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A quotation from Rogers, Will:

This thing of being a hero, about the main thing to it is to know when to die. Prolonged life has ruined more men that it ever made.

Full quote, sourcing, notes:

#quote #quotes #quotation #aging #death #decline #fame #hero #legacy #lingering #mortality #oldage #outstay #remembrance #ruin #scandal

3 days ago

45/100 backgrounds at Nagareboshi rendered for #HERO #gamedev #vndev

thumbnails of 3D rendered illustrations of interiors of a school building in different rooms at different time of day lighting conditions
thumbnails of 3D rendered illustrations of interiors of a school building in different rooms at different time of day lighting conditions
thumbnails of 3D rendered illustrations of interiors of a school building in different rooms at different time of day lighting conditions
thumbnails of 3D rendered illustrations of interiors of a school building in different rooms at different time of day lighting conditions
Chris P. 🍋
3 days ago

@dwvcd He saved every person stuck in the blizzard with the fries in his truck #hero

AutisticMumTo3 She/her 🌈
4 days ago

Over £280,000 raised for Deliveroo hero who stopped Dublin child knife attack | The Independent


5 days ago 【ロドヒロ】新ストーリー「ナイトメア・パートⅡ」アップデート、近日公開予定。 【ロドヒロ】新ストーリー「ナイトメア・パートⅡ」アップデート、近日公開予定。 メインストーリー「ナイトメア・パートⅡ」アップデート 近日公開 | 2023.12.01 | ナイトメア・パートⅡアップデート 🔔 今すぐ「ロードオブヒーローズ」公式YouTubeチャンネルを登録すると、アップデート最新ニュースをお届け! ▼ダウンロードはこちらから! ▼公式サイトはこっち! #actress #clover #CLOVERGAMES #hero #Lord #LordOfHeroes #rpg #アクション #アプリ #ゲーム #スマートフォン #スマホ #ヒーロー #ロード #ロードオブヒーローズ #ロドヒロ #君主 #女優 #小林由依 #英雄 #騎士

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20/100 Nagareboshi backgrounds rendered for #HERO #gamedev #vndev

thumbnail images of 3D rendered illustrations of exteriors at a high school campus
thumbnail images of 3D rendered illustrations of exteriors at a high school campus
The Game of Nerds
1 week ago

The Game of Nerds Movie Club- Nameless is summoned about his success with terminating three warriors. #Hero

2 weeks ago

FYI, I render at 4K (3840 x 2160); here's a fragment of the full size image #HERO #gamedev #vndev

a 3D render of a doorway into a school building with shoe lockers behind
2 weeks ago

golden Girl Commission :blobartist:

The Final Version And the Failed version, but both looks god :D

it was a little dificult to find the pose D:

#Goldengirl #teen #hero #fanart #commission #ファンアート #boobs

Absolutely! Anyone and I mean anyone can be a hero! #Hero 🌈

Citizen ❎️❎️
2 weeks ago

@sister_ratched He is sooo brave!
He knowingly blew the whistle!

OMG, I am in awe of his courage and his honour!

#DavidMcBride #WhistleBlower #Hero #AusPol

2 weeks ago

I'm at about 60% complete for #HERO backgrounds. The majority of what's left is the school, and a smattering of other locations. #gamedev #vndev

3D illustration of a dormitory bedroom interior with an orange color scheme
2 weeks ago

Today in Labor History November 13, 1909: The Cherry Coal Mine Disaster in Illinois resulted in the deaths of 259 men and boys. Nearly 200 men and boys made it to safety. Another 21 survived 8 days underground, drinking water from the seams to stay alive and eventually made it back alive, although one of them later died from complications. John Bundy made 6 successful trips back down into the mine to rescue comrades. On the 7th trip down, he, too, died.

#WorkingClass #LaborHistory #coal #mining #disaster #WorkplaceSafety #hero #ChildLabor

This postcard shows the ruins of the fan building – with the semicircular roof – as a result of the Cherry Mine disaster. By Unknown author - Own work, Public Domain,
Ian Rapoport 🤖
2 weeks ago

Previously listed as questionable (throat and voice issues), I've now been taken off the injury report and will report through the pain. #hero…

.@ColleenWolfe speaks for all of us, Ian. Ts and Ps being sent your way.
Janice Selbie
3 weeks ago

#powerful piece. Glad I read it. This man is a #hero the #USA is lucky to have. #JAN6 I Defended The Capitol On January 6. Now I'm Calling Out The Very Lawmakers I Was There To Protect. | HuffPost

#JAMProject - THE #HERO !! - "One Punch Man" Opening Theme ワンパンマン


3 weeks ago

Today in Labor History November 7, 1907: Jesús García Corona saved the entire Mexican town of Nacozari de García by driving a burning train full of dynamite six kilometers (3.7 miles) away before it could explode. He was a railroad brakeman and died in the explosion.

