How NOT To Make A Movie
1 day ago

How sought-after Hollywood hair stylist went from teasing hair to teasing stories as a super-talented movie & TV director: "From HAIR To Eternity".

Your salon chair awaits!

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A L Katz
1 day ago

How sought-after Hollywood hair stylist went from teasing hair to teasing stories as a super-talented movie & TV director: "From HAIR To Eternity".

Your salon chair awaits!

#movies #film #cinema #tv #horror #hair

2 days ago

Windy out again. Perfecting a certain look. More Worzel Gummidge than Aunt Sally though. #weather #hair #Fashion

Yesterday got a little scary. I’m so thankful I have a garage to house our car. #texas #wearhee #hair this absolutely came out of nowhere. We weren’t supposed to get any rain and look 😵‍💫👀 #alttxt #alttext (we were standing in the doorway that leads to the garage bc we were hoping to get the couch cushions in)

Golf ball and marble size hair falling from the sky and hitting our house and yard
Things David Likes
3 days ago

horse hair caught in a barbed wire fence by

#barbed #wire #idaho #ence #orse #hair #clouds #flickr #thingsdavidlikes

Tetonia, Idaho
3 days ago

Randomly selected image:
EMC_Phase1:clipart/iff/animals/dogs/-other/sniffer01.iff #Clipart #Hair #Head #Hand #Arm #Eye #FacialExpression #Vertebrate #Leg #Plant #HumanBody

Hair Head Hand Arm Eye Facial expression Vertebrate Leg Plant Human body
Resolviendo la incógnita
5 days ago

¿Qué dice tu pelo facial de ti? Del Daily Mirror de Inglaterra del 22 de enero de 1909. #hair #pelo #newspaper #periodicos

6 days ago

Embrace Your ‘Inner Wednesday Addams’ With This Scary Good Hair Collection From Kitsch

Check it out! 👇

#Hair #Beauty #ProductRecommendations #Culture

6 days ago

Spending my evening watching how to dye your own hair at home and colour theory videos.
#hair #HairColour

6 days ago

Make the Almond Honey Define Cream with these natural hair butters to improve the feel and to lock in moisture. Find out more. #DIY #howto #curlyhair #haircare #honey #naturalhair #hair

1 week ago

How do you feel about hair? Never mind: I don’t care.

#nsfw #nude #hair #panties #transgirl #transwoman #erotic

A closeup of my panties with some fingers sliding in and a range of pubic hair.
Your Autistic Life
1 week ago

I have cut my hair again.

"Wait? Didn't you cut it like Saturday?"

Yes, I did. I also trimmed my beard that day, but today I decided to shorten my beard dramatically.

"Did you shave it off?"

Nah... I used a #1 attachment on the clipper. I admit that it is a little shorter than I'd like, but it'll grow back.

"But why? :why: "

I want the N95 mask to fit better. I know the recommendation is to shave it completely off. I disagree with this. No, I don't have data to back it up.

I don't know where that recommendation originates. Yes, if you are going into biochemical warfare, and you want to survive you need a perfect seal with your cheeks, but that's not what we're talking about here.

I'll remind you that most of my cancer happened during the very height of the pandemic. I started having symptoms a little before the pandemic. I was diagnosed in Nov 2020. I had chemo immediately. I had my stem cell transplant in June/July 2021.

For most of that time, I was not fully shaved, except for a short period during the stem cell transplant.

I never got COVID.

"Pfft! How do you know you never got COVID?"

I was tested every time I was admitted to the hospital, well over 20 times. Now, I test myself with home tests if I feel off, but I've never had a test come back positive.

"Why did you shave yourself completely during the stem cell transplant?"

The doctors said that my hair would fall off, and I wanted to avoid picking up hairs all over the place. They were half-right. I did have some hair fall off, but it mostly stopped growing for a bit.

"What did you look like?"

My head looked like an egg with a little chicken fuzz over it. It was weird.



#COVID19 #COVID19Testing #hospital #masking #hair #beard

1 week ago

I’ve been a temptress for too long…

#nsfw #nude #tits #boobs #transwoman #transgirl #hair

My upper torso lying around with a nice boob as well as an arm up, showing some armpit hair
Avery 🏳️‍⚧️
1 week ago

I was laying in the bathtub a few minutes ago and noticed how #fluffy my #hair looks underwater :blobcataww:​

They're not even shoulder length yet and I already like them so much :ablobcatbongo:​

#trans #lgbtq

Gay Old Time
2 weeks ago

Gayla Bobby Pins: The choice of the discerning femme ✨
#vintage #lesbian #hair

Packaging for Gayla Hold-Bob Bobby Pins with Flexi-Grip. A drawing on the package shows two glamorous ladies, whose curls are presumably held in place by Gayla.
2 weeks ago

N: Aw Abrus, do you not like my cookies anymore? :<

A: W-well... You see uh...
A: Uh....

