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#Napoleon: A simplistic but effective look at male insecurity as refracted through one of history's most famous short kings.

Full review at Mahan's Media: #film #movies #filmreview #moviereview #cinema #cinemastodon #historical #epic #war #ridleyscott #davidscarpa #joaquinphoenix #vanessakirby #RedRibbonReviewers

Kit Muse
1 day ago

Five pages in, I think I need to give this character a name after all...

#amwriting #fantasy #shifters #historical

Steve Henderson Fine Art
1 day ago

I send thanks to the buyer from Tennessee who purchased a greeting card of

Turning Point --

May both you and the recipient to whom you send the card feel the thoughtful silence of the canyon, its calm and depth and timelessness.

#grandcanyon #southwest #indigenous #history #historical #nativeamerican #arizona #art #artwork #stevehenderson #mastoart #fediart #greetingcard #buyintoart #ayearforart #landscape #oil #painting #nature #travel #sale

Greeting card of an original oil painting by Steve Henderson depicting an indigenous woman in the Grand Canyon.
2 days ago

Armenian cultural heritage sites get tokenized on Solana blockchain - The initiative “Realm of Historia” is on a mission to tokenize historica... - #historical #society #web3

2 days ago

Events for 12/08 from Wikipedia:

• 1953: U.S. President Dwight D. Eisenhower delivers his "Atoms for Peace" speech, which leads to an American program to supply equipment and information on nuclear power to schools, hospitals, and research institutions around the world.
• Birth (1795) of Peter Andreas Hansen, Danish astronomer and mathematician (d. 1874)
#history #events #historical #today

3 days ago

Here's a quick read from the #Oklahoma #Historical Society about this tiny #CarterCountyOK town packed full of history:

I've actually been to the museum in town and want to go again with my family soon.

Dr. Amy H. Sturgis 🍂🍁
3 days ago

I'm already counting the days until the Halloween season returns. But for now, here are three of my favorite #films set in #December. I highly recommend them! What are yours?

* The Lion in Winter (1968) Perhaps my favorite #film, full stop. ("What shall we hang, the holly or each other?")

* Beware, My Lovely (1952) Brilliant turns by two of the greatest stars of #FilmNoir, #RobertRyan and #IdaLupino.

* Black Christmas (1974) A cult classic for good reason.

#DecemberFilms #Cinema #Historical #Noir #Horror #Christmas #TheLionInWinter #BewareMyLovely #BlackChristmas #Gothic #Movies

A poster for The Lion in Winter ("Winner of 3 Academy Awards including Best Actress") features Katharine Hepburn and Peter O'Toole as Eleanor of Aquitaine and Henry II, respectively, with clashing armed forces below them.
The poster for Beware, My Lovely shows Robert Ryan encountering a visiting group of small children, sending them away (top), and facing Ida Lupino, armed with a knife (bottom).
A poster for Black Christmas ("If this picture doesn't make your skin crawl... it's on TOO TIGHT") shows the body of a young coed in a rocking chair, her head covered in plastic and her mouth open on a silent scream.
Caleb Maclennan
4 days ago

I don't know why it took 6 years for this gem of a map to make the rounds and land on my radar, but I'm glad it did. Brilliant bit of geek cartography here!

#maps #cartography #historical #infographic #metromap #mapping #romanempire #chart

Metro map style chart of roads in the Roman Empire, all in Latin.
TSL Books
5 days ago
Rebecca Bryn
6 days ago

Travel the world or step back in time without leaving the house. for #mystery, #historical, and #fantasy tales with a twist 'Outstanding storyteller' IAN Book of the Year, Readers' Choice gold medal, & Readers' Favorite Gold Medal

Deb Oppermann
6 days ago
Blue wooden doors with painted yellow stone walls of house in Egypt
1 week ago

[ID: Tweet by @/bintyalo that says, "If #Israelis were #indigenous to #Palestine, they wouldn't be so ok with its destruction. They wouldn't burn olive trees that are older than their #constitution. They wouldn't attack #historical religious buildings. Their hearts would ache at the destruction of our #land". End ID]

