Norbert Woehnl :itabashi:
1 week ago

Rice fields throughout the year 🌾

This is a small collection of rice field photos during different seasons. My wife’s parents have rice fields in the Okayama countryside — one day some 10 years ago, my father-in-law instructed me how to operate the rice harvester, and I got to help him for about two hours (see last photo). They even got me a straw hat that fit on my big head. 😅

#photography #okayama #japan #ricefield #harvest #japanlife #fotografie #reisfeld #naturephotography #agriculture

Summer rice fields at dusk, Okayama, Japan.
Summer rice fields in the afternoon, Okayama, Japan.
Evening rice fields after harvest, Okayama, Japan
Harvesting rice in the Okayama countryside, Japan.
SubtleBlade ⚔️
1 week ago

‘No work and no #olives’: #harvest rots as #WestBank farmers cut off from trees

With olives the largest single agricultural product on the West Bank, Palestinians say Israeli restrictions and settler violence are losing them $70m
#Palestine #OPT #Israel

First frost here, meaning it's time to harvest rosebuds fruits for whatever you want to do with them
#nature #harvest #autumn

Kyle Hill
1 week ago

The final weekly #USDA #CropProgress report for the year finds #wheat emergence and #corn #harvest across #Missouri on a faster than average pace. Here's hoping when the reports resume in April that we have adequate moisture levels!

1 week ago

So, exactly how do you know when cherries are ripe for harvesting? #cherries #christmas #harvest #fruit

Glossy, nearly ripe red cherries against green cherry leaf background. White bird netting visible underneath.
The Long Victorian
1 week ago

The Wheat Field (c. 1875–77) by George Inness (American artist, lived 1825–1894). A group of farmers harvest grain in the foreground, while a storm brews up in the background. The natural world imbued with the spirit of the divine.

#Victorian #VictorianEra #Wheat #Field #GeorgeInness #AmericanArt #Farmers #Harvest #Grain #Storm #Divine #1800s #1800sArt

Visions of Napa
2 weeks ago

I wish to file a complaint against Mr. Squirrley McSquirrel. If you’re going to eat apple, eat the whole apple. Don’t just bite out one fifth and chuck the rest of the apple into the yard.

#squirrels #apple #harvest #garden #gardening

Seven apples sit on a small table. Each apple has a small part of it bitten out.
Nicol Wistreich
2 weeks ago

I think this is the end of the potato #harvest. Carrot crop underperformed a bit.

First year growing and it's been quite magical. Reminder to self and anyone needing to hear: if you feel pulled down reading about super powerful AI or capitalism's death march.. grow something!

Being reminded of nature's royalty-free, in-perpetuity license to produce actual food from CO2 and a bit of space, time, sunlight and rain is refreshingly hopeful work.

A pile of potatoes in a stainless steel pot, next to a small lonely carrot.
The Wee Owl Studio
2 weeks ago

A bright autumnal landscape in orange and yellow tones with a contrasting strong blue sky. If you are interested in purchasing my artwork as a gift or to enhance your home décor, visit my shop today, everything is original and one of a kind...
or you can search for 'TheWeeOwlStudio' on Etsy.
#FediGiftShop #ScottishArtist #MastoArt #CreativeToots #Autumn #fall #harvest #Landscape #Trees #SoftPastel #painting

Original soft pastel painting - Harvest Field
A bright autumnal landscape in orange and yellow tones with a contrasting strong blue sky. There is a group of slender trees in the midground and wheat stalks in the foreground.
Materials: soft pastel, Sennelier La Carte sanded paper
Width: 21 centimetres
Height: 21 centimetres

Happy Thanksgiving Day to America and my American friends!
( #Canada celebrated in October )

#thanksgiving #HappyThanksgiving
#America #Americans #harvest #turkey #TurkeyDay #tradition

Sharad Mohan
2 weeks ago

This #Turkey is forgiven on #Thanksgiving, the western #Harvest festival

This c1612 CE #IndianMiniaturePainting of 'A Turkey' by #Artist Mansur, made for #Mughal ruler #Jahangir & now at Victoria & Albert #Museum #London is a record of arrival of exotic #Birds arriving at #Cambay Port in #Gujarat, #India

It was procured by Jahangir's friend Muqarrab Khan in 1612 from a consignment arriving from #America

#Art #IndianHeritage #IndianHistory #Birrds #History #Heritage #MastoArt #ArtOfTheDay

Paul Chambers
2 weeks ago

In June, we put some sweet potatoes plants in grow bags and little dirt.

