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#HauteGaronne Pour lutter contre l'#habitat léger, les maires et l'État voudraient bien remettre en cause la #propriété privée...

2 days ago

Landscape studio Scape has won the Obel Award for a coastal breakwater made from blocks designed to create a mass of habitat which will benefit a lot of wildlife, but especially oysters.

#GoodNews #Sea #Coast #Defense #Design #Habitat #Sealife #Oysters #Award

2 days ago

An appeal to raise £150k to buy Fleam Dyke near Cambridge raised almost all the money it needed. Hopefully they will be able to purchase the land and transform the area into a haven for wildflowers and wildlife.

#GoodNews #Cambridge #Habitat #Land #Fundraising #Wildflowers #Insects

Planetary Ecologist
3 days ago

Ecological niche (Habitat 🌄)

In ecology, a niche is the match of a species to a specific environmental condition. It describes how an organism or population responds to the distribution of resources and competitors and how it in turn alters those same factors. "The type and number of variables comprising the dimensions of an environmental niche vary from one species to another the relat...

#EcologicalNiche #Habitat #Biogeography #LandscapeEcology

De la graine à l'humus
3 days ago

///The 13 knot rope///
Does this mean anything to you? Very useful for laser-free construction!
We talk about it in context here (
#building #ecological #healthy #free #exhibition #habitat

De la graine à l'humus
3 days ago

///La corde à 13 noeuds///
Ça vous parle ? Très utile pour une construction sans laser !
On en parle dans son contexte ici (
#batiment #écologique #sain #libre #exposition #habitat

5 days ago

Logging in the Great Koala National Park without current threatened species surveys?

"Koalas, greater gliders and other threatened species have not been counted since 2017, well before the 2019/2020 Black Summer bushfires and floods – but that has not stopped logging on an industrial scale in Clouds Creek State Forest and other native timber forests within the proposed Great Koala National Park in NSW."

"Forestry Corp’s ‘business as usual’ is not working for the koala or other threatened species, such as the greater glider. Logging procedures must change to include up-to-date wildlife surveys and events such as major floods and bushfires."

“It’s actually shocking that there is currently no requirement to conduct ecological surveys in our native forests prior to the commencement of logging." Greens MP and spokesperson for the Environment Sue Higginson

“The NSW Minister for the Environment and the Minister for Agriculture should immediately require pre-logging ecological surveys to be conducted to ensure that threatened species are being protected from industrial logging."
#GKNP #ThreatenedSpecies #koalas #gliders #IndustrialLogging #NSWLogging #WildlifeSurveys #MPG #MontrealProcessWorkingGroup #ExtinctionCrisis #biodiversity #habitat

Save Native Forests Now poster
De la graine à l'humus
5 days ago

///Ecological building///
Back after a long period.
And here is some of the content of an environmental workshop given in the Czech Republic a month ago:
#building #ecological #healthy #free #exposure #habitat

De la graine à l'humus
5 days ago

///Bâtiment écologique///
De retour après une longue absence.
Et voici une partie du contenu d'un atelier sur l'environnement donné en République Tchèque, il y a un mois :
#batiment #écologique #sain #libre #exposition #habitat

6 days ago

..."To highlight the ongoing threat to koalas and Aboriginal culture from industrial logging of koala habitat in the Coffs Harbour region."

"The National Parks Association had requested that City of Coffs Harbour Councillor Jonathan Cassell make a small presentation in the form of a local Gumbaynggirr designed koala (Dunggiirr) t-shirt to the Prime Minister, to highlight the ongoing threat to koalas and Aboriginal culture from industrial logging of koala habitat in the Coffs Harbour region."
#koalas #habitat #IndustrialLogging #BellingenLogging #NativeForests #CoffsHarbour #GKNP

Tuckers Nob State Forest, Koala habitat 09.23
Mikko Lehtovirta
1 week ago

Ja päivän #avaruus'juttu. Kuinka #sierraspace -yhtiö testaa "puhallettavaa" asumismodulia. Aina yhtä kiinnostavaa minusta 🌌


#space #habitat

Robin Applegarth
1 week ago

In Yellowstone National Park, the reintroduction of the gray wolf in the 1990s has helped reduce an exploding elk population 🫎, which in turn helped save plants 🌱 🌳 along streams and rivers, which provide habitat for migrating birds 🦅, building materials for beavers, and dam ponds for fish and frogs🐸.

