Astrobach :breadified:
4 hours ago

@bcinfo they act like it is some mysterious puzzle but the answer is plain: #healthcare spending has decreased consistently since the 80s so these vultures can justify privatization. Raise corporate taxes and fund healthcare. I'm not interested in any other bullshit excuses from this province supposedly being run by a Democratic Socialist party. Fucking raise taxes already.

This is our local hospital that is having all these issues, in #BritishColumbia

Pretty troubling situation. We must remember not to need emergency care.


8 hours ago


So a week ago, I took a line drive to my shin. It hurt, and it left a lump, but after a day I was able to move fine, and things seemed to be on their way to improvement. Slow improvement, but largely monotonic.

About half way throughttoday, though, I noticed that things felt tight in my shin. The lump didn't feel any different, though, so I just kept on keeping on.

Then, about half an hour ago, I took my socks off to find that my ankle is swollen and bruised.

That doesn't seem good. Does that seem good? I can't imagine how it could.

#Injury #HealthCare

T. T. Perry
11 hours ago

#Trans vs. #intersex #healthcare bills: protecting bodily integrity or policing #gender?

"This is part of a lecture by Brian D. Earp, PhD (University of Oxford) for an online course hosted by the Alden March #Bioethics Institute of the Albany Medical College. Recorded May 7, 2023."

#politics #healthcare #m4a

My rejection of M4A is based on it being a suicide pact, but I have no objection to the public option, so long as it’s just an option.

Obama put it in the original ACA for a reason: it forces private insurance to compete with the government. If we can give POTUS a second term with both halves of Congress, we can remedy its removal.

Christopher Hudson
12 hours ago
Arxiv CS-CL Healthcare NLP
14 hours ago

In this paper, we introduce a unified and generalist Biomedical Generative Pre-trained
Transformer (BiomedGPT) model, which leverages self-supervision on large and diverse
datasets to accept multi-modal inputs and perform a range of downstream tasks. It performs well in tasks that concern images, and multimodal setups.
#NLP #Healthcare

14 hours ago

Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) have emerged as a revolutionary technology potentially transforming various industries, including healthcare and research. NFTs, built on blockchain technology, provide a unique digital representation of ownership and authenticity. In the medical field, NFTs offer innovative solutions to address security, verification, tracking, and funding challenges. This short introduction provides an overview of five compelling use… #NFTs #NFT #Healthcare

Daniel Norton
15 hours ago

Turning 65? The CDC recommends that you get a another bivalent booster: “People ages 65 years and older who received 1 dose of a bivalent vaccine have the option to receive 1 additional dose at least 4 months after the first bivalent dose.”

#ItsNotOver #COVID19 #GetVaccinated #GetBoosted #HealthCare #SeniorCitizens #geriatrics #elderly #SARScov2

17 hours ago

Results are in: 76% of current & soon-to-become #physicians replied that they would not consider working or training in states w/ abortion bans & restrictions. In state after state, healthcare workers are forced to say "go wait in the parking lot until you get sicker, we can't help you until you're dying." The only #hospital in Sandpoint Idaho no longer provides #labor or #delivery services. It's too risky.
#abortion #is #healthcare #women's #rights #are #human rights

Learn about the progress made regarding cell-derived islet replacement therapy for treating type 1 diabetes.
A series: 4iii Strategies for improved SC-islet generation
#shorts #science #diabetes #type1diabetes #diabetescure #diabetesawareness #healthcare #stemcelltherapy #stemcells

As a recently diagnosed patient with a Medicare Advantage plan, I fully agree with this. Even if we (USA) never get to Bernie-style zero point of service cost (which no country has), cancer care should be totally free to the patient.

I'm "lucky" that mine is "only" the so-called "low risk" active surveillance type of prostate cancer. But even within that, which I may insist on active treatment, each MRI or other scan costs me $250 USD. As do any outpatient procedures. Specialty visits are "only" $25. But this all adds up, and will get higher when I go to an NCI-designated Comprehensive Cancer Center next month for confirmatory diagnostics and possible treatments. Many patients have much higher #MedicalCosts, especially if they are diagnosed with #Cancer at a younger, pre-Medicare age.

President Biden's #CancerMoonshot program should be expanded, beyond research, to include covering all cancer treatment costs.

#USpol #USpolitics #Healthcare

Cancer patients shouldn’t be responsible for out-of-pocket costs
>When patients with serious illnesses confront high deductibles, they make decisions that are detrimental to their health.

Picture of an IV drip
European Commission
19 hours ago

Three years ago, we rose to the challenge.

