what we face.

Grief forces us to see the source of our grief. When we acknowledge the source of our grief, this gives us space to act and change/adapt as needed, so that we may find healing and/or find a way to alter the source so that it no longer causes harm and induces grief.

This is one way we can learn to recognize the harm capitalist has done through the fact it is a source of our complex sets of grief.

To recognize, to acknowledge, and address the source of our grief means dealing with the harm of oppression from the current capitalist colonialist white supremacist systems that harm us and cause upwellings of grief.

So it is crucial for us to gather collectively to recognize and acknowledge our shared grief over these myriad, harmful issues and oppressive institutions and actions.

Then we must collectively seek ways to act to address the source of our grief. To change it toward a healthier, more healing, more equitable, more just set of actions and ways of being. Which in turn alleviates the grief.

That's a part of liberation that I wish we would discuss more.

#Grief #Liberation

Barbara Krasnoff
1 month ago

Having recently lost a close friend, and in the midst of dealing with some other issues, I'm going to give @victoria_song 's method a try. Besides which, my house is a real mess.

#grief #app #clean

Yasha Hartberg
1 month ago

I've been doing better, emotionally, for the past couple of weeks. Yesterday, though, I found the check from Mom's life insurance in the mail. It was a helluva punch to the gut.


1 month ago

New instance, new #introduction:

My name is Maika. I'm a #writer & #photographer based in #PDX where I'm surrounded by #cats, a couple #snakes, and a few #spiders. (More than a few spiders, to be sure, but most of them are tiny housemates who usually excel playing How Not to Be Seen, which is in their best interest because cats.)

I'm #queer, #trans, #nonbinary, & #neurodivergent. I'm part of the exodus, but I find it unreasonably daunting to write about myself so I've been procrastinating around this #intro for months. You'll find a more thorough #AboutMe at

Workwise, I'm a social media director in the field of #grief education & grief support.

I'm also the creator & narrator of the #LiminalFlares #podcast ( - atmospheric #storytelling of #eldritch #literature (#ShortStories & #poetry) amended to be #GenderInclusive and bedecked in unearthly music by #TheParlourTrick ( & #eerie ambience by my dear sib, Meredith Yayanos.

Photo of a nonbinary person lying on their back on the ground in a field of tall brown, dormant winter grass. They have fair skin, a blue & black mohawk hairstyle, and are dressed in black. Tattoos are visible on their neck and chest. An open book rests on their chest and their eyes are closed. They are surrounded by hardcover books, which are messily scattered around and under them - some open, some closed. Photo by Emma Wondra.
Ben Deutsch 🌊
1 month ago


Reset your heartbeat.
Reset your breath.
Reset the flow of tears
And the unpredictable peals of laughter.

Reset my morning routine
To the one I had before,
Before I heard the news,
Before you decided
You weren't going to fight anymore.

Reset the stories we told;
Rewind to the beginning.
Set the tape counter to zero.
This must be a new beginning,
Because it's far too soon to end.

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1 month ago

Hello Mastodon, I recently recorded a new song "Missing"! It's up on my Youtube and Soundcloud channels! I'd appreciate it if you gave it a listen~ ✨

Lyric Video -

Audio only -

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1 month ago

Once again, Amanda Petrusich proves she’s the most empathetic writer there is. This time, she articulates why we need The National. #AmandaPetrusich #TheNational #NewYorker #mourning #grief

My 99 year old Finnish mother died peacefully this morning at the Montreal General Hospital. Last night, I held her hand and played Finnish folk songs. Tonight's sunset over Mount Royal was a comfort. #grief #adieu

Holding hands at hospital with my mom.
Dramatic sunset over Montreal's Mount Royal.
1 month ago

In advance of Mother's Day, Claire Hodgdon brings us eight thoughtful reads for those who have lost their moms. "But there is another face, sometimes. I recognize other 'dead mom kids' almost instantly. They don’t pity — they laugh. They raise their hand for a high five. They respond with, 'Mine too!' and my whole body relaxes."

