This is horrifying. He covered HIV/AIDS, Homelessness, and LGBTQ issues from his personal experience. R.I.P. Josh Kruger
#Philadelphia #HIV #Homelessness #LGBTQ

Bi Sasquatch
7 hours ago

From the article - “As an openly queer writer who wrote about his own journey surviving substance use disorder and homelessness, ... Josh Kruger lifted up the most vulnerable and stigmatized people in our communities — particularly unhoused people living with addiction,” Krasner said. “Josh deserved to write the ending of his personal story.” #StopHate #Queer #LGBTQ #LGBTQCommunity #Homelessness

8 hours ago

#LosAngeles Housing Department Proposes Increasing Residential Hotel Enforcement

Amid the city’s #homelessness crisis, a Capital & Main and ProPublica investigation found, some landlords have turned buildings meant for low-cost #housing into tourist #hotels.

#California #news

12 hours ago

A few apartment buildings are responsible for an outsized share of a cities' eviction rates. Study offers policymakers looking to prevent homelessness tools to target high-evicting landlords. The 100 most-evicting parcels account for over 1 in 6 evictions in Cleveland and 2 in 5 evictions in Fayetteville and Tucson. #Eviction #Housing #Cleveland #Fayetteville #Homelessness #NICHDImpact

21 hours ago

This seems to nake the lowball homeless count generally used by the media, 500,000 nationwide #homeless, a much lower than lowball estimate. @unusual_whales #Homelessness

3 days ago

NEW: As a lawsuit around SF clearing encampments makes its way through the courts, data from the city’s Homeless Outreach Team call log and interviews with service providers reveal the barriers unhoused people face when seeking shelter.

"We are assessing families from the moment our doors open to the moment they close. It’s an unending tide of need."
-Hope Kamer, director of public policy & external affairs at
Compass Family Services, a nonprofit that helps to connect families with shelters.

#SanFrancisco #SanFranciscoNews #Homelessness #HomelessShelters

Otis White
4 days ago

A “web of problems”: If you have a simple idea for solving #homelessness, spend some time learning about who the homeless are and what causes them to live on the street … and sometimes return to it even when other options are available. Here’s a good starting point.

Politicians talk about getting families onto the “property ladder” in order to build wealth.

True, UK property has performed very well in recent decades, but one person’s house price windfall is another’s living cost inflation.

“For society as a whole”, the property market creates “an illusion of wealth, not the real thing.”

In the meantime UK house prices will keep falling …

#Conservatives #Housing #Homelessness

Alice Marshall
4 days ago
g. suave
5 days ago

Reviving the Oakland paper: "Street Spirit" will not go gentle into that good night

"In April, Youth Spirit Artworks (YSA) — a Berkeley-based nonprofit that offers art and job training for homeless youth and runs a tiny house village — announced that it could no longer afford to act as Street Spirit’s publisher after assessing its financial standings, leading the paper to eventually halt printing altogether July 1....

...Without a source of funding, the paper’s leadership has pivoted to grassroots fundraising. The hope is that the community can raise enough money to get the paper back in print — a figure that Alistair Boone, the paper’s editor-in-chief of five years, places at $250,000.

“I had to decide if I was just going to kind of let the paper close or if I was going to try to do something with it,” she said."

#oakland #homelessness #eastbay #publishing #media

straydreamer 🌈✨
5 days ago

I wonder how I could turn my experiences with #homelessness into an advantage. Like publishing #poetry or something?

There's a perception that suffering helps you make #art. I'm sure there's some truth to the idea..but I've experienced a lot of crazy shit and I don't know how to express it artistically

6 days ago

If newspapers objectively reported the facts they would have to say:

"Sunak plans £7Bn a year cash giveaway bonanza to the wealthiest 4% of families."

"Half of it is going to the richest 1% of the population with estates worth over £2.1m"

"Move is set to be a hit with core Tory base as well as other members of the public who (thanks to us) are not well informed about how costly and damaging this attack on their wellbeing is."