Faced with our very defining moment, we unveiled the #NextGenerationEU recovery plan, freeing up €800 billion in investments to make Europe greener, more digital, and more resilient.

Our plan has helped boost existing initiatives and create a €723 billion facility to spur reforms and projects across the #EU, from #healthcare to clean #tech.

Together, we made it real.

Discover what we have already achieved ➡!hVvqNG

A video from the campaign launched to promote the #NextGenerationEU recovery plan.

"NextGenEU - Press start to continue - 2021 European Union

Make it safe

(On screen, a Spanish shop switches a sign from cerrado, or closed, to abierto, or open.)

Make it strong

(On screen a digital representation of planet Earth and the text 'saving...')

Make it green / Make it grønt / Make it grün / Make it zeleno / Make it zelené / Make it zielone / Make it vert / make it verde

Make it blue / Make it blaw / Make it blått

Make it yellow / Make it kitpino / Make it цветен

Make it for everyone / Make it igaühe jaoks

Make it kaikille / Make it mindenkié / Make it do gach duine / Make it iekļaujoša / Make it visiems

(On screen, a phone screen with football players and the text 'network problem')

Make it fast

Make it real"
20 hours ago

Preventing or restricting certain foods into your diet can significantly reduce the accumulation of waste material in the bloodstream vessels, improve kidney function, and protect against additional damage.

Read more here:

#wellness365 #health #wellness #kidneydisease #kidneyhealth #cure #healthcare #medicalnews

Insurance companies can’t refuse coverage for pre-existing conditions, thanks to the Affordable Care Act.

So, to keep profits high, they’ve resorted to denying insurance claims in bundles.

It’s gotten so out of hand, one insurer denied 80% of all claims in 2020.

Another *sent a letter to a 4-day old baby,* telling them they could drink from a bottle and breathe on their own, so their stay in the ICU would not be covered. #HealthCare #news

1 day ago

Women experiencing housing insecurity were more likely to have poorer access to general healthcare and face delays or difficulties accessing contraceptive care.

#NICHDImpact #Abortion #Contraception #Healthcare #HousingInsecurity

🇺🇸🚨Veterans + Military Personnel Helpline and Resources👇🏾

🗣️We never know who sees our post and it’s always possible someone may take the first step of asking for help after seeing the helpline.

Suicide and Crisis Lifeline
📞Dial 988 and press 1
📲Text 838255

♻️Like. Share and Bookmark.

#mentalhealth #Memorialday #Veteran #healthcare #suicideawareness #EndTheStigma #hope #military #988lifeline

2 days ago

More dangerous #healthcare..? Yes please, says the #Brexit voter!

UK racing to the bottom/sewer in terms of standards and prospects!

#VoteToryKillEverybody #GeneralElectionNow #Tories

The Independent: Nursing and doctor degrees to be slashed in bid to plug NHS staff shortages

2 days ago

Americans play disability roulette with Covid — and interesting column in the Boston Globe by Wes Ely, MD, a professor of medicine and critical care at Vanderbilt University and the Nashville VA Medical Center and codirector of the Critical Illness, Brain Dysfunction, and Survivorship Center and author of “Every Deep-Drawn Breath.”

(no paywall)

#covid #LongCovid #medical #healthcare #publicHealth

Learn about the progress made regarding cell-derived islet replacement therapy for treating type 1 diabetes.
A series: 4ii Strategies for improved SC-islet generation
#shorts #science #diabetes #type1diabetes #diabetescure #diabetesawareness #healthcare #stemcelltherapy #stemcells

2 days ago

If you don’t already hate health insurance companies, Health insurance claim denials are on the rise.

The denials are ridiculous.


Todd G :purplecheck:
2 days ago

Kind of sad really, but sadly not surprising 😕
#health #healthcare

More and more Americans are skipping medical care due to money woes | Ars Technica

Greg Leunig
2 days ago

3/ US #healthcare tale

Was I on the cusp of death? No. But in my mid-30s I was headed towards a bad place and didn't know it.

Basically, 2 healthcare providers were going to let me die to save money. Doctors I never met and who had no idea about my heart health pushed me off. And this is LEGAL.

How many people will die or have died because they didn't have the fortune to cycle through 3 healthcare providers in a 15 month span? Couldn't afford a procedure? We can conclude that it's a lot.

Greg Leunig
2 days ago

2/ Later that year I ended up on different #healthcare (went from ACA to employer-based). Went back to the cardio who still wanted the echo, so we scheduled it again. Cancelled again, same reason.

