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EJI-Cesar Chavez and the United Farm Workers Strike of 1970

As retaliation for participating in the strike, farm owners fired hundreds of Latino migrant farmworkers and targeted the workers with violence. Striking farmworkers and leaders of the United Farm Workers were attacked and beaten throughout the strike, and in November 1970, the offices of the United Farm Workers in the Salinas Valley were bombed.

As the strike continued, movement leader Cesar Chavez organized a boycott of lettuce produced by farms that had used coercive tactics against the United Farm Workers. The farm owners sought an anti-boycott injunction, which was granted by a Monterey County judge. When Mr. Chavez refused to end the boycott, he was charged with contempt of court for violating the injunction. On December 3, 1970, Judge Gordon Campbell sentenced Mr. Chavez to an indefinite jail term and warned him that “improper and evil methods cannot be used to achieve even noble objectives.”
#histodon #workers #workersrights #law #justice #fedilaw #government


Jérôme Soldeville
1 day ago

#histoire #histodon #Grenoble

La Dépêche Dauphinoise, 8 janvier 1941.

Réforme administrative.

La loi municipale du 17 novembre 1940 maintient le principe de l'élection dans les communes rurales de moins de 2 000 habitants L'échéance du mandat est fixée au 1er dimanche du mois de mai de l'année 1941.

Dans les communes de plus de 2000 habitants les maires voient leur mandat transformé en délégation gouvernementale. Destitution prononcée "en cas d'hostilité à l'œuvre de rénovation nationale".

Dr Grr ⏚
2 days ago

📚[parution] #histodon #FemmesEnArmes Femmes combattantes, les chemins de la mémoire, hors-série novembre 2022
#HistoireMixte #WWI #WWII #Resistance #Historiographie

Pour une consultation en ligne ⤵️

Couverture de la revue
2 days ago


Having only recently joined us, @Cappuccinogirl has already got stuck into our communities. Not only are they a writer, but a self-professed history buff. Make sure you give them a follow if you want to keep up to date with everything they have to say!

You can meet more history buffs in the Newsmast History community,

#newsmast #newsmastfoundation #mastodon #histodon

Tamsin Lewis
2 days ago

It's December, so it must be all right to start posting Christmas music...

This Enders Night
An anonymous early 16th Century lullaby carol from the court of Henry VIII.

From MS Royal Appendix 58

Emily Atkinson: soprano
Richard de Winter: tenor
Robin Jeffrey: lute
Tamsin Lewis: alto

#christmas #christmasmusic #christmascarols
#earlymusic @earlymusic
#earlymodern @earlymodern
#histodon #histodons @histodons @histodon #tudor #tudorchristmas #tudorchristmasmusic #tudors #16thCentury

Dr Lindsey Fitzharris
3 days ago

During WWI, Marie Curie created a vehicle that contained a hospital bed, a generator, an X-ray machine and photographic darkroom equipment. These “petite Curies" (below) could be driven right up to the Front. Curie also helped train 150 women as radiology technicians.

#histodon #histodons #histmed #medhist #twitter #twittermigration #history #WomenSTEM

A black and white photo of a vehicle with no doors and an open top to hold equipment. On the side it says RADIOLOGIE, accompanied with a Red Cross.
3 days ago

EJI- Lynchings In America- A Family Pasttime for some.

On November 30, 1921, a mob of white men in Ballinger, Texas, seized Robert Murtore, a 15-year-old Black boy, from the custody of law enforcement and, in broad daylight, shot him to death.

After a 9-year-old white girl alleged that she had been assaulted by an unknown Black boy, suspicion immediately fell on Robert, who worked in the same hotel as the white girl’s mother. He was arrested and held in the Ballinger jail, but word soon spread. On the morning of November 30, a white mob formed outside of the jail in an attempt to lynch Robert. Local law enforcement removed Robert from his cell for transport away from Ballinger; it is unclear whether this was to facilitate or block the lynching.

#history #histodon

#history #histodon

3 days ago

The great painter John Singer Sargent, an American expat, is the subject of a new show at Boston’s Museum of Fine Arts. It reveals much about his methods and why his work remains relevant more than a hundred years later.
#art #arthistory #artist #history #histodon

4 days ago

The Verdict on Henry Kissinger

In the United States, one of the twentieth century’s most prolific butchers died as he lived — beloved by the rich and powerful, regardless of their partisan affiliation.

