9 hours ago

The FBI noted a trend of dual ransomware attacks conducted in close proximity to one another. In early 2022, multiple ransomware groups increased use of custom data theft, wiper tools, and malware to pressure victims to negotiate.

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Daniel Cachapa
4 days ago

Introducing a family of #OpenSource #LocalFirst #Dart and #Flutter #CRDT packages including support for #Sqlite, #PostgreSQL, #Hive and even plain old hashmaps.

With a #sync layer to enable #realtime communication between any combination of those.

Try the demo:

5 days ago

I tried all kinds of #TWITTER alternatives. #Hive, #BlueSky, etc. Most are just bad clones that can't do half what the original did. But the original constantly reminds me why I NEED an alternative. I didn't give up on #Mastodon, I just got curious about the others. But they suck, so i'm back. Let's make this work!

Prof Felipe Gusmao
5 days ago

#Australia abandons efforts to eradicate deadly #parasite #varroa #mite after 15 months

>Resources will be reallocated to slowing the spread of the #pest
>Non-compliance from #beekeepers and illegal #hive movement was a major factor in the failed eradication effort
>#Government and #industry groups made the unanimous decision to move to a #management approach

#bees #bee #Conservation #Sustainability #EnvironmentalEthics #ethics

verroa mite on a bee
Sylvain Cloutier 🍁
6 days ago
Tom Shaw
1 week ago

Looked at the hive this morning and they were having trouble removing the deceased due to a puddle at their entrance. I decided since I've been doing roof repair this past week to build a roof for the bees.

It fits the spacing of the screws in the china-hives, which is 2 inches. I had it at the top of the deep (3rd photo) at first but when I looked at the photos it seemed too high so I moved it to the bottom. Sealed with beeswax along the top edge.

#beekeeping #bees #hive

A photo showing a small roof installed on a langstroth hive to keep the entrance drier when it rains. It is a recycled cedar board placed at a 5:12 pitch on cedar supports. It attaches to to the existing screw spacing that is common with many of these hives that are manufactured in China. It extends beyond the supports the same amount as the telescoping outer cover extends beyond the outside of the hive boxes to maintain a similar visual appeal. A bee is inspecting the joint where the roof meets the hive box.
A photo showing a small roof installed on a langstroth hive to keep the entrance drier when it rains. It is a recycled cedar board placed at a 5:12 pitch on cedar supports. It attaches to to the existing screw spacing that is common with many of these hives that are manufactured in China. It extends beyond the supports the same amount as the telescoping outer cover extends beyond the outside of the hive boxes to maintain a similar visual appeal. There are a few bees around the entrance to the hive.
A photo showing a small roof installed on a langstroth hive to keep the entrance drier when it rains. In this photo the roof is placed near the top of the primary deep box. It was later moved to the location depicted in the other photos. Some bees are at the entrance to the hive.
1 week ago

Nejlepší reklamou na tetování je dobře potetovaný tatér 😺


Matthew Green
2 weeks ago

I’m wary about following the crowd and using godot because I’m old enough to remember when everyone was flocking to hive #gamedev #godot #hive

Mike Harvey
2 weeks ago

#today I've finally got my #Hive thermostat working again. It turned out that it just needed re pairing, rather than repairing.

2 weeks ago
What I most enjoy* about the #Hive API is not that you only get a 1h token and refreshing it is annoying, nor that it'll just randomly give you a 502 sometimes, but that the information you want is 4 levels down in a data structure and each one of those levels can sometimes be empty whilst still giving a 200 response.

Which means you end up with a huge list of `if x is nil` checks as you slowly descend into the realms of madness and I hate it I HATE IT IHATEIT.
Sand Hill Thicket
2 weeks ago

Our original #hive has made what we think is a queen cell. 🤔😆 It was not there when we did hive inspections and introduced a frame of brood from the swarm hive. Interestingly, this creation is not on that frame! The plot thickens. Still a mystery. We were thinking, timing wise, that this queen cell must be very close to hatching between today and tomorrow as it wasn't there on Labor Day. #beekeeping #bees

A queen cell dangling down off of a big round clump of comb at the bottom of the frame.
3 weeks ago

🐝🚪🔔What's inside your doorbell?
My artworks: visit:
#bees #hive

Mark Fraser
1 month ago

Has anyone tried #hacking the #Hive devices that are now not supported?