[ID: Tweet by @/bintyalo that says, "If Israelis were indigenous to Palestine, they wouldn't be so ok with its destruction. They wouldn't burn olive trees that are older than their constitution. They wouldn't attack historical religious buildings. Their hearts would ache at the destruction of our land". End ID]
1 week ago

@msquebanh Now you're just showing off, because we can't get wallpaper like that here? LOL, but, you mean 1970s, right? I had 1889 wallpaper, it's been damaged and replaced since but let me find a sot to show you? I kept a piece for historic reasons. The house is more than 100 years old, one of the early ones in the community. Wall studs are 4x4 and 4x6. Wallboards were solid 1 inch hardwood. , to remove this and keep a piece, I had to cut it off. #Newspaper #Wallpaper #Historical #Halifax 1889

Old faded, stained and torn wallpaper, made of the local newspaper then, The Halifax Herald. dated November 25, 1898.
Articles can still be read, but pieces have come off making part of the stories unreadable . Things you see include
Munyon's guarantee (product) 
W&C Silver
Ladies' wear $8, $10, $14, $18 (dresses) 
Subpoena your teapot for a verdict
And columns are readable on the actual paper. The photo isn't as clear
C. L. Nichols
1 week ago

* AltRealities *

Imagine how changing any major #world #event would create ripples in #history. How would it affect everything that came after it? How would it shape the world today?

#Writing #alternatehistory is like taking a journey into a world where #historical events happened differently. It's a bit like asking, "What if something major in the #past had turned out another way?"

Kam Reads and Recs
1 week ago

@bookstodon My #review of The Essex Serpent by Sarah Perry is now live! Expected a gothic or maybe folk horror story, but instead got a story about how our connections to others can change the people around us, for better and for worse. Very much a pleasant surprise.

#historical #literaryfiction

Full review here:

The cover of the Customs House edition of The Essex Serpent. Features an intricate, medieval-style illustration of a green-and-white scaled, snake-like body curling from top to bottom of the image, intertwining with yellow and orange flowers and leaves, all set against a black background.
Southern Minnesota Guy
1 week ago

Unity Trail

Blue Earth, Minnesota, USA; traditional territory of the Wahpeton and Očhéthi Šakówiŋ nations / Original 360° photos at

#tinyplanet #Insta360 #360photography #photography #Minnesota #travel #historical #museum #HoHoHo #GreenGiant

Jeremiah McCall
1 week ago

This observation makes me think abt how much a game's genre can play a critical role in the historical problem space a game presents. Different mechanics will represent the same historical phenomenon differently. An important part of game history / games as history 2/
#HIstorical game studies 2/

1 week ago

#ThrowbackThursday ~ Bella Toscana by Nanette Littlestone #Romance Across The Ages #ContemporaryFiction #Historical

It's Throwback Thursday and I'm joining TCL's Inlinkz link party with this month's choice, which is Bella Toscana by Nanette Littlestone. This was a book I chose to read and review for Rosie Amber’s book review team based on a copy supplied by the author. My Thoughts.

1 week ago

On the morning of December 6, 1917, two ships collided in Halifax Harbor, Nova Scotia, resulting in a massive blast that ultimately killed 2,000 people in the largest man-made explosion prior to the atomic age.

#HalifaxExplosion #Halifax #Thread #Historical #Newspapers

Articles and Clippings about the Halifax Explosion

Photo of injured survivors of the Halifax Explosion in 1917
Arthur Compton and John Sullivan, survivors of the Halifax Explosion 
Bandaged eyes, many were blinded by flying glass and debris. 
One newspaper clipping
2 weeks ago

11th anniversary of Bitcoin’s first halving: from $12 to $37,000 - Bitcoin experienced its first-ever halving 11 years ago today, an... - #cryptocurrencies #bitcoinhalving #bitcoinprice #historical

Ian Cylkowski Photography
2 weeks ago

The city of Durham. My first time ever visiting.

An ancient place, with a giant cathedral seated in the middle, 900-years old.

