Pity Please! The Game
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It's a sunny #ScreenshotSaturday and we've got the perfect beach for you to spend they day at! 🏖️

Pity Please! is a Homeless Mastery Indie Game About Survival, Strategy, and Adapting to Life's Challenges ⛺

Wishlist on :steam:

:godot: #MadeWithGodot #Lowpoly #Homeless #LifeSim #Survival #Strategy #RPG

4 days ago

A #transwoman is in immediate need of #mutualaid on Oct 7th 2023!

Lavender Onyxheart is local to #SanAntonio, is #homeless, and is looking for assistance with her move into her new Air BNB for temporary housing. This will take all day.

Let's do our part and commit to trans mutual aid by sharing her post in our circles and help her find someone to help her move. She does not have a car and would need a person with a MEDIUM size vehicle and to spend the day with her from 11am (check out) to 3pm (check in) to ensure the safety of both her and her things. Lunch will be provided in the downtime between check out / in!

Please contact @nicoleonyxheart on TWITTER ( preferably in DM or DM me and I will get you in touch with her! THANK YOU SO MUCH for reading and helping in any way you can! Sharing is caring! ❤️

**BONUS** I will also provide one full body colour sketch (examples at as a request to whoever decides to donate their time to Lavender. Please contact me for redeeming this request ONLY if you are serious and can help her!! Thank you!!! ❤️


Not located in SA but want to help? Donate to her GFM to help cover housing costs and food:

#mutualaidrequest #mutualaidTX #needhelp #HelpAd #NeedVehicle #helperneeded #transgender #transgirl #ProtectTransWomen #ProtectTransLives #transwomen #mutualaidsaveslives #signalboost #sharingiscaring #needaride #homelesscommunity #SanAntonioTX #SanAntonioMutualAid #Texas #TXMutualAid #HelpNeeded #transactivism #beanally #allyopportunity #alliesneeded #callforhelp #trans #TransCrowdFund

A transgender flag in gradient background with a photo of a white skinned trans woman with light brownish blonde hair and black thin frame glasses.

Mutual Aid Request 
for Lavender O. (She/her)
San Antonio, TX

Seeking Person with Vehicle

Available on: Oct 7th 2023

@ 11am for Check-out 
& til 3pm for Check-in @ new housing

(a drawing of a car honking)

Lunch will be provided!

Lavender is a homeless trans woman who is moving from her old Air BNB living situation to a new Air BNB for temporary housing. She would be incredibly thankful if anyone could take the day to help her get safely moved with some time to kill between check out/in times. 

CONTACT: @NicoleOnyxheart on Twitter only (DM)
Rhys! From KGW
5 days ago

this Portland resident is getting ready to sell his house. He says part of the reason is the city wont remove an illegally parked RV that's been sitting across the street for over a year. The man living in the RV says he's a veteran, and as soon as he gets his pension, he's out of here
more details/context here:

#portland #pdx #pnw #local #news #oregon #homeless #homelessness #tuesday #kgw

Force them to accept the dignity I demand be imposed upon them!

#homeless #christian #equality

6 days ago

#homeless #homelessness #uspol #urbanism

if you have any interest in helping homeless people , you have probably had a lot of toots about how easy it is - just give them money
and you have seen a lot of toots how the Vancouver experiment proved this

well, read it carefully:
participants were carefully screened for program
eligibility to ensure the highest likelihood of success. Eligibility
criteria include: age of recipients, length of time homeless,

straydreamer 🌈✨
1 week ago

If you're #homeless too, or you know anyone who is, I'd be grateful to hear from you

Andrea Zio
1 week ago

As I start the last 5 weeks of #training, I'm extremely #grateful for all the #support I got during this journey: #ItTakesAVillage

That's why I have been fundraising for the #AliForneyCenter: to help #homeless #LGBTQ+ #youths feel the support of their #ExtendedFamily.

If you can, please consider donating. Any amount is #appreciated. Thank you🙏

It's not training season without checking the #LittleRedLighthouse

#swimming #cycling #biking #Running #triathlon

Selfie with my wife at the end of our workouts. Behind us, the Hudson River, and the George Washington bridge in the far distance. The blue sky has only a few clouds
Selfie at the #LittleRedLighthouse
Ira Gershenhorn
1 week ago

Spent four hours at #JennysGarden picking up trash left by two #homeless encampments and others. 8 bags of trash, 2 suitcases, 1 pillow. One problem is all this stuff is too cheap. Especially clothing.

