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4 hours ago

Cunt The Business End Of A Blow Torch Right Into Liz Truss' Crack, It's 01:30 #hashtags

Something I would really love is the ability to hide #hashtags from view in my feed.

I appreciate the need for them, but when they’re visible they can eat up half my phone’s screen for a single post.

Phil Wolff
9 hours ago

@ollie_francis eager to be able to follow #hashtags.

🌬 NorthWind
13 hours ago

Welcome to the recent wave of #NewPeople migrating to #Mastodon. Our #Community goes round-n-round via #hashtags, here’re some I’ll be boosting & tooting about - always looking to connect with my tribe. #WelcomeNewbies, you’ll love it here!



chris strafplanet
18 hours ago

@bok @Steveb #Hashtags are only #searchable across multiple instances if someone is following/boosting/interacting on the targeted instance or the instance is using a relay.
That means that continuous inter instance transport of content only happens if the sender is interesting enough to be followed.
Marketing drivel with tons of hashtags will mostly annoy the sender’s instance.
These are aspects of #Mastodon which may make it “slow” but which I consider brilliant.

21 hours ago

@zolbatar Here it is #hashtags which are your friend and algorithm. Meaning you get to choose what you do and don't see, generally.

1 day ago

For the newcomers to #mastodon via the latest #twittermigration , welcome! You will find a diverse group of people here, all looking to find their new tribe. Help people out and use #hashtags in your posts on the interests you want to find. That is how we find each other.

Favorites(Likes) do not affect the algorithm because there is none! Liking a post is purely an expression of appreciation, and we all like getting them!

Boosting is retweeting.

And Bob's your uncle! Have fun.

1 day ago

politics. time to find some new #hashtags

2 days ago

#Mastodon #Hashtags #FollowHashtags

Did you know that you can follow hastags on Mastodon?

I didn't until last night when I downloaded Tusky and saw the category "Followed Hashtags" under "Account Preferences."

So, I looked it up and successfully added #AAPI, #StopAsianHate and #SFGiants as "followed hastags" to my account.

Now, any posts which include these hashtags will be included automatically in my timeline. 🙂


I assume there are others but this is the article I used as a primer to learn low to do it:

2 days ago

I'm also trying out the Mona app beta for iOS, which is intended to be compatible to multiple platforms including Mastodon and Misskey. It's not doing too hot while logged in this account, but it's the first multi-platform app on iOS so far. #fediverse #hashtags #calckey #misskey #mastodon #fediverseapps #MonaApp

@wjmaggos @caseynewton #Mastodon does have a #search engine: hashtags. If #Google search is the answer, why do we need #hashtags?

Petra van Cronenburg
2 days ago

With the #Twittermigration, so many good posts are lost because people don't know yet the main differences.

1. You get much more #boosts and feedback if your posts are inclusive for people with sight impairment = if they have #ALTText

2. #Hashtags are the glue. The search works with hashtags, not words. People subscribe to their favourite hashtags. Hashtags mean community by topics.

If you want to learn more about #Mastodon, follow @feditips

Sharon Chin
2 days ago

Does anyone know how to create a Timeline that’s only followed #hashtags?

(I’m using and loving the Lists feature on Mammoth app but those are only for user accounts)

#AskFedi @feditips 🤞🤞

2 days ago

Learning my way around antennas in Calckey. Basically the same idea behind Mastodon web's boolean-ish hashtag search, but also options for pulling from select users and select instances.

Drawback: doesn't seem like there's a way to create a combined antenna which pulls from 2 or all 3 sources at once, i.e., If I wanted to pull from both all posts containing a keyword or more as well as all posts from select instances.

Still, Misskey/Calckey's antenna feature is a good feature to have.
#fediverse #search #hashtags #calckey #misskey #mastodon #antennas

Swear Clock
2 days ago

Fans Of Swing Out Sister Baffled By Their New Collaboration With Taylor Swift, "She Blinded Me With Sonic The Hedgehog's Coochie", It's 02:30 #hashtags #musicnews

2 days ago

Reminder for #Twitter / #Birdsite users on #Mastodon: use #Hashtags so people can find what you post in search (assuming you want that anyway). There is no universal text search.

