5 hours ago

The trailer for the second season of #30monedas #30coins by #AlexDeLaIglesia looks fucking amazing. Can't wait to watch it, I loved the first season so much. #tvseries #tvshows #hbomax #hbo

30 Coins Season 2 | Official Trailer | HBO

> A new enemy feared by even the devil himself will put the world at risk.Season 2 of #30Coins premieres October 23 on Max.ABOUT HBOHBO is home to the shows an...

11 hours ago

Interventions & Rehab: ‘Euphoria’ Creator Sam Levinson Says He Tried Multiple Times To Help Angus Cloud Get Clean
#Controversial #Obituaries #TVNews #AngusCloud #Euphoria #HBO #SamLevinson

Продовження ‎The Last of Us на HBO — Крейг Мезін заявив, що виробництво 2-го сезону стартує «‎незабаром» #«Останнізнас» #TheLastofUs #Серіали #Новини #Кіно #HBO

2 days ago

‘RHONY’s’ Jenna Lyons Appeared on Hit HBO Comedy Before Her Bravo Gig
#Collider #TV #TheRealHousewivesofNewYorkCity #HBO #RealityTV #Bravo

4 days ago
SHUT Breaking News
4 days ago

Howard Stern criticizes Bill Maher's sexist comment: Howard Stern has criticized Bill Maher for making "sexist" remarks about his first wife, causing Stern to end their friendship. #Strikeaction #SAGAFTRA #Podcast #Comedian #HBO

The Hollywood Reporter
5 days ago

‘Winning Time’ Co-creator on Abrupt Cancellation: “I Know There Are a Lot of People Who Want Me to Say, ‘F*** HBO'”
#TV #TVFeatures #Hbo #WinningTime

6 days ago

Time for some #ClassicTV before bed. A season 4 episode of #TheHitchhiker, one of my all-time favourite shows. #HBO #fantasy #macabre #thriller

6 days ago
6 days ago

Wow! One of the silver linings of the 2023 Writers Guild of America strike is Bill getting reminded not be a scab. 👏🏽 👏🏽 👏🏽 No more Real Time!! 🥳 🥳 ✊🏽 🔥 🛠️ 🪧🥳 🥳

"Bill Maher isn’t bringing back his HBO talk show during the writers’ strike" -

#WGAstrike #unions #workers #labornews #HBO

6 days ago

Chyle.🤷🏿‍♀️The media had many of us looking crazy for a while, but at least they didn't get me with that #leavingneverland thing. I had questions early on in that #hbo money grab. #oprah #MichaelJackson

6 days ago
6 days ago

Last Stop Larrimah: Murder Down Under | Official Trailer | HBO
When a man and his dog disappear in a small town of 11 nestled deep in the Australian Outback, the remaining residents become suspects and a long history of infighting is unveiled. "Last Stop Larrimah" premieres October 8 on @StreamOnMax.
#LastStopLarrimah #StreamOnMAX #HBO #OfficialTrailer #Television #Streaming

realcaseyrollins ✝️
1 week ago

@Pantangelini Is it worth watching? I bought it as a gift for one of my sisters but it didn’t seem my speed.

I get the sense that the #BBC makes really good shows that we sleep on over here in the #USA, I’m watching #Luther and #Sherlock, those have been astounding, and #Industry ain’t bad either (it airs on #HBO here in the #USA)

saul springsteen :acab: 🎡
1 week ago

Just finished Deadwood! Damn, it REALLY sucks that it got cancelled. The ending is just so… meh. Which is a shame, because the last few episodes are AMAZING. Everything seems up in the air, just this amazing “thrown off your square”-ness and then the last episode comes and… Alma sells her mine and Hearst leaves town. Wu and Hawkeye both come through with supply a force to counter the Pinkertons and just.. nothing.

Even as a *season* finale it’s a bit of a letdown tbh. I know not everything needs a big climatic shootout, but still. Woulda been cool.