Raise taxes.

8 bags of trash, 2 suitcases, 1 pillow, 1 child's car that I didn't add.
1 week ago

This headline has it all wrong. It should read:

"Hundreds of human beings about to freeze to death in the coming months for no good reason at all."

#HumanRights #Homeless

straydreamer 🌈✨
1 week ago

In better times, I had a #Discord Nitro subscription (cringe I know). Mostly for the boosts to support my friend's brand at the time.
Well, I canceled it but got billed anyway. So I filed a request for a refund and showed the receipts. Like I have the email showing it was canceled.
They won't refund it even though it's within the window according to their own policy. I didn't think Discord Inc would knowingly steal from a #homeless person but here we are.

So I'm deleting my Discord and staying off permanently. I recommend others do the same.

It's a sketchy app that sucks up to #VC and harvests all your data. It stores all your messages unencrypted which means you're one hack away from having all your personal life aired out. Besides, in this new #AI age let's just stop using these surveillance-capitalist platforms before the tech bros manage to create Skynet or whatever.

Do you really need a multimillion dollar corporation to handle your chats? No! We're perfectly capable of chatting with friends without being exploited by VC tech bros.

I'm a human, not a product! And so are you! Delete your Discord account!

Pity Please! The Game
1 week ago

Happy #ScreenshotSaturday! While we were taking a stroll through a thunderstorm - as you do - we came across this interesting fish monument!🐟

Pity Please! is a Homeless Mastery Indie Game About Survival, Strategy, and Adapting to Life's Challenges ⛺

Wishlist on Steam: :steam:

:godot: #MadeWithGodot #Lowpoly #Homeless #LifeSim #Survival #Strategy #RPG

Shelia Hunt Fine Art
1 week ago

This digital artwork of a homeless little boy, sitting on a park bench, touches the heartstrings of all of us. It's truly a joy to help our homeless children, to be a positive influence in their lives and provide them with the support they need to thrive.


#homeless #HomelessLittleBoy #watercolor #FeedTheHomeless #BuyIntoArt #Mastoart #art #fediart #FediGiftShop #ArtforInteriorDesign #HospitalityInteriors #InteriorDesign #wallart

A beautiful watercolor and digital artwork of a homeless little boy sitting on a park bench.  Soft colors.  This artwork is from the Fine Art Gallery of Shelia Hunt.
Mike Ely
1 week ago

If anyone who reads this is connected with or helping the #homeless #unhoused community in #LosAngeles #LA area please send me a direct message - I have a family member who has been unhoused there for years and has lately gone #missing

1 week ago

More old people are becoming #homeless as fixed incomes don’t keep up with higher housing costs and other financial shocks; ‘not seen since the Great Depression.’ #boomer #USEcon #USPol

AutisticMumTo3 She/her 🌈
1 week ago
Miguel Dante
1 week ago

#Catastrophic #Floods Devastate #Greece, #Bulgaria, #Spain, #Turkey, #Libya, #Brazil, #China All in the Span of a Week Leaving Thousands Dead, #Homeless, #Billions in Damages as #HurricaneLee Threatens #NewEngland, #Atlantic #Canada: #Flood #Disaster

Steve Maclellan
1 week ago

Federal government removing GST on new rental builds, source says

Federal government removing GST on new rental builds
Rhys! From KGW
1 week ago

Multnomah Co has been sitting on millions in unspent funding for homeless services. Multnomah County Commissioner Sharon Meieran said “We have so much money .... I mean, it really is shocking,”
breakdown of where the money came from and where it might be going here:

#portland #pdx #multnomah #oregon #homeless #homelessness #funding #news #local #kgw #thursday #Community

The only #power the #homeless have is to cause you existential fear

Pinky Floyd
1 week ago
William Gunn
1 week ago

Important details about this UBI cash transfer to homeless study:
1. It was preregistered, meaning they committed to how they would analyze the data, before the data was collected, which means no cherry-picking measures that give the expected results.
2. They screened out 2/3rds(!) of potential enrollees due to mental health or substance abuse.
#ubi #homeless #homelessness #universalbasicincome #research #openscience

Steve Maclellan
1 week ago

Canada on pace to build fewer — not more — homes by 2030 target: CMHC

Do we need more homes built?
🌈 Gangster Maddy Stylo 🦄
1 week ago

A Kid sees a #homeless person and thinks:
- Where does this person sleep?
- How does it cook or eat?
- Where does it have a shower?
Can't we help?