Big Pawed Bear
1 month ago

anyone with a #hive leak sensor and certain cameras from them will lose service tomorrow. this is also due to happen for some security and connectivity devices too.

#AlertMe and #Hive drivers for #Hubitat have been updated to support the healthStatus custom attribute, instead of misusing presence detection.

I’ll sort the others in time too, it’s really not a big tweak.


1 month ago

Introducing a new #queen to a queenless #hive split. This queen is a OHB #Saskatraz from Mann Lake. Experiment to see how this breed does. #beekeeping

Sand Hill Thicket
1 month ago

Did #beehive inspections today. Our original #hive is still in stasis - a lot of #honey, but very little brood, & are only working on the original 5 drawn out frames that came with the #nuc we purchased in spring. There must be a new #virginqueen in the hive because we saw a few larva. We cannot figure out why she hasn't laid a bunch of brood, unless she died recently. Stumped.

In contrast, our swarm hive is outta control & made burr comb on the underside of the queen excluder!😂 #Beekeeping /1

Silly bees made a big hanging piece of burr comb on the underside of the queen excluder, which is shown here upside down.
Owain Williams
1 month ago

Busy weekend ahead!! Installing radiator thermostats around the house! #hive

Dissent Doe :cupofcoffee:
2 months ago

One year later, Tift Regional Medical Center in Georgia notifies patients of #Hive attack.

This attack didn't involve encryption, but it still took Tift from August 2022 when they discovered the breach until now to send notification letters to 180,142 people?

@brett @allan @ax @lorenzofb

#databreach #ransom #cybersecurity #Hive #incidentresponse #HIPAA #HITECH

2 months ago

She sinking, captain! #beekeeping #hive

Beehive listing over into the ground next to avocado tree
Dunbar's Number
2 months ago

How is this not illegal? You prevent my equipment that was working perfectly fine from working and demand money from me for a new one? Isn't that extortion? #Hive #BritishGas

The British Gas company, Hive, extorting customers
Tom Shaw
2 months ago

Bees buzzing and a traffic jam at the entrance.

#beekeeping #bees #hive

Bees at the entrance to a bee hive. Some are entering and leaving, some are just hanging out.
Tom Shaw
2 months ago

The bees on this hot summer evening. Currently 85F / 29.7C outside and calm. 🕢 🐝

#beekeeping #bees #hive

phone camera, no zoom.

The entrance of a honey bee hive. Bees are coming and going and others just hanging out there.
2 months ago

#beekeeping #science Sound frequency analysis on this calm #hive. D#3, D#4 are the primary frequencies. Not sure what corresponds with what, but it's interesting they are different.

Frequency analysis of a calm hive.
2 months ago

#beekeeping #science Here's the recording of a #calm hive. We opened it, this is about 10 minutes later when they are just happily gathering honey, and ignoring the beekeepers. You'll note you don't hear any angry bees flying around... just a constant hum (probably some of these #bees blowing air into the #hive) Temps around 82-85F.

2 months ago

Ihr wisst ja sicher schon, dass ihr auf der besten aller Twitter Alternativen unterwegs seid, wenn ihr das lest. Oder heißt es jetzt X-te Alternative?

#twitter #twitteralternative #mastodon #fediverse #threads #hive #bluesky #activitypub #nostr #at #hig #hechtinsgefecht #social #agentur #digitalagentur

J. Martin
2 months ago

Sooooo… #Ello keeps being down everywhere (Site, App, Status Page). I think it’s dead, Jim.

And today I remembered I’m also still on #Hive! I checked: yes, it’s alive. I follow exactly one (1) person, @scalzi, who hasn’t posted over there for eight months WHICH IS ACTUALLY a lot more than I ever did there, shame on me.

Thus, for Hive, all in all, take the term “alive” with a grain of salt.

