2 weeks ago

St Marys #Hitchin - & fountain!

Small fointin lit up in front of St Marys Hitchin
2 months ago

Very strange -corn cobs rotting in the field in #Hitchin #Hertfordshire - cobs are about £1.00 each even in Aldi to buy for dinner -does not seem right should let people pick them if cant be bothered to harvest #CostOfLivingCrisis

Corn stems with overipe cobs in a field stretching into the distance
Clare Hooley
2 months ago

Lots of running races coming up in #Letchworth. First my club’s big race, the standalone 10k this weekend (; race is sold out but for anyone entered, looking forward to cheering you at ~3k.
But not to worry if you’re not at that, #LoveLetchworth are running the ‘run round the garden’ 5k and/or 1 mile race on November 5th (

#Running #RunningRace #hitchin #baldock

3 months ago

Wicked cool new pop up art exhibition in #hitchin!!

6 months ago

It's "another weekend, another #BeerFestival" time of year. Back to our old hunting grounds in #Hitchin.

A keg tap bar at a beer festival.
Ambigram Art
8 months ago

Returning Officer, are you aware that #Hitchin & #Harpenden #
MP’s Constituency are sending voters Postal Vote registration forms with a return envelope to the Conservatives?
Got to be illegal. But they do have a free post address I'm going to make use of with all my junk mail.
#postalvote #gtto #ToriesOut #tories #electoralCommission

Prepaid envelope to send a postal vote to the Tories. Must be illegal.
Carol Hedges
1 year ago

CHRISTMAS coffee .#Hitchin

Cat Daisy
1 year ago

Good afternoon in the sunshine at Top Field yesterday watching Hitchin Town FC battle to a deserved 2-1 win over Alvechurch FC #Hitchin #football

1 year ago

Sometimes you just want to walk into the distance… #Hitchin

Pathway across farmland stretching into the dustance
1 year ago

Path down to #Hitchin this morning :)