Third insurance, a full year later, and the procedure was approved. We discovered that my heart function was significantly below the norm/healthy range.

Cardio put my on meds to help repair my heart, and 6 months later it is working (phew!)

Greg Leunig
2 days ago

1/ Just saw my cardiologist this week for 6 month check up, and my heart function is improving. Reminds of this little US #healthcare tale:

2 years ago I ended up in the ER with hypertension. We got it diagnosed, got me on meds, but the cardio wanted me to have an echo to check for heart health. We scheduled it, but before the procedure I got a call - insurance turned me down. Some doctor that had never met me who worked FOR the insurance company designated it as unnecessary. We cancelled it.

Chris Henrick
2 days ago

A good friend and mentor of mine was recently diagnosed with really bad cancer and is unable to work and provide for his family while in treatment and hopefully during recovery. If you can spare anything it would be a huge help for him and his wife and kids:

#cancer #gofundme #musician #eastbay #oakland #healthcare

3 days ago

I feel I have low tolerance for BS today.
People, usually people who can't / no longer get pregnant, trying to impose their opinions on others to force them to have carry birth etc babies should be...
.... locked in a room with a facehugger from Aliens.
#ReproductiveRights #HealthCare

Facehugger gripping a crew members face and impregnating his throat in alien.
3 days ago

Please don’t scroll by.

I have to #crowdfund.
In addition to saving for everything else, (longer post w more details: I have an expensive #healthcare year underway.

Right now I’m fundraising for an essential treatment: One Magnesium + Hartmanns IV is 400+ each & I need at least 1 a month. No #Medicare rebate.

Right now I’m stuck here 23 hours a day in a darkened room. Give me a chance to get out please.
Stops #migraines.
Reduce #ChronicPain
Reduces #POTS/#Dysautonomia
Increase #cognition.
Helps nearly all my symptoms.
Brings me back to 50% or normal!

Can’t use the public hospital system right now due to medical neglect (my doctor had no idea to present my care plan to a hospital), but I’m in a long queue to see gateway specialists (who give minimal/no rebate), another cost ahead. Getting into the public system also takes a long time (at least 18 months from time of referrals, but I’m still on the waitlist for a gatekeeper).
I can’t wait in bed anymore.

I have a referral from a different GP and will start getting these IVs as soon as details are sorted.

I need to get up and better before I can get away from #abuse.

If you can help:

Or to @halcionandon no platform fee!

Please #Boost. Every dollar & boost counts.

Much appreciated💜

#MutualAid #Mutual_Aid #DisabilityCrowdfund #ChronicIllness #AbuseSurvivor


B Jarosz
3 days ago

The vast majority of people who participate in Medicaid are children, seniors, people with disablilities, or *already work.*

#Medicaid #Debt #DebtCeiling #WorkRequirements #Poverty #Healthcare

Stripy Lightbulb CIC
3 days ago

We have training courses for professionals in three specific sectors: #Healthcare, #Education, and #Employers. These professionals have a duty of care over people living with #MEcfs.

Sign up today ( to learn about this complex and often misunderstood disease.

#Health #Learning #Education

John Doe #1
3 days ago

Every person deserves the right to live authentically, free from discrimination or fear. In a truly equitable society, we recognize that #trans rights are human rights. #socialism envisions a world where gender diversity is celebrated, where everyone has access to quality #healthcare, inclusive #education, and safe spaces to be their true selves. Together, let’s build a society where compassion triumphs over prejudice and where all individuals are afforded the respect and dignity they deserve!

3 days ago

Glad you got good results, but
the secret team of #Mastodon GMBH has fixed many things and you can be certain they'll get to this. Look how many #BDS posts there are. Mastodon does a great job finding those almost instantly, and the users disappear.
Likewise, who does not "Slava Ukraine"? Don't dare question support of a shell regime that has already cost you US$120 Billion in grift, replacing of #Healthcare as a priority.
#ClimateJustice hmm is that a perceived control problem yet?

3 days ago

#Cdnpoli #Onpoli #Health #healthcare

Free medications produce overall health-care savings in Ontario trial, new study suggests

Old News , but the excess profit is in half treating the ill.' keeping them sick and worried, .not preventing illness.

3 days ago


#ePA #Patientenakte #DVG #GMatik #Healthcare #Datenschutz #Gesundheitsdaten

Die sensibelsten Daten eines Menschen gehören nicht in staatlicher Hand.

Es genügt völlig, sie dezental bei den Ärzten, Krankenhäusern und Krankenkassen zu belassen.

