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3 hours ago

Today we are continuing our adventure in Hyrule as we are now on the Trail of finding Princess Zelda but to do that we need the Help out the Rito with THEIR problem first.

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2 days ago

Here’s the first ever Eagle I made - BIG! #hubcapcreatures #reycledart #recycledsculpture #eagle #hawk #bmw

6 days ago

A Cooper’s hawk perched in an evergreen tree stares intently into the camera. Minutes before this photo it had nabbed a small bird out of the sky in a low, looping chase that spiraled across several yards on our block.

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A brown and white Cooper’s hawk stares directly into the camera from its perch in an evergreen tree.
The same Cooper hawk in profile, it’s head facing toward the left of the frame. If someone were to zoom in on its curved beak, there is a bit of red blood from a very recent meal.
Planet Chad Photography
6 days ago

One of my first attempts at a red shouldered hawk portrait after upgrading my lens to 150-600mm back in early 2021.

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A close up shot of a red shouldered hawk perched in a tree. Its feathers are brown and white and has a beak that is black and yellow.
1 week ago

#Birds #hawk #nature #photography

Too far away to get a sharp shot, but this Cooper's Hawk visited today

Chris Price
1 week ago
An immature Cooper's hawk is perched in a cypress tree. Their left leg shows a few red adult feathers peeking through their streaky immature feathers. 

They're watching and chasing after a few crows.
1 week ago

This one swooped across the back yard and the #chickens flew faster. #BackyardChickens #DallasTX #HAWK

Y'all done forgot all about that shit... huh....
See how they do!?!?
You gotta watch these damn #politicians and the damn #media and the damn #internet like a #hawk!
Or they will #memoryhole some shit on you and flip the narrative on your ass every time you turn around!

Dave Askins
2 weeks ago

Downtown Bloomington, Indiana, Sept. 19, 2023. For internet bonus points, name the exact location.

#UrbanWildife #Hawk #BloomingtonIN

Red-tail hawk sitting on a sign with letters "YH" visible. Wings are spread. Background is blue sky. Morning light on the hawk

Some more pictures of the hawk. She was very well behaved. Definitely deserves a mouse, as a treat~

#PlaceritaCanyonStatePark #CaliforniaStateParks #SantaClarita #SanGabrielMountains #redtailedhawk #hawk #animalambassador

A red-tailed hawk perched on the thick glove of an animal handler, showing you her side profile.
A red-tailed hawk perched on the thick glove of an animal handler, showing you her side profile.
A red-tailed hawk perched on the thick glove of an animal handler, showing you her side profile and some of her red tail feathers.
An experienced animal handler holding a red-tailed hawk perched on his gloved hand. Lush chaparral scenery cast in golden light appears on the mountains in the background.

A quick bathroom break turned into a surprise creature meet-n-greet!

The animal handler was going to host a guided trail talk at sundown and talk about the wildlife in the area. I was the first to appear and the handler went on to talk about red-tailed hawks and his time handling the hawk. Real neat treat!

#PlaceritaCanyonStatePark #CaliforniaStateParks #SanGabrielMountains #SantaClarita #redtailedhawk #hawk #animalambassador

An experienced animal handler talking about feather moulting while holding up a red-tailed hawk on his gloved hand. The hawk is a 12 year old female who cannot be released due to a flight-related disability. Lush chaparral vegetation cast in a golden light appears on the mountains in the background.
Marie Kung
2 weeks ago

Seems just a couple of #hummingbird friendly #NativePlants was all it took to entice a pair into residency. I constantly forget how curious they are though- as I jump from them darting in front of my face. Yesterday, this #hawk (red-tailed?) came by and one checked it out too. Or perhaps was in protection mode? Luckily, no birds were harmed in the encounter. #BackyardWildlife #NorthernIllinois

A hawk, perhaps red-tailed, perches on a branch of a dead-looking tree. There are no leaves on the bare branches. Behind it, green and yellowing leaves from other tree fill out the tree canopies.
ᴚ uɐᗡ
2 weeks ago

Alright how about a red-shouldered hawk - seen Wednesday, C&O Canal, MD.