Thank god for the movie! I’ve heard it’s solid, I’m looking forward to it.

#Deadwood #HBO #BreakingBad #MadMen #Sopranos #TheWire

Masked Scheduler
1 week ago

Sorry to hear that this will be the last season of #WinningTime As a veteran of the business I know that sports series are hard to attract and sustain a large audience. Sad because there was so much more of the story to tell and the casting was outstanding. Keeping my fingers crossed for another season of #HEELS which just finished a great cycle.

Dirk Paul Flach
1 week ago

En waarom ik een pak draag? Vandaag is het feest, want dan krijgen 12 studenten van onze #hbo opleiding #builtenvironment hun bachelor diploma.

1 week ago

‘Winning Time’ EP Kevin Messick On Lakers Series Ending Before The Dynasty Began: “There Were More Stories To Tell, For Sure”
#BreakingNews #Cancellations #Reaction #Sports #HBO #KevinMessick #LosAngelesLakers #WinningTimeTheRiseOfTheLakersDynasty

Mike McCaffrey
1 week ago

Still finding myself staring at all of my apps looking for the one that starts with #HBO.

Dennis A
1 week ago

#WarnerBrothersDiscovery #max #HBO
"Things are so bleak right now on Max that there are no new series on HBO Sunday nights for six more weeks."

Pajiba Entertainment News:
HBO Is a Real Mess Right Now

"HBO is a mess right, not least of which is because I don't even know if we're supposed to call it HBO or Max. HBO seems to exist within Max, but HBO Max has also been folded into HBO. HBO..."

#BillMaher Puts His #Scab-Like Behavior On Full Display

#HBO's #RealTime with @billmaher is set to make a return, albeit in a rather callous manner, as the show continues amidst a #writersstrike. In a tweet, #Maher nonchalantly declared that the show would resume without any #writers or #writing.

1 week ago

HBO Cancels "Winning Time: The Rise of the Lakers Dynasty" After Two Seasons #WinningTime #HBO

1 week ago

Moments after the Season 2 finale ended Sunday night, #WinningTime co-creator #MaxBorenstein announced on social media that #HBO would not be picking up a third season of the series. #television #streaming

The Hollywood Reporter
1 week ago

‘Winning Time’ Finale Director on Being Protective of Magic and Cookie Johnson’s Storyline in Season 2
#TV #TVFeatures #Hbo #Max #WinningTime

realcaseyrollins ✝️
1 week ago

Some people on #Lemmy were surprised that I suggested that #BillMaher do a video podcast with his #RealTime crew to support them during the #HollywoodStrike, rather than bring #RealTime back for #HBO. They asked how on earth that would support his staff.

Well, #JimmyFallon, #JimmyKimmel, #SethMeyers, #StephenColbert and #JohnOliver are doing it.

1 week ago
1 week ago

Revisiting a few the Wire episodes this week - Bubbles and Johnny Weeks are a bit like C-3PO and R2D2. #hbo #thewire #tvshows

Dawid Zaleski
1 week ago

Obejrzałem najnowszy sezon "Harley Quinn" oraz "What we do in the Shadows" 🔥

W obu przypadkach poprzednie sezony były trochę słabsze, ale teraz nie miałem powodu do narzekania. Mnóstwo się działo i aż czekam co wymyślą dalej.

Zdecydowanie warto (są na HBO).

#serial #seriale #hbo #harleyquinn #dc #whatwedointheshadows

🕹️ jbz
2 weeks ago

I just found out that #Westworld was cancelled.

Perhaps the only HBO show I care about. These idiots are gonna penny pinch their way into irrelevance.

Is there something worth subscribing for outside #GoT spinoffs?

#Scifi #HBO

Thirteenth Worrier
2 weeks ago

Kite Man is getting his own #HBO Max animated series!

Hell yeah!