Plenty more photos from this wonderful day, right here -> 👍

#travel #architecture #autumn #fall #durham #countydurham #nature #uk #britain #england #photography #photo #photographie #history #historical

The image is an aerial view of a city with a large cathedral prominently featured. The cathedral has a pointed roof and is surrounded by a town with many buildings. The city is situated in a valley, with a lush green field nearby. The scene is bustling with activity, as there are several cars and a truck visible throughout the image. The overall atmosphere is that of a vibrant and thriving urban environment.
The image depicts a large, ornate church with a spacious interior. The church features a high ceiling and a large stained glass window, which allows natural light to fill the space. There are several benches placed throughout the church, providing seating for the congregation. In the scene, a group of people can be seen walking around the church, possibly attending a service or exploring the space. Some of the individuals are closer to the foreground, while others are further back in the scene. The overall atmosphere of the church is serene and inviting.
The image features a picturesque scene of a river flowing through a town, with a castle-like building in the background. The river is surrounded by trees, creating a serene atmosphere. The water is rushing, and there is a waterfall nearby. The scene is beautifully captured during sunset, casting a warm glow over the landscape.
The image depicts a large, ornate cathedral with a high ceiling and a long, narrow interior. The cathedral is filled with numerous pews, arranged in rows, and a large number of books are placed on the pews. The books are of various sizes and are spread across the cathedral, creating an atmosphere of learning and spirituality. The cathedral's architecture and design make it an impressive and majestic space for worship and reflection.
Rebecca Bryn
2 weeks ago

Discover award-winning #historical fiction, #mystery, and #fantasy books for adults. 'Outstanding storyteller'

William C. Tracy
2 weeks ago

A colonizer scientist and an #indigenous hunter both start having visions of an ancient scorpion god in Ajakava!
#fantasy #historical

Aabra Mastodon, PDX stereotype
2 weeks ago

Complaints about Ridley Scott’s “Napoleon” taking liberties with fact got me thinking about fav #historical #films that are weird but true:

Alex Cox’s “Walker” (1987) ended his career
Richard Linklater’s strange lil “Bernie”
“Zola” was best film of the year I swear!
I love Richard Pryor’s surreal biopic so much
2 weeks ago

"Large Winter Landscape with Castle in the Mountains " by Albert Bredow (1900's)
Status: Public Domain
#historicart #historicalart #historical art #history #art #medieval

Paul Baldowski
3 weeks ago

Have you pondered the possibility of investigating the supernatural threats and wonders of the Elizabethan world but needed a nudge to take the plunge?

The whole Dee Sanction range is 20% off in the All Rolled Up Black Friday sale until Monday!

That's less than £20 for both the Core Book AND six Adventures. Make haste!

#Elizabethan #historical #TTRPG #JohnDee #Walsingham #enochian

GeekDad Ken
3 weeks ago

The Words of Kings and Prophets: A Book Review
'The Words of Kings of Prophets,' is the excellent second novel in Shauna Lawless' Irish historical fantasy, 'Gael Song' series. #books #bookstodon #historical #fantasy

Kam Reads and Recs
3 weeks ago

@bookstodon My #review of The Night Ocean by Paul La Farge is now live! This was a really compelling read in ways that I hadn’t expected, but was pleasantly surprised by.

#historical #mystery #literaryfiction

Full review here:

The cover of The Night Ocean by Paul La Farge. Features a black-on-cream woodcut-style illustration of a spiral with the title at the center, while below is an illustration of a rippling body of water, with a hand sticking up out of it, reaching upwards.

Gesegneten Sonntag
Der Magdeburger Dom und davor die alte Hubbrücke
Blessed Sunday
Magdeburg Cathedral and the old lift bridge in front of it

#silentsunday #magdeburg #sachsen_anhalt #gmsfotos #cityscape #streetphotography #photography #church #historical

Der Magdeburger Dom und davor die alte Hubbrücke
Ian Cylkowski Photography
3 weeks ago

Welcome to one of rarest and best preserved Tudor and medieval Halls in the UK. This is Haddon Hall.