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a red shouldered hawk looks back at the camera, hooked raptor beak in the air proudly and down at the camera as if to say "WTF are YOU looking at"

Almost missed this beauty as I was driving around a nearby municipal southeast Michigan airport.

A few minutes later, the Red-tailed Hawk with prey in its talons, took off in flight over one of the airport buildings.

#birds #birding #hawk #RedTailedHawk #Michigan

A brown and white raptor, the Red-tailed Hawk with shaggy feathered legs and curved beak stood for a few moments in the tall grass. Hidden in the grass is the mouse/shrew I only saw when the hawk took off in flight. Blurred tall grass in the foreground. In the background, several dandelions and wire mesh fence.
Carl S. Gutekunst
3 weeks ago

Top 'o the morning to you, too.

#Hawk #BackyardBirds #Birds #BirdPhotography

A young Red Shouldered Hawk, perched on a narrow branch of a pine tree with its back to the camera, peers over its shoulder. Sunlight through the tree branches creates a dappled pattern of white, brown, and black on its back.
A young Red Shouldered Hawk, perched on a narrow branch of a pine tree with its back to the camera, peers over its shoulder and calls. Sunlight through the tree branches creates a dappled pattern of white, brown, and black on its back.
4 weeks ago

@whereistanya I have a hawk in birdbath photo! The birdbath is in the front of the house so the dog in the back won't drink out of it. But the front placement left room for a hawk! #hawk #birds

Juvenile red tail hawk in a birdbath. Photo is taken through a window wit blinds partially blocking view.
Chris Price
4 weeks ago

Someone else has been watching the birds today too.

#birds #hawk

An adult Cooper's hawk is perched in a cypress tree. They're looking toward and slightly above the camera. Their orange eyes match their red-barred neck, chest, and underparts.

I normally see plenty of red-tailed hawks soaring above the open fields around me or perched in treeline around my property, but my back field had its yearly cut yesterday and this birb decided to survey it from a very old clothesline post close to the house. #hawk

Video of red-tailed hawk sitting on a clothesline pole in my backyard. Pole is weathered grayish wood. The background is freshly cut field and the green treeline. Hawk's only movement is a turning of the head and opening its mouth a couple of times.
1 month ago

On this day, 7 years ago, my home was visited by the local hawk for probably the last time. Soon after the woods were several generations had nested was cut down so a cell phone tower could be put up.

#photograph #Hawk #SharpShinHawk

1 month ago

Coopers hawk sentinel stands watchful for dinner to break cover. Little Etobicoke Creek, Mississauga, Ontario.

#Wildlife #Ontario #Birds #Hawk #Accipiter

Finding a Cooper's Hawk is typically a matter of keeping your eyes peeled – they're common but stealthy, and smaller than other common hawks like the red-tailed, so your eye might skip over them in flight.

Photo by Douglas @DarkWaterPhotos @DarkWaterPhotoMedia
Planet Chad Photography
1 month ago

I was coming back to my car from a recent bird walk at a local park when this juvenile red shouldered hawk landed in the grass not too far from me to.

I observed it for a while and took photos trying to capture several different mannerisms

My original photo had too much light in the background, so I darkened it a bit in post processing to really highlight the membrane.

#hawk #nature #birds #wildlife

A close up look at a red shouldered hawk showing its 3rd eyelid (Blue in color) also called a nictitating membrane. The hawk is mostly brown in color and the background is dark green.
1 month ago

Kawheek seems to have been magically cursed!  This certainly isn't going to be good for his self esteem to put on so much weight.  Or his martial arts abilities.

It's probably about time for me to admit I have a bit of a kink for break the haughty/humiliation type TFs.

Drawn by
Kawheek is mine.