Best part, we grew the plants in water from sweet potato cuttings from 2022's harvest.

Today, my wife Penny harvested one of the bags for #Thanksgiving dinner.


grow bags with sweet potato vines
Around a dozen fresh sweet potatoes.
Kyle Hill
2 weeks ago

Back in #Missouri, even with another dry week and above-average temperatures, we still have several #corn, #soybean and #cotton fields awaiting #harvest.

Rain the past two days certainly hasn't helped get those final crops out of the ground, and that will likely show up in next week's #CropProgress report, the last weekly update of the season from #USDA.

Alaska Native News
2 weeks ago

2023 Salmon Harvest Summary
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Commercial salmon seiner. Image-ADF&G

(Juneau) — The Alaska Department of Fish and Game (ADF&G) has published preliminary harvest and value figures for the 2023 Alaska Commercial Salmon Fishery (PDF 921 kB).

A total of 230.2 million salmon were harvested in 2023, a 43% increase from the 2022 total harvest of 160.7 million fish. The 2023 commercial salmon...
#salmon #harvest #2023

Lorna Peel
2 weeks ago

Harvest Time. A scene from the Lawrence Collection Irish Life series. c1897. National Library of Ireland. No known copyright restrictions.

#Ireland #OldPhotosOfIreland #Harvest #19thCentury

Harvest Time. A scene from the  Lawrence Collection Irish Life series. c1897. National Library of Ireland. No known copyright restrictions.
Kyle Hill
3 weeks ago

A very dry week, coupled with warmer than average temperatures, opened the door for #Missouri #harvest to get back ahead of average pace, while winter wheat conditions held steady.

3 weeks ago

The last of the harvest from our allotment for now!

It's been a great year, and we're so grateful for all the fresh produce we've been able to enjoy.

#allotment #harvest #gardening"

Xinjiang News :verified:
4 weeks ago

Xinjiang has entered its cotton harvest season this year. #China #Xinjiang #Xinjiangcotton #harvest

This aerial photo taken on Oct. 20, 2023 shows a cotton picker working in a field in Yuli County, northwest China's Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region. Xinjiang, the largest cotton-growing area in China, has entered its cotton harvest season this year.
This aerial photo taken on Oct. 25, 2023 shows a cotton picker working in a field in Shawan, northwest China's Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region. Xinjiang, the largest cotton-growing area in China, has entered its cotton harvest season this year.
A staff member tests the humidity of cotton at a cotton processing factory in Yuli County, northwest China's Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region, Nov. 1, 2023. Xinjiang, the largest cotton-growing area in China, has entered its cotton harvest season this year.
This photo taken on Nov. 1, 2023 shows packed cotton at a factory in Yuli County, northwest China's Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region. Xinjiang, the largest cotton-growing area in China, has entered its cotton harvest season this year.
Xinjiang News :verified:
4 weeks ago

Xinjiang has entered its cotton harvest season this year. #China #Xinjiang #Xinjiangcotton #harvest

A cotton picker works in a field in Yuli County, northwest China's Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region, Oct. 20, 2023. Xinjiang, the largest cotton-growing area in China, has entered its cotton harvest season this year.
This aerial photo taken on Nov. 2, 2023 shows a cotton picker working in a field in Yuli County, northwest China's Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region. Xinjiang, the largest cotton-growing area in China, has entered its cotton harvest season this year.
This aerial photo taken on Oct. 28, 2023 shows a cotton picker working in a field in Shawan City, northwest China's Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region. Xinjiang, the largest cotton-growing area in China, has entered its cotton harvest season this year.
A cotton picker works in a field in Shawan, northwest China's Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region, Oct. 28, 2023. Xinjiang, the largest cotton-growing area in China, has entered its cotton harvest season this year.
4 weeks ago