#sunak #uk #tory #theft #inheritance #Homelessness

"good news, everyone!"
6 days ago

I wonder why this is such an unpopular tax, given that almost nobody in the country actually pays it. Could it be something to do with the fact that newspaper and TV station owners pay it?

And they pay it the moment they hand over their horde of gold to their layabout children so they can unfairly get access to opportunities denied to your children...

Gold that they acquired by misleading us about who benefits from the policies they support.

#sunak #uk #tory #theft #inheritance #Homelessness

6 days ago

If your estate is worth £1,000,001 you are paying 40p in tax.

If your house, contents, and jewellery is worth £1,000,001 and you have a £10m farm and a £50m business, you still pay 40p since farms and businesses are exempt.

If you live in a 4bd townhouse in oxford gardens worth £2m, you pay £400k, your kids would have to downsize to a 2bd townhouse in Islington and have £600k cash left over to stuff their pillows.

#sunak #uk #tory #theft #inheritance #Homelessness

6 days ago

A [twit] wrote "The threshold for paying Inheritance tax is if the value of your estate is £325k."

"Doesn’t sound like a tax cut which only benefits the rich when you consider property valuations in London and the South East."

Right, but doesn't mention the allowance is per person, not per estate and there's another £175k tax-free allowance on top of it, so the tax doesn't apply for the first £1m.

#sunak #uk #tory #theft #inheritance #Homelessness

6 days ago

'The ... plans have been celebrated with jubilation by many, with one person describing [Sunak] as a "born winner".'

I'd love to know who this "one person" is? The lord viscount of Dunny on the Wold? An investment banker? A newspaper editor's wife?

A born winner anyway, not like those bums we could be housing for "anything up to circa £1bn (gross) annually [but] the net cost is likely to be lower."

#sunak #uk #tory #theft #inheritance #Homelessness

6 days ago

"[Sunak] is set to unveil a raft of ambitious long-term policies designed to change Britain."

For the worse, by robbing the treasury of £7Bn a year, increasing to £15Bn a year by 2032 according to a report by the Institute for Fiscal Studies.

"Not a lot of revenue", according to the IFS. Only enough to house the homeless seven times over according to the government.

#sunak #uk #tory #theft #inheritance #Homelessness I believe this is the first time I’ve seen it argued that homes should be allowed in cities because the construction disruption is hostile to the homeless people who would be there otherwise #seattle #homelessness #hostiledesign #housing #zoning #zoningreform

Academic Hindsight
6 days ago

I wonder if they have done studies on how many times a person can get their hopes up and then have that destroyed and how long it takes before they break and can no longer function in a system that is designed only to extract for the sake of the earnings of those who rule.

#mentalhealth #capitalism #untenable #suicideprevention #homelessness #substanceabuse

Otis White
1 week ago

The mayor of Dallas has switched parties, from Democratic to Republican, saying it’s because Democrats had no ideas for reducing crime and #homelessness. Well, he does have a point. Cities could use some outside help. Most of the help they need in order to reduce gun violence and homelessness will come from the states. And in TX, the state gov’t is controlled by … uh, oh! #publicsafety

Eric Nieudan
1 week ago

I am never setting foot at Bite of Life (the quaint coffee shop near St Patrick's cathedral) ever again.

I don't go there often (not a fan of their coffee) but I could feel the huge difference in service today when I walked in with an unhoused man to buy him a cup of soup.

Our crime must have been to ask for a slice of cheese instead of butter on the slice of bread. The staff started ranting at me after that.

I guess human empathy isn't on the menu at Bite of Life.

#dublin #homelessness

Zeitgeisty Aphorisms
1 week ago

#Canada is the recourse of #homelessness.