2 weeks ago

10 Lowest-Rated Episodes of 'Game of Thrones', According to IMDb
#Collider #TV #GameofThrones #HBO

MugsysRapSheet ☑️
2 weeks ago

I thought #HBO canceled #RealTime earlier this year for the plummet in viewership? 🤨

I watched long after many others stopped, but his constant whining about Masking Up followed by his trashing of #Colbert & #Kimmel while praising (I kid you not) Fox's late night show with Greg Gutfeld, was the breaking point for me. 🤦‍♂️

Cardboard Robot
2 weeks ago

#billmaher #UnsubscribeHbo

(Will miss ending of Winning Time but fair chance Wikipedia will fill me in on how the Lakers did.)

#hbo #billmaher #scab #scabbyscabs #union

2 weeks ago

WGA Calls Bill Maher’s Decision To Bring HBO’s ‘Real Time’ Back During Writers Strike “Disappointing”, Guild Says It Will Picket Show
#BreakingNews #Guilds #Labor #BillMaher #HBO #RealTimeWithBillMaher #WGA #WritersStrike

Violet Bison 🦬
2 weeks ago

How to with John Wilson is the best thing that happened to TV.

#hbo #howtowithjohnwilson

Paul Magno
2 weeks ago

I'm not finished with season 2 yet but so far, I'm enjoying Industry more than Billions. #industry #hbo

50+ Music
2 weeks ago

"It's Over" is an American song composed by Roy Orbison and #BillDees and sung by Orbison. The single was produced by #FredFoster and engineered by #BillPorter."It's Over" typifies the #operatic rock ballad. The song also appears on Orbison's 1964 album #MoreOfRoyOrbisonsGreatestHits and his 1989 posthumous album #ABlackAndWhiteNightLive from the 1988 #HBO television special. #Billboard said of the song that "the drama-ballad king scores again with pathos.

2 weeks ago

Die #HBO Serie "The Last Of Us" Teil 4 hat einen sowas von genialen Endtrack.

#musik #music #lottekestner

Dawid Zaleski
2 weeks ago

Obejrzałem Peacemaker 🦅

Przyjemny serial pełen akcji i głupeczkowego humoru. Postać Peacemakera ma też jakąś głębię i da się lubić, a intro jest świetne. Dobrze się bawiłem.

Warto sprawdzić. 🔥

#seriale #serial #comedy #hbo

Fifi Schwarz
2 weeks ago

'Robbert Dijkgraaf, de demissionair minister van Onderwijs, wil dat tweederde van de colleges op universiteiten en hogescholen in het Nederlands worden gegeven. '

Dat tweede deel van de zin, daar moest ik wel even om gniffelen.
'Het is nu kwart voor tien, we continue in English' 😆

via @JH_Aveen

#Onderwijs #Universiteit #HBO #Nederlands

Gary Bunker
3 weeks ago

"Discovery had lost about $20 billion in market cap for Warner Bros., meaning that they had taken on more than $40 billion in debt to acquire a company that was now worth about half of that. That's...not ideal."

When they started killing off the HIT shows they had, like Westworld, it raised the question, "why does Zaslav hate the thing he bought?"
#streaming #hbo #max

3 weeks ago

#hbo @vuamsterdam @universiteitleiden stop met actief promoten van jullie onderwijsinstelling in het buitenland. Ook de minister van onderwijs heeft dit aan jullie gevraagd. #universiteit #MinisterieVanOnderwijs

3 weeks ago

#HBO docuseries #WereHere has already announced three new queens taking over for Season 4, and a new format that will be set in just two cities over six episodes. Now comes news that the series will have a host for the first time, #RuPaulsDragRace vet #LatriceRoyale.

"RuPaul's Drag Race" alum Latrice Royale in orange

I know it’s just old news at this point but I still can’t get over dropping #hbo as a brand name.

(Maybe with the exception of a recent social media site) I don’t think I’ve ever seen such a huge brand thrown away in favor of a meaningless word.

