Heron&Fox Photo
22 minutes ago

A single Tricolored #Heron standing in a pond of still water.
The water is so bright you can clearly see the #bird’s reflection, only slightly disturbed by ripples in the water caused by the #TricoloredHeron as it walks along.

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A photograph looking over calm, blue water with a single bird nearly in the middle of the frame. It has long orange legs, white feathers under its belly and up its throat. The feathers on the back are blue and red. Its beak is long and yellow. It is reflected in the water, disturbed slightly by the bird’s walking.
1 day ago

Les rencontres de ce dimanche lors d'un belle balade autour des étangs de la Dombes : aigrette, hérons, cormoran, le lieu est propice aux belles découvertes mais il faut être discret : là les oiseaux n'ont pas l'habitude des promeneurs et s'envolent au moindre bruit (et ils ont bien raison, c'est plein de terrains de chasse...).
(Photos au Canon 7D2, 70-300L à 300mm)
#birds #wildlife #oiseaux #cormoran #héron #nature

Cormoran planant dans le ciel. Fond ciel bleu.
Vraisemblablement une grande aigrette prise au travers de branchages, au milieu d'un étang. Arrière plan : forêt verte.
Héron cendré en vol plané au dessus d'un étang.
Héron cendré debout dans les herbes près d'un étang.
2 days ago

The day before the dregs of Ophelia rolled in, this moulting juvenile Green Heron was still around in NY. Not long before they migrate. The adults may have already gone to their wintering grounds.

Moulting juvie green heron. Small heron with mostly brownish plumage, heavily streaked with white on the chest and fewer streaks and spots on the wings. Yellow legs, bicolored bill, dark cap.
2 days ago
A Great Blue Heron stands at a pond in the morning light with yellow blossoms around.
Bruno Philipe
2 days ago

I then saw this Heron who was very good at fishing.

#heron #GreatBlueHeron #birds #BirdPhotography

A heron standing knee deep in a pond, looking for fish
The heron sticks its bill in the water at once, stretching its long neck forwards
The heron holds a small fish in the tip of its bill. The fish is struggling
The heron throws the tiny fish back into the back of its mouth with a backwards notion, and as the photo snaps, the fish is hanging in mid air in between the upper and down parts of the heron's bill, with water droplets splashing around
3 days ago

#Graureiher, der sich eine Maus geschnappt hat. #Fotografie

#Heron who grabbed a mouse #photography

Graureiher mit Maus im Schnabel
Wegfliegender Graureiher
David Whelan
4 days ago

It was overcast and a bit rainy at the #SanDiego #Zoo Safari Park yesterday but still a great day out. It's hard to get to (or back from) on public transit but worth the effort. Often, the animals I saw were not even park residents, like this egret. #birds #birdwatching #photography #NaturePhotography #zoos #heron #egret

A snowy egret standing on on a rock in front of a waterfall and surrounded by green foliage.
A Person
6 days ago

Sometimes I feel like the natural state of a #heron is flying away from me. #birding

heron flying in the distance near sunset
a heron commuting through the neighborhood
ᴚ uɐᗡ
1 week ago

Great Blue Herons

MD, from August

#birbs #BirdsOfMastodon #birds #birding #heron

Great Blue Heron standing on a log
Great Blue Heron in flight
Great Blue Heron in flight, wings high
Ash Qin 📷
1 week ago
A heron stands tall in the grass and observes you!
Charlotte Hunter
1 week ago

Skinny li'l ajijaak (noisemaker) visiting this morning. So beautiful!

#nature #photography #crane #heron

Image of a crane/heron standing on between a green lawn and a calm blue lake, overlooking some wild rose bushes.
1 week ago

Painted a sunbathing blue heron.
#Art #mastoart #bird #heron #timelapse.