Happy new moon (early this Monday morning) -

Full (Beaver) Moon in two Mondays, the 27th.
#fool #full #moon #new #beaver #dam #plant #seeds #plan #your #harvest #later

Inked Goddess Creations
4 weeks ago

~ Bread ~

The earliest evidence of bread-making appears 14,500 years ago in the Middle East, and ancient societies often judged others by the complexity of their baked goods! What's your go-to variety of bread?
#Bread #Gratitude #Baking #KitchenWitch #Abundance #Harvest #Grain #Food #Magick

A graphic about Bread, from Inked Goddess Creations.
4 weeks ago

@sachbon Pressed yesterday with olives from two neighbours, in a place that allows small batches. Almost half the amount oil extracted from the same weight of olives as last year (9% this year). Too much water in the olives, apparently. But, luckily, it tastes absolutely divine.🫒

So here ends my week of writing & a couple of days of picking olives. Off to Rome tomorrow for workshop on Geografia Democratica. 😃

#oliveOil #harvest #tuscany #oliveharvest2023 #oliveHarvest #geografiaDemocratica

A small-scale olive oil frantoio with gleaming machines
Machines with the names of each family batch flashed up on led screens
The end tap where the oil dribbles out, with assorted containers
Crostini (toasts) of fresh bread & olive oil, on a white plate. The oil is absolutely delicious!
relache ⚗️
1 month ago

Thanks to items saved from mom’s Broadview kitchen, I have an extremely ceremonial baking paper to hold my saffron threads on the jeweler’s scale.

My moon/eclipse saffron came to 0.262g
The rest of the saffron weighed 0.572g

Total crop weight is 0.834, or just over three-quarters of a gram.
#Saffron #Spice #Harvest

Some untrimmed saffron threads are in a cupcake paper, sitting on a jeweler’s scale. The weight reads 0.262g

This is the saffron that was harvested on the Saturdays that had New or Full Moons *and* partial eclipses.
All the saffron harvested on the rest of the days weighed 0.572g
B's Junior Gardeners
1 month ago

Springdale Elementary students had a blast trying new foods from their gardens as we finish out the growing season with a fall harvest party!

Passion fruit grown in the gardens of Heritage Hill Elementary were shared as a dessert with our Springdale Elementary friends, as were a couple pots of carrots and potatoes.

Fun was had and food was eaten!

#Education #Gardening #volunteer #STEM #Science #SchoolGardens #Harvest #FoodSecurity

Students eat salads and drink mint tea at a table in their playground during the garden session. Two students have finished and are skipping off to play in the background.
Students dump out large pots to find potatoes and carrots in the foreground, while students in the background harvest green beans and lettuce from the beds.
School children shuffle through the dirt they dumped out from a pot to locate all the baby carrots and potatoes they can. One child has a handful of carrots already. One student is shocked and has their mouth wide open as they show off what they found
Four empty school garden beds set ready for winter crops after the fall harvest session. Trees in their fall foliage are in the background
1 month ago

I turned this mighty harvest of beets into a fancy dinner: roasted balsamic carrots & beetroot, served on a bed of tri-color parmesan couscous, surrounded by crispy beet green chips. We each got one (1) beet so it is like we ate at a Michelin restaurant

(I'll start these earlier next year so they get more time to grow.)

#food #gardening #harvest #beets

Luscious beet greens attached to 2 small beer roots.
relache ⚗️
1 month ago

As of today, I have had an entire week without any flowers and with tons of leafy growth, and thusly I am declaring the 2023 Saffron Harvest finished!

This year my corms produced 174 flowers over 33 days, spanning from October 1st thru November 2nd. Later today, I will find the jeweler's scale and let you know how scanty the weight is on that spicy haul.

#Saffron #Harvest #Gardening #Plants

A closer photo showing the ‘big blue pot’ which has almost three dozen corms planted in it. This pot flowered ahead of the grey planters, so these leaves are longer/taller. 

The leaves will get to be about 30cm long, and will stay until about April, when they will wither. It’s important NOT to trim or remove the leaves, as that *really* messes up flowering in the fall.
A wider shot showing all the saffron planters on the front steps of the house, facing south.