@J12t @chrismessina … ehm - I thought #hashtags are actually very important to follow in the fediverse, as they are crossing all servers … so why wouldn’t it show up in my feed ??


Even more handy:

1. Follow a lot of #hashtags (and set up a healthy number of word filters to scrub out the hateful stuff you don't want to deal with in social media)

That way, you can eventually find those interesting people you want to follow.

@cletsxd no olvides asomarte a las tres líneas de tiempo (home, local y federada) y publicar cosas con #hashtags para que gente afin encuentre (porque aquí no hay algoritmo, entonces las cosas se encuentran por hashtags)

Y por cierto, el límite de caracteres en esta instancia es de 500!

Ron K Jeffries social
3 days ago

How would one find which #hashtags tend to be used in conjunction with (my example... #ai) a given #hashtag ??

3 days ago

License and registration please

M'aam, you appear to be using 43 #hashtags in a 10 hashtag/post zone

screenshot from a mastodon post with an enormous number of hashtags  - over 40
Swear Clock
3 days ago

My Bumhole Fizzes With Delight; It Aches For You To Slip Your Mum's Soggy Love Mound Into Your Mee-Maw's Dirtbox While Wanking Furiously, It's 14:30 #hashtags

Simply Syd
3 days ago

@sluggard I use and follow #hashtags all the time, more so than individuals.

3 days ago

@karadanvers Hashtags have value in topically consolidating search results when clicked. I'm not convinced that is a feature for old or dumb people but would argue that it's a clever and resourceful tool for aggregating elusive data content. #hashtags

Pete ⭕️ :stealie:
3 days ago

@drewphish @Nolasox @clifff oh man I never use hashtags in replies 🤦‍♂️.... #hashtags

Swear Clock
3 days ago

Anything Goes These Days; It's Even Acceptable To Kick A Big Prosthetic Cock All The Way Inside The Pope's Bottom With The Lights Off In The Missionary Position, It's 22:30 #hashtags

Astrobach :breadified:
3 days ago

@johnhobbs There are a few key things that help on mastodon:

(1) #HASHTAGS - Text search is disabled on this platform, which means the only searchable text is text that is #hashtagged. Without hashtags, your post will only be found by people that follow you and happen to be online when you post it.

Swear Clock
3 days ago

Fans Of Ozzy Osborne Baffled By Their New Collaboration With Earth Wind And Fire, "Get On The Floor And Hump Captain Caveman's Squish Mitten", It's 17:30 #hashtags #musicnews

4 days ago

No Full text search, but #hashtags
The worst system ever invented, except for all the others

example (sorry to the OP, no harm intended)

also, photographers seem to be the group that most goes to excess with tags; I guess it is cause many are gearheads

Jeff Brown
4 days ago

And as I touched on our next step, that I hope will be ready to demo for #fediforum next week will be a search engine for all the posts of the verified journalists and news orgs.

You'll be able to use boolean search beyond just #hashtags and we hope that is game-changer, because content discovery is a major problem on Mastodon.

#RSS will be supported for the results.

@sufloese … in einer anderen (en) Diskussion gab es eine Art vorläufiges Kompromiss-Ergebnis:

1. Hier (#Mastodon & #Fediverse) aktiv posten (weil das natürlich auch die Anzahl qualitativer #Kultur toots / Inhalte steigert ;-)

2. Drüben (#twitter) durchaus für Info s & Kontakte noch (passiv) nutzen, aber lieber kopieren als retweeten oder cross-posten

3. Dort drüben dann aber gerne (und extra) auch regelmäßig “Werbung” für Masto machen - und/ oder bei “Kampagnen” wie #joinmastodonday oder #LeaveTwitterDay mitmachen

3. abwarten und geduldig sein (denn wenn schon auch #Medium oder #Mozilla im fediverse auftauchen, wächst das fediverse auch langsam an Substanz …

4. auch gerne außerhalb / offline aktiv dezentrale Social Media promoten (z.B. bei Museen, Organisationen, Institutionen …)

5. viel mehr #hashtags, #Followers & andere tools benutzen - aktiv suchen & folgen - ein neues Netzwerk etablieren …

was noch ?