An adult sees a homeless person and thinks:
- Why does this person have no employment?
- Why does it have no family to help?
- Why does it get no state support?
Better not to help!

This I call successful #education and sometimes the expropriation of our #feelings by education.

This is the premise of most forms of modern discrimination.

Brendan Kinney
2 weeks ago

The latest episode of Brave Little State tackles this question:

“What would the impact be if the state were to purchase, instead of renting, the motels being used to house people experiencing homelessness?”

#VT #Vermont #VermontPublic #homeless

Preston MacDougall
2 weeks ago

#MATH 📈📉 very simply explains America’s 🇺🇸 #Homeless problem 👉

Second Chance Bikes
2 weeks ago

rear derailleurs and found the very same model as orig. equipt on the bike. I had to replace an adjustment screw by stealing from an older one, then installed it and chain, tweaked brakes, applied my label. I'll probably get it to him tomorrow, along with a replacement wheel for one i gave them to give to a new refugee youth. Getting garage cleared for the 7 coming from an apartment manager. They have a lot left behind; most arrange to donate.
#Refugees #Homeless #Bikes

Jim Bowering
2 weeks ago

Getting Short
The fire that was threatening our furniture (and my MANUSCRIPTS) has been officially classified as under control. There's one worry put to rest. The home that we've been waiting to move into is slowly nearing completion. The water and electricity are both working now and the exterior of the building is finished and awaiting the stairways. All that remains is to finish and clea
#homeless #manuscripts #wildfire #writer #writing

2 weeks ago

Hello Aethy! Finally have another GoFundMe update!! Please click the link above, or read below! Thank you as always for helping us out and boosting my posts. ♡

"Hello everyone!! Again, so sorry for such a long time between updates, but again, a lot has happened!

Some good stuff:
-We made it to Colorado!!!
-My partner started his job!!
-He also got his first check!
-The weather has been GORGEOUS out here!
-We're safe (enough)!!

Some not so good stuff:
-Intermittently sleeping out of our car slash at shitty hotels, which is unfortunately cutting DEEP into our funds that we had saved and also cutting into my partner's pay he's getting.
-We're still sleeping like this because WE CANNOT FIND A ROOM TO RENT. People are either charging nearly twice as much or are refusing outright to rent to us. Somehow the same goddamn problem we were facing in Illinois.
-Our credit is terrible so we can't rent an apartment, which would be fine and fixable IF SOMEONE WOULD RENT A ROOM TO US.
-I cannot get work yet without knowing where we'll be settled, as I rely on my partner for transportation.

The biggest takeaway from this is that we ARE unfortunately sleeping out of our car often and when we DO get a hotel room for a few nights, it is VERY expensive. The cheaper end of hotel rooms, without being in a complete shithole starts around $80/night.

We still need help to afford to rent hotel rooms more frequently and for longer periods so we can properly rest, especially my partner. Better rest means a better ability to tackle the ongoing hunt for a place to live.

PLEASE, IF YOU HAD THOUGHT ABOUT DONATING BEFORE AND YOU DID NOT, PLEASE CONSIDER IT NOW. This is GENUINELY crunchtime, and if it's happening, please let it happen now.

As always, I cannot thank you all enough, and I'm so grateful to everyone that has helped.

Please give this a fresh share, and know that the money will be used to keep us out of our car and in a bed, safe, while we continue to hunt down the next part of our journey!!"

#MutualAid #QueerMutualAid #Crowdfund #Crowdfunding #QueerCrowdFund #Homeless #Homelessness #PayPal #CashApp #Donate #Donations #DonationsNeeded

Texas Observer Lives!
2 weeks ago

Happy #Newstodon Friday, a day to celebrate the best #journalism in the #fediverse!

“This isn’t just a question of us getting out of some individual ticket. The law itself has to be overturned.”

Today, let's revisit Michelle Pitcher's story on the legal fight against an unjust (and maybe, unconstitutional?) law that bans feeding people in certain places in #Houston.

#inequality #unhoused #homeless #poverty #Texas #politics #CriminalJustice #police #law #USpol #news

2 weeks ago

just started the new #good-#news-only #newsletter and it's already restoring my faith in humanity:

- #housing for the #homeless
- #free boy clothes for fall
- #Iowa's first #Narcan/#naloxone pick-up box
- more than 61K lbs of trash pulled from our rivers

3 weeks ago

Holy hell. #homeless

“Enabling 50 people to move into housing faster saved the shelter system $8,277 per person over the year, for a total savings of $413,850. That’s more than the value of the cash transfers, which means the transfers pay for themselves.”