So this odd round hives and join aches have started up since I took the shingle vaccine 3 weeks ago. Dr said 100% not from vaccine. So what can it be. I am going to urgent care today because one of my fingers, and jow are bothering me this morning. #ArtistLife #Health #hive #joints

🎶 Don’t need no blue bird

Don’t need no blue sky

Don’t need no frayed Threads

This bee don’t need no Hive

Already got a place to Post

I got me a Mastodon

And that’s the only one I need 🎶

Was I trying to sing this and make it work somehow, while in my kitchen, baking late night cookies, and shaking my booty?

Maybe. :nkolul:

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3 months ago

Hive Blockchain Shifts Focus to AI, Rebrands as Hive Digital Technologies - Prominent crypto mining firm Hive Blockchain has rebranded itself to Hive Digital Technol... - #artificialintelligence #cryptomining #altcoinnews #gpu

Dóminique ⏚ 
3 months ago

Wired vient de sortir un excellent comparatif entre les nouvelles #apps de réseaux sociaux concurrents de #Twitter et notamment quelles données captent-ils ?
En résumé, faut mieux éviter #Threads #hive #spill. #bluesky, la nouvelle app de Dorsey s'en sort relativement... Eh bien sûr #mastodon les bat tous haut la main sur la protection de nos données.



Marcus "MajorLinux" Summers
3 months ago

I feel that the hostility that people are showing to the platform and to those who use it because "it's cool to dump on #Meta" are actually going to be what hinders people from coming over from other platforms when they realize it's just not working for them.

It's the reason why Black folks don't want to come here and rely on #Threads, #Spill, #Hive, #Bluesky, or even #Twitter still.

Honestly, if you aren't going to use it, don't.

That's it.

No need to harp on it.

I'm sure we all know why.

Michael Wirth
3 months ago

Still trying to find someplace to go while #Twitter goes into a deeper nosedive. #Mastodon has always seemed to lack interaction. (At least, I can't seem to get any on my toots.) #Hive is just a ghost town still. And I just joined #Spoutible but most people want to shout about their liberal politics rather than talk about anyone else. So at this point, I just don't know where to go.

BT (Binary Tango)
3 months ago

Anyone have a status on how #Hive is doing this weekend?

Dan Bowman
4 months ago


The #fediverse seems to favor patient and #curious users. And that is probably a good and logical filter. Everyone else can invest their energy in #hive, #meta, #linkedin, etc.

Mathew J. Schwartz
4 months ago

How many ransomware-wielding hackers can claim among their bona fides to have caused a national cheese shortage, not least in the Gouda-loving Netherlands?
#Wazawaka #Matveev #Babuk #LockBit #Hive
h/t @john_fokker @intel471inc @northwave_sec @trellixarc @recordedfuture @ddd1ms

4 months ago

@basil It's everyone's dream; remember when Mark Shuttleworth wanted a unified desktop? This #Hive lark I'm involved with started out as a blogging platform. Now it's "All things to all people" It's a crypto trading, gaming, gambling, movie, music platform you can sometimes read things in between funny gifs and memes. #LeSigh

Dissent Doe :cupofcoffee:
4 months ago

Russian National Charged with Ransomware Attacks Against Critical Infrastructure:

"According to the indictment obtained in the District of New Jersey, from at least as early as 2020, Mikhail Pavlovich Matveev, aka Wazawaka, aka m1x, aka Boriselcin, aka Uhodiransomwar, allegedly participated in conspiracies to deploy three ransomware variants. These variants are known as LockBit, Babuk, and Hive, and Matveev transmitted ransom demands in connection with each."

Read more from DOJ at:

#ransomware #malware #Matveev #Wazawaka #m1x #Boriselcin #Uhodiransomwar
#databreach #infosec #cyberattacks #Babuk #LockBit #Hive

Brett Callow
4 months ago

US Treasury sanctions #ransomware operator for "role in launching cyberattacks against U.S. law enforcement, businesses, and critical infrastructure." Reward of up to $10 million offered. #LockBit #Hive #Babuk

Brett Callow
5 months ago

A list of 70k names and SSNs claimed to be obtained from Norman Public Schools is being shared on a hacker forum. #NPS was listed by #Hive last year. #ransomware

@PogoWasRight @douglevin

5 months ago

I find this morning's #crypto spam flood fascinating. Seemingly a single actor is able to take attention of incredible amount of people (my own including). Complainers, observers, and mitigators activated.

