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Maureen Landes, REALTOR!
4 days ago

What to Look for in a Roofer: A Homeowner's Checklist

#roofer #roof #roofing #homeimprovement #home

These three paltry little ceiling lights have probably been the most complicated and annoying #homeimprovement project I ever did. 😑

What I learned: pulling additional cables into an existing double ceiling SUCKS. I ended up using various plastic rods with neodymium magnets taped on, an LED at the end of the cable, and a borehole camera (after several other failed attempts).

And it's not exactly helpful to find random (?) bits of sheet metal in between the ceiling plates. 🤬


Three recessed lights on a white ceiling

Today was a very tough day from a metal health perspective. I was in a lot of bad places, and I had many panic attacks and self-doubt (and self-loathing) episodes.

But, luckily, I ended today on a good note. I installed a new kitchen tap (faucet) set. It's looking great!

#IDidThat #DIY #HomeImprovement #Saturdays

A new stainless steel mixer kitchen faucet in a double kitchen sink. There are various plants placed on the windowsill behind, including some carrot tops growing.
Maureen Landes, REALTOR!
1 week ago
1 week ago

Baking day! Pies, cranberry bread, cranberry everything. All the cranberries. It's the feast of cranberry in this house. Also going to help husband measure the trim for my office (!!!), he did the closet yesterday. #baking #HomeImprovement

Maureen Landes, REALTOR!
2 weeks ago

Expert Tips and Tricks for a Successful Roof Repair

Read more 👉

#roof #roofrepair #roofing #homes #homeimprovement #HomeImprovementIdeas

Dean Segovis
2 weeks ago

First remodel project in the new house. #hammer #remodel #homeimprovement

2 weeks ago

Stated time to install this hot water heater jacket - 30 minutes. So far - 2 hours and counting. A handyman I'm not.

When I replumbed our house in Georgia (converted it to Pex, with home runs to manifolds, that was about 10 months of times I spent in the crawlspace. But I was putting down 15mil plastic as well. And replacing heating ducting.

Anyway, still a bit to do, back to it.

#home #homeimprovement

From a reclaimed mantle, through tons of paint removal and sanding, to a finished electric fireplace installed in time for winter. I can be pretty handy when I want. #HomeImprovement #Handyman #DoItYourself

Fireplace mantle on saw horses with a palm sander ready to work.
Fireplace mantle standing up with a wooden insert where the fireplace goes. Ready to be painted.
Finished electric fireplace from the reclaimed mantle. Painted white and mounted on a dark blue wall. Grey stone surrounds the electric fireplace insert.
Nefarious Aryq
2 weeks ago

I miss when This Old House did more modest-sized projects.

#ThisOldHouse #AskThisOldHouse #HomeImprovement

Paul Woodford
2 weeks ago

If things go as planned our week-long flooring and painting project will wrap up today. All the dogs know is they're penned up in the home office again, no end in sight, poor things. #homeimprovement #dachshundsofmastodon

Fritzi & Lulu in jail
Mr. B in his prison cell
2 weeks ago

El actor #TimAllen quiere regresar a uno de sus éxitos de los años 90 y revivir la serie #Unchapuzasencasa #HomeImprovement

2 weeks ago
2 weeks ago

改造家中电路的时候需要用到大量 NMD90 14/2 的电线。这种电线的外壳里有三根导线——黑皮的火线、白皮的零线和裸铜的地线(如图)。




NMD90 14/2 Electric Wire product image from
Paul Woodford
3 weeks ago
Living/dining room, work in progress
Emily C Taylor
3 weeks ago

In the process of installing my new dishwasher I have discovered the electrical outlet behind it needs moving. While investigating THIS I discovered the faceplate uses flathead screws; while the box is fastened to the wall with one Phillips and one Robertson screw. Whoever installed this was clearly deeply troubled. 🤨 #HomeImprovement

Honestly, kids cartoons and Barbie dolls really did nothing to prepare me for the amount of plumbing and home maintenance work that adult life entails 🙃😢

interior of a junction box after the electrical socket cover has been removed. The two screws holing it to the wall are: 
Top right: Robertson screw; bottom left: slightly blurry Phillips screw.
3 weeks ago

🩻 Using my X-Ray films to polarize windows.