3 weeks ago

If you need a pick me up, #HBO #RealSports is all about #dogs in sports this week.

3 weeks ago

#HBO has delayed the fourth season of #TrueDetective, subtitled #NightCountry, until January 2024. The new season will star #JodieFoster and #KaliReis. #television #streaming

Jodie Foster and Kali Reis star in HBO's "True Detective: Night Country"
The Spaceshipper 🚀
3 weeks ago

Raised by Wolves started 3 years ago today on HBO Max, with two episodes directed by Ridley Scott.
This show was canceled in June 2022. Mother, Father, I miss you.
#scifi #raisedbywolves #HBO #ridleyscott

Matthew Cheney
4 weeks ago

I liked the new HBO documentary mini-series "Telemarketers" a lot. It's a great example of how to center a story on exploited and/or marginalized people rather than the rich & powerful. It's funny, infuriating, and ultimately heartwarming. I did not expect it to be as compelling as it was.

So I wrote about it here:

#HBO #Telemarketers #film

1 month ago

Just watched the 1st half of HBO Original documentary, "BS High: The Bishop Sycamore High School football scandal" & had to stop watching & go take a shower because this was nothing more than a con on children & made me feel dirty.

I hope the kids got some scratch from this film's broadcast.
#hbo #bshigh

Dave Wood 🇨🇦
1 month ago

RIP Bill and Frank. #TheLastOfUs #HBO

S.A. Wilson
1 month ago

I’m so sick of established IP. I’m so bored of fan service at the expense of what made these stories great in the first place. Just tell me a good, novel story wrapped around ideas that havent occurred to me before already! #Movies #tv #startrek #starwars #marvel #andjustlikethat #disney #hbo

Dave Wood 🇨🇦
1 month ago

Interesting nugget (not a spoiler) for #HBO #LastOfUs fans: Bill's letter is dated tomorrow (Aug 29, 2023).

1 month ago

I've been watching How To with John Wilson

It's very reminiscent of the "If you give a mouse a cookie" books, except it's for adults and about adult life issues. Funny, absurd, insightful

#howtowithjohnwilson #johnwilson #hbo

Well, joke is on me for subscribing to #HBO believing that The Last of Us was good. 🤡

Jim Parsons
1 month ago

Just a quick 70 second reminder that “America's Mayor” got started early representing despicable clients…

Clip from Alex Gibney’s #HBO documentary
"The Crime of the Century” (2021)


🥥 I'm currently REALLY enjoying the MAX -- formerly #HBO -- series "#FullCircle."
Lots of my favorite actors in the cast and some that are new to me who steal the show.
It's a police-procedural dramedy with a twisty plot, plenty of complications, a whip-smart woman Postal Service Inspector, and the droll AF #JimGaffigan as a US Postal Inspector supervisor.
Everybody in this series has something to hide, and it's a roller coaster ride to see how the plot unfolds. 🥥

#Disney Plus & #Hulu are becoming too expensive! I have canceled the former & paused payments on the latter.

I will stick with #Netflix, #Apple TV & #HBO (I think it's called #Max now‽), the latter which I receive free courtesy of #ATT (it's a perk to justify their expensive plans).

👉🏾 Disney Plus and Hulu are about to get even more expensive - The Verge

We should petition Edi Patterson to do a real "Judy on Top" tour, with a pre-show game of Baby Billy's Bible Bonkers.

#exvangelical #RighteousGemstones #TheRighteousGemstones #Christianity #JesusChrist #hbo

2 months ago

Too many options, not enough content. Subscription fatigue was already a common concern 3+ years ago, but media execs just can't help themselves.

#disney #hbo #streaming #technology

Multiverse Mike
2 months ago

If you enjoyed the show #Minx on #HBO #MAX and were heartbroken when they cancelled it after one season you may not know this...

#Starz picked it up and season 2 was released last week!