#HenryKissinger #UnitedStates #USForeignPolicy #vietnam #EastTimor #laos #cambodia #LatinAmerica #OperationCondor #ColdWar #history #histodon

Ça coule de sources
4 days ago

Comment faire sa déco au Moyen Âge ? Et pourquoi pas peindre son plafond ? Mais qui fait ça ? Pourquoi ? Qui sont les artistes ? Où ? Comment on les trouve aujourd’hui ? Et comment on peut les étudier ?

Maud Pérez-Simon, qui leur consacre ses recherches, nous en a parlé, au micro de @pemorel ! Vous pouvez la retrouver sur la chaîne YT de CC2S :

#histodon #histodons #medievistodon #medievalodon

4 days ago

The towering diplomat and Nobel prize winner shaped decades of US foreign policy but was seen by critics as a war criminal
#politics #uspolitics #politics #uspol #history #histodon

4 days ago

#RealAmericanHistory #IndigenousHistory #CheyenneandArapahoTribes


At dawn on November 29, hundreds of U.S. soldiers led by Colonel John Chivington surrounded the village. Residents responded by waving white flags and pleading for mercy; one of the chiefs even raised the American flag in an attempt to demonstrate that he, too, was American. Ignoring these symbols of surrender and peace, the white troops opened fire with carbines and cannons, slaughtering more than 200 Native American people. Most of the victims of the massacre were women, children, and the elderly and infirm. After the massacre, the troops burned the village, mutilated the bodies of the deceased, and removed body parts to keep as trophies. Some scalps of the dead became props in plays that the troops later performed to celebrate, as one soldier boasted, “almost an annihilation of the entire tribe.”
#history #histodon #journalism #media #newstodon #government

Dr Grr ⏚
5 days ago
5 days ago

The paper, published in the journal Archaeological Prospection on 20 October, garnered headlines around the world. Its central claim is that a pyramid lying beneath the prehistoric site of Gunung Padang in West Java, Indonesia, might have been constructed as far back as 27,000 years ago.

#Archaeology #Indonesia
#academia #research #history #histodon

5 days ago
The mob hanged Mr. Warner near the courthouse, then drenched his body with gasoline and set him on fire. Newspapers reported that three children had climbed the tree to fasten the rope that hanged Mr. Warner and, in jumping from the tree, hoisted Mr. Warner’s body in the air. Before Mr. Warner’s body was burned, members of the crowd cut pieces of his leather belt and pants as "souvenirs." For two hours, the mob that had by then grown to 7,000 people watched Mr. Warner burn; some witnesses even said that he may have been alive when he was set on fire.

In the wake of Lloyd Warner’s lynching, the white girl he had allegedly attacked reportedly told several newspapers, “they might have gotten the wrong one.”
#RealAmericanHistory #BlackandBrownSkin #LynchingsUnAmerica
#history #histodon

Vivienne Dunstan
5 days ago

Browsing again the free downloads of old Abertay Historical Society publications. A fantastic range covering the #history of #Dundee, #Angus, #Fife and #Perthshire. Well worth checking out. In print publications and society membership are also fab too! #histodon #histodons #ScottishHistory #Tayside #Scotland

Erika Harlitz Kern
5 days ago

This is 🍌🍌🍌🍌. A grave field from the Viking Age has been discovered in the middle of the city of Gothenburg. Right in between Sweden's largest outdoor stadium and the public bath with the Olympic pool. There is so much city activity at this location that it's hard to comprehend that these graves were somehow overlooked...? (Article in Swedish)

@histodons @histodon #histodon #histodons #history @academicchatter @medievodons

Alexander Hay
5 days ago

The surprisingly hygienic world of the #MiddleAges. (And the descent into mankiness that came with the #Renaissance.)

"Scrub-a-Dub in a Medieval Tub

"Contrary to popular misconceptions, #Europeans in the Middle Ages took pains to keep themselves clean..."

#History #Histodon

Helen Pugh
6 days ago

The monument in Wells Cathedral is next to the stairs leading up to the chapter house. It was put up by their daughter Anne and the figure is said to be Anne gazing up at urns containing her parents’ ashes. Anne died in 1728 and was buried in the same spot with her name added to the monument. (2/2)

#monuments #18thCentury #histodon #bookstodon

Antoine Gouritin
6 days ago

Très heureux de partager cette nouvelle série réalisée pour le Musée protestant, produite par Regards protestants.