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Dr Annetta Mallon
1 month ago

Vale Barry Humphries

In a time when drag artists are being falsely accused of grooming and pedophilia, persecuted and losing rights, it is even more sorrowful to farewell a pioneer in the field of general and commercial entertainment.

Dame Edna Everage - megastar housewife from Moonee Ponds - was a regular fixture on Australian TV screens as well as the stage for literal decades. Humphries brought gentle satire, biting wit, and on point commentary to a nationwide audience, a groundbreaking presence that paved the way for others over time. While not queer himself, his work has softened access to opportunities for queer performers both in the antipodes and overseas. This was thanks in no small part to her oft-mentioned son Kenny, as her work often referred his wildly successful interior design business as well as life-long "friend".

A supportive, intelligent and incredibly hard working light has gone out in my personal firmament. Thank you for all your hard work Mr Humphries - I guess you are now burning a purple wig and gladioli in your personal fireplace.

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A promotional image of the well-known drag character Dame Edna Everage, a woman with a bright purple wig, signature rhinestone fanciful glasses and bright lipstick. She wears an apron over her shocking fuschia frock.
2 months ago
His & Hearse Press
2 months ago

#MondayMourning: Workplace Grief

Do you spend more time with your coworkers than your own family? Sometimes we establish close bonds with our colleagues. At the very least, their mood and performance have a direct impact on our own. What happens when a coworker experiences a loss and throws the workplace into upheaval?

Here are a few things to consider.

- Don't judge the severity of a loss based on degree of kinship. As in, don't expect them to bounce back quickly because it was "just" a cousin or "just" a former spouse. You don't know how close they may have been or what responsibilities are now theirs.

- Family Leave and PTO are woefully insufficient for someone to handle the affairs AND recover from grief. Really, four days off is supposed to cut it? Grief experts recommend a MINIMUM of 20 days. Unfortunately some people are forced back to work way before they're ready, either because their time off is gone or their bills are piling up. They may have to pay out of pocket for funeral expenses or suddenly have their household income reduced by half.

- Adjust your expectations. Just because someone is physically present at work doesn't mean they're mentally present. Exhaustion, stress, the inability to focus, and a wide range of emotions will interfere with their performance. Obviously! They might hyper focus for a while to keep busy, only to break under the workload as their brain fog renders them useless. Coworkers should strive to understand that it isn't a personal failing, and that picking up the slack without resentment is the greatest kindness they can offer.

- Offer support while respecting privacy. Avoid empty offers ("if there's anything I can do, let me know") and empty platitudes ("I know how you feel... he's in a better place.") Instead of asking, "how are you doing?" ask "how is today?" Give them an opportunity to talk and just listen. Find out what they want you to say to others ("she had a loss in the family and will return calls next week.")

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A purple damask frame around a black background. A blue and white placard says “will return” above an image of a clock with moveable hands. Text reads, “Monday Mourning:
Workplace Grief. 
If you or a coworker experience a loss, the workplace will be impacted. Here are some things to consider.
-Don't judge the severity of a loss based on degree of kinship.
- Leave and PTO is often woefully insufficient for someone to handle the affairs AND recover from grief. They may be forced back to work sooner than they should, especially if bills pile up.
- Adjust expectations. Exhaustion, stress,
inability to focus, and other emotions will
interfere with performance. Show empathy by
picking up their slack without resentment.
- Offer support while respecting their privacy.”
Paul Jacobson
2 months ago

I read @jeffjarvis ' post about his father's passing, and thought that perhaps it's time for me to write about my mother's passing at the beginning of the month.

The words for a post on my site just weren't there when I started typing my draft. This feels like something worth sharing on my site and sharing with family and friends. At least, that is what I feel like it should feel like (if that makes sense?).

Instead, I just wrote for myself in Obsidian. I'm not sure that I _can_ publish something now. 🤔 Maybe that is ok too.