#transformation #weightgain #kawheek #asari #hawk

An anthropomorphic hawk being magically fattened.
1 month ago
Deb Oppermann
1 month ago

A beautiful young Coopers Hawk, Accipiter Cooperii, perched on a branch, in hunting mode, in my backyard Spruce Tree with the snow gently falling, is searching for easy prey. The Coopers Hawk is territorial and my backyard seems to be part of its territory as it always seems to be in it. Wall art available with #FreeShipping
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Close up of Coopers Hawk in winter perched in Spruce tree framed print
1 month ago

Kawheek, meditating to keep in touch with his inner self and ki.

I got this from as part of a sale, where she does discounts on avians!  Pretty happy with it.

Kawheek is mine, art is Shenzaibird's.

#kawheek #asari #hawk #redtailedhawk #anthro #meditation #monk

Kawheek, an anthro red-tailed hawk, deep in meditation.
Debra Martz
1 month ago

Hawk In A Close Fly By by Debra Martz I watched this Red-shouldered Hawk from the edge of the road, taking a few photos as it searched the ground for prey. It then turned and looked directly into my eyes momentarily, then flew by extremely close as it moved to the opposite side of the road...I got back in the truck, left it to its hunting, and continued to Goose Island State Park in southern Texas for some more bird watching.

#hawk #birdOfPrey #birds #buyintoart

A red-shouldered hawk flew close in front of my camera.  It is flying to the left with wings in the downward position (tail is not in image).  Background has been enhanced with some soft color and texture.  Photo Art by Debra Martz
Planet Chad Photography
1 month ago

I was slowly driving down Mid-Pines Road in Raleigh which is a popular birding spot when I noticed this red shouldered hawk perched on the fence post.

It was so still I almost thought it was a decoy lol. I pulled off to the side of the road and took several pictures. This was the best one, so I call it the perfect pose.

#hawk #birds #nature #wildlife #fedigiftshop

A red shouldered hawk perched on a fence post with an open field in the background. the hawk is perfectly still and has a combination of brown and white feathers.
John Blackwell
1 month ago

A visitor to our back yard yesterday. All the squirrels ran for hiding.

#nikon #hawk

Paula Borchardt
1 month ago

I just finished the 7th in my Tucson Yard Journal series: December, with cooler temperatures & continued wildlife & avian visitors. The beautiful late light on the mountains & glorious sunsets happen year-round. 😁

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Tucson Yard Journal ~ December - my watercolor & pen art showing natural history in our yard in Tucson, AZ, USA in December, including rich orange late light on the mountains, Harris's Antelope Squirrel eating a Prickly Pear, Sharp-shinned hawk, Mexican Fence Post cactus with environmental stress, House Finch, Great Horned Owl, & colorful sunset.

Thanks for the kind words about the photos. I was surprised at how close it let me get.

Here are a couple of others. Maybe you can tell from these if it is a red tail or brown #hawk?

You can see its belly and underneath its wings really well in one. And the top of its wings and tail feathers all spread out in the other.

a hawk of some kind... red tail or brown hawk on the ground about to take off. It is facing left and its wing is raised almost vertical so underneath is very visible as it prepares to take off.
a hawk of some kind... red tail or brown hawk just as it is leaving the ground with a squirrel in one foot that it had recently killed.

It's wings are completely spread out as well as its tail feathers.

CW: a hawk in flight holding small prey in one foot
My first #BirdCallOut post. I saw this hawk in our office complex this morning. There is a small grove of woods nearby and think it might roost there.

Not sure but I think this is a brown hawk. It was really big.

Really wishing I had a better camera on my phone.

#hawk #birds

a big brown tail hawk standing in a thatch of dead ground cover near a building staring straight at the viewer.
a big brown tail hawk taking off from the ground after killing a squirrel
a big brown tail hawk sitting in a tree while holding in one foot its kill, a squirrel
Dave Fischer
1 month ago

I FINALLY got a chance to photograph the neighborhood hawk! I've been trying to photograph this guy for YEARS. Every time I see him, I run and get my camera and it's too late. Today I saw him eating, and he spent a *long* time munching away, so I had plenty of time.