N: *Big cute sad fox puppy face*

A: Well... A few more couldn't hurt.

N: *Big evil smile face* (In her mind)

#furry #furrynsfw #nsfw #furrynsfw #blokfort #2023 #male #solo #nude #penis #anthro #fox #multitail #simplebackground #monochrome #hair #ponytail #text #englishtext #sketch

Hanan - GoblinHellion
2 weeks ago

I don't know how to be femme and comfortable, so I'm practicing doing my hair and makeup!! Living that Arcane Librarian aesthetic :>

Why did I take my glasses off so weirdly? I don't know either!!

#hair #makeup #red #RedHair #orange #OrangeHair

A video of me essentially preening, removing my glasses to show my eye make up (and the rest of my make up).  Followed by me floofing my attempt at styling my hair.

BPI-Life 110,000 RPM high-speed brushless DC motor high-speed hairdryer product design
#hair #hairdryer #brushlessmotor #motor

I was super shocked today to see how long my hair has actually got when my support coordinator took a pic for me after she’d braided it for me. I mean I knew it was getting long I just didn’t realise quite how long. Another 12 months and I’d probably almost be able to sit on it when it’s down.

I don’t usually see it from the back and there are more layers in the front, plus it’s also flowing over chest bumps and pulled forward, which makes it appear much shorter from the front than back.

It’s also in need of a colour as there’s lots of greys showing through! If I didn’t look so awful with naturally grey hair I’d probably just let it go.

#hair #braids #FrenchBraids #LongHair #ProbablyShouldGetATrim #IgnoreTheGreys

Picture of the back of a woman with her dark brown hair in two French braids, wearing a pastel pink polar fleece jacket, backdropped against a pale yellow wall with some fake pale pink peonies just visible over the right shoulder. The braids reach almost to the waist.
2 weeks ago

I’m officially in the market for a new #hair color - which do you think? Or something else entirely?

CW: eye contact

Multiple selfies with different bright colored hair
Blake Leyh
2 weeks ago

Pandemic Beauty Parlor is in session


Drew Naylor
3 weeks ago

Glad I managed to figure out how to stop my #hair from falling out and in fact have it grow back, because when it was really bad (very thin on top but no bald spots like him thankfully) and I hadn't shaved my face in a while I started looking like a creep, like him (still haven't seen him in about 8.5 years and I'm happy about that). I discussed it briefly in an episode of #WindWaker from late 2020 or early 2021, but my secret formula for this is doing great.

Dr Phil Betts
3 weeks ago

Unsolicited shoutout to Louna Hair in Burwood. If you're looking to get your hair braided they've got the goods, really reasonable prices, and you can walk down and get El Jannah after. 😘👌 #sydney #hair

Mirror selfie of me in a tropical print shirt with a hair stylist working on my long grey hair
Back view of my long grey hair with a thick central braid
Side view of a thin grey side-braid with a thick central braid down the middle
Selfie of my side-braid. I'm wearing aviators and a tropical print shirt
3 weeks ago

I just learned that my hair type is a 1b type. What hair type do some of you have if you want to share? #mastodon #fediverse #hair #style #hairtype

The Hollywood Reporter
3 weeks ago
Resolviendo la incógnita
3 weeks ago

Distintos peinados llevados por Isabel de Baviera, más conocida como Sisi. #hair #pelo #hairstyles #peinados

3 weeks ago

Randomly selected image:
EMC_Phase3:clipart/iff/sport/running/runner7.iff #Clipart #Hair #Head #Hand #Arm #Leg #Shoulder #FacialExpression #HumanBody #Neck #Sleeve

Hair Head Hand Arm Leg Shoulder Facial expression Human body Neck Sleeve
3 weeks ago

It's great having thin hair, it dries really quickly.