I knew I was keeping those for a reason.

#DIY #HomeImprovement

Credit Repair
3 weeks ago

🏠 Dreaming of a Home Depot shopping spree? 🛒 Find out the credit score you need to get approved for the Home Depot Card! 🔑

#HomeDepotCard #CreditScoreTips #HomeImprovement #CreditCardApproval #FinancialTips #CreditScore #DIYProjects

1 month ago




天花板是 16 ft 高,地板是 SPC vinyl,墙上有一条 AC90 armoured cable 接了一个 4 inch metal surface square box 装了 double-gang duplex receptacle 和 decora wall plate…


1 month ago

改造了阁楼的电路,增加了新的电线,装了开关和插座,接了一个 8000 lm 的灯,给黑暗的阁楼带来了光明!




An unfinished attic with fibreglass insulation scattered around and a shop light hanging on the rafter.
A 4-inch square box with 4 Romex cables coming in from different knockouts. A cover plate is nearby.
The same box with wire nuts installed.
A Romex cable being pulled out through a hole by a fish tape.
1 month ago

You can't get obsessed the way old people drive through water if their servants are on fire. (t t) #ToolTime #HomeImprovement

Our stove/oven is starting to have problems. It's been repaired a couple of times in its 20 year life but it's probably time to replace it. I can't believe how expensive appliances have gotten. What if I don't need Wi-Fi and several other unnecessary things? There's not much between rental grade and bullshit level of bells and whistles.

#adulting #homeimprovement #homerepair

Charles Perry
1 month ago

I need to install an oak threshold in a doorway in my basement. The threshold will be fastened to a concrete floor. Can I just use a strong construction adhesive (like PL Premium Max), or do I really need to use mechanical fasteners (like TapCons)? I’d like to use adhesive if I can in order to avoid buying a hammer drill and putting more holes in my floor. #woodworking #HomeRepair #HomeImprovement

1 month ago

#Homeimprovement #skills #tools

Gotta' say I did pretty good browsing you tube on how to remove my old kitchen faucet that began gushing a waterfall last night and re-installing a new one today. Had to buy a basin wrench that rotates and it was easy after that. Yeah #me 😂 Store wanted $220 to install per their sign but I gladly took on the challenge after watching some how to vids and some how not to vids. 🍸

Worn out old kitchen faucet and after watching the you tube video and seeing it was never installed correctly, I'm surprised it lasted as long as it did.  Also learned that the "contractor" I hired at the time wanted $200 for this faucet and it actually costs only $60.  It was a knock off.
New Delta faucet $160 but totally worth it and installed by yours truly.
1 month ago

If there is one task in #homeimprovement that I loathe, it’s caulking

1 month ago

Es war mir eine große Freude Die Dünnbrettbohrer in ihrem Podcast zu besuchen. 😀

Gemeinsam schrauben wir am Motorblock und reden über Folge 1.07 von „Hör mal wer da hämmert“. 🔧🪛🧰

#HomeImprovement #Podgast 🫶

Im Set der Heimwerker-Sendung „Tool Time“. Tim stützt sich sauer schauend am Tisch ab. Neben ihm sägt Al gerade eine Holzleiste auf Gehrung.
Aabra Mastodon, PDX stereotype
1 month ago

Basement stairwell, finished. What an ordeal #remodel #homeimprovement

Before: light switch stapled (!) to wobbly handrail
After: light switch enclosed inside solid wall actually tied into floor
Bandit 🌙
1 month ago

got some wall mounted “hooks” our entrance! just convenient for guests and our coats


1 month ago

We were talking about light roof colour as a no-brainer to reduce energy use and heat islands 20 years ago. The facts that: 1. It's still legal to paint your roof black, and 2. that people would do it willingly, basically suggests that 🤷‍♂️. I just don't know what to make of it.