From a single actor. Pretty cool if you think about it the ripples that an action like that can cause.

Glad to see it happening. That's how life is: messy, random, with disproportionate impact and effort scattered to the players. It's a way to make the #hive stronger, or kill it.

Mark Britten
5 months ago

@atomicpoet #Hive is riddled with security issues, so I'm guessing that's why they don't use that.

It's a reasonable question though, but I wonder if some of it is ignorance.
6 months ago

Quand #Altice racontait @reflets...

Le piratage de son serveur par le groupe #hive, vu par Altice.

Brett Callow
6 months ago

#Royal has listed #Alvaria. The company previously disclosed a breach as a result of an incident involving #Hive in November last year. Hmm. #Ransomware

Dani Danis
6 months ago


I‘m also at other places like #Hive, which, erm… got a very rocky start & #MyCafe which has a lot of potentials, especially with the Cafés (=groups), but needs lots more users.

#Naoo has the same problem. In my opinion, they also focus too much on influencers and trying to bribe people with earning points instead of actually trying to build a community.

#Subs can be fun as an Instagram alternative, but it can be a bit tricky to navigate.

6 months ago

Well this is a terrible piece of UI design #AmazonAlexa #Hive

Screen shots from the Alexa Hive skill. There is a thermostat button labelled On in one shot and Off in the other. There’s no way to tell if “On” means “Turn On” or “Is On”.
Herbaciany Mag
6 months ago

20 marca 2020 roku decentralizacja wygrała z centralizacją. Społeczność sieci #Steem, która nie chciała działać w sieci, która w zamyśle udaje tylko zdecentralizowaną dokonała forku sieci #Steem i tak powstał #Hive, która dość szybko przegoniła swoją protoplastkę.

Polska społeczność w 100% opowiedziała się za decentralizacją, a na #Steem praktycznie wiatr.

Na Hive

Na Steem

Brett Callow
7 months ago

"John Hogan told reporters today that advice from security experts prevents him from saying whether the province paid the group a ransom." #Hive #ransomware #newfoundlandandlabrador

Eva Wolfangel
7 months ago

Viele hatten den Erfolg der Aktion gegen #Hive ja in Frage gestellt, weil es keine Festnahmen gab.Ich auch. Weil Hardware schnell ersetzt ist und die kriminelle Energie ja bleibt. Aber die Strategie sei gewesen, bewusst erst die Reputation zu zerstören. "Die kriegen im Darknet keinen Fuß mehr auf den Boden", sagte Lorch. "Da herrscht Zeter und Mordio" (er liest immer noch mit, inzwischen triumphierend). Schließlich hat Hive die Behörden ein halbes Jahr lang in der eigenen Kommunikation gehabt.

Eva Wolfangel
7 months ago

Und er hat mit einem Mythos aufgeräumt, dem ich auch angehangen bin: Dass die Hinterleute der Ransomware-Banden alle in Russland sitzen und damit nicht greifbar für Strafverfolgungsbehörden. Die Angst, an der Front zu landen, Internetzensur und mangelnde Bandbreite treiben sie raus aus Russland, sagt er. Nachdem Lorch und seine Kolleg:innen ein halbes Jahr mitgelesen haben, wissen sie viel persönliches über die Hinterleute. "Jetzt geht es an die Köpfe", sagt er.
#Ransomware #Hive #cybersecurity

Eva Wolfangel
8 months ago

Neulich, als das FBI die Ransomwaregruppe Hive hochgenommen hat, hieß es, der entscheidende Tipp sei von einer Cybercrime-Einheit aus Esslingen gekommen. Ich hab mal nachgeschaut, was die da machen. Interessant fand ich die Wandlung eines Ermittlers, der seit 25 Jahren Kriminalbeamter ist, aber jetzt so richtig wütend, seit er für Cybercrime zuständig ist. Er hat Hive 6 Monate lang zugeschaut - von innen: deren Kommunikation mitgelesen etc
#cybersecurity #ransomware #hive

PJ Coffey
8 months ago


OK! So let's curate.