#Hair #ThoughtOfTheDay #BeingSlightlySilky

Mr. Tengu 👺
3 weeks ago

Contestants at the first longest hair competition in Lithuania, 1992

#hair #photography

3 weeks ago

Randomly selected image:
EMC_Phase1:clipart/iff/animals/farm/pigs/piggy.iff #Clipart #Hair #Nose #Head #Hand #Arm #Vertebrate #Leg #HumanBody #Sleeve #Happy

Hair Nose Head Hand Arm Vertebrate Leg Human body Sleeve Happy


Ah another #lightskinned one :P

Then again I have ashblonde / brunette lockies, so I'm a bit different in that regard.

Good to see it only #tickles.

I always thought #laser #hair removal was extremly hardcore 😿

The Conversation U.S.
4 weeks ago

#Summer humidity can change the way your hair is behaving – but what’s the #science behind that?

A chemist explains how the structure of your hair follicles, your genetic code and environmental factors like humidity influence how #hair behaves on a day-to-day basis:

A graphic with curls in the top right reads: "A curly-haired chemist explains the science of hair: Why does hair curl in the summer?"
Sky Starlight :sky:
1 month ago

#3GoodThings Today:

1. Had my consult appointment for laser hair removal, getting my face zapped in a few days
2. Gonna get my hair done in a few weeks in time for my girlfriend's wedding
3. Made granola bars for tomorrow's breakfast

#Trans #LaserHairRemoval #Polyamory #Hair #ExecutiveFunction

1 month ago

Become a member at curlytea to get access to all of the #handmade #DIY #recipes and formulas, including instructions, full ingredients list, my notes and other info. No courses! No quizzes! Just us making great stuff! #howto #hair #skin

Get more here 🥳-

Cainmark 🚲
1 month ago

I absolutely love the conversation that follows this post about different hair types from straight to curly:

Oh, and the original post itself, too.

#hair #CurlyHair #StraightHair #tt_hairdressing

Holly Sullo
2 months ago
An stylized illustration of a woman relaxed, resting on the palm of her hand. Her blue hair spills down and becomes water, a tiny boat floating in it. This is very dreamy and warm feeling.
2 months ago
Herman Li's glorious corona of hair as he shreds like a god among men next to his bandmate who also has glorious hair and is shredding gleefully
2 months ago

Good #morning Fedi! I’m off to SF today for work, will be there all week!

What’s on everyone’s agenda this #weekend?

Also realized I never posted an “after”#hair pic so here we go - what do you think? It’s a little darker than I was expecting but I don’t think I mind it :)

CW: eye contact

A girl with dark green hair and tattoos looking at the camera
2 months ago

Let’s do it!

#hair #hairdye

Manic panic enchanted forest dark green hair dye
Steve Henderson Fine Art
2 months ago

A bath is like a mini-vacation. But the beauty of it is, while you don't have to spend much time planning for it, you can spend as much time as you wish enjoying it.

The artwork is a framed print of my charcoal drawing, After the Bath, and it is available (with many frame and mat choices) at

#art #artist #artwork #bath #bathroom #woman #beauty #framedart #nude #towel #buyintoart #ayearforart #home #privacy #relax #relaxing #calm #peaceful #drawing #femme #quiet #hair

Framed charcoal drawing of a young woman sitting with back to the viewer, in the bathroom. She has just taken a bath, and she is wrapped in a towel. With her left hand, she holds up her hair, while with her right she looks through the glass shelves on her right for a hairpin. In front of her is a clawfoot bathtub, partially covered by gauze curtains.
2 months ago

If you are in Portland, Maine, and are acting like #CovidIsNotOver, I can’t recommend this hair salon enough! Amazing quality, and care for the immunocompromised. (Masks required!) Pricey for me (I am a Supercuts gal usually) but worth it!
#Maine #hair

Indigo ♿ she/her
2 months ago

Just wonderful to see the Radiant smile on a black woman's face when you tell her "I love your #hair

I say it as often as I can to as many as I can. Let their smiles #LightTheWorld

*BONUS: also makes black men smile bright when you complement their hair!

2 months ago

Sooooo my wife loves me a whole lot apparently. She knows that one of my favorite anime characters of all time is Ichigo from Darling in the FRANXX, partially because I really like her design.

So my wife did this for me. I am the happiest boy. It looks REALLY good on her too!