#homeimprovement #brisbane #climatechange

Emory L.
1 month ago

it really surprises me how much different a space can feel when you dress up the windows a bit! the window next to my desk at my home office here in #IA is no longer something i avoid having in frame during meetings >< and the ambiance was noticeable to my children immeadiatly the first thing they both noticed.

#homeImprovement #mood, making yourself at #home.

A Year at the Smallholding

It's fun to read #house renovation reports like that.

#HomeImprovement #Countryside

Bandit 🌙
2 months ago

just finished building a shoe cabinet to help organize our entryway


Robot MK
2 months ago

Going to try out some of my new gardening tools! #Gardening #DIY #HomeImprovement

john lehet
2 months ago

I need to do a bit of sheetrock repair, so I bought a little kit.

Well. I don’t mind a few hallucinations now and then, mostly, but the cracks in the wall turtles were really getting to me.

#DIY #Homeimprovement

Photo of Sheetrock repair kit, which features a mysterious typo about wall turtles.

Blast from the past...

#past #homeImprovement #70s 🕺

Female model with blonde styled hair wears orange formal gown. She touches a towel arranged artfully on a sink and vanity next to a toilet and a matching storage cabinet mounted above the toilet. A mirror reflects the model's head, showing her right profile. The scene is an advertising photo for Sears & Roebuck, circa 1978.

I design and plan most of my building projects in excel. Suppose I could learn some other program, but I already pay for excel. Plus, I only plan 1-3 projects most years anyway.

Here's one I've had floating around in my head for a few years. Finally sat down to figure it all out. Can't wait to start building!

#HomeImprovement #DIY #BuildingProject #PlanterBox

I basically use columns and rows in Excel as graph paper. In this case each cell is a half inch square. A few images depict how 2x6s will come together with different lumbar and fasteners to make roughly Two ft cube planters to house a five gallon bucket of concrete with a landscape timber in it.

The diagram also accounts for how many pieces of lumbar by size are needed and finally I have mapped out the cuts on 8 ft boards making sure to allow room for waste.
Chris Boese
2 months ago

Did you know most of my artwork is available in a wide range of sizes?

My goal is to fit whatever wallspace you'd like to improve.

👉 Explore My Gallery:

Don't have the size you need? Let me know. I may be able to add it!

Featured: “Pink Oriental Lilies at Midnight"
© Photo by Chris Boese

#interiordesign #homedecor #redecorate #homeimprovement #art #photography #MastoArt #MastodonArt

Pink Oriental Lilies blooming under the Midnight Sun in Alaska

Today I rescreened a screen. It was not nearly as hard as I expected. Took no more than 10 mins.

Everything was going great until one of the stupid spring loaded plunger dillies rocket launched. 🙄

#Diy #HomeImprovement

2 months ago

I think it's fun to disseminate posts through the Fediverse with hashtags that nobody else is using. I'm like "Johnny Appleseed"

#JohnnyAppleseed #Pergo #PergoFlooring #HomeImprovement #DIY

A Pergo DuraCraft Waterproof Luxury Vinyl Plank, awaiting installation
Chris Boese
2 months ago

Did you know most of my artwork is available in a wide range of sizes?

My goal is to fit whatever wallspace you'd like to improve.


Don't have the size you need? Let me know. I may be able to add it!

Featured: “Musical Grasses" © Photo by Chris Boese

#landscape #plants #summer #music #grasses #musical #patterns #notes #bokei #chrisboese #boesegalleries #interiordesign #homedecor #redecorate #homeimprovement #art #photography #MastoArt #MastodonArt

Dancing grasses carve delicate notes in the wind
Trillion Byter
2 months ago

I am now headed BACK to the hardware store for the hand tool I absolutely own, that is somewhere in my home, and that I need for this weekend's home improvement project.