Cleo of Topless Topics
3 weeks ago

Maybe it's better to be #infamous among deplorables I find ideologically abhorrent than not #famous at all? 🙃 (I'm kidding... Though views from #haters still improves the chances of my content showing for people who MIGHT be convinced to become a little more supportive of the #progressive issues I advocate for, like #feminism / #intersectionalFeminism #genderEquality #mentalHealth #sworker decriminalization #homeless assistance #anticapitalism and so much more, and that I think is worth it)

3 weeks ago

Report says homelessness is worsening across #EU and #UK, with only #Denmark and #Finland making progress

Almost 1m people across
#Europe are homeless on any given night | Homelessness | The Guardian

GrrlScientist Ⓥ :verified:
3 weeks ago

A St. Louis ordinance lets courts banish people from huge swaths of the city as a punishment for petty crimes. These neighborhood orders of protection often prevent people from accessing the services they need & raise constitutional questions


3 weeks ago

“Too often people dismiss the idea of giving homeless people money because they assume it will be mismanaged”…
A B.C. research project gave #homeless people $7,500 each — the results were 'beautifully surprising' - CBC News - UPDATE — Aug. 30, 2023: The results of this study have been published in the scientific journal The Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences.
#homelessness #UBI #cdnpoli

Stephen Coles
3 weeks ago

“The study, though small, offers a counter to the myths that people who become poor get that way because they’re bad at rational decision-making and self-control, and are thus intrinsically to blame for their situation, and that people getting free money will blow it on frivolous things or addictive substances. Studies have consistently shown that cash transfers don’t increase the consumption of ‘temptation goods’…”

#Homelessness #Homeless

3 weeks ago

Surreal scene in so-called San Diego: police freeze and stare off into the distance as the star spangled banner plays while they wait for trash trucks to destroy the remaining property of poor people.

via @Objkshn

#classwar #waronpoor #police #theft #property #poor #homeless #patrioticdisplay #sickvirtuesignaling #surreal

Pauline von Hellermann
3 weeks ago

#ClimateDiary Another dimension of suffering and daily struggle for homeless people in the US and elsewhere: trying to find shade.

Many are not well and do not even try and end up in the blazing sun and heat all day. We are in #LA just now and it is all so utterly dystopian: everywhere, in the midst of everything else - the wealth, glamour, endless traffic - all this immense suffering, so many #homeless people struggling to survive.

screenshot of the top of this article
Peter Principle
3 weeks ago


"We are up against a bunch of rich people who don’t want to see #homeless people anywhere near their stuff.”

Which is a real problem, because they define "their stuff" as planet Earth and everything on it.

Texas Observer Lives!
3 weeks ago

“We are up against a bunch of rich people who don’t want to see #homeless people anywhere near their stuff.”

Volunteers with #Houston Food Not Bombs are going to court to fight an anti-food sharing ordinance which they say violates their First Amendment rights, reports Staff Writer Michelle Pitcher in our latest article:

#news #politics #USpol #food #poverty #inequality #HumanRights #library #law #CriminalJustice #police #Texas #FirstAmendment

Franke James
4 weeks ago

Canada study debunks #stereotypes of #homeless people’s spending habits

"The widely held stereotype that people experiencing homelessness would be more likely to spend extra cash on drugs, alcohol and “temptation goods” has been upended by a study that found a majority used a $7,500 payment mostly on rent, food, housing, transit and clothes."

"pressure from advocacy groups to implement a universal basic income project that would help ease a cost-of-living crisis" #UBC

4 weeks ago

Authorities say Abonesh Woldegeorges had been warned before about staying in D.C.-area airports without a ticket, so when police spotted the 73-year-old at Reagan National Airport on Aug. 13, they charged her with trespassing and took her to the Arlington County Detention Center. She was still being held there two weeks later, when she collapsed and ultimately died.