Starz generally has some crazy good 3 month deals and a decent amount of originals you can binge during that time. I think our deal is like $3.99/month for 3 months. 😊

Doug Renetti from the TV show Minx
Ricardo Harvin
2 months ago

Just saw the banner on my #Google #tv that #HarleyQuinn season 4 just dropped.

I thought about that possibility before canceling* #HBO's #Max but hoped it wouldn't be back until after the #WGA and #SAGAFTRA strikes were both over.

It's the first new thing I *really* want to #stream that I have to put off.

Ah, well 🤷🏿‍♂️

*my personal decision, the strikers aren't asking for such action

2 months ago

#SaraAldrete, protagonista del documental de #HBO "La Narcosatánica", me recordó mucho a #Sheela, de #WildwildCountry, mano derecha de #Osho: ambas terminaron pagando por todo lo que hicieron y promovieron sus maestros/padrinos. Ojo: eso no las convierte en inocentes.

Finally got HBO's "The Last of Us" (2023) on Blu-ray 4K UHD and have seen the first three episodes already. I'm totally in love with this TV show so far, and as a big fan of the game, I just love the look of this show.

I also really liked this poster; it's pretty cool 😎.

#TheLastOfUs #NaughtyDog #HBO

The Last of Us fan poster
Mark Taylor 🇳🇿:TheCDN4:
2 months ago

#Twitter #HBO

Via Kara Swisher @karaswisher

Rebranding HBO to Max was the dumbest rebrand in recent history.

Elon: Hold my beer and/or whatever is being partaken at 3 am

S t a c i e
2 months ago

I finished watching Barry. I’m sad it’s over but I thoroughly enjoyed it. My favourite character was NoHo Hank.

#Barry #HBO #NoHoHank #DarkComedy

Mark Taylor 🇳🇿:TheCDN4:
2 months ago

#RetroTV #HBO #Movies #Arthur #DudleyMoore #80sTV

Via Super 70s Sports @super70ssports

Remember when getting the monthly HBO guide was a major life event? In related news, I think I watched Arthur 27 times in October 1982.

Arizona Bill
2 months ago

Just cancelled our various streaming services (#HBO, #Paramount, #Hulu and #Disney+) that need a clear message from customers that they need to negotiate in good faith with the writers. #writersstrike #noscabs

Mr Rikxx
2 months ago

HBO's adaptation of Naughty Dog's The Last of Us have been nominated for 24 Emmys.

#tlou #TheLastOfUs #hbo #emmys #gaming #tvseries

The Last of Us
Ian the Comedian
2 months ago

@Mary625 @Cryptika streaming services have been removing shows and movies for tax reasons. #hbo is particularly guilty here. So now shows like #infinitytrain can not be watched anywhere legally.

There are other shows and movies but infinity train is one I’m particularly salty about.

hpkomic 👻
3 months ago

I think part of why #ThePacific doesn't hit as hard is the lack of the bookends on each episode that #BandOfBrothers had.

Specifically, the veteran spots (that still make me tear up) and the "broad strokes" text about where the war was heading at the time.

#HBO #tv

S t a c i e
3 months ago

Barry season 3? Next fucking level!

#Barry #HBO #DarkComedy

hpkomic 👻
3 months ago

Onto #ThePacific now. It doesn't hit as hard for me as #BandOfBrothers, but is still largely excellent.

#HBO #tv

hpkomic 👻
3 months ago

I am at episode 9 of my "Band of Brothers" rewatch.

Always a rough episode with the reveal of the camp.

#HBO #tv #BandOfBrothers

S t a c i e
3 months ago

I was talking to a friend about the show Barry and she said we should watch it and talk about it together. I couldn’t remember how many episodes I saw of season one, so I just started watching it over again. I’m already halfway through season two.

If you like dark comedies, give it a try.

#Barry #HBO #DarkComedy

hpkomic 👻
3 months ago

Kicked off my annual #BandOfBrothers rewatch. Still in my Top 3 all-time #HBO productions and 'Bastogne' is my absolute favorite episode because I enjoy pain.