I will probably move these so they don’t get so much direct rain now. Being only few inches below the surface, the corms are much more vulnerable to moisture than when they were buried 9” down in the yard.
Kyle Hill
1 month ago

#Harvest progress slowed across #Missouri as we entered November, with #corn and #soybean harvest now in line with year-ago pace while the #Bootheel's #cotton harvest is five points behind last year. However, winter #wheat emergence is now ahead of pace, with stronger conditions compared to a year ago.

Last day of olive harvest
#agriculture #oliveoil #harvest

Close up of a bunch of mature olives on a young branch of a olive tree
Esther Hanko
1 month ago

Today's ugly and very imperfect #harvest basket. Black and white salsify, an autumn radish and some tomatoes from the final blight resistant plant that has produced up until now, in the shade.

Let the keukenmeidenverdriet commence!

A small basket containing white and brown roots and a few nearly yellow tomatoes
Deborah League
1 month ago

Red Onion Bunch, Watercolor.
Spring veggies fresh from the farmers market. A bunch of red onions; roots still attached, tied together by their green tops with brown twine.


#painting #watercolor #ayearforart #buyintoart #fallforart #mastodonart #mastoart #art #artist #artwork
#artmatters #fediart #fedigiftshop #fediverse #artbooster #vegetables #harvest #food #colorful #wallart #giftideas

Red Onion Bunch Art Print Watercolor painting Kitchen wall art

Fresh straight from the farmers market, a bunch of red onions; roots still attached, tied together by their green tops with brown twine. This image would look great in your kitchen or restaurant and be a wonderful gift for the foodie in your life.
50+ Music
1 month ago

"Heart of Gold" is a song by Canadian singer-songwriter #NeilYoung. From his fourth album #Harvest, it is Young's only U.S. No. 1 single. In Canada, it reached No. 1 on the #RPM national singles chart for the first time on April 8, 1972, on which date Young held the top spot on both the singles and albums charts. Billboard ranked it as the No. 17 song for 1972. In 2004, #RollingStone ranked it No. 297 on their list of the 500 greatest songs of all time.

1 month ago

A rustic, wooden kitchen table is full of autumn’s pumpkin harvest. Beautiful fall followed by winter and the coming holiday season is my favorite time of the year. What about you?

The Autumn Harvest can be purchased here:

#pumpkin #pumpkins #vegetable #harvest #food #thanksgiving #autumn #fall #WallArt #HomeDecor #art #artists #artwork #FediArt #MastoArt #ArtForSale #BuyIntoArt #fediverse #FediGiftShop

A gray wooden kitchen table with three pumpkins of different sizes, shapes and colors with a gray fringed cloth.  The pumpkins are dark green, orange and sage yellow.
1 month ago

POV: You're a fair weather #olive farmer.

Only two days into the harvest and I can already feel every bone in my body ache!

#olives #harvest #gardening

Large piles of freshly picked olives are lying on a black netting.

Through the branches of the overhanging tree a couple of people, some broccoli fields and more olive trees can be seen in the blurry background.

Last apples harvest this season. Ripe so much they are sweet like candies.
#apples #harvest #Uckie #garden

Bunch of apples mostly green with small whole eaten out by bugs, and 1 radish xD laying on the ground with fall leaves in the background on greeny grass.
1 month ago
relache ⚗️
1 month ago

Morning of the 30th day of harvest. I got five more on the 29th, bringing the picked total to 169 flowers.

With our near-freezing overnights, the blossoms are both shorter and thinner. I can usually still spot a flower or two starting to come up in the mornings, and then a few more seem to appear by the afternoon. I can see two flowers starting to emerge today, but will really go pick around 4-5pm to give them the full benefit of as much sunny afternoon as possible.

My longest saffron harvest was the 2022 season, which ran for 36 days. The average over the last decade is 22 days, so I'm having a longer season for sure this year.

My friend in the Bay Area is just beginning their saffron harvest as mine is ending.

#Saffron #Gardening #Harvest

relache ⚗️
1 month ago

Twenty-eighth day of harvest. I got one flower yesterday, and for today’s full moon and partial eclipse, I got five more. I will put the spice threads from that five with the threads from the 30 flowers I got a couple weeks back when we had a new moon and partial eclipse.