#Ecology #wolves #habitat #WinWin #nature

1 week ago

Surveying remnant vegetation inside the clear- felling zone at Tuckers Nob forest by Dr. Tim Cadman:
Mapping remnant vegetation with Avenza inside Tuckers Nob compartments 26 and 27 now zoned active, and to be logged. "More ringwoods, some lovely bloodwoods, an original tallowwood, and two patches of natural forest. All most likely to be converted to plantation, and sold as sustainable certified plantation."

Mapping with Avenza

#StopLogging #RemnantVegetation #NativeForests #NSW #NSWLogging #ClearFelling #TheGreatKoalaNationalPark #Koalas #habitat #BellingenLogging #Bellingen #GlenifferRoad #TuckersNobStateForest #SaveTuckersNob #biodiversity #RemnantVegetation

Logging koala habitat, Tuckers Nob SF, Bellingen
2 weeks ago

The gut-wrenching carnage of our precious native forests
"Taxpayers are having to subsidise the destruction of nature in Australia.”

"New images have emerged of what one conservation group chief describes as the “gut-wrenching carnage” of logging inside the habitat of the endangered greater glider in the Tallaganda State Forest just outside Canberra, as environmental groups call on the NSW government to extend recent logging bans."

"The NSW Environment Protection Agency ordered the state government-owned logging agency, Forestry Corporation, to suspend logging in Tallaganda at the end of last month after a dead greater glider was found near operations..."

“It’s devastating to see native forest logging continue when we know the impact it’s having on species. Native forest logging runs at a loss. Taxpayers are having to subsidise the destruction of nature in Australia.”

"Conservationists are calling for a permanent end to native forest logging and reforms to federal laws to prevent the legal destruction of critical habitat."
#glider #koala #habitat #TallagandaSF #NativeForests #LoggingIndustry #ForestryCorporation #NSWlogging #TheGreatKoalaNationalPark #SaveTuckersNob #EndangeredSpecies #biodiversity #extinction makers

2 weeks ago

#Microplastics are a class of #pollutants that can persist for centuries, entering global #ecosystems in large amounts. The presence of microplastics in ecosystems changes the #physicochemical properties of the abiotic #environment and the #habitat of organisms; these particles then directly or indirectly interact with organisms, leading to #toxicological and #ecological effects. New Review by @mrillig and colleagues:

2 weeks ago

As is often the case, helping to rebuild damaged natural habitat requires helping local communities and especially those most vulnerable within those communities. This article is about the efforts over two decades to rebuild the Horongosa National Park whilst also empowering women and educating girls.

#GoodNews #Mozambique #Rewilding #Nature #Girls #Women #Community #Wildlife #Habitat

Rewilding Magazine
2 weeks ago

"By the end of our six-hour-long walk, we’d spotted 44 #bird species, along with plenty of leopard frogs, muskrats, a family of deer and the first raccoon I’ve ever seen swimming, dog-paddling through a shady zone.

"This huge #biodiversity is tied to the land’s own diversity: Scirbi has supported and developed six different types of #habitat thriving in a relatively constricted space, surrounded on all sides by agricultural and populated areas."

#rewilding #quebec

I asked the eldest to see if there were any young snakes in the yard and she came back with this great green frog.
Our new neighbour has "cleaned" their yard and I wonder if we still provide the conditions for fox and rat snakes.
#backyard #habitat matters #MMPSurvey
If we see snakes I will post some pics.
Note that the frog was returned to its home in the frog pond.

Medium-sized green frog sitting on concrete.
2 weeks ago

Cars, dogs and disease are the biggest killers of koalas

More and wider logging roads through Bellingen's koala hub will not help the survival of the endangered species.

"A database tracking hospital admissions and deaths reveals the devastating impact cars, disease and dogs are having on the South East Queensland koala population."