A timelapse clip, painting a sunbathing blue heron.
1 week ago

The feathers on this Heron were just perfect. River Trent, Staffordshire.
#Heron #GreyHeron #Birds #Nature #NaturePhotography #RSPB #BirdPhotograpy #BirdsSeenIn2023 #BTO #BirdsofMastodon

A portrait of a heron, side on, with its feathers in perfect condition.
1 week ago

This Grey Heron was perched on top of a tree doing what herons do: keeping very very still. It was near the River Trent, Staffordshire
#Heron #GreyHeron #Birds #Nature #NaturePhotography #RSPB #BirdPhotograpy #BirdsSeenIn2023 #BTO #BirdsofMastodon

Heron&Fox Photo
1 week ago

A #Tricolored #Heron stands over its #nest and the two #chicks inside at the St. Augustine Augustine Alligator Farm and Zoological Park.

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An outdoor, daylight photograph of a bird’s nest made of sticks and twigs on the side of a palm tree. A blue-gray bird with red eyes, yellow around its eyes, and a gray beak and legs stands over the nest looking down at two small bird chicks, just visible over the nest’s edge.
Planet Chad Photography
1 week ago

A nearly perfect reflection on a Green Heron getting ready to stab at a meal. I believe tadpoles were on the menu that day.

Taken at a local pond in Chatham County, North Carolina.

#heron #nature #wildlife #birds

A green heron in a local pond with its beak just barely touching the water. You can see the reflection on the green heron in the water.
Jon Bowie
1 week ago
Heron standing on a tree
Benton Greene
1 week ago

Little blue heron on my walk today screamed to be memed

#birds #birdsofmastodon #birdphotography #heron #memes

The image has two panels, one at top and the other at bottom. The top panel contains a little blue heron walking away from the camera, craning its neck to the right while looking ahead. The text on the panel says, "da fuq is this?" 

The bottom panel shows the same heron still facing away from the camera, but stepping to the left while craning its neck and looking to the right as if taken aback. The text of this panel says, "da fuq was that?!"
Steve Jackson
1 week ago

After our visit to Fawsley yesterday, Rob and I went over to Brandon Marsh in #Warwickshire for a bit of pre-birthday birding. The weather was much duller than forecast, but the avian antics made up for that. #Heron, Little #Egret and #Cormorants featured in the #BirdPhotography and a #Hoverfly added some colour.

A Grey Heron standing 'knee deep' in some very dark water. Facing toward the right, the Heron has an open bill in which there is a large, green-coloured fish (perhaps a Perch) which was swallowed soon after I took this photo.
A Little Egret in another pool, with reeds out of shot in the background reflected in the water. The Egret, which has white plumage and black bill, is standing in the water and has just plunged its beak into the water to catch a fish. The splash, with water droplets, has been captured by the camera.
A Hoverfly with a black and yellow banded body, on a yellow flower (a Dandelion or one of the species with similar flowers).
A Cormorant perched on a wooden structure in one of the lakes at Brandon Marsh, with wings outstretched in the 'drying position'. The bird has its back towards us and has turned its head round to preen some of the very dark feathers on the upper part of the back.
ᴚ uɐᗡ
2 weeks ago

Everyone loves the Great Blue Heron. Probably because they are chill AF - pose nice & are so easy to recognize.

Wednesday, C&O Canal, MD.
#heron #greatblue #birbs #birds #BirdsOfMastodon

a great blue stands in the water of the C&O canal, watching for fish
great blue heron looking comically right at the camera
great blue heron standing in partial shade, in the C&O canal
Heron&Fox Photo
2 weeks ago

At the St Augustine Alligator Farm and #Zoological #Park, many birds come to nest and raise their young in the trees over the swamp filled with alligators. This kind of #mutualism sees the birds and their nests protected from other predators that might come from the ground, and alligators get them instead.
Many #birds #nest use this as a #rookery, like this #Tricolored #Heron, standing over her two #eggs.

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#BirdsOfMastodon, #TricoloredHeron, #EgrettaTricolor, #BirdEggs, #BirdNest, #StAugustineAlligatorFarmAndZoologicalPark, #WildlifePhotography, #Photograph

An outdoor, daylight photograph of a bird, with blue-gray feathers on its head and back, and light colored feathers on its chest, with a blue-gray beak and legs standing over a nest of sticks and twigs in the branches of a tree. Two small, bright blue eggs are inside.
Catherine Babault
2 weeks ago

This great blue heron is a skilled fisher that caught a salmon and several eels during the salmon run on Vancouver Island, British Columbia. Patience, precision and rapidity are the keys to its success.