#anime #style #hair #Darling #DarlingInTheFranxx #adorable #wife

OP's wife wearing her hair in the same style as Ichigo from Darling in the FRANXX, though it is slightly longer and not dyed blue. She is looking to the right, with a section pinned back, exposing her ear, with one "missed" strand hanging down near the front. The hair clip is white, in the shape of a T with stylized curves.
Ichigo from Darling in the FRANXX, looking to the left. The hair is dyed blue and approximately chin length. She is looking to the left, with a section pinned back, exposing her ear, with one "missed" strand hanging down near the front. The hair clip is white, in the shape of a T with stylized curves.
OP's wife wearing her hair in the same style as Ichigo from Darling in the FRANXX, though it is slightly longer and not dyed blue. She is facing forward and looking slightly to one side. Her hair has a large section pinned back on the side, exposing her ear, with one "missed" strand hanging down near the front. The hair clip is white, in the shape of a T with stylized curves.
2 months ago

10 years ago today I dyed my #hair a bright color for the first time and except for a few blonde moments I haven’t looked back :blobfoxfloofcute:

#throwback #pink

Girl with pink hair in a black shirt in front of a unicorn painting
Evie (SleepyCatten)
3 months ago


If you're looking for a trans-affirming barbershop or hair salon, I recently learnt about Strands For Trans :TransHeart:

They currently list businesses in US, Canada, Mexico, UK, netherlands, Czechia, Finland & Australia.

#trans #transgender #enby #NonBinary #agender #genderfluid #genderqueer #GenderNonConforming #intersex #queer #LGBTQ+ #LGBTQIA+ #LGBTQIA2S+ #hair #hairdresser #HairSalon #HairStyle #barbershop #salon #TransRightsAreHumanRights

Nelson Chu Pavlosky
3 months ago

Suppose I generally like having #hair on my face and body. Perhaps it's because I want society to perceive me as a man, since boys and women tend to have difficulty growing such hair.

Is there any reason to have hair on my neck? What purpose does it serve? Can I just remove it permanently?

When was the last time #neckbeards were considered fashionable or attractive? Is it likely to ever happen again? If they did become trendy again, would I want to be fashionable under such conditions?

3 months ago

I have a free Blender hair add-on which is based on the new hair system. You can download from here:

There are a few improvements and a lot of under the hood changes that I have in mind for it, which I'll be working on in the near future as I'm dealing with health problems at the moment.
But I'm appreciative of any feedback you have.

#b3d #addon #hair

A rendered image of an unrealistic human model with the focus on her colorful hair.

I just got my new epilator in the mail this morning. Now, I've never used one before, but I figured "shaving is annoying, let's give it a try".

Here's my journey... (1 of ?)


#Epilation #HairRemoval #Hair #BeautyStandards #Legs #CW #SongsAboutHairRemoval

Stool with a BrAun Silk épil 9 epilator laid out on a washcloth. Behind it is a spiked coffee. 2 boxes of tampons and a bathrobe are out of focus in the background.
3 months ago

My favorite #hair comment ever! 😂😂

3 months ago

Good early #morning #fediverse! Gonna try an experiment this morning… #hair

Beetle green hair dye
Close up of green hair dye

So I'm a big fan of Conan the barbarian and sword and sorcery stuff in general, but I just had a thought. How did Conan keep his hair cut like this all the time - the bangs? Were there places in the towns he'd go through where he'd get it trimmed? Or maybe his lady companions trimmed it, Sonja or Bêlit.

Then I had a thought, what if Conan did it himself? What if he took a mirror and a razor or a sharp knife and trimmed his own bangs. Epic. 🤣

#Conan #ConanTheBarbarian #bangs #hair #haircuts #SwordAndSorcery #RobertEHoward #barbarian #BarbarianHair

Conan the Barbarian and his luscious locks, to showcase his bangs, image 1
Conan the Barbarian and his luscious locks, to showcase his bangs, image 2, with his chin on his sword.
Conan the Barbarian and his luscious locks, to showcase his bangs, image 3, standing in the rain
Conan the Barbarian and his luscious locks, to showcase his bangs, image 4 (with some blood, holding a shield)
Damon Thomas
5 months ago

"See yourself in all the latest hair styles!" #comics @comics #50s #hair

Comic ad — Hollywood HAIR-DO
Pratik Patel
5 months ago

Is gray #hair reversible? A new study digs into the root cause of aging scalps

A team of researchers from NYU spent two years plucking away mice hair to watch what happened when it grew back. They noticed a stem cell malfunction that may explain your silver strands.

#StemCell #cancer #Research

Damon Thomas
5 months ago

In the 70s my dad was offered a few bucks and some free haircuts to have his photo used as a salon's perm "after" image. He didn't need a perm to get this effect. #70s #hair #advertising

Photos of a couple taken in the 70s.

I cut my own hair - I enjoy doing it! My haircuts last weeks if not months.