“In the five years between 2009 and 2014, 52 per cent of reported wild koala deaths were caused by car strike, 34 per cent were from a chlamydia-related disease and 14 per cent were because of a dog attack.

“This equates to 1,431 koala deaths from a car strike, 943 chlamydia-related deaths, and 395 dog attack deaths in just five years."

Anthropogenic and environmental factors associated with koala deaths due to dog attacks and vehicle collisions in South-East Queensland, Australia, 2009–2013
#BellingenLogging #sprawl #roads #roadkill #GlenifferRoad #RosesRoad #cars #dogs #pets #vehicle #crashes #logging #NSWlogging #DogAttacks #SaveTuckersNob #TheGreatKoalaNationalPark #koalas #habitat #biodiversity #extinction makers

Tuckers Nob SF/Gleniffer Rd., kola crossing
Clear-felled Tuckers Nob SF/ Gleniffer Rd. koala crossing
I Like Books
3 weeks ago

"Can a grey wolf calm the climate? Can a whale tame the skies?

No, those aren’t the chorus lines of some whimsical 70s folk song. Rather, they’re the sort of legitimate questions arising from a fascinating new study into a previously overlooked, but potentially crucial, benefit of rewilding.

It found that maintaining healthy populations of just nine key wild species (or groups of species) – including elephants and wolves, but also wildebeest, musk ox and bison, as well as marine fish, whales, sharks and sea otters – can play a vital role in controlling the carbon cycle on land and sea. How? Because in order for such creatures to thrive, they need a viable habitat. And if that’s conserved, whether in the oceans, forests, grasslands or swamps, so are the many ways in which its natural properties of sequestering and storing carbon are maintained, too."

#GoodNews #Environment #Habitat #Climate #ClimateCrisis #ClimateChange

I Like Books
3 weeks ago

"Down Under, there’s a massive campaign to connect 315,000 hectares, or 750,000, acres of coastal habitat for koalas in New South Wales into a single national park.

Now, a new logging ban to come into effect will protect 106 “hubs” across 8,400 hectares (21,000 acres) of forest where koalas in the wild are known to congregate in largest numbers.

It was a “historic step forward,” said Nature Conservation Council acting chief executive Brad Smith, describing the area as “the most important koala habitat in the world.”

The parcel is just one part, though key, of the 315,000 hectares that a coalition of conservation organizations is hoping to protect forever to ensure koalas can survive the eons."

#GoodNews #Koala #NSW #NewSouthWales #Habitat #Conservation #Environment

@W_Lucht “Phasing out fossil fuel burning and ending destructive farming are the key actions required” #climate #sustainability #habitat #security

@myeyesaredim Welcome to Mastodon @WanderingCrow @ct_bergstrom - I follow @corvidresearch on Twitter but she is not on Mastadon (; there is also @ZurichCrowCollective . As for birding related items I tend to look for #conservation, #habitat or #environment

4 weeks ago

Bulldozing roads through biodiversity.
NSW does it, but India does it better:

6 Lane Highway pushing though the web of life, drone view

Raipur Visakhapatnam Expressway Update | Expressways in India | Papa Construction
#roads #highways #BellingeLogging #Roads #GlenifferRoad #forest #habitat #wildlife #biodiversity #FossilFuels #extinction makers

Kahnawà:ke looks to restore community creek to its former glory

"'Some areas don’t even look like a creek anymore. It looks like a ditch,' says environment staffer."

(More of that needs to happen everywhere and it looks like quite the challenge. Lots of obstacles.)
#Habitat #Restoration

4 weeks ago

Dear Minister for the Environment

National Threatened Species Day on 7 September raises awareness of plants and animals at risk of extinction. Over the last 200 years, more than 100 Australian animal and plant species have been made extinct.