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#heron #BirdPhotography #birds #wildlife #nature #photography #WildlifePhotography #VancouverIslandWildlife #prints #GiftIdeas

A great blue heron stands on a big boulder. The background is fog over the sea. The composition is simple.
2 weeks ago

Green Heron, in the early morning light, through the grass and bushes.

#BirdsOfMastodon #Birds #Heron #Wildlife #Nature #NaturePhotography #WIldlifePhotography

A photograph of a Green Heron, perched on a branch in profile, shot through the grass and bushes.
A photograph of a Green Heron, perched on a branch in profile, shot through the grass and bushes.
Jo Jitsu
2 weeks ago

I currently have a pronounced #pareidolia effect where I see birds and bird shapes everywhere. They are magically appearing in my painting.
Today there is a #heron added, and even yesterday's crop of the painting I noticed a peacock (her leg in purple.)

I really like #painting #birds it seems too.
#art #workinprogress #wipArt #oilpainting

painting of a grey heron with blue & white striped fabric draped behind, standing in a shallow rock pool of water with small goldfish.
Planet Chad Photography
2 weeks ago

I shared this photo back in January when I was still new to Mastodon and got some great captions such as

Hold on I gotta itch..
4 G's on Mine That Bird in the Derby.
I said three fish tacos 🌮

I thought I would share it again since I'm following/followed more.

What would be your caption?

#heron #nature #birds #wildlife

A green heron perched on top of a spruce tree with one of its yellow legs up giving the appearance of talk to the hand. the background is a light blue sky while the heron is a mix of blue and brown.
Planet Chad Photography
2 weeks ago

A green heron making a call known as a skeow call. They make this call when flying, or when disturbed by an approaching predator.

It only made this call once and settled down. It did start preening after that. I will share that photo later today.

#heron #nature #wildlife #birds

A green heron on top of a spruce tree with its neck extended making a call. the background is a light blue sky. the green heron is a mix of blue and brown.
A Person
2 weeks ago

Hey there, buddy, looks like you got a little sumpin sumpin between your teeth there, eh?
#heron #birding #photography

heron with a wisp of a feather in his beak

📷 L’heure du départ approche, et l’activité s’est nettement ralentie. Je m’amuse de la présence d’une écrevisse, espèce invasive importée par l’homme. Je n’ai plus d’attente, et pointe mon objectif au hasard vers un oiseau qui passe dans mon champ de vision. Ah ! Mais c’est un Bihoreau ! Le #bihoreau gris est un petit modèle de #héron, moins commun (plus localisé) que le cendré par exemple.

#bird #birds #oiseau #oiseaux #voyage #travel #photo #photography #wildlife #heron #ornithologie

Un héron bihoreau en plein vol, les ailes le long du corps, avec un ciel bleu en fond.
Un héron bihoreau en plein vol, les ailes déployées, avec un ciel bleu en fond.
Une écrevisse émerge de l’eau, dans laquelle on discerne des algues et des pousses de végétaux.
Vue sur un étang de la réserve régionale de la Brenne sous un beau ciel bleu légèrement nuageux. Un paysage typique de milieu humide, avec herbes hautes et branchages.
2 weeks ago

The little blue heron (Egretta caerulea) had an itch

Olympus E-M1 II, Panasonic 100-300 II
162mm, f/4.6, 1/400s, ISO 640

#bird #birds #photo #photography #BirdPhotography #heron #herons #UrbanWildlife @birding

📷 Jackpot : Ce #héron #pourpré est un juvénile, et il est très occupé à trouver sa subsistance, en concurrence avec une #aigrette qui cherche les problèmes. On voit régulièrement le héron gonfler sa crête en signe d'avertissement pour son voisin. Au final, la pêche est fructueuse pour tout le monde, moi compris, et chacun peut rentrer à la maison satisfait.