There are LOADS more photos from this place, plus some history, just on my website 👍

#architecture #history #historical #derbyshire #uk #britain #england #autumn #fall #peakdistrict #photography #photo #photographie

The image shows an interior space with a classic, perhaps historical, design. It features a high ceiling with exposed wooden beams, a large woven tapestry on the left wall, and a grand fireplace at the center. Natural light streams in from a gothic window on the right. There are two people seated near the fireplace, one in a yellow jacket and the other in a lighter coat, both appear to be elderly. There is also a blurred figure in motion, walking across the room. The room has an old-world charm with a sense of tranquility.
The image presents a view from the top of a stone staircase leading down to a stately garden adjacent to an impressive, historical stone building with large windows and ornate architecture. The lawn is manicured, featuring geometric hedge formations and a central fountain. The garden is bounded by low hedges and the building, with the rolling countryside extending into the distance under a dramatic, cloud-filled sky, suggesting an atmosphere of grandeur and the timeless elegance of a bygone era.
This image features a long, narrow hallway with an ornate ceiling patterned with plaster reliefs. The walls are adorned with dark wood paneling and the floor is carpeted. On one side, a row of tall, leaded glass windows with a stained glass emblem at the end lets in diffused natural light. There are wooden benches along the wall and a person in a blue top is seen seated, looking out the window. The atmosphere is serene and steeped in history.
The image depicts the interior of an ancient chapel or church. The architecture is Romanesque, with thick stone walls and a high wooden ceiling. In the foreground, there is a tomb effigy on a sculpted sarcophagus. The chapel is lit by natural light from a large stained glass window at the end of the space. Wooden pews and a gated altar area can be seen, with faded murals and decorative patterns on the walls. The space conveys a sense of historical significance and quiet reverence.
Ian Cylkowski Photography
4 weeks ago

Hallo! Been a while, sorry. Lot's been on.

Lovers of my landscape/nature work, this is not for you.

Welcome to Buxton, the famous Victorian spa town, steeped in history and well-known for its architecture and famous spring.

Plenty more photos are awaiting your eye cones right here 👍

#architecture #history #historical #buxton #derbyshire #peakdistrict #autumn #fall #photo #photography #photographie #travel #uk #britain #england

An ultra-wide perspective, showing a large potted plant full of flowers to the left, framed a grand Victorian opera house in the cetnre.
Looking up from one of the sweeping curve of the Crescent building in Buxton, half of it in shadow, half of illuminated by late afternoon light.
Exceptionally well-manicured Victorian garden park, complete with park and old gas lamps. In the distance various other Victorian buildings recede into the distance.
David Allan
4 weeks ago

Some well-travelled rolling stock here, shunted into the sidings at the Tanfield Railway.
It's claimed to be the world's oldest railway, with a section dating from 1725 and other parts in use since 1621. In addition, the line runs past Causey Arch, the world's oldest railway bridge.

#England #heritage #historical #railway #trains #monochrome #photography

A monochrome image of old rolling stock in sidings belonging to a heritage railway in Gateshead, North East England.
9 Wind Studios
1 month ago


Can any #histodon or #histodons #help me with finding some sources on battles during the #mexican #revolution , hopefully with #maps of each battlefield and the description of how the battles happened with specific troops?

Its so easy to find #historical information on other #history in the #1910s but surprisingly hard here.

I have an idea for 3D modelling and wish to see if its feasible.

#TheCommitteeWIllKillYouNow is here!!! This is my second book; the prequel to #TheAlgorithmWillSeeYouNow

It's a #historical #medicalthriller & #suspense, but it's also a love story -- between two characters but also a bigger love story; of young #doctors' love of #medicine, and how, like any dysfunctional relationship, one partner can twist that love to manipulate the other

I want to be sure to share a trigger warning for #physiciansuicide

#MedMastodon #bookstodon

Chris Jags
1 month ago

To writers of #Fantasy, #historical fiction, #sciFi, or basically anything that doesn't take place in [ your country, present time ], how obligated do you feel to include the modern societal values or morals of your culture in your work, particularly in the attitudes of your protagonists?

#amWriting #WritingCommunity #WritersOfMastodon

Jim Wald
1 month ago

Re: authentic & fake #Jews: the tragic #Gaza war has predictably led to bad #history going viral:. European Jews are descendants of medieval #Turkic converts--#Khazars-- & thus have no #historical & #genetic connection to the land of #Israel

It's a myth, promoted by a combination of the cynical or stupid, sadly embraced by the naive & uninformed

Sadly relevant, as I was long scheduled to give a virtual talk about this at Indiana University next week.

