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Recreating an Analog TV Test Pattern - While most countries have switched to digital broadcasting, and most broadcasts th... - #patterngenerator #testpattern #television #hardware #analog #pilips #pt8631 #tv

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5 hours ago

Here is a nice benefit of going with @yubico Yubikey hardware key over some others.

Some sites don't yet support a h/w key. Many do support an authenticor app. If you go with the Yubico authenticator app... It requires you to unlock the app with your hardware key ... And poof you've added h/w key to a site that doesn't support it!

#security #hardware #2fa #mfa

a yubikey 5 nfc device from yubico - a hardware security key

GAHHH!!! I hate myself sometimes.

For months, my RAM was running at 2666MHz, instead of 3600... Fixed. Better late than never.

#hardware #snafu

Marcus "MajorLinux" Summers
10 hours ago

Poor one out for Blue!

Logitech is killing off the Blue mic brand, will sell Yeti and Astro under Logitech G

#Logitech #Blue #Microphones #Yeti #Astro #LogitechG #Hardware #TechNews

Two different Blue Yeti microphones differing in color and size.
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Acer Is Still Shipping PCs To Russia - Required Snark writes: Acer is selling computers in Russia even though they claime... - #hardware

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#Design #Evolutions
Beyond the screen: a glimpse into the future of UX · “We’re on the brink of an era where we’ll redefine reality itself.”

#SpatialComputing #3D #AR #VR #Glasses #UxDesign #IxDesign #UiDesign #WebDesign #Hardware #Tools #Connectivity #Accessibility #Privacy

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Pico-ITX board comes with i.MX8M Plus processor, dual MIPI CSI and PoE support - #Hardware #Linux #IT

Boiling Steam
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Dell in hot water for making shoppers think overpriced monitors were discounted:
#hardware #dell #scam #sale

Daniel aka CyReVolt 🐢
2 days ago

Hey y'all, I'll be at #GPN21 should you want to meet up.
Don't be shy, come and grab me anytime! 🙂
Let's talk about #Rust Embedded, RISC-V, @oreboot, #LinuxBoot or - whatever you're interested in. Languages: EN + DE. 🥳
I'm bringing #hardware. ✨👩‍💻

2 days ago

#hardware knew how the colors of future are going to be with world burning

2 days ago

I'm under the impression that VR/AR-headsets will only proliferate once the technology allows to make them minimal, portable, unnoticeable, and cheap. There's a social element in the massive adoption of technology that seems trivial. So, the contemporary commercial efforts seem more like marketing, vaporware, and the desperate need to keep profits up when the interest rates keep also going upwards...
What you think?
Thanks in advance for your insights.
#vr #ar #headset #software #hardware #floss

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AMD Radeon RX7600

Hace como un año que estaba mirando gráficas nuevas. No es que la necesitara imper

#Personal #grafica #hardware #juegos

2 days ago

This is the best video to #learn learn how to #assemble our #hardware.

2 days ago

Hey, people that understand #hardware! I need to move a large l-shaped #desk Sunday. It was disassembled/moved before, but the people who did it aren't around. I don't know hardware. Even people that do know it are stumped. This is what's holding it together. What are they? (Best pics I could get). (Also includes picture of #cat being cute)
#furniture #fasteners #mystery

Unidentifiable fasteners. Wish I could say what they were more precisely.
Unidentifiable fasteners. Wish I could say what they were more precisely.
Unidentifiable fasteners. Wish I could say what they were more precisely.
My orange and white cat, Booster, looking cute.
Disaster guy in Sevilla
2 days ago

In 1996 it was already a rumor in various chat rooms that #FBI knew how to intercept #Internet communications thanks to fact that u buy #Hardware and #Software with security holes: u're paying to be spied
In 2013 Snowden's leak confirmed 17 yrs later what was gossip and dimensions of espionage bizz on private individuals to protect public safety.
Right now there are 49 machines monitoring and paying attention to what an insignificant guy like me writes on #Mastodon, one of them is a Spanish IP.

Snowden's leak
Headlines The Atlantic 2023 Jun.07
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Get Money Loan C U S T O M E R CarE NuMbeR 6289176203=6260810896. Support Team.24 hours available #systeminstallation #softwareinstallation #updates #hardware #errorhandling

c't Magazin
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heise+ | AMD Radeon RX 7600 und Nvidia GeForce RTX 4060 Ti im Test

Beide Mittelklasse-Karten versprechen flüssiges Gaming in Full-HD-Auflösung und ihre Performance liegt enger beieinander, als die Preisdifferenz vermuten ließe.