#writers #publishing #socialMedia #Hive #PostSocial

Cross reference to:

#TTRPG #TTRPGCreator #Kickstarter #NotDnD

Oh! And #ChuckWendig so people can find this profile!

Roni Laukkarinen
8 months ago

Current #Twitter alternatives:

- #Mastodon
- #Spoutible
- #CounterSocial
- #TruthSocial
- #Hive
- #Post

Only one of these have a future, because of its openness and decentralization. And that's Mastodon.

Opalsec :verified:
8 months ago

This week's edition of SOC Goulash, our Weekend Wrap-Up of infosec news, is live and hot off the press!

Building on last week's flagging of the increase in abuse of #Malvertising, researchers have observed it being abused to deliver #ASyncRAT and #xworm payloads, as well as to harvest master passwords for Password Manager solutions like #Bitwarden and #1Password.

#Hive ransomware have had their infrastructure seized in a multi-national law enforcement operation. The authorities lurked in their infrastructure for six months, gathering communications & information on their members and stealing 1,300 decryption keys that enabled them to avert ~$130 million in potential ransom payments.

North Korea's crypto-hunting actors have been agile in adopting emerging tradecraft and developing novel payloads. With $1 billion worth of funds brought into the hermit kingdom in 2022, orgs in the #cryptocurrency and #DeFi space will need to be on guard coming into 2023.

#PlugX malware continues to be developed, with new variants spotted in the wild capable of spreading via USB, upgrading old installations, and pilfering documents from hosed computers.

#vulnerabilities in the Realtek SDK have been exploited nearly 130 million times between August and December last year alone by botnets seeking to grow their numbers.

Security researchers Horizon3 intend to release a PoC #exploit for CVSS 9.8 RCE vulnerabilities in VMWare's vRealize Log Insight product this week - make sure you're patched!

For our paid subscribers, we've got some additional articles on:
1. The adoption of OneNote for payload delivery, and tips for analysis;
2. An overview of CVE-2022-34689, a critical Windows vulnerability that could be abused to intercept & decrypt encrypted communications or spoof code-signing of malicious executables;
3. A vulnerability/not-vulnerability in #KeePass, with no patch and an unknown scope of impact, allowing attackers to dump plaintext credentials from the Password Manager.

As always, there's a tonne of additional goodies to be found in the newsletter that I couldn't cover here, so check it out here:

#infosec #CyberAttack #Hacked #cyber #news #cybernews #infosec #infosecnews #informationsecurity #cybersecurity #hacking #security #technology #hacker #vulnerability #vulnerabilities #malware #ransomware #dfir #redteam #soc #threatintel #threatintelligence #malvertising #passwordmanager #vmware #poc

Dissent Doe :cupofcoffee:
8 months ago

Law enforcement can take a well-deserved victory lap about #Hive #ransomware gang being disrupted, but then back to work, please.

This month, I've noted at least 7 U.S. healthcare entities claimed as new victims by 5 different groups. And that doesn't include at least another 5 ransomware incidents where we do not yet have attribution and an uncertain number of other reports where it's not clear whether it was ransomware or not because the entities' notifications are too damned vague.

#databreach #dataprotection #infosec #cybersecurity #HealthSec #HIPAA #HITECH

8 months ago
Graham Cluley
8 months ago

Hive ransomware leak site and decryption keys seized in police sting.

The FBI penetrated Hive’s infrastructure in late July 2022, capturing decryption keys, and offering them to victims worldwide so they do not have to pay a ransom.

#cybercrime #cybersecurity #hive #ransomware #fbi #databreach

The word "Hive" in front of some hexagons, with some police tape for good measure.  Basically it's meant to suggest that the Hive ransomware group has had its website seized.
9 months ago

I’m sure  imposed rules on the App Store that said all app devs have to include an option to delete user data in their app?

The Hive social media app has disabled this ability and it’s been out of action for some time.