Une histoire des femmes protestantes portée par des historiennes et des lectures d'archives pour interroger les liens entre #protestantisme et #féminisme sur le temps long.

#podcast #histodon

6 days ago

Professor Dilulio's “super-predator” language came to be commonly used in conjunction with dire predictions that a vast increase in violent juvenile crime was looming. Theorists suggested that the nation would soon see “elementary school youngsters who pack guns instead of lunches” and who “have absolutely no respect for human life.” Much of the frightening imagery was racially coded. For example, in “My Black Crime Problem, and Ours,” Professor Dilulio warned of “270,000 more young predators on the streets than in 1990, coming at us in waves over the next two decades ... as many as half of these juvenile super-predators could be young Black males.”
#history #histodon

OUT FRONT Magazine
6 days ago

Did you know we are looking for interns?!? Are you passionate about the LGBTQ community? Email us today to learn more! ✨💻🌈
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Ofm is looking for interns to join the community.
1 week ago

On November 26, 1957, during a special legislative session called to pass segregation laws, the Texas legislature voted overwhelmingly (115-26) to pass a bill giving Governor Price Daniel the power to immediately close any school where federal troops might be sent to enforce integration.

The Texas legislature passed the bill just a few months after President Dwight Eisenhower deployed federal troops to Arkansas and commanded the Arkansas National Guard to escort nine Black students, known as the Little Rock Nine, to their first day of school at Central High School amid violent threats from white community members. In passing this bill, the state legislators made clear that they would rather everyone at a school be denied education than allow Black students to attend previously all-white schools.
#history #histodon

#history #histodon

1 week ago

“Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it.”
--George Santayana, 1905.

#ForgettingHistory #GeorgeSantayana #Histodon #History #HistoryRepeatsItself #Fascism #LearnFromThePast

An image from an old black and white photograph of a man with short hair, a serious expression, with a goatee beard, wearing a suit and tie.
To the left of the image are the words:
“Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it.”
--George Santayana

AZ Quotes
Kim Todzi
1 week ago

Ich freue mich sehr, am Donnerstag in Bremen mit Christiane Bürger, Wilma Nyari, Sebastian-Manès Sprute, Katharina Hoffmann & Norman Aselmeyer über "Koloniales Erbe (trans)lokal" zu diskutieren. #kolonialismus #Kolonialgeschichte #bremen #hamburg #aufarbeitung #histodon

"The early alphabet developed in association with Western Asiatic (Canaanite) miners in Sinai (or, at least, was taken up by them) during the Middle Kingdom in the eighteenth century BC. We suggest that early alphabetic writing spread to the Southern Levant during the late Middle Bronze Age (with the Lachish Dagger probably being the earliest attested example), and was in use by at least the mid fifteenth century BC at Tel Lachish."

Höflmayer, F., Misgav, H., Webster, L., & Streit, K. (2021). Early alphabetic writing in the ancient Near East: The ‘missing link’ from Tel Lachish. Antiquity, 95(381), 705-719. doi: #OpenAccess #OA #Journal #Article #BronzeAge #Writing #Archaeology #Antiquity #Epigraphy #History #Histodon #Histodons @archaeodons @histodon @histodons

Helen Pugh
1 week ago

Unsung Women in Somerset is now available as a #paperback on the Great British Bookshop!

PS: £1 cheaper than at Amazon and I get more royalties back.

Head to​

#books #newBook #historyBook #histodon #bookstodon

Petra van Cronenburg
1 week ago

🧵 1/ Perhaps you know this feeling: unpleasant current events come thick and fast, #doom & #gloom & #ecogrief can almost paralyse us. What's really good then: immersing yourself in #deepTime, shifting perspectives. What was it like on this #planet between the ice ages and the greenhouses? Why was the #earth never empty even when it looked desolate? And how does #evolution work?

#book #bookstodon @bookstodon #reading #mustRead @reading #paleobiology #biodiversity #earthHistory #histodon #science

Dr Grr ⏚
1 week ago

#histodon #VSS Le 25 Novembre, c’est la Journée Internationale contre les Violences Faites aux Femmes. Cette date a été choisie par l’ONU en référence au 25 Novembre 1960. Ce jour-là, les sœurs Mirabal, sont assassinées en République Dominicaine.