I will have to come up with a special use for that spice.

#Saffron #FullMoon #Eclipse #Harvest #Gardening #Flowers

Five still-closed saffron blossoms lie on a mother-of-pearl plate, lit by late afternoon sunshine.
These dried saffron threads are from the thirty flowers that came up on the October 14th New Moon and partial Eclipse. 

If you are buying saffron spice, what you see here is what you want to buy: whole, unground threads. In most saffron culture, the paler style end is trimmed off, leaving just the dark red part of the thread. 

Once ground, you have no way of knowing how much actual saffron is in the powder you are buying. It’s said you can buy whole pounds of ground saffron in the big spice market in Morocco, and not get any actual saffron at all.
Deborah League
1 month ago

Bird's Eye Chilies, watercolor. I'm not a big chili eater, but I do find them beautiful. Did you know, there are more than 4,000 varieties of chilies, and that they are classified as a fruit?


#painting #watercolor #ayearforart #buyintoart #fallforart #mastodonart #mastoart #art #artist #artwork
#artmatters #fediart #fedigiftshop #fediverse #artbooster #vegetables #harvest #food #colorful #peppers #wallart #giftideas

Four bird's eye chili peppers on a white background art print. Bright and colorful wall art for your kitchen. Also great in a bistro or restaurant. The painting's realistic style makes the chilies appear as though you could reach out and pick them up.
1 month ago

Final harvest of the year. I had to pull the tomatoes early because it’s going to freeze soon. I don’t have high hopes for them ripening, so maybe I’ll try to make fried green tomatoes.
#Gardening #Harvest

A pail full of green tomatoes and a pile of carrots next to it sitting in the grass. There are a lot of yellow and brown leaves on the ground.
Cat Gold 🇵🇸
1 month ago

Forgot to post these idyllic community farm pics from the weekend!

Still having an excellent time LARPing as a pre-enclosure peasant 👩‍🌾 🫘 🥔

#Community #Farm #Vegetables #Harvest #Fall #Autumn #Allotment #Farming #Growing #Upskilling

Small farm scene on a sunny day with trees to the left, then pallets, raised wooden beds and frames, some with vegetation and some bare
Close up shot of aubergine plants with a little aubergine growing
Wheelbarrow of harvested goods including courgettes, squashes, corn, marrows, pumpkins
relache ⚗️
1 month ago

Still getting flowers, a few less each day. Today I had tiny divots, which I am pretty sure are due to squirrels. When I had this stuff in the ground, it was in a raised front yard so I never got rabbits. I have neither a rat nor a deer presence in my yard.
#Saffron #Harvest #Gardening

Photo shows leaves emerging from corms under the dirt. Two divots can be seen, neither is deep enough to reach the cruel corms. This is why planting deeply can be important.

I have no idea if there’s a scent that attracts the rodents or just curiosity.
Kent Brewster
2 months ago

Current status: harvesting and processing allspice! We are the custodians of the largest known example of Pimenta dioica on the island; while it is too tall to pick from, one of its children produces a ton of fruit every year.

These photos show one branch's worth of fruit (1140g wet mass) on its way through the dehydration process. Yes, the whole house smells like a pumpkin spice latté.

If you're on #Kauai and would like some, please let me know!

#farming #harvest #allspice #process

Close-up of bright green berries at the end of a branch of an allspice tree. Leaves are darker green and shiny with yellowish veins; berries show tiny bud ends.
A handful of fresh-picked allspice berries held over a big silver bowl, also containing berries. They are plump, shiny, and mostly green, but some are much bigger and dark purple because they are fully ripe.
A small dehydrator with six racks installed. Each rack has a silicone screen, holding allspice berries that look to be about halfway dry. They vary in color from a dark green to purplish brown color with a dull finish.
Six racks of mostly-dry allspice berries, ready to go back into the dehydrator. The berries are dark green to brown, almost black.

The poofs, they are soft #cotton #plants #fall #harvest #autumn

Close up of cotton puffs ready to harvest
Tom Shaw
2 months ago

Du cidre français ? Ces pommes ont une drôle d'allure sur le seau. Oui, oui 🤔


I'll have about 12 milk crates of apples, this will only fill up the three buckets.