Michael Edwards
1 week ago

on UK/English homelessness @SpeyeJoe is refreshingly frank about the wrongness of all the easy answers BECAUSE THE OVERALL BENEFIT CAP WILL NEUTRALISE THEM
Really an important read for Brits
#benefits #LHA #homelessness #housing #noDSS

A shortage of affordable housing, the opioid crisis and the lingering effects of the pandemic have contributed to a rise in visible homelessness. Ten Montrealers share their stories. #Unhoused #Homelessness #Montreal #CBC #cdnpoli @canadiangreens @cdnpoli “We have the means to end homelessness in older adults. By increasing affordable housing for older adults, engaging in targeted prevention efforts, and building off the success of permanent supportive housing, we can make homelessness for older adults rare and brief” #homelessness #babyboomers #housing #uspolitics

Gail Waldby
1 week ago

Helping the unhoused in Montana should not be a political fight
Montana needs leaders on both sides of the political aisle to step up and help find solutions to stop the rising tide of homelessness
#Montana #MTNews #MTPol #homelessness

1 week ago

Dont be a #Fascist Blackshirt, fool. Rage Against The Machine.

"Remember to direct your anger and disgust at those who deserve it." ~@e_galv@twitter #Homeless #Homelessness #Poverty #ArmTheHomeless

Tweet: The next time you see someone living on the
street, remember that we exist in an abundant world with enough for everyone,
and those hoarding the resources while telling you they're scarce are doing so
knowingly. Remember to direct your anger and disgust at those who deserve it."
image/jpeg of a concentration camp prisoner marching a german soldier at gunpoint. Captioned: Arm The Homeless
Jack of all trades
1 week ago

“The fact that we are seeing elderly homelessness is something that we have not seen since the Great Depression,” said Dennis Culhane, a University of Pennsylvania social policy professor.

Officials with the Department of Housing and Urban Development say older adults are the fastest-growing segment of the homeless population and are making up a larger and larger share of homeless people overall.

#USA #homelessness #inequality #capitalism

Alice Marshall
1 week ago

Statistics show that one of the leading causes of #homelessness is unemployment (or underemployment). People become homeless for many different reasons. However, oftentimes, people need more employable skills or access to obtaining these skills. The job market is also intensely competitive. It is not unlikely that a single opening for a position will receive hundreds, if not thousands, of applicants.

1 week ago

State Crime.

So here we are in Great Britain, a country that can afford to throw £millions into prolonging a blood bath in Ukraine but spouts no money to afford to eradicate child poverty at home… Again the dice is loaded against you if you come from a larger family. 42% of children living in families of 3 or more children are living in poverty. Of course we shouldn't forget, the adult poverty that lives along side this tsunami of child poverty…
#StateCrime #PovertyMaintained #CapitalismSupport #LaborCoercion #impoverishment #homelessness #weaponized #economicwar #ClassWar

David™ 🍔🍕🍗🌮
1 week ago

We need to change the laws that allow homes as an investment. These laws prevent the creation of new homes. So that rich people have perpetually increasing capital. #homelessness

1 week ago

I'm not interested in #Sports.
I never was. I learned more about a baseball game, studying French, than any other time in my life. We learned TV positions & plays in French. I didn't know them in English.

I've never seen an Auto race. Except when changing channels, unless you count that OJ Simpson slow-speed race.
I didn't know who he was before that.

"Formula 1" just showed scores?
What kind of race?
DOH! Are those cars?
Who knew?

#Vote NO #Stadium #Halifax #Homelessness #Housing

Newdy Quoddy (real place)
SPORTING CLUB (pictures of rifles)
Members and guests only 

In this narrative of #goodversusevil, of #Christians versus #Demons, of the #genderbinary versus “#genderideology,” it is not the #transgender #child #suffering from #homelessness who is the #victim but the #parent who #rejects that #child.

David Wakeham
2 weeks ago

ICYMI our politicians had been hard at work to ensure the funds of that $22 billion surplus never ended up where they were needed.

Furthermore, they made sure it wouldn’t reach the pockets of the most needy and vulnerable.