Siehe auch #Grundrechtereport 2023

4 days ago

#debtceiling #DebtLimit: #McCarthy,
#Republicans provided $1.7 Trillion in #taxcuts for the extremely wealthy; but, now want to slash funding for #socialservices, meals for underprivileged #children, and #healthcare for #veterans. 👉Ask your #Billionaires & #Millionaires to pay their #FairShare!

This right here on #AI by Ted Chiang is the theme of my book except make it #healthcare

“Is there a way for A.I. to do something other than sharpen the knife blade of capitalism?”

THE NEW YORKER Subscribe than your firm's solutions will. It will always be possible to build A.I. that pursues shareholder value above all else, and most companies will prefer to use that A.I. instead of one constrained by your principles. **Is there a way for A.I. to do something other than sharpen the knife blade of capitalism?**Just to be clear, when I refer to capitalism, I'm not talking about the exchange of goods or services for prices determined by a market, which is a property of many economic systems. When I refer to capitalism, I'm talking about a specific
PeterD 🇩🇪 🇨🇦
4 days ago

190 Calgary doctors warn emergency rooms 'collapsing' in open letter
"Physicians say they're worried about patients as wait times grow with no end in sight.
A group of nearly 200 Calgary ER doctors is warning, in an open letter to Albertans, that emergency departments are "collapsing" and they're struggling to provide timely and effective care to patients."
#Alberta #HealthCare #EmergencyRooms #cdnpoli #abpoli

PeterD 🇩🇪 🇨🇦
4 days ago

Minden ER to close in 1 week, but residents say fight for 'safe and accessible' health care not over
" 'Someone is going to die,' resident says of planned closure "
#Ontario #Minden #EmergencyRoom #DougFord #Healthcare #Privatization #onpoli #cdnpoli

@urbanfoxe @bronakins @StillIRise1963

This, and the lack of #ViolenceCulture that rewards #StochasticTerrorism as well as having accessible Mental #Healthcare keeps advanced suicides in the form of #MassShootings far lower per capita than the USA, as the criminalization of weapons created the biggest black market per capita at >40M guns.

It's small things that work, like #FireSafety standards, and not bs "virtue signalling" bans against AR-15 semi-autos.

Fil Salustri
4 days ago

My recent colonoscopy cost me not one penny. But if Doug the Slug Ford has his way, I'll be spending $1500-2000 very soon.

If you're in #Ontario, please consider signing this "referendum" to help stop Ford's morally repugnant privatization of #healthcare.

4 days ago

"The South Carolina Senate votes to ban abortions after roughly six weeks of pregnancy. State Sen. Tom Davis (R) remarked,

“At some point in time, the right of the state to see the unborn child born does take precedent over the woman’s right to her body.”"

#Women #WomensRights #BodilyAutomony #Abortion #Healthcare #SouthCarolina #USA
#EditorialCartoon #Cartoon

Editorial cartoon: One woman is pushing a baby carriage. Another woman leans over looking into the carriage and asks, "Boy or property of the state?"

Credit: Ann Telnaes
The Washington Post
Texas Observer Lives!
5 days ago

“We’re going to see this program bottom out, I hate to say this, by May or June.”

The Healthy #Texas Women program, a vital lifeline for low-income families places like the Rio Grande Valley, could soon collapse, reports correspondent Julie Poole in our magazine:

#Women #inequality #Healthcare #family #health #news #politics #USpol #border #McAllen

5 days ago

#NorthernIreland #healthcare #PublicHealth

'My Waiting Times NI allows patients to check the average length of the waiting list for a first outpatients hospital appointment across different clinical specialties in each Health and Social Care Trust.'

lafnlab 🎓
5 days ago

#Hoosiers - Keep an eye on this thread from @thekitmalone
It's important for people who are concerned about #healthcare in #Indiana

Nonya Bidniss
5 days ago

"The percentage of American adults who say they skipped medical care due to costs rose significantly last year, hitting 28 percent.

Already, the US spends more on health care than any other high-income country in the world but ranks at the bottom on many significant health metrics."

Capitalism in #healthcare means American citizens suffer & die so CEOs get multimillion $ bonuses. Your body is a profit motive. Shithole country, indeed. #M4A

Yet more data on the (self-funded) use of private #healthcare;

The #Tories plan to make the use of private #medical firms more normal is working; they've engineered an #NHScrisis, 'incentivising' those who can pay for private treatment to do so.