#WorkingClass #LaborHistory #mexico #JesusGarciaCorona #hero #railroad

Jesús García Corona riding a horse days before his death. By Sonora State Government Archive - Sonora State Government Archive, Public Domain,
3 weeks ago
This conversation between Frank Herbert and an English professor gets into so many interesting themes. The difference between a hero and an anti-hero, the difference between ethics and morals, the way the West handles environmental issues.
#anti-hero, #antihero, #desert, #Dune, #ecology, #ethics, #FrankHerbert, #hero, #JosephCampbell, #morals

1 month ago

I try not to use the word “hero” lightly, but that’s what this man is.

“Boy loses mom’s ashes, stranger scours fields for 9 hours to find them”

#hero #goodness #heartwarming

Megan Smolenyak
1 month ago

Welcome home, 1st Lt. Edward Timothy McGuire. Honored to have researched your family. #hero #WWII #genealogy #DNA

To Lead a Meaningful Life, Become Your Own Hero.

"Our research reveals that the hero’s journey is not just for legends and superheroes. In a recent study published in the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology, we show that people who frame their own life as a hero’s journey find more meaning in it. This insight led us to develop a “restorying” intervention to enrich individuals’ sense of meaning and well-being."
#Life #Hero #Journey

Danny Boling 🌈 ☮️
1 month ago

Probably the sweetest cat pic I've ever seen. 😍 It came from a news report about a house #fire. The owners were freaked because all the #family got out but the #cat didn't. And then, a #hero emerged from the #smoke!

#Cats #Caturday #CatsOfMastodon #IAmDB

A four-panel photo from a news article about a house fire, a cat, and a hero. 

Panel 1: A firefighter has been working a fire and is wearing his turnout jacket, harnesses, heavy gloves, a respirator/oxygen mask, and helmet. He's seen walking and holding a cat in his arms. The cat is laying on its back and looks totally limp and lifeless. 

Panel 2: The fireman is still holding the cat but now he's also holding a tiny little oxygen mask over the cat's face. There's a look of hopeful concern on his face. 

Panel 3: The cat's eyes are open and it's right-side up now. It's got its face pushed into the oxygen mask. The fireman's hand, dirty with soot, can be seen stroking the cat's ear. 

Panel 4: The fireman is still holding the cat but now the cat is sitting straight up in his arms and is staring directly at the fireman, as if it's trying to convey its thanks and gratitude for saving its life. The fireman looks pleased and is petting the cat on the back of the head with his dirty hand. It doesn't look like the cat minds. A happy ending!
Megan Smolenyak
1 month ago
2 months ago

"the regime has arrested her 13 times, convicted her five times, and sentenced her to a total of 31 years in prison and 154 lashes. Mohammadi is still in prison."
#nobelPrize #NobelPeacePrize #Hero

The Norwegian Nobel Committee has decided to award the 2023 #NobelPeacePrize to Narges Mohammadi for her fight against the oppression of women in Iran and her fight to promote human rights and freedom for all.



'He was truly exceptional': Slain B.C. RCMP officer identified 😥 👮 🙏

* RCMP Const. Rick O'Brien (51 y.o.) killed while executing search warrant in Coquitlam 2023-09-22
* engaged in altercation w. a man wh. resulted in multiple officers being injured, the man being shot
* 1 yr after killing of Const. Shaelyn Yang in Burnaby

#Canada #BritishColumbia #police #PublicSafety #RCMP #LawEnforcement #PublicService #hero #RIP

Slain B.C. RCMP officer identified 😥🙏

* as much as I #DefundPolice I truly appreciate the good work/service provided by law enforcement
* vast majority honorable/deserving of much respect
* this death/other injuries/trauma tragic
* exec. search warrant

* commonly as the Mounties (colloquially in French as la police montée)
* federal & national police service of Canada

#PublicSafety #RCMP #LawEnforcement #PublicService #hero #RIP 🙏 👮 😥 #BC

Sara Joy ✨
2 months ago

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Richard Rathe
2 months ago


Not to mention his work was considered top secret even after the war ended… so no recognition until after his death. So sad!

#AlanTuring #Hero #WWII

Megan Smolenyak
3 months ago

Welcome home, Sgt Willie James Baty. Honored to have researched your family. (2012) #hero #Korea

Kent Pitman
3 months ago

Fani Willis rocks.
Bravely just doing her job.
More such heroes please.