I think it does a great job handling an ensemble cast and has always inspired me as a writer.

Dune: Part Two

I am so excited about this Dune sequel!

The first Dune remake (which I saw on HBO) was awesome—& this is coming from someone who did not enjoy the original movies/series.

I can hardly wait until this comes out!

#Dune #HBO #SciFi #Movies #SpiceIsLife #Spice

Hvis jeg digger Black Mirror, hva annet burde jeg se?

#tvserier #norsktut #allheimen #netflix #hbo

4 months ago

Less attention for sure, but the #Barry finale was also great.

#HBO #hbomax #max

▶️ What will succeed #Succession?

It's too valuable a copyright to not to exploit. Spin-off, knock-off, prequel. Something.

Challenge: Make something fans won't reject as "BULLSHIT!"

#HBO #Max #Series #Finale

Jeremy Strong as Kendall Roy in the 'Succession' series finale.
Long Tong
4 months ago

@daringfireball #SiliconValley #HBO continues to prove to be more fact than fiction years later.

Mike Johnston
4 months ago

@AbandonedAmerica Try doing it from outside the US, where you pay for their f’in service through an internet provider that they don’t recognize. Thanks a lot #hbomax #hbo.

Pratik Patel
4 months ago

I've posted an update to the #HBO Max inaccessible CAPTCHA saga with a resolution. Essentially, support informs me that the CAPTCHA will be resolved. The flow has been updated so that, if you launch your original HBO Max app and launch the new experience through it, you should be able to bypass the sign in experience entirely.

I had to delete the app, restart my phone, and launch from the original app.
#accessibility #HBO


Steve Riggins
4 months ago

More like Min, amirite? #hbo #HBOMax #MaxSucks

Ricky de Laveaga
4 months ago

Just want to congratulate everyone at #HBO, erm, #Max on the successful launch last night. Great job everybody.

Screenshot of new Max app on iPhone. Text reads: Sign In. Enter your Max or HBO Max account email address and password. ⚠️ Unknown error requesting service. Please try again later.
Screenshot of in Safari browser. Text reads: 403 ERROR. The request could not be satisfied. Request blocked. We can't connect to the server for this app or website at this time. There might be too much traffic or a configuration error. Try again later, or contact the app or website owner. If you provide content to customers through CloudFront, you can find steps to troubleshoot and help prevent this error by reviewing the CloudFront documentation. Generated by cloudfront (CloudFront). Request ID: TMO2whoUvPkcvVuUETof7V9G4FNLmo-BDva7 OSDbS ec2iJx5Mooq==
Warner Crocker
4 months ago

I’m not sure the new “branding” of Max was actually thought through. Seriously.

“Don’t be confused because we confused you. We’re new. But still the same.”
#HBO #HBOMax #Max

Garret :bongoCat:
4 months ago

In an unexpected turn of events, this #Max app actually seems pretty snappy and not hot garbage like we all expected. So good job, that team.

#HBO #HBOmax

Pratik Patel
4 months ago

Since #HBO wouldn't let me watch the latest episode of #Succession due to an inaccessible CAPTCHA, I ended up watching several episodes of the mini-series "The Last Thing He Told Me," starring Jennifer Garner on #Apple TV. Mystery build with strong female characters.

Pratik Patel
4 months ago

So based on the above, if you want to watch #HBO content on your iOS device and use Voiceover, do not download the #Max app yet. I can't say how long the transition will last and will let you use the old app.

They could have used many other strategies to verify you as a user (including email verification, phone verification, or no verification at all). They deliberately added an unnecessary barrier to the signin process for #blind people. It's utterly Ridiculous.