#AMDRadeon #Grafikchip #Grafikkarten #Hardware #Prozessoren #Test #news

heise online
3 days ago

Winziges ESP32-CAM-Modul

Ein besonders kleines ESP32-Kamera-Modul hat Seeed Studio vorgestellt: Das XIAO ESP32S3 Sense misst mitsamt 2-Megapixel-Kamera und Mikrofon nur 22mm × 18mm.

#Arduino #Einplatinencomputer #Hardware #Kamera #news

Boiling Steam
3 days ago
Marcus "MajorLinux" Summers
3 days ago
An ASRock AMD RX6650XT
Marcus "MajorLinux" Summers
3 days ago

The Cheese Grater Mac has returned!

The transition to Apple Silicon is now complete!

Apple announces Mac Pro with M2 Ultra, starting at $6,999

#Apple #MacPro #M2Ultra #WWDC23 #PC #PCIe #Hardware #TechNews

A product image of the Mac Pro starting at $6999 and featuring the M2 Ultra.
c't Magazin
4 days ago

heise+ | Drei USB-Isolatoren im Test: PC und Peripheriegerät elektrisch trennen

Manchmal ist es ratsam, Rechner und Peripherie durch USB-Isolatoren elektrisch voneinander abzugrenzen. Wir eklären, welche Hindernisse in der Praxis entstehen.

#Hardware #USB #news

apfeltalk :verified:
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iOS 17 und mehr: Diese Hardware wird unterstützt
Heute werfen wir einen Blick auf die kommenden Software-Updates von Apple: iOS 17, iPadOS 17, macOS 14 und watchOS 10. Welche Geräte werden unterstützt? Wir klären auf.
iOS 17 und iPadOS 17: Diese Hardware wird unterstützt
Für iOS 17 solltest du mindestens ein iPhone Xs oder neuer besitzen.
#News #Services #WWDC23 #Hardware #Update #Untersttzung

4 days ago
4 days ago
heise online
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Eiskalt: Pico-Ice serviert RP2040 und iCE40UP5K-FPGA auf einem Board

Das Pico-Ice ist ein preiswertes Board für den Einstieg in die FPGA-Welt. Dank Open Source ist die Hard- und Software gut dokumentiert und erprobt.

#FPGA #LinuxundOpenSource #Hardware #news

PicoIce Board mit Open Source und Open Hardware Logos
Linux & OpenSource News deutsch
4 days ago
Das Pico-Ice ist ein preiswertes Board für den Einstieg in die FPGA-Welt. Dank Open Source ist die Hard- und Software gut dokumentiert und erprobt.
Eiskalt: Pico-Ice serviert RP2040 und iCE40UP5K-FPGA auf einem Board
Danie van der Merwe
4 days ago

How to Test Your Computer’s PSU With a Normal Multimeter

If you have a digital multimeter on hand, it’s pretty straightforward to test your PSU and rule out power gremlins as the source of your computer problems. Standalone PSU testers are great, and we always have one on hand to get quick results. They can even gi ...continues


#hardware #PSU #technology

4 days ago

#GrapheneOS is currently the most masssuitable, #privacyfriendly, #datasafe, #mobile #system, according to various #audits / #tests.
Cons: it only works on #Google #Pixel #smartphones.
If you do NOT want to support #Google & do not want to buy #hardware from Google, you can alternatively use #DivestOS for many other #smartphones as a good mobile system (e.g. for #OnePlus devices).

#datascience #cybersecurity #degoogled #customrom

Marcus "MajorLinux" Summers
4 days ago

The newest Apple Silicon Threadripper has been unveiled!

Apple Unveils M2 Ultra Chip as Most Powerful Apple Silicon Chip Yet

#Apple #M2Ultra #AppleSilicon #Hardware #CPU #WWDC23 #TechNews

An infograph displaying all the capabilities of the M2 Ultra Apple Silicon chip.
Marcus "MajorLinux" Summers
4 days ago

The Studio is back and faster than ever!