Even when they have left office (as they will) their lasting legacy will have been to corrupt & compromise a once world class #healthservice built on an idea of equal access, replacing it with a tiered service based on wealth!

Alison Meeks
5 days ago

If you are in Ontario you need to vote on this. In person or online but do it. Your future hospital care depends on it!
#Ontario #Healthcare #Privitization #Vote

Republicans want to force Americans in poverty to pick up the tab for the tax cuts they gave to their wealthy donors, while giving those donors more vulnerable workers to exploit

GOP threatens to blow up the United States’ economy unless Democrats agree to shrink the social safety net by adding #work #requirements to programs such as #food assistance and #healthcare.

In doing so, GOP lawmakers are following the agenda pushed by an obscure conservative think tank, the Foundation for Government Accountability (#FGA ), that recently made headlines for helping secretly draft several state bills to roll back child labor laws.

The effort comes several years after the GOP passed massive, deficit-busting tax cuts benefiting the wealthy and corporations — and as the party pushes to make those tax cuts permanent, at an estimated cost of $3.5 trillion.

Jim Parsons
5 days ago


From an individual, family, #patient perspective, no surprise at all

• 🇺🇸&🇨🇦 no longer have #Healthcare systems, they have Sick Care systems

• 2 approaches
- Pathogenic (fix sick)
- Salutogenic (foster wellness)

• years of Corp+Tech influence has created an extractive industry💰⛏️TONS of perverse incentives + 🍑 covering

• Today: ZERO Physician & Institutional indemnification re: use of #Health #AI yet it's all the rage


SubtleBlade ⚔️
5 days ago

Record rise in people using private #Healthcare amid #NHS frustration -
#ToryPoliciesInAction #ToryCorruption
[I'd like to see figures broken down by the four nations of the UK]

Dr Bob
6 days ago

What does United Healthcare do to justify these earnings?

#UnitedHealth Group reported $20.6 billion in net earnings in 2022, a 16 percent increase year over year, and it expects to earn up to $360 billion in revenue in 2023.”

#healthcare #MedicareForAll #profiteering #united #unitedhealthcare #beckers

6 days ago

In the “Wild West” of Outpatient Vascular Care, #Doctors Can Reap Huge Payments as #Patients Risk Life and Limb

To move #vascular procedures out of expensive #hospitals, the government turbocharged payments to doctors’ offices.

Instead of saving money, it started a boom that is making doctors rich and putting patients in danger.

#Health #HealthCare #Medicaid #Medicare #CMS #Maryland #Surgery

6 days ago

Steep increase in sick leave among municipal sector employees

The Finnish Institute of Occupational Health (Työterveyslaitos) highlights a concerning trend of increased sick leave among municipal employees in 2022

Regardless of occupation, gender, or age group, sickness absences rose, with the likely cause being the lingering effects of the #COVID19 pandemic.

#Finland #CovidIsNotOver #sickness #workplace #absences #ScienceMatters #health #LongCovid #Healthcare

6 days ago

#healthcare #transparency #OrganTransplants #OrganDonations #DataDashboards #HHS

'Today, HRSA is posting on its web site at Organ Donation and Transplantation ( a new data dashboard to share de-identified information on organ donors, organ procurement, transplant waitlists, and transplant recipients.'

While still in the research phase, this ultrasound system on a patch #USoP is an important advancement for deep-tissue cardiac monitoring, both at a medical facility, and with machine learning #ML adjustments for movement, while going about one’s normal activities. #Wearables #IoMT #InternetOfThings #IoT bring #TeleMedicine #mHealth to underserved populations around the globe to make #healthcare Sensor Analytics Ecosystems #SensAE more broadly available.

If "intersex" is not really a familiar term for you, please consider reading this background information why in the #USA hundreds of babies(!) still get unnecessary surgery only to fullfil the expectations of parents and doctors who never heard of the normal and healthy existence of intersex people.

#inter #intersex #biology #queer #lgb #lgbt+ #lgbtq+ #lgbtqia+ #children #childcare #protection #safetyforall #healthcare #humanity #babies #surgery #ProtectOurChildren

Brittany Trang
1 week ago

It's #AI day @STAT's #healthtech desk!

If you're thinking "man, I guess I gotta start paying attention to the AI thing," we've got you covered. A 🧵:

First, you asked, we answered:

How can I avoid AI? How error-prone is it? And more Qs:

#healthcare #medicine #artificialintelligence #GPT #GPT4 #chatGPT #dataprivacy #ethics #bias

1 week ago

What the actual fuck, Florida?

