1 day ago

A drawing I did in 2019 for a certain snow hare.

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1 day ago

Now I just need a pair and I'll clean up!

#saskatchewan #wildlife #hare #JackRabbit

Three jackrabbits appear in a line leading away from the camera.  The nearest is eating grass from a lawn.  The second sits in the middle of a quiet street, grooming herself.  The third is further, sitting in the middle of the road.
Andy Hort
2 days ago

I also spotted a hare over a hedge, although he was a bit far away for a decent shot.
#hare #naturePhotograhy
#prawlePoint #eastPrawle #devon

Hare running across a field
Hare sitting in a field
3 days ago

Я недавно начал копать в сторону нового языка #hare, пока все очень интересно

Noah Doersing 🐦🎨🌿
3 days ago

Here's another shot of the European hare I saw yesterday (my girlfriend calls them "scary bunnies" due to their large size and frankly giant eyes), taken just a few seconds before the ones I posted last night.

A short encounter, but when I've seen hares on previous occasions, they've never stuck around long enough to get the camera turned on ( best, I'd notice them hopping away). This one seemed really curious!

#naturephotography #photography #rabbit #hare #wildlife #wildlifephotography

A hare hopping on a narrow path between fields of grass, some bushes and trees in the background, sunlit.
Noah Doersing 🐦🎨🌿
4 days ago

Early this morning, I went to a village a half-dozen kilometers from my town with the goal of walking back home and maybe photographing a bird or three on the way. Barely 10 minutes along, on a deserted path along a lake (great crested grebe nest!), I noticed something hopping towards me in the distance.

Amazingly, this European hare approached to within 15 meters or so before making a right into the forest!

#naturephotography #photography #rabbit #hare #wildlife #wildlifephotography

An European hare (a large rabbit) sitting on a gravel path.
The same hare, now hopping towards me, listening intently.
4 days ago
6 days ago

"Unexpected Guests Popping In For a Spot of Tea", or, "Let Us In!"
Teableau for 06/01/23

#Tea #Teableau #TeaCozy #TeaCosy #Fox #Badger #Hare #NicVickeryArtist #EnglishTeaStore

A cheeky tea tableau made to look like three woodland creatures have arrived without invitation for tea.
1 week ago


(Alt: a large hare standing about thirty feet from me at the edge of a farmers field, then running off)

#hare #animals

1 week ago

British Wildlife Photography Award winners 2023 12-14 Years winner
📷​ F. Walker-Nix

#Photography #Photographie #Fotografie #Nature #MastoArt #Wildlife #NaturePhotography #WildlifePhotography #Hare #Prizewinning

med shot hare sitting back view and profile of head looking to its left.  blurry soft browns background sitting in soft blur green grasses  ears up listening
1 week ago

"Feeling the heat, a black-tailed jackrabbit goes face to the sand and uses those big ears as heat regulators. The capillaries in the ears help to cool jackrabbits down on days like this one when it was 100 degrees plus in the Southern California desert." Sean Crane Photographer

#Photography #Photographie #Fotografie #Nature #MastoArt #Wildlife #NaturePhotography #WildlifePhotography #Hare #Jackrabbit #California

med shot profile of jackrabbit laying flat on its belly with ears up sandy ground and twiggy plants around faint green in far background faint blueish sky
1 week ago

I don't think she's quite as invisible as she thinks she is.

#jackrabbit #hare #saskatchewan #camouflage #nature #animal #rabbit #wildlife

A jackrabbit - which is actually a hare, not a rabbit - sits in long grass in my front lawn.  Only its ears stick up, but they give her away.
A jackrabbit - which is actually a type of hare, not a rabbit - sits upright in long grass in my front lawn.  Her face and ears are above the tops of most of the grass, and she is looking directly at me while I am taking the picture, as she has heard my approach.

These days you can't even photograph #grass at #sunset without a #hare interrupting!

Please click to see the full image. And the hare.