#Brenne #bird #birds #oiseau #oiseaux #voyage #travel #photo #photography #wildlife #wildlifephotography

Un héron pourpré se déplace dans un étang entouré de hautes herbes. Sa patte gauche est levée et laisse apparaitre les articulations. En premier plan, flou, on devine un tronc d’arbre mort.
Un heron pourpré tient une proie dans son bec, un petit poisson. Il se reflète dans l’eau.
Derrière un tronc d’arbre couché, un héron pourpré nous tourne le dos, inquiet de la présence d’une aigrette garzette à proximité. Sa crête est nettement visible, signe de son excitation.
Vu au travers de deux troncs d’arbres couchés formant une « fenêtre »naturelle, un héron pourpré se tient penché, surveillant l’eau et projetant son ombre sur le tronc le plus bas.
Blake Leyh
2 weeks ago

Chris Brown’s “Field Notes” is a compelling Ballardian report on life in the Anthropocene edgelands of Austin Texas, and always a great Sunday morning read. I was thrilled to see a new dispatch today & then spat Smoky Earl Grey tea onto my screen when the last paragraph mentioned ME and the herons.

You can find Chris on here @christopher_brown and read FIELD NOTES here:

#Urbanism #Anthropocene #Edgelands #Texas #Writers #Nature #Heron

3 weeks ago

Up close with a black crowned night heron (Nycticorax nycticorax)

Olympus E-M1 II, Panasonic 100-300 II
100mm, f/4, 1/400s, ISO 400

#bird #birds #BirdPhotography #heron #NightHeron #nycticorax, #UrbanWildlife #photo #photography @birding

A black crowned night heron stares into the camera
3 weeks ago

I went looking for warblers, but didn't find any. Instead, I found these birds. They will all leave soon. Details in Alt-text. #birds #birding #birdsofmastodon #birdphotography #kingbird #egret #heron #mockingbird #nature #naturephotography #photography #hoosiermast

This eastern kingbird has spread its wings, preparing to take off. These birds have grey feathers with a snow white chest and belly and a white fringe on their tail.
The great blue herons and great egrets (like this one) are gathering, preparing to fly south. Great egrets are tall, long legged birds with all white feathers. They have yellow beaks and black legs. This one is perched on a big of dry ground. Is the background is some lovely but invasive purple loosestrife.
This Northern mockingbird is grey-brown (greige) with white wings bars. In flight, you can see a white patch on the wings. They have yellow eyes.
This great blue heron (which is actually mostly blue-gray) is bigger than a great egret and migrates, though usually not a huge distance. They will eat anything that they can catch. I have seen them kill and gulp down gophers, ducklings and very big fish.
Christian Frank
3 weeks ago

The Boy and the Heron

A new film from Hayao Miyazaki and Studio Ghibli!

#Anime #Boy #Heron #Ghibli #StudioGhibli #Miyazaki #HayaoMiyazaki

Michael Russell
3 weeks ago

A bit of a different wildlife photo today. This is a 5 second exposure of a Great Blue Heron (Ardea herodias). This heron was looking back and forth while standing still so I decided to see how a long exposure worked out.

A few more photos of this heron here:

For #WildlifeWednesday
#Wildlife #Birds #BirdsOfMastodon #Birding #BritishColumbia #Heron

Long exposure of a heron so the bird looks to be facing two directions at once.
Bob D Photography
3 weeks ago

A Green Heron in the Wetlands fine art photo.

A Green Heron searches for breakfast in the wetlands as the sun rises over the Tideland Trail. Located in the Croatan National Forest's Cedar Point Recreation Area.

Available at

#BuyIntoArt #AYearForArt #wildlife #bird #heron #wildbird #fineart #photography #nature #naturephotography #birdwatching #NorthCarolina #hiking #fediart #mastoart #fedigiftshop #photographyisart #art #wildlifephotography

A Green Heron stands in shallow water in a wetland area. The stalks of marsh plants rise up behind the bird.
Planet Chad Photography
3 weeks ago

A bluegill making eye contact with the great blue heron after being caught along the rocks at the Falls Lake Dam/Tailrace area located in Wake Forest, North Carolina.