1 week ago

In the shadow of Partition, state-sanctioned atrocities aimed to wipe out Meo Muslims in Mewat

The riots in Nuh in August show how lasting impunity to Hindu nationalist networks patronised by the princely states of Alwar and Bharatpur sustains violence.

#partition #haryana #rajasthan #mewat #nuh #hindutva #MeoMuslims #muslims #HinduMobs #histodon #history #india

1 week ago

EJI - They called it the “Alabama School Placement Law”

After the Alabama law's passage, the Rev. Fred Shuttlesworth sued on behalf of four African American students in Birmingham who had been denied admission to white schools that were closer to their homes. In its unanimous decision, the Supreme Court wrote, “The School Placement Law furnishes the legal machinery for an orderly administration of the public schools in a constitutional manner by the admission of qualified pupils upon a basis of individual merit without regard to their race or color. We must presume
#history #histodon #law #justice #fedilaw

1 week ago

The forgotten massacre of Jammu Muslims in 1947 set a template of impunity and violence

State troopers as well Hindus and Sikhs fleeing the violence of Partition have been accused of mass atrocities in the former princely state under Hari Singh.

#jammu #kashmir #partition #AntiMuslimViolence #HariSingh #history #histodon #muslims #india

The European Network
1 week ago

Ridley Scott’s ‘Napoleón’ has few fans in France: ‘A very anti-French film’.

Historians point out factual errors and hostile bias against the emperor in the movie by the ‘Blade Runner’ director.

#France #UK #Napoleon #Cinema #Film #Movie #History #Histodon

Helen Pugh
2 weeks ago

Switzerland returns centuries-old mummies to Bolivia in landmark repatriation ceremony.

The Bolivian minister identified them as of Pacajes de origen Aymara origin, a culture established in the region between 1100 and 1400.

#precolumbian #bolivia #switzerland #heritage #patrimony #decolonisation #aymara #Indigenous #histodon #southAmerica #culture

Reunited with our roots"

Mid shot Bolivian audience members during the ceremony, 20 November 2023.
Tamsin Lewis
2 weeks ago

Something for #StCeciliasDay
Detail from an #15thCentury Italian choirbook showing an illuminated letter C with #StCecilia playing the psaltery, with other female musicians playing #lute & #rebec.
V&A Museum
#otd #onthisday #earlymusic #illuminatedmanuscript #renaissance
#histodon #histodons @earlymodern @earlymusic @histodons @histodon

2 weeks ago

Why the Mass Protest Decade of 2010-2020 Left Us with a ‘Missing Revolution’

The 'missing revolution' is reason enough to interrogate the fizz and the fury behind people pouring onto the streets. It is time to ask some tough questions about why so little changed, if there was so much heat and noise. Seema Chishti reviews Vincent Bevin's If We Burn.

#BookReview #MassProtests #ArabSpring #bookstodon #books #history #histodon

2 weeks ago

Has anyone listened to the latest theories on Richard III's murder of the Princes?

Philippa Langley and a massive team have worked for seven years to prove the Princes were not murdered in the Tower.

Podcast :

Also on the UK TV on Channel 4:

I was fascinated, and quite convinced by the latest findings.

What does everyone else think?

#History #histodons #histodon #RichardIII @histodons

Graphics from the Channel 4 TV program.  A pin board with a photo of the two Princes, and various other images and maps.  Linked together by red string
Jérôme Soldeville
2 weeks ago

#histoire #histodon Le gouvernement Daladier décide le 12 /11/1938 d’assigner à résidence ou d’interner les « étrangers résidant en France, s’ils sont dans l’impossibilité de trouver un pays qui les accepte, et s’ils ne peuvent, sans péril pour l’ordre public, jouir de cette liberté encore trop grande que confère l’assignation à résidence ».

Il s’agit d'« étrangers indésirables », de « ressortissants ennemis » c les Républicains espagnols après la chute de Barcelone.

Ça coule de sources
2 weeks ago

Les plafonds peints du Moyen Âge sont une source encore peu connue pour l'histoire médiévale.