How you can help Australia's threatened species:

Stop making Australian animals and plants extinct
Stop logging native forests
Stop logging The Great Koala Park
Stop degrading ecosystems
Stop having lax laws to protect biodiversity
Stop under-financing our web of life
Stop fossil fuels immediately

No more extinctions!
“Stopping logging and habitat destruction for roads, real estate and agriculture would have a huge, positive impact."
#koalas #ThreatenedSpecies #environment #governance #EnvironmentalManagement #logging #StopLogging #NativeForests #NSWLogging #roads #biodiversity #habitat #destruction #extinction makers

1 month ago

Council acts to introduces laws to help protect endangered koalas from dogs.
What does Bellingen council do?
#BellingenShire #pets #Bellingen #koalas #habitat #NSW #HungryHead

RJ Rowe
1 month ago

After several decades working in Pathology & 25 years at my current workplace, it is time for a change. Working in healthcare through the #pandemic was frankly exhausting & demoralising. So I'm planning my escape, & will spend the next couple of years doing some courses & volunteering in ecological/environmental surveying
#Ecology #Habitat #Surveying #Invertebrates

Tim O'Connell
1 month ago

It's incredibly rewarding to plant and/or tend existing patches of #native #plants, and then watch those plants provide #habitat for native #wildlife. #KillYourLawn #Oklahoma #PearlCrescent #Butterfly #ButterflyMilkweed #nectaring #pollinatorgarden #pollinators

5 orange and black butterflies drinking nectar from bright orange flowers on a dark green butterfly milkweed plant.
1 month ago

Koalas crushed, starving as Kangaroo Island's blue gum plantations come down

"As the plantations come, down dislocated koalas are hurting recovering native vegetation."

"Wildlife workers and researchers say Kangaroo Island koalas displaced by the removal of controversial Tasmanian blue gum plantations are starving — and an urgent solution is required...We're seeing koalas starving and being displaced in large numbers and this is just not good enough. Mrs Welz said since November last year, her group had cared for numerous animals with crush injuries."

"What we … would love to see is a sacrificial plantation where healthy koalas can be put in to live out their natural lives," she said."

"Koalas are not indigenous to Kangaroo Island and were introduced in the 1920s...the island's vegetation had not fully recovered from the Black Summer bushfires, and as koalas displaced by the plantation shutdown moved into farmland and areas of roadside vegetation, over-browsing was occurring."

"The spokesperson said the department was aware of the potential impacts on remnant native vegetation as koalas were forced to move, but that it was not considering acquiring or leasing part of the remaining unburnt plantation as a refuge."

"The animals are being displaced as the island's timber plantations come down."

""Locals say a koala management plan is needed as displaced animals are destroying native plants."
#wildlife #habitat #koalas #crush #injuries #plantations #RemnantVegetation #logging #BlackSummer #bushfires #CarbonOffsets #KangarooIsland #translocation

2 months ago

New paper shows that #soil is likely home to 59% of #life including everything from #microbes to #mammals, making it the singular most #biodiverse #habitat on #Earth

Dana L Church
3 months ago

It's #BeeFactFriday! 🐝​❤️​

Depending on the species, wild bees make their nest in hollow stems, in pre-existing cavities like old rodent nests or hollow tree trunks, in wood, or in tunnels in the soil. They might even nest in objects left in your yard!

(Managed honey bees nest in human-made wooden hives.)

#bees #wildbees #nativebees #pollinators #habitat #home #homesweethome #biodiversity #garden #yard #funfact #insects #science #stem #authorsofmastodon

Text with a photo of managed honey bees flying around the entrance of a wooden hive
3 months ago

I recently interviewed Aric Wilmunder, famous Lucasfilm Games and LucasArts alumni regarding his work on Lucasfilm's Habitat. He had a lot to say! Check it out.

#LucasfilmGames #LucasArts #Lucasfilm #Habitat #VirtualWorlds #MMO #SCUMM #C64

Aric Wilmunder, Chip Morningstar and Randy Farmer outside the Carriage house at Skywalker Ranch circa 1987.
Dezene Huber 🌻
3 months ago

Always nice to highlight a #conservation success story. Or at least the start of what is hopefully a longterm #success.

#Kipunji were only identified as a new genus in 2005. The animals were/are threatened by #habitat #degradation and #human-#wildlife interactions. Both issues require conservation management in #relational coordination with local #stakeholders.