#Mazeldon #antisemitism 1/n

Map of Europe in the age of Charlemagne, c. 800, showing the Khazar Empire (in pink)
1 month ago
The Unsworth Manor Nudes. #Historical #NaturistFiction Visit to see how it began in Europe.
Lory Widmer Hess
1 month ago

Best books read in October, #3 -

The Temple of Fortuna by Elodie Harper

Thrilling conclusion to the Wolf Den trilogy, in which the Vesuvius eruption we've all been waiting for finally happens, but the real story is how life goes on after.

#historical #fiction #book #bookstodon #Rome #Pompeii #archaeology @bookstodon

Cover image showing an illustration of a green building with classical columns, and a woman and child reaching for each other
Golang Weekly
1 month ago
Ian Cylkowski Photography
1 month ago

I don't go to cities enough.

And I'd never been to Sheffield before.

Tell you what, it's a beautiful city and I had a lot of fun making photos of the city centre.

Loads more photos are ready for your eyeballs right here -> 👍

#architecture #history #historical #photography #photo #photographie #autumn #fall #uk #britain #england #sheffield

A clear blue sky day in autumn. Below, in the shadow of surrounding buildings, water fountains bubble up from the ground, pointing towards the grand gothic town hall.
A narrow walkway in between two dark and tall skyscrapers, lining the way towards an illuminated building with a cheesegrater like exterior.
A clear blue sky day. Ultra-wide photo of a series of constructed cascades that curve away towards a railway station in the distance.
The nave of a cathedral, with huge pillars and archway lining the nave on each side.
History of Art
2 months ago

October 20 - the birthday of Aelbert Cuyp (1620-1691) - one of the leading #Dutch Golden Age painters, especially known for his large views of Dutch riverside scenes in a golden early morning or late afternoon light.

#art #ArtHistory #ArtistBirthday #Ships #sailship #antique #history #historic #historical #Netherlands #sailboats

Dordrecht, situated at the confluence of the Maas and the Merwede rivers, serves as a backdrop to this historical scene on the water. In July 1646, a large Dutch transport fleet carrying thirty thousand soldiers and their equipment gathered at Dordrecht in a show of force by the rebel northern provinces—fighting for independence from the Spanish crown.
2 months ago

drawing a lot of fiddly settings at the moment... #wip #graphicnovel #comics #historical

lineart drawing of late 18thC sailing ships in a naval battle, surrounded by smoke from cannon fire
2 months ago

I always love the work that #BBC #Drama puts into its #historical #costume #design; such as these footwear gems from the episode "Walkabout" from Season 2 of Robin Hood.

#History #RobinHood #Outlaws #Nottingham

Three poor outlaw kids, sitting in Sherwood Forest with their backs to a tree. The photograph is taken in about 1180 CE so it's a pretty old camera, but it clearly shows that the shoes of the age aren't that different than what kids wear now.
Niklas Alt
2 months ago

Did you know that the city of #Vienna has vectorized the 19th century #historical #cadastral #maps for the entire current municipal area and published it as OpenData (CC-BY-SA)?😲 I didn't and only learned just this weekend about it in the context of an invitation to the university of Vienna. So much amazing #hgis data out there to discover. A huge thank you to the Vienna urban archeology as curator of the data 👍 below you see my quick and dirty #qgis rendering

Hey #bookstodon #ReadingCommunity,
my upcoming new book is available now on NetGalley! I'd love to get some more early readers & reviews!

Based on the true-life rationing of kidney dialysis in 1960s Seattle, a medical intern in 1992 tries to leave his painful past behind, only to uncover a shocking truth of 30 years prior & the lasting, generational harm of hidden secrets…

#MedMastodon #books #historical #suspense #MedicalEthics

trigger warning #physician #suicide

Alan McConchie
3 months ago

New text-on-maps search tool from the David Rumsey Map Library at Stanford:
#DavidRumsey #maps #cartography #historical #search #ocr

A grid showing dozens of snippets from scanned historical maps, all showing the text “Golden Gate Park” detected by the text-on-maps algorithm.
3 months ago

You can read more about my family's history with the boarding school that my late grandfather attended on #patreon.