Mac Studio gets its first hardware update with M2 Max and the new M2 Ultra chip

#MacStudio #Apple #Hardware #PC #AppleSilicon #M2Max #M2Ultra #WWDC23 #TechNews

A product image of the Mac Studio during the WWDC 2023 keynote.
Christina Cyr
4 days ago

If you are headed to #Crowdsupply's #Teardown in #Portland for #hardware 🧰 this month, a number of us will be taking the train 🚉 down early in the morning on Friday, June 23: Amtrak Cascades #503.

See you soon!

Marcus "MajorLinux" Summers
4 days ago

What laptops are they compare it to to make these claims?

Apple’s new 15-inch MacBook Air is the ‘world’s thinnest’

#Apple #MacBookAir #WWDC23 #Hardware #Laptop #TechNews

A product image of the 15" MacBook Air
4 days ago

How to Test Your Computer’s PSU With a Normal Multimeter If you have a digital multimeter on hand, it’s pretty straightforward to test your PSU and rule out power gremlins as the source of your computer problems. Standalone PSU testers are great, and we always […]

5 days ago
#RISE un proyecto industrial de #CodigoAbierto: #RISCV

Actualmente en un mundo cada vez mas separatista, viene muy bien escuchar este tipo de propuestas.

Aunque reconozco tener mucha desconfianza de cualquier cosa proveniente de la #ONG #LinuxFoundation, pues ya se sabe que no es nada mas, ni nada menos que un caballo de Troya de las grandes IT como MS... para intentar debilitar al mundo detras de la #FreeSoftwareFoundation o mejor conocida como #FSF, en esta ocasion le dare un micro-voto de confianza.

¿Y por que tener esperanzas en un proyecto o iniciativa donde aparentemente solo tomaran parte grandes conglomerados empresariales?

Para entender mi punto de vista, hay que ver de que se trata: Basicamente se tomara el chip o procesador RISC-V (que hasta ahora es un #hardware de codigo abierto) y se le añadira toda una capa de apps para introducirlo de lleno en el mundo comercial, es decir, aunque es poco probable, pero podria pasar que para el 2024-25 tuvieramos novedades sobre telefonos moviles o routers o computadores de mesa u otros dispositivos corriendo con este procesador.

Esto obviamente no significa que los usuarios finales podamos simplemente meter nuestras manitos y hacer lo que se nos venga en gana en esos dispositivos, pero tengo la esperanza que algunos devs o desarrolladores puedan tener la oportunidad de poder interiorisarse en este tipo de hardware y que se aproveche su gran capacidad, ya que siendo de CODIGO ABIERTO, significa que la posibilidad de puertas traseras y vigilancia se reduzca notablemente o que al menos sea descubierta con mas facilidad.

Ademas, por ser de codigo abierto, teoricamente (sabemos que de empresas como samsung no podemos esperar nada extraordinario) deberian haber menos restricciones para que devs externos/independientes puedan ejecutar mas y mejores apps sobre ellos.

Lo que mas me gustaria -eso si- seria ver modelos de laptops corriendo RISC-V en vez de esas atrocidades de bugstel o amdbug.

Por logica puedo tambien comenzar a creer que la #privacidad desde la perspectiva del usuario final pudiera ser mejor protegida... solo el tiempo nos dira si mis espectativas se cumpliran o este proyecto nunca llegara a puerto, ya que las grandes lo encuentren demasiado peligroso para sus objetivos.

Por otra parte, RISC-V si se llegara a convertir en un producto viable para las IT, seria una bofetada a todos los paises que buscan "patentar" y cerrar con 7 llaves la tecnologia para controlar el acceso a ellas. No por nada, en esta solucion incluso estara presente el gigante chino ALIBABA.
Boiling Steam
6 days ago
Boiling Steam
6 days ago

Is there any digital data storage hardware and associated encoding that has an intended archival life of at least 1000 years without electricity?

I know it's an old question, but given that paper or palm leaf manuscripts last that long, is there any standard out there which would support civilizational timescales?

No bonus points for guessing why I'm wondering about this.