Quote from image at the link: “Kipunji live in montane forests at altitudes between 1,300 and 2,450 meters in groups with an average of 30 individuals. They eat a wide variety of fruits, bark, leaves and more, occasionally coming down from the trees to raid farmers’ fields, which brings them into conflict with people. Image courtesy of Tim Davenport / WCS”

Image shows the monkey.
3 months ago

An inconvenient misconception: Climate change is not the principal driver of biodiversity loss
"#Extinction is not reversible and land-use change and overexploitation are its primary drivers."
#Deforestation #Wildlife #Trade #IndustrialFarming #Climate #Framing #Conservation #Biodiversity #Habitat #Destruction

Hicksbeachia pinnatifolia fruit on Sea Tulip (Pyura spinifera) textile
3 months ago

Update on the swings on the beautiful old tree with its low reaching branches (and the appearance of rope swings).
Passed a warden and asked if they were a new feature.
Said warden frowned and asked for the location because no. They are not.

#naturereserve #safeguarding #habitat

3 months ago
A black and yellow swallowtail butterfly feeds on showy milkweed in a backyard.
3 months ago
Second instar caterpilar of the  Cecropia Moth - bright yellow with tufts of black bristles. On a buckthorn leaf.
3 months ago

A Memory Moth (2 TB capacity)

A very interesting small moth disturbed my luncheon today and caused me to learn much about the courtship behaviour of at least one obscure genus of moths. Follow the link please ...

#Bees, #Garden, #Habitat, #Insects, #Moths #Aphomia #Lepidoptera #BeeMoth

Small grey/brown moth sitting on the power cable of a computer backup drive.
Ida Tschichoflos
3 months ago

#animals #wakeupcall
Like #orcas fighting yachts other animals are beginning to fight for their #habitat and natural food resources:

#Orangutan Desperately Trying to Stop a Bulldozer From Destroying His Home Is a Wake Up Call For Us All [Video] - One Green Planet

Tanweer Dar (Tan)
3 months ago

The #MastoPrompt for Thursday 22nd June 2023 is:


The poem or story can include the prompt word or be about the prompt word.

#SmallPoems #Poetry #MicroFiction #SmallStories

S. K. Riley
4 months ago

“Trees are sanctuaries. Whoever knows how to speak to them, whoever knows how to listen to them, can learn the truth.” ― Herman Hesse

#Trees #MoretonBayFig #Banyan #Sanctuary #Biodiversity #Habitat #Australia

Moreton Bay figs (Ficus macrophylla or Australian banyan) are native to Eastern Australia. Known for their buttress roots, akin to the buttressing breakthrough in Gothic architecture that enabled the spanning of large areas of space. The way these trees open up through the centre allows light to stream through the interconnected canopy providing a stained-glass effect, similar to a Gothic cathedral.
One of the largest cultivated evergreen fig trees, it grows from 23 to 55 m tall and 21 to 40 m wide. Known to live for more than 150 years, Banyans grow an average of 91 cm per year. Blooms in summer, with inconspicuous flowers. Produces edible figs that turn purple as they ripen in Autumn. Requires ample growing space. In this image, two ancient banyan trees dwarf a metal gate. Photo: Clare Peddie, Willunga, South Australia.
Scientific Frontline
4 months ago

Wild #bees facing a global decline, largely due to #habitat loss through #urbanization, it is vital to understand their preferences. Although urban areas often have a diversity of #flowers compared to natural #habitats, many of these flowers are #exotic species
#Conservation #EarthScience #Environmental #sflorg

Rewilding Magazine
4 months ago

“Wwe’re dealing with catastrophic species and #habitat loss that’s only going to be exacerbated by #ClimateChange,” says Erika Lovejoy, director for Sustainable Conservation’s Accelerating Restoration Program.

“If we don’t do the #restoration more quickly and put these solutions in place, we’re going end up dealing with everything on an emergency basis.”

Dezene Huber 🌻
4 months ago

Exceptional analysis of the 2021 #PNW #heat #dome.