#photography #hawk

Closeup of a hawk, from below.
A hawk standing on an old rusty pipe, pecking at something it recently killed, just out of view.
Fractal Kitty
2 months ago

Birbs at breakfast

I have held back from posting the copper pooper shot.

#birb #birdwatching #birds #pnw #salemoregon #hawk #raptor

Cooper’s hawk walking on a fence
To Cooper’s hawks, sitting on a fence with backs, facing the camera looking in opposite directions. 
2 months ago

A commission I did for Con wanting me to focus on some theme of past regrets and looking forward to the future. Was an interesting challenge trying to figure out how best to render it but I feel it payed off in the end

#MastoArt #furry #PixelArt #hawk

An anthropromorphic hawk is looking left with a sad look in his eye. A shadowy creature with antlers and strange growths are beginning to tangle the bird with his grasp. He offers an hourglass and is staring down with a large toothy grin. There is many eyes and clocks in the background
Dan Bowman
2 months ago

While walking this morning (before the heat index climbed above 100 degrees F), we were fortunate to get up close to a large red-shouldered hawk.

#hawk #raptor #florida #birds #amateurphotography #today

Red-Shouldered Hawk perched in an oak tree.
Red-Shouldered Hawk perched in an oak tree.
Michael Frasca
2 months ago

#GoffHawk on the 4th hole. #Golf #Hawk

Raptor taking to flight.
Raptor on ground starting to spread wings.
Raptor on the ground.
Paul Houle
2 months ago

🐉 Texas woman injured after hawk drops snake on her

#wildlife #birds #snake #hawk #animals

Imagery by Rihilism
2 months ago

A friend of mine is a lucky-ducky in that he has a large number of #raptors that hang out in his neighborhood. Mostly red-tailed #hawks but in this case a juvenile Cooper's hawk hanging out in the tree across the street. This guy/gal was likely recently kicked out of the nest b/c it kept calling for its next meal with no success.

#hawk #raptor #birding #BirdPhotography #BirdsOfMastodon #wildlife #WildlifePhotography #nature #NaturePhotography #MastoArt #photography #AltText

Image of a juvenile Cooper's hawk perched on a thick tree branch covered with green and grey lichen. Juvenile Cooper's hawks have brown back, wing, and head feathers, white abdomen and chest feathers with brown markings, large yellow-green eyes, sharply curved black and yellow beaks, and yellow legs ending in sharp black talons.
Joe Hallo Wynne
2 months ago


A young hawk looks like it has the blues as it stands in a tree during a rainstorm, on one leg.

#birds #hawk #nature

A young hawk stands on one leg on a tree branch, surrounded by green leaves. It is wet from rain and has a sad look on its face with soaked feathers.
Joe Hallo Wynne
2 months ago

A young hawk landed on our deck yesterday and spent many minutes looking around. In this biodiverse garden, the apex predator has many options for prey: rabbits, frogs, voles and birds.

It suddenly flew off out of view, so I ran to the back door to see where it went. It had caught something small and was eating it in a dead tree near the pond. A brave Carolina Wren was just offscreen chirping intensely trying to get the hawk to leave.


#biodiversity #gardening
#birds #hawk

A young hawk stands on branch of dead tree and rips off pieces of its prey with its beak. Green trees in the background.
Pablonius Monk
3 months ago

Hawks take over Texas neighborhood, draw blood, disrupt mail deliveries 🦅

A spokesperson with the U.S. Postal Service said that mail deliveries have resumed on a day-to-day basis, depending on "where and when it is safe to do so."

@Chron #DrawBlood #Hawk #ReneeYan #USPS #Hitchcock #TheBirds #Statesman #TravisHeights #ManVersusNature #Texas #Raptors #Birds #RedShoulderedHawk

Planet Chad Photography
3 months ago

A front view of a red shouldered hawk that was not bothered by my presence on the greenway.

It let me observe and take pictures of it while hunting for prey.