Can we get a movement going to deny healthcare to old, white, male republicans in Florida? On the grounds of morally objecting to their fucking over of everyone who isn't them?


#healthcare #Florida #LGBT #LGBTQIA #WTF

Texas Observer Lives!
1 week ago

Today's top story: Clinics like Access Esperanza are a desperately needed lifeline in #Texas cities near the #border where the average income is less than $20,000 a year.

But the Healthy Texas #Women program, on which these kinds of clinics depend, is rapidly unraveling, according to our correspondent:

#Healthcare #McAllen #news #politics #USpol #HumanRights #inequality

Texas Observer Lives!
1 week ago

This article (originally from Mother Jones) continues the analysis of documents from the anti-#trans anti-#abortion hate-group #ACPeds, and references our examination of the "How to Defund Trans #Healthcare" email chain:

Read our story:

#news #transphobia #politics #extremism #LGBTQIA+ #transgender #HumanRights

Texas Observer Lives!
1 week ago

“Providers like us are the backbone for the uninsured and low-income. … We are where they come and who they trust.”

But this vital safety net for #Texas families is on the edge of insolvency, reports Correspondent Julie Poole in the May/June issue of our magazine:

This story was supported by the #journalism non-profit the Economic Hardship Reporting Project.

#nonprofit #healthcare #women #HumanRights #inequality #poverty #politics #news #USpol #border

1 week ago

As Residential Care Homes Expand in Maine, Seniors Don’t Always Get the Care They Need

The disappearance of #NursingHome beds is sending thousands to “nonmedical” residences that aren’t equipped to handle more intensive #health needs.

Co-published with the Maine Monitor

#HealthCare #ElderCare #Maine #AssistedLiving #Seniors #SeniorCitizens

The next step in the #Tory engineered #NHScrisis:

Some trusts are offering 'golden hellos' to #nurses to encourage them to apply & stay where there are staff shortages.

All this will do is move the staffing crisis more firmly into the most cash-strapped Trusts & reinforce the unevenness of #healthcare.

For the #Tories this looks like a 'market' working & they'll see it as part of the 'solution' not adding to the crisis!

Trusts fighting for staff is not the answer to any Q.


1 week ago

We have been told for generations that lowering taxes on the rich helps the economy, and that "increased entitlements" are a burden the taxpayer cannot afford.

These are lies. The truth, borne out by history is this:

Programs that help the poor, the working poor and those unable to work, actually benefit the overall economy and are not a net tax burden on the taxpayers. 1/2

#work #education #healthcare #help #investment #food #economy #tax #taxes #housing

Joanne Freeman
1 week ago

Given that we're between Mother's Day and Father's Day -- I'm sending energy to people whose parents' mental and/or physical health is compromised.

It's so very hard.
We have to remember that it matters...

#mothersday #fathersday #parents #healthcare

Mark Wyner :vm:
1 week ago

This is a very important story in the fight for healthcare rights and body autonomy on the topic of abortion.

#Abortion #BodyAutonomy #Healthcare #Law #FederalLaw

2 weeks ago

Stop telling me I can leave if I don't like the US #healthcare system. No I can't.

Most countries restrict immigration by #disabled #fat #chronicIllness #mentalIllness and #older folks. Literally everyone has decided we don't belong.

2 weeks ago

Hospitals in Two States Denied an #Abortion to a Miscarrying Patient.

Investigators Say They Broke Federal Law.

#Doctors told Mylissa she might die but she couldn’t have an abortion under state law until she got sicker.

The Biden administration says failing to act violates a federal law requiring hospitals to provide emergency care.

#Pregnancy #Missouri #Kansas #Health #HealthCare #Hospitals #Patients #Emergency #EmergencyRoom

Thank you to STAT News for having me on the First Opinion #podcast! I enjoyed talking with editor Torie Bosch about #AI & #empathy in #healthcare in the real world, & the intersection with #physician #burnout, understaffing, and lack of time

#MedMastodon check it out!

Texas Observer Lives!
2 weeks ago

Headed for the governor’s desk, #SB14 shows that the Legislature has no idea what #healthcare for #trans kids even is.

Correspondent Nancy Goldstein returns to the Observer to bust myths about #gender-affirming care... not to mention the idea that the #Republicans care, at all, about children:

#transphobia #news #politics #USpol #TXlege #Texas #HumanRights #children

2 weeks ago

This week the Texas House granted final approval to a bill that would outlaw gender affirming care for transgender youth in Texas.

Read about it here:

#trans #transkids #lgbtq #texas #Bills #law #healthcare