#haiku #senryu #poem #hero #heroism
#Trump #mugshot #TrumpMugShot #TrumpIndictment #Justice #Equality

Pakistan has a new hero after the dramatic rescue of 8 people from a broken cable car left dangling for hours high above a deep ravine. Subscribe to our cha...
Pakistani man hailed as hero after dramatic cable car rescues | Al Jazeera Newsfeed
3 months ago


#Hero...! #Yay!

🧙⚔️🤖🐺🤖⚔️🧙 | ☕🦹🌋🦄🌋🦹☕

3 months ago

morning musing: #RealityTV has been a major player in training the general public to think of people in terms of #hero or #villain Producers film for hours then edit it down to make the audience #love or #hate someone. It seems to me that this "formula" has infected our #news and #politics and created a dystopic society.

OutOfExile_IDR § Voice ®™️
4 months ago

Violins Not Violence


Police respond to the violin vigil for Elijah McClain with aggression and violence. If you don't know who Elijah McClain is, take some time to learn and remember his name. The trial of paramedics that killed him starts Monday, while police perpetrators go on trial for homicide beginning next month.

Click 🧠 here for what happened to Elijah.
Do you remember? #JusticeForElijahMcClain

Protests Video:

#Justice4Elijah #BLM #EndAbleism #EndRacism #SocialJustice #EndBigotry #NoJusticeNoPeace #StopKillingUs #ICantBreathe #InvisibleDisabilityRights #StopPoliceViolence #SocialJustice #TearDownTheWall #ElijahMcClain #hero

@disabilityjustice @disability @actuallyautistics

Megan Smolenyak
4 months ago

Welcome home, Cpl. Gordon Dennis McCarthy. Honored to have researched your family. (2011)

#hero #Korea #genealogy #Geneadons

Ruth Mottram
4 months ago

A moment of silent appreciation for the #UnsungHeroes of the Internet this evening. Among their number, this man on YouTube who thoughtfully filmed a video showing how to pack up a cheap Lidl pop-up tent. There are 45 comments below expressly thanking him and 605 👍 on the video. After 3 separate attempts over 6 weeks and 45 minutes of swearing this evening, I can finally add to that number.


Charlie McHenry
5 months ago

Friends say Oregon man was killed while defending LGBTQ friend - He was a ‘protector’ by nature. Just a reminder that being an ally, standing up for what is just and right, can come with a substantial cost. Still, individuals like this man, RIP, do not shrink from the challenge, even if it costs their lives. We should all be so strong and brave. #murder #LGBTQIA #LGBTQ #Defense #hate #HateCrimes #RIP #hero

Diego Pappalardo
5 months ago

@Free_Press that #ukrainian man could be in an #actionmovie , playing the "don't funk with me or you'll be sorry" #hero .😯
(Personal reminder: don't funk with Ukrainians)

5 months ago

@25kV a #hero like that. Alone.

Look, everyone. How everyone loves a hero

This should come as no surprise to any #veteran

They love him & then leave him alone now, but if he was still making jokes & playing the piano with his 🍆 they’d be with him asking for free tickets to see him, or something 😤

If I was there with him, I’d be making sure he’s #safe.

Shit, any #military member fighting for good would have my attention.

Ask any of those people in front of a camera & they’d hug him

Stefan W. Mörkels
5 months ago

Es ist viel gekommen heute, womit ich heute gar nicht gerechnet hatte.

Die Rennrad-Hosen sind leider nicht rechtzeitig zur Tour am 17.06. fertig geworden, wurden aber jetzt nachgeliefert. Mit der Hose und dem Trikot und auch die „Finisher-Hero“-Medaille 🏅 versendet.

Die Medaille bekommt bei mir einen schönen Platz. Es ist eine schöne Erinnerung an meine erste 300 Kilometer-Tour.

Und ja, ich bin ein klein wenig stolz auf mich! 💪

#TourDeHerz #Rennrad #Finisher #Hero

Meine Finisher „Hero-Medaille“ der Tour de Herz.
Selfie inkl. Radhose, Trikot und Medaille.
Selfie aus der Nähe nur Brust. Kopf und Medaille.
Damien Hurrell
5 months ago

@MacropodCare whether it was last week or last century, in my book everyone who has had a part in keeping the iron horses running is a #hero of the preservation movement.

As a South Australian now living in Victoria, I haven't had an opportunity to see 3801 in the metal but its certainly on my bucket list.

5 months ago

How a dogged detective in an Indigenous woman's slaying led to her killer's sentencing

#Justice #Hero

Critical Cupcake
5 months ago

Would you rather do something great for all of humanity but be remembered as one of the worst people who ever lived, or do nothing with any lasting impact in your life and be remembered as a hero to all people?