This is a common spot for herons, ospreys and even bald eagles to catch fish as they release the water from the dam into the Neuse River.

#heron #fish #nature #birds #wildlife

A close up view of a great blue heron with a bluegill fish in its mouth. The fish appears to be looking at the heron.
David Whelan
1 month ago

Unusually for me, a #heron flew right overhead, between me and the sun. It was a bit like an x-ray. So much grace.

#birds #birdwatching #nature #naturephotography #photography #fotoMontag #photoMonday #oiseaux #vogel

A white heron or snowy egret flies over, the sun shining through its wings to show its bones and the lines of its wing feathers
Debra Martz
1 month ago

Enhanced In Flight Great Blue Heron by Debra Martz Back in May when asked what I would like to do for Mother's Day....well, how about some bird watching! And so we did just that in Port Aransas, TX. This Great Blue Heron gave me a great photo opportunity when it flew by rather close to the observation deck at Leonabelle.

#birds #BirdsInFlight #Heron #PhotoArt #Aves #BuyIntoArt

A Great Blue Heron in flight.  I've added some enhancements behind the wings and legs to give the the illusion of blurred motion.  Photo Art by Debra Martz
Planet Chad Photography
1 month ago

I've noticed a few great blue herons always like to fish or hang out in the same spot.

While I was observing this one I noticed the afternoon light shining on its beak.

#heron #birds #nature #wildlife

A great blue heron standing along the shore with its beak glowing from the afternoon sun.
Planet Chad Photography
2 months ago

A great blue heron braving the turbulent waters coming out of the spillway at the Falls Lake Dam/Tailrace in Wake Forest, North Carolina.

They were releasing a quite bit of water via the spillway. It didn't stop this great blue heron from landing in the river to begin his morning hunt for fish. I really love the waves here as it gives a more dramatic look.

#heron #nature #birds #wildlife

A great blue heron standing on brown rocks looking for food as the waves crash in around it.
Planet Chad Photography
2 months ago

I was at the local park and there is always a great blue heron that likes to sit on the fishing pier. As I went down to visit it I noticed it had just finished a meal of some sort and looked like it was going through the digestive process.

I had never really seen the tongue on a heron before, so this was quite fascinating.

#heron #Fedigiftshop #birds #nature #wildlife

A great blue heron with blue and gray feathers opening its beak to reveal a red/pinkish tongue.
Helen H
2 months ago

Photographed these two beautiful Yellow-crowned Night Herons in breeding plumage, late one afternoon standing in the grass at the edge of a local pond. A complimentary texture was applied to the background.

#NightHeron #heron #birds #BirdPhotography #BirdsOfMastadon #MastoBirds #art #artwork #FediArt #photography #MastoPhoto #BuyIntoArt #PhotoMonday #MondayVibe #fediverse #ArtForSale #FediGiftShop

A Perfect Pair is available here:

A photo of a pair of yellow crowned night herons in breeding plumage seen standing side by side in the grass beside a local pond.  Both are facing left.  A complimentary texture was applied to the background.
Planet Chad Photography
2 months ago

A great blue heron catching a bluegill for breakfast along the rocks at the Falls Lake Dam/Tailrace area located in Wake Forest, North Carolina.

This is a common spot for herons, ospreys and even bald eagles to catch fish as they release the water from the dam into the Neuse River.

#heron #fish #birds #nature #wildlife #Fedigiftshop #AYearForArt

A great blue heron with a gray neck, yellow eye, orange beak and feathers that are blue/white with a bluegill fish at the end of the beak with waves in the background.

Yep, of course there was...always a Grey Heron on my local walk.