#hardware #archive #collapse

Open Toolchain Foundation
1 week ago

Currently at 10y @weareGIG event to join forces, make links for #opensource #hardware #software #people

GIG Panel
Andrew Lamb talk
Joaquim Homrighausen
1 week ago

Did you clean your ears... ehr... fans lately? 🧐 Amazing what a difference ten minutes of tedious work can do for the cooling effect fans have on a graphics card 🤟

#geek #hardware #cleanyourfans #cooling

c't Magazin
1 week ago

Corsair iCue Link: Weniger Kabelsalat im Desktop-PC

Über zwei Daisy-Chain-Stränge steuert das Ökosystem Lüfter, Pumpen und RGB-LEDs separat an und liefert Messdaten wie Drehzahlen und Temperatur zurück.​

#Computex #Hardware #news

1 week ago

It's now summer, so a weekend summer sale on some of my #SAMCoupe hardware this Friday, Saturday & Sunday.

- Mechanical Keyboards
- Trinity interfaces to add SD + Ethernet
- Disk Drive Interfaces / Systems
- Various expansion cards

See the *SAVE £--* listings I have over on eBay:

#RetroComputing #Hardware #Retrogaming #Computing

A SAM Coupe computer surrounded by a range of hardware that I make for the system. Keyboards, disk drives, sound cards, expansion boards...
1 week ago

AR glasses USB protocols: the Good, the Bad and the Ugly | #hardware #reversing

Danny Boling 🌈 ☮️
2 weeks ago


I don't believe I've ever seen a more #dastardly #plan from a #hardware #manufacturer.

If you buy an #HP #printer and sign up for the optional HP Plus #service, you'll get a #firmware #update that will FORCE you to #purchase *only* new HP #ink cartridges — for the life of your printer. And once that firmware update happens, there is *no way* to undo it.

HP has found an exciting new way to #DRM your printer


An image from the article appears to come from the marketing of the "HP+ Smart Printing System," where it prompts you to "Upgrade free to HP+ during setup and get:" the following three benefits: 

* 6 months Instant Ink included (After 6 months, monthly fee automatically charged unless cancelled" 
* 2 years extended HP warranty 
* Advanced Smart app features (Requires internet connection, HP account, and use of Original HP Ink for the life of the printer" 

(There are "hand-drawn" arrows added to the image surrounding the phrase "use of Original HP Ink for the life of the printer")
screenshot from the article 

"Here are a few choice quotes from the terms and conditions for HP’s ink service that I think you’ll appreciate (bolding mine):

"You expressly allow HP to remotely change, patch, update or otherwise modify Your printer’s software, firmware or programming remotely, without notice to You, in order to provide the Service to You or to comply with applicable laws

"Remote monitoring may include provision to HP of one or more of: page counts, types of documents printed (e.g., Word, PowerPoint, pdf, jpeg, etc.), types of devices that initiated print jobs, printer serial number, cartridge information (e.g. HP original cartridge status, and whether the cartridge was new or used at the time of its last insertion into the printer), and other similar types of metrics related to your Service as may be added by HP from time to time

"You agree to maintain connectivity of Your Printer to the Internet and to not remove or disable any remote monitoring software or functionality on Your Printer."
screenshot from the article 

"If Your printer is not connected to the Internet, then the Subscription Cartridges (as defined in section d. below) will be disabled, and You will not be able to use them to print; however, You will continue to be charged for the Service as described in Section 7 (“Paying for Your Service”). In order to reactivate disabled cartridges, You will need to reconnect Your printer to the Internet and keep it connected

"When Your Service is cancelled for any reason, HP will remotely disable the Subscription Cartridges and You will no longer be able to print with the Subscription Cartridges. In such a case, you will need to purchase a regular HP cartridge compatible with your printer, in order to continue printing

"HP may increase or otherwise change the Service Plan Fee and Overage Fee, and add additional fees, for any Service Plan, or otherwise change or add Service Plans at any time in HP’s sole discretion with prior notice to You."
phryk 🏴
2 weeks ago

Electro-engineers of fedi, what #FOSS software can you recommend for developing #hardware?

Mainly looking for circuit design, but interested in anything.

I don't have fancy needs. I don't need circuit simulation. I DO need a proper component catalog and to be able to wire up two things directly without the thing bitching about overlaps or whatever.

Something forcing me to figure out the geometry of all my connections when defining what is connected to what is worse than useless for me.

Bradley Taunt
3 weeks ago

And now for something completely different (besides my regular web / Linux based posts) - Lawn Mowers!