#CriticalQuestions #Quiz #PubQuiz #Remembered #Greatness #Hero #Legacy #StayHome #StaySafe #StayHomeStaySafe

8 months ago

@cstross @JdeBP

What always bothered me about James Bond movie villains was that they delighted in being #evil. They explicitly chose to be evil, announced it, bragged about just how evil they were.

I don't know who said it, but I read someone once "Everyone is the #hero in their own story". The people doing evil, from their own POV, are doing #good, for the good of the world.

See: missionaries, moral crusaders, drug laws, politicians.

#007 would be very different if this was followed.

8 months ago
8 months ago

They are showing video of the same #door slamming guy opening the door for #AlvinBragg, he's gonna be a #hero / #MAGA Villain from now.

#Politics #Trump #indictment

Damon Thomas
9 months ago

"The real hero is always a hero by mistake; he dreams of being an honest coward like everybody else." – Umberto Eco #quotes #hero

Cardboard Robot
9 months ago

@RitchieTorres John Fetterman is a true life superhero. To go through what he did and continue undaunted through a grueling campaign to fight for democracy, it’s astounding. (And to win on top of that!) Millions are rooting for you Senator and millions have your back and millions are wishing you healing and better days ahead! #Fetterman #Hero #ThankYou

10 months ago

@Sheril And then she also contributed much to what we know about viruses. #Franklin #hero

Fun Guy Anthony Horvath
10 months ago

Billy don't be a #hero, #tune into Anthony Unleashed instead. From 9 AM US Eastern, or 9 Pm, we will run through the jungle, being chased by Tammy because I didn't want to do any ballroom dancing. If, one of these days I'm in a New York state of mind, I'll rip it up, and play a song for Guy. We say hello, and then goodbye, but don't pity me, I'm going to hold on to the night. Also, can't you see, in my house, I'm having a lot of fun writing these #toots? #FloydOnFriday #MushroomFM

OutOfExile_IDR § Voice ®™️
10 months ago

To The Brave And Strong.

Thinking of Lois Curtis today. Remember her resilience and determination. She is deserving of every persons respect. If you don't know who she is, take some time to discover.

Without her, there would be no Olmstead Act protecting the right to freedom. The links below tell her story from many different points of view, including the familial. There is however, much that still needs to change on the trail that Lois blazed.

Her strength and courage will always inspire me.
She was a Superhero for Invisible Disability Rights and forever, will be.

Thank you Lois.
OutOfExile_IDR ❤️ #gratitude #respect #JeMeSouviens

Excerpt from faams. org article linked below:
"Lois never gave up or stopped being positive. She lived a meaningful life in the community after she won her lawsuit. In her own words, this is what living in the community meant to Lois, "

“Well, I make grits, eggs, and sausage in the morning and sweep the floor. I go out to eat sometimes. I take art classes. I draw pretty pictures and make money. I go out of town and sell me artwork. I go to church and pray to the Lord. I raise my voice high! In the summer I go to the pool and put my feet in the water. Maybe I’ll learn to swim someday. I been fishing. I seen a pig and a horse on a farm. I buy clothes and shoes. I have birthday parties. They a lot of fun. I’m not afraid of big dogs no more. I feel good about myself. My life a better life.”

#LoisCurtis #Trailblazer #InvisibleDisabilityRights #Hero #OlmsteadDecision #OlmsteadAct
#disability #DD #MentalHealth #freedom #home #family #community #courageous #resilient #Remember #DisabilityRightsLegend #Hero

Image from:

Image of African-American Woman Hero for Invisible Disability Rights, Lois Curtis wearing a multicolored shirt, a blue and white jacket and her customary big smile.  Behind her is a trees with vibrant red leaves.
Erika Sumner
1 year ago


Go #JayJustice
Go, #JayJustice
Go GO!

You are a true #leader & #hero.

#LLAP #accessibility #DEI #StarTrek #StarTrekDiscovery

1 year ago

I love how the lighting is turning out in this #HERO background image WIP #gamedev #vndev #screenshotsaturday

3D render of a long hallway with two parallel moving sidewalks, geometric patterns on the walls, a dark tile floor, and a deep teal lighting scheme
Stop the GQP & Fox News
1 year ago

Rich Fierro's a veteran, owns a small business, and is a Hispanic man. On paper, he's the type of voter that the GQP and Fox News work to recruit to the right.

But Rich was also one of the two who stopped the shooter in Colorado Springs. At some point in his life, Rich Fierro chose to be a friend rather than a hater. And that put him in a position... to be a hero.

#richfierro #coloradosprings #lgbt #lgbtq #trans #hero #republicans #hatecrime #hate #foxnews #gop #gqp

Rich Fierro and his wife at their brewery.
Josh Barocas, MD
1 year ago