#auspol #HousingCrisis #RaiseTheRate #CostOfLiving #Homelessness #DSP #Poverty #HendersonPovertyLine

Picture of pinboard in an office with multiple index cards, coloured post-it notes and graphs Interconnected with an intricate web of string/cotton.
The Conversation U.S.
2 weeks ago

Shelter design should be reformed to be more humane, and to prioritize #mentalhealth and well-being, two scholars of architecture, health and social innovation explain.

A good example include a homeless shelter in LA County that provides residents with natural daylight, storage and privacy ⬇️
#houselessness #homelessness #design

A man sits on a bed in a large room divided into individual spaces with low partitions. His area has storage compartments with locks and a skylight provides daylight.
Joseph Meyer
2 weeks ago

For those too young to remember, #homelessness was rare in the U.S. about 50 years ago. I could go weeks without seeing a homeless person.

2 weeks ago

a pair of really intriguing articles about #housing in the metro #boston area from the WBUR newsletter (ty!)

I wonder how many people in massachusetts,
1) currently own more than one home, or,
2) have owned other homes before the current (and only) home they live in

#sustainability #homelessness #affordablehousing #mapoli

screenshot of wbur article highlight describing the hundreds of empty units and plus 184k people waiting in the state for subsidized housing
Rhys! From KGW
2 weeks ago

this Portland resident is getting ready to sell his house. He says part of the reason is the city wont remove an illegally parked RV that's been sitting across the street for over a year. The man living in the RV says he's a veteran, and as soon as he gets his pension, he's out of here
more details/context here:

#portland #pdx #pnw #local #news #oregon #homeless #homelessness #tuesday #kgw

As the #housingcrisis continues to be compounder by #inflation & the #Costoflivingcrisis you'll be unsurprised to know that #homelessness is rising....

While some of this is driven by increases in #rent (becoming unaffordable), the main driver is due to #landlords wishing to vacate the property either to see or to re-let the property under different conditions (up 27% in Q1/23).

And, 'no fault' forced evictions are up 41%, driving people into council's temporary accommodation.

Its inhumane!

Ugh (“ugh”)
3 weeks ago

@anniegreens @3TomatoesShort very much this!!! And how is that going, y’all in #transit #urbanplanning #urbanism #publictransit #publictransportation?

(Also, please next do #libraries #votingrights #deaf #blind #homelessness #lgbtq and all the other areas we are systematically excluding vulnerable people from while being “inclusive”.)

scott f
3 weeks ago

It makes no sense for San Francisco to keep fighting this injunction. The city is still allowed to offer shelter and remove tents if a real, specific offer of shelter is refused.

The only thing not allowed is kicking people from block to block who have nowhere to go, which is as pointless and money-wasting as it is cruel. #SFPol #homelessness

Adrian Riskin
3 weeks ago

This article showing that giving homeless people cash reduces homelessness is crossing my timeline a lot recently. A lot of well intentioned comments about how our current ways of addressing homelessness -- shelters, social workers, sweeps, cops, arrests -- cost more than just giving people the money directly would and aren't as effective at housing people as direct cash transfers would be.

But the popular conclusion -- that the government should see this as a reason to switch to this more effective strategy -- relies on the unsupported assumption that the government is actually trying to house people. To me the study suggests that housing people isn't their goal rather than just that they want to house people but just don't know how.

To me the more interesting question raised by this research is to ask what the government's policies are actually aiming at if it's not housing people. Here in Los Angeles the current policies end up funnelling tons of public money to cops, contractors, lawyers, nonprofits, and commercial property owners. The homeless themselves serve as an excuse that the electorate will accept as an explanation of the spending. They're the raw material processed by the homeless industrial complex. Giving money directly to the homeless would not only end the current grift but housing them would cut off the grift for all time. Why would they do that?