I archived photos I took when we visited the school.

If you can subscribe monthly at any amount, it would be a huge help! I lost quite a bit of subscribers over the recession & my patreon is my primary source of income.

#NdnsOfPatreon #NativesOnPatreon #NativeWriters #PoliticalEducation #Historical #Archiving #MutualAid #IndigenousPeoplesDay

Michael Bundscherer
4 months ago

I have a #historical text from 1800 in which an old #Arabic #script with the Latin name "Carmatica" is mentioned.
Does anyone know what typeface this could be?

Noel J Penaflor
4 months ago
Anne Francis Wearing Aviary Earrings With Real Budgies In ‘Forbidden Planet’ (1956)
4 months ago

Visiting family and discovered they have a stereoscope and a batch of stereoscopic images from the late 1800s.

Thoroughly enchanted by it and them.

Going to get the scanner out to digitise the images properly (not just a snapshot on my phone as this one is).

Excellent wee project for the autumn.

#photography #stereoscope #stereoscopic #historical #history

A photo of an old wooden stereoscope, with a stereoscopic image in the holder. The stereoscope has a lens for each eye with a wooden surround to stop peripheral view / light and a barrier to separate the view for each eye. Beyond the headset is a holder for stereoscopic images (two images depicting left-eye and right-eye views of the same scene). Viewing through the device means that for most people they are shown as a single three-dimensional image. The image in this photo is a group of people on a boat. It is a thing of beauty and charm.
An example of a stereoscopic image from 1890, published by Strohmeyer & Wyman. 

It depicts a bedroom scene, with a man lying down staring to the right, looking dismayed. On the left is a stern looking woman wagging her finger at him. The text along the bottom reads 

"For heaven's sake, Maria, give us a rest!"
Die gardinen-predigt

(Nice bit of 130 year old casual sexism there.)

The two images look almost identical when viewed side-by-side without the stereoscope.
4 months ago

#Ancient #Architecture Might Be Key to Creating Climate-Resilient Buildings

Vernacular architecture is a way to use a region's heritage and resources to build strong homes and cities.

by Angely Mercado

"The United States has braved a year of multiple billion dollar weather disasters over the past couple of years. In 2021 alone, there were record-breaking #heatwaves , a #winterstorm that shut down cities across #Texas, multiple #hurricanes, record-breaking #wildfires, #tornadoes and #hail storms. All of which damaged public and private property and harmed people across the country.

"Part of preparing for even more extreme weather to come as a result of the #ClimateCrisis, is investing in resilient #infrastructure–something the current administration has already proposed. While building infrastructure may sound like a feat fit for futuristic technology, around the world climate-proofing has been happening already for centuries in the form of vernacular architecture. This form of architecture is defined by the use of traditional materials native to that particular region.

"According to a report in Oxford Urbanists, there is a possibility of a resurgence of vernacular architecture. Otherwise known as traditional, cultural design methods unique to a particular region, vernacular architecture is an alternative to the 'international style' of Eurocentric homes that took off globally after the first world war. Throughout the 20th century, 'identical skyscrapers, airports, malls and gas stations became icons of modern cities,' the report points out. However, those structures are not always made with climate change in mind, and don’t rely on locally sourced materials or local #cultural knowledge. Those homes were not made for the entire world’s diverse array of weather events like hurricanes, wildfires and tornadoes. Drawing on vernacular architecture could be a way of making our cities more resilient to an ever-changing climate.

"A well-known example of cultural and regional identity through vernacular architecture is #Pueblo architecture. The permanent, attached homes modeled after the cliff dwellings built by the Ancestral Pueblo (#Anasazi) culture first appeared around the year 1150 AD continue to be used by Pueblo peoples today. A common revival of the style called Santa Fe style, a mix of Pueblo architecture and Spanish colonial architecture, can be found in southwestern states like #Arizona and #NewMexico. Pueblo inspired homes that used dried mud often constructed with locally sourced materials. The thick mud walls are great insulation for both extreme heat and are made to protect residents from especially hot days and from cool desert nights.