Of course, I will stumble over the own I already own by next weekend.

#HomeImprovement #DoItYourself #DIY

Dustin Mitchell
2 months ago

@smilingheretic around here, nobody responds to emails, calls, or texts. You just have to keep calling everyone until someone replies, then pay them what they ask. Or more often, the work just doesn't get done. #homeimprovement

Paul Gill Rider
2 months ago

Why is it that companies post their email address or have contact forms online if they never respond to email inquiries?
My move to #Glasgow has been greatly hampered by this failure of businesses to respond to email inquiries.
If you are not going to respond to emails, then do not post your email address!
#Moving #HomeImprovement

Alan Pringle
2 months ago

Toggle bolts > wall anchors.*

* at least for three towel bars I've had to reinstall the past three months

#HomeImprovement #DIY

2 months ago


How many tools do you need? All of them, of course!

I may not be the best person to talk to about refraining from tool buying. 🙃

#HomeRepair #HomeImprovement

2 months ago

I have made my family promise to hold an intervention for me if I buy one more #tool as it's likely a replica of one I already bought for a single, specialized project and we all know I'm going to hire someone younger anyway.

#HomeRepair #HomeImprovement

Mike Lawton
2 months ago

I have proven surprisingly competent at replacing some of the rotted wood planks on our deck.

I had initially despaired that the planks were of some nonstandard size. Everything at hardware stores was a half inch wider than what I was measuring.

The turning point was figuring out that 5/4 boards are described as being 6" in width, but in truth are actually 5.5".

For the "measure twice, cut once" crowd, this seems like gross incompetence. #DIY #HomeImprovement

2 months ago

I got a new doorbell camera and when I went to take the basic circa 1980s doorbell off, I discovered all the screws were rusted. Then I saw that the wiring is super short and wouldn't work with both the angle of the siding and vertical mount. Sigh.

On the plus side I called the security company and they're sending a horizontal mount kit for free. Fingers crossed. This is the first time I've ever worked with anything wiring related so there's been some nerves. ⚡ 😨 #HomeImprovement #Adulting

Kit Irving
2 months ago

my partner: the ppl came and removed that [week old] dead opossum from under our 3 season room. It was so gross, I feel like I need a shower.

me: did you help them?

him: no. just seeing it made me need a shower
😂 🤣 😂
#opossum #critter #HouseProjects #HomeOwnership #HomeImprovement

2 months ago

I installed not one, but two curtain rods today! I did it even though it was hot, tricky to do, and I really would have rather just been playing video games instead.

I'm gonna call that a successful day of adulting :D

I have two more to install, but I figured out some good tricks with these two, so the next two should be easy. Maybe even easy enough to move them from a weekend project to an after work project.

#Adulting #HomeImprovement

Clara Listensprechen
2 months ago


The Captain on Galaxy Quest will break form and launch into sales pitches for power tools.


Not much progress today
Lifted about another 2 square meters after walking the dogs and popping out to buy some new work trousers and knee pads 🤣

Had pm off & watched #F1 qualifying

What a season!?

I’m hoping Max has a horrible race too But it’s been so close & exciting behind him all year I don’t actually care.

Then wife called to say she’d forgotten meds So had to run them up to #Harrogate where she’s been helping with a fundraising Drag Night 👍💃

#HomeImprovement #DIY #LogCabinBuild

🤘 The Metal Dog 🤘
3 months ago

Tear Apart Your House For $200 With This Rotary Subwoofer
Many movies and songs use a lot of of bass to make it feel more real to the viewer or listener. Because of this, subwoofers are common in high-quality audio setups, often costing a substantial part

#rotarysubwoofer #tearaparthouse #200bucks #DIYaudio #HackADay #homeimprovement #housedemolition