OA 🔗

Quotes: “…(analyses of) deaths in metropolitan #Vancouver found that they were disproportionately in neighborhoods with higher #material and #social #deprivation and lower levels of #green #space…”

“…over one million #mussels were estimated to have died in a mere 100-m stretch of #shoreline…”

“…the #heatwave killed ~10 million #barnacles along a single 100-m stretch of #intertidal #habitat…”

#ClimateChange 🔥🌡️🌎

Quote fig. 1: “Heatwave daily maximum near-surface (2 m) temperatures (TX). a ERA5 reanalysis data maximum 3-day running mean (between 23 June and 02 July 2021) of TX anomalies relative to a daily 1981–2020 climatology (see Methods for more details). b Absolute TX values for 2021 (solid) and 1981–2020 climatology (dashed); black lines: spatial average of ERA5 data over the black box in a, with shading ±1, 2, and 3 standard deviations; red lines: observations from Lytton, British Columbia (BC), denoted by the red triangle in a—missing values from 1 to 5 July are likely due to the wildfire. Black letters and outlines in a show the main Canadian provinces and US states referred to in this study. Gray outlines and letters in a show the eight crop regions in BC, discussed further in the section on Agricultural Yields.”
Quote fig. 2: “Exceedance of previous record high temperatures during a the June 2021 Pacific Northwest heatwave, b the July–August European heatwave of 2003, and c the July–August Russian heatwave of 2010. Filled contours show ERA5 since 1950, whilst individual markers show observational station data in Canada; see Methods for record lengths.
Quote fig 6: “Thermal images showing extreme high surface temperatures during low tide on 28 June, 2021, on a a rocky intertidal shoreline and b within a mussel bed. Scale bars indicate the range in temperature from the coolest to warmest parts of the image, while the value at the upper left indicates the temperature in the cross-hairs at center. Note that the mussels in b have died and are gaping open. A subset of species impacted by the heatwave are shown in c–i, including c bay mussels, Mytilus trossulus, d Pacific oysters, Magallana (= Crassostrea) gigas, e heart cockles, Clinocardium nuttallii, f leather stars, Dermasterias imbricata, g kelp crabs, Pugettia producta, h dogwhelks, Nucella lamellosa, and i barnacles, Chthamalus dalli (upper portion of image) and Balanus glandula (lower portion of image). See Methods for locations and dates of photos in c–i.”
Prof Felipe Gusmao
4 months ago

"...we found similar proportions of #vertebrate species with decreasing #population trends for #terrestrial species at 47% (32–64%) and freshwater species at 45% (15–82%), and a slightly lower proportion for marine species at 36% (8–86%). However, given the wide ranges calculated for #freshwater and #marine species, we stress that these mid-point estimates are unlikely to be representative of these #habitat systems globally"

We need more Marine #Biodiversity #data

Journal Biological Reviews
Anne Jefferson
5 months ago

325 dams and weirs were removed in 16 European countries in 2022, with Spain, Sweden, and France leading the way. Removing dams and barriers improves fish passage and enhances aquatic habitat and water quality. Keep up the great work, dam busters!

#dams #dam #weir #DamRemoval #Europe #rivers #fish #FishPassage #Habitat #WaterQuality

6 months ago

A sad day when a #tree gets felled without thinking of the loss of #habitat that existed on it - just for the owners to get a bit more sun in their #summer #garden.

Anne Jefferson
7 months ago

A bit late with this week’s #52LakeChamplain view (because viruses), but here’s my neighborhood stream. It’s what we term “direct to lake” as it is not tributary to a larger river before it enters Lake Champlain. Most of the length of streams and rivers in the Lake Champlain basin (and beyond) is in #headwater #streams like this one, so it’s important to protect their #water quality and #habitat.

Dark water surrounded by snow and bridged by a fallen log. Striped shadows on the snow from the mostly unseen trees.