I usually selectively pick but I picked everything that wasn't brown and rotten. They say it adds flavor. We'll see. I smelled some of the various bad spots on the apples and nothing smelled bad.

One crate each of Jonathans and Spitz for storage and pies.

#apples #orchard #gardening #harvest #cider #allotment #growyourown

A photo of a Happy Valley Ranch cider press. It is a single basket version for the single cider maker. There are eight milk crates of apples in the background.

Photo d'un pressoir à cidre de Happy Valley Ranch. Il s'agit d'une version à panier unique destinée à un cidrier seul. Il y a huit caisses de pommes à l'arrière-plan.
A photo of fermenting vessels. There are three large buckets and one glass carboy in the photo. The buckets have French text and show strange looking apples in a cluster. 

Photo de récipients de fermentation. La photo montre trois grands seaux et une tourie en verre. Les seaux portent un texte en français et montrent des pommes en grappe à l'aspect étrange.
Tom Shaw
2 months ago

The Jonathan's. 7 milk crates from the big tree and almost a full tubtrug from the one graft limb on the gravenstein tree.

#apples #orchard #gardening #harvest #cider #EsopusSpitzenburg #JonathanApple #allotment #growyourown

A full picking bag of Jonathan apples. They are a darker red and somewhat striped and blushed. There is a pug dog in the background laying in the grass.
Three nearly full milk crates of Jonathan apples in the trailer along with the tubtrugs of spits apples.
Four full milk crates of Jonathan apples in the trailer next to the tubtrugs of spits apples.
All of the apples picked in the trailer.
Tom Shaw
2 months ago

The last spitz picked, it was the only one on those trees I needed to use the ladder to pick and it looks great.

#apples #orchard #gardening #harvest #cider #EsopusSpitzenburg #allotment #growyourown

A photo of an Esopus Spitzenburg apple sitting on a gate post. It is a solid light red. The tractor and trailer with apples in it is in the background.
Tom Shaw
2 months ago

It's time to pick apples. Here's what I'm calling the spitz, or Esopus Spitzenburg apples picked off the two trees. Maybe about 13 gallons or 50 liters in volume.

#apples #orchard #gardening #harvest #cider #EsopusSpitzenburg #allotment #growyourown

A photo of a cut apple showing the star inside where the seeds are at.
A photo of the first apples picked from a small tree. The apples are red striped with yellow/green giving them a light red appearance.
The full picking bag, the apples are lighter colored, more green and yellow with some red. They are bigger than the first trees fruit.
An over full 10 gallon, 38 liter, tubtrug of 'spitz' apples next to a partial full tubtrug. There is an empty tubtrug and empty milk crates behind them. They are in a small trailer or cart.

"Huh? #Harvest of souls?" Rory mused. "What does that mean?"
As she'd promised, Tseluna had introduced Rory to video games and he'd quickly become enthralled.
"Some people believe humans have a non-biological component, the soul, that persists after death."
"Really?" Rory said. "Weird."
"And they imagine various kinds of magical creatures that can harvest these 'souls'."
Rory scrunched up his face as he tried to comprehend the unfamiliar idea.
"Does that really happen?" he asked.


Cat Gold 🇵🇸
2 months ago

Made a cute lil side salad out of harvested goods (salad leaves, cherry toms, funky cucumbers & YES more beetroot) 🥹 🌱

#Food #Salad #Vegan #VeganFood #WhatVegansEat #Farm #Farming #NoDig #Organic #Cooperative #Vegetables #Harvest #Fall #Autumn #Community #Growing

Round cucumbers, cherry tomatoes and salad leaves in a sieve
Salad of cherry tomatoes, cucumber, salad leaves, shredded beetroot, pumpkin seeds next to bowl of lentil stew
2 months ago

Did you know that AD 536 is considered by some to be the #worst year in #human #history?

A #volcano erupted, then 2 more. The average #temperature fell by 2.7°C. Snow fell in China, destroying the #harvest. A fog started to darken the skies above #Europe, #Asia & the Middle East.