I don't rly know what I'm doing, so I just cut whatever feels like it needs to be cut at the time. I'll keep going until i run out of things that I feel need to be cut, or until I've gotten tired of doing it.

Then usually a few days will pass and I'll start seeing parts of my hair that I wanna trim that I didn't see before. And so I keep doing these haircut "revisions" several times over the course of several weeks.

Maybe I'm just afraid to cut off too much at once so I just cut a little at a time?? Either way, I mostly enjoy the process. Except for the parts where I'm freaking out since I now looked different than I did before I cut my hair :blobfoxmelt3:
But after some time, I just realize my hair is cute 😆

Does anyone do it like this?

#hair #haircut

This. This is thinking outside the box. America needs more of this.

#Humor #Hair

Photo of a man with a "hat-do," a hairdo that perfectly forms a hat with brim somewhat like a baseball cap. Only more stylin' than a baseball cap. I want one.
Sumana Harihareswara
6 months ago

New blog post:

I (with help) bleached and dyed my #hair at home for the first time, and I enjoyed the results. Here's how I did it!

head-and-shoulders view of me, outdoors in diffuse sunlight, with turquoise hair with dark roots, one month after bleaching and dyeing

I'm wearing red-framed eyeglasses and a purple shirt
6 months ago

Didn’t come out exactly as expected but still feel like a #rainbow unicorn! #hair #selfie

TapTap 🎮
6 months ago

So are these things really good, really work? Mostly interested in legs. Seem expensive but for a one-time price I guess $65 isn't wild if it works

Shaving is pointless, removal cream hurts and is still a hassle, waxing is tons of work. Permanent removal sounds good to me.

#haircare #beauty #hair ?

6 months ago

#Hair plans for next week - SO EXCITE! #rainbow 🌈

Conor McKeever
7 months ago
Selfie of me wearing a burgundy jumper and glasses. I also have bright red hair.
7 months ago

Last days of my flamingo pink hair...

Had it for the last 6 months, since my Jem halloween costume!

#hair #haircolor #flamingopink #punkycolor #pinkhair #fuschiahair #pink #fuschia

8 months ago

The many stages of growing your #hair out:

1. I wish my hair grew faster
2. OMG get out of my face
3. Yay it reaches my shoulders.
4. Why can't I put this in a decent pony-tail?
5. Yay a decent pony-tail
6. Wow, it takes a lot of hair to tie it into a knot.
7. Hooray I can put it in a knot... that falls out immediately
8. Oh wow, it's long enough that the knot stays in
9. WTF is that?! oh, it's just my hair snaking over my shoulder.
10. O.M.G. I've been brushing out this mat for 5 minutes.

Kristian Harstad
8 months ago

maybe sometimes
we've got it #wrong, but it's alright
the more things seem to #change
the more they stay the same
don't you #hesitate --

#girl, put your #records on
tell me your #favourite #song
you go ahead, let your hair down
#sapphire and faded #jeans
i hope you get your #dreams
just go ahead, let your #hair down

oh, you're gonna find yourself #somewhere, #somehow

#corinnebaileyrae #putyourrecordson #music

Kara Sowles Deloss
8 months ago

well I guess #victorian #hair is not big on mastodon 🤷🏻‍♀️

elizabeth veldon
8 months ago

right, i've made a commitment to this: getting my long hair cut off was a mistake even if it has taken me over a decade to realise it.

I always worried that the cut i replaced it with was a bit...well it looked a little like it would demand to speak to the manager.

i'm going to grow it back but this may take quite a long time.

#Haircut #Hair #TheFollysOfYouth

Jason Stiff
9 months ago

💇‍♂️Artist: #PhilippeHerard and #MurMureStreet in - City: #Paris 20eme, France 🇫🇷 - Title: "Time for a trim with the new year approaching!" - (Das neue Jahr steht vor der Tür und es ist Zeit für einen neuen Schnitt!)
- #Streetart #Mastoart #Art #Hair #Garbage #Painted #Pasteup #Handpainted #Artwork #Skurill #Funart #Friseur #newyearseve

Streetartwall. Scurill Pasteup on the small side of a House. 
The pasteup is placed about 30 cm above the ground. There are 2 male figures with covered faces to recognize.
The front figure is sitting on a barber chair, in a white smock and wears a black garbage bag over his face and head. The upper body of the rear figure is naked and he wears several life rings over his face and head. With both hands he cuts into the garbage bag of the front figure as if he wanted to do his hair.