4 days ago

@Graceto Hi Grace! Welcome! Takes a bit of getting used to, but once you learn to be free from an algorithm, you'll really appreciate being free from an algorithm! Took me about two weeks to totally dig it here. Follow folks, boost posts, use #hashtags. 😀

4 days ago

@bmerberg I'd usually say send an intro tagged with #introduction so people can share it - But you did that.

. Follow anyone who seems interesting, you can always unfollow later.

. Share generously! That's how stuff gets an audience, and gets to different servers on Mastodon.

. Likes don't do anything for the post, but liking is nice as a thank-you to the poster.

. Use #lots #of #HashTags and capitalise every word for screen-readers.

. Add a description of every photo you post.


Diane Bruce
5 days ago

@davidaugust You've discovered the power of #Hashtags

Karen E. Lund 💙💛
5 days ago

@larena @blurrybitsphoto It's frustrating to search on a hashtag and find posts that are only peripherally (at best) related to that hashtag. A few specific tags are better than a bunch of loosely related ones.


Karen E. Lund 💙💛
5 days ago

@blurrybitsphoto I just confirmed (by translating a post with lots of hashtags) that, which my instance uses to translate posts, also translates hashtags. So it is NOT necessary to include #birds or #NaturePhotography or such in two or three different languages. One will suffice.

#Hashtags #Photographers #AltText

Laura Lis Scott
6 days ago

How will #hashtags on #Tumblr (w spaces) vs on #fediverse (no spaces) be rationalized?

bc w spaces, Tumblr #’s are #content adding #irony #commentary #jokes #fun — NO WAY that goes away

(reboosts welcome)

Blurry Bits Photography
1 week ago

As good as folks are getting at including alt-text to their photos, I notice another trend increasing amongst photographers-

No-text posts, just a big blue pile of hashtags. #derp

Tacky guys, just tacky.
If you’re hitting Mastodon like you’re some kind of ‘competitor’, that’s already foolish to begin with.
Stop n smell the open source flowers - and make some damn human-readable text while you’re at it.

#AltText #Hashtags #Photographers

dominik schwind
1 week ago

I'm this close to writing my own Symfony router and this idea might be even more ill-advised than writing my own CMS.

#hashtags #symfony

Jungle George 🌴🌳🌲🍃
1 week ago

Location based #hashtags or trends would be a really really nice #mastodon feature. Can't find anything about it in the official repo though 🤔

*Tries to use #Hashtags now

FuzzFace ☢️ :clippy:
1 week ago

@amiserabilist @Hey_Beth @LoganFive I’ve been here a while and I’m still trying to find a happy medium for hashtags. I do use them more here. #hashtags

Logan Five (aka John)
1 week ago

So before I joined Mastodon, I read a couple of articles about it, and they said, "Use a lot of hashtags! A LOT!" And I said, "OK!" to myself aloud. So I've been using a lot of hashtags, but as I look at my feed...I don't think a lot of people use many hashtags. And one friend mentioned that they find them annoying.

So when should a person use hashtags? Just for very specific topics (e.g., #StarTrek)? And maybe to make a joke?

Do you like to use #hashtags? Or do you just leave them out?

PJ Coffey
1 week ago

By increasing accessibility, you also increase your audience AND the people willing to share your work.

For screen readers, I am told that having #Hashtags in every #other word is #annoying. Also it looks bad on screen. We have 500 characters try and put # at the bottom of the post.

In the next post I'll discuss alt-text.


Damon Young
1 week ago

People who put #hashtags right in the middle of #toots: why?

For me, it makes for awkward #reading and adds so little to the #posts.

And you can easily just put them at the bottom.

#hashtags #toots #reading #posts

🔵Mastodon kann #Hashtags
und das beweisen wir jetzt
einmal. 😊
Lieblingssongs gegen
🟠Mastodon can hashtags
and now we prove it once.
Favorite songs versus hate
❤️ "Monday Monday" . /.
😖 "Hyper Hyper"
Answer with
➡️ #FavoriteVSHateSongs
(Und bitte blockt nicht mich, sondern nur den Hashtag
And please do not block me, just the hashtag) #Art #Streetart #Music #Songs

Symbol image. Two small rubber figures (happy and confused) and a pair of headphones.
Yusuf Toropov
1 week ago

Hello #new #Mastodon users! Welcome!