Jack Brewster 🛰️
3 months ago

#homeImprovement protip: You probably save manuals of your nerd stuff. But also save the documents that come with your various plumbing, electrical and other house stuff. (Or, better, find the PDFs.) I was able to determine that I could just replace the o-rings (~$10) instead of the entire valve cartridge (~$100).

marc [sustain release] ✅
3 months ago

Which home improvement next? 🕹️ vs 🍳 #survey #umfrage

#retrogaming #homeimprovement #kitchen #homeoffice #c64 #commodore

Jonathan Kamens
3 months ago

OK, folks, I've decided I'm finally going to take the plunge¹ and add a bidet to our toilet. Time to join the civilized world and stop cutting down trees to poop!
Does anybody have a recommendation for one that's (a) reasonably good, (b) reasonably priced, and (c) self-installable by a relatively handy person?
¹Pun absolutely intended.
#HomeImprovement #handyman #BathroomTalk #recommendations

Adam Wilbert
3 months ago

It's good to see photos like this on reputable sites like Fine Homebuilding. As an amateur DIYer, I tend to be overly obsessive about clean work, and that tendency often impedes getting any work done at all.

I need to see more images of glue drips, pencil smudges, and fingerprints. That they publish unedited, un-staged process photos of professional craftspeople is a good reminder that I can let go (a lot) and it will all turn out okay in the end.

#woodworking #carpentry #HomeImprovement

A closeup photo of a carpenter installing crown molding with a nail gun. Glue drips, pencil marks, and finger smudges are all over the work.
A closeup photo of a carpenter installing crown molding. Glue drips, pencil marks, and finger smudges are all over the work.
Matt :idic: 🌌
3 months ago

replaced my dryer's vent from flexible aluminum tubing to rigid sheet metal

i've been told this makes the house less likely to burn down

it was kind of fun to cut metal to size

#diy #homeImprovement

a rigid metal tube going out of the house from behind the dryer
a shot down the tube towards the bottom of the dryer showing that it is, in fact, attached
3 months ago

SHE IS CONSTRUCTING!! #diy #woodwork #homeimprovement

The wooden frame of a built in desk and shelves, painted dark grey, is mounted to an office wall!
Kyle Anderson 💙
4 months ago

LED lights are driving me nuts. I posted earlier this year about needing to replace nearly a dozen A19 10W bulbs within about two years of normal use.

Today I replaced another four bulbs along with four recessed fixtures. These things clearly burn themselves out well before they should.

That's about 20 lamps turned to e-waste in under three years.

Guess which pictured fixture is the new one... 🫠

#lighting #homeimprovement #leds

Two white recessed light fixtures sitting on a bathroom windowsill, light side facing down. The enclosure of the left fixture is discolored to appear tan.
The enclosure of a burned out recessed light fixture, from which the installer neglected to remove a protective plastic film. The film is so cracked and discolored from heat, it looks like creme brulee.

Really love discovering that the previous home #renovation in our condo involved a lot of crappy electrical work (including uninsulated wires just hanging out) and a lot of mudding instead of patching large holes in drywall.


We are working on the next phase of our home improvement, which includes panting, replacing flooring, and redoing the kitchen plus some minor side projects.

I learned how to wire recessed lights and electrical sockets this week, which has been fun and is something I’ve wanted to know how to do for a while.

#Renovation #HomeImprovement

A white man using wire strippers on wires coming out of a hole in a ceiling. In the background is a condo with walls in various stages of renovation.
4 months ago

Great to see #HomeImprovement finally back on UK screens, on Comedy Central Extra - 4 episodes each night! 🪚🤕🔨

tim allen 90s GIF
Roy Greenhilt
4 months ago

Really? Incredibly cheap screws that fold when you try to drive them? Good thing I'm a screw-scrounge and have boxes of spares in the workshop... sheesh.