#hawk #raptor #wildlife #birdwatching #nature #AYearForArt #Fedigiftshop

A front view of a red shouldered hawk perched on a branch in the woods
Planet Chad Photography
3 months ago

A side view of a red shouldered hawk that was not bothered by my presence on the greenway.

It let me observe and take pictures of it while hunting for prey.

#hawk #raptor #wildlife #birdwatching #nature #AYearForArt

A side view of a red shouldered hawk perched on a branch in the woods
3 months ago

So an astonishing thing happened a few days ago.

This gorgeous hawk landed on the fence right outside my window. My jaw absolutely dropped. I slowly pulled up the blinds & took about a hundred pics.

Does anyone know what it is? (SE Texas / Gulf Coast) I'm not knowledgeable enough to ID it.

Such an incredible thing to witness. I've never been that close to a hawk. My heart was pounding so hard! (w excitement lol)

Awe-inspiring. Felt very once in a lifetime.

#birding #BirdWatching #BirdPhotography #hawk #NaturePhotography

A large hawk perched on the top of a weathered gray fence. The feather pattern is a mottled brown and tan. It has a large insect in its mouth and is looking directly at me. 

For context, this was the moment I pulled up the blinds. The hawk immediately turned to look at me, but evidently decided I was not a threat because it proceeded to eat.
Profile view of the hawk showings its right side. The hawk is holding the insect in its claw and is bent over eating it.

For context, this is the best photo I have of the tail. I included it because I thought it might be helpful in identifying it. It's also just a really cool picture lol.
Back view of the hawk with its head turned to the side. The profile emphasizes the curved hook of its beak and the smooth feathers cascading down its back like a brown and tan waterfall.

For context, the hawk perched for a few minutes on the fence after it finished eating the insect. The pose feels very regal and statuesque. A magnificent creature serenely surveying its surroundings before taking flight.
Chris Price
3 months ago

It's dark, wet, and foggy this morning. The birds are out, though.

#birds #hawk #crow

An immature Cooper's hawk is perched in a cypress tree with their back to the camera. They're looking to the left and slightly down with their face in profile.

They have a new tail feather growing in.
This immature Cooper's hawk leaped into the air after a crow landed too close. They're flapping their wings while looking down. Their legs and talons still extended from their upward leap.
The crow and hawk continued chasing one another around the tree. They took turns making the first move. The hawk is taking their turn now, talons extended toward the cawing crow.
The crow looks upward toward the hawk on a new perch above them.
Planet Chad Photography
3 months ago

Last week I posted a picture of a red shouldered hawk perched on a branch hunting. I was able to zoom in for a portrait shot of it.

#WildlifeWednesday #hawk #nature #wildlife #BuyIntoArt #AYearForArt

A close up shot of a juvenile red shouldered hawk with brown feathers, dark eye and beak with a patch of yellow at the base of its nose.
3 months ago

i wanna shake the hand of the person that made the #HAWK T #trafficlights for #crosswalks for giving it their best shot at trying something new. i felt like i read the news about them, felt like i understood it, & when i actually encountered it had no fucking clue #wtaf to do. theres a small sign next to them so thats helpful but i have to read 4 lines with big red lights flashing at me. worst #design ever, least intuitive thing Ive ever seen. i still dont get it after reading the wiki

Planet Chad Photography
4 months ago

A portrait shot of a red shouldered hawk. In the original shot I didn't like how much light there was, so I played with different presets in Lightroom and then some other minor edits to come up this.

#hawk #wildlife #nature #BuyIntoArt #AYearForArt

A close up look of a red shouldered hawk done in a artistic style through different presets in Lightroom
Planet Chad Photography
4 months ago

One of the very captures I have of a cooper's hawk. i thought this was a red shouldered at first until it perched on this log where I got a good look at its red eye.