#LosAngeles #Housing #UBI #Homelessness #HomelessIndustrialComplex

Comrade Ferret
3 weeks ago

Anyone with #legal connections or knowledge here? I wonder how viable it would be to take the Canadian government to court over enabling corporate negligence resulting in the suffering and deaths of hundreds of thousands of people in the so called "housing crisis". #canada #housing #homelessness

3 weeks ago

#brookejenkins, #londonbreed, & #gavinnewsom love ignoring the root causes of #homelessness / drug addiction AND all the evidence-based solutions to those issues like tenant protections / treatment on demand. their rhetoric plus corporate news fearmongering is highly reminiscent of #california's (failed) war on drugs in the 80s & 90s.

screenshot is an excerpt from this article by @SFPublicPress: #sfpol

Rich Lord
3 weeks ago

Shelters in Allegheny County appear to be at or near capacity, and that's likely to continue following the Friday closure of the overflow space at Second Avenue Commons. @publicsource has the story #housing #homelessness #Pittsburgh

3 weeks ago

‘Banning no-fault evictions won’t stop landlords making us homeless’

The government has touted the Renters Reform Bill as a fix for tenants facing unfair eviction. But there’s a problem.

#Housing #Landlords #RentersReformBill #England #UKGovernment #Homelessness

Wesley Fryer (he/him)
3 weeks ago

#book2read: Bigger Table, Expanded Edition with Study Guide: Building Messy, Authentic, and Hopeful Spiritual Community by John Pavlovitz

via #CaldwellPres #ACEclass #SundaySchool #AffordableHousing #homelessness

As search and rescue efforts continue, Moroccans are struggling to deal with the devastation.#Earthquakes #Homelessness #MiddleEast #Morocco
Morocco residents speak of shock, horror as the earthquake struck
Wesley Fryer (he/him)
3 weeks ago

(1/2) More outstanding insights by author, Kevin Nye, into poverty and the importance of cultivating meaningful relationships with those experiencing homelessness.

“Grace Can Lead Us Home: A Christian Call to End Homelessness” by Kevin Nye:

#homelessness #CLT #HealOurCulture #CharlotteVoices #CaldwellPres

Kindle quote
3 weeks ago

Accessing a shelter bed in San Francisco can be difficult. Check out our resource guide that shows pathways to shelter based on age, gender, family status and more.

“The cities that have the most success around homelessness have really good system flow and do the heavy investment in prevention so you’re stopping the inflow into homelessness."
- Jennifer Friedenbach of The Coalition on Homelessness

#SanFrancisco #Homelessness #Shelter

[thread] poverty industrial complex | demonization, criminalization of homelessness
* outsourcing of social services to private corporations

See also:
Prison industrial complex

Chip Wilson|Pacific Prosperity Network
Joe Lonsdale|Cicero Institute

#PovertyIndustrialComplex #capitalism #corporations #poverty #homelessness #incarceration #propaganda #populism #GOP #neoconservatism #ChipWilson #JoeLonsdale #CiceroInstitute

Poverty industrial complex
Poverty industrial complex
Industrial complexes
Cicero Institute
Medical-industrial complex
Elon Reeve Musk

Addendum 3

Escalating Rhetoric, Eric Adams Says Migrant Crisis Will "Destroy New York"
NYC Mayor Adams does not “see an ending” to migrant crisis; renewed push for federal help

* escalated rhetoric re: migrant crisis
* claimed NYC being destroyed by migrants influx f. southern border
* does not see solution
* i.e. elected populism w/o solutions

#NYC #EricAdams #GOP #homelessness #migrants #discrimination #HumanRights #neofascism #poverty #AffordableHousing #CultureWars

Universal Hub
4 weeks ago
Democracy Matters :verified:
4 weeks ago

Fascinating and, perhaps, not what you might expect. #Homelessness

A Canadian study gave $7,500 to homeless people. Here’s how they spent it.

4 weeks ago

Thousands more refugees are facing homelessness because of Home Office delays in issuing ID documents.