"My Robotic Mower Woes"

#lawn #mower #hardware

c't Magazin
3 weeks ago

heise+ | Im Test: Soundsysteme für den Desktop von Mackie

Satter Sound am Schreibtisch, geliefert aus schicken Boxen: Das verspricht Mackie mit seiner CR2-X-Serie, in Form einer Soundbar oder als Lautsprecher-Paar.

#Hardware #Test #news

3 weeks ago

Just stumbled upon this while procrastinating over lunch.

If you know a teenager who's into coding, games, and hardware, then point them at this:

Sprig is an open source handheld game console, and they're offering to send a free kit for the console to any teenager that writes a game for it (using their online game editor).

#coding #programming #gamedev #hardware

Doug Belshaw
3 weeks ago

Created a /uses page because I'm not famous enough to be featured on Uses This.

I've probably missed a bunch of things, so let me know if you think that's the case!

#hardware #software #setup

c't Magazin
3 weeks ago

heise+ | Nachhaltiges Notebook: Framework Laptop 13 (2023) im Test

Der reparaturfreundliche Framework Laptop 13 wird schon in dritter Generation verkauft. Am 2023er-Modell hat sich viel mehr geändert als nur das Mainboard.

#Hardware #Laptop #Mobiles #Notebooks #Test #news


What the hardware you rely on you cannot even dream to not use (because it's so useful for you) ?

#security #hardware #computer #laptop #privacy #foss

1 month ago

Fun with hardware: For my MIDI project, I'm playing around with the Agon Light UART (serial interface) and for some reason, only the last byte that my test program was sending out was always wrong. As in: last three bits were always high.

Turns out my program at the end reset the UART while it was still busy pushing out the bits.

(Also, boy do I suck at assembly (Z80 assembly that is)

#AgonLight #hardware #asm

c't Magazin
1 month ago

heise+ | Ubuntu und Co. testen: Wie Sie interne Festplatten vor Linux verstecken

Sie können Distributionen auf einer externen SSD testen. Doch der Bootloader landet oft auf dem PC-internen Massenspeicher. Wir verraten, wie man den versteckt.

#Festplatten #Hardware #LinuxundOpenSource #SSD #Ubuntu #news

John Goerzen
1 month ago

15/ I started to notice a few years back when interviewing for jobs that the most sophisticated of companies would comment positively that "you have used hardware."

I. Have used..... #hardware?

Hasn't everyone?

IT News
1 month ago

TSMC To Charge Up To 30% More For Chips Made In the US - According to DigiTimes, TSMC will charge an extra 30% more for chips made in Ameri... - #hardware

c't Magazin
1 month ago

heise+ | Unser Lieblingsspielzeug: 14 Gadgets der c’t-Redaktion

Wir zeigen Ihnen eine Auswahl der liebsten Gerätschaften unserer c't-Redakteure und verraten, wofür wir die brauchen.

#Hardware #Technik #Test #news

1 month ago

New instance, new #introduction post:

Hi folks, I am Sigma.
My great passion are
#computers. I work as a #software #developer and even in my spare time I love tinkering with software and #hardware. Beyond that my interests are very diverse: I like scientific topics - especially chemistry - as well as #music, #films, und #shows - #anime in particular.
I post about pretty much everything, from my day-to-day life, though funny videos, to strange quirks in
#German is my main language for this account, thought there might be the one or the other #English post as well.

I also have a
#Blog on which I mainly use for longer posts about technical topics.

(For those who know me from my old instance: Because the old servers are shutting down I needed to find a new home. I hope is it.

I look forward to getting to know you all!

#introduction #introductions

Eine nicht wirklich ergonomische #Tastatur, die mit #Ergonomie wirbt, ist nun bald Geschichte:

Schade eigentlich. Im Gegensatz zu Software war #Hardware aus dem Hause #Microsoft meistens ganz gut. Meine alte Laser-Maus verwendete ich deutlich über ein Jahrzehnt bis das Material schlapp machte.

Dann halt nur noch Surface.

Katherine Druckman
1 month ago

Now that I'm officially moved to the new account, I'll post my #introduction again. I’m an #openSource Evangelist for #Intel (check out the Open at Intel podcast) and a nerdy podcaster on @reality2cast and FLOSS Weekly on @twitnews where my interests are expanding more and more into #privacy and #security. I am also a #Linux Journal alum and a huge fan of #Drupal, the open web, user and privacy-respecting #hardware and #software, #antique ceramics, and really good #food and #wine.