#homeimprovement #projects #powertools #grunt

Wood screws with broken heads
Dustin Mitchell
4 months ago

Just when I was ready to start painting, "why don't we just pull the wallpaper in the hall while we are at it?"

Then patching cracks. Then painting??


Bare plaster wall with unintelligible writing on it
Cracks in plaster wall patched with tape and joint compound
More cracked and patched wall with a view of the area the professionals did.
4 months ago

Weren’t there some major tax incentives passed late last year in the U.S. for home energy efficiency improvements, maybe even refundable credits?

I seem to recall this from last winter but haven’t heard anything about it since.

We’re considering some improvements, so I would greatly appreciate any info you have experience with this! TIA

#sustainability #homeimprovement #solar #electrification #taxes #taxcredits #energy #energyefficiency #climate #climatechange #solarpanels

Maj 🇨🇦
4 months ago

I have made a blood sacrifice to the Gods of Furniture Assembly. May my Basement Shelving stand tall through the ages!
#ouch #furniture #diy #homeimprovement

Kernel Bob
4 months ago

This morning I installed it. It is under-shelf storage for a set of plastic measuring cups. It's an absolutely trivial quality of life improvement, and in no way worth the time I spent on it, but that's my very favorite kind of project.

For now, it is held in place with double sided Scotch™ tape. If it falls out, I'll drill the shelf for screws.

The colored text is paper taped to the back.

#3DPrinted #HomeImprovement #KitchenGadgets

The inside of a kitchen cabinet.  A plastic thing is affixed to the underside of a shelf.  The part under the shelf is white and has four rectangular slots.  The part on the front of the shelf is gray and has the notations 1/4, 1/3, 1/2, and 1 cut out as stencils, one in front of each shelf.    Each fraction is a different color: blue, dark red, orange-red, and orange-yellow.  The cabinet is finished in maple.  There are plates and bowls on top of the shelf and plates on the shelf below.
The same kitchen cabinet.  Now there are four plastic measuring cups suspended below the cabinet.  Their handles are inserted into the slots in the plastic thing, and their bowls face forward.  Each cup is the same color and size as the fraction in the label above.
Kernel Bob
4 months ago

Here's a bonus "build plate". I printed some color accents on the laser printer.

Since I have three plates of 3D and one page of 2D, I claim that this thing is a 2.75D fractal object.

And yes, I used a spreadsheet for color graphics.

#3DPrinted #Fractal #HomeImprovement #KitchenGadgets

Laser printed spreadsheet page.  Some of the cells are filled with color gradients in slightly varied shades of blue, red, orange, and orange-yellow.  None of the cells have numbers or text in them, just colors.
Kernel Bob
4 months ago

Third build plate completed. Certain details are obscured because I'm being unnecessarily mysterious about what I'm making.

#3DPrinted #HomeImprovement #KitchenGadgets

Another build plate on the Prusa MK3 printer. This time, there are two objects in gray PLA.  They are recangular, the same length as the previous build plates' objects, 181mm and 149mm, and about 22mm wide.  they have L shaped cross sections.  Each object has two spots obscured by an emoji at roughly 1/4 and 3/4 of its length.
Kernel Bob
4 months ago

The first and second build plates are complete. Thank goodness for electricity—this would have been arduous if I'd had to turn a hand crank to keep the printer running all night.

(Hint: do look at the image descriptions in this thread.)

#3DPrinted #HomeImprovement #KitchenGadgets

Same print as before, now complete.  It is rectangular, 181×134mm.  The front two thirds is flat and 2mm high.   The back third is 18mm high at the front, tapering away at the back.  There are two circular cutouts in the front edge of the back section, and a low slot at the center of each cutout.  The slots go all the way through to the rear of the object.  They are 45mm wide and 7mm high, flaring to 12mm high at the front.  There is a row of organic supports down the center of each slot to keep the slot top from sagging.  Finally, there are two screw holes, one on each end of the higher section.  They are the right size for a US #4 flat head wood screw.
This is the second build plate.  Is is basically the same as the first, except the object is smaller.  It is only 149mm wide instead of 181mm, and the circular cutouts are smaller diameter.  All the other details are the same.
Kernel Bob
4 months ago

I've been procrastinating this project for about four weeks now, but I'm finally printing the thing. First of three build plates.