#hawk #wildlife #nature #birdwatching #BuyIntoArt #AYearForArt

A cooper's hawk with gray wings, brown body and a red eye perched on a fallen tree in the forest.
Deb Oppermann
4 months ago

This gorgeous Red Tailed Hawk posed beautifully for the camera in Guelph Ontario Canada and the colorful fall foliage was the perfect background. The Red Tails are very large raptors and usually sit near fields with their eyes focused on the ground looking for moles and more.
See it here
#hawk #BirdsOfPrey #RedTailedHawk #nature #birds #MastoBirds #BirdsOfMastodon #wildlife #photography #PhotographersOnMastodon #BuyIntoArt

Close up of Red Tailed Hawk with colorful red and green background
5 months ago

i went out to the big tree in front of my parents house to look for warblers and was completely startled when this guy just swoops in right next to me. they stuck around for a minute checkin the tree for snacks and then flew off to the back yard to check there. i love cooper's hawks, don't love their name though. maybe we could name them red eyed tiny beaklers? (okay yeah i should not be in charge of renaming birds but let's lose the current one please)

#birds #BirdNamesForBirds #hawk

a medium sized hawk with a deep red eye and a small extremely sharp beak sits alert in a large dense tree. their belly is orange brown with white speckles and their wings are a nice slate grey
Stephen Shankland
5 months ago

Red-shouldered hawk has been hanging out in the neighborhood. Marvelous cheer-cheer-cheer call.

#birds #birding #hawk #Photography #Nature #NaturePhotography

a soaring red-tailed hawk with feathers fully extended
Swede’s Photographs
5 months ago

Backyard birds hide.

This red-tailed hawk (Buteo jamaicensis) was flying over checking out the backyard birds. The hawk hid among the vultures - quite clever. I found a puff of feathers in the yard not long before taking this photograph.

"This is probably the most common hawk in North America. If you’ve got sharp eyes you’ll see several individuals on almost any long car ride, anywhere. Red-tailed Hawks soar above open fields, slowly turning circles on their broad, rounded wings. Other times you’ll see them atop telephone poles, eyes fixed on the ground to catch the movements of a vole or a rabbit, or simply waiting out cold weather before climbing a thermal updraft into the sky." -

#photo #photography #photographer #photographylovers #birds #birdsofmastodon #birdwatching #RedTailedHawk #hawk #raptor #BirdofPrey

This hawk is flying from the lower left to the upper right, in this frame. The background is light blue sky.

The hawk's head is oriented straight ahead but from below its right dark eye is visible and I can see the hook of its short dark beak.  Its head is mostly dark brown a color that carries on running about halfway down the front of the wings.  The underside of the wings and flight feathers are light tan, but the tips of the flight feathers are dark brown.  There is also a dark marking just before the wing tips.  The underside of the hawk's body is also light tan but there are dark speckles across the chest area.  Light color legs and feet fold back against the tail.  Reddish brown tail feathers fan out almost 45 degrees.

"Red-tailed Hawks are large hawks with typical Buteo proportions: very broad, rounded wings and a short, wide tail. Large females seen from a distance might fool you into thinking you’re seeing an eagle. (Until an actual eagle comes along.) Most Red-tailed Hawks are rich brown above and pale below, with a streaked belly and, on the wing underside, a dark bar between shoulder and wrist. The tail is usually pale below and cinnamon-red above, though in young birds it’s brown and banded. “Dark-morph” birds are all chocolate-brown with a warm red tail. “Rufous-morph” birds are reddish-brown on the chest with a dark belly." -
Helen H
5 months ago

Spotted this stately looking Red-shouldered Hawk juvie on one of our country outings. He was standing straight and tall on a wooden post along the fenceline. Red-shouldered Hawks are a common avian seen in the Florida landscape.
#hawk #RedshoulderedHawk #bird #birds #avian #WildlifeWednesday #wildlife #MastoPhoto #BuyIntoArt #photography #Fediverse #BuyIntoArt #FediGiftShop

Juvenile Red-souldered Hawk is available here:

A photo of a juvenile Red shouldered Hawk standing on a wooden post in rural Florida.