D’abord, c’est une source cachée : ils se sont longtemps trouvés sous des faux plafonds.
Ensuite, c’est une source qui a longtemps été négligée : c’est banal, un plafond, ça appartient au quotidien domestique et profane. Et enfin, parce qu’ils ne sont pas l’œuvre d’un artiste bien identifié.

#histodon #histodons #medievistodon

Des poutres en bois, avec des personnages et des squelettes dansant sur fond rouge ou noir. 
Légende : Danse macabre, 1456-1490, France, Albi, Enclos canonial Saint-Salvi, Maison de chanoine, XVe © G.Puchal/RCPPM
Ideas Roadshow
3 weeks ago

🪞 Look closely: A remarkable reflection of a window in the eyes and jewellery in this painting of Judith by Lucas Cranach the Elder (1530).

➡️ Coming soon: our 1st film on the Italian Renaissance, details:

Full name of painting: Judith with the Head of Holofernes.

#art #arthistory @histodons #histodon #history

Details of the painting called Judith with the Head of Holofernes
Megan Lynch (she/her)
3 weeks ago

This man's father was a priest in Dragomirești who lived across the street from where Jews from surrounding villages were taken for deportation to concentration camps. He displays a diary his father kept. I wonder how many diaries survived that still have not been published (and translated into multiple languages)? #WWII #Holocaust #Histodon

9 Wind Studios
3 weeks ago


Can any #histodon or #histodons #help me with finding some sources on battles during the #mexican #revolution , hopefully with #maps of each battlefield and the description of how the battles happened with specific troops?

Its so easy to find #historical information on other #history in the #1910s but surprisingly hard here.

I have an idea for 3D modelling and wish to see if its feasible.

Vladimir Hamed-Troyansky
3 weeks ago

Happy to share my new article, "Letters from the Ottoman Empire: Migration from the Caucasus and Russia's Pan-Islamic Panic," published by Slavic Review.

For years, I have been searching for Muslim refugees' letters exchanged between the #Ottoman and Russian empires in the 1850s–1914. I was lucky to find quite a few: in archives in Tbilisi, Baku, Moscow, Vladikavkaz, and Makhachkala and private collections in #Jordan and Dagestan. The article explores the secret transborder #letter exchange of Caucasus Muslims and reactions by #Russia.

I argue that Muslims' letters from the Ottoman Empire fueled the Russian government's paranoia about Pan-Islamism that purportedly threatened Russia's colonial project in the #Caucasus. The Pan-Islamic panic shaped Russia's migration policies and colonial governance, including bans on Muslim pilgrimage to Mecca, emigration, and return migration.

#histodon #histodons #history #MiddleEast #Turkey

Kabardian (eastern Circassian) Princess Gushasukh (in Ottoman Anatolia) to Prince Bekmurza Atazhukin (in tsarist Kabarda). Source: Central State Archive of the Republic of North Ossetia-Alania, Vladikavkaz, Russia, f. 12, op. 8, d. 27, l. 9ob (November 18, 1866)
EH Lupton
3 weeks ago

We’ve all seen that scene in Indiana Jones where he’s clutching an artifact and shouting, “It belongs in a museum!” But nowadays in 2023, we tend to temper that idea–museums are fun, but who gets to hold a particular object, why, and for how long is a point of contention. Join Em and Jesse as they discuss one of the world’s oldest and largest museums, the British Museum.

#AskAMedievalist #podcast #Histodon

A tweet from Checho Janssen: 
Nobody: ...
The British Museum: 
The image is two guys pretending to carry away the Parthenon.
Mike Jones
1 month ago

My latest, a State of the Field review on Digital History (with Alana Piper) now available open access in Australian Historical Studies #history #DigitalHumanities #DigitalHistory #histodon

Inspired by a recent conversation here, I have to recommend Shakespeare and the Jews by James Shapiro to anyone interested in Shakespeare’s historical context or in how embedded antisemitism is in English cultural history.