Garret :bongoCat:
4 months ago



Pratik Patel
4 months ago

Well, y'all, #HBO's rebranding is going really nicely for #blind people. The iOS app presents a perfectly useless CAPTCHA dialog after entering your email and password. The only way that the dialog box can be made accessible is by using screen recognition. Then you get to identify an animal sound from three options and type in your choice. Once the audio plays, the entry screen disappears, meaning you can't enter the number.

It's like they didn't bother to test this with anyone


Daniel Detlaf
4 months ago

Noooo! 😢

RIP Ray Stevenson

I love that guy! He will always be Titus Pullo in "Rome" in my mind. God that was such a great series / character. My Latin professor consulted on it.

RIP big guy 😢

#news #tv #movies #hbo #rome

Ray Stevenson as Centurion Titus Pullo in the HBO series "Rome"
Tane Piper
4 months ago

So #HBO are renaming their streaming service from "HBO Max" to "Max" and I want to know how much some brand agency for paid to basically tell them to drop their well known name for some generic overloaded word.

What is Pepsi decided to just rebrand as "Max"? How quickly would sales die.

4 months ago

I hate to say this but there are many passionate conversations taking place on Twitter about #succession. I wish we could bring them all here. #succession #hbo

Juan Carlos Muñoz
5 months ago

Do you also watch the intro for every #HBO #Succession episode all the way through or are you a monster?

Work just streamed the #documentary "38 At The Garden" as part of #AAPI month - something I completely ignored due to my own "sports documentary? ew" prejudices. We also had a panel that included the director Frank Chi.


First, the doc was really about overcoming harmful #Asian stereotypes more than being about #basketball

And 2nd, seeing Asians just beam with delight at recalling what Jeremy Lin did for the community - yeah, I cried a lot.

Highly recommended. 💕

#hbo #movie

poster for 38 At The Garden documentary film
5 months ago

My favorite HBO Succession quotes this season….

“Ow. Don't criticize my jet interior. It hurts.”

“Three-point PR plan just off the top of my head. Point one. Might be hard for you, but stop sending people your blood.”

“Look. I think you're a corporate legend. What you did in the '90s with cable? Huge.”

#HBO #Succession

Ow. Don't criticize my jet interior. It hurts.
stop sending people your blood.
What you did in the '90s with cable?

I occasionally watch Bill Maher (ironically more on Youtube than HBO), & I discovered this interview of Elon Musk by Bill Maher which I found to be oddly fascinating.

Although I abhor his personality, Elon Musk has contributed towards the betterment of humanity due to the various companies he owns (whether through starting them like SpaceX or taking over like he did with Tesla).

Tesla helped popularize electric vehicles, while SpaceX is popularizing reusable rockets (the latter is helping reduce the cost of space flight too).

Bill Maher surprisingly did not push back against Elon Musk’s false claims about Twitter promoting free speech on the microblogging site, as Musk has repeatedly censored links to rival services like Mastodon & Substack, as well as banned users for promoting rival services too.

Overall, it was a decent interview, & whether you like or loathe Elon Musk (or Bill Maher), watching this episode was very informative.

#ElonMusk #Twitter #BillMaher #HBO #HBOMax #SpaceX #Tesla #Politics #Woke #History

Antti Peltola
5 months ago

@ancient_catbus An an #HBO #Max subscriber i approve this message.

The Conversation U.S.
6 months ago

Is #Succession just a show about obnoxious, wealthy siblings vying for power, or is it a mirror reflecting our own desires for money and success? 🤔

A new book argues that the “prestige tv” combines real and fake to allows viewers to condemn the rich characters while secretly identifying with them.

#HBO #Politics #Class

6 months ago


"...The recent takeovers of #CNN and #HBO have prompted similar questions about why they were targeted for purchase, and the changes being made there. None of these moves makes very much sense if you’re looking backwards...

And there’s the matter of “X,” Musk’s proposed “#EverythingApp.” It’s been floated as a response to [#Tencent's] #WeChat, #China’s ubiquitous app, that’s come to dominate both payments and the social sphere. Supposing such an app starts to take on the task of..."