Soon after, the Justinian #Plague arrived (AD 541).

It would take 1.5 years for the sun to shine again, 8 for the plague to leave & until 560 for the temperatures to rise again.

Cat Gold 🇵🇸
2 months ago

Helped out at the community farm, gained a huge harvest haul & a little serenity (neither pictured) 👩‍🌾

#Farm #Farming #NoDig #Organic #Cooperative #Vegetables #Daikon #Vegan #Harvest #Fall #Autumn #Community #Growing

Wood-framed raised beds with green vegetation inside, with a wooden 'seed library' sign in the closest one
Netted tunnels full of large kale plants with a 'kale' sign
A freshly-harvested daikon/mooli radish held in gloved hand among radish plants
2 months ago

…He's a farmer & needs to get #water to his 2 cows, who graze outside amid more empty plastic cans.

His wife, Rudia Nyuroka, …says the water from the #trees covers all their household needs – cleaning, cooking, bathing, water for the animals & drinking (after they boil it).

Asked who taught them to #harvest the #fog like this, she smiles wryly.

"Poverty," she says in the local Meru language w/a small laugh. "#Poverty taught us this."

#ClimateCrisis #Climate #Science #EnvironmentalScience

I harvested my peppers today. #peppers #harvest #gardening

A big bowl of jalapeños, chili peppers, and habaneros. They are bright yellow, red, and green.
Pauline von Hellermann
2 months ago

#ClimateDiary Today is #Harvest festival at our children's school, and it's made me think about how all the food uncertainty #ClimateCrisis brings makes you all the more grateful for harvests. And about how #HarvestFestivals are/were so important throughout the world - something all cultures have in common. Am sharing Robin Wall #Kimmerer 's wonderful #HonourableHarvest talk here. Lastly, also reflecting on what it actually means at our school: 1/2

Ruben Verweij
2 months ago

Last week, we've harvested buckets full of grapes, most of which we turned into a delicious and sweet juice. No extra sugar needed!

The grapes we left hanging on the vine were quickly and gratefully eaten by a flock of starlings.

#harvest #grapes

Four images of grapes. The first one shows a grapevine full of dark blue grapes. The second shows a large bucket full of them. In the third, they've been washed and then put into a pan and brought to a boil. After sieving, the final images shows a can and a glass full of a dark purple and very tasty grape juice.
MountainWitch ⛤:flag_bisexual:
2 months ago

I was just watching a homesteading channel as they were building a root cellar. They did many things wrong including un-braced earth bag wall construction, excavation too close to the water table, no venting, and awkward roof access.

If you are building a large underground space with potential to collapse from lateral earth pressure, be sure that you are using an engineered plan made for your area and type of soil. Over-build rather than under-build in any case. As it turns out, a later video showed that their root cellar failed, luckily no one was hurt.

Any vegetables that are fermenting or rotting produce carbon dioxide that displaces any oxygen. That can be a swift way to die. All root cellars and storage rooms for food must have 2 vents, one high and one low so that the air will flow between them. In my root cellar, the door is ground level with the floor of the cellar. I always open the door wide before stepping in even though I have properly placed vents. Less importantly, but also a consideration is that ripening fruit or vegetables give off ethylene gas that can cause other foods to ripen rapidly and spoil.

Make sure your stair access is wide and stable as you will be carrying potentially heavy loads in and out of your root cellar. Always think through how you will use a structure, and put into place anything that will increase safety under various conditions such as inclement weather.

The other thing they did wrong was double stacking canned jars. Home canned food should never be double stacked because if a seal fails, a jar on top might hold the failed seal in place or even make a false seal. If you must double stack because of lack of space, put a put of cardboard over the bottom jars and only put lighter smaller jars on top of the cardboard. Always remove the rings after the lid is sealed and the jars have cooled. Leaving the rings on can also hide a failed seal.

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Mark@RCR 🌀
2 months ago

Blessed #Harvest Moon.

Back to ancient times when communities relied on agriculture for survival, the full moon closest to the fall equinox, the Harvest Moon symbolises hope & abundance. Farmers would work tirelessly during the day & continue under the light of the moon, maximising their harvest before winter’s arrival. This full moon served as a reminder of the interconnectedness between humans & nature, highlighting the cyclical nature of life & the importance of honoring the Earth’s bounty.