John-Mark Gurney
1 month ago


Umm, I might have a similar problem with my chair, though not as bad. I've been having troubles with my screen randomly going blank as well. Thanks for this post, I'll investigate.

#ikea #chair #hardware #weird

Delta Sierra
1 month ago

I have received the tiny Japanese netbook! Shipping was surprisingly fast, the netbook actually arrived before the replacement SSD (I'm going to dual boot Windows 10 LTSC and some flavor of Linux). Just running a quick driver backup first, since Nanote doesn't seem to make their drivers available for download.

#tech #computers #umpc #linux #windows #japan #hardware

First time boot screen of a Nanote P8 UMPC. Since it was imported from Japan, the welcome message is in Japanese.
Nanote P8 UMPC box. For used hardware, the packaging is in surprisingly good condition.
Nanote P8 UMPC, with my slightly above average sized hand for scale. It's a tiny device, 7" diagonal and weighs just over a pound.
Felix Häcker
1 month ago

It turns out that the fabric seat cover, and/or the gas suspension creates such a strong electrostatic discharge (ESD) that my screen shuts off for a short time.

The solution? No idea yet, but it seems that insulating the chair with copper foil and connecting it to a socket (ground) might help, as you can see here:

Welcome to 2023 - Your Ikea "MARKUS" chair is not compatible with your screen 👏🤦‍♂️

#ikea #chair #hardware #weird

Felix Häcker
1 month ago

So folks, don't forget to check if your Ikea chair is compatible with your screen. I'm not kidding. A thread 🧵.

I've had the problem with my new screen for several weeks now, that every now and then the screen goes black for a few seconds.

Today I had enough and wanted to investigate the problem. So I started changing all the cables, plugging the screen into a different socket, and and and. Nothing helped.

#ikea #chair #hardware #weird

Pete Gamache
1 month ago

MBP surgery begins! Replacing the battery in a 2014 15” #DIY #Hardware #RightToRepair #iFixit

A desk with various tools to replace the battery in a 2014 MacBook Pro.
Jason Evangelho
2 months ago

Still looking for my "forever Linux laptop." The one I'll put ALL my stickers on.

At one point I thought it would be the @system76 Oryx Pro but 17-inchers are big and & power hungry.

Then I wanted it to be my Apple M1, but app compatibility (ARM) has me a little concerned.

I need all day battery life, great display, MODEST dedicated GPU or strong integrated GPU.

Should I just do what everyone else has been doing and buy a #ThinkPad? The T-14 looks pretty sweet.

#Linux #Laptops #Hardware

Joseph Quigley
2 months ago

Me: 3 star review. This USB-C device does not charge unless you use a USB-A-to-C cable. I tested with with a tester and it is is not USB-C compliant.

Amazon Vendor support message: Our device is USB-C PD compliant.

Me: No it's not.

Amazon Vendor: Please look at this image where the device is charging from a PD battery bank.

Me: You're charging it with a USB-A-to-C plug, not USB-C. 😑

#Fail #USB #Hardware #Amazon #CustomerSupport

2 months ago

Those of us that were around for the VIC20 era of computing, and those of us who learned how to code on an assembly trainer station while being yelled at by someone that spoke solder, or got great work done on VAX/VMS... we celebrate the amazing amount of #hardware #retrocomputing that is going on these days.

Here's a wonderful example of #software retrocomputing. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.

2 months ago

I built a lower power, efficient, and near silent server cluster! Although this cluster is small and efficient, it's still powerful enough to run a high availability Kubernetes cluster with many services running in High Availability mode! There are so many options with running a small cluster like this, the possibilities are endless!

#lowpower #efficient #kubernetes #k3s #cluster #opensource #ha #highavailability #selfhosting #hardware

heise online
2 months ago

heise+ | Smartphone runderneuert: Lohnt der Refurbished-Kauf?

Mehr und mehr Händler locken mit Gebrauchtgeräten, die wie neu, aber billiger sein sollen. Wie sinnvoll und nachhaltig ist der Kauf von Refurbished-Smartphones?

#Android #Hardware #iOS #iPhone #Smartphone #news