It's not all been procrastination -- I have five test prints littering my desk, and I threw a few more away.

#3DPrinted #HomeImprovement

A 3D print in progress.  The printer is a Prusa MK3.  The printed object is a white rectangle that fills most of the build plate, with two tiny holes near the back and a bit of organic support along the back edge.  The infill is gyroid.  The print is currently 1.2mm tall.
4 months ago

Next up in the #diy #homeimprovement saga: the room that used to be the kitchen. Old wall torn down, new sound proof Fermacell wall built on metal frames 90cm further into the adjoining room. Next up: ceiling will be pulled down, vapor barrier installed, isolation added below and finally wood plank ceiling will be installed. Walls need some loving too, but ceiling comes first. Finally a new door instead of the weird full height saloon doors and new flooring.

Hone improvement in progress. New separating wall erected. Ceiling being town down. Tools on floor.
Cory Foy
5 months ago

The dreaded FAFO cord / “cord of death” in the wild. #electrical #hazard #HomeImprovement

A hand holding a short cord with a male wall plug on one end and another male wall plug on the other end.

Life Hack - when painting your home, wear a hat so paint stays out of your hair when the paint can falls off the ladder you’re trying to move.
Follow me* for more #homeimprovement tips.

*under terms of the court order, I am required to state I have no affiliation with the Stanley Tools Co.


Michael Freed
5 months ago

It's been too smokey and/or too hot for me to hike lately. So I'm undertaking some over due home projects. This weekend I sweated it out in the garage. I insulated the bare exterior wall and added insulation panels to the metal garage doors. I can feel the difference already. I plan to do drywall this fall.

#garage #homeimprovement #insulation

slanderoid :disputed:
6 months ago

Is six months too soon to update my #introduction? Oh well, here it goes:

I'm currently obsessed with #PokemonGo and #geocaching. (It's because I'm trying to improve my #LittleFreeLibrary - trust me, they're related.) Besides those, I'm focused on #AchievementHunting, #TradingCards, and #reading

When I'm not nerding out about those, I'm working on #HomeImprovement. My wife dreams of #homesteading, so I'm helping her with #gardening and planning to raise a #chicken or two

That's all for now!

After many years, we finally have the waterfall flowing.

#HomeImprovement #pond #WaterFeature

A manmade rock waterfall and pond
James Bartlett :terminal:
7 months ago

One of the fixtures in my upstairs bathroom shower started leaking this morning.

Somehow, almost all of the water made its way into the bathroom wall, across the ceiling below that, into an HVAC duct, then around a corner and down into the basement, where it spilled from a loose joint in the HVAC duct onto the concrete floor, and then went down the foundation drain in the opposite corner.

Miraculously, on this meandering journey, the water also managed to avoid anything electrical, including my network cabinet (containing my modem, router, Raspberry Pi, NAS, and IoT hub) just a few feet away from where it turned the corner and went into the basement.

#Plumbing #HVAC #HomeImprovement

A white drywall ceiling with popcorn texture, showing signs of water damage spread over an area approximately 10'x14'
A different angle of the same ceiling from the previous photo, showing a gray cabinet containing a bunch of sensitive electronics hanging on the wall just a few feet away from the water damaged area.
Bryan Redeagle
9 months ago

I found a good enough way to find a stud in my 100+ year old home, a rare earth magnet stud finder. Doesn't always work and is mostly useless in the kitchen where the wire mesh is, but I was able to find the joists in my ceiling to mount my projector correctly. #OldHouses #DIY #HomeImprovement #TimAllenGrunt

9 months ago

@rachelandrew True. It's the little things. A $15 shower head (or cleaning it) is amazing. But a true $15 life hack: see if your landlord lets you upgrade to this bad boy, #Toilet #FillValve #Repair #Upgrade #HomeImprovement


Activist & Advocate in #Ohio.