This is one of the sweetest expressions of love for animals I have ever seen. I’m enamored with this Dazza fellow and his little frog sanctuary. 😍

#Animals #Frogs #Engineering #Love #Kindness #Habitat #Sanctuary

Nighttime clip of a frog poking out of the uncapped top of a metal fence post, followed by a series drawings and 3D-printed iterations of fence-mounted structures for the frog habitat
Marcel Barelli
7 months ago

HABITAT (2016)

"Habitat: 1) Way in which Man organises the place he lives 2) Housing 3) Place or environment where a plant or animal lives"

#habitat #live #house #snail #homeless

Mitchell Whitelaw
7 months ago

Habitat interventions like this seem to be popping up regularly now - be interesting to review the field.

At what point does the cultural celebration of #regeneration become functionally regenerative? Or is that the wrong question?

#habitat #restoration #ceramics #morethanhuman

S. K. Riley
7 months ago

Vast national park to protect native animals 🇦🇺

#Habitat for more than 50 threatened species will be preserved as part of a new land acquisition, becoming NSW’s 3rd largest national park.

The 437,394-hectare site, called Thurloo Downs, 250 klms from Bourke in the state’s north-west, contains globally significant arid zone #wetlands, salt lakes, playas and other geological formations unprotected elsewhere in NSW.

The area is home to #birds including the critically endangered plains wanderer, vulnerable pink cockatoos and the endangered painted snipe; #lizards such as the crowned gecko; #marsupials including sandy inland mouse and the stripe-faced dunnart, plus threatened plant species.

Thurloo is part of the Bulloo Overflow, a critical #ecosystem for huge numbers of #waterbirds, particularly in breeding seasons.

The NSW opposition party promises to create a ‘great #koala national park’ if it wins power. #NationalPark #Australia #ThreatenedSpecies

Photograph: Martin Harvey/Getty Images. Two koalas sit back-to-back in the fork of a tree.
Dezene Huber 🌻
7 months ago

👉🏼 “B.C. expands #old #growth #logging deferral to 2.1 million hectares, promises greater #First #Nations collaboration”

Quotes: “The province says it's expanding the logging deferral of old-growth forests to 2.1 million hectares, while bringing in new innovations to better care for #forests.”

“…the government… will be repealing outdated wording in law that prioritizes #timber supply over issues like #water #quality and #wildlife #habitat.”

Image by Camille Vernet of Radio-Canada showing a clear cut slope with a large log in the foreground.
S. K. Riley
8 months ago

Research from Europe has shown large #solar farms can enhance the diversity and abundance of plants, grasses, #butterflies, #bees and #birds.

What’s more, vegetation between solar panel rows can also provide travel corridors, nesting sites and shelter for #wildlife. Management strategies are key to maximizing these benefits of solar farms.

#Biodiversity #WildlifeCorridors #Nesting #Frogs #Habitat #Shelter #Agriculture #LandUse #WildlifeHaven #SolarFarms

Farm management strategies can maximise the benefits of solar farms for wildlife. Image credit: Eric Nordberg

A tiny native frog sits on an outstretched human hand. In the background, a solar farm array is set in a green field, with low clouds and blue sky behind it.
Pd Lietz
8 months ago

Photos of a Fisher, member of the Mink, Wolverine Martin and the like.
Ruthless predator.
I have only photographed and seen 4.
I was whispering loudly Fisher Fisher to husband who sped up as he thought I meant the bird. Also across same lake a productive eagle nest for over 20 years. Area of my heart and second remote home at one time.
#Habitat #Remote #Wild
#FisherCat #Fisher
#Animals #WildlifePhoto

Pd Lietz Photos

A Fisher Cat. Looks like a weasel. Long brown body long tail and very agile.
A photo of a Fisher in a tree. Their paws/ pads can rotate and make nests squirrels etc not safe.
I was looking up at the right time as these animals the Fisher like all wild animals in their true habitat elusive and agile or should be!
8 months ago

The“great koala national park”
Environment groups have long called for the #koala park, which would link 140,000 hectares of existing national parks with 170,000 hectares of state forest. The New South Wales Labor party (#promises) will establish a new national park stretching from #Kempsey to #Coffs Harbour in a bid to save the state’s #endangered koala population.
#extinction #wildlife #habitat