Charged with trespassing at the airport, she died in custody 2 weeks later - The Washington Post

4 weeks ago

I know y'all would prefer to see fewer birdsite links from me, but I've known Kyle since college and it kills me that he and his found family didn't get the apartment and are struggling to survive. I'll be passing along the word for them 'til they can get housed and stable:

#emergencycrowdfund #transfundraiser #queercrowdfund #showupforwishes #fundraiser #homeless

Lord Graham Kirk 💙
1 month ago

#Muse #Unsustainable #Socialism #Homeless #Empathy

"An economy based on endless growth is UNSUSTAINABLE"

MUse: 'Unsustainable' from the album The 2nd Law:-

Andrew Henry
1 month ago

Facing big deficits and with neoliberalism taking hold globally, Ottawa reduced spending on housing, cut the federal co-operative housing program (one that saw the construction of nearly 60,000 homes) and eventually pulled the plug on building any new affordable housing units altogether.


Josh Conway :donor:
1 month ago


Whereas in my city, #BloomingtonIN , just illegalized tents in city limits from any public place. (There's limited exceptions yadda yadda)

The real reason for this new local law was to get #homeless folks to just leave, or be legally harassed and property destroyed as a response to just live.

And it 100% goes back to your point: it **WOULD** be legal here to do that exact thing in a car, whereas the "tentcar" would be subject to fines and destruction.

1 month ago

A year-long effort to get Garcia off the streets exposed shortcomings of local and state practices—even as the extreme cold of Winter Storm Uri took both of Garcia’s feet. Now extreme heat likely contributed to his death.

#houseless #homeless #climatechange #texas

Wesley Fryer (he/him)
1 month ago

#book2read: I See You: How Love Opens Our Eyes to Invisible People by Terence Lester

#homelessness #homeless #SocialJustice #housing #HousingCrisis

California hit with flooding, mudslides, and an earthquake…

The richest state in the World’s richest nation has 70,000 #homeless people, many of whom camp out on dried river beds across the State. They have to be evacuated each time heavy rain (let alone rare tropical storms) are forecast at huge expense.

How about just housing the homeless, #California?

#ClimateCollapse #ClimateBreakdown #GlobalBoiling #ClimateEmergency

1 month ago

With #LACounty under a #TropicalStormWarning , County departments have activated Outreach Teams. They urge #unhoused residents to take precautions and

Call 211 📞

for IMMEDIATE #Assistance."
#Shelter #LosAngeles #CA #SoCal #HurricaneHilary #Hilary #Homeless

Tofu Musubi
1 month ago

I wonder if the devastating wildfires on #Maui will influence peoples' negative opinions of #homeless people - e.g. not all houseless people are lazy, mentally ill addicts leeching off the system. #Lahaina shows us that harsh circumstances can push healthy, hard-working people we know and love into the streets. Let's live by our values and support people rather than make things harder for them. ALL people.


Going to throw a couple more hashtags for discoverability #homeless #Boston and recommend you also see if Simón Rios - - might be able to get back on the #housing and #houselessness beat.

So much news coverage, if it is covered at all—which it only is for the breakup of large #encampments which is one reason mayors try to displace early and often—ignores the people who are most affected entirely or treats city claims of #services offered at face value.

Trash Robot
2 months ago

My friend Alex is currently in #paris and is sleeping in and around train stations at the moment prior to having a place to stay in #Amsterdam in about a week. He's a super awesome #anarchist #compost and #mechanical person who does media production with the #homeless population in #denver and is a car and truck mechanic with a compost company for a day job here. I'm hoping this use of hashtags might find a #anarchist #squat somewhere in the vicinity of Paris or Amsterdam where he might crash for a couple days. Any ideas? Any squats need a good mechanic for a few days? He also brings memes of trash magic weirdness!

TC Workers Defense Alliance
2 months ago

Avivo "Tiny Village" in North Loop has a sudden drastic rule change that people need to get rid of all their belongings or be thrown out, or maybe is being shut down entirely. (There was a fire a couple days ago apparently.) People crying, not knowing where they will go, right now.

1251 N Washington Ave, Minneapolis, MN 55401

#Minneapolis #cruelty toward #homeless #houseless #homelessness

Donncha Ó Caoimh
2 months ago

Looking for a room

A mural on the side of a building on North Main Street is called “What is home” and features a person wearing an Amazon box, as that’s the only accommodation they can find.

In this photo, the figure is looking sideways to the visible window on the front of the building, as if asking, “why can’t I find somewhere to live?”

#photo #photography #Cork #Ireland #homeless #HousingCrisis #BlarneyPhotographyClub

A mural on the side of a building shows a person with an Amazon box over their head. An eye looks sideways out of the box, looking at the window on the left of the photo.