#nature #birds #Wildlife #photography #NaturePhotography #BirdPhotography #BirdsOfMastodon #uk #Heron

Grey Herons have a white head and neck with a broad black stripe that extends from the eye to the black crest. The body and wings are grey above and the underparts are greyish-white, with some black on the flanks. The long, sharply pointed beak is pinkish-yellow and the legs are brown.
2 months ago

A gray #heron in an old overgrown moat
#Bird #BirdsOfMastodon

A gray heron stretching it’s majestic long neck , standing an a green overgrown corner of a fortress moat
2 months ago
Head of a bird with a long dagger-like bill. blue-gray crown, and reddish neck
2 months ago
Green Heron in morning light standing on a log in a pond with yellow blossoms around. There is also part of an empty beer can visible on the left... :-(
Debra Martz
2 months ago

Just like Deja vu! On my previous visit, I arrived early morning at Leonabelle Birding Center in Port Aransas, Texas, and shortly after a beautiful Green Heron landed on the handrail of the boardwalk. And the same thing this early June morning. It stretched its neck and gave a softer call than the normally harsh Kuk Kuk Kuk so perhaps calling its mate.

Green Heron Calling Softly in the Early Morning by Debra Martz

#birds #Heron #BirdsOfMastodon #photography #BuyIntoArt

A green heron in full profile view standing on a wooden handrail with its beak pointing upward toward the sky. It is still in breeding color sporting a bit darker facial skin, mostly dark bill, and reddish-orange legs. its head, neck and upper chest are in a cinnamon color.  The background is dark green from the thick stand of reeds.  Photography by Debra Martz
2 months ago

Yellow-crowned Night Heron at Marine Park Salt Marsh, Brooklyn, NY
#birds #BirdPhotography #WildlifePhotography #birding #Brooklyn #heron

Yellow-crowned Night Heron with funny looking upright crest, standing on a stump by a pond.
Daniel Loxton
2 months ago

Great blue #heron tossing prey last night in #yyj

Backlit heron at sunset tosses small prey down gullet
3 months ago

Black-crowned Night-Heron in Prospect Park, Brooklyn this morning
#birds #BirdPhotography #WildlifePhotography #birding #Brooklyn #heron #ProspectPark

Black-crowned Night-Heron in morning light, standing at the side of a pond covered with yellow blossoms
Planet Chad Photography
3 months ago

I was walking on a bridge that goes across the local lake when I felt like something landed right behind me. I turned around to see this great blue heron out of nowhere and snapped a photo.

The background was already dark from the forest behind it. I went and darkened even more to give the appearance of out of the darkness.

#heron #nature #wildlife #birdwatching #AYearForArt

A great blue heron standing on a bridge rail with a pitch black background.
Planet Chad Photography
3 months ago

One of my first portraits of the great blue heron. I would see these birds just about every day on my morning walks when I moved to Raleigh, North Carolina area.

#heron #birdwatching #nature #wildlife #BuyIntoArt #AYearForArt

A close up shot of a great blue heron. it has a gray neck with blue on its head, yellow eye and black eyeball. Its beak is yellow and the background is green.
Bruno Philipe
3 months ago

A heron going nyommm

📸 Nikon Z 6ii / AF-S Nikkor 200-500mm ƒ5.6E

#photography #birdphotography #heron

a large grey heron mid-flight, seen from the side. its wings are curved up mid-beat
Planet Chad Photography
3 months ago

Starting off #WildlifeWednesday with one of my first good shots of a great blue heron in flight.

It appears to be angry after getting flushed from its perch on the fishing pier.

#heron #birdwatching #nature #wildlife #BuyIntoArt #AYearForArt

A great blue heron with a blue and gray body in flight with its wings spread out and mouth open. This heron is flying over a lake with a bridge in the background.
Planet Chad Photography
3 months ago

A little blue heron walking along the green vegetation and shallow water hunting for food. This little blue heron showed up at the same time as the roseate spoonbill. This is a juvenile since it is white and not grown into its adult plumage yet which is a two-tone blue gray.

#heron #birdwatching #nature #BuyIntoArt #AYearForArt

A little blue heron which is all white as juvenile walking along green vegetation and brown mud