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Brian Ambrozy
2 months ago

I have a feeling that within the next five years, there will exist a technology to analyze recordings of my dead son, and use AI to recreate his voice and words and style. Hell, it might even be able to create entirely new video content of him. Imagine being able to chat with an AI version of your departed loved ones. #ai #grief #fatherhood

Dr Annetta Mallon
2 months ago

The place at the table where you always sat.
Drinking coffee, looking pensive, laughing at bad family jokes, grumbling about marking homework for your students.
Your place at the table... I remember,
I remember you.
I wait for the day you don't remember me - and you don't talk about the table.
Actually - I'm not sure you would think to.
But I think of you. Often...
I see the table and I remember.
I remember because you cannot. Not anymore...
I hate the table sometimes - because the lack of you is overwhelming, so I will blame the object rather than your Alzheimers.
I will be angry at the empty place rather than admit the overwhelming, crushing exhaustion of sorrow and living loss.
Your place at the table where you used to sit.

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Primadonna Boy🏳️‍⚧️✨
2 months ago

How do you cry? Like, if you need to cry and u can feel it in u but it won't come out without u being mean to urself, how do u coax it out gently? Sad movies? I used to cry all the time but with T it's been so much more physically challenging, it just seems to sit heavy in my chest or throat

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2 months ago

Joseph Lezza examines the many uses of the word "fine" in this excerpt of his book, "I'm Never Fine: Scenes and Spasms on Loss" out now from Vine Leaves Press.

"It is a thing on Monday, an action on Tuesday, a state of being on Wednesday, and on Thursday, it takes a day off to rest. It is an object 'of high quality' or '(of a person) worthy of or soliciting admiration.'”
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It's been almost a month since my book has been out in the world, and I'm feeling so grateful for the other authors who supported me along the way. I'm especially grateful to author Heather Levy for this blurb, in which she captured both the premise and the heart of the story♥
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Image of book cover for The Algorithm Will See You Now by JL Lycette. Text reads "Lycette explores the darkest realities of the healthcare system...Perhaps even more gripping is how she delves into the ways grief can shape someone" -- Heather Levy, author of Walking Through Needles

🤔 interesting article. Not sure I agree with it completely but, if you're dealing with loss or #grief it might help explain things.

2 months ago

One hard part of grieving is what to say to people who ask you how you're doing. Joseph Lezza deconstructs the word "fine" in an excerpt of his book.

"Okay meant 'alive, but not great.' In essence, it begged further questions. Fine, though. That did the trick. Without fail, it injected the right amount of menthol and honey for someone to suck on, soothing their burning curiosity without coming on too strong."
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Amber Osborne
2 months ago

All of these "little deaths" that are actually "very very big" after a major death that no one could ever prepare you for is brutal.

The slow, painful domino effect of #grief... of people, places, things or feelings that once were a part of your life or of your loved ones life that you have to let go.

Elle 💗
3 months ago

#Grief is so strange. It's not the sadness; that I can handle. It's that it acts like a wound that hinders you in everything else.

My mental strength is atrophied. Side-effects like losing motivation, feeling ugly, and lacking belief in my inherent value, all seep through despite not letting the automatic thoughts win.

Depression bangs at the door, but I don't answer, so instead I see shadows through the window.

I'm ready to move on, but my heart isn't, bleeding as it ever was.

Nicki Lygo
3 months ago

I visited mum’s resting place in the Lakes this week. I said a quiet happy birthday on her windy hilltop and then walked down to the lakeside, where I took this pic of where she honeymooned with my dad.

I’m so very grateful for having had her as my Mum ❤️

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A large building sits by the side of a lake in the distance, against a backdrop of dense trees. The photograph is taken from the other side of the lake, which is covered in red grasses. To the right side of the photo, in between each shore, is a small island with trees and shrubs
Kristin Henry
3 months ago

The day after, and I went with a comforting pattern for today's drawing.

I'm certainly doing a lot better now, than I was a year ago, but I do feel the weight of the anniversary.

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Hand drawn Generative art on an open page of my sketchbook. The pattern is an abstract flower with wavy lines on the petals.

They say if you can't find the #book you want to read, write it yourself. So I wrote a #SciFi #thriller w/ a cast of smart female characters who explore themes of #hope, #grief, and #healthcare #justice.
All with zero mansplaining😉
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