#nature #squareformat

A field at sunset. Golden grass in the foreground. A hare runs through a patch of light in the distance.
yujiri 🏴
1 week ago

just learned the following about #hare #harelang:

* there are raylib bindings for it!

* it's now packaged for alpine linux!

* a hare hello world program makes fewer syscalls than zig in release fast/small mode!

#Afterparty #PixelHeaven2023 o maly wlos nie skonczylo sie katastrofa... 🤣

Ekipa Jona #Hare zmienila sie w band, ktory rownie dobrze moze przyjechac zagrac do kotleta trzy swoje najbardziej wyczekiwane przez publike utwory i jechac do domu 🤷‍♂️ Juz pomijam, ze po prostu ten after byl za wczesnie

Na szczescie #Katod go uratowal 😆 Ten gosc to geniusz i wirtuoz, a jak lapie za gitare to klekajcie narody
#retro #muzyka #wydarzenia

3 weeks ago

Happy 552nd birthday to the great German artist Albrecht Dürer!

Dürer painted 'The Young Hare' in 1503, making this critter famous forever. His precision with watercolors is amazing. Present-day scientific illustrators would have trouble matching this level of photorealism without computer assistance.

#AlbrechtDürer #art #Germany #Renaissance #hare #rabbit

A young hare -- no, not a rabbit -- in a relaxed pose, facing the artist on a diagonal. The hare's big ears are up, and its feet are curled up under its body in a catlike pose.
3 weeks ago

Der Hase duckte sich ganz flach ins Gestrüpp, legte sogar die Ohren an und hielt ganz still. Von Weitem hätte er bestimmt wie ein Erdkrümel ausgesehen. Allerdings lag er dafür zu nah am Feldweg.

#Feldhase #Hase #wildlife #hare #mammal #bunny

Ein Feldhase duckt sich zwischen Grasbüscheln und Disteln.
Jon Gary ⌘Z
3 weeks ago
A cartoon featuring a hare and a tortoise lunging towards each other. The title reads Tortoise vs Hare: Final Battle.
Pasha Gusev
3 weeks ago

Заяц в тумане. Линяющий заяц в тумане.
#заяц #hare #mastoanimal

Линяющий заяц

I do not always photograph creatures other than #birds. But when I do, it is a #hare, cautiously poking its head above the grass, eager to hide or flee at any moment.

#nature #naturephotography

a hare sticking head above the surrounding grass with its ears down

Is there a list for distros that have packages for #Hare #Harelang ?

1 month ago

Hase in Hörnchenform.
#Feldhase #hare #nature

Ein Hase sitzt auf einem Dünenweg aus Zuckersand und putzt sich die Pfoten.
Takako T
1 month ago

#LookABunny is looking!

It was well worth it to go a little farther to the MIT observatory historical site in the Fells forest this evening for this hare encounter! 👀🐇☔️

#MiddlesexFells #hare #hike

A hare standing up tiptoes at the edge of a boulder in the forest in front of some bushes with some chartreuse buds.

Beautiful hare. Mostly brown, the back of the neck in strawberry blond, the buttocks in white, the top of the tail in black-brown and white underside, the underside of the feet in black-brown. And the soft rainy day light outlines the slender body with white fur. An exquisite bun.
Claire Barnes
1 month ago

Rabbits & hares proliferated in European art from the 13th century, as luxury goods travelling along the Silk Route brought design ideas from Asia. A beautifully illustrated article by Marcela Marín on rabbits & hares in historic textiles:
#rabbit #hare #MedievalArt #MedievalTextiles #HistoricTextiles #medieval #textile #medievodons #histodons @medievodons @histodons

Detail of a historic textile patterned with gold medallions on a green background, each medallion containing a pair of standing hares. The text attributes the fabric to 14th century Italy or Persia.
Jürgen Hubert
1 month ago

Hares can be a major nuisance, and hard to get rid of.

In extreme cases, it may be necessary to hire an exorcist.