Three pieces of advice to help you adapt to the differences between this place and the bird site:

1 . Be sure to complete your bio and upload a profile image of some kind.

2. Follow maybe 200 interesting people right away. Otherwise the place will seem dead, because there are no algorithms to point content at you.

3. Make a point of using #hashtags about 20 times as often as you did on the bird site.

Have fun! This place is much better.


Pauline von Hellermann
1 week ago

@adamgreenfield @shrinkthinks @JustSaba yes! i am hopeful that the #Fediverse can help with that; in fact, my own shift in thinking happened also through migrating from Twitter to Mastodon, and finding so many people who are already quietly doing that on here. I see so much potential in building and strengthening networks right here, and helping each other and connecting through things as simple as #Hashtags.

Jeff Sikes
2 weeks ago

I've been poking around in the codebases of various #Mastodon apps, and run across lists of followed #Hashtags and lists of.. #Lists… that aren’t being displayed in alphabetical order and it was driving me nuts. Why?

Then I realized perhaps it’s because sorting alphabetically might not actually WORK in all #Languages. Is that why these aren’t sorted?

Seems like you could make decisions to sort or not based on the majority of your user demographics.

#i18n #Translation

Not picking on any particular app, but this is the official Mastodon web app showing followed hashtags that seem to be in descending order of entry into the system rather than alpahbetically.

@CliffWade @EighthLayer
A mix of both. Some #hashtags in the #body, while others go at the end.
#answer #example

Cliff Wade
2 weeks ago

Where do you place your hashtags when you make a post here on Mastodon?

Please BOOST for maximum exposure to the #Fediverse

Thanks to @EighthLayer for the poll suggestion!

#Poll #Polls #POTD #Hashtags #Mastodon #AllThingsTech

Nicolas Hoizey
2 weeks ago

Could we limit the number of #hashtags on Mastodon?

Cliff Wade
2 weeks ago

New to Mastodon? Please take the time to do a couple of things.

1) Change your profile picture to something personal/meaningful about you as a person.

2) Fill in your bio. Tell everyone what things you're into, what #hashtags you are interested and anything else that helps us get to know you.

These things help give you an identity here that will help others know if they share the same interests as you.

#Profile #NewHere #Bio #Mastodon #TwitterMigration #FediTips #MastodonTips #Tips

Image of a yellow piece of paper with a pencil laying at the bottom of it. The paper has the words help yourself written on it.
Bread and Circuses
2 weeks ago

Welcome to Mastodon! I'm excited to see more and more people making the jump and showing up here.

One thing new members quickly learn is it's a lot more fun if you follow a kazillion people. That's the best way to get your timeline going!

Also, there's no algorithm pushing stuff at you or anyone else, so boost :boost: whatever you'd like other people to see.

Write an #Introduction post, and don't forget to #HashTag your posts, and follow the #HashTags of things you want to keep up with.

Enjoy! 👏

#Mastodon #Twitter

Gabriele Pollara
2 weeks ago

We're encouraged to use and subscribe to #hashtags but is there a way to see how popular each #hashtag is on #Mastodon ?

Would be good to see which ones already have traction, and around which there is already significant activity & followers.


Eka A.
2 weeks ago

@KimPerales I'm also trying to get accustomed to using them. Mastodon only does searches on #HashTags. Also I like to capitalize the first letters of words in them so screen reader software splits the words properly. It also help everybody split them into words easier.

2 weeks ago

The #hashtags #fahernista, #openweb, #dotcons, #4opens, #geekproblem, #techcurn, #nothingnew, #techshit and #encryptionists, all embody a similar story and world-view, which is the critique of the negative impact of technology and its development on society. They all express a concern that the #mainstreaming current state of technology is not aligned with the values of fairness, openness, and sustainability, and that it is being driven by the profit motives.

Grimethorpe Colliery Band 🎺
2 weeks ago

So everybody, what are your favourite unusual #Hashtags you've come across?

