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1 month ago

An Iranian teen while on the Metro
Had her headscarf fail to show
In a mysterious way
She was hurt that day
And now has tragically passed away

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2 months ago

#Iran passes stricter #headscarf law days after #protest anniversary

20/09/2023 | 16:30 PM

By Associated Press Reporters

"Iran’s parliament has approved a Bill to impose heavier penalties on women who refuse to wear the mandatory Islamic headscarf in public and those who support them.

"The move came just days after the anniversary of the death of #MahsaAmini, a 22-year-old woman who had been detained by the so-called morality #police for violating the country’s dress code.

"Her death in custody ignited months of #protests in which many called for the overthrow of Iran’s theocracy.

"The 70-item Bill extends punishments to business owners who serve women not wearing the mandatory headscarf, known as the #hijab, and #activists who organise against it. Violators could face up to 10 years in prison if the offence occurs in an organised way.

"The Bill, which was approved by 152 politicians in Iran’s 290-seat parliament, requires ratification by the Guardian Council, a clerical body that serves as constitutional watchdog. It would take effect for a preliminary period of three years.

"The demonstrations sparked by Ms Amini’s death on September 16, 2022, died down early this year following a heavy crackdown on dissent in which more than 500 protesters were killed and around 22,000 detained.

"But many women continued to flaunt the rules on wearing the hijab, prompting a new campaign to enforce them over the summer.

"Iran’s clerical rulers view the hijab law as a key pillar of the Islamic Republic and blamed the protests on Western nations, without providing evidence.

"The protesters said they were motivated by anger over the dress code as well as what they see as the corruption and poor governance of the country’s ruling clerics."

#WomensRights #ACAB #corruption #Fascism #HumanRights

“Go away you black bugs.” A hate speech attack in Turkey against a Muslim woman wearing a hijab is just one of a series of recent incidents that have been ca...
Videos show hate speech attacks against Muslim women in Turkey | Al Jazeera Newsfeed
Nautile Bleu
6 months ago

What are your plans for the weekend ? For Victoria Loves Vintage, (on IG) it will be visit an exposition with glamour and style ! She has chosen wisely since it’s an exhibition of my art ☺️

Original photo by Samir Sagaev

#portraitart #vintage #vintagemodel #vintagemodels #victorialovesvintage #redress #sunglasses #gloves #headscarf #vintageaesthetic #vintagefashion #museum #artexhibition #nautilebleu #art #photostudy #model #modelstudy #swipe #retro #fediart #mastart #creativetoots

Victoria loves vintage in a red dress, gloves, headscarf and sunglasses at an art exhibition
Zoom on Victoria loves vintage in a red dress, gloves, headscarf and sunglasses at an art exhibition
More zoom on Victoria loves vintage in a red dress, gloves, headscarf and sunglasses at an art exhibition
Original photo by Samir Sagaev
Arturo Padilla :mastodon:
8 months ago

Sara Khadem: Top Iran #chess player exiled for refusing #headscarf - BBC News

>Sara Khadem, now living in #Spain, supports protesters back home but faces arrest if she returns to #Iran.

9 months ago

As much of a doomer I am about the future, seeing stuff like this actually does give me a small bit of hope for a global future.

May the void bless all of the brave women in Iran and around the world who continue to risk it all in the name of freedom.

#Iran #Headscarf #Hijab #MahsaAmini

Women in Iran are refusing to wear headscarves, in open defiance of the regime : The Picture Show : NPR

11 months ago


If the teacher wore the cap in his sparetime off-premises, he is within his rights until #TFG has been criminally sentenced.

At school, mono-dimensionally expressing ones political opinions in this way might, e.g., intimidate or impress students.

Likewise, some democratic countries prohibit female teachers from wearing a #headscarf for religious reasons in public #schools (e.g. #France).

AutisticMumTo3 She/her 🌈
11 months ago

Iranian chess player ‘moving to Spain’ after competing without headscarf | Iran | The Guardian

Sara Khadem and family plan to set up residence in an unnamed Spanish city, according to reports

1 year ago

Iranian athlete's family home demolished by officials, media outlet says

#elnamrekabi #iranwire #headscarf

Kriszta Satori
1 year ago

Ms #Rekabi was hailed as a hero of the #protest movement in #Iran when she participated in an event in South Korea without her #headscarf in October. She later said it had been an accident - although activists say she was put under pressure to say so.
#ElnazRekabi #hijab

I get a lot of questions about my #headscarf. Feel free to ask me anything, but I can make it easy for you:

I cover because I've been asked to by my Gods.

What other reason do I need? I'm confused on that, because people tend to treat me like I don't have a "right" to my headscarf. I've found that attitude incredibly hard to deal with over the years, particularly in the realms of "you shouldn't cover if you aren't one of the Big 3(tm) religions" followed by "hair isn't wrong".

My covering is a form of spiritual worship, protection, and obedience -- it has nothing to do with the showing-of-hair being wrong, and if it had anything to do with that, I wouldn't be doing it. Anyone can see my hair. I will take off my headscarf in public for lots of reasons, but I prefer to wear it, and will continue to wear it.

I let a bunch of strange men into my apartment today to fix my sink -- they failed to fix my sink and will be back tomorrow (blast this old building plumbing), but the point is, I didn't rush to get myself a headscarf. I'm in my own home, I don't need to cover here, except for specific spiritual purpose.

When we moved into this building (with the blasted plumbing *shakes fist*) I spent a good solid couple of weeks without a headscarf due to the sheer physical labor and exhaustion of moving we were performing on a daily basis. I don't feel the need to sweat into my headscarf, nor do my Gods demand it.

I'm not going to go to the gym in a headscarf, nor the pool in a headscarf. Some people do. That's their choice (hopefully, at least).

But in my day-to-day life, which is inextricably linked to my spiritual life, I have been told that this is what is required. So I comply. They have Their reasons, I don't question Them often (sometimes I do, which is valid, but not on this, because I feel it in my very Ka).

#headcovering #religion #paganism #kemetic

andrea patrice
1 year ago

For anyone who didn’t follow me on Twitter, I post these photos generally a few times a week to show off my various #headscarf (or #headwrap) styles. I wear a headwrap most days for a few reasons:

1) Dealing with 4B/4C hair when you have an energy-limiting illness is EXHAUSTING- the scarf makes it easier

2) I’ve realised I like the sensation of slight pressure around my head (like a head hug!)

3) The original reason- they’re pretty!!


Selfie of me, a 30-something glasses-wearing Black woman, with a broad smile on my face. Wearing a green T-shirt with denim strip dungarees/overalls and a green headscarf with a red flower print tied in a knot at the side with tails flowing free
Ulrich Lintl
2 years ago

In addition to great displeasure because of their approval of the #mandatory #vaccination, there is a huge rumour in the #base of the Austrian #Greens also because of the #Sideletter leak.
There have been unofficial agreements on high-level #jobs in turn with a #headscarf ban with the #ÖVP.