Tom Shaw
2 months ago

Harvested the butternut squash today, 13 of them and a total weight of 50.2 lbs, or 22.786 kg.

One acorn squash for dinner that weighs 2.5 lbs, or 1.1 kg.

#gardening #WinterSquash #ButternutSquash #AcornSquash #harvest #growyourown

A photo of thirteen butternut squash and one acorn squash. They are laid out on the lawn. The acorn squash has an orange patch.
A photo of the acorn squash after it has been sliced in half. It is full of mature seeds. The flesh is golden yellow
Kevin Renskers
2 months ago

Is there a good alternative to #Harvest for keeping track of hours worked for clients, and sending invoices for those hours? Harvest *is* good, but $129/year is a bit much for what I do with it - I'd much prefer to pay a one-time fee to own the software, if it works then I don't need constant updates via a subscription.

Something like #GrandTotal plus a separate free time tracker could work, but then I am still paying a subscription. Not sure if it's worth the hassle.

Any recommendations?

relache ⚗️
2 months ago

I have a saffron sitter lined up! Of course, now I’m staring down the spikes putting up greens in the front yard, ever vigilant for the visual signs that a flower is coming so that I can teach someone else how to behead and shred. What I’m watching for is a thickening/swelling in the white spike that something larger is moving upwards, and a telltale lavender tint.

Because I didn’t dig up the corms in this pot, I should really add some liquid amendments ASAP because the dense population in this large container is gonna be damn hungry from the nutrient demand. I think if I score the dirt surface, I can sprinkle a bit of pelleted material too and the on-off rain will dissolve and wash it into the soil.

#Saffron #CrocusSativus #Gardening #Harvest

The corms in this photo all appear to be going into a leafing stage, putting up leaves to nourish themselves better.  In my experience, you get leaves early from smaller corms that are still maturing and can’t flower yet, or corms that don’t have enough of what they want in the soil. 

Although saffron is described as always putting out the mature flowers ahead of the leaves, that’s not always the case. Saffron does what saffron wants.
yekuhl 🌿🌞
2 months ago

We need more public meadow orchards

#orchard #harvest #communitygardens #solarpunk

A photo of a large wickerbasket on a medow. It is filled over the rim with apples. The apples are fairly large, much larger than the ones you get in the supermarket. Their colours range from a rich light-green over a mellow yellow to a deep red.
relache ⚗️
3 months ago

The saffron has gotten ahead of me, and the big blue pot will have to stay potted and get moved as is. Good thing I saved the special pot lifter thing from my folks’.

In the wake of last year’s latest harvest ever, I am potentially facing my earliest harvest ever this year. I am still officially looking for a saffron sitter: someone to watch for and harvest flowers from Oct 4-9. I can offer corms to grow your own in trade, if you can visit a north Seattle location once per day and potentially behead and tear apart some flowers. Please DM for details.

Saffron season 2023 is here. The pattern most closely matches 2015, when I had corm sign this early but did not get a first flower until Oct 11. Don’t think I can manifest a repeat of that detail.

The debate now is whether to dig into this pot and bring up a few corms for a more specific and exploratory interaction. Supposedly, a mature flower can be seen curled up inside of the corm ahead of the surface bloom.

#Saffron #Harvest #CrocusSativus #Gardening

A saffron plant has begun to bloom, with thin green leaves appearing from the white spike produced by the underground corm. The dried plant material on the dirt surface are last seasons leaves which are left in place after they die-back.
A photo of the dirt surface of the blue saffron pot, with the dried leaves of last season now cleared. There are spikes, some even starting make leaves, coming up from at least nine corms.

I keep saying “corm” and not “bulb” because saffron comes from a corm. These produce fully mature plants which erupt from the ground’s surface, whereas a bulb produces a baby plant at the ground’s surface which then grows to maturity above ground.
3 months ago

Let he who hasn’t stored squash in his cupholders cast the first…squash #cars #harvest #gardening

(Alt text isn’t working but it’s zucchini in the cup holders of my minivan)