Shakespeare may or may not have encountered any Jews. But he was part of a cultural consciousness that was absolutely obsessed with Jews. Honestly the world hasn’t changed much in that regard. #BookRecommendation #English #History #Shakespeare #BookRec #Bookstodon #Mazeldon #Histodon #Books #Literature #Antisemitism #Mazeldon #Cats #CatsOfMastodon (1/2)

A sleeping lynx point Siamese with a book resting on him. The book is titled Shakespeare and the Jews by James Shapiro and the cover art is an Elizabethan illustration of a knife-wielding Jew chasing an Englishman. Not shown here but the caption for that is: fly from the Jews, lest they circumcise thee (Thomas Coryate).
Ideas Roadshow
1 month ago

#MosaicMonday "Creation of the World" is a mosaic composition in the dome of the Chigi Chapel in Santa Maria del Popolo in Rome designed by Raphael.

🎨 Coming soon: a captivating film about the remarkable #Renaissance artist Raphael!


#history #historyofart #raphael #documentary #histodon @academicchatter @histodons

Allyson Shaw
1 month ago

"It is academic audacity, born of imperial ways of knowing, that enables a historian to act as if it doesn’t matter that victims and their descendants know what was done to them; it doesn’t count as “known” unless it is articulated in academic language by a credible expert." Fascinating interview. #Histodon #history #resistance

Carine Alders
1 month ago

Update: Problem solved! It reads: Es freut mich, daß Sie bis heute schon so große Erfolge erringen konnten. So wünsche ich Ihnen auch für Ferneres recht große weitere Erfolge. Nachdem die jüdische Musik doch bald ganz eingedämmt ist, wird für unsere deutschen Künstler wieder eine bessere Zeit kommen.

Dear German colleagues of #histodon ! Can any one of you transcribe this passage from a letter of 1933?
#German #musichistory #transcription #handwriting "#sütterlin @historikerinnen @histodons

Some old German handwriting in a letter. I can't read what it literally says and I'm hoping someone can help me decipher it.
1 month ago

‘Israel Does Not Want Palestine as Partner in Peace, Wants To Maintain Control Over It'

Land grabbing and peacemaking don't go together and by constantly expanding settlements, Israel has shown that it prefers land to peace, professor Avi Shlaim told Karan Thapar.

#gaza #palestine #interview #AviShlaim #UN #israel #GazaGenocide #hamas #IDF #IsraelPalestineConflict #IsraeliOccupation #zionism #apartheid #history #histodon #KaranThapar

1 month ago

Another must-read from @Deglassco. They knew each others' spirit and they knew each others' craft. This is the story of a moment. #BlackMastodon #History #Histodon #Music #Gospel

Vivienne Dunstan
1 month ago

Found in #FindMyPast "Registers Of Licences To Pass Beyond The Seas 1573-1677" (UK National Archives E 157) for soldiers going to serve overseas, especially in the Low Countries. Images and indexes. Includes soldier ages so I now have an approximate birth date for the soldier son of the royal secretary I'm writing a journal paper about. #Soldiers #Travel #17thCentury #SeventeenthCentury #BritishHistory #LowCountries #Genealogy #FamilyHistory #FMP #Histodon #Histodons

1 month ago

Fascinating article on the (long) history of electric vehicles. Did you know that by 1900, a third of all cars on the road in the US were electric? (When he was shot in 1901, President McKinley was taken to hospital in an electric ambulance).
#ElectricVehicles #EV #History #Histodon #Photography

Mark Igra
1 month ago

What is a good, historically grounded book *for lay people* about the role of media in shaping what behavior and opinion is viewed as “acceptable,“? Literally asking for my mom . #histodon #commodon

Cecilia Mjausson Huster
1 month ago

@GottaLaff #histodon : Has any country successfully climbed out of this sitch? Or is it all downhill from here?

Dendan Setia (Nins)
2 months ago

I mean. Die come back also I won't expect much from the London side, much less this level of commentary. #Scotland #Glasgow #KelvingroveMuseum #histodon #colonialism #decolonialism

A beautiful huge life-size portrait of a Scottish couple in their best finery and framed with ornate gilded gold frame. Now this has a fresh exhibit note at the bottom.
This is what the note says:
Exhibition label: Kelvingrove: Museum of Empire

Header: Enslavers
Text: In the early 1800s, the Campbells were members of Scotland's social elite. Rich and well connected, owning several properties, they led an affluent life on their Scottish
estate near Peebles in the Borders. 

The Campbells also owned a sugar plantation in Grenada and 232 enslaved Africans whose forced labour and suffering paid for their privileged lifestyle- and for this painting.