"Being granted refugee status should be a happy moment. Instead, hundreds, if not thousands, of refugees are facing homelessness and destitution. Refugees are telling us they are being forced to buy tents and sleep rough in the streets.”
Steve Smith CEO, Care4Calais

#Refugees #Homelessness #HomeOffice #UKPolitics

1 month ago

“Too often people dismiss the idea of giving homeless people money because they assume it will be mismanaged”…
A B.C. research project gave #homeless people $7,500 each — the results were 'beautifully surprising' - CBC News - UPDATE — Aug. 30, 2023: The results of this study have been published in the scientific journal The Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences.
#homelessness #UBI #cdnpoli

Stephen Coles
1 month ago

“The study, though small, offers a counter to the myths that people who become poor get that way because they’re bad at rational decision-making and self-control, and are thus intrinsically to blame for their situation, and that people getting free money will blow it on frivolous things or addictive substances. Studies have consistently shown that cash transfers don’t increase the consumption of ‘temptation goods’…”

#Homelessness #Homeless

Kat ♾️
1 month ago

@hishamzerriffi That's because people without homes are not criminals just because they are without homes!

When I was working on this problem for 15 yrs, we housed former teachers and military (often with PTSD or addictions), people who'd been laid off from their jobs - all kinds of people who simply had some very bad luck and/or (here in the US) faced huge medical debts that bankrupted them.

We need to stop criminalizing #homelessness. It could happen to you. Don't think it can't, folks.

Addendum 7

B.C. research study gave 50 homeless people $7,500 each

* no increase in temptation goods spending
* money spent on rent, food, housing, transit, furniture, used car, clothes
* societal net savings $777/recipient
* informs homelessness reduction policies

Study debunks stereotypes about homeless people’s spending habits

Unconditional cash transfers reduce homelessness 👍️

#poverty #homelessness #BritishColumbia

Addendum 4 cont'd

Christopher Rufo, senior fellow, Manhattan Institute

* crusades against wokeness
* wrote essays arguing homelessness should be addressed thru more aggressive policing, not social services & housing subsidies
* his 2021 Heritage Foundation report: stated homelessness is “a human problem, not a housing problem”
* appointed, DeSantis, Board of New College of Florida

#CRT #NewCollegeOfFlorida #RonDeSantis #criticalRaceTheory #ChrisRufo #ManhattanInstitute #homelessness #CRT

Addendum 4
Chris Rufo/Manhattan Institute
Joe Lonsdale /Cicero Institute
Heritage Foundation
Demonization, criminalization, monetization of homelessness

Why the Right Is Winning Its War on Unhoused People
Attitude toward homeless angrier, crueler, more overtly violent

#DefundBillionaires #propaganda #FarRight #neoconservatism #homelessness #JoeLonsdale #CiceroInstitute #PovertyIndustrialComplex #EricAdams #ChrisRufo #ManhattanInstitute #HeritageFoundation #CultureWars

1 month ago

Congratulations to our own @Prado_Reports! She won the @INN's "Insight Award for Visual Journalism (small division)." She spent 12 straight hours documenting a crackdown on homeless residents by Berkeley police and officials, showing lives turned upside down by municipal power.

#Berkeley #Homelessness

scott f
1 month ago

This speech calling for city govt to be allowed to continue violating the law, harassing poor people w nowhere to go and throwing out their survival supplies rather than investing in shelter, is the worst of SF 🤮

The activists shouting "Stop the sweeps" over it and holding up the sign "Without shelter, sleeping on the street is a universal and unavoidable consequence of being human" are the best of SF. Thank you for being there ❤️

#SFPol #homelessness

Changes on Market Street, once the city’s commercial heart, are leading to questions about its future.
With tech workers gone, what is the future of San Francisco?

Why have over 13,000 rent-stabilized apartments in #NewYorkCity been sitting vacant for multiple years? And wouldn't getting them back on the market help the #homelessness crisis?