#Germany #folktale #folklore #ghost #ghoststory #hare @germany @folklore

German folk tale "A Shepherd Banishes a Hare". Drop me a line if you want a machine-readable transcript!
Anne Marie Price :ir:
1 month ago

Finished! And sold. “Moon Gazing Hare”

#mosaic #art #artist #rabbit #hare #moon #actuallyautistic #adhd #AuDHD #mosaicart

Stained glass and pottery mosaic by Anne Marie Price. Red hare with grass and one wheat stalk. Hare is looking up at white and silver moons.  One full and one behind with crescent visible.
Byron Torres
2 months ago

Use #harelang imo. #hare is acceptable too but is already used by nature bloggers.

"#HareLang" is a criminal offense. Please no.

2 months ago

Today's #garden visitors:
The young #hare has been here for a few days. Today it had a nibble on the meadow and checked out our terrace.
The blue tit seems to be attracted by my grow lights and checks on the plants several times each day.
The goldfinch unfortunately found a plastic fibre, we were not aware of, in the herb garden.

young hare in a meadow
young hare sniffing on garden furniture
goldfinch with plastic thread in a herb bed
blue tit behind a window pane with plants under grow lights in front
Tristan Partin
2 months ago

Any #hare devs know how to fix the following error when compiling harec? I am using Fedora 37.

libhart.a.ssa:443: unknown keyword blit

Also what is the hashtag for Hare? #HareLang ??

West England Bylines
2 months ago

We wish everyone a lovely Easter from all at WEBylines. Credit: David Mark
#Spring #hare #Bylines

Young hare with a daisy in the grass
Jenny Mathiasson
2 months ago

Oh and I don't want to alarm anyone but the Easter bunny may have died here a hundred years ago.

Happy Easter, folks!

#taxidermy #GoldenEagle #hare #EasterBunny #museums #collections #conservation

A taxidermy case from the 1920s, showing a golden eagle eating a hare on a rock. In the background are gallery walls and wrapped boxes, and in the foreground is a table with tools and potions for conservation magic.
2 months ago

"Hey da unten, ist bei dir noch'n Schlafplatz frei?"
"Nur bis morgen?"
"Geht auch bis Montag, zusammem Ostern verpennen, ja?"
#Feldhase #Hase #hare #bunny #nature

Zwei Feldhasen auf eine Wiese. Einer sitzt in einer flachen Senke, der andere schaut zu ihm herab.
2 months ago

'Moon Hare'
I just love drawing hares for no apparent reason...
#MastoArt #ArtMatters #mastodon #illustration #hare #moon #ArtGallery #lunar #easter

A highly textured Illustration in muted golden tones. It depicts the upper body of a hare in profile, long ears streaming out behind the head. It has a huge golden-yellow eye that serves as the focal point. There are some medieval-type drawings of the phases of the moon in the background. A feeling of quietly confident joyous wildness is depicted by the hare's facial expression and by the way it holds itself.
3 months ago

Noch einer, der bei Sonnenuntergang im Gestrüpp verschwindet. Allerdings nicht so ganz unsichtbar.
#Feldhase #Hase #hare #nature

Ein Feldhase duckt sich ins hohe Gras
3 months ago

A pretty quick photo study of an European Hare. I was going to make an Easter Bunny, so I think I'll give this fellow some clothes and eggs and magical stuff later on. We'll see 🙂

Drawn in Procreate, no tracing or color picking. Reference photo here:

#hare #bunny #wildlife #easter #procreate

A portrait of an European Hare, looking at the viewer.
@makeworld #hare devs meanwhile being like: Well… we support martian timezones so why not lunar.

#daisyoc #daisybunny

woops the headset keeps falling off

Art by my friend Kestral.

#digitalart #hare #rabbit #bunny #android #animatronic #robot #furry

Pete Walkden
4 months ago

Mountain Hare.

I've not had the pleasure of spending a day in the company of mountain hares for a few years now, but today made up for it.