"Across similarly sweltering Southern US states, vernacular architecture in the form of shotgun houses feature high ceilings for heat to rise up to, doors that are aligned to improve circulation into the home without costly AC bills.

"In some of the most heat-impacted places on the planet, #vernacular architecture is already being used worldwide in response to climate issues. Architects and designers are not just turning to local materials, they’re turning to #historical design to work around energy needs. Traditional #Arabian techniques like #mashrabiya have been incorporated into iconic modern buildings in Abu Dhabi, a city in one of the most heat-threatened countries in the world. Architects in #Morocco, which is especially vulnerable to climate change, have incorporated vernacular design, like large north-facing windows and smaller south-facing windows to bring in natural light while maximizing air flow for natural cooling and ventilation in public buildings like schools.

"'We wanted to retrieve a sense of heritage, but in a modern way,' Moroccan architect Driss Kettani told CNN. 'We tried to use the same (energy-efficient) solutions found in the small earthen towns in the south of Morocco.'

"These techniques can be used anywhere, even areas of the world with less-obvious climate impacts. Chris Lawson, the managing director at UK-based design firm CK Architectural says that the firm has worked in the #Cotswolds area, which is filled with towns that can source their own building materials. Woods used in the homes can come from local #trees that are already adapted for the English weather, which makes them an ideal building material. Builders are able to excavate the local limestone they need to build homes, a climate-friendly alternative to materials that often have to be transported from elsewhere and weren’t built to withstand the local weather.

"'It was incredibly strong, easy to find, a solid insulator from the Great British weather, and environmentally friendly due to no transportation requirements too,' he explains. 'This can be done across the whole world too.'"


Jeffrey Yost
4 months ago

CBI Image o' Day

Two of the Women Who Programmed the ENIAC, Penn, 1946.

Iconic photograph of Betty Jean Jennings (left) at edge of photo inserts a deck of cards containing initial data on which the ENIAC will operate, while Frances Bilas (right) removes a set of cards representing the result of the proceeding computation.

#computer #tech #technology #historical #history #photographs #photo #gender #women #womenintech #womenwhocode

Black and white square image with a partial view of Betty Jennings on the left, in the background, inserting cards and Frances Bilas removing the cards that have been read in the foreground on the right. In addition to the ENIAC Input and Output System with card readers you see the power plug ins to mounted on the wall behind the machines.
David Allan
5 months ago

High above Penzance in Cornwall, on the West Penwith moors, is a place where you literally touch the past.
I love places like this – Lanyon Quoit is a 'dolmen', a type of single-chamber megalithic tomb dating from the early Neolithic period (4000 to 3000 BC).
Even better if you arrive to find you're the only one around!

#Cornwall #England #historical #NationalTrust #ancient #megalithic #photography

Up on the West Penwith Moors, above Cornwall is this strange stone structure.
It's Lanyon Quoit, a 'dolmen', a type of single-chamber megalithic tomb dating from the early Neolithic period (4000 to 3000 BC).
Kam Reads and Recs
7 months ago

@bookstodon My #review of #GrandmasterofDemonicCultivation Vol. 5 (#MoDaoZuShi) by #MoXiangTongXiu has gone live! This was a great wrap-up of the series: bittersweet for the most part, which I think makes better sense than an out-and-out happy ending.

#danmei #xianxia #historical #fantasy #romance

Full review here:

The cover of Grandmaster of Demonic Cultivation Vol. 5. Features Wei Wuxian and Lan Wangji enjoying a tender moment in a grassy field, with some trees in the background.
Webdev Weekly
7 months ago

Memoirs from the old web: IE's crazy content rating system


#historical #webdev

Rebecca @ RH Fine Arts
7 months ago

Eastern State Penitentiary in Pennsylvania. Fascinating place to visit today and likely a very dismal place to be incarcerated. However the lighting from the only light source illuminates the lines of the corridor and cell doorways makes for a strange and unusual beautiful piece of art.


#Art #MastoArt #Photography #Photo #Pennsylvania #prison #Landmarks #artmatters #architecture #depthoffield #Moody #classic #History #Historical

Eastern State Penitentiary in Pennsylvania. Strangely beautiful with the light dropping from the ceiling. Old brick walls and slate floors lined with cell doors.