This painting holds a central position in a gallery about Scottish identity, but there are no paintings depicting Black, Asian and other minoritised people.

What does this say about Scottish identity?

Find out more about the Campbells by scanning this QR code, and get in touch to share your thoughts by emailing
Anitra Pavka
2 months ago

A 21-year old computer science student used AI to decipher text from an ancient Roman scroll that was carbonized in the eruption of Mount Vesuvius in 79 C.E.

#AI #ArtificialIntelligence #Ancient #History #Histodon #Roman #Archaeology

Luke Farritor identified the ancient Greek characters in the scroll for the word "purple."

"Austrian Empire. By Sidney Hall. London, published by Longman, Rees, Orme, Brown & Green, Paternoster Row, Jany. 1, 1828." #Map #Maps #MapHistory #History #Histodon #Histodons #Cartography #C19th #19thcentury #Austria #Empire #Europe @histodon @histodons

Helen Pugh
2 months ago

🎉Pre-order now from

#qotd Tell me about a woman in a book who smashed the rules!

#somerset #book #indieAuthor #history #writersOfmastodon #histodon #shortStories #readingCommunity

Unsung Women in Somerset as an ebook

Liebe #Jura Bubble, wertes #Histodon,

kennt ihr Texte zur Wirkung des Aufopferungsanspruch (§§ 74, 75 der Einleitung EALR) aus dem Preußischen Landrecht auf das deutsche Anspruchsdenken, dass sich die gesellschaftliche/finanzielle Lage einzelner Personen/Firmen/Branchen/Gruppen nicht durch staatliche Gesetze ändern darf und dass man falls doch Anspruch auf Entschädigung hat?

Oder kennt ihr andere Teile des Preußischen Landrechts, dass diese Erwartung fördert?

Ich frage wegen einer Zukunft.

2 months ago

PSAish post. If you seen an introduction post, even if nothing in their post speaks to you personally… boost the motherfucker. #Newbies #X #TwitterMigration #Mastodon Gratuitous goofy cat pic of Fred and his medieval doppelgänger included for obvious traction reasons😉And ya know lol just cause I love Fred 🥰 #Cats #CatsOfMastodon #FredTheWonderCat #Histodon

Beatrice Cherrier
2 months ago

For those who would like to contribute to or follow history of economics topics ( there's no keyword search on Mastodon)

Use and follow

-some hashtags:
#historyofecon and #histecon,

also more general #histsci #histodons #histodon #histecon #historyofecon

- the group (that is, an automatic aggregator of all toots that mention @historyofeconomics in the text)

find it there @historyofeconomics

and feature your toots by adding @historyofeconomics to your toots/tweets

Helen Pugh
2 months ago

I have a chapter in Jungle-tastic Tales about how pre-Columbian societies in the Amazon were more complex and larger than previously thought.

Here's a new article about it:

"The vast network of interconnected settlements shows that the Amazon was much more populated during the pre-Columbian era than previously suspected".

#jungletastic #amazonRegion #kidsBook #history #amazon #precolumbian #southAmerica #archaeology #histodon

#qotd What's a book that taught you something incredible?

Image of Indigenous people in the Amazon region on a canoe. Title of article: Reshaping History: Rediscovering A Thriving Amazonian Civilization (1250-1500) Through Satellite Imagery And Field Exploration
Dr Lindsey Fitzharris
3 months ago

Carved from wood, this 16th-century figure shows a corpse inside a coffin. The body is decaying and worms are spilling from the stomach. The coffin is a memento mori, an object that reminds the viewer of the shortness of human life & the inevitability of death.

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A small wooden coffin with a wooden corpse inside.
3 months ago

sometimes the research for my #phdlife is way to close to home. Researching the history of Audre Lordes island of origin, Carriacou, is hard as a #black Dominican.
#histodon asks a lot as a research field. This morning I am working myself through the Trans Atlantic Slave Trade Database.


"A team of historians and scientists wanted to map cultural mobility, so they tracked the births and deaths of notable individuals like David, King of Israel, and Leonardo da Vinci, from 600 BC to the present day. Using them as a proxy for skills and ideas, their map reveals intellectual hotspots and tracks how empires rise and crumble". #Youtube #Video #Videos #Animation #Science #History #Histodon #HIstodons #Map #Maps #Cartography #Culture #Empire @science @histodon @histodons