#LichenSubscibe and #Florespondence have to be the best names, but also creative kudos to #Mosstodon #Frostodon #FensterFreitag #SilentSunday and we'll suggest #TileTuesday too.

Give us your favourites below 👇

2 weeks ago

Following #Hashtags!🏆

2 weeks ago

@CreativeNewman I think the go-to is to start searching on #hashtags for things you are interested in and have a pinned #introduction post to have people in the network find you as well to help build up people to follow, and follow-back.

Also, while there is no algorithm to recommend posts, you will see posts that are RT'd by those that you do follow and #Explore tab on your client will show trending posts across your local and federated network.

2 weeks ago

@aronow Yes some #hashtags are incredibly popular too. The best part is if something appears on timeline it’s as organic as your connections and what you follow. It’s refreshing. #mastodon really needs people you know in the #network because otherwise some content can feel irrelevant on some days.

3 weeks ago


...and the timeline can even be tuned passively by following more people in your areas of interest and actively by following #hashtags. 😀

Cliff Wade
3 weeks ago

New to Mastodon? Please take the time to do a couple of things.

1) Change your profile picture to something personal/meaningful about you as a person.

2) Fill in your bio. Tell everyone what things you're into, what #hashtags you are interested and anything else that helps us get to know you.

These things help give you an identity here that will help others know if they share the same interests as you.

#Profile #NewHere #Bio #Mastodon #TwitterMigration #FediTips #MastodonTips #Tips

Image of a yellow piece of a paper, with a pencil and the paper has the words help yourself written on it.
😱 Brian Morearty
3 weeks ago

I’m finding #Mastodon is much better than #Twitter for having discussions about topics I’m interested in. Trying to figure out why. I think it’s primarily for two reasons:

1. It’s a smaller community.
2. You can follow hashtags and they get placed in your home timeline.

Speaking of #hashtags, if you aren’t using them in your posts then you’re not reaching people who are interested in the same things as you.

New in Graze 1.3 for Mastodon:

"Follow #hashtags from remote instances, discovery everywhere"

The dream is ALIIIIIVE!

/by @jaredzimmerman cc @kentbrew

Brian Hawthorne
3 weeks ago

Hashtags. Where do they belong? In-line in the text or appended at the end? It’s a matter of preference clearly, since there seems to be a pretty even split in my timeline.
My preference is for end-note style hashtags. Why?
1. For many of us with vision or visual processing issues, interspersing hashtags throughout the post makes it harder to read and comprehend.
2. For people relying on screen readers, interspersed hashtags means hearing the word hashtag over and over again while listening to your post.
3. I like end-notes.

So, what’s your preference? Tell us why in the comments.

#Hashtags #MastoStyleGuide #FediPoll

Thomas Ricouard
3 weeks ago

I think #IceCubesApp should remind you that you should add #hashtags to your post before posting. Maybe I could even plug something smart to auto add tags where it make sense? I always forgot to add them.

Claire Barnes
3 weeks ago

@icevislab Well done adding in the #hashtags. Welcome!

Maria Bustillos
3 weeks ago


Ahoy! So thrilled to see more and more making the jump.

One thing we've learned in the few weeks since we arrived is, it's way more fun here if you follow a kazillion people.

Also, there's no algorithm pushing stuff in your way, so boost everything you want other people to see!!

Write an #intro post, and don't forget to #hashtag and follow the #hashtags of things you want to keep up with.

#twitter #mastodon #welcome

… also spending time thinking about #snowboards #snowboarding, vintage #burton swag, #lego for kids (esp #solar #solarpunk lego!). Living in #greenwichvillage #nyc, but bouncing back and forth between #kingston #hudsonvalley and #mountsnow #vermont. Not a big fan of #hashtags, but also not a big fan of Elon… so I’ll suck it up for now. 👍🏼

@icevislab Welcome to Mastodon!
1st tip: use #hashtags. Please. The software depends on us tooters using hashtags to filter things in -and out- of our feeds.
2nd tip: the Fediverse isn't the birdsite. We're here to do good, discuss, share, interact, not build followings.
3rd tip: show appreciation. If you like what someone has written, tell them by liking/starring. If you want your friends to see it, boost it.

#mastotips #welcome