Wonderful weather, soft light, great clients and magical subjects. #bliss

Canon R7, RF100-500mm, 500mm, f/7.1, 1/1600th, ISO 800

#wildlife #mountainhare #hare #nature #ScottishHighlands #animal #photography

A white mountain hare sitting in the snow, on a hillside in the Highlands of Scotland.
4 months ago
Thomas Adam
4 months ago

I'm really enjoying the #hare (#harelang) programming language. I think Drew and others are making the right choices over improving what C left as a legacy, but not going crazy in the wrong direction (which is what I feel #ziglang has done).

To that end, and to help others, I'm announcing the leveret project, which is analogous to rustling and ziglings -- tiny example programs to illustrate different language idioms in #hare.

Hopefully it'll see some use. I've a lot of work to do as I've just only released one exercise for now. Like the project name implies, baby-steps!


Enjoy! Patches welcome, etc., etc.

Walter S.
4 months ago

A #hare (#Lepus europaeus) hiding in a field

* Camera: Olympus E-M1 Mk II
* Lens: Olympus M.Zuiko ED 300mm f4.0 IS Pro + MC20
* Processed from raw in Darktable

#photography #nature #naturephotography #animals #wildlife

A partially hidden European hare in a tilled field
Null 🐌
4 months ago

Another digital zine drop: I compiled some tattoo flash I designed between 2021 to 2023 into a zine which comes with a tattoo ticket that gives you permission to use the designs for tattoo. :] page:

[ #MastoArt #FediArt #tattoo #tattooFlash #hare #rabbit #zine ]

Text: For Thy Flesh. Tattoo Flash Zine. Forest Grunge Volume 1. LJ Osborne.

A cover for a digital zine, featuring an illustration of a hare's head between two blades, framed in a circle.

One of my favourite animals, a Mountain Hare. These beautiful creatures inhabit the mountainous regions of Scotland and Northern England.

In Winter I take guests to photograph the hares in the highlands of Scotland. With patience we can usually get within 10 m for photographs like this. It is all about respect for the animal, huddled in their ‘forms’ on the bleak, freezing mountainside.

#mountainhare #wildlife #photography #nature #mountain #snow #hare

Mountain Hare in winter colour
Pete Walkden
6 months ago

Brown Hare.

For a few years, I would spend a week each spring over in North Norfolk, to immerse myself in the wildlife of the area.

Early mornings would be spent looking for hares and barn owls, and on this particular day, I found a group of hares near a small farm.

Using my car as a hide, I watched and waited, and was delighted when one of them scampered down a track towards me.

#hare #BrownHare #Norfolk #WildlifePhotography

A brown hare scampering down a dusty track alongside a meadow, towards me, one morning in spring, somewhere in North Norfolk many years ago.
Pete Walkden
6 months ago

Sitting Pretty.

A tiny mountain hare leveret sitting bolt upright, ears raised to listen to every unusual sound it hears. It pays to be ultra cautious when you're this small.

I photographed this gorgeous little character for over an hour on a summer's day, on a hillside in the Scottish Highlands.

Brown when growing up, but white in time for the winter. Incredible creatures.

#MountainHare #hare #leveret #ScottishHighlands #WildlifePhotography #NaturePhotography #cute #Scotland

A beautiful mountain hare leveret sitting upright in the heather, outside its form, ears up and cautious of every sound. This tiny individual was very confiding, and I photographed it for over an hour, one summer, on a hillside in the Scottish Highlands.
Byron Torres
1 year ago

Follow @hare and @hare for #hare updates and propaganda.

Check out @vladh's article

Let's make good things happen.

Announcing the Hare programming language
April 25, 2022 by Drew DeVault

#hare #harelangblog

Hi, there! This is Harriet, the mascot for the Hare programming language. Nice to meet you.


Introducing the Hare programming language

Hare is a systems programming language designed to be simple, stable, and robust. Hare uses a static type system, manual memory management, and a minimal runtime. It is well-suited to writing operating systems, system tools, compilers, networking software, and other low-level, high performance tasks.