#Author and editor of over a dozen books.
Admin of Left of Left, Evangelically #Atheist, & #Secular Ohio.
#Actor in film under the name, Steven Hudson.
Avid reader.

Tags you'll see from me:
#DSA #Coffee #Writing #FTP #Atheism #LGBTQ #ACAB #AI #Science #BLM #HumanRights #Comedy #Gothic #Crypto #Cults #Religion #History #Humanism #HomeImprovement #Acting #PoliceBrutality #Books #Unions #Music #Freethought #DigitalArt #Socialism #Comics.

While investigating under the house earlier I discovered a duct to no where.

It literally travels 50ft or so into the side.of the a wall..and it's capped with what feels like newspaper.

It's important to keep your crawl spaces cozy I suppose


Kyle Anderson 💙
10 months ago

LED bulbs don't seem to last nearly long enough. I'm concerned the #ewaste they generate might outweigh the #energy savings, but that's a gut feel.

I've replaced about 25% of our bulbs with < 2 years service, and now I'm in the process of replacing *all* 26 recessed lights for a supposedly more reputable brand after one failed (also <2 yrs) and some started flickering.

Ordered from a local wholesaler too because it's impossible to sift through cheap garbo on Amazon.

#DIY #HomeImprovement

Steffani Cameron
11 months ago

Tired of ghetto-looking grout that’s all mucked up, so my kitchen never looks clean, I’ve gone and spent $25 for two grout pens.

Paining it over is looking pretty effective! If it lasts, I’ll be elated.

Some before and after. Not done yet but chugging along nicely. #diy #kitchen #reno #renting #homeimprovement

A line of white grout intersects with 3 grimy old lines of grout
White shiny grout between tiles
The before version of the same grout — brown and dingy
11 months ago

This made me wonder about the overall insulation quality in our ~150 year old house. The windows aren't drafty; the WALLS are.

I've just scheduled an energy assessment for late January, which was the soonest available.

I don't have the faintest idea of how to upgrade wall insulation without ripping out the walls, which is not something I'm prepared to do. Here's hoping that the assessment yields some alternatives that will help us shore up this house!


11 months ago

One of the reasons I wanted to move out of the condo and into a house was the increased control & ability to perform repairs and upgrades.

The flip side is a yawning chasm of uncertainty and ignorance, e.g. "What is the source of this problem?", "Is this a minor repair or a symptom of something that will be an expensive repair?"


Nothing like a little impromptu #electrical work on a Sunday night to spark some excitement.

#HomeImprovement #Puns

(No, thankfully my panel does not actually look like this)

very messy wiring in an electrical panel.
Colby Moorberg
1 year ago

Hello all. Here's my #introduction. I'm a soil scientist studying hydric soils, #wetlands, & #roots. I'm an associate professor at Kansas State U. in a teaching & research position. I teach/coach intro #SoilScience, #soil & #water #conservation, & #SoilJudging. I am an #OpenTextbooks author & promoter of #OER. I am also a #cyclist & #BikeCommuter advocating for more pedestrian & bicycle friendly spaces. I also enjoy #DadLife, #camping, #fishing, #homebrewing, #hunting, #diy, & #homeimprovement.

Zac A Winter
1 year ago

#hachyderm #introduction post! I recently left a job in #gamedev and now I'm a Senior Software Engineer working on #civictech so I can hopefully leave the world better than I found it. I live in #Chicago and I have a #newguineasingingdog #dogs.

I'm also interested in #cooking #homeimprovement #nativeplants #gardening #composting #starwars #movies #videogames #ttrpg #bisexual #lgbt