More people need to know about Jury Nullification. The judges and lawyers are not allowed to tell you about it, but it's every juror's right to ignore a law that in itself is unjust. It's the last chance for the voice of democracy to be heard in our system.
#USPolitics #Homeless

Grant Denkinson
2 months ago

The number of #Homeless #Children should be zero or at least rapidly heading to zero.

CelloMom On Cars
2 months ago

"The last few months of this has been exhausting for #Florida residents. But it’s been a different kind of draining for #HurricaneIan survivors like Goulet, who were already just getting by before the storm, and then had their homes, possessions, routines, jobs, neighborhoods and social networks ripped from them."

#heatwave #homeless

TC Workers Defense Alliance
2 months ago

Fences everywhere at Franklin.

#Minneapolis #cruelty continues with about the 100th displacement of #homeless people.

TC Workers Defense Alliance
2 months ago

#Minneapolis to destroy #houseless people's only homes with less than a day notice at the intersection of Cedar Avenue South and East Franklin Ave AGAIN.

Temporary night-to-night shelters that are intermittently available at the numbers on the flier are a joke.

The city has fired any outreach workers who care anyway.

#homeless #defense #TwinCities

City of Lakes


Please Vacate

All tents, structures and personal belongings must be moved

Closing Date: 7/18/2023

 * Please see below for information about how to access shelters.
 * Outreach workers are available to provide information and help make service connections.


Adult Shelter Connect (Single Adults) 612-248-2350

Hennepin County Shelter Team (Family Shelter) 612-348-9410

After-Hours Shelter Team (Family Shelter) 651-291-0211

Posted Date: 07/17/2023
2 months ago

'I'd have them taken down': #Trump says he removed #homeless people's tents

"I kept it beautiful," he said. "If I saw one tent or two tents or three tents as I was coming in from the airport, I'd have them taken down immediately because I knew that you'd have 100 tents and 1,000 tents if you don't do it."

Flipboard News Desk
2 months ago

Why can't America stop homelessness? NPR provides 4 reasons why there's no end in sight.

#Homeless #Homelessness #Economy #Housing #USPolitics

3 months ago


Is there a way to forward this to President Biden and Governor Newsome?

Newsome is working on getting the homeless roofs to go over their heads, but California still has a long way to go. Too many local governments who describe breaking up homeless camps as "dealing with the homeless problem".


Pity Please! The Game
3 months ago

Hello Mastodon! :mastodon:

Pity Please! is a homeless mastery game about survival, strategy, exploration, and adapting to the vagrant lifestyle while overcoming challenges and improving your life! A casual grid-based survival strategy RPG with a cartoony lowpoly aesthetic.

Made with the Godot Engine :godot: and currently available to wishlist on Steam! :steam:

#PityPlease #Homeless #LifeSim #Survival #Strategy #RPG #MadeWithGodot #Lowpoly #IndieGame

The ALPHA teaser trailer for the homeless mastery indie game, "Pity Please!". This trailer is being used to promote the game in order to get wishlists on steam, it has no commentary, but does use the game's theme song.

7/3 1930

Autumn Turner’s 3 person polycule is trying to get out of Dallas, #Texas. According to Autumn, who is a Veterinary Technician, without external help it might not be possible for them to leave for another 2-3 years. They all are hoping to move to #Oregon or #Colorado Autumn has been #homeless in the past and doesn’t want to experience that again.

Posted: 4/20
Refugees: 3
Trip: TX -> OR, CO
Complete: 45%
Remaining: -$4382



#mutualaid #MutualAidRequest #transcrowdfund #gofundme #polyamory #trans #transgender #queer #pride #lgbtq #gay #gtfomystate #transrefugeecrisis

3 months ago


Deconstructing everything that offers intellectual support to social Darwinism & Eugenics is an ongoing battle in the US.

Where do you live? I'm in the PNW & things I hear otherwise human beings say about #Homeless folks break my whole heart.

I don't think you're naive... but possibly insulated? Solidarity from Tacoma
:solidarity: :af: :iww: :better_pride:

Hunger Doesn’t Take A Holiday🥙

🗣️Great to see many other people being of service at Rosie’s Place in Boston. A safe haven for LGBTQIA+ women and all in need of their services who self- identify as female.

✔️Non-profits cannot do their work
without community partners, donors and volunteers.

👉🏽Ways to Give + Volunteer🔗

#lgbtqia #hunger #giveback #boston #volunteer #hope #womenshealth #equity #equality #payitforward #homeless