It’s rather annoying as I want all of my data gone from the site.

Anyone know if I’m right?

#appledevelopers #ios #appstore #apple #hive

Yahia Lababidi
9 months ago

@Gargron I have 5,000 followers on #facebook; 3,000 on #twitter & over 1,000 on #Hive ….

But, I’m spending more & more time here (with only 20 followers, so far).


Tim Erickson, @stpaultim
9 months ago

Games I've played this holiday season.

* #SushiGo
* #NoThanks
* #Monikers
* #Pandemic
* One Night Ultimate Werewolf
* #Bananagrams
* #Hive
* #Doppelkopf
* #Doomlings
* Family Drama (you won't find this one at Games by James).

Games I fondled and prepared for, but have yet to find enthusiastic players for:

* Dominion
* Sythe

What are you playing?

#BoardGames #Holidays

Dissent Doe :cupofcoffee:
9 months ago

Cyber attacks set to become ‘uninsurable’, says Zurich chief:

My comment: Making ransom payments uninsurable is not likely to reduce the likelihood of k-12 entities becoming victims -- at least not based on what #ViceSociety and #Hive have said to me. They don't even check insurance before deciding whether to attack a victim.

#ransomware #cyberinsurance #cyberattack #infosec #cybersecurity #EduSec

@douglevin @brett

Leon Brocard
9 months ago

I’ve started using Home Assistant and Hive thermostatic radiator valves to monitor the temperature of the rooms in my house. It’s nice to have this data hosted by myself and be able to make automations. Also I can make pretty charts like this one, which shows the temperature in my kitchen slowly drops over night. #homeAssistant #hive

A chart of showing the temperature in my kitchen overnight. It gets slowly colder. When the heating turns on in the morning, it gets warmer.
Graham Cluley
10 months ago

Hive ransomware gang claims responsibility for attack on Intersport that left cash registers disabled.

Read more in my article on the Bitdefender blog:

#cybersecurity #ransomware #malware #hive

Intersport logo.  Abstract image of numbers on red background.
10 months ago

I would like to claim responsibility for this, since the timing matches very well with a relaxation of my aperiodic visits to the fowl site to give a hand in the #TwitterMigration, by helping with the onboarding, spreading the news about the existence of #Mastodon and the #Fediverse, and warning them about the minefield of red flags that are places like #Hive and #PostNews. It's a good thing I don't have such an inflated ego though.

Robert Kingett
10 months ago

Honestly glad I never tried HiveSocial or any of these other, new, centralized alternatives. My website will always be my main hub. The Fediverse will be my last social media pitstop. If the whole Fediverse collapses, well, email's always there and it works. Same with blogs and RSS feeds. #Hive #HiveSocial

Erin Fulmer
10 months ago

My biggest problem with Mastodon is that I am unable to dig up my unlisted post from 2-3 weeks ago that grumpily predicted #Hive would melt down by this week.

Every morning I check to see if they’ve come back online and I can’t even cite my own correctness lol

Note to self: bookmark all future predictions for I told you so purposes 😆

David Brent
10 months ago

@godlessmom @scalzi Well, it doesn't sound like we'll be going back. 😉

FWIW, the interface was very pretty with its inviting black screen and colorful border. I think maybe I was turned off because it felt almost TOO much like Twitter. #Hive #twittermigration #mastodonFTW

David Brent
10 months ago

@scalzi I started a #Hive account a few weeks ago because some authors and news people I follow on the bird site were talking about migrating there. Besides creating the account, I've done nothing with it and am content to let it languish and die. I'm not comfortable putting my social media data in the hands of a couple of kids essentially running the operation out of their dorm. #twittermigration

Mark Crocker
10 months ago

@mike @AuroraMystique @tchambers yeah the #hive hashtag has lots of references to good articles on their #security problems.

Though as soon as I saw a (long lost) post warning about the dangers of a social media platform with a proprietary **APP-ONLY** model, it was it was obvious to me that #hive was not a platform for me! They were either going to be evil, a security disaster or both, which seems to have planned out. 🙁

P.S. @mike, I'm also #Canadian 😉