Northwest Territories Premier Caroline Cochrane recounts search for homeless dur. Yellowknife wildfire evacuation 🔥

* Caroline Cochrane: social worker before entering politics
* when NWT ordered everyone to leave due to wildfires, she made sure homeless people weren't forgotten 👍️
* "My heart's with those people. I've worked in that field for over 20 years" 🙏

Caroline Cochrane:

#Canada #NWT #CarolineCochrane #homelessness #WildFires #SocialWork

Finland ends homelessness and provides shelter for all in need

* number of homeless people in Finland fallen sharply
* homeless receive small apartment,counseling w/o preconditions
* 4/5 people return to stable life
* cost-saving

#Finland #homelessness #HousingFirst #HumanRights #RightToHousing

Mojo ♻️
1 month ago

John Hewson - Markets have failed on #housing. As someone who has long advocated for relying on market forces whenever possible, it pains me to recognise that market failure has been a major feature of the emerging #housingcrisis. It is now imperative governments re-embrace #socialhousing strategies as probably the most effective way of beginning to make #homes more affordable and prevent more people falling into #homelessness.

2 months ago

i also met some folks with #sanfrancisco's coalition on #homelessness today. i already knew most of the homeless ppl here are from here, but what i didn't know was that sf is the only major city on the #westcoast whose homeless population did not (!!!) increase since 2020, in big part thx to the COH's ongoing work. housed ppl perceive homelessness to be growing bc city doesn't invest in helping those with more acute (read: visible) medical issues. smdhhhh.

Universal Hub
2 months ago

State, Boston Medical Center to hold online meeting Tuesday on #Shattuck Hospital expansion plans
#JamaicaPlain #Boston #homelessness #SubstanceAbuse

2 months ago

you may be interested in @mahaska who posts here and is open about #homelessness.

It would be interesting if there were a hashtag in use like #actuallyHomeless (akin to actuallyAutistic) or #homelessJournalist or #unhousedJournalist or #actuallyUnhoused so these authors or potential interviewees could organize visibility. (#Illegal2BHomeless is also already in use)

Chip Wilson | Pacific Prosperity Network
Joe Lonsdale | Cicero Institute
Demonization, criminalization of homelessness
Poverty industrial complex

Right-Wing Group Funded By Lululemon Founder Chip Wilson Posting Homophobic Memes About Justin Trudeau

#ChipWilson #Lululemon #DefundBillionaires #PacificProsperityNetwork #propaganda #VancouverIsDying #FarRight #TakeBackAlberta #neoconservatism #homelessness #JoeLonsdale #CiceroInstitute #PovertyIndustrialComplex

Universal Hub
2 months ago
2 months ago

Just a reminder that mass #homelessness did not exist for Native Americans before European #Colonization. #Landback #indigenous #decolonize

@doctormo @gbhnews

Displacing #unhoused people causes harm, disconnecting people from the small start of networks of support & community that offer the best way to safety & stability.

#Displacement worsens problems— but hides them from richer society and the media that is supposed to be our eyes & ears.

The question to ask each #houseless person threatened with a so-called #sweep is what alternative they have been directly offered, and, if any, why it is inadequate for ending #homelessness

TC Workers Defense Alliance
2 months ago

Avivo "Tiny Village" in North Loop has a sudden drastic rule change that people need to get rid of all their belongings or be thrown out, or maybe is being shut down entirely. (There was a fire a couple days ago apparently.) People crying, not knowing where they will go, right now.

1251 N Washington Ave, Minneapolis, MN 55401

#Minneapolis #cruelty toward #homeless #houseless #homelessness

Robin DeRosa
2 months ago

My kid raised just over $1000 for this campaign over the last two days by making custom-engraved keychains on the street with a jig that she crafted herself. I couldn't be prouder of her, and couldn't be more honored to be helping a kid who deserves an education and all the support and love we can throw at them. Thank you to